Nature's Way of Life for Complete Health

Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

My word to you

Greetings to all the health-loving people.
Of all this universe, this creation is most exciting. In it, human life is the greatest phenomenon. For the survival of such greatest human life, nature is the boon offered by God. For millions of years, nature has been protecting the human being. If humans want to live happily in this modern world, they should live with complete health. Once upon a time, now and forever, for all human beings, Mother nature is the guiding compass for humans. All the living animals and birds are the living example for this. Such a daily sight is teaching us daily ‘lessons’. But, still, we are not realizing them as ‘lessons’. We are not able to see the truth. Day by day, we are travelling in the path of diseases. Even if there is one patient in a house, we don’t have peace of mind. There won’t be any happiness and joy. But, we can see the most unfortunate change as the whole society is becoming disease-ridden. The completed 20th century (yesterday) may be a signal for that.
Today is an auspicious morning. We are welcoming the new millennium. We have entered into a great new century. In the last century, in nature cure medication, we have done great experiments. Among them, my self-experiment is ideal for me. It has become an experience. It has given me a feeling and stood as a good symbol for complete health. It is well proved that diseases are nourished and developed in our daily living style and in our daily activities. Based on the confirmation of the truth, we have taken the oath to spread the auspicious results in the century and conducted a comprehensive gigantic task of campaigning health in various places of the state to thousands of people – through speeches and books. More than that, this nature cure method belongs to everyone; belongs to us. Health is related to the mind. The mind is related to man. There is an inseparable bond between nature and human beings. This bond is everlasting – not confined to one or two births. He is the diseases person who leaves and moves away from this bond. To ensure that it should not happen like that in the new century, we have taken up the natural living way method. In this gigantic task, in this everlasting journey, everyone of this society, with complete health, should transform your family, this society and this country into a strong and healthy system. Wishing you a century-time life span. May you protect the environment and immerse into the nature
Wishing your health always,
Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

Message from Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister

If we want our country to progress in all fields, all people should be healthy. The government provides aid to medical and health sectors. Along with the modern medical methods, we are encouraging native medication methods such as Ayurveda, nature cure, homeopathy, and unani methods. People of all categories are to follow the nature cure life style, nature cure medication methods and to implement them.
We have forgotten our traditional practices and customary rituals and observations. That is nature cure method. The fundamentals of our health are: food, water, air that we take. By protecting the environment and following the natural living methods, if we take fresh and clean food, we can see good results. At our homes, if we follow healthy and practical medication methods, we can procure complete health and happiness and peace. Dr. Satyanaraya Raju has been, in the recent times, campaigning this natural living style, among thousands of people and offering the fortune of health to one and many. These services of Dr. Satyanarayana Raju are highly commendable.
In this new century, we will welcome the new year with healthy principles such as natural life style.
Nara Chandrababu Naidu

Health topics you are going to learn

  1. Why complete health?
  2. Why nature cure method?
  3. Nature cure method is the foundation for all medication methods
  4. Do you know the principles of your body?
  5. Body principles in our daily routine
  6. What am I doing?
  7. If you want complete health!

1. Why complete health?

Our elderly people said, ‘health is wealth’. Unfortunately, today’s human being is not spending some time in a day to be healthy. He is not having a goal in this direction, nor is he moving ahead with this objective. Enjoying the temporary enjoyments, he distancing himself from the eternal joy of life. Human life – of all the living things - is a virtuous boon we have received. Like all other living beings, we are experiencing temporary enjoyments like food, sleep and sex. But, if we are addicted to the temporary, sensuous enjoyments, in fact, there is no difference between an animal life and the human life, which we got as a special boon to make our life a bliss. Because of the mistakes that the present day man is committing in food, movement and in thoughts, neither his body nor his mind is able to get the eternal joy. The present day man is considering the temporary joys as extreme pleasures and ending his 100-years life abruptly - before achieving his life goal, the purpose that he has come here to fulfil. After 84 lakhs of births, we have got this human life to achieve the final goal. That is the purpose of this human body. We have to use this body as a tool to achieve the goal. The scriptures are saying that we are different and the body is different. But, if we want to reach the goal with this vehicle, this vehicle should be in good condition. A car which is not in good condition cann’t ensure a smooth journey to us. Only complete health can reach the goal by travelling the 100-years life journey with ease and joy. It is said, “body is an instrument for all good deeds” (shareera madyam, khalu dharma sadhanam). The purpose for which we have come to this earth is just to uplift dharma. We haven’t come here to taste different dishes, eat, and sleep or to pass time or to destroy the body with different diseases. We haven’t got this human life for doing such things. To practice dharma, this body should be healthy all the time. If only the body is healthy, it is just physical health. That is not complete. If only the mind is healthy, then, it is also not complete health. When the body and mind both are healthy, then it is complete health. This perfect, complete health, should be everyone’s daily activity. Then only, every person – in whatever field he is in- can work hard in that field and achieves progress; and can utilize this life.

2. Why natural way of life style?

The nature is formed of the five elements – earth, water, air, fire and space. These are five elements. Our body is also made of these five elements. That’s why what is happening in the universe (bramhand), the same thing is happening in the body, which is from the fetus (pindandam). It means, whatever sanctity the nature holds, even the body – which takes birth in nature, nourished in nature and melts in nature – has the same sanctity. That’s why, there is no difference between nature and the human being. As our ancestors, rishis have understood it properly, they started adoring the natural powers and capabilities. They started to co-operate with the nature. That’s why, our ancestors could live with health and life span. The 84 lakhs living beings of this nature are made of five elements. All these living things are living with nature as its base. That’s the reason why they are leading life without any need for medical aids, hospitals, doctors, medicine. They are happily living without any diseases and with complete lifespan and health. But, only man has side-tracked, and has become a slave for other temptations. Instead of eating what is needed to the body, he is eating what is tastier to the tongue, and eating without doing any physical work, drinking what is not to drink, not giving enough rest to the body, not discharging urine and faeces well, and spoiling the body, in every way. He is suffering himself and torturing others and living life with diseases just against the nature. This is the punishment man has got from nature, as he is violating the nature’s laws and body laws. To escape this punishment, the only way is to believe in nature’s life style. As man has left nature’s principles, he is suffering with diseases, and as a result, diseases are growing day by day in the country. For the present human being, there are no minimum pleasure and peace in life. The anti-nature changes that we have imbibed in our life style are the primary reason for the troublesome problems which are currently prevalent in the society. To come out of all these, the only thing we need to do immediately is to follow a good life style. In America, where diseases and patients are growing day by day, people are realizing the truth and these days, they are following and coming closer to nature’s principles, such as – doing yogasanas, pranayama, meditation, eating raw vegetables, sprouts, drinking water properly, not eating non vegetarian food etc. We are not able to get back to the rishi tradition in our society.Those are fortunate who wake up now and realize that the solution is with us, at our home. The problem is not about – how many diseases we have? To what category do they belong? Since how long are we affected? If we change our mind set, we have the complete solution for all the problems in the nature life style. If we try other medication methods, leaving aside the nature life style, it is like doing repairs somewhere else leaving the leaking place. As human being is intelligent, he can use his intellect and wisdom and improve his good thoughts and health day by day through nature living, then humanity will bloom. This is the progress for the human being.

3. Nature cure method is the foundation for all medication methods

All our bodies have the immunity power. Similarly, the body has the capacity to cure itself from a disease and repair itself. This is the power the creator has given the body. All the remaining living beings are using the power and opportunity and procuring their health, without going to any hospitals or medication methods. To our natural body, nature is the true doctor. If we face any physical problem, we need to give the first opportunity to the body. If immunity is lacking in the body, then no medication method works. Through nature cure method, immunity will increase in the body. The nature cure medication method works like this: it identifies the area where the diseases is getting generated. It stops the disease to generate there, and dispels the diseases from the body. It is so unfortunate of humans that 95 people out of 100 do not know the natural nature’s way of life. That is the reason, why in the world, the number of diseases, patients, doctors and hospitals is growing day by day. Man is moving away from his mental peace. In society, every man is suffering from one or the other diseases, and leading life as a patient, by not trying to overcome the disease or cure the disease completely or trying to ensure that the disease won’t attack again. Nature is like mother. That is why she is called Mother Nature. Similarly, nature cure method is like the mother of all medication methods. Just as mother’s milk helps the new born baby compared to other kind of milk, for the diseased being, nature cure method is more helpful than any other medication method. When mother’s milk is not sufficient, we try to take other means. Similarly, when the disease is not cured through nature cure method, it is better use other medication methods.
All medical methods are like gigantic trees. Human being needs all medical methods. We need to use those medication methods according to our necessity and so that the body is not harmed. Any medication method can cure the disease of the human being, control it and can prevent it from growing. But, it cannot change the person’s personality, his mental tendency. But, if we use nature cure method to control a disease, we can see the change in physical health, mental health and additionally, can see the changes in the personality in a couple of months. Because of this method, the human being imbibes some natural values and principles. In other medication methods, he keeps on taking medicine, gets the diseases cured and repeat the same mistake again continuously. That’s why, the behaviour and habits of people don’t change. But, in the nature cure method, only when the mistake is rectified, the disease can be cured. As a result, man overcomes bad habits and learns good habits. If good people need to increase in the society, everyone has to recognise this method. In the current day, as medical treatment is done with body parts categorized and shared, the nature cure method can cure the disease and can also cure other problems that are existing in the body, and as a result, can make the body healthy by giving a holistic approach. This is the primary benefit through nature cure method. Any medical cure method is useful to man when he is affected by disease, but there are no medicine or treatment methods that can make a man not affected by diseases at all. Nature cure method is useful for people who wants to reduce the disease completely; or for people who wants to live without any diseases.

4. Do you know your body principles?

The maintenance of every article, vehicle depends on the way we use it and the way we follow the given guidelines and principles. For example, we buy a car for 4 lakhs. If we think of its rules or principles, they will be like: the air in the tyres should be like this, to use certain oil, to change gears at a certain speed, to change engine oil after running the car for certain number of kilometres, engine to be bored after certain number of kilometres. As we have purchased it with money and we know the value of money, we are not violating the principles such as: filling diesel instead of petrol, not filling air in the tyres fully. Are we doing like that any day? Regarding these principles, either the driver or the owner, is not making these violations. Now, let us think about our vehicle – the body. It’s price in invaluable. Through parents, this is a gift which we got as a boon from the god. The warranty period is 100 years. God himself has given the capability to it to get repaired itself automatically, without visiting the card shed (hospital) for 100 years. If we provide properly what the body needs, it can run for 100 years healthily. Just as we discussed above, the rules and principles applied to the car, this human vehicle also has some principles and dharmas. Do you know what they are? Think if you know. Majority of the people do not know. Without knowing, half of the life if gone. See, how strange! We have driven the vehicle for all these days without known this. We don’t know how much damage has been done. How many sheds it has visited. Despite visiting so many sheds, it may not get repaired! We don’t know the reasons yet. Car is what man has made, so whatever repair it gets, it can be rectified in the shed. When the human body goes to the doctor with diseases, why is not getting cured completely? Do you know the reason? Because, the body is not created by the doctor. That’s why, health is not in control of the doctor. The body is grown, protected by the nature. Hence, our health is in the control of nature. We should know the body principles which are related to nature.
For the five-elemental body, there are five principles. They are:
  1. Water principle
  2. Food principle
  3. Exercise principle
  4. Rest principle
  5. Excretion principle (Fasting dharma)
The body gets diseased according to percentage the body principles are violated. If health is dharma (a principle to follw), ill health is adharma (principles not followed). Diseases is the punishment for the people who violate dharma (principle). If we want the diseases to go back again, the only way is to get the wisdom and to live principle-oriented. To dispel a disease, we have to re-adopt the principle, violating which, we had the disease. This is the truth. If the diseases is not leaving the body and we are not able to get healthy, it means we are violating the principle somewhere. We are attending hospitals for health. But, still, not able to come with health. We are changing the doctors, hospitals, medicines multiple times, but, we are not able to get complete health, by removing the source of the problem. Everyone should agree to this. Don’t we have the responsibility to know why it is happening like this? If yes, who has this responsibility? How many people do have this responsibility? Don’t say ‘yes’, casually. If you really have the responsibility, think and then give the answer heart fully.
When you go to the doctor with the diseases that we get through violating body principles, how would the violation be rectified with his medicine or the treatment? Can medicine do anything which can improve our behaviour to follow the body principles? Or increase the violation tendencies? Medicine will increase violations, so, we know by experience that because of medicine, one diseases turns to be another. That’s why, by the time new year comes, the body gets ready with new diseases, rather than curing the old diseases and welcoming with new health. In changing the medical methods, hospitals and doctors, multiple times, money is changing but not the diseases. Without changing the mind-set, either you go to Kashi, or take a dip in river Ganga, or become an ascetic, your misfortune won’t change until: Till the diseased rectify the violation of the principle, no one can make the patient healthy Following the body principles every day for health gives the benefits, similar to the benefits we get by dry cleaning the silk saree. Similarly, violating the body principles and spending money for health, is like washing the silk saree by beating it against the rock. It is always ideal to live by keeping the body principles as part of our daily routine.

5. Principles of the body in our daily routine:

1. Water principle: After air, water is the most important thing. After water, food is the important thing. It means, water takes second place. Food takes the third place. So far, we have given food the second place and has given water the third place and violated the water principle, causing diseases. The problems that we have accumulated by not taking water, can be removed by taking more water. But, it cannot be rectified with medicine. It is completely impossible. Let us now learn about the water.
Without water, there is no life. By drinking water, we can cure 50% of diseases. It is a fact. At every family, we should take care about drinking water. Just as there is 3 times water and 1-time earth in the creation, in our body as well, 68% of water and 32% is matter. We need to realize that, more than matter, water has more importance in the body. That is the reason why the creator who created this body, has arranged 3 times water and 1-time matter in the food items that are created to be taken by the body. For example, in fruit, vegetables, and leafy vegetables, 70-80% is water and the remaining is nourishing part. Since civilization has started, man started eating food by boiling it, and removing the water, and spoiled the water, matter percentage in the food items, and not supplying the food in the right time, and as a result, inviting diseases. Our ancestors who didn’t study at all, drank so much water and lived with complete health. But, despite being learned, we are drinking less water and instead drinking cool drinks, beer, and lussi, and making the body more like a dust bin.
Just as we take bath in water, cleaning the outer part of the body, similarly, if we send enough water inside the body, every cell of the body will be cleaned and a clean environment happens inside the body. You may get angry or get surprised if I say - for no one of us - the body inside is not clean at all. That’s why if we don’t clean the tongue, the mouth smells foul; if we don’t take bath, body smells sweat smell; if we don’t brush teeth, mouth smells bad; urine smell, faeces smell, all these things show he uncleanness and pollution and diseases inside the body. We are not able to get out of them, and that is why, we are covering the body with powders, pastes, creams, scent smells, and suffering a lot. The water we normally drink is not sufficient to clean the body. This, we can know by observing the smells that come from the body. If we realize this fact, then, we can improve ourselves. We will now learn how to drink such valuable water, which gives health.
Generally, children eat less and drink more water and are in tune with nature. But, the elders eat more and drink less water, and encourage children to eat more, and drink less water, saying that ‘drinking water doesn’t give strength’. The body principle says that for one time of food, we need to drink 3 times of water. This is natures’ law as well. As elders take not less than 2 kg of food per a day. So, they have to take at least 5-6 litres of water, daily. Similarly, children take 1-2 kg food per day. So, they have to take 3-4 litres of water per day. We generally tend to drink water during eating or just after eating. We should know that drinking water like this can cause more harm than good. In nature, no living creature drinks water like this. Whenever you drink water, you need to drink when the stomach is empty. It is a fact. If we drink water while eating food or just after eating food, the water gets mixed with food, stays in the stomach intestines as long as it stays makes stomach sag. Another harm is: water dilutes the acids (hydrochloric acid and other digestive acids) which digest the food. As a result, food doesn’t get digested well and takes more time. For example, in a grinder if you grind pieces along with water, that gram doesn’t get grinded well. That’s why, after the gram is grinded well, water is added. Similarly, once we digest what we have eaten, it is ideal to drink water. Then, there won’t be any harm. Let us see when to drink water that we need to drink.
Because of the water that we drink during the time between we get up from bed in the morning till we do breakfast, the blood and the body gets cleaned. As soon as you get up, you need to drink water - in case of elders 1 litre to 1.5 litre and in case of children 0.5 litre to 1 litre. 15 minutes after drinking water, you can do exercise. Either after completing the exercise or 45-60 minutes after drinking water for the first time, you have to drink water again for the second time. For the first time water, the waste matter gets soaked and for the second time water, it comes out through urine. If possible, after some time, if you drink the third litre of water, as final wash, the blood will be further cleaned up. Even for children, if you make them drink water for 2-3 times, then only they can eat something. Twenty minutes after drinking water is completed, you can take any food. Half an hour before you have food, elders should drink 3 glasses of water and children 2 glasses of water. After having food, you should not drink water for 2 hours. After 2 hours, drink 2 glasses of water. From then, 15 minutes before you eat something, keep drinking water as much as possible. For the last time, 15 minutes before the evening meal, elders to drink 3-4 glasses, children to drink 2-3 glasses of water. Two hours after the meal, drink half to one full glass of water. Till date, we all have had 3 times food and 1 time of water or less than that, and spoiled the 100-year guaranteed body. From here, we will ensure that it won’t happen like that. But, don’t think that drinking this much amount of water makes you go for bathroom multiple times or it is cool, or it is strain for kidneys. Don’t neglect it saying that you don’t have time. Though initially, you may need to go to bathroom more, but gradually, the problem will be solved gradually. Initially, you may feel vomiting, but in 4-5 days, it will be normal. Good habits take time. So, we need to make efforts to get habituated to them.
If you drink water as prescribed here, you can prevent many problems – despite your age – such as: stomach ache, constipation, gas troubles, acidity, belches, indigestion, ulcer, blood in faeces, bloating of stomach, headache, migraine, kidney related diseases, pain in urine, low B.P., dizziness, dark circles under the eyes, pimples, black marks, dry skin, hands and face getting dark due to exposure to sun, numbness, weight gain, sneezing, cold, allergy. You cannot believe it initially that what you cannot get rid of even by spending money for medicine, you can get rid of by just drinking water at home, without spending a single paisa. With full heart, as discussed, drink water for 10 days initially and observe the results. You will know how you will gain health just by drinking water. If you know the value of water, you will know the value of life. Never violate the water principle.
2. Food Principle: Every living being on this earth, has its food separately, according to the body structure it has. Similarly, all other living beings know what their food is. They know how much to eat and when to eat, and are living according to the nature. But, only the intelligent man still has doubts whether he has to take vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food. He doesn’t understand whether to eat in the morning or at night or both the times. He is not able to understand what to eat and how much to eat – the doctors of the scriptures have to tell him. A human being’s life span is 100 years. The food he takes should be able to produce cells which can live 100 years long. Man is intelligent. If the intelligence is improved, then only there is a fulfilment for this human life. The food we eat should be improving the intelligence. As man is a social animal, his food should be protecting the body from the nature’s principles and the food should be nourishing his body. Acquiring wisdom is man’s primary goal in life. The food we take should be digested in less time, to produce more energy in less time, and to discharge less amount of waste. And the most important property of the food is: it should be with life energy. Only with such food, life energies will develop in us. We have to eat food which should have such great qualities. But, instead of eating such food, we are cooking the food, sprinkle salt, flour, chili powder on them, fry them and taking them into the stomach. Moreover, we are taking the food at improper timing, and also eating not at the optimum quantity but according to our senses, and violating the body principles. When we are supposed to give petrol to the car as fuel, if we are giving kerosene and expecting it to run faster. Is it correct? Just think once. We are making so many such mistakes since our birth and then expect health. How would it come? When we are violating the principles and creating trouble for the body, the only dharma is to follow the body principles and to give the body the food that is needed. As the food is not correct, the problem that the body is suffering with can be solved only by changing the food. How can it be solved by using medicine? We all have realized that it is not possible. We want to run the car well and we prefer to give it only petrol. If we know that in a certain bunk, the petrol is not pure, we take trouble to go far and get the pure petrol for our car. We are able to understand that the car needs pure petrol. But, he is not able to give good food for this body. That is the plight of the human being. From now onwards, at least, if we want to live with health, the only way is to follow the principle of food. What food to eat? How much and when? This we need to know and lead life accordingly, then we can have health. This daily schedule explains the food principles. That is the principle of food.
Our health and good thoughts are dependent on the food we eat. That’s why, there is a proverb in hindi – jaisa anna, vaisa mann (as your food – so your mind). We also need to learn that food is medicine. For the diseased person, the food will work as medicine till the disease is cured and from there, it works to protect the health. We have four types of food available. Just as oil is the fuel for our car, food is the fuel for our body. Just as we need good oil for car’s maintenance, for our health and thoughts, we need good food. So, we will compare our food with oil.
First type of food: The naturally available fruit, raw vegetables, sprouts, seeds, coconut, dates – these food items have a lot nutritious values but they release less waste in the body. This is the best food for the body not to have any smells or to live without any diseases. This is the best food for human’s virtues and peace of mind. In fact, this is the food humans are supposed to eat. We have become slaves to tastes and are going away from this elixir food and are approaching diseases. If we want to cure diseases or if we want not to be affected by chronic diseases, we need to take this food – the more amount, the better. If we compare this food with oil, it is like the petrol or gas used for aeroplane. Smoke is less and pickup is more. The maintenance of the vehicle will also be good. We are telling each person that they should eat at least 50% of raw food. If we need to get rid of nutritious deficiency, this food is the only solution.
Second type of food: Boiling everything, making them to taste well. To prevent the deficiency of life energy, vitamins and enzymes when we eat boiled food, we need to eat 50% of boiled food and 50% of raw food daily. By boiling food, 20% of waste matter is getting deposited in the body daily. 80% will be the pickup (energy). You may not get chronic diseases but you will face – now and then – fever, cold etc. For the diseases to be cured, this kind of boiled food takes more days than the first type of food (complete raw food). If we compare this with oil, it is like petrol that we use for cars. There will be pickup. But, more smoke compared to gas. For all of us, this second type of food is suitable. When food is boiled, it becomes tasteless. So, the food (boiled curries) that we give in nature cure ashrams, we can eat only for a few days. Though they know that it can cure diseases, still, no one is eating the food. If we use salt and oil, diseases cannot be cured. The seven tastes that cause diseases are: salt, oil, ghee, sweet, sour, chilli powder, spices. According to the experiments I have made, without adding these additional tastes, instead of these, we can use other tastes which don’t cause diseases. In this way, we can cook all types of curries, gravy (iguru), pickles, stew (sambar), fries and tiffins. For example, instead of red chilli powder, you can use green chilli; instead of tamarind, raw tamarind, raw mango, gooseberry; for sweet, honey and dates; for oil and ghee, sesame, groundnuts, raw coconut; for salt, tomato, milk, curd, green vegetables: for spices, urad bean, and Bengal gram. After eating this food for 10 days, they will be very tasty. There are so many people in our life style who have been cooking and eating such food. They are happy and they are away from doctors. These tasty healthy dishes are the speciality in our nature cure life style. This food can give health as the principle of 50% boiled food. Many people are following this kind of food principle.
The third type of food: This is the vegetarian food which is taken by boiling everything and adding salt, oils and other tastes. The stored pickles also come under this category. This food has 50% pickup (energy). Every day, the waste remains in the body as 50%. Urine, faeces, sweat, mouth will be smelling foul. There is uncleanness in the cells. In the body, diseases get generated somewhere in the body and come out in any form. The mind also won’t be peaceful. If we go to the doctor for the different kinds of diseases that we get, they give medicine and ask you to follow certain diet and ask you to reduce salt, chilli powder, oil and spices. Though we reduce the tastes to what extent, as long as we live, we need to use medicine and suffer from diseases. But, the diseases won’t be completely cured and new diseases don’t stop coming. If you want complete health and don’t want to visit doctors at all, then this third type of food is not useful for anyone. It will never come. The desired virtues, nature of the human being will gradually dwindle day by day, because of this food. If we compare this food with oil, it is like diesel. Half smoke and half pickup. Repairs happen frequently. If we eat this food quite frequently, we need to visit hospitals, just as diesel car visits the shed.
Fourth type of food: Salty and oily foods that are stored, fried food, non-vegetarian food, eggs, bakery food, sweets, cool drinks etc. In present society, people are using this type of food as fashion. This kind of food completely causes diseases and laziness, and destroys the person mentally. From the body, foul smells emanate. If the energy is 30%, waste would be 70%. Chronic diseases take up foundation. If we compare it with an oil, it is like kerosene for the car. Pick up is less and smoke is high. Every day, it causes repairs. People who are eating this kind of food cannot live without doctors or medicine. They feel eating is life. They suffer themselves and cause inconvenience to others. This kind of food gives pleasure only to the tongue and deceives the body completely.
Among the four types of food discussed, for 1 and 2 types of food, the expenditure is low and benefits are high. For 3 and 4 types of food, expenditure is high and the harmful effects are more. So, for your body vehicle, choose if you want to give petrol like food (which gives health and happiness – like 1 and 2 types) or you want to give kerosene like food (which stores more waste and which gives ill health – like 3 and 4 types). Your health, your happiness depends on the decision you take.
Our life of 100 years if needs to progress physically and mentally well, we have to completely stop 3rd and 4th types of food completely, and take the 1st and 2nd types of food and cure all our diseases. Because of these two types of food principles, we can cure so many hard-cured chronic ailments, skin diseases, B.P., Sugar, Asthma, allergies, heart attacks, obesity, headache, pains in nerves, digestion problems. All such problems can be cured without taking any medicine. If you change your mind set, you can control your diseases at your home. That too, without spending a single paise.
3. Exercise Principle: No living being gets food without physical work. Only man eats three times a day without doing any physical work. For our ancestors, physical work was part of their professions and daily routine. As a result, they can move ahead in terms of health without any conscious effort. Since the advent of civilization, as machines are doing people’s work, they have more mental strain and less physical work. If they walk for one hour in the morning, their bodies are getting tired because of the physical effort. They have the feeling that they are working a lot. For the people of this generation, work is 10% and food is 90%. That’s why, for human bodies, waste is 90% and health is 10%. Because of the ancestral properties, they sit relaxed and get things done by servants. If you try to pass days without straining the body, it won’t agree. Physical exercise is to digest the food that we eat, and to distribute the essence of the digested food to all the body parts. Once the body parts utilize the available food, the remaining will be discharged out of the body as waste. This is the principle of the physical exercise. If we violate the exercise principle, the waste that should go out of the body in the form of sweat, remains in the body and increase day by day and lays a foundation for diseases in the body. Our elderly people said that only those who work hard, deserve to eat. They also said that, ‘those who work hard, can get food’. If we violate these principles, we have to suffer diseases. These deficiencies cannot be solved with medicine. Those who don’t do physical work – to compensate them – they have to do yogasanas, pranayama. They can be of good help for them.
4. Rest principle: If you think that, ‘I couldn’t follow the above three principles, but this principle, I follow, as I sleep for 7-8 hours a day’, then it is a mistake. In fact, there may be some people who are following the above three principles, but there are not one in lakhs who is following this principle. This is the principle which gives a human being, the immunity power. All other living beings are following this principle of rest. That’s why, their health won’t get affected when the air, water or atmosphere is changed. We get affected easily, because of the immunity deficiency. The creator’s instruction is that, it is not just the muscles, nerves and bones that we give rest when we sleep at night; but also the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreases etc. No medical science is giving importance to it. They are not getting the secret. The energy that we lose in the day time, we are getting it again by taking rest at night, so that the muscles, nerves and bones become energetic by the next day. Our stomach part also belongs to that category. In the creation, there are creatures which eat in the morning and take rest at night. Some creatures, eat at night and take rest in the morning. This is the principle of the body. No animal eat day and night – both the times. But, only the human being starts the spree at 7 am in the morning and continues it till night 10-12 pm (12 to 14 hours). As we sleep after eating like this, by the time we digest it, the day breaks. The stomach and intestines have to work till all the food that is taken should be digested. Hardly do they get rest for 2-3 hours, we start again with (even before brushing) with bed coffee, tiffin. Again a lot of load on the stomach. Like this, our digestive system works additionally every day, and is not able to handle the problems that come through water or food and as a result, weakens the body. If the digestive system gets weaker, it becomes a foundation for all diseases.
Once the food is completely digested in the stomach, the rest principle starts. That’s why our ancestors and people belonging to some religion do not take food once the sun sets. By the time they go to bed, the food used to get digested and from around 9 or 10 pm to morning sur rise, the digestive system used to get 8 hours of rest. From the time the food is digested, the fifth principle – discharging principle starts. If rest principle is not followed properly, the discharging principle will also get affected. If people think, ‘I am an employee, I am a businessman, how can I take meals by the time of sun set’, then we have to bear the harmful effects. First, it should be body dharma – then only profession. If you want health, you have to respect the principles. For us, the nature’s laws and creation principles won’t get changed. According to them, we need to change – that is the step to get back our health.
5. Discharging principle: (Fasting Dharma) The food we have taken, gets burned up in the cells, releases energy, and finally discharges waste matter. The smoke and ash depend on the stick that is burnt. Similarly, according to the food, the amount of waste matter depends. We take food in the form of vapour, liquid and solid. As a result, the waste matter also is discharged out in these three forms - faeces (solid), liquid (urine, sweat), vapour (carbon dioxide), through four excretory organs. The waster that is released inside and that is discharged outside is equal, then, our health will be good. But, if the waste released inside is more and the discharged waste outside is less, then the waste will be stored in the body and create toxins and poisons and pollute the body. If it continues for some days, if any body part has a few movements or is weak, the waste matter reaches that part and spoils the area. For all this, the reason is one diseased element. For example, if shape of the gold is changed and keep it on the neck, it is called necklace; if you keep it around the waist, it is called vaddanam; if you keep it on the ankle, it is called anklet – though the area is changed, in all the jewellery, it is the gold that exists. Similarly, all the waste matter in side gets converted into diseased particle. If the diseased particle reaches the head, it is called headache; if it reaches joints, it is called arthritis; if it reaches lungs, it is called asthma – it is called by different names, by the physicians. If we discharge the waste matter, then the disease can be cured. Any medical treatment method which leaves this wastes and treats the remaining, then, because of this treatment, it is more harmful than good. If it is the nature cure method, it starts with cleaning the waste first.
If we give a chance, the body cleans up itself every day. If you clean up the body every day, only then it will be healthy. The creator has given the facility for the body to clean itself. This cleaning process doesn’t happen in the day time. Because, our energy helps in taking the food and distributing it to different parts of the body, in the morning, and by night, the food completely gets digested completely and by the time, the digestive system starts taking rest, the discharging process starts. From this time, the energy turns to the discharging process. nDuring night, at least 8-10 hours of discharging should happen so that the waster matter can be discharged by tomorrow’s morning. For people who eat between 9-10 pm and go to the bed late night, the discharging process starts at 4-5 am again in the morning and continues till the breakfast time. It means, only 2-4 hours, the cleaning process is taken place during night. The remaining waste removing activating of 4 hours will be pending and if this happens daily, the waste matter increases in the bod, and as a result, it comes in the form of bad smells (sweat, faeces and urine). When the waste matter is increased to a great extent, the body wants to clean itself and takes rest, by rejecting the food, using some forceful ways such as: the mouth becomes bitter; the stomach feels no hunger, the mind doesn’t feel like eating etc. If we decrease the discharging time daily, at least during the disease time, if we give time for discharging, the body will clean up itself. Since the day man has become civilized, man is using some medicines in such situations. If the mouth is feeling bitter, he has learnt to use some pickle and eat stomach full and go to bed happily. He is not giving chance for body cleaning and is welcoming chronic diseases. Except human being, all living things every day, are following this principle, and are able to keep their bodies healthy, without the need to have bathing, without any need for doctors, and are living without any smells, till their life span. Our ancestors have learnt the secrets and lived healthily, whereas we are getting stuck in the bog of ill health. The medicine that doctors are giving are normal medicine. Only fasting is the true medicine. Fasting is giving complete rest even in the morning without eating so that the body and the digestive system get rest. Fasting is the 24-hour discharging process, the body undertakes. That’s why it is said, there is no greater penance than fasting. We have forgotten such a great discharging principle, and are seeking health through medicine or doctors. Think how is it justified.
Through smooth bowel movement: When the motions happen smoothly, the burden is reduced to the discharging process. Every mother asks the child, ‘how much have you eaten, what will you eat, eat more, ‘ but never asks, ‘how much water have you drunk , how many times have you gone for motions?’. This is the most unfortunate thing that such questions mothers never ask and they do not know to ask. This is the plight of health. The current day parents and doctors are thinking that strength comes just by eating. But, they are forgetting that, what we have eaten should be digested, and the faeces should go out time and again, then only we will get strength. Ad we are discussing here, if motions are to be smooth, for all the family members, they should eat by mixing rice in the curry or at least to eat as much curry as the rice. Instead of white rice, it is better to eat brown rice (unpolished rice) or wheat rice or pulkas. These are good for strength and for smooth motions. It is good to use raw coconut in the curries. While eating fruit, don’t spit out the pulp; chew it well and swallow it. The processed food items that we buy outside for tastes all lead to constipation. Let us know when to go for motions for 2-3 times a day.
For everyone, before the breakfast, the motions should happen twice and before the evening meal, it should happen one more time. Either children or elderly people, after getting up in the morning, to drink 1-1.5 litre water (full stomach), and to focus on the navel and the bottom part of the body and to walk for 5-10 minutes, faeces will move down. Unless it is urgent, you should not go for toilet. If you wait and think for the smooth motions, all waste would go once at a time. The smooth motions is the auspicious morning. After an hour, as discussed above, second time, drink water and then focus so that more waste will go out smoothly. So, with that, all the yesterday’s waste, related to the two time’s food, is emptied. Half an hour before the meal, drink water stomach full and focus. Then, the motions related to morning breakfast will be discharged smoothly. If children and elders know that only if we go for evening motions, then only we are eligible for evening meal. Then only good health will be ours. Those are fortunate who realize that there is a close relation between health and motions; and motions and thoughts. The most unfortunate people are people with constipation. Get rid of your constipation. You can get rid of your laziness.
We are not following what needs to be followed, and behaving against the nature’s rules, and spoiling the physical and mental health, and accumulating ignorance when knowledge is to be aimed. As man is doing such things, Vemana said,
Ant is 'siddha jnani', Pig is 'parama jnani', Cock - 'kala jnani', Dog - 'Sugnani', Man - 'agnani'
So, at least from now, man has to get rid of his ignorance, and imbibe the nature living, and follow daily the basic principles of the body, as part of life, and fulfil the life’s goal.

6. What am I doing?

In the process of rectifying my health, I did some research on myself and as a result, formed some principles. Because of them, I have benefited a lot - physically and mentally. I have made those principles as part of my life and as a result, I am enjoying complete health. I wanted to offer these good results to all people. Hence, I have studied nature cure method and made it as a living method and decided to make a campaign about it. I have been campaigning about natural life style for the last 10 years, roaming around the whole month, and giving 30-40 health related speeches per month. I have so far offere around more than 2500 health-related speeches around Andhra Pradesh. What I want if: if people know about the health I have regained and about the principles I have followed so that they can become healthy. People have visited so many doctors and hospitals and lost so much money, but still couldn’t cure their diseases and are in frustration an suffering from mental torture.
I felt that it is my duty to spread this knowledge about the nature cure method as nature has given such an opportunity to us to stay at home and without spending money and cure the diseases with the items that are available eat home. That’s why, I am not practicing at one place and making myself available to people and visiting so many placed on my own expenses, and doing the campaign of this health movement with the help of the people. What all I want is: people should follow these nature cure principles and realize the benefits of the method and stick to them forever and live happily and healthily. If people listen only to speeches, they may remember certain things but, they cannot be implemented. So, I have brought all the details into a book form. If the book is in your hands, it is like, I am with you and you can practice them, without having any doubts. In this way, so many people, through their relatives, friends, reading my books and following this life style and solving their problems. Those who cured their diseases by reading books – hundreds of people – write letters to us explaining their experiences. With that inspiration, the process of my writing books is going on. But, people who have chronic diseases, who have been using medicine for many years, if they want to solve their health problems, they need to be at the doctor’s supervision for some time, and need to do fasting. For the purpose of such people, we had an intension to build an ashram and as a result, a trust is created on my name. On behalf of the trust, we are going to build a nature cure ashram.
My favourite word is by Swami Vivekananda, "Those who live for others are living. All the remaining people are considered dead, though living”. Some people say that I am doing service to the people by practicing this nature cure method. But, I don’t think that I am doing service. I am doing my duty. This is my responsibility. Because, everyone has to offer something to the society. I feel, this is my responsibility. That’s why I want to contribute this to all unselfishly. This is my goal. I am fortunate that I got this opportunity to reveal the health secrets that people want to know and you are welcoming them with open heart and implementing them in your lives. Your implementation is my fee. Your health is my happiness.

7. If you also want to get complete health!

Once you read this small book completely, and if your mind-set is changed, and you are interested in health, and want to change your habits in a big way, then start reading my writings. Begin with “Aarogyame Aanandam” (health is happiness) book. Learn to drink 5 litres of water a day, and then start your daily routine. If you read the rest of the books in details, all your questions will be answered. When you are following this method, many people would be discouraging you. This path is like going against the mainstream in the society. You won’t find people who ask the smokers and alcoholics to stop their habits but, there will be many people who will ask you not to do this. So far in life, we have lost a lot in life by being away from such things. Ensure that it won’t happen like that in the future. With determination, start following the way. Whatever you learn, implement it and experience it. What you experience will be the reality. We are going to change the methods all of a sudden, which we have been accustomed for years. We need patience to get adjusted to this method. All the teething problems will be solved gradually.
While you are practicing, if you get any doubts, or if you want to know anything, you can call me over phone, or you can meet me personally and discuss, without any consultation fee. He who is moved away from the nature method, is like the child who is bereaved of its mother. Have faith that this is the true path for health. Those who believe this can fulfil their life. Those who avoid this, cannot achieve their goals properly. They will have to face hardships and will suffer in tears. At least, now, people have to realize that through shortcuts, we cannot attain health. Let us learn to live like a human being. I wish you would make this as part of your life. I also pray to the Mother Nature that for you and your family, let the natural habits and principle be a way of your life.
Read - Help others read - Implement
॥ Let the world be blishful! ॥