Food that can cure illness

Your health - In your hands (6)

Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

The king-turned sage....!

He is one of the greatest sons the nature has blissfully blessed. He is a king-turned royal sage, who has been ceaselessly worshiping the nature cure methodology. He is the divine rishi who has been with us, guiding us and adding flagrances in our efforts to bloom in this nature. He is the gardener of the nature’s life style garden, who is nourishing it all the time. He is the architect and mentor of the nature’s offspring, ‘Nature Life Style’ that has bloomed in the lap of river Krishna. He has constructed the ashram and is propelling it so that all the people can follow nature’s principles in the divine sight of goddess Kanaka Durga of Vijayawada.
Dedicating with open heart, this garland of books, ‘Prakruthi Jeevana Vidhana Dasha’ to our dearest relatives, unpolluted hearts, Sri Gokarju Gangaraju and Smt. Laila Gangaraju.
Yours lovingly
Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

The health topics you will learn here:

  1. What was the experiment that I made?
  2. What are tastes for?
  3. Why to stop tastes?
  4. What tastes causes what problem
  5. Salt is the jolt to health
  6. Alternatives of taste
  7. How to make what dishes?
  8. How to eat these dishes?
  9. This word for your good
  10. Benefits of these dishes

1. What was the experiment that I did?

In 1985, I joined in a nature cure ashram for 2 months, to make my health better. They made me to do fasting for 2 days and then gave me food. With two pulkas they gave me salt less curry (boiled 10 types of vegetables, remove the water, and do not mix anything in it). When I fist saw it, my hunger has died away. I put it in mouth, could not swallow it and spit it out. I threw all the curry out, and applied honey to plain roties and ate for the day. Like this, for 4-5 days, two times, I threw the curry like that. Crows or dogs would come to eat the curry, once they smell it, they wouldn’t eat it at all. Unable to bear hunger, I gradually adjusted myself to eat the curry. As I ate for two months, my health is improved. But, when I went home, all my desires would flood and I used to have everything. As a result, I lost the health I have regained. Unable to bear the problems, I did fasting again and ate the salt-less food for some months, and regained health. After eating salt-less curries for some months, I could gain good health. After eating those curries, I used to feel the mouth so taste-less and it was so boring. Every day, same type of curry – two times a day. Every time, the same taste. I used to be sad thinking about how many days should I eat like this. Till 1993, I had salt-less food for some days; and had tasty food to satisfy desires for some days – in this way, I experienced both health and ill health, and at last realized that our health is in our hands. In 1987, I completely stopped eating non-vegetarian food. In 1994, my desires increase to eat all taste, and I ate all for 20 days, including non-vegetarian food, pickles, sweets etc. Then, I became completely ill. It was like, ‘going to the peak means falling off’, eating for 20 days like that changed my life completely. I could cure the consequences caused by eating like that, by doing fasting for 8 days. I thought why cannot we stay by not eating these salt, chilli powder and oil and ghee. With strong determination, I have decided not to touch them again. For 2-3 months, I was eating salt-less things, and while doing that I had a thought that we could also make iguru, fries, pulusu without using any salt, oil, and chilli powder, so that we can eat satisfactorily. Before that, when I was studying outside for 6-7 years, I was cooking myself during my studies. I was fortunate to have the cooking habit. As I realized that when salt, oils and other tastes are not used in cooking, then there is no chance of diseases. So, I was determined to make new dishes without them. Then, I started making experiments on cooking and creating new dishes for myself, mixing harmless tasty items. When I worked hard for six months, the results were fruitful. The dishes have come out tasty. Like others, I could make fries, pickles, iguru, pulusu, sweet and hot items, tiffins etc. They are like no one can stop eating them. No worries, they are tastier and diseases are getting cured. I had a thought that.’the dishes I cooked for myself to be healthy, can be cooked and eaten by all, if I share them with all’. In this way, I made many experiments, and I could make pulaos, sambar, appadalu, vadiyalu, and many snacks. Since 1994, till date I have been eating without salt and oils, without any failure. I have been explaining to people for the last 10 years through my speeches, and through books - why everyone should eat these dishes for health, the harmful effects of tastes, the alternatives of tastes, how to make dishes, the benefits of dishes. Thousands of people have been eating just as I am eating and are able to cure diseases without any need of medicine and by staying at home. I want to give this opportunity to all of you and would like to give details to you. Hence, this effort. Hope, you would take this opportunity.

2. Why do we need tastes?

In the scriptures, it is said about the six tastes. In them bitterness and pungent tastes are also there. In cooking, we generally don’t use these two tastes. Let us discuss about the tastes that we use in cooking. In this world, there are seven tastes which are – in different ways – used to cook different dishes: salt, oil, ghee, sweet, sour, chilli powder, spices. In these, one is the mother and all the remaining are its children. Can you guess the mother? You all know it well. It is mother salt. Remaining are her children. The tastes that we are using, are they meant for the body or for tongue? or for both? What are we using them for? Think! When the dish is cooked, we pour it on the right hand and check the taste and ask the tongue, if it is satisfied with the taste or not. The tongue asks to add some more salt. Then we add salt. Then it says, now everything is okay. No one asks the body. It is the tongue which asks again and again for tastes. That’s why, these tastes are not the ones asked by the body. They are only meant for the tongue. All the seven tastes that we eat, the tongue doesn’t care. After some time, it rubs off all the tastes and it stays afresh and clean. Finally, these tastes trouble the stomach and intestines and reach all the organs and get stored there and cause troubles to the organs. Because of the tongue, the whole body pays the price. In fact, the body needs no taste. Because of these tastes, the body is facing thousands of diseases. But, the tongue didn’t have a single disease. It deceives the whole body but, escapes safely. That’s why, we should not eat for the tongue and we should not listen to the tongue. That’s why, our elders say that if we overcome the tongue, we can overcome the world. Thinking about this much of the tongue, we are spoiling the whole big body. These seven tastes are spoiling the body. Where the taste is there the health is. To safeguard this whole, big body, it is okay to trouble the little tongue. If we stop eating these seven tastes, and give shock treatment to the tongue and protect the body, the health will come to us searching. These seven tastes are like the musical notes (sa ri ga ma pa da ni). Out of these seven notes, some hundreds of ragas are generated. Similarly, out of these seven tastes, thousands of diseases are getting generated. If you want to keep the body without diseases, get rid of the seven tastes. Protect your body.

3. Why should we avoid taste?

As we are eating tastes, irrespective of age, people are getting affected by diseases. To get rid of those diseases, people are adapting different medical methods. We are passing time by taking their medicine. But, still diseases not getting cured and new diseases are not stop coming. At last, as the medicine are not working at all, the doctors are able to discover where the problem is. Though the medicines are being taken while eating tastes, the diseases are not getting cured. As there are no benefits because of the medicines, the doctors have realized that diseases will be cured only when tastes are reduced. And, they started to indicate the patients to reduce tastes. Then, the medicine started working and diseases are in control. Right now, this is what everyone is doing. Everyone knows that tastes cause diseases. That’s why doctors are indicating to reduce tastes. They are telling – to reduce salt for BP, to reduce sugar for diabetes, to reduce oil, ghee for fat and cholesterol, to reduce sourness for gas troubles, to reduce chilli powder for stomach inflammations. The homeopathic and ayurvedic doctors are also asking to reduce or stop eating tastes, and accordingly, they are giving the medicine. We are doing two things to make our health better. One is taking medicine and the second is reducing tastes and following a diet. Because of reducing tastes and following the diet, the medicines are working and diseases are coming down. Have you thought which of these two is playing a role in reducing diseases? Now, at least think of that. For example, we are taking B.P. tablet and eating salt less. B.P is in control. Now, why is B.P. in control? Is it because of taking medicine or reducing salt? Let us see which has more role in it. If we take B.P tablet and without reducing salt at all, and eat everything normal including pickles. Then, what is the case of the B.P.? It won’t be under control. There won’t be any benefits even if increase the dose of the medicine. Though we are using medicine, reducing salt is being useful as half medicine and controlling the B.P. Now, here, we understand that our diet is working as half the reason. Now, we will check like this. We will reduce eating salt and stop medicine completely. B,.P. will increase again fully. So, here, medicine is also working half in controlling B.P. So, in reducing B.P., the medicine is working on us half and reducing the salt is also working half. Now, everyone knows till now. Now, what we need to understand is: when we are reducing salt, half the disease is getting cured. It means, there is a close relation between disease and salt. So, if we stop eating salt, what happens to the disease? When we eat more salt, B.P. is increasing and when B.P. is reduced, B.P. is reducing. Then, logically, if we completely stop eating salt, then B.P. should completely cured. It should happen like this. Have you ever tried this? You might not have tried it. Because, you don’t want to cure the disease completely. If you really have the desire like that, you would have got the thought much earlier. This is the effort that I have made. When we completely stop salt, then the B.P. is coming to normal. We can stop the tablet in 10-15 days. When the problem itself is gone, what is the need of the medicine? When we are stopping each taste, many hundreds of diseases are getting cured. No doctor is saying, ‘eat tastes well and take my medicine’. Every doctor is asking to reduce tastes. I am asking to complete stop taking tastes. There is only a slight change from reducing and then stop eating completely. Now, consider here that stopping tastes itself is medicine. Any specialist, according to the department he belongs to, he asks you to reduce one or the other taste. Now, why I am asking you to stop all tastes is: we can attain health only when all parts of the body are functioning well. If we want all body parts to work well, we should stop all tastes. We have to be aware and stop all tastes, despite we don’t have any other diseases so that we won’t get them in future. Don’t be scared to stop all tastes. If you eat all tastes well, forget about diseases, but you will have the satisfaction that you have eaten all tastes. If you stop tastes completely, there won’t be any diseases. There won’t be any medicine. The only taste that remains is your health. If you eat them reduced, either you cannot cure all the diseases or you cannot stop the medicine. You cannot enjoy the tastes as well. Ultimately, you either get healthy, or you will enjoy tastes or the diseases won’t be reduced and you will live in despair. Why all such fuss? If you stop having all these tastes, it is better.

4. What taste causes what damange?

If we want to protect this body from tastes, we should stop the tastes completely. To stop them, we should know what damages they cause. Let us first know about them and then try to stop using them slowly.
1. Chilli powder: For chilli taste, we use red chilli powder, dried chilli, raw chilli etc. People realize that chilli powder is not good for health and they either reduce it or stop it completely. In fact, out of the seven tastes, the one taste that doesn’t cause damage to the body is chilli. There is no health benefit even if you stop it completely. It’s okay even if you eat it – there won’t be much damage. Among these three, let us see which is better of the rest. Compared to dry chilli or dry chilli powder, green chilli is far better. Because, in raw green chilli, the pungent or virulent element is only 50%. When this green chilli is turned into ripened chilli (pandu mirchi), it increases to 75%. When this ripened chilli is turned into dry chilli, the pungent element increases to 100%. Moreover, this dry chilli or dried chilli powder doesn’t get digested in the intestines and cause trouble. If it is green chilli, it gets digested completely. So, we can use green chilli as much as possible. Green chilli is so good that when it is more, it tells from the mouth that it is more. While leaving, at the anus exit, it tells us that it is leaving, in the form of a slight inflammation. But, it doesn’t store in the body. There is no relation between the inflammations in the stomach and chilli powder. If we use green chilli in dishes, it increases saliva in the mouth, and stickiness in the intestines. It is okay if we use a bit more of green chilli. If we give the taste of green mirchi taste to the tongue, then the tongue won’t complain anything like – this is less or that is less – and swallows as it is. The only way to supress tongue is to take green chilli.
2. Sourness: For sour taste, we use tamarind. We buy tamarind, which can last for the whole year, and use it daily, by squeezing its juice. Tamarind in fact is not a food item. It is medicine. It causes free motion. Nature has given us to get rid of constipation. Can we use medicines daily? Every day, we need to eat food and when there is a problem, we need to use medicine. When there is itching, we should scratch. We should not scratch, when there is no itching – it causes problem. Similarly, if we use tamarind daily, the same thing happens in the body.
Harmful effect by using tamarind:
  1. It gets habituated to intestines and it no longer works as medicine for constipation.
  2. Makes more movements in the intestines daily and gradually, decreases the movement.As a result of it, constipation will be developed.
  3. In the intestines, the sticky layers will be scraped because of the sourness.
  4. Becasue of the sourness of tamarind, we need to increase the quantity of other tastes such as salt, chilli, spices - to almost double.
  5. As the sourness is pungent, we eat more rice rather than more curry. Due to this, the faeces gets hardened.
  6. In broth (pulusu), as we use much salt, it causes pains and itching more, in brinjal (gutti vankaya), pumpkin (gummadi), and elephant foot yam (kanda).
Our ancestors would use tamarind as a medicine for constipation. For those who have constipation problem, they used to give them during night before sleep. Gradually, they started making a soup like liquid (charu) using tamarind broth and would serve it along with rice at night. By morning, the intestines would be cleaned. Now, we are using this mild form of sambar every day along with other curries. Don’t use tamarind and spoil the digestive system. In cooking, for sourness, there are other things. Let us know about them and use them.
3. Sweetness: For sweetness, we use only two – jiggery and sugar. Both of them are prepared from sugar cane. You can have a lot of sugar cane or drink sugar cane juice, there is no harm in it. But, sugar and jiggery cause harm to the body. Unless sugar cane juice is boiled for 6 hours, jiggery is not formed. As it is boiled for such a long time, all the beneficial good qualities will be destroyed. Sugar causes innumerable harmful effects. To turn the black sugarcane juice into white sugar, we need to add so many chemicals and medicine in it. All these are poisonous things. That’s why, the white sugar is called white poison. We are using such sugar as our daily food item. Moreover, to indicate auspicious things, we eat sweets made with sugar. So, we are eating poison in the form of sweets. As our elders give us fruit as auspicious thing, we – with our learned intelligence – keep it aside and are using sugar sweets.
Let us see the harmful effects of sugar
  1. The teeth, which are strong enough to sustain chewing tons of food, the teeth which are not destroyable even after buried under soil, sugar can spoil them.
  2. In the gaps of teeth, the sugar particles will be stored causing bad bacteria. As a result, the teeth shake and fall off.
  3. The sugar sweets create inflammatory acids. They create acids which can cause intestine ulcers. Even science has defined it as acid food.
  4. These food items cause phlegm and cold and consequently cause dampness and asthma.
  5. Our liver can create bad cholesterol evenn from sugar.
  6. The body weight will increase drastically.
  7. In the intestine, these sugar food is used for bad bacteria.
  8. It will cause throat infections.
So, we should not eat sugar and jiggery as a food item. If we want sweet, there are many in the nature without causing any harmful effects. We can make sweets with them naturally and can live happily.
4. Oil: For this body to live, we need fats and not oils. The seeds which give oils are good for the health but not the oils themselves. That’s why, if we drink a little oil, the body throws it out immediately from the body, through vomiting or through motions. We think ourselves that certain oil is good for health or we watch ads where they highlight that certain oil is good for health. Give oil to any living being and check if it drinks. We are drinking such oil in cans. Even if we use cholesterol free oil or fat free oil, our liver can create harmful cholesterol. Any items when it is heated up to 60-70 degrees, it gets destroyed. 70-80% of its nutrients will die. Then, if the oil need to burn, it should be heated up to 300 degrees. And, if we keep any food items in such heat burning oil, will it survive? It is certain that we don’t get any benefits from the oil-boiled food items. If we hadn’t got any bad effects, that would have been fine. We are using such oil daily in all food items. Every month, around 7-8 kg are being consumed by the whole family. Even our ancestors used it to a small degree, we couldn’t escape heat diseases. That’s why the cardiologist advises not to use more than a spoon of oil. Why he is not telling you to stop completely, because, he has a fear that you won’t visit him again. It is better to realize ourselves and take care.
Let us see what harmful effects are caused by oil?
  1. If we eat any oil food, to digest it, the digestive system takes double the time. That’s why after eating oil food, we don’t get hungry
  2. It tortures the digestive system. That’s why, while eating oily food such as puri, vada, dosa, pulao, we feel good, but after eating them, we feel why we did eat them as the stomach makes different uneasy symptoms, and feels heavily. All these symptoms are the inconvenient effects of the intestines and stomach.
  3. Liver works hard to digest it and then mix it into the blood. These fat items are stored up in the lover and as a result, it causes different consequences such as: the liver becomes hard, liver accumulates fat, liver increases, the cells will bulge in the liver etc.
  4. As the cholesterol items that come from oils, get jammed in the blood vessels, they get closed up, causing heart diseases and paralysis.
  5. In 100 grams of oil, the energy will be 900 kilo calories. If people who eat oil, don’t move the body and get sweating, then all the energy is converted into fat and they become obese.
  6. Eating oily food cause acid generation in the body. Even when there is no food in the stomach – even when it is empty, it causes the acids to ooze. As a result, inflammation and ulcers happen in the stomach.
It is better not to use such harmful oils as a precautionary measure. Instead of oil, if we eat oil seeds or use those seeds, it is not harmful, It is better for health as well.
5. Ghee: People say that ghee is good for health and it doesn’t cause ageing. There is no need to drink ghee and get heart diseases. We can eat vitamin E rich sprouts to prevent aging. Like oils, ghee also caused harmful effects. So, it is better to avoid. All the above said things are applicable to ghee as well. So, though it gives tastes, if it is harmful to the body, we should not eat it. So, we better completely stop eating oils and ghee and can use other alternatives in cooking.
6. Spices: Poople consider spices as: clove (lavanga), cinnamon (dalchina chekka), garlic (vellulli), ginger (allam), coriander (dhania) etc. But, what are cumin (jeelakarra), mustard seeds (avalu), black pepper (miriyalu), turmeric (pasupu), vamu, dried ginger (shonti), asafoetida (inguva)? They say, these are not spices, they are ingredients in cooking. We are thinking and using them like that, but, in fact they also belong to the spices species. If you ask women why they are using them daily in cooking. All say the same thing – they give good smell and taste in the curry. We are not getting the concept why these spices have come to this world. They all belong to one species. They all have medicine values. If the body has any problem, to protect the body, we can use them as natural medicine. Our ancestors realized the truth and used them accordingly: In case of cough, they used pepper; for stomach pain, asafoetida, turmeric for intestinal bad bacteria and to kill nuli worms, ginger to improve appetite, for gas problem, cardamom, for indigestion problem coriander, for gout (vatam), mustard seeds, according to the situation – as medicine. But, gradually, when people are affected by diseases, they are mixed in the food so that people are able to swallow them. After some more days, they are used in cooking. Now, forgetting about health, just for tastes, people are bringing these spices in kilo bottles and using in cooking. When there are no diseases, if we use medicines, it will affectthe body. In the body, unnecessarily, nerves and intestines get stimulated, and get exposed to many chemical reactions. If we use these spices regularly, we need to use medicines in high power – otherwise they won’t give the desired results. These spices are the reason for our thoughts to increase drastically, for our desires to pent up and for the mind losing its balance. Our ancestors used these as medicine and for tastes and smell, they used other things. Let us know what they are. These are all small tastes. More than the damage these tastes cause, the mother salt damages more. So, we will learn about this salt in more detail.

5. Salt gives us the real jolt

For us to live healthily, we must need salt to this body. We have to get salt through the food that we eat, but not as coming from outside. In the food that we eat – leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruit, seeds, roots, salt is naturally available. In any food item that is available in the nature, there is salt present in it. There is no food items which does not have salt. Take the food of any living being. It is getting the required salt through its food. That’s why, no living being takes salt from outside. The salt that comes from natural food is enough for its natural life. Even for us, it is enough like that. Since the development of civilization, to preserve food and to make the food tasty, we started using salt in everything. As a habit, we are eating 10-20 grams of salt daily. The scientists have identified that in our body, the daily consumption of natural salt is 289 milli grams. that is ¼ of a gram. We get this much of salt in any food item that we eat. Either we can eat the food as it is or eat it as cooked, we will get the salt without getting destroyed. When we cook leafy vegetables, for tastes, if we put some salt, it will be enough. For red gram, it takes more salt. As leafy vegetables contain more salt, from outside, we need only a little. In red gram also there is salt, but not in the quantity as in leafy vegetables. All the salt that we have been eating since our childhood, is accumulated in the body and spoils all the organs inside. No other living being eats salt, so the organs do get rusted. That’s why no other creatures suffer from cold. We are the ones who suffer because of eating salt. Our ancestors who invented the salt, have realized the bad effects of it and advised us to be cautious while using it. They used to call salt as ‘shani’. It is also called misfortune. If you eat salt, it is said, one will become indebted. Noone gives salt to the hand. No one takes it from hand. When the girl is going to mother-in-law house, everything is handed over, except the salt. Salt is treated as low and is hidden in the backyard. They already revealed that whoever keep salt away will live healthily. Rishis and yogis lived without eating salt. Mahatma Gandhi stopped eating salt long back. Vinobha Bhave also didn’t eat salt. They told that since they stopped eating salt, their health is improved a lot. If salt touches anything, it will be spoilt. Salt kills even iron. It destroys walls. Eats plastic. Destroys pots. If it is kept in the steel, it will create holes to it. If we store such harmful salt in the body, it easily eats up the body. It will also destroy the body. No other taste has this spoiling capacity. Salt is like poison to us. The soon we understand it the better it is for health.

6. What are the alternative tastes?

We have learnt the harmful effects of these seven tastes. Because of these tastes, though we get taste, our health is getting spoiled. So, we can replace the tastes with other tastes which are similar to them in taste. To us in the television, weeklies, they are teaching tasteful, more disease-causing dishes, but no one is teaching disease-killing dishes. In olden days, mothers knew three types of food: daily healthy food, diet dishes which can be used for diseases and tasteful dishes which are cooked for auspicious days and festivals. In these days, women are cooking only those tasty dishes and they are learning only those dishes. It is very harmful to the family that they do not know about the dishes which are useful to health. That’s why most of the family is getting affected by diseases. If women learn healthy dishes, they can make the whole society healthier. If women learn these dishes, it is so helpful for them. Instead of the salt and oil that women use for cooking, if they use the alternatives, then the health situation will be completely different. What cannot be done when women get determined? They can make the dishes tastier. If you don’t eat and make only for the family, you cannot make them tastier. If women change first and learn to make them tastier, then, it is easy for others to change. Now, we will see what to be used as alternative to what taste.
1. Chilli: You can use green chill to any extent instead of dry chilli powder or dry chilli. You can use as much as green mirchi, compared to earlier. Due to this, people cannot make it out if there is less salt.
2. Sourness: Instead of tamarind sourness, we can use raw tamarind, tamarind leaves, raw mango, country tomatoes, gooseberry (usiri), dabbakaya and lemon. If you make it more sour, you can eat well, not worrying about the salt quantity.
3. Sweetness: Instead of sugar and jiggery, we can use honey and dates. We can replace sugar with honey and jiggery with dates.
4. Oil: We can use oil seeds and the seed powder instead of oil. You can fry ground nuts, grind them, and keep it in a bottle and a keep a similar bottle of sesame powder, and use both the powders to sprinkle in curries. You can also use coconut in curries, which gives good taste.
5. Ghee: Instead of ghee, you can use milk and curd, in any quantity.
6. Spices: Stop the spices such as cumin (jeelakarra), coriander (dhania), mustard seeds (Avalu), pepper (miriyalu), clove (lavanga), cinnamon (dalchina chekka), poppy seeds (gasagasalu), garlic (vellulli), and fry black gram (minapa pappu) and bengla gram (shanaga pappu), grind them and keep the powders in a bottle and use them in curries, it smells good. You can use fried black gram and bengal gram tempering (talimpu). You can also use sweet onion (neerulli). For smell, you can use coriander leaves, and mint (pudina) as much as you want.
7. Salt: If you are thinking that you can use rock salt (saindhava lavanam) instead of salt, then, it is a mistake. In place of salt, you don’t need any other thing. Because, every food item has salt – in all raw vegetable, green mirchi, sourness, sweetness, milk, curd etc. Only salt exists in all of them. The remaining tastes are present only in some foot items. As you keep on eating, your tongue can identify the slat in all the food items. If use spinach (palakura), amranth leaves (totakura), Kenaf (gongura), beetroot, in all the curries, or use their juices, you won’t feel the absence of salt in the curry. If you mix sour curd in some curries and chutneys, you don’t feel the absence of salt. The natural salt available in all the food items is used by the body and it gives good health. Such kind of food items, though look strange in the beginning, after 10-20 days, they will become natural. You can eat the curries better than the old curries. Try them.

7. How to cook different dishes?

Many people want to eat food without salt and oil, as they do not know how to cook them – even women know something, they do not have the guts to cook like that, they are taking a back step in following the food principles. Whomever you ask 90%, they wil say, ‘as you said, we are drinking 5 litres of water, eating sprouts, stopped eating evening meals and eating only fruit, but using salt slightly in curries’. Some men, come to my speeches, like them and try to follow them with curiosity. Women don’t come out. They don’t understand what their husbands tell them. The real problem starts there. If both wife and husband understand this method and come forward to implement it, it gives great results. Because, though men want to implement such things at home, women should cook them as required, so that they can eat. Whether it is men or women, if they know the easy methods of cooking in this way, they can try these dishes individually. With the noble purpose, I want to share here the methods of cooking those curries here.
Generally, in our daily diet, there are different dish varieties such as iguru curries, broth (pulusu) curries, fries, dal (pappu), pickles etc. If you make one or two types of such curries, then you won’t get bored, and you will get habituated to eat such curries. Now, let us see how to cook each curry.
Gravy (iguru) curries: Iguru can be prepared with Ridge gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, tindoora (dondakaya), brinjal, raw bananan, leafy vegetables, beans (chikkudu kaya) etc.
Preparatory Method: To cut vegetables into small pieces, and to keep ready onion pieces, green chilli pieces. Mix all of them in a dish and keep it on stove on sim flame and to keep the lid. The water of the vegetables is released as vapour and the pieces will get boiled with the heat. If you feel water is not sufficient, you can add some water to it. Once the pieces are boiled well, pour enough water and keep the lid. On the next stove, mix 1 spoon black gram, 2 spoons of Bengal gram and some curry leaves and fry them without adding oil. Once the curry is completely boiled, mix it in the tempering (popu). You can add 2-3 spoons of Bengal gram powder, coconut grate by sprinkling on the curry, and then mix it and finally you can add coriander leaves on it. If you don’t want to mix milk, in the same time, you can add tomato pieces and to do the same process as described above. People who eat only one curry a day can cook half a kilo vegetables as curry (to mix vegetables + onions to know the quantity). You can prepared the ground nuts powder once in a week and keep it in a bottle. You can mix to the ground nuts powder, the powder of black gram and Bengal gram powders. As described above, you can cook with 2-3 types of vegetables, instead of cooking one type of vegetable. Those who are very busy, can cook this along with rice. As said above, they can keep the vegetable pieces ready and keep them in the cooker, get them boiled, and after taking them out, can do tempering (talimpu), and sprinkle powders. If more gravy comes when it is boiled in cooked, you can collect the water in another dish, put lemon juice in it, and eat it as the liquid (charu), it will be tasty. There is no chance of losing vitamins.
Broth (pulusu) curies: If we use ridge gourt, bottle gourd, cucumber, banana, bitter gourd, lady's finger, they will be good for broth curry. During the season when you get drum sticks, you can use them in this broth curry for taste. This curry certainly requires tomatos. When they are not available, you can boil raw tamarind, and its pulp instead of tamarind juice. When they are not available, you can use, as described above, you can use other pulps, along with raw tamarind and 4-5 tomato boiled pulp. Now, I will explain you bottle gourd broth as an example. The remaining, you can cook based on this sample.
Cooking Method: Peel the bottle gourd, and cut into a bit big pieces for broth. Cut the green mirchi accordingly into two pieces. For 1 kilo bottle gourd, you can cut half a kilo tomatoes and 2 onions into pieces and to boil them on the stove. After they are cooled down, grind them in the grinder and keep the pulp. Along with the bottle gourd pieces, you can add drum stick pieces, lady’s finger pieces or brinjal pieces. Put all these pieces in a big bowl, pour some water, keep a lid on it and to keep on the stove on sim. After 15 minutes, you can check if the bottle gourd piece is boiled or not. If water gets evaporated, you need to add more water. Now, to add 5-6 spoons of honey on the pieces, after boiled for 5 minutes, pour the tamarind pulp or tomato pulp or mango pulp (which is kept ready) along with a glass of water. Mix it well with spoon. Now, allow the broth to boil for 10-15 minutes well. If broth is a bit thick, it tastes well. According to the pieces, we need to add the pulp. While taking it down from the stove, add 4 spoons of ground nut powder and sprinkle coriander leaves, mix it well and take the dish down. 1 spoon of black gram, 1 spoon of Bengal gram are to be fried and mix the tempering in the broth. For sweetness, we can add dates (instead of honey). To make the dates pulp, remove the seeds and soak it in hot water, then the pulp will be ready. Dates is not only cheap but it also gives good taste. For 1 kilo curry, 10-12 dates are enough.
Dal curries: You can use cucumber, tomato, and all types of leafy vegetables can be used in dal curries. You can also cook separately, cucumber dal, tomato dal, leafy vegetable dal, or you can prepare dal mixing cucumber and tomato. You can mix leafy vegetables 4-5 types and cook them along with tomatoes. To make this more tasteful without salt, to add more vegetable pieces or leafy vegetables and less dal. After cooking, dal should be less and vegetable pieces to be more. If you use tomatoes mandatorily, then only the dal will be tasty. When they are not available, you can use raw mango pieces or raw tamarind boiled pulp to be used. If nothing like this is available, white eating, we need to add more lemon juice. If there are 4-5 people in the family to eat like this, you can cook dal curry and as a second curry, you can cook pachhadi (pickle) or broth, you can eat satisfactorily. People who eat sprouts daily, can cook 1-2 times dal curry for a week, it would be fine. For men, this dish looks very easy to cook. They can also save time.
Cooking method: Put one tea cup of gram in a dish it pour water till the gram is covered. Two types of vegetable pieces (not less than half a kilo) or leafy vegetables to be kept ready after cutting, and to keep ready 5-6 green chilli, one onion cuttings. Put all these pieces in the dal dish and keep the lid. Put the dish in cooker and cook it along with the rice. Separately, you can keep one spoon black gram, 1 spoon Bengal gram, curry leave without oil and keep them fried for tempering. Mix the boiled dal well and pour it in the tempering.
Fries: We can make fries for the following vegetables: carrot, beetroot, cabbage, lady’s finger, tindoora (dondakaya), snake gourd, beans, cluster beans, bitter gourd, potato. When you get bored with gravy curries, you can prepare fry in the middle of the week. For fries, if non-stick pan is available it would be good.
Cooking method: To make the fry, we have to cut the vegetable pieces into small pieces. The smaller the pieces, the better it will be. In a thick dish, keep the pieces, and cut green chilli in according quantity by cutting into two pieces. Keep the chilli in the dish and pour water, cover the dish with lid and keep on the stove on sim flame. We have to take the dish down from the stove, before the pieces are too boiled. There should not be water in the vegetable pieces. In the non-stick pan, fry 2 spoons of black gram, 2 spoons of Bengal gram, and after they are fried, mix two spoons of milk cream, get it boiled, and mix the pieces in the pan and fry it for 10 minutes. Once the pieces dry up, add coconut grate sufficiently, and add coriander leaves and take the dish from stove. You can use the cream of the milk, when we get the layer after boiling milk. The tempering will smell good and it will be tasty. Even without the milk cream, it will be good. Only for the fries, it is prescribed. For other tempering done for other curries, it is not required. Before you make fries of bitter gourd, lady’s finger, boil the pieces in the butter milk, it will be good. The fried powder of ground nuts and black gram will be good to sprinkle on it along with the coconut grate of 4-5 spoons.
Pickles: You can do many pickles such as cucumber, tomato, tomato + coriander, coconut + mango, mango, brinjal + tomato, tindoora (dondakaya) + tomato, kenaf (gongura) + sesame powder. For every pickle, tempering (talimpu) will be same.
Ingredients required for tempering: black gram, bengal gram, ground nuts, curry leaves, tomatos (generally tomatos are needed for all pickles). Raw manggo and raw tamarind can be used in the respective seasons as alternatives. For example, let us now see how to make cucumber-tomato pickle.
Cooking Method: Cut one big cucumber, 7-8 green chilli, 250 grams of tomatoes into pieces and put in a dish on the stove and let it boil on a sim flame. If required, add some water. Fry 2 spoons of black gram, 4 spoons of Bengal gram, some ground nets in a pan and grind them in a grinder. After they are grinded well, add boiled pieces and coriander leaves to them and grind the whole mixture. Before eating, add lemon juice to it. Make similar pickles such as brinjal, tindoora (dondakaya) pickles can also be done like this.
Coconut + mango pickle - Grind coconut pieces, mango pieces, green chilli pieces in a mixi without adding water, then add the tempering of black gram, Bengal gram and curry leaves. For one coconut, one raw mango is enough.
Kenaf (gongura) pickle - After boiling kenaf and green chilli, grind them as a paste. Mix sesame powder to this mixture and add onion pieces to it when eating. Apart from these, cut vegetalbe such as snake gourd, beetroot, cabbage into small pieces, and boil them a bit dry, temper them as described above. You can add curd, coriander leaves and can eat like curd chutney.
It is better to eat leafy vegetable almost every day. Those who do not eat onion, can avoid them and can make curries in a similar way. In the gravy (iguru) curries, to compensate salt, we can add some beetroot juice and spinach. Here are some dishes explained so that you need not worry about cooking and feel troubled how to cook daily. In this method, many dishes are explained such as tiffin, sweets, puloa, halwa in the book, “Food – Thought’. People who want to cure all their diseases, can learn the dishes using this book and try to cook the dishes. Though initially, you may not like the dishes but gradually, you will be habituated to them, and you will be able to cook well. For better health, try sincerely.

8. How to eat these dishes?

People who have any kind of diseases can eat these dishes. Similarly, those who do not have any diseases can eat these curries as a preventive measure. In the beginning, these dishes can cause some inconvenience. The tongue won’t agree immediately. The taste buds on the tongue die every 10 days, and take re-birth. In the first 10 days, it will fight on the habit of eating food with salt. After ten days, by eating the salt-less curries, the new taste buds get adjusted to these curries and they like them. So, though the habit causes some inconvenience for 10-15 days, you need to be patient for the health purposes and try them. When we try cigarettes, (sarayi), (ganjayi), in the beginning, despite the initial effects, people are getting habituated to them despite all problems, eating these curries is not such a troublesome task. 10-15 days before you try these curries, you have to drink 5 litres of water, juices, eat sprouts and fruit. Because of these, the body doesn’t feel fatigued. People who are habituated like this, can eat the new kind of curries without any fatigue.
Don’t try to eat these curries with white rice. It will be so tasteless. You will feel fatigue. You have to eat with brown rice, wheat sooji (rava) rice, wheat bread (pulka). Those who have to decrease weight can eat 3-4 pulkas. Those who cannot chew, can eat with wheat rice. Those who do hard work, those who are lean, those who are young, can eat with brown rice. Eat more curries. If you eat more curry, it won’t be insipid. It is also good for health. Every afternoon, daily, have leafy vegetables. For new people who try for the first time, leafy vegetables will be easy to eat. Those who eat rotis, cook more gravy (igurlu) and fries. Whenever you are eating salt less curries, in a place, keep lemon pieces 2-3, and use the juice, which can compensate salt. If you eat more chilli, then you won’t feel the absence of salt. You can eat raw onion pieces. Whenever you don’t feel like eating a curry, don’t throw it away. Use either curd or honey in it so that you can eat it easily. You can use curd as much as you want it. But, when you eat curries, keep them hot so that you can eat them easily and tastefully. Those who are trying it new, if eat these curries two times a day, they won’t feel fatigue. Try to eat well.

9. This word - For your good

So many people who want to better their health start with water, fruit, juices, sprouts etc. and get good results. Because of these principles all diseases don’t disappear. If you implement them, you will get their benefits. Until you stop using all tastes, many diseases won’t be cured without medicine. If we ask you to eat food without salt, it doesn’t mean to stop salt in curd rice. Take out salt completely in all curries and prepare curries in the way we prescribe you. Those who have diseases, till the diseases are cured (2-3 months), go somewhere are eat curd rice but don’t violate the principle. Be away from the 7 tastes, and follow food principles strictly. Those who have B.P, sugar, heart attacks and other tough diseases should read my book, health is happiness (‘arogyame anandam’), sugar book, cooking book etc. for better understanding. In those books, it is clearly explained, what food principles need to be followed by people with certain diseases. There are given certain solutions, for the problems that arise when implementing these principles. Before start following these food principles, those who use medicine can have blood tests. Those who are using medicine, can have B.P, sugar tests for every 5-6 days, get them checked by doctors, and stop medicine according to their advice. Own remedies are dangerous. Till the problems are completely cured, you need to get the tests based on doctor’s advice. You should do with a process like this. Instead, if you stop the medicine all of a sudden, and start following the health principles, or eating the food and taking the medicine are not good. Once you get the complete result and all your diseases are cured, if you eat normal food again, you will get affected by the diseases again. In such a case, you will have to start your medicine again or take the doctor’s advice. Once you regain all your health, if you want to eat anything, you can eat occasionally such as festivals of marriage functions. You can eat for one day and you can come back to our food again.
Note: In this small book, we cannot write all details. So, who have chronic diseases, who use medicines, can read my books in detail and tehn follow the method properly. In this way, you can cure your diseases, without having any inconvenience. Pay attention while doing it. Get complete health.

10. Benefits from these dishes

I have been eating these tastes for the last 10 years and more than the tastes I am getting the taste of health. I am working for 18 hours a day, without stopping my work due to ill health, and I am roaming around throughout the month, and protecting my health. For all this, the main reason is these dishes. When my health has been recovered so well despite having so many health problems, I am confident that all of you will gain more health. In these ten years, thousands of people with different health problems had this food and the results are so surprising. So many hardcore diseases are cured, which were considered by doctors as not curable, and the results surprised the doctors themselves. Here are some:
  1. It's wrong to think that diabetes cannot be cured in life. Those who eat this food (who use tablets) in 30-40 days, they are not finding the need to take the tablets. Even if they eat different fruit, they are not finding sugar.
  2. Despite having B.P. for a long time, people are getting recovered completely without any need to take tablets. People who do not have B.P., eat this food, then, they won’t have B.P. in life.
  3. Over weight can easily be reduced. In a month, 7-8 kilos are being reduced.
  4. Those who have joint pains for the last 5-6 years, are cured in 3-4 months and are able to visit Tirumala. For those who have been suffering for more years, it is taking time.
  5. Though asthma is present since birth, for 95% people, it is being cured in 10-15 days without the need for medicine.
  6. Despite allergies are from years, and not getting cured for any medicine, are being cured in 1-2 months. Food allergies, dust allergies, skin allergies, snow allergies, articles allergies and cloths allergies – all are being cured in a quick way.
  7. Skin diseases generally don’t get cured for a long time. Even such hard diseases are being cured in 6-12 months.
  8. Cold, sneezing despite attacking for several years, despite not cured by many operations, are being cured.
  9. For people who have heart diseases, 70-80% medicine are being stopped, after the doctors themselves are suggesting.
  10. Digestive system diseases, liver diseases are getting cured so easily, because there are no salt or oil in the dishes we suggest. So, the organs work easily. As a result, there are no problems.
  11. In 5-6 months, you will get the confidence that no diseases can attack you in life.
  12. The body will be lighter and happies all the 24 hours. Even if you eat stomach full, you will feel that it is digested soi early and just as you haven’t eaten anything.
  13. The body will be cleansed inside, without having any smells.
  14. As it is completely satva food, all the angers, tensions, irritations, dizziness will come down and the body and mind will be lighter. As it mentioned in Bhagavat Gita, this is the food which doesn’t cause thirst.
  15. It gives the faith that our health is in our hands. It’s time for you to hold it.