How to gain health?

Your Health in Your Hands - 1

Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

A king turned into a royal sage (Rajarshi)....!

He is one of the greatest sons the nature has blissfully blessed. He is a king-turned royal sage, who has been ceaselessly worshiping the nature cure methodology. He is the divine rishi who has been with us, guiding us and adding flagrances in our efforts to bloom in this nature. He is the gardener of the nature's life style garden, who is nourishing it all the time. He is the architect and mentor of the nature's offspring, 'Nature Life Style' that has bloomed in the lap of river Krishna. He has constructed the ashram and is propelling it so that all the people can follow nature's principles in the divine sight of goddess Kanaka Durga of Vijayawada.
Dedicating with open heart, this garland of books, 'Your Health in Your Hands' to our dearest relatives, unpolluted hearts, Sri Gokarju Gangaraju and Smt. Laila Gangaraju.
Yours Lovingly
Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

Health topics you are going to learn

  1. What is health?
  2. Who is a doctor?
  3. What does a doctor give?
  4. Relation between health and the doctor.
  5. Benefits from medical methods.
  6. Whose responsiblity is health?
  7. How do you attain health?
  8. Mind's effect on health.
  9. How to start implementing.
  10. What am I doing?

1. What is health?

We think that, not having any disease is health. But, it is not true. We may not have a disease now, or it may not be detected in the medical tests; but after 4-5 months, if we do the testing, some disease may be detected. It means, we can understand it as - the disease that is born inside, is able to be detected by tests. After some more days, it will come out as a complete disease. Though it may not appear to outside as a disease, if the disease tendency ??? is inside, can we call it health? Even if the disease is at the fundamental ??? level, we cannot claim to be healthy. We can consider health as: right now, there is no diseases in the body and the body is in such a condition that no disease can originate from it. If every cell, every organ, work to their true potential, while co-operating with the other tools, and run the body smoothly, then the body is said to be healthy. There are some outside symptoms which tell us that the body is healthy. They are: clean and glowing skin; (brightly) glowing eyes; strong muscles that cover the bones; sweet smelling breath; good appetite; peaceful sleep; day by day discharge of urine and faeces ???; no smell from mouth, white tongue, saliva, faeces ???, urine and sweat; easy movement of the hands and legs. If it is like this, then the body is said to be healthy. Is just physical health sufficient? It is sufficient to all other animals, except humans. For those animals, if their body is healthy, their life goes well. As humans have mind, its health is also required along with the body health. Along with the healthy body, if we have a healthy mind, then we can be considered as fully healthy. But, there are no tools to detect the mental health. According to the medical science, some parameters are considered to state that a person is mentally healthy. They are: no mental struggle, to have a nature to adjust to the situations, to have self-control, not to get depressed for every little thing, taking decision on your own by using the intellect, having the capability to face problems. But, when we are talking about health, we primarily talk about the body. Because, body gets diseases frequently. Similarly, there is an unbreakable relation between the mind and the body. When the mind is not healthy, its effect can be seen on the body. If the body is healthy, the mind will also be peaceful. So, that's why, we need to cure the body first - then, we can take care of other things. Let us first understand: what is the doctor's role in physical health? What is the role of the medical methods? How to get health? The mind's effect on the body is explained in chapter 8.

2. Who is a doctor?

'Vaidyo, Narayano Hari' - Our elderly people have said that a doctor is God himself. If we see the meaning of the name, 'doctor', he who gives treatment to the patients is called a doctor. So, a doctor is one who does the treatment. An another meaning for doctor is, one who teaches. The primary duty of a doctor is to do treatment, and then teaching - these two tasks. After doing the treatment, the doctor needs to teach the patient about: what caused the disease, what to do in future so that the disease doesn't occur again, what to eat, what not to eat, how to protect health. The true doctor in fact has to give half of the time for treatment and another half to teach. This is what needs to be done according to the medical science method. Our elders have advised us to follow the word of a doctor just as it is from the god himself. These days, doctors are giving only treatment but they are not teaching the patients anything. It is the duty of the doctors to cure the existing disease and to show the way to protect from getting affected by a new disease. As people don't have such understanding, diseases are increasing day by day. If doctors are turned to be teachers, along with doing treatment, and if people follow as instructed, this society can turn to be healthy. Let us hope that the change happens in both of them.

3. What does the doctor give?

Treatment is different and health is different. That is why it is separately pronounced as medical and health minister. Those who will do treatment, will study medical science first. In the medical science, it is explained about the disease, the symptoms of the disease, and the treatment methods that are to be done. Since doctors learned and studied about diseases, the symptoms of the diseases and treatment, they have understanding of these things. When we are affected ??? by a disease and its symptoms are causing inconvenience to us, to overcome the inconvenience, we consult a doctor. Doctors give treatment for health and for the symptoms. We will get relief. There can be two reasons for us getting relief because of the treatment - either the disease can still be inside but only the symptoms are cured or the disease itself is completely cured. For any of the two reasons, we will get relief. But, if the disease is cured or the symptoms are cured, is it relief? Or is it health? If we think it is health, then it is a mistake. Not to get affected by any disease is health. What the doctors have given us is not health - only relief. Relief is not health. One disease will be cured, but another disease will approach us, after some time.
They will visit the doctor again and get relief for that disease as well. In this way, diseases are occurring ??? to us and we are getting treated. This way, we keep visiting doctors again and again for years, and call them lovingly, 'our doctor, our family doctor' etc. Is it being healthy to cure diseases, one after the other? Is there any medicine, to make no disease to be generated, ??? not to be attacked by any diseases? Are there any medical methods to provide such medicine? If we question, 'if there are any such doctors', the answer would be, 'if such doctors exist, why should we face this situation today? The doctors are able to cure the disease, but they are not able to make us protect ourselves from new diseases. So, not to get affected by a disease means, we should be healthy. As long as health is inside, no disease can reach the body. When the health moves aside, the disease enters the body. For example, as long as there is light, darkness cannot stay there. When the light gets dimmed gradually, darkness increases. Once the light completely dies off, it will be only darkness. Here, light is health and darkness is ill health. The only way to overcome darkness is to bring light. Similarly, we have to overcome disease with health. Then only, we can get rid of ill health. If we have the light in us, 'complete health', then the darkness of disease won't be there. Medical sciences and doctors - instead of dispelling the darkness completely, helping the people live with the darkness and doing justice to the education they have learnt. Let us now learn, who has control over this health.

4. Relation between health and the doctor

It is said, 'Prevention is better than cure'. It means, instead of curing the disease after getting affected, it is better to prevent the disease. Once you are attacked by the disease, it means there is a stitch. A stitch is a stitch. If we don't want to be affected by a disease, the only way is to live healthily. To live healthily, we don't need a doctor or hospital. Animals are living healthily. To acquire health, are they taking any doctor's or hospital's help? People do not know this truth and are eating and drinking whatever they like, thinking that, if they get any disease, there are doctors and hospitals to treat them. Thinking like that, they are spoiling their health, themselves. If we think whether there is any relation between health and doctor, and health and hospitals, there is no such relation between them. So, healthy people never go to a doctor or a hospital. A doctor's relation is only with the disease. Who will get affected by diseases? Only to unhealthy people. So, only unhealthy people consult the doctor. All the thoughts of the doctor are about the diseases that affect the patient, and they are protecting the patients from the suffering. From the day all the suffering is gone, and it doesn't start anew, we won't go to the doctor again. Once the suffering is reduced, what would you pray at home?, 'God! Don't make me visit doctors and wander around the hospital again. I will come to the hill and will get my head tonsured ??? and offer you 1 lakh rupees (instead of giving to the doctors). In fact, if doctors and hospitals are to give health, then we would pray that, 'God! Make me go to the doctors and hospitals. I will give lakhs of rupees to the doctor'. Doctors know that the patient cannot get complete health either by doctors or through hospitals. Only people are not able to understand this. They are thinking that health is in the hands of doctors. They are under that misconception. They are thinking that, if you deposit 4 lakhs in a bank, it will be enough for the protection of their health. Health is not that somebody can give us or we can take it from somebody. It is not even attained with money. If a doctor can give health - even if he doesn't give it to us, it's okay - can he atleast give health to his spouse, because she has married him assuming that he will give her health. Can he give health to his children? Or at least to his parents, because of whom, he could become a doctor? Simply, No! Atleast can they themselves get complete health through the medicine, hospitals or the medical science? Never! They are also getting affected by B.P., diabetes, joint pains, heart attacks. Moreover, even for the diabetes specialist, who has treated thousands of patients giving them relief, is he safe from diabetes? No way! When health is not guaranteed to them and their families, who will guarantee you? So, health is not something the doctor can give you. What all they can give you is relief from the diseases or cure. Now, have you realized that health cannot be given by someone? Then, we will see in whose hands this health is.

5. Benefits from the medical methods

Gandhiji said, "the growth of hospitals is a sign of uncivilization". But, hospitals are growing. Who is responsible for their growth? We ourselves. We don't have proper understanding or we are not following the principles, and as a result, we are spoiling the health ourselves, and suffering with different diseases. So many medical methods are invented to save us from this suffering. The more we spoil our health, the more number of medical methods and more doctors will come. ??? Our health is so deteriorated that despite inventing so many modern tools, medicine, and even after so many doctors are treating us, still day by day, so many new uncontrollable diseases are appearing???. Let them do whatever, one disease will be cured and the other one will appear.??? That's why, as all problems cannot be handled by one doctor, specialists are created for different categories of diseases. Sugar specialists, heart specialists, nerves??? specialists etc. Few years ago, when a disease cannot be cured by an ordinary doctor, it would be cured by a specialist. Now, every lane has a specialist doctor, but, still, the number of the patients is not coming down. Doctors are not creating patients. After getting attacked by a disease, we are visiting a doctor. So, it is our responsibility not to get affected by the disease. If we become healthy, their requirement will be less gradually. There are so many medical methods which are available to protect humans from ill health. Many medical methods such as Ayurveda, allopathy, homeopathy, naturopathy, unani etc. are helping people from different angles. It is necessary for these medical methods to be developed, but at the same time, it is also important to improve our health ourselves. All of a sudden, if we are attacked by a disease and to get rid of it, we would go for medical aid. That is not wrong. But, what is wrong is: allowing the body to have a need for the treatment. ???As the doctors tell us, through what mistake we are affected by this disease, let us not make that mistake so that the disease won't affect us. ??? If we live this way, we don't need to go the doctors or seek different medical methods. What is most important of all is: safeguarding our health, without the need or medicine. As we are living by destroying our bodies, so someday, we will get affected by a disease, so we certainly need doctors. Considering the situation man is, the medical methods are doing a lot of service. Only because of that service, man is able to survive like this. Otherwise, so many people would have been dead every day. If there is any problem or if the problem is aggravated, we should not say, 'I won't take medical aid, I won't go to the doctor, I won't use this medicine'. It is a mistake. One should go to the doctor, but, everyone should know when to go to the doctor. In olden days, when people used to get affected by stomach ache or fever, the elderly people would give some natural home remedy methods or suggest fasting. If the problem is not cured, then the patient would be taken to the doctor. That's why, if someone goes to the town and get treatment by a doctor, it used to be assumed the he had got a serious disease. Now, these days, we are running to the doctor even for sneezing or for slightest fever. We are not thinking about, 'What caused the problem? What can we do to cure it?' Among the majority of the cases that doctors face every day can be solved by taking proper food and rest. Medicine is not required in majority of the cases. The strange thing is: if the doctor gives the same advice and sends them off, they won't like it. They think that, we have expected some medicine, but, he is giving us just a piece of advice. Moreover, we have the tendency that if we are affected by a disease, we expect it to be cured immediately. That's why, doctors prescribe us 4-5 types of medicine for pain relief or for fever to come down. So, we got habituated to this pattern - taking medicine for everything, visiting the doctor frequently. We should remember that doctors and hospitals are available for us, just in case of timely assistance. For example, if our house is set ablaze, we may try to put down the flames ourselves, but if not possible, we will call the fire fighting team. Similarly, if we get affected by disease, we have to take the initial measures, then, when it is not possible by us, we can take the help of the doctor.
As I said, our health is in our hands, and not in the hands of the doctors, from tomorrow, don't stop all medicine or don't stop going to the doctors or hospitals. We have their need and the doctors' need. Whatever is in our hands, we need to do that. The doctors will do their part. If everyone does what they can do, we can get health easily. Many people are not doing what is in their hands, but depending completely on the doctors, and expecting all from medicine or doctors. That's why, I am telling all these things. Even the doctors - for their health protection - do not depend on the medicine or hospitals, but they do workout, take light and good food and follow health principles properly. Irrespective of the treatment we are taking, we have to continue that and at the same time we should do things to improve our health at our house. If we find any improvement, by the advice of the doctor, we can gradually reduce the need for medicine. And, again, whenever we face any problem, according to the situation, it is better to utilize a medical method which you think apt for the situation. Each method has its greatness. So, despite following whatever treatment method you prefer, you should not stop your effort to protect your health yourself. As per the proverb, we should not empty the water in our pots, expecting the dark clouds to give rain. It is us, who have to protect ourselves from diseases - not the medical treatment methods. So, we will start this health protection program with a good mind and with commitment and respect.

6. Who has control of our health?

Do diseases attack after the health is spoiled or the health gets spoiled after we are affected by diseases? What all people say is: after I am affected by diseases, my health is ruined. But, it is wrong. People say, 'before this disease, I was well. since I am affected by this, my life has become like this. Since then, my health is completely spoiled'. But, in fact, as long as the light of the health is glowing in our body, no disease can enter it. When health is deteriorating, the disease enters. When disease originates in us, and when the sprout is growing as the plant, we think we are healthy. At that time, we don't see any symptoms. As the symptoms are growing slowly, we will be aware of the problems slowly. If tests are done, sometimes, it can be detected as a disease or if the disease is not yet grown fully, the report may not show anything. When the report shows nothing, people still feel that they are still healthy. After few days, when the disease is completely grown, all its properties are shown to outside and makes us diseased. Then, it will be detected as a disease in the tests. When we are in the hospital, we will say that we are unhealthy. Now tell me! Is health gone after illness has attacked? Or illness has affected after health is gone? In grains, is immunity gone after germs enter it? Or the immunity is gone initially and then the germs enter it? In the grain, the immunity (light), that has been protecting the health so far, when that energy is deteriorated, the opportunity has come for the germ to enter it. Similarly, in our body as well, when health is deteriorated, any disease can enter in us. What are the reasons for our health to get deteriorated? Are the environment, water, air, uncleanliness the reasons for the deterioration of our health? Many people say these are the reasons. But, these are 10% reasons, but 90% reason is: our immunity getting destroyed. If the body is strong, it can stop the disease affecting elements and can protect itself. If any germs are entering the body and are able to live in our body, it indicates that the energy is ruined. We are not able to keep our body clean and not able to increase immunity, but, want the world around us to change. That can never be possible.
When we cannot do something which is in our control, how can we do something which is not in our control? In America, people keep the surroundings very clean. But, have they attained better health than us? There are more diseases than we have. Though the outside cleanliness is getting improved in everyone, the health is getting deteriorated. It means, the real reason is not that one. Then, is our health spoiled due the hereditary problem? We cannot say so. Our ancestors used to be more healthy, had more energy with fewer problems. Are the doctors and hospitals responsible for our health to become deteriorated? That is also not the reason. Because, only after spoiling our health, we go to the doctor. Whether the disease is getting cured or not, primarily depends on the state of our body. If we check for more reasons, is it because of the mental tensions that we are becoming unhealthy? It is partially a reason, but not a complete cause. Then, what is the actual reason? Who is the real thief that is spoiling our health?
There is a proverb, 'If the thief is one of the family members, no one can find him'. Similarly, we are the actual reason for our ill health, for getting affected by diseases, and for all this suffering. We are spoiling our health little bit everyday and we have reached to this situation. That's why, our elderly people say generally, 'he has spoiled the health himself, he is suffering his karma now, what we have sowed, we must reap some day'. Our ancestors have realized that our health is in our hands. That's why they could live healthily. But, nowadays, people, especially the educated and rich people do not realise that our health is in our hands. That's why the health is so much spoiled. From the time, we get up till we go to sleep, are you taking any care for your health? Everything we are doing punctually with extreme care - studying, earning, eating happily, roaming around, leading life in a care-free way! Everyone is living like that. But, we don't have time to take care of our health. No intension to live healthily. Then, how can we attain health? Have we set a time to chew well while eating? Have we set a time to attend the nature calls? Have we set time to do physical exercise and meditation? Have we set time to eat early in the evening and go to bed early? Have we ever tried something with focus on our health? When we are neglecting our health like that, the inherent health that we have got from our parents, how can it last lifelong? When we are not supporting the health, how can it support us? Giving and taking is respectful. In our care, the reason for our losing is: we are not giving to the body anything. We are all taking - just taking - from it. That's why our health is getting deteriorated day by day. Just as we are digging underground water, we are digging out our health. We are getting affected by diseases and ailments, because we are making mistakes in innumerable ways. So, we have to get up from the sleep. As we are committing the mistakes, we have to rectify them. When itching is at a place, how can you scratch somewhere else? That is not the solution for the problem. The only way to regain our health (which is absolutely in our hands) is: to work on making it better. That's why, the title for the set of these books is given is 'Your health in your hands". It is a good quality of the healthy person to utilize the opportunity that is in our hands. Try it once!

7. How can we attain health?

For a car, to run in condition, there are certain needs daily. It needs some water, some oil, some engine oil, some air etc. If we fulfil such needs, then the car will run properly. These are the needs of the car, every day. Unless you fulfil these needs, it cannot run. Similarly, our body vehicle also has some needs to function daily. If we fulfil the needs, then the body can work well on its own. Body seeking its needs is its right. It is our responsibility to fulfil its needs. Of all, the first thing that the body needs is: oxygen. We are all supplying oxygen to the body, continuously, through the breathing process, though unconsciously. So, there is no problem. There are five needs, which are in our hands and which we have to fulfill. They are: 1. Water principle 2. Food principle 3. Exercise principle 4. Rest principle 5. Excretion principle. If we follow these principles every day, the needs of the body can be fulfilled. But, are we fulfilling the needs of the body everyday? We don't drink enough water because we need to go to toilet. Even if we drink, instead of water, we drink some other beverage, such as a cool drink, beer or buttermilk. We drink something like this, and intelligently say that, it also has water.
We take food that satisfies the tongue, but not useful to the body. We eat three times a day, by giving exercise to the stomach. But, instead of moving our limbs, we are moving our fingers. We are eating and roaming around and giving strain to the stomach and body. We don't allow the body to clean itself everyday. Even when diseases attack us, we don't allow the body to cure itself, and suppress the waste by not doing fasting. As we are violating the five principles daily, our body is getting many problems. Because of these wrong activities, we are losing the light of health in us. As a result, the darkness of diseases is increasing slowly. If we want the light of health in us again, we just need to fulfill needs of our body. If we give the body what it wants, it will do its duty and protects its health itself. If we fulfil the needs of the car daily, it will run. But, when the car undergoes a repair, people need to take it to the shed and get it repaired. This body doesn't have that problem. It has automatic mechanism. The body's greatness is not just confined to running successfully, if we take care of its needs daily. If there is any problem in the body, it doesn't need to go anywhere. It can repair itself and can run again smoothly. To avail all these facilities, we need to fulfil the basic needs of the body. It will perform its duty and provides us health. 'Dharmo rakshati rakshitaha' - if we protect dharma (righteousness), it will protect us. We can get our health by this dharma. If you want health, practice righteousness. If you want to diseases, practice non-righteousness. We will get what we need. This is the only natural way for our health. An easy way to all of us. To make everyone follow these principles, these books are designed. As we can attain health through following the principles of the body, start your daily routine every day, as discussed. Our body gets the light of health gradually on its own. I wholeheartedly with that everyone should dispel the darkness of diseases.

8. Mind's effect on health

In every house, it has been a common scene where, husband shouting on wife and mother shouting on children. It has become very difficult to find a home where there are no irritations and angers. Also, if you go out, you will see neighbours fighting among themselves. In the office, bosses shout on the subordinates; workers shouting on one another. Like this, anger, frustration and irritation have become the traits of humans. Many people use anger as a tool to get their things done. We are scared of angry people, and so we do whatever they tell. With anger, we may get temporary benefits, but there many ill effect because of anger. Our anger frightens and saddens others, while causing problem to ourselves, as well. People who are angry cannot get the love and affection of anyone, they cannot mingle with others and live life happily. They may be proud to say, 'everyone listens to me. People are frightened of me', but, there is nothing they can get in a positive way. We will see the changes that happen physically, when a man gets anger or he is aroused with rage or stricken by fear and anxiety, or when cries.
As mentioned above, if any situation happens in the mind, or comes in any way, the cells in the mind feel pressure. When we feel such pressure, oxygen supply will come down. Once the oxygen supply is reduced, the body responds and releases a hormone, called adrenal. Because of this hormone, the heart starts beating with more speed. When the heart functions more, as a result, the lungs also need to work with speed. In this way, the heart and the lungs work more and try to give the mind's cells more oxygen, through the blood. To increase the pace of the horse-drawn carriage, if we hit the horse with the whip, the pace increases. Similarly, in our body, the hormone is used as the strike of the whip to make the heart and lungs function more. When we face fear, anger, tension, or when we cry, just as tears come into the eyes, this hormone enters the blood. Let us have a look at the chemical changes and the damage the happen in the body when adrenal is released like this.
  1. Because of fast heart beat, B.P. increases. If someone is shouting, we say if his/her B.P is increased.
  2. Lungs beat rapidly to supply more air. As a result, air needs to be taken with effort, just as we feel shortness of breath.
  3. When we get angry, our face and eyes become red. Due to heavy blood flow to the head, it happens like that.
  4. Head, forehead and the body become heated just as the blood is boiling. Most of the people feel headache and pain in scalp, because of this heat.
  5. As adrenal hormone is released into blood, muscles get contracted. One may feel neck pain, because of this.
  6. You won't have the feeling of hunger for some hours after these incidents happen. The appetite itself will die away.
  7. The hydrochloric acid is released more in the stomach. Stickiness is no longer generated. As a result, inflammations and ulcers happen,
  8. Adrenal makes the glucose elements (stored in the liver)to be released into the blood. If sugar patients get angry or tensed, sugar levels increase because of that.
  9. In anger, humans lose self control and the descrimination power of what is right and what is wriong.
  10. As so many changes happen in the body and mind, the body loses a lot of energy to protect itself. That's why, after such incidents we feel much fatigue.
Apart from these, many changes happen in the body and mind. It just takes some minutes for such damages to happen. To recover from this damage, and come to the normal stage, the body needs to struggle for many hours. Once we come out of that situation, we repent, 'why did I behave like that? I shouldn't have done like that'. But, the damage is already done in the mind and the body, and we had to face it as well. When we get so angry, we say, 'if I get angry, I won't be a man'. It means, we become like animals. Then, we will have the instincts of the animals. Anger makes a man behave like an animal. To prove this, maybe, we shout, 'if I get angry, I don't know what I will do'. Because of anger, the mind loses its control, and its natural traits won't work at that time. That's why, we either throw what is at our hand, or break something or beat people. All this happens because of the effect of hormones, that are generated inside. When we cry, the tears come as warm. Tears come when we laugh as well. But, these tears are cool. In both the cases, tears come fast, but why are they warm and cool? When we laugh, chemicals are released which help the body and the mind. Because of that, the mind gets cooled and the cool water comes out. When we try, harmful chemicals are released into the blood and the blood boils. That's why the tears will be warm. According to our mental reactions, the changes take place. That's why, our elderly people said, 'our anger is our enemy'. If we have enemies outside, we will take revenge. We can make them feel scared. But, we are not able to do anything to the 'anger' that is inside, and nourishing it. Our enemies can destroy our articles, property, and house. But, they cannot destroy our body. We spoil our body and health ourselves. We are the biggest enemies of ourselves. If our kid makes a small mistake, we will shout in anger. As a result, the adrenal gets released into your blood, and many changes happen in your body, without your interference. So, we should not make such mistakes as elders. Our children follow the same attitude. Despite people doing mistakes of any level, never get rage. When two people are going on the road and their scooters touch one another. They stop their vehicles and start shouting and fighting. As a result, for both of them the adrenal hormones are released. For both of them, the damage is inevitable. But, we they have patience and wants to adjust a bit, then no damage happens. That's why our elderly people said, 'our peace of mind in our protection'. If people suffer daily with raze and unrest, they gradually lose their immunity power and their organs lose the energy to work, and get affected by different diseases. If we want to better ourselves, it is in our hands. If we want to get spoiled, that is also in our hands. Despite having any kind of problem, we need to overcome it with patience and skill, but we should not get angry. Even if, we don't do any mistake, or people pass comments on us, we should live like 'Buddha', so that we can become fortunate.
Some people come to Buddha and start scolding him that he converting all into ascetics. Despite their insults and scolding, Buddha doesn't move at all. After some time, they get tired and then ask him, 'We have been scolding you for a long time. But, you don't move or respond. Are you a man or an animal'? Then, Buddha says with a smile, 'I have not taken your words. That's why they didn't bother me'. He tells them a story, 'if some guest comes to our house, and if we give him good hospitality, he will stay. If we don't speak to him, he will go back. Similarly, I didn't take your words. So, they will come back to you'. If someone passes one comment on us, we will pass ten comments on them. But, if we do not care the comments and stays in silence, it helps us a lot. One more good thing, I will tell you which I know. 'What is heard, belongs to the listener; what is seen, belongs to the onlooker; what is eaten, belongs to the eater'. In these three instances, when they belong to the individual doer, then what is spoken, belongs to the speaker.
In fact, whatever we speak, it belongs to the speaker. If someone says something, we should listen to it and be silent. The damage happens to them, not to us. If our heart is good, we do not care such things. If we are good at heart, everyone will look like good people. Then, there won't be 'you and me'. As humans, for us, mind is important. That's why, Vemana has told like this, 'It is all in the mind. But, people don't get this out of immaturity. If we understand the problem and move accordingly, that is enough'. If we are mentally happy, there will be smile and happiness in the face. That's why, when we see babies smiling, we all feel happy. Happiness in one's face gives joy to many. Anger in one's face creates anger in many. If man has physical ill health, he will feel the pain alone. But, if he is mentally unhealthy (anger, rage, torturing sarcastically), with these qualities, he will make many people suffer. More than the physical health, mental health is more important. Let us take care of mental health. We should not shout on anyone, and if someone says something, we should not respond. If we are like that, every minute will be happy. Then, life goes well.

9. How to start the implementation?

For new people to follow body principles, it is better to start with water principle, so that ensure that smooth motions happen. When these two happen, the body will become cleaned. Once the body is cleaned up like this, you can start giving good food to it. Before starting this, stop tea and coffee completely. From there, every day, eat 50-60 % good food, which doesn't cause any diseases.
Eating this good food, have meals afternoon and evening. In 10-15 days, stop eating white rice and start eating brown rice. Gradually, try to complete your evening meal before sunset. While eating good meal, if you follow this principle, your immunity will increase. To attain complete health or to get rid of diseases without using medicine, then start cooking the dishes which are meant to cure diseases. Have evening meals with these dishes. Have meals with these dishes in the afternoon and evening. While practicing this, on the advice of the doctor, reduce medicine gradually and reach the 'no-medicine' stage. After participating all these principles for 2-3 months, you have to do fasting once in a week, and when there is a problem, you have to do fasting. When you are practicing them, if you have any small problems, if you have any doubts about what to eat for your diseases, you can read the tips. If you continue like this, in 2-03 months, you will feel your health better. Some people may take more time. For some people who have small problems, they will be cured in 20-30 days. Despite getting cured or acquiring complete health, try to practice the principles as part of your life. Then, our health will be with ourselves.

10. What am I doing?

In the process of rectifying my health, I did some research on myself and as a result, formed some principles. Because of them, I have benefited a lot - physically and mentally. I have made those principles as part of my life and as a result, I am enjoying complete health. I wanted to offer these good results to all people. Hence, I have studied nature cure method and made it as a living method and decided to make a campaign about it. I have been campaigning about natural life style for the last 10 years, roaming around the whole month, and giving 30-40 health related speeches per month. I have so far offere around more than 2500 health-related speeches around Andhra Pradesh. What I want if: if people know about the health I have regained and about the principles I have followed so that they can become healthy. People have visited so many doctors and hospitals and lost so much money, but still couldn't cure their diseases and are in frustration an suffering from mental torture.
I felt that it is my duty to spread this knowledge about the nature cure method as nature has given such an opportunity to us to stay at home and without spending money and cure the diseases with the items that are available eat home. That's why, I am not practicing at one place and making myself available to people and visiting so many placed on my own expenses, and doing the campaign of this health movement with the help of the people. What all I want is: people should follow these nature cure principles and realize the benefits of the method and stick to them forever and live happily and healthily. If people listen only to speeches, they may remember certain things but, they cannot be implemented. So, I have brought all the details into a book form. If the book is in your hands, it is like, I am with you and you can practice them, without having any doubts. In this way, so many people, through their relatives, friends, reading my books and following this life style and solving their problems. Those who cured their diseases by reading books - hundreds of people - write letters to us explaining their experiences. With that inspiration, the process of my writing books is going on. But, people who have chronic diseases, who have been using medicine for many years, if they want to solve their health problems, they need to be at the doctor's supervision for some time, and need to do fasting. For the purpose of such people, we had an intension to build an ashram and as a result, a trust is created on my name. On behalf of the trust, we are going to build a nature cure ashram.
My favourite word is by Swami Vivekananda, "Those who live for others are living. All the remaining people are considered dead, though living". Some people say that I am doing service to the people by practicing this nature cure method. But, I don't think that I am doing service. I am doing my duty. This is my responsibility. Because, everyone has to offer something to the society. I feel, this is my responsibility. That's why I want to contribute this to all unselfishly. This is my goal. I am fortunate that I got this opportunity to reveal the health secrets that people want to know and you are welcoming them with open heart and implementing them in your lives. Your implementation is my fee. Your health is my happiness.

The purpose of 'dasha pustaka mala'(the garland of 10 books)

The purpose of writing these books is to tell that everyone's health is in their hands. Earlier, I have written 10 books in detail. Though many people are reading and practicing them, considering the average person, with a purpose of every house to have a set, I have written this 'dasha pustka mala' (garland of ten books). Many people give my books as gifts during marriage functions and in other occasions. The small book that I wrote 3 years ago, 'pari poorna arogyaniki prakruthi jeevana vidhanam', (Nature life style for complete health), which costs 2 rupees, was sold 20 lakhs of copies in 3 years. People bought the copies and distributed them. The purpose of this set of 10 books is: if the essence of the basic health principles which all people need, is printed as small books, then it would be easy to buy or to read. My desire is that these books are to be understood by women, in every house. If women learn good healthy habits, they can protect the husband and children from getting diseased. So, each family should try to change their habits and can stay at home and make their life better. Once you practice and attain health, don't stop at yourself, but distribute the good to others as well. I wish this garland of 10 books, can bloom the flowers of health.