Manthena Satyanarayana Raju Arogyalayam

We are looking for help in proof reading for all our books.
We will pay Rs.2 for each mistake (that we accept and take) for any book in the home page
We will pay Re.1 for each mistake (that we accept and take) in the following books
కీళ్ళ వ్యాధులు నివారణా మార్గాలు
రోగాలు రాని రుచులు
అధిక బరువును ఆరోగ్యకరంగా తగ్గించడం ఎలా?
Sending the Mistakes
  1. Please send all the mistakes either by email to tnsatish AT gmail DOT com or by whatsapp message to +91-9959333213 with full details.
  2. Location of the mistake should be clearly mentioned, including book, chapter, section names, and paragraph number in that, and the statement in the context. If the file has page numbers in it, then the corresponding page number should be mentioned, and chapter is not required in that case.
  3. If you are sending existing statement and new statement, either highlight the mistake word, or write it separately.
  4. We send money by UPI (VPA), Paytm Wallet, Paytm Payments Bank, Google Pay. If the amount is more than Rs.100, we can send it to any Indian bank account as well (Not to co-operative banks)
  5. While sending the mistakes, please send the details on how you would like to receive the money, and also clearly mention the no.of mistakes.
  6. We may take upto two weeks to check the mistakes that you send and send the money.
  7. For any clarifications, you can mail us at tnsatish AT gmail DOT com or Whatsapp message to +91-9959333213. No calls please.
General Guidelines
  1. We will pay money to the first person, who sends the corresponding mistake. If we delay correcting the mistake by more than a week, then we would consider the people who send later as well.
  2. The mistake is taken at word level. If the word is అరొగ్యం instead of ఆరోగ్యం, it is considered as one mistake, eventhough there are two incorrect characters.
  3. If the correction of mistake is to removal of anything that is continguous, then it is considered as one mistake. For example, removal of unnecessary section, page, sentence or repetition of a statement, phrase or certain consecutive words, then that is taken as a single mistake.
  4. The mistake can be a punctuation mistake (not having space after dot and comma or having a space before dot and comma etc.). There are exceptions to this like, if the word is బి.పి., there should not be any space after the first dot.
  5. The mistake can be having a space where there should not be space, or not having a space where there should be space between two words.
  6. There are horizontal lines in few books with Page number. That should be ignored. It is for easy identification during proof reading.
  7. The PDF files are updated only once in two weeks or so. We would consider HTML version only for reference.
Exceptions, Terms & Conditions
  1. We have full right to accept a mistake or not. If we accept and correct the mistake, then only the money would be paid. For any reason, if we do not take the mistake sent by you, we will not pay.
  2. If you send us any mistake, and if we think it is not a mistake, we will not take it and will not send money to you. Later on, if somebody convinces us that it is indeed a mistake, then the money would be given to the person who convinced us.
  3. Unless it is very trivial or a typing mistake, it may be difficult to accept mistakes in poetry. You may have to convince us a lot in poetry.
  4. The above Guidelines are only guidelines, and there are many exceptions for each of them.
  5. If the word is something like ప్రోగ్రామ్ లో and if the suggestion is, to remove the space between ప్రోగ్రామ్ and లో, then it is technically not possible. That is an issue in the Unicode itself. When we remove the space it becomes ప్రోగ్రామ్లో. In Unicode, after a halantha character (like క్, చ్, ట్, త్, ప్, మ్), if there is no space, the next character would be combined with the previous character.