Common Health Problems and Tips

Your Health in Your Hands - 9

-Dr.Manthena satyanarayana raju


He is one of the greatest gems that nature has gifted to us.He is a saint who is devoted to naturopathy.He is enlightening mankind with his knowledge and understanding of nature.He is one of the pioneers of naturopathy.under his guidance naturopathy has gained utmost importance.He is the founder of the ashram that is situated near vijayawada,kanaka durga temple to help people get better knowledge and achieve good health by following naturopathy and lead a happy life.
I am dedicating my writing about naturopathy to the most kind and purest souls,shri Gokaraju gangaraju ,shrimathi laila gangaraju
Yours lovingly
Manthena Satyanarayana

What is an appropriate treatment??

Medical Sciences advanced a lot these days and there is a need for more advancement in the near future. For the Benefit of mankind many great people invented wide variety of medical techniques and procedures in the form of Ayurveda ,allopathy, Unani, homeopathy etc. They are of great benefit to mankind. They are providing such a relief when we approach them with pain and diseased. Any medical procedure can benefit us either to complete extent or to some extent, sometimes it's not help us in solving our problems instead it may make us more unhealthy.Even do they are useful, only people who are diseased only can use them, it has no role as prophylaxis.For Example: If a person was suffering from stomach ache, and a tablet is helping him to relieve it, but the same tablet if used by a healthy person, can't help him in prevention of stomach ache, it instead can cause many side effects. All the above mentioned medical procedures work the same manner except naturopathy for example: if a person is suffering from stomach ache,enema is done, it cleans his intestine and patient is well fed to relieve the pain. This procedure can also be used in people who are healthy and protects them from developing stomach ache in future. every treatment here has same impaction both diseased and healthy people. It is like a double edged sword, works in both ways. Naturopathy suits so well to human body, treatment and our body gets along so well, that these are no side effect. If we try to protect ourselves from minor ailments by using naturopathy, it benefits our body. If we face a health problem, first we should at least try to cure it by using natural medicine. If it is not helping reducing your problem then there is a need to obtain medical approach. I am writing this techniques down, so that you can treat minor ailments naturally and remain healthy. There are no adverse effects to this techniques. So there is no need of following them if diseased, it can be used by healthy people also.I hope you follow these health remedies and take good care of your health, I am writing them in 2 parts, I hope you accept them whole heartedly. Animals do solve their problems naturally . If there feel nauseating, they eat food that doesn't suit their body and vomit, if they are not hungry, they starve themselves and eat food only when they are hungry. They never study and they have no one to provide them with health tips, even we are gifted the same type of body and have more knowledge and intelligence, we need to behave in much sensible manner and deal With your problems so efficiently if we are aware upper body and health conditions unable to treat ourselves we are the ones at loss. I hope you all utilise this chance of reading yourself I things that are available in your household. Stay healthy and happy

These are the topics you learn here:

  1. How can we Heal dry and cracked Heels?
  2. How can we cure gas tightening?
  3. How to protect ourselves from sunstroke?
  4. How to reduce lethargy??
  5. How can we decrease joint pains??
  6. How to get good sleep and immediately after sleeping?
  7. How to prevent excess bleeding during menses?
  8. How to decrease exertion after food?
  9. How to prevent dust allergy?
  10. .How to reduce blood in stool?
  11. How to reduce back pain?
  12. How to improve eyesight?
  13. How can we treat stomach pain?
  14. How to get rid of Itching?
  15. How to reduce snoring?
  16. How to reduce heart burn?
  17. How to get rid of ameobiasis and clover worms??
  18. How can wounds heal faster?
  19. How to get rid of neck pain?
  20. How to get rid of pimples?
  21. How to prevent motion sickness?
  22. What should we do inorder to heal fractures early?
  23. How to prevent headaches?
  24. How to prevent from skin becoming pale in winters?
  25. How to reduce black and white heads?
  26. How to reduce hair fall?
  27. How to prevent burning micturition?
  28. How to reduce burning sensation and cramps in legs?
  29. How to relieve scalp pain?
  30. How to reduce weight?
  31. How to reduce dandruff?
  32. How to get rid of knee pain?
  33. How to prevent nausea?
  34. How to prevent frequent sneezing??
  35. How to prevent sun allergy?
  36. How to reduce gas trouble?
  37. How to cure sciatica?
  38. How to reduce tonsillar swelling?
  39. How to increase haemoglobin count?
  40. How to treat corns?
  41. How to prevent menstrual pain?
  42. How to decrease urine frequency during night time?
  43. How to reduce nerve weakness?
  44. How to reduce gum bleeding?
  45. How to heal mouth ulcers?
  46. How to increase your appetite?
  47. How to reduce food allergies?
  48. How to reduceri body heat?
  49. How to present dysphagia?
  50. How to treat hyper tension
  51. How to reduce pain in heel?
  52. What should be done to regularise periods?
  53. How can you grow your hair black?
  54. How to present tooth pain?
  55. How to strengthen your bones?
  56. How to reduce bad odour?
  57. How to prevent itching of scalp?
  58. How to cure nasal congestion?
  59. How to acquire taste of food?
  60. How to reduce belly fat?

1.How can we Heal dry and cracked Heels?

We all wish to have beautiful heels, but it is possible only to few people. In order to make them look beautiful, people are using many creams, ointments that were advertised in television. As our feet are far from the heart(blood circulation), lack of blood supply cause roughness of skin. In obese people and in people with for circulation, this problem increases during winter. The main reason behind cracked Heels is improper cleaning. Fan and dust particles get stuck cracks and prevents formation of new skin and skin become rough. We can make our feet look good in just 10 to 15 days.
  1. Apply coconut or mustard oil to feet and soak them in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes. any dirt particles or mud present is removed, skin softens. Then remove feet and rub it using a brush, this removes dry and dead cells. Meaning of a dry with a towel and apply coconut oil. This further softens the skin and prevents from drying.
  2. If possible try wearing shoes daily it softens your skin.
  3. people who don't have cracks and wanna prevent them in future apply coconut oil before bath and rub your feet with brush while bathing this removes mud particles. apply coconut oil after bath.Do this atleast twice a week

2.How can we cure gas tightening ?

In some people gas gets stuck in the abdomen, stomach feels tightened,it is such an awkward situation, you feel that flatulence can only help you , but happens after waiting for long time ,with lot of effort. Reasons why this problem occur are: Not urinating until the bladder is full Wearing tight clothes around waist Storage of faecal matter near the anus In the same manner gas gets stuck in the chest and stomach, bleching can only help to relieve it. following tips help in releasing gas easily.
  1. Wear clothes and belts that are not so tight.
  2. Urinate frequently even though you doesn't feel like it, so any gas stuck during urination.
  3. If gas fills in the chest, vajrasan can help in releasing it
  4. If it isn't relieved yet, do fast breathing 10 to15 times.
  5. Drinking hot water slowly increases peristalsis and help them releasing gas.
  6. If It is not relieved after following above tips ,apply oil on the chest or below belly button and apply a hot pack.If problem persists then consult a doctor. Above mentioned techniques can be used based on our conveinence.

3.How to protect ourselves from sunstroke?

When we go out in summer, our body evaporates its water to protect our frying and keeps it moist. In order to do this our body should contain ample amount of water don't have sufficient amounts of water water get evaporated and water level inside the body decreases. Blood supply to our brain compromised as it has low levels of water it is in dizziness , unconsciousness etc in order to protect your body in peak days of summer you need to follow this tips
  1. You should make a habit to carry water along with you and drink 2 to 3 classes whenever your stomach feels empty.
  2. If you feel thirsty drink water,cool drinks dont serve the purpose.They dont reach our blood in water form soo soon.
  3. we need to consume ample amounts of water and see that we urinate normally.
  4. Wearing cotton clothes preferably, white colour protects you from the hot sun.

4. How to reduce lethargy??

People age 70 to 80 years are more active when compared with people aged 40 to 50 years.people in their youth are less active than people in 40's and 50's.children these days became more lethargic,if this continues there will be days when people find eating a difficult and want someone to feed them.Reason for this is consuming food with least nutritive value,people are consuming food for the purpose of taste,not health.Inorder to feel active even after working continuosly for 15 to 18 hrs follow the tips mentioned below.
  1. Coconut is the most energetic diet.Eating a full coconut,along with sprouts as breakfast is good for health.
  2. Dates provide more energy in very less time.If you consume 20 dates along with coconut as breakfast or along with fruits in the evening it is more beneficial.
  3. Eating brown rice twice a day, plays great role in reducing lethargy in just 10 to 15 days.If you follow above mentioned tips for a month you can be active and healthy.
  4. If you feel lethargic,try eating 3 to 4 table spoons of honey slowly,you can gain your strength in 5 to 10 minutes.

5. How can we decrease joint pains??

People are suffering from joint pain even before the age of 40,50 years.This is because the synovial fluid in the joints is decreasing,people say bones are getting worn out.If our body is designed to live for 100 years ,how can our joints get worned out for 40 to 50 years.Even elephant is gifted with same 100 years of life,its weight is not causing joint pains,swelling or decrease in synovial fluid why so?Because elephant knows what to consume we on the other hand doesnt know what to consume.It is leading to decreased capacity of synovial fluid production and decreased wear and tear of joints.Consuming salty foods is increasing salt content in synovial fluid causing wear and tear of cartilage and joints.As long as salt is consumed,our joints never get better.Instead of decreasing salt content,we are trying many medical procedures wasting money,but not feeling better.There is no other choice,we need to decrease the salt content,this sacrifice is worth it.
  1. .If you start drinking juice of raw vegetables,instead of coffee early mornings,it helps in increasing synovial fluid in the joint.
  2. Eating sprouts and sesame laddu prevents wearing of joints.
  3. Consuming curry with no salt and chapathis in lunch and as snack and chapathi with salads during night is very good for health.
  4. Applying sesame oil hot pack to knee for 15 min, then apply moist humus on it and bandage with cloth and leave it for 15-20min,it gives great relief.If moist humus is not available just apply wet cloth around it.
It takes 2-3months to get relief.If joint pain is from 5 to 6 years it takes long time to cure.If it gets worse,it doesnt start this procedure as early as possible.

6. How to get good sleep and immediately after sleeping?

We get to sleep only after being in bed for 1 to 2 hours.They sleep usually by 11 to 12 pm at night.Small kids also got used to sleep by 11.30 pm by watching all tv shows.Even though you sleep,your body doesnt sleep because it starts digesting food after you sleep.If you eat food early before sunset and sleep after it digests,your body gets relaxed and you sleep early.You may find it difficult to accept but try this for 10days and see.
  1. Start eating your dinner by 6 pm - 6.30 may find it difficult to sleep for first 10-15 days,later you may feel sleepy by 9pm to 10pm at night.
  2. You can't sleep due to body pains,put your feet in warm water for 15 to 20 min and wash them with cool water.
  3. When you feel like not sleeping due to thoughts and stress, apply a drop of honey in your eyes,this causes irritation and your mind gets diverted from your sorrows.You tend to sleep in 5 to 10 min thinking about it.If you tend to use it daily,you get used to it and you wont feel irritation,use it occasionally.

7. How to prevent excess bleeding during menses?

If you get your periods on time,but it bleeds for 8 to 10 days,it might be due to low HB count,increased stress.In some it may be due to uterine fibroids and in some it may be due to hormonal imbalance.
  1. Applying ice pack on lower abdomen during periods for 15 to 20 min, helps in decreasing bleeding.Our body decreases bleeding inorder to cope up with coolness,you can do it 3 to 4 times.
  2. Doing tub bath will be of great help you can do it in plastic tub or cement tub of 2 feet height and 3 feet width.poor water in it sit inside it in such a manner that your buttocks,abdomen and thighs are inside it for atleast 20 min daily for 1 to 2 months
  3. Eat foods that increase your HB count.If there is no change for 2 to 3 months,consult a Doctor

8. How to decrease exertion after food?

You may think that eating less would be of great help,but it is very difficult to restrain ourselves after starting.people have the habit of consuming water while eating stomach full.This leads to complete filling of stomach and compress lower part of lungs upto 25-30%.Our body needs more amount of oxygen to digest food,compression of lungs decrease O2 in the body,body gets deprived of oxygen.So people starts panting after food.
  1. Consume food by sitting down instead of sitting on dinning table.It causes 25% folding of stomach even though we eat stomach full, it would be 25% empty.
  2. Drink water 30 min before food instead of drinking water during eating and then drink water 2 hrs after food frequently.
  3. Avoid consuming food more than 80%of its capacity.

9. How to prevent dust allergy?

Some people tend to develop sneezing ,nasal congestion,irritation in throat after exposing to smoke and dust,some people develop rashes,redness of face.Allergic people prefer to stay indoors and avoid exposure.How long can we stay indoors? We need to make our body immune to this foreign substances,instead of avoiding them.people who stay indoors daily usually dont develop them.Allergies are seen in people who stay indoors.People who are active have less incidence of allergies.
  1. Drinking 5 litres of luke warm water daily is good for health.
  2. Practice pranayama daily for atleast 20 to 30 min,clears infection of sinuses.
  3. Apply oil to face and then take steam.
  4. Add natural supplements to diet,it improves immune system and protect you from developing allergies.

10. How to reduce blood in stool?

People with constipation usually experience this. It is also seen in people who drink less water, consume pickles non vegetarian food etc. In people who consume low fibre diet, stools get hardened.people strain a lot inorder to excrete this hardened faeces.straining can lead to rupturing of intestines and its blood vessels,micro organisms in the faeces enter through damaged part and cause intestinal infection.Infection leads to rupturing of blood vessels frequently.
  1. Drink 5 to 6 litres if water daily.If stools are not passed freely even after drinking ample amounts of water then try enema.
  2. Avoid straining in the bathroom.Drink ample amounts of water and use washroom only when you feel the urge.
  3. Inorder to prevent constipation,consume salads along with chapathi.You can also eat curd rice along with it.Cook vegetables without peeling them.Repeat the same in the evening.
  4. Consume fruits in the morning without peeling instead of sprouts.

11. How to reduce back pain?

Vertebrae are aligned one on the other from the neck region to sacral region.There will be a soft cushion like substance between two vertebrae just like cement between two bricks.It is called as vertebral disc.When we lift weights,this disc acts as a spring and prevent increased weight on vertebrae.When a person travel in a car ,he doesnt feel any jerk when car moves through a pit,vertebral disc also acts in the same manner.People who work in offices for long hours,who dont sit straight, who sleep on soft matress and who does a lot of travelling on scooter tend to develop backache due to increased strain on discs.Heavy working also cause strain on muscles of lower back.This leads to pain.Pain aggrevates while bending and relieves on resting.
  1. Practice sleeping on thin blankets ,instead of soft matress.
  2. Apply oil in the back region and apply hot pack on it twice a day.
  3. Practice sitting straight and avoid bending forward unneccesarily.
  4. Practice excercises only with backward bending,asans like Bhujangasanam,Danurasanam, ushtrasanam etc will be of great help.If possible do them twice a day,it helps in early recovery.

12. How to improve eyesight?

In olden days ,old age is measures in the form of decreased vision, but these days even small children are suffering from decreased vision.some animals live for about 400 to 1000 years without the need for spectacles.our diet is not meeting nutritional demands of eye.our eyes which are meant to relax enjoying the greenery around are forced to see colourful and shiny objects.only solution to this problem is get closer to the nature again.
  1. consume raw vegetable juice with high amount of carrot in it.
  2. adding moringa leaves to this vegetable juice and consuming it is of great help.Try consuming moringa leaves juice atleast once or twice a week along with honey,lemon and water.
  3. consume leafy vegetables in your lunch
  4. If you are gardening and growing leafy vegetables try drinking their juice. Consume seasonal fruits daily they should comprise atleast 20% of your diet.
  5. Avoid consuming salt, it is damaging the minute blood vessels inside your eyes.

13. How can we treat stomach pain?

Whenever you get stomach ache, you take a tablet to reduce pain, you never treat underlying cause,so it keeps on repeating. This is mostly seen children. It is mostly seen in people suffering from constipation. Reasons behind are when you eat to stomach's full capacity it puts weight on intestines, this leads to pain after eating. Even after excreting pain persists due to improper excretion. If there is sticky substance attached to intestine pain may occur during peristalis pain can sometimes be due to presence of gas in intestines. Whatever may be the reason, our motive is to reduce the pain, by removing the excreta.
  1. Apply oil and hot pack 2 to 3 times per day in the area where you experience pain.
  2. If enema is done twice a day for 2 to 3 days, intestines will be cleaned.
  3. Instead of eating rice and curry, consume fruits, juices , butter miIk, coconut water, honey water, water etc. for 2 days.
  4. Before enema, apply a mud bandage or wet cloth around the waist 20 minutes, this increases peristalsis.
  5. If you follow fibre diet,consume sufficient amounts of water and rid of constipation,pain doesn't persists.

14.How to get rid of Itching?

In people suffering from constipation, waste materials gets accumulated under the skin and cause alergies.Some people gets rashes and other develop itching.If both our body and skin gets clean,we can get rid of rashes.
  1. Apply lemon juice to the area you feel itchy, 10 to 15 minutes prior to your bath.
  2. Apply coconut oil after bath to the area where you feel itchy.
  3. Incase of severe itching,dosteam bath atleast twice a week to remove those waste materials.ిది.
  4. If you make it a habit to consume 5 litres of water every day,it helps in purifying the blood and prevents allergies.
  5. Try to prevent constipation.
  6. If 50 years of your diet contain fruits, it helps in purifying the blood.

15.How to reduce snoring?

Snoring is more trouble some,your pattern can't sleep next to you. If you are obese or if you have belly fat or in people who sleep immediately after eating food, there are high chances that they snore. In obese people, number of cells increase and there will be increased oxygen requirement. In the mornings,as we are active, oxygen demands are met. But during night when lungs are relaxed oxygen reqiurements are not met,so these people sleep opening their mouth to meet the demands.As air passes through mouth, variety of sounds are produced.
  1. Consume dinner before sunset. It should digest before you sleep.
  2. If you consume fruits instead of boiled food,it decreases or requirements and helps in improving respiration.
  3. Follow a diet to reduce your weight. Weight reduction helps to reduce snoring.

16.How to reduce heart burn?

We usually call it acidity.some people experience it during lunch,few on empty stomach,in few it may be due to in digestion and some people experience it throughout the day.we are trying to treat acidity by medication temporarily.People assume that eating sour and spicy foods are responsible for this, but it's completely wrong. First try to know what is responsible for acidity and stop consuming them. We usually drink sugar water,milk,cold drinks, biscuits, etc.when we feel heart burn. They temporary decrease it and later increases it, they are acidic foods. We need to focus more on how to decrease acid production rather then how to cure it
Mistakes we do that causes heart burn:
  1. Low consumption of water, decreases mucous production and may lead to heart burn.
  2. Consumption of tea,coffees leads to increased acid production and reduces mucous production to half.
  3. Drinking water while consuming food leads to dilution of acid, diluted acid can't digest food efficiently, this leads to increased acid production and causes heart burn.
  4. Painkillers tend decrease mucous production.
  5. Anger ,mood swings,tensions and fights also increase acid production, decrease mucous production and leads to heart burn.
  6. Fatty foods like non vegetarian ,eggs,oil,ghee,pulav etc.produce acid even after the food gets digested and damage the stomach.We are consuming alot of junk and blaming spicy and sour foods for it.
  1. consume 5 litres of luke warm water
  2. consume luke warm water with 3 to 4 table spoons of Honey whenever you feel heart burn.
  3. Avoid tea and coffee
  4. stop all the medication for heart burn , follow the above mentioned procedure,use medicine in the initial two days if needed.
  5. Stop eating food frequently,consume it in a systematic way like breakfast,lunch ,dinner .If number of times we consume food increases,it increases load on stomach and it should work for a lot of time,so decrease load on stomach and follow the above mentioned tips,you enjoy the results in just 2 to 3 days.

17.How to get rid of ameobiasis and clover worms??

People usually blame change in place and water and make them responsible,they never blame themselves. If problem lies with us,warm water don't help. Animals don't get amoebiasis or closer worms,even though they drink water from unhygienic places. There intestine possess power to destroy them. This problem is usually seen in people with constipation. In stored faeces, lot of microorganism grow and damage intestines,this decreases good gut flora. When these gut flora decrease,amoeba grow on the intestine and damage.
  1. Do enema early in the morning by using luke warm water for 2 to 3 days.
  2. Then do enema by adding lemon juice to luke warm water.
  3. One bottle of water is not enough to clean intestines. Use 2nd one after 1st one.
  4. On 4th day and neem juice to enema bottle. If you do this for 3,4 days microorganisms that are stuck to intestine come out.
  5. After using neem water as enema for 4 days then,use warm water for 2 to 3 days and then stop.
  6. In order to increase good gut flora,it is better if we consume curd early morning.
  7. In afternoon and evening follow diet that prevents constipation.
  8. Repeat the same process after 25 days if you feel 1st one is not effective. Now use neem water as enema for 4 to 5 days.

18. How can wounds heal faster?

In some people wounds don't heal fast, it is usually seen in immunocompromised people or in people with vitamin C deficiency.
  1. Drink citrus fruit juices by adding honey to it.
  2. Add lemon juice to the food. We can consume it daily.
  3. Guava is cheaper and easily available, it's better if you consume on daily basis.

19.How to get rid of neck pain?

It is commonly seen in people who use large pillows,who drive motor vehicles for long time, who never exercise or who tend to sit bending their neck. This causes strain on the disc between cervical vertebrae that leads to pain. Sometimes they may compress the nerves that supply to our hands and cause stiffness,tingling,pain,etc. Some people experience dizziness, headache, etc.
  1. Stop using pillow.
  2. Always sit with your back straight.
  3. Apply oil to your neck and apply hot pack for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day.
  4. Stop doing suryanamaskaram,do exercise that only ask you to bend your neck backwards matchyasan,ushtrasan,bhujangasanam. It will be cured in 20 to 25 days if you practise above mentioned tips.

20.How to get rid of pimples?

Sebum,is secreted from sebaceous gland. When this sebum undergoes chemical reaction with bacteria, the root hair follicle under go infection. This results in closure of pores of sebaceous glands. This leads to formation of blisters either while or black from inside. They are called as pimples. People with constipation also skin related problems, it is also seen in people who consume low levels of water.
  1. Don't pinch or scratch pimples,it may cause marks or holes in the skin.
  2. Stop using creams,soaps on your face,use sunni pindi or any soft cloth to clean your face.
  3. Use Black clay after powdering it, remove waste materials and dry it in the sun for 2 to 3 days.You can use that black clay as a paste after soaking it in cool water for 2 to 3 days.First you need to apply lemon juice and oil and massage your face,then apply black clay and remove it after 20 to 25 min.this removes dirt accumulated in skin pores.It gives best result if you do this atleast once a day.People with dark skin tone can use this to lighten their skin.Avoid applying powder on face.
  4. Drink 4 to 5 litres of water daily.
  5. Consume carrot Juice in the morning and fruit Juice in the evening,this removes marks and lightens your skin.This purifies your blood.
  6. Try to have normal excretion.

21.How to prevent motion sickness?

Travelling is fun, preparing different kinds of foods and different kinds of foods and consuming them during Journey,watching people around is more fun,we feel that we reached our destination so soon.We avoid drinking water during journeys,because urinating might become a trouble.we get tanned ,dark circles under our eyes and we become dull.We blame that bus or car didn't suit you or you urinated in train's washroom and developed burning micturition.We avoid rectifying our mistakes and blame everything around.During Journey in bus/car/train ,wind gushes into the vehicle through window and evaporate water inside us,Just like how fan turns wet floor into dry one.Our body loses atleast half glass of water every hour.We never consume water and eat foods that require water for digestion.This further decreases water content in our body so we develop headache,backache and feel feverish,drying of throat,throat infection etc.What to do when you are doing long journey?
  1. Carry water bottle along with you while travelling start consuming water 2 hours after eating food,during half glass to 3, 4th glass of water,so you don't feel frequent urination. Water you drank will be consumed for your body needs. You don't develop any changes.
  2. Start consuming fruits while travelling.
  3. Eating snacks is good, but don't eat too much of them. Water consumption will be of great help.

22. What should we do in order to heal fractures early?

In order to heal a fracture or to develop a murder in that place,people suggest us to consume meat, eggs,kheema,bone soup, etc. So that fractures heal early. When people stay on bed for long time,their family members cook wide varieties of foods for them. This increases load on digestive system and body uses all it's energy to digest food and this increases weight and cause swelling near fractured areas. It takes 3 to 4 months to heal fractures. Animals get heeled in 8 to 10 months. When they develop a fracture. They starve themselves in order to heal their fractures fast.
  1. Stop consuming eggs,non vegetarian food and start eating sprouts,coconut during breakfast, add one sesame laddu along with it.
  2. Eat chapathi and curry during lunch in order to reduce weight.
  3. Start consuming fruit juices and fruits by 6 pm in the evening. Don't consume anything during night, so that your body focus on wound healing.
  4. Eat 1 to 2 piper bottle leaves after lunch,it has high amounts of calcium that helps in heeling of fracture.

23. How to prevent headaches?

Many people experience headaches frequently. They usually pill and never bother about the reason behind it. So they keep on developing this for years. There are 10 to 12 reasons behind it. It won't develop because of the same reason in all people. It may be due to drinking less amounts of water,more consumption of coffee, tea,due to constipation, or due to gas trouble or when digestive tract doesn't work properly or due to frequent cold,neck pain,low haemoglobin count, or blood vessels in the head and neck are weak,or due to defective vision. If we treat the underlying cause,then headache will relieve on its own.
  1. Drink 5 litres of water every day.
  2. Try excreting waste 2 to 3 times a day.
  3. Do hair wash with cold water, in the first 2 to 3 days you may experience headache. But it in increases blood flow to your head and decreases heat.
  4. Avoid consumption of tea,coffee and start consuming,honey water,leafy vegetables. Juices or fruits juices.
  5. Consuming sprouts or juices in the breakfast improves the digestive system.
  6. Whenever you feel headache, soak your feet in warm water and apply a cold water bandage on your head for 15 minutes,it relieves the pain.
  7. If pain is not relieved even after medication you can take your pill. But following above remedies will help you relieve your pain in 8 to 10 days.

24.How to prevent from skin become pale in winters?

When our skin becomes pale in winter we apply cold creams. In order to prevent this,avoid using soaps. In winter, skin becomes dry,using soaps makes it more dry and rough. Chemicals in the soap damage the outer layer of skin. If older layer is damaged before the development of new one's skin becomes rough and dry.
Stop using soaps. Apply coconut oil to your body and massage before bathing. Pour water and use a wet soft towel to wipe yourself,it removes dirt and then pour water and wipe yourself with dry towel. If you do this every day,it makes your skin look fresh.

25. How to reduce black heads and white heads?

They are of two types black heads and white heads. They damage the beauty of your skin. If you develop in places where sweet is stored, sweat attracts fungus it leads to infection and marks are formed in those places. It is usually seen in people who don't bath properly.
  1. Make neem leaves into a paste and apply them to the marks and bath
  2. Apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice or lemon juice alone and take bath.
  3. If you follow above mentioned remedies ,all the dirt will be removed. It will decrease in 20 to 25 days.
  4. If you drink juices as food its good for your skin.

26.How to reduce hair fall?

People who have everything,don't have hair,on the other hand beggars grow lot of hair. Our ancestors used to have very thick and long hair. Our habits are responsible for hair fall.
  1. Wash your hair daily with cool water, it strengthens hair follicles. If you bath using warm water it damage hair follicles and leads to hair fall.
  2. Avoid using shampoo for 7 to 8 days. Instead using shikakay.
  3. After drying your hair, apply oil to it,this prevents dry hair and strengthens it.
  4. If low hair falls and replaces every day it,is a healthy sign.But hair falls but it is not growing back these days. Consuming leafy vegetables in your lunch daily.
  5. Formation of new hair is beneficial for formation and hair growth. Consuming sprouts along with coconut and Bengal gram sprouts is good for health.

27. How to prevent burning maturation?

It is usually seen in females as they consume less water. Urine if concentrated and yellow is stored for long time,it imitates and causes burning micturation. Urine should always appear white. It should pass out freely. It should never smell or become concentrated.
  1. If you start consuming 4 to 5 litres of water burning decreases in 2 to 3 days.
  2. You should consume water periodically. People who work out doors should consume more water.
  3. Sugar water and other drinks doesn't serve the purpose.

28.How to reduce burning sensation and cramps in legs?

In people who are obese or suffering from diabetes or in people who have low haemoglobin,blood vessels tend to close,so they experience this problem. Main reason for this is poor blood supply. Apart from this it is seen in vitamin B and deficiency, especially vitamin B1, they tend to develop burning sensation, swelling and cramps.
  1. Take two tubs, add warm water in one and cold water in the other. First,put your legs in warm water for 5 minutes then in cold water for 2 minutes and repeat the same once again. It improves blood circulation.
  2. Consumption of brown rice corrects vitamin B deficiency and it relieves burning sensation and cramps.

29. How to relieve scalp pain?

It is different from headache. We experience this when we travel on bus or do shopping or when we get tensed or roam forlong time under sun.It is usually seen in people who consume less amounts of water,it decreases water content and blood flow to top of the skull, it heatens it and we experience pain. If we don't add water to the radiation engine heats up in the same way our skull also heatens up. In the above situations drinking less water causes pain.
  1. Apply water on the scalp or apply a wet cloth whenever you experience pain.
  2. If you experience pain in the morning,do head bath in the evening.
  3. Always make it a habit to carry water bottle with you.

30.How to reduce weight?

People decrease the amount of food consumption in order to reduce weight, but it doesn't help. In order to reduce your weight decrease unhealthy foods in your diet and add healthy ones to it.
  1. Obese people have low levels of blood. If you consume raw vegetables juices, it improves blood levels and helps in reducing weight.
  2. Instead of consuming idli and dosage in less quantities add sprouts to your diet in the morning,it keeps you active. Avoid coconut and Bengal gram sprouts.
  3. Avoid consumption of rice during lunch. Instead, eat 3 to 4 chapathis with curry.Consume more amounts of curries it reduces fat as it contains fibres in it. You can consume curd rice.
  4. Consume your dinner before 6:00 to 6:30pm. If you consume your dinner it gets stored as fat.
  5. In dinner consume 2 to 3 chapathis with curry. Avoid rice and curd.
  6. There will be exercises that burn fat in particular regions.
  7. If you follow by book on exercises you can reduce 5 to 6 kgs of weight. If you follow my diet and exercise daily it will yield good results.

31. How to reduce Dandruff?

People living before 100 years have no idea what dandruff is,but it is the major hair problem these days. In order to protect our skin from the harsh environment, our body releases fatty substances, this keeps our skin soft. This fatty substance converts into dry substance in our head due to lack of air flow. Mostly people avoid washing their hair regularly,it causes dandruff. It is also seen in people who use shampoos alot, chemicals present in it causes dryness. The shampoos we take thinking they will reduce dandruff is of no use. Washing hair on the daily basis is enough to reduce dandruff.
  1. Wash your hair regularly with cold water. If water is very cool,use luke warm water instead.
  2. Use shikakay for washing your hair for every 7 to 10 days. In people who have lot of dandruff apply shikakay twice to your hair,leave it for 5 to 10 minutes, you can do it regularly for 7to 8 days.( If you have lot of dandruff you can use it on a daily basis)
  3. Apply oil after drying your hair. People assume that applying oil to hair increases dandruff. In people who wash their hair on daily basis it is not a problem. It acts in the same way just as we apply oil to our face,when it gets pale.

32.How to get rid of knee pain?

People experience knee pain due to weakness. In people who tend to less eat and work more,weakness first shows as knee pain. In people who do alot of walking, if muscles can't bear it they experience knee pain.In people who started avoiding salt experience these pains in first 10 days and then they eventually decrease. The solution to this problem is to consume sufficient amounts of food
  1. consuming brown rice instead of white rice twice a day for 15 to 20 days reduces pain.
  2. Consume leafy vegetables especially spinach daily in lunch
  3. whenever you experience pain apply oil to your knee and gently massage it,then apply hot pack for up to 10 minutes.

33. How to prevent nausea?

Feeling nausea is mostlyoccurs due to defect in your digestive system.It is usually seen immediately after waking up due to excessive digestive juices or due to improper digestion of food or when you travel immediately after consuming food.You feel that vomiting can only cure you.some people experience dizziness.You have the sensation to vomit ,but you can't.Its such a difficult phase to deal with.Tips that helps you overcome this
Drink classes of lukewarm water or normal water continuously, if you can drink more amounts please go ahead .you should drink water to the extent that you vomit all the contents or try vomiting manually by putting your finger in mouth .even if you consume food few moments before, always vomit whenever you feel nausea. immediately after vomiting drink water and honey mixture or coconut water.

34.How to prevent frequent sneezing??

Sneezing is good for health,if it exceeds 50 to 60 times a day it is considered as a disease.It leads to accumulation of mucous in nose and in sinuses and prevents flow of air.Inorder to remove this mucous our body sneezes. Our body is trying to remove mucous by sneezing we on the other hand are trying to stop sneezing by using medication.Medication prevents sneezing temporarily and the mucous that got accumulated causes infection and this becomes chronic and we are supposed to use medicine for long periods.some people sneeze when they are exposed to cool environment and some when they get to dust.some sneeze due to smell of door stick and few due to thadka while cooking .You can cure this in 20 to 30 days by following the above mentioned tips.
  1. It is usually seen in people who drink less water .Drink atleast 5 litres of warm water daily.Dont consume cool water.
  2. Do brisk walk or Jogging depending on your age for 40 to 50 min.Focus on your breath during exercise and take deep breaths and move your limbs fast.This evaporated mucous.
  3. Start doing prakatana where there is no mucous.incase mucous persists, repeat above mentioned procedure ,follow my book on pranayama
  4. Apply oil to your face and take steam twice a day there is no need to add anything in water.
  5. Avoid cool drinks,sweets,items in freeze etc.
  6. Above tips worked for 70 to 80% of people.If it doesn't work then start consuming food without salt
  7. stop using medications.

35.How to prevent sun allergy ?

Sun is giving life to thousands of organisms , but he is blessing human beings with allergies. In some people skin exposed to Sun become dry and black and covered portions look normal. so people stop going outside in the sun never try to rectify their mistakes. It is usually seen in people who consume less water, it is most commonly seen in females. We all know that leaves get drier due to lack of water, the same thing happens with us. In order to survive in hot climate our body release the cools down our skin. If we consume less water our body water content decreases ,skin becomes hot and dry. Our body is protected from the sun's heat only until we have sufficient water reserves with us.
Drink 5litres of water everyday. Drink sufficient water before you go out. Drink water in large quantities so that urine remains white in colour whatsoever be the environment. It takes six months to become normal.

36 How to reduce gas trouble?

It is most common problem faced by human beings in the world. One litre of gas is produced by our intestines it is considered healthy. if more amounts is produced,it is considered normal when it is lost efficiently.If it gets stuck inside it is called gas trouble.In some people gas trouble will be to such extent that they assume it to be heart attack.It is seen in both men and women.
5 Main reasons for gas trouble are:
  1. Due to constipation,faeces get stuck in intestines it produces gas, these stored faeces produce gas,As intestines in constipated people are filled with faeces ,gas gets stuck there and cause pain or tightening in lower abdomen.
  2. Consumption of water during eating ,slows down digestion process and leads to fermentation of food and release of gases.
  3. In people who don't swallow properly,process of digestion takes long time and gas is produced.
  4. In foods that take long time to digest like non vegetarische, eggs ,fast food etc.Food stays for long time in intestines and it produces a lot of gases.
  5. Protein rich foods naturally produce lot of gas for example: leafy vegetables,steeds,sukses.Gas produced due to 2 to 5 reasons release in the form of blech, other wise it gets stick in sto nach and chest.
  1. Try to excrete 2 to 3 times a day.If it isn't regular even after consumption of water.Try cenema for 7 to 8 days inorder to clean your inte stones.
  2. Avoid drinking water during eating,drink 30 min before and 2 hours after food.
  3. Chew food property.
  4. Stop consuming fatty and oily foods,non vegetarian,pulav etc,eat easily digestable foods.
  5. Stop consuming leafy vegetables,pulses,beans,sprouts for 10 to 15 days.
  6. Eat foods and dates as breakfast
  7. Stop consuming spicy and sour foods.
  8. Consume your dinner early.

37.How to cure sciatica?

A nerve passes from back to back of thigh,knee and feet.This is called sciatic nerve,it passes in both legs.This nerve in gets compressed due to strain on vertebrae,this causes numbness,tingling,pain on back of leg.
  1. Don't sit down and don't do work that needs bending forwards.
  2. Whenever you sleep,put a pillow below your knee and sleep in prone position.This prevents nerve compression.
  3. Do shala nasanam once a day for 8 to 10 days and then do it twice a day.
  4. Sit with your back straight.
  5. Take rest as long as possible.

38.How to reduce tonsillar swelling?

Tonsils act as sentinels in our body.They prevent entry of bacteria,toxins,poisons and other microorganisms into our body.As it prevents entry of harmful substances through food and water it gets infected and cause pain,swelling, difficulty in swallowing etc.As this keeps on infected,people do tonsillectomy.Removing the sentinels leads to many problems.This is usually seen in people who consume cool drinks ,sweets,ice cream,chocolates etc.
  1. Drink luke warm water,it reduces infection.
  2. Eating neem stick and spitting that decreases infection.
  3. Apply oil on the upper part of neck and then apply hot pack.
  4. If infection is more severe,just drink honey, water mixture for 2 to 3 days and don't consume anything else.
  5. Dont consume anything till lunch time,Just stay on honey water.
  6. Eat light food with less salt during lunch.
  7. Consume fruits by 5 pm to 6pm.If you feel hungry drink honey and water mixture during night time.
  8. If you follow above mentioned tips you can cure yourself in 6 to 7 days.

39.How to increase haemoglobin count?

Many RBC die everyday in our body.If RBC count decreases or HB content decreases this is called as anaemia.people with anaemia develop weakness, tachycardia,lethargy and pale face.Women tend to lose blood during menses ,pregnant women and nursing mother require good HB count.Women usually don't follow a proper diet.So,it is more common in them.Anaemia is mostly due to iron deficiency and absorption of iron requires vitamin C.So if we consume iron,Vitamin C in our diet,it increases blood count.Instead of taking iron tablets available in the market,consume iron rich diet.Inorder to replace the RBC dying everyday we need to consume proper diet.
  1. Make Juice of carrot,tomato,keera,Beetroot and add 3 to 4 tablespoons of honey to it,then add lemon juice to it.Consuming it early in the morning between 7 to 8 am is good for health.
  2. Vitamin C in lemon juice helps in easy absorption of iron in intestines.
  3. Drink citrus fruit juice by adding 3 to 4 tablespoons of honey to it by 4 pm to 5pm.
  4. Honey helps in improvement of HB count.It works in just 10 to 15 days.
  5. Consuming 10 to 15 dates per day helps in improving iron content.
  6. Consume leafy vegetables daily,people who have the habit of consuming leafy vegetables daily can continue it.

40.How to treat corns?

It is seen in people who usually stay in water and in people who have little gap between the toes. Fungal can infect and cause swelling and smell.
  1. After finishing your work take a cotton ball and clean between the toes.
  2. Apply dry turmeric powder between the toes.
  3. Apply oil before you walk in watery areas. Applying oil prevents wetness
  4. People who have less gap between toes, cotton balls between fingernails this prevents swelling.

41. How to prevent menstrual pain?

This is the most common problem faced by females these days. This pain starts 2 to 3 days before menses, pain is felt usually in the lower back and below belly button.If pain stops after bleeding, this means uterus is infected. In some people the pain starts one side of the body and spreads above. This ismostly seen in people with constipation, gas trouble,heart burn. During menses uterus become sensitive to any pressure from intestine and causes pain.In some ovarian and uterine fibroids cause this pain.In some dizziness ,unconsciousness is seen along with pain.
  1. Do enema daily for 7 to 8 days,this cleans intestines.Take care that you excrete 2 to 3 times a day since then.
  2. Apply oil and then apply hot pack for 5 to 6 min,then apply cold pack for 2 to 3 min.Repeat the same.
  3. Drink water throughout the day and consume fruits in dinner before 6 pm.This decreases chances of infection.If the problem persists after 2 to 3 months consult a doctor.

42.How to decrease urine frequency during night time?

Increasing age people tend to wake up at night 2 to 3 times to 5 to 6 times.This Causes sleep disturbance. Some people drink a lot of water after dinner and few people drink a lot of water before sleeping. Cool climate and air conditioner also increased urine frequency. In old age especially in males increase in the size of prostate gland compresses urinary bladder this leads to frequent urination.
  1. People above the age of 60 years should stop drinking water before 5 p.m. in summer and 4 p.m. in winter, so all the urination process completes before you sleep.
  2. Dont drink water during or after dinner. If you feel thirsty or dry mouth consume 2 to 3 sips of water.
  3. People below 60 years can stop consuming water before 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. So that you won't urinate at night even in winter.

43.How to decrease nerve weakness?

Sometimes fingers becomes stiff and bends downwards.This leads to pain,you need to understand that these spasms are due to calcium deficiency.
  1. Consume piper beetle leaves not as pan.Consume leaves alone or by adding honey to it.Piper better contains calcium in high amounts.
  2. Consume 3 to 4 tablespoons of sesame seeds or else make a mix of some honey or dates along with it and eat.
  3. Consume ragi in the form of sprouts or Jawa.It contains high amounts of calcium.

44.How to reduce gum bleeding??

In some people guns appeal swollen, red and bleeds on touch.Bleeding is more commonly seen after brushing.It is due to Vitamin C deficiency.As we consument cookies foods,vitamin C in it gets de strokes.Try consument raw foods.
  1. Drink Juice of citrus fruits or pomegranate.Among all the fruits orange is the best source.
  2. You can add lemon juice to your food before eating.Doing this twice a day is beneficia.
  3. You can consument akka both big and small . Pieces of big amla should be fries and consumer.Amla pickles doesnt serve the pur pose.
  4. Guava also contains high amounts of vitamin C, eating it daily vries vitamin C deficiency.

45.How to heal mouth ulcers??

Ulcers are usually seen on tongue,walls of your mouth,in some one ulcer heals after other developed.It is most commonly seen in people with diseases of Intestine and with some other systemic diseases.Ulcers are usually seen in the junction of lips and teeth.This is mostly seen in vitamin B deficiency.
It is due to consumption of white polished rice.Vitamin B1 is lost during polishing.Vitamin B1 is present in large amounts in the husk of rice.We are using polished rice,pulses,grains etc.Vitamin B complex tablets are not the only solution to this problem.
  1. Consume brown rice without removing starch twice a day.People who consume chapathi should use wheat flour without removing husk.
  2. People who can't consume Brown rice can consume 1 to 2 handfulls of husk daily.
  3. You can soak this husk in water ,then strain and add water,honey,lemon juice to it and drink.Think this as medicine .If you find this hard try consuming brown rice instead of white rice.

46.How to increase your appetite??

Many people consume food only because it's time to have food,not because they are hungry.It is most commonly seen in small children.Most important reason for this is constipation.People with constipation have low appetite as the faeces accumulate in the intestine,internal environment gets damaged this leads to decreased appetite,consuming food without hunger causes further accumulation and decreases appetite.
  1. Do enema daily for 5 to 6 days,this cleans your intestine.
  2. Stop drinking milk,Jawa and sprouts in breakfast instead consume papaya,sapota,dates, pomegranate.
  3. Consume easily digestible vegetables with low salt along with chapathi.
  4. Consume fruits at 5 or 6 pm in the evening and don't consume anything during night time,this increases your appetite. If you try to prevent constipation later,this automatically improves your appetite.

47.How to reduce food allergies???

Allergy is due to fight between good and bad.For example: if both wife and husband are good,they remain happy or if both are bad they remain happy,problem comes when one is good and other is bad,same thing happens with our body. These days people are allergic to honey, coconut,lemon,sour foods , sunlight,snow, dust,some vegetables,seeds etc.These allergies are due to increased abnormalities in our body.Did anyone among us approached a doctor complaining that we are allergic to meat, pickles, chocolates and biscuits.This is because our body got adapted to these unhealthy stuff.stopping consumption of allergic food is not the only solution to treat allergy.If we correct the reason behind allergies we can naturally heal our allergies.
  1. Allergies are most commonly seen in people who consume less water. So drink 5 litres of water everyday.
  2. Try fasting ,only consume honey water or coconut water for 2 to 3 days.
  3. Since day four start drinking fruit juices by adding Honey to it. You can also consume sugarcane juice do this for 3 to 4 days.
  4. Then start consuming juice at 8 a.m. fruits by 9 to 10 a.m. and consume chapati curry during lunch consume fruit by 5 p.m. or 6 p.m. if you do this for 5 to 6 days this purifies your blood.
  5. If you do this for 10 to 12 days, then start foods that you are allergic to slowly if this doesn't work then try consuming foods with no oil and salt.

48. How to reduce body heat?

Some people mention eating different kinds of food increase their body heat they avoid consuming those foods, foods that increase body heat according to them are Honey papaya buttermilk dates mango etc coconut water sugar water to reduce body heat.They describe body heat in terms of burning eyes, burning micturition, blood in stool nausea etc. they consume force which have 90% of water to treat body heat. They think those foods are curing them but forget that water is behind this. Tips:
  1. Drink 5 litres of water till evening everyday.
  2. Always drink ample amounts of water, people avoid drinking water at it increases urinary frequency.
  3. When you consume junk food try drinking excess water.

49. How to reduce dysphagia?

Some people consume food in such a hurry that they don't chew it properly. this doesn't allow it to pass freely in the oesophagus .some people think this dysphagia occurs when they consume pickles ,it's absolutely wrong . Natural foods never cause dysphagia. people drink water in order to move the food feeling through oesophagus but this water disturb the process of digestion.
  1. Chew your food properly before swallowing. This increases production of saliva and allows free movement of food.
  2. Consume food slowly for 20 to 30 min,this decreases work load on stomach.
  3. Don't drink water while eating food.

50.How to treat hypertension?

Hypertension never get completely cured it remains with you until you need to consume medication through out your life. medication dont work alone you need to cut out salt conduction also you need to decrease it in your curry to maintain your blood pressure. Eenadu completely you should stop consuming salt.
  1. Drink 5 litres of water for 10 to 15 days start eating sprouts fruits ,leafy vegetables and fruits before stopping consumption of salt , it provides the necessary salt for a body. if you stops salt without consuming these foods you feel weak.
  2. Consume antihypertensives as usually and eat foods with no salt and brown rice. You won't feel weak if you consume them in sufficient quantities twice a day.
  3. Check your blood pressure in every 5 to 6 days and decrease dosage upon doctor suggestion. we should come to a position where there will be no need of the tablet it comes to normal in 70 to 80% of population by the above tips.
  4. If you stop eating junk foods and salted food for 2 to 3 months, in the next two to three months you can eat once or twice it doesnt affect your blood pressure.
  5. If you start eating salt then you need to use medication again.

51. How to reduce pain in the heel?

It is usually seen in obese people. Due to increased weight on ankle bones and muscles it causes strain on them. People tend to walk in order to decrease their it is further increase the pain it is also seen people who wear high heels.
  1. Obese people should stop walking.
  2. Start wearing soft chappals.
  3. Soak your feet in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes before sleeping, if you feel the pain in the morning you can do it after waking up.
  4. Stop wearing high heels

52 . What should be done to regularise menses??

Women didn't explain any problem before 4 to 5 decades. Now a days 80% of women in different age groups are experiencing this problem. The reason for this is hormonal imbalance. This problem you are on medication and persists without medication( as we can't use them for long duration) endocrine glands produce hormones. Glands are just like factory production will be more if the raw materials are supplied properly.We On the other hand are not providing proper diet to a body and blaming hormones. Start consuming proper food and periods get regular in 2 to 3 months.
  1. Raw food are of great help consume vegetable juices and eat sprouts after 1 hour in the morning.
  2. Consume fruit juice at 4 or5 p.m. and eat fruits after one hour in dinner
  3. You can have your lunch as you do previously.

53.How can you grow your hair black??

Previously people hair is of two colours black and white ,but nowadays we find wide variety of colours .we can see 4 to 5 hair colours in the same person. our ancestors used to apply oil to their hair daily, even though they get exposed to Sun oil evaporates and protects hair from damage. these days people don't apply oil to the hair thinking it makes their face look oily,hair doesnt bounce this is turning their hair red.
  1. Wash your hair with cool water and apply oil immediately after drying if you apply letter it takes and a lot of oil and hair gets damaged by then.
  2. You can apply lemon juice to remove oil from your hair instead of shampoo.
  3. Applying oil helps hair to remain black and white hair doesnt appear.

54. How to prevent tooth pain?

It is commonly seen in children it is common in children who consume sweets, ice cream and chocolate.It cause cavities and micro-organisms invade them and this leads to pain. If teeth gets damaged once it never restores back to normal. the only thing in your hands is to protect remaining teeth from damage.
  1. gargle using water after boiling by adding neem leaves it is better to gargle for 10 to 15 minutes for twice a day.
  2. Put honey inside the cavity ,if you do it for 3 to 4 times a day the bacteria present within get case of Mild painhoney can help in decreasing it
  3. if you can't bear the pain use medications.

55. How to strengthen your bones?

Strength of bones decreases with age, bones become weak postmenopause and are prone to fractures. People consume calcium tablet and drink milk inorder to prevent this.If you use calcium for long time this leads to stone formation in Kidneys. Milk is not good for elderly individuals
Make a Laddu by mixing coconut ,sesame seeds,cardamom powder by adding honey and dates to it. Eat a Laddu of abouy the size of a lemon.You can eat this ladoo along with sprouts in breakfast. don't store this laddoos for more than 2 days

56. How to reduce bad odour?

Some people look good but smelI bad If your saliva , sweat ,urine, faeces and mouth smell bad ,it means you have some problem in built .Instead of changing soaps, paste, cleaning your toilets. try cleaning your body. your health condition depends on how bad the odour is.
  1. Do enema in order to prevent bad odour of faeces. In order to prevent bad order of urine ,saliva start consuming 5 Litres water daily.To prevent bad smell of sweat, try taking steam twice a day if this four gets cleaned mouth also gets cleaned.
  2. Raw food help in easy cleaning of system releases the waste easily. So start consuming 60 to 70% of raw foods consume fruits before sunset and don't consume anything during night this reduces bad odour.

57. How to prevent itching of scalp?

The Waste material released from scalp gets accumulated on the scalp, microorganisms invade and cause itching in people who wash their hair once every week. Lice also grow when your scalp is dirty
  1. If you wash your hair daily for 4 to 5 days it reduces itching of scalp.If itching is severe apply lemon juice on your scalp and wash your hair.
  2. If you don't wash your hair for more than two to three days it feels itchy again.

58. How to cure nasal congestion?

In people who consume less water ,nose becomes congested when mucous gets accumulated in the nose. It is seen in small children. They tend to open the mouth in order to breathe.
  1. Drink lukewarm water frequently when you get cold.
  2. Apply honey inside your nose,this dry the mucous inside the nose and allows free flow of air.
  3. Take steam twice a day and it relieves nose block.

59. How to acquire taste of food?

We eat food in the name of taste, but only 50 to 60% of Taste is acquired. tongue is not the only organ that sense taste.Did you ever observe your mom in the kitchen .she closes her eyes and focus on the taste of the food. If you can consience join hands with a tongue you can acquire better taste. To stop watching television reading newspaper and talking while consuming food. This Kind of behaviour doesn't satisfy your hunger.
Chew your food properly and get saliva mix properly. If saliva mixes properly the taste of the food is enhanced. If you put food in mouth for long time this reduces the load on your stomach and stomach dont have the ability to taste food. Always consume food in Silence you can

60.How to reduce belly fat?

Belly should be in such a manner that when you hold the skin 2 inch away from belly button it should just come between the two fingers ,a line should be visible below the chest to the belly button.our stomach is becoming so fat that we can't even hold the skin there.Whenever we see ourselves while bathing we are considering belly fat and completely forgetting it later.some people assume that belly fat is due to sleeping during the day but it's a false assumption.
Reasons for belly fat:
  1. Some people consume water while eating and some drink lot of water before food inorder to consume less food but this leads to stretching our skin around belly.
  2. In people who consume less curry and more rice, carbohydrates in the food gets stored as fat.
  3. Consuming food late at 10 or 11 pm converts all the food into fat during sleep.
  4. The Job we do usually involve hand and leg movements but don't move our belly,this leads to accumulation of fat,so practice exercises bending your stomach.
  1. Always drink water when stomach is empty,this doesn't stretch your skin.
  2. Avoid consumption of rice ,eat chapathi with lot of curry and eat sprouts as breakfast this remove the fat accumulated in your belly.
  3. Dont consume boiled foods instead consume guava, pomegranate,papaya and watermelon as dinner before 6 pm.
  4. Yoga asan are better than any exercises for removing belly fat.We can differentiate belly Fat above and below the belly button ,there are different asan for both.To remove belly fat below do uthanapadasan,above fat do naukaasan.Do this twice a day ,this reduces belly fat in 2 to 3 months.You can follow my book for details regarding yogaasan.