Virtue of Fasting

(Tips for a satisfying life- 3)
Protect your
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Dr.Manthena satyanarayana raju


  1. Old times - Modern treatments
  2. Laws of living beings - Fasting rules
  3. What is fasting?
  4. Why should you fast?
  5. How does fasting cure diseases?
  6. Treatments using fasting
  7. How many types of fastings are there?
  8. Importanve of lemon in fasting
  9. Importance of water in fasting
  10. Importance of honey in fasting
  11. Importance of enema in fasting
  12. My advice to people who want to fast!
  13. How should your soul be in fasting?
  14. How should you start fasting?
  15. How can we stop using medicine while fasting?
  16. How do we feel when we are fasting?
  17. How do we sleep when we are fasting?
  18. Why do we not feel hungry when we fast?
  19. Why do we lose appetite when we fast?
  20. Why don't we get weak while fasting?
  21. Why should we stop exercising during fasting?
  22. Why do we see bad smells while fasting?
  23. Why do we feel peaceful while fasting?
  24. What happens if we eat while fasting?
  25. What happens if we fast for 5 - 6 days only?
  26. How many days should we fast?
  27. When should we stop fasting?
  28. How should we stop fasting?
  29. Fasting is different from living with no food or water
  30. Importance of food after fasting
  31. What is the loss if we eat routine food after fasting?
  32. Stories of fasting these days
  33. Why is it not called fasting if we eat once?
  34. How frequent should we fast?
  35. At what age people can start fasting?
  36. How does fasting increase our lifespan?
  37. Is fasting the only solution to get rid of bad habits?
  38. Why should women change in this technique?
  39. Weight reduction in fasting?
  40. Doubts and myths - truth
  41. Experiences - stories
  42. Perfect needs for good health
  43. Diamond umbrella
  44. Another word

Important note

Instead of following naturopathic diet after fasting it's better you start following it first for 6 months and then start naturopathic diet after consulting your doctor. I hope you follow my suggestion , this way it is beneficial for me and you.
Naturopathic medicine

Dedicated to

When gandhiji called him in 1942 to participate in quit india movement , he participated with utmost devotion. He stands when there is something that benefits man kind and see that it reaches everyone. He is none other than chintalapati vara prasad murthi raju.
He got attracted to naturopathy in 1946 when both society and government are not aware of it . He turned naturopathy as his life style and brought the government recognisation so that everyone in the society gets its benefit, he is the man behind this. I dedicate my book fasting rules to murthi garu.
- Manthena satyanarayana raju

Shri murthi raju life history

Shri.Ch.V.P. Raju - Man with a golden heart
Follower of gandhiji
Inspiration to many
Shri murthi raju was born in chinanindra kolanu village in West godavari district of andhrapradesh in a Kshatriya family on Dec 16,1919. His parents were Shri chintalapati baapiraju and surayyama.
During freedom fight murthi garu worked as secretary of student congress and participated actively upon gandhijis invitation. He sacrificed his life for the welfare of the poor people. He fought for safe drinking water and construction of roads to remote areas. He fought for the lands of poor people around the koleru lake and won against the rich people. Inorder to develop the poor he entered politics and became the member of assembly from years 1952 to 1983.
He became the leader of sarvodaya which was started by vinobha ji and became the true student of gandhiji and vinobha by conduction the national sarvodaya meet in unguture district of West godavari in 1961. He made it a huge success and many people like Dr.Babu rajendra prasad, jaya prakash narayan , aryanayakam krishna choudary, Shankar rajeev etc attended it.
The service he extended to the newspaper world is appreciable. He started a telugu newspaper called andhra ratna in 1961 in hyderabad and worked as an editor. He printed many books on speeches given by vinobha bhave and celebrated the 100th anniversary of gandhiji by printing 100 books. He started a newspaper called vidya jyothi on education. He wrote a book called kolleru bhalardhasadhak project in english.
He built houses for poor people. Inorder to eradicate caste differentiation he introduced community kitchen for about 50 families. He built many guest houses in 100 yard spaced gandhi bhavan in pedhanindra kolanu. He walked for 600 miles inorder to spread the word of gandhiji and worked as a president of bharath sevak samaj. He built colonies for the poor. He donated 100 acres land as a part of vinobha ji bhudan ayojan and 100 acres fo alludu women's college. The service he did to the world of education is very impressive. He founded sri chintalapati bapiraju dharma society and under this he built 68 educational institutions in the state. Among them are 5 degree colleges,1 physical education training centre,5 junior colleges, 3 oriental colleges,28 Higher secondary schools,3 primary schools. He is very passionate about photography and built bharatha kala Parishad.
As a reformer, educator, politician, a person who promoted naturopathy and is responsible for the recognization of naturopathy in the field of medicine, he worked so hard for the welfare of mankind. He turned naturopathy into his lifestyle. Let's understand his lifestyle.
Shri Ch.V.P.Murthi raju was unwell since his childhood. In those days the treatment facilities are very poor. ML.M.P. doctors used to be appointed for every taluka. People who had knowledge of Ayurveda used to treat sick people and the treatment is for free and is done as a part of service and duty. He used to suffer from rashes and itching and never slept well at night. He used to sleep with only his towel on. He told this is the reason why he never studied.
He was suffering from severe joint pains during 1946 assembly elections. He is responsible for its campaign, so he can't ignore it. His doctor malupa rangayya garu asked him to take rest,but he can't rest. He felt like someone is hitting his knee and even thought dying is better than a life like this. He attended the campaign with all the suffering. He hired two people to massage his knees , he used to give speeches and in the vehicle people used to massage until he reach a new place.
After that campaign he went to.rajamundry for treatment but nothing changed after 4 months of treatment. He then opted to naturopathy. He asked shri vegiraju krishnam raju his problems and asked permission to visit him. He was called in and then he went to naturopathic centre for his treatment.
After 1 week he experienced good and deep sleep. He became healthy after 2 months. This way murthi raju understood the importance of naturopathy . He also.encouraged naturopathy as a new field of medicine and encouraged that everyone should follow it and get good results. His efforts to make people understand naturopathy are appreciable.
He got elected as MLA for madras assembly in 1952. Andhrapradesh was formed in 1956 and hyderabad was made its capital. At that time Kala venkatarao was the health minister, at that time naturopathy had no permission. You can practice it without permission. Murthi raju requested the minister for permission but the minister had no confidence in it and rejected the appeal. Murthi raju described his experience and made him agree. He didn't stop there and he started naturopathic college but it is not recognized so people who pass out can't treat. There are many naturopathic colleges but no government approved it.
He didn't stop at getting treatment rights for naturopathy, he always wanted recognisation to the naturopathy college he started. The luck of naturopathy is that murthi raju became health minister in 1972.
He thought of providing permission to naturopathic medical college. But he was not given. The government was not okay with this. They told it is not science and it is improper. But he asked P.A. to make a file and put it. Even his P.A. is not interested and told him that secretary should make a file and then you should, few days passed by. He then told his PA to ask Secretary to make a file or else he will write himself. He then made file out of no choice. He wrote a note on it as a health minister.
"In the note he mentioned that government employees are not aware about naturopathy. I am aware about it, that is the reason why I allowed naturopathic colleges". This is how naturopathy got permitted.
Murthi raju turned naturopathy as his life. This is the proof to this :
An important phase in his life...... In 1989 due to elections and a lot of stress and travel he stopped following naturopathic rules for almost an year. As a result he got heart attack and goy admitted in bhemavaram and later shifted to niims hyderabad. He was later moved to madras, vijaya hospital and got advised to get bypass surgery done. He asked doctors how long can i survive with a bypass surgery to which doctors replied 10 years at most. But you should be on medication continuously the doctor replied.
" He told them that I have to live for 30 years, even though I die before there is no loss for the country. I will cure my heart with naturopathy he told them. Since then he strictly followed naturopathy and never used any medicine and lived a happy life. In this manner he proved and led as an example to the naturopathic cure.
His friendship in the past 3 years has guided me in life. He is a man with honesty, peaceful living, nature lover and a strong believer of gandhiji and led an example of how to live life. I dedicate my book fasting rules to such a great man. I believe this is the least I can do to him and it's my honour to dedicate this go him.
Manthena satyanarayana raju


Resemblance to srimannarayana
H.H. Thridandi chinna srimanarayana ramaraju jeeyar swamy
Date: 21-9-1998
To sri D.M satyanarayana raju garu
Shrimate narayanaya namaha. Many blessings to you !
" Naanrushi karuthe kavyam" is a sanskrit saying. It means a saint can only make a poem. Poem here means expressing opinions and following them. Saint is a person who does them. He can predict past, present and future. A person can show you a life style only when he is aware of past, understands the present and predicts future. You belong to this reign. I understood this by reading your book.
Whatever be the name of your book, it helps people live a happy and forever young life. This book helps gain health with very little effort. It also help to gain more energy with little effort. This showed how to gain health by practice and little effort. This book dealt with very minor changes to live which served as a many. We call health is wealth, this book helps us in making it possible to be healthy. You described things in a very detailed manner that many experienced cannot write. It is an easy language that everyone can understand and makes them follow it.
The way you described things made everyone think about them and also very informative. These days the increase had not only made it difficult to middle class but also to higher section of people. People tend to be very weak and cannot fight a disease without the help of medicine. The food we eat is full of chemicals and are losing the natural touch. The colour, taste and energy is made artificially. Environment is getting polluted. In this situation there is every need that human should preserve the naturality in him. He should make him selves strong that he can overcome pollution on his own. The modern medicine is not ready for this. Your book showed a very easy, effective method to get ourselves ready.
In order to achieve anything we should be focused. I should do this , to this extent and then you can win things. People who has them can survive on their own without any support. People with clear thought can never be deceived. People can have control over themselves and these people depend on their body for health. But everyone is not that focused but many people want to be better. They need a timetable and a procedure to follow so that they achieve things. This medical procedure helps such people.
The thing that are easy to follow and get addicted to have destructive and worse effects on us. If you can overcome those tastes then you get everything you wish this is told by lord krishna in bhagavadgeeta. Your method is a proof to that. People should be little dedicated to enter this. Once they get habituated they don't find like leaving this. It gives health to sick people and happiness to healthy people. I feel very happy seeing this. This natural , rule bounded and scientific methods are so satisfying that people don't need any thing else. People doing this are called pancha parayanulu. They divide their time for the day into 5 parts and do this as if they are servicing to god. People who aren't healthy pray god and eat food as his gift. This helps them gain positive energy. Their main aim is to reach god so they make offerings with taste. They make food only according to god not according to human taste. These people also do fasting as per rule. Their fasting and their rules are different. They are said to do every 15 days, that they our soul has impact of moon. It is done because if you consume spicy foods then your mood and soul gets aggressive that is the reason why you are asked to fast. You should break the fast just by eating prasadam that to the size of a cherry. This is the correct method of a fasting. There is a saying that after fasting the god stays in our heart and he tastes the food through our tongue. That is why you eat an offering , you shouldn't fill your stomach. The remaining day you shouldn't eat or drink anything. Even water spoils your fasting. If you consume anything other than air,it is not called fasting. You should only eat God's offering that to in small amounts. Fastings other than ekadasi are not mentioned in our culture. People these days are fasting everyday in the name of different gods is also not part of our culture. Our culture and science has clearly mentioned what and when to consume. According to this you should give a gap of 6 hours while consuming food. The rest depends on the type of food and it's quantity. When you can follow them you can also consume the 6 tastes given by god. These people can have control over their body, senses , mind and knowledge. But 96% people these days don't follow them. That is the reason why their health get upset and they need doctors. Leave about their thoughts and intentions, people these days don't have control over their body too. They die or get sick with little change in nature. People are spending lives miserably due to unhealthy diet , many problems to the body and visiting doctors everyday.
Is it possible to change these people? Can we make them so strong that they have control over their sense? Do everyone agree to this? People wanted all the bad by themselves will they agree when someone tried to heal them. We should remove them without their knowledge. The method should be such that it attracts them and have a deep scientific method within. When we lose them we shouldn't get weak, all waste should be gone, you should be free from side effects. Inorder to achieve this there used to be many methods in the past and many small books were written but yours is a very big book. It is a divine book that helps you in overall cure. It is very good.
Except stopping salt usage everything can be easily doable. You should try and make an alternative to this. In our science there is a mention that salt is important among all the minerals, it means salt is also useful. We beings living on earth are mainly made up of water, we see this excess water as salt only. That water is the source of life. In the same manner we should have 60% water with appropriate amounts of salt in it to live healthy life. We may eventually lose our immunity if we stop consuming salt. We indians made our food habits eventually that is why our body sustains all types of environment , diseases. We didn't get them overnight.
But our people didn't respect the procedure. They used them in more amounts and then itgot stored in body without causing harm. The method you are teaching has no salt ,now the reserves are used and people are healthy but they may experience things in long term. When you think everyone should follow your lifestyle then you should think about the long-term complications of this method. You should observe people who don't use salt and use other substances and our people for this. You should do a scientific study on that. It's better that people who follow modern medicine stop using salt for few days. I agree to this.
As you experienced everything your words will easily strike hearts of people and make them think. God has gifted you such ability. You knowledge of modern medicine , science and anatomy further helped you. I wish the fasting rules you give provide people the happiness and make them drive towards divinity and reach the holy god and stay happy forever.
Many medicinal herbs and their secrets are provided to the society by many kings and governments only. According to Upanishads a king named ashwapathi told 6 saints about the food that helps to make people healthy. It's in our hands to eat food and be healthy. You are providing the same thought that food is health in your teachings. Your teachings fasting is health is helping people. I wish that god can change people by using you and your methods.
- H.H.thridandi chinna srimanarayan ramanuja jeeyar swamy


I met sri manthena satyanarayana raju one year ago. He is working very hard to bring back our ancient culture and habits. He believes that the diseases these days are due to the lifestyle we opted for. Lack of physical exercise, food habits, lack of proper timings are reason for the illnesses. These days we get medicine for a disease but we are not living life in a format ot with discipline. Shri rama raju garu is teaching people to follow diet and food habits to get rid of diseases. Fasting removes the waste materials and purifies the blood. This cures many diseases and helps us to live a healthy life. He did research on human body. He did things for the welfare of mankind and developed naturopathy. I wish that god give them long life and help him in all stages of life.
Director police general,


To my dear readers,
Our body is made up of 5 elements of nature and is developing using them. The diseases our body get can also be cured by these 5 elements. The diseases are due to its deficiency. The reason why animals, birds don't get diseased is also their presence. We humans are getting this deficiency due to our food habits. The 5 elements of nature are air, sunlight, water, land and sky. The diseases are due to their absence so this is the best method to treat them. It's like hitting where the snake is. The treatment gets mixed without our body like milk and water. It won't have any side effects.
People say that humans originate from animals but they didn't learn unnecessary habits, visiting doctors, hospitals ,using medicines. They lived life without them and always followed food habits and did fasting when there is some fasting. These fasting rules are before the birth of humans, this means this is not something we humans invented. All the livings beings follow.this fasting rules given by god. Not following this fasting rules is like neglecting god. This is a punishable offense. That is why people are getting sick and spoiling their health.
Space is the most important element. Our universe resides in the space. Fasting is related to this space. The space in our body helps in the movement of particles. When there are substances in our body this space decreases and prevents entry of good things. Fasting helps in making space. God has given our body an ability to cure itselves. This is possible if we follow fasting rules. Fasting means providing rest to our body without giving food. People who make cars can only repair them in the same manner the one who made us can cure us. Its a grave mistake to see someother doctor. Ability to control your hunger is like a meditation. It means fasting is as powerful as that.
In this age people completely forgot fasting. Even though humans are leading a never before life other beings are still close to fasting rules. Our pets are following fasting buy we humans had completely forgotten this. The sins we committed in past lives is making us forget this fastings. It is a great deed to perform. As our ancestors know that fasting eliminates waste they introduced it as a law. I brought this in front of you as fasting laws. These are the laws of nature.
Since the past 250 years this fasting rules emerged as treatment. As we humans had a bad food habit we are taking more than 2 days to get cured. Our body gets damaged if we stay only on water for so long. In naturopathy many people use lemon, jaggery, honey along with water. When sufficient amount of glucose is not provided to the body , people lose consciousness, lose weight and even die and they made people afraid. That is the reason why people opted for modern medicine. Fasting is something that makes you strong , cures.diseases, increases appetite and not something that harms you, my book proves these myths wrong. Fasting is our duty and law.
According to human physiology our brain needs 800 k cal for efficient functioning. In the experiments i did on my body i understood that 250gms of honey , 4tbsp every 2 hours for 8 times and 5 litres of water , 2 glasses once in 2 hours is best. By keeping in mind our modern generation and human physiology i designed new fasting laws. In our methods disease gets relieved but human never he stays strong. Our body fights untill the diseases get cured. You can fast as long as you want. You can fast without any age difference, 1 yr old boy fasted for 6 days and 96 years old man for one week. Man who does insulin injection fasted for 44 days without any medication. Noone makes people with diabetes fast. Our method has the ability to make them fast without causing them any harm. This is the correct method for everyone. People say that anemic people should never fast but our method improves Hb. People can fast as long as 100 days a 65 old man has Hb of 14.8gm on the day of fasting and on 58th day of fasting his Hb is 15.8gm. This is the greatness of our method, people are getting away from them as they have to sit idle and they get weakness when they go to work. But when you use honey even a 80 year old man can go to work and stay active for 12 hours. Working long durations is not good you should take rest as much as possible. our fasting techniques support you like hanuman does to rama. That is why this is our law.
Fasting eliminates waste but food habits prevents it's entry. In naturopathic medicine they boil vegetables and feed them to patients this make people avoid this treatment and they tend to get diseases. I felt the need to make this a way of living. That is when a diseased person can eat it and become free from disease. I experimented for 15 months and made many recipes. I used alternates to spices and this made food tasty. Since the invention of these recipes there are many families which turned naturopathic just like gandhiji and krishnam raju wanted and led a healthy life. Due to change in cooking and fasting laws we are making people live a happy life.
You can call the creator, god, nature that is which I am getting my motivation from to provide you naturopathic rules, fasting rules. An incident 4 years back made me believe that I will turn my life towards nature and now it is happening for real. That motivation made me write a book called tips for satisfying life in 1997 january and Food and thought in the 1998 february. By the end of 1998 i started writing fasting rules thinking it will be 100 - 150 pages but it turned out to be 450. While writing a page i wrote 5 pages it's like nature made me write them all. I believe this as my good luck. The tricks i learnt in the past 5 years which people accepted after practicing were provided under this book fasting rules.
Disease is a inorganic matter, you are living so you are the one who is living with disease. Disease will never leave you ,you should leave the disease. The solution to this is fasting. Fasting is as important as food and water for our life. It's our thinking that helps us in understanding this. people who are intelligent shouldn't eat and take medicine when their mouth tastes bad. You should first give your body a chance to cure upon ourselves. Using medicines for everything is becoming burden to your body and money. Visiting hospitals and taking medicines will be prevented if you follow fasting rules.
Our elders say you should say good things more number of times for people to understand it. That is why I mentioned many things multiple times with examples. I felt that my words should struck straight into your hearts. These examples helps you when you say them to your friends. People who are experienced and literate please don't mind my words.
My book is too provide you the health and happiness i got. This book is the result of my thought and experiences from many years. I hope that you hear my request on taking care of your health. I hope my harsh words won't trouble you, those were spoken inorder to make you understand and make you healthy. If you gain benefits i am the most happy one My wish and efforts come true if you follow them.
Nature changes it selves all the time. I would like to request you to share your ideas and experiences with me. Your experiences are of great help to me in my life. You read them with good heart and think about them. Try and follow them. I wish you and your family enjoy health and happiness all the time.
Please respond!
Share your experience!
Bless me!
Many loving people
My prayers
I hope everyone stay with good health
"Health is happiness" ...
Yours sincerely
Manthena satyanarayana raju

Thanking you

This hitech city which is the home to many great people has concrete buildings everywhere and there is no place to relax which has greenery. Finding greenery here is a big task. Atluri subbarao garu provided me a place in jubilee hills from where I can see this entire city filled with beauty as if nature has come down here. By taking inspiration from sri sri words that I will be a small part of this big ritual and made me feel help mankind. In this society where people don't do anything without benefit, he is providing care and service to people without expecting anything. He provided me shelter here and I am very thankful to him for this.
I would like to thank sri chinna jeeyar swamy garu for providing his blessings in writing this book.
I would like to thank sri H.J.Dhora, I.P.S. for writing foreword of my book and encouraging me.
We need many flowers to make a garland, writing a book also needs many people's help. I would like to thank shri gopala krishna murthi garu and all the people who became healthy by following my book. I would like to thank people who shared their experiences.
I would like to thank suraj printers for printing this book so beautifully in such a short notice, i would like to thank sri shivaji garu for helping me with this.
Manthena satyanarayana raju

1. Ancient period-modern medicine

Healthy lifestyle is everyones right.Except man,every other living being is enjoying health as a part of life.our ancestors,saints used to believe health as a blessing and followed every rule inorder to stay healthy.They lived a healthy,disease free.As time passes due to change in lifestyle,Employment,food habits,even disease has become a part of human life.we can see only few people whom are leading a healthy life,they are rare like moon among stars.Diseases has become a part of human life. they occur in any age group, in both genders,also i all seasons.With increasing age ,all parts of human body start to damage the one after the other like vision loss, falling of the teeth,obtaining bent posture ,bed ridden etc.No one is ready to accept the reason behind all this is our deeds.our body is made in such a way that there is no chance of any disease before 100 yrs,Our organs are so strong and powerful.after observing many patients even doctors started feeling that this kind of diseases are common with increasing age.It is just an act to cover our mistakes, there a lot many ways where we can live healthy.there is a need to have knowledge regarding,why and how we are developing diseases?How can we get rid of them.If we are not aware about how we got a diseases,it can never leave us.So,lets first try to know How diseases actually occur.
Our body is made up of two particles.One is organic matter and is inorganic matter.Inorganic matter ia biologically active.It provides nourishment to our body parts, glands and whole body in total.It provides energy to perform various functions of humanbody.This biological material is considered to be natural(or) body's own material .On the other hand inanimate matter is considered lifeless,motionless.When this particle enters our body,it obstructs the flow of blood.Our body strives hard to get rid of this particle.When this particle enters the blood vessels of nervous system it causes paralysis,nervous disorders etc.When this disease particle enters blood vessels this clogs the vessels and blood flow is decreased.Our heart have to pump blood with increasing force to meet the demands,this results in heart diseases, hypertension.In severe cases heart fails to function.If this particle gets stuck in knee,it leads to stifness in knee.
Our body leads on the food we consume,if it harmless then it is usefull and disease particles doesn't develop.If we consume food against the needs and demands of the body based on taste,it doesnt provide energy for our body needs.Instead produce inanimate particles that can lead to diseases.The place where this disease particle gets stuck,it leads to disease in the organ/tissues.The disease particles is produced from the food we consume,it is not from any tissues or organs in the body.Our food habits are the primary cause.Disease particle inanimate is stored in particulate,liquid or gas form in many parts of body like skin etc. Disease is a process in which our circulatory system gets rid of this particle.When our immune system weakens this particle remains in the body.As this particle is nonliving, it gets damaged easily and many harmful organisms are released.They spread and damage our entire body.When this particle is in solid form it is eliminated in faeces,if it is in liquid form it is excreted in urine, sweat,in the form of sneezing,cold etc.If this particle is in gaseous form it is eliminated during inspiration,expiration and through sweat. Seasonal diseases lik cough,cold,sneezing,diarrohea are body's way of dealing with these particles.These symptoms are like smoke that is due to some disease inside. If this disease particle is removed,our body gets disease free.If we try to supress these symptoms,disease particle gets accumulated and leads to new chronic diseases.
In the above mentioned situations lets try to think whatb our ancestors have done because there is no medical facilities in those times.Only thing they are aware is fasting drinking castor oil,use tablets for motions,doing enema,steam,restricting diet etc.If needed they sometimes consume ayurvedic medicine.In case of any seasonal disease, they stopped consuming food and started the process of removing excretory materials from body in form of feaces this removes any solid pollutant.Steaming used to remove liquid pollutants. During breathing air pollutants are lost.They used to starve themselves for 2to3 days.So,that antibodies produced in the body can remove this disease particle.starving prevents entry of new disease particles into our body and get rid of old ones.they used to starve till the disease particle leaves the body.That fasting helped them in acquiring health again.In order to treat any disease particle removing is the only treatment on preventing it by medication.Treatment we use are using nowadays,istead of removing disease particle,it is damaging our body by developing chronic and many new illnesses.Our ancestors followed methods that helped in effective action of antibodies on disease, thesae antibodies are present in the body and defended similar disease in future.This is the treatmentt our body gets adapted too.
Due to western rule,western education and culture,we are the only one left with their treatment methods.Its been more than 51years since they left,yet we are following the habits taught by them.Our food habits,fasting rules have been forgotten as we adapted their practises.Eating food without feeling hungry,consuming beverages like tea, coffee,eating food at night,consuming alchohol,consuming food after using medication to treat a disease and responsible for our downfall.Allopathy is introduced by them.Since the development of modern civilization,humans are getting attracted totemporary relief,they are using strong and powerfull medication to seasonal disease instead of following fasting rules and restricting diet.Lets know the changes occuring in our body due to use of medication for seasonal diseases.When you use medication for cough,cold,sneezing,motions and fever, it stops cough and cold.These medication acts on our immune system and weakens it instead of acting on disease particles.It means disease particle is present inside,we feel symptoms are bothering us,lets supress them by using medication.But they are just a temporary relief,people are not bothering about the damage caused due to storage of disease particle.This disease particles keeps on introducing new organisms into our body.We are stopping the smoke,but fir starts again later.These disease particles that are suppressed by medication turns into chronic illness in our body.So,instead of suppressing try removal.How can we treat disease when we are providing nourishment to the disease by suppressing it we are seeing increasing of ill and sick people in our country.
For example,people in our country develop increased mucous production due to indigestion.This mucous gets accumulated in our respiratory system and causes air way obstruction.Our body then develop symptoms like cough,cold,sneezng this heatens our body and decrease viscosity of mucous and flows out through our nose and eyes.we may feel fever,headache and throat pain during during that period if we use medicine to treat that symptoms,mucous gets permanently accumulated in respiratory tract.In favourable conditions like bad climate in winter,change of food habits it develops as a disease-bronchitis.If we use medication to treat bronchitis it may transforn into asthama,in same it settles down as sinusitis.Due to suppression of small disease particles,a chronic illness develop.We started covering one mistake, now lead us covering up 10 mistakes.Even though different organs in our body has different functions they all are interconnected and coardinate with each other This suppressed disease particle can occupy different place in our body and disease is given a different name and different medications are being used,but the particle remains in our body.Doctors these days are treating organs that comes under there speciality not bothering there connection between them.Change of medicine,hospitals,doctors is changing the number of diseases, but strength of disease particle is not changing patient who has once stepped into an hospital is not returning home with complete health is what we are aware of.He should feed on througout his life.
We are keeping the diseased particle inside us and making our body so weak that we need medication for digesting food,excreting waste,to treat depression,to increase strength,for weaknesses,sleeplessness,we are consuming medicines as meals.It has became a ritual to consume medicine.According to a survey of 25% of people die due to medicine,75% die due to side effect of using medication our negliegence is responsible for our death.If the medication we take has five uses then it has seven adverse effects.I have been studying about for four years,so i clearly uderstood benefits and flaws of it.If we use medication in appropriate way,we can yeild good results,we can save lives.We are supposed to use medicine as life saver,instead we abusing it by using for minor ailments.Everything has its own use and flaws.No medical procedure is wrong.All modulities are the benefit of humans gifted by god.depending on the health condition and benfits we should depend on medication.Humans should start following laws of nature,its rules and regulation and use medication we needed.We are talking about medicine so long, as we are misusing them because of our inability to use them effeciently and converting a simple illness to a chronic one and suffering.So,avoid these flaws and try to practise habits that keep you healthy. You need to consume medication as a medication not a meal."Medication is leading to transformation of disease"this is said by Dr.Vaidyaraju vegiraju krishnamaraju he wisely said,you are the one who is holding on to the disease.'Disease never leaves you,you need to get rid of it".We need to understand the truth behind krishnam raju sirs words.We need to have strength and courage to get rid of diseases.
With the development happening in the world,Doctors,medical techniques,hospitals,patients,disease and treatment can change,but human body,its functions,operational mechanisms never change.Food that previously provides nourishment,the air we breathe,the light and energy we obtain from sun,the water we drink that helps in decreasing temperature and cleaning it,the sleeps that help in regenerating power the exercise that help in strengthing muscles all remain same.The day when all the above change,existence of human life is questionable.Human body a beautiful gift from almighty has in built capacity to nourish itself.Our main motive is to protect it. Elements of nature,rest and exercise are most important for our body.They are the building stones of health.Any medical procedure done without using them is said to be baseless.When foundation is not built proper,cracks develops in the construction in the same way our bodydevelops many diseases.Without building strong foundation an repairing cracks by using cement everytime is of no use,it is just temporary,In the same way without getting five elementsof nature right,all the treatments done are just for temporary relief.whenever we get our complete healthy life back.There is a reason behind every disease,if we find it in time,there is no need of medication. Without correcting the mistake,disease cant be treated and removed.Modern medicine is not focussing on the cause of disease,so patients and diseases are increasing day by day.We need to focuss on the cause and it helps in effective treatment of a disease.
Consuming food against laws of nature and limitations of human body is helping in accumulation of diseased particle.This is laying foundation for the development of disease.In order to prevent the entry of diseased particle into the body you need to consume food that is natural and obeys the limitations of humanbody.If you follow the rules there is no need of medicatiON.Medication doesn't work if you don't follow limitations in food habits.Our body has the capability of healing on its own. so, if we give it a chance it can get rid of diseased particle on its own.By chance it implies following rule of fasting.Fasting helps in removal of diseased particle that has been accumulated in our body from long time.This helps to treat disease right from it's roots.Fasting helps in treating disease in the same way following diet restrictions helps in preventing ,effective disease treatment and prevention fasting and diet restrictions are important.Naturopathy teaches them all.Human health is a combination of them both.Naturopathy is like a foundation stone to all other medical treatments.It is providing natural cure to a man who is more close to nature.Naturopathy adjusts so well in human body just like water in milk.Medications never mix up effectively in our body,that is why we are developing sideeffects more than benefits.All other creatures do fast when they get sick,but the highyly cognitive being in god's creation has forgotten this rule, there is every need we start practising it again.
All the creatures living in this world are following laws of nature and leading a healthy life.Only medicine they are aware is fasting.Lets try to learn from them rules of fasting and lead a healthy life.Fasting is like a double edged sword,it helps in prevention and treatment of a disease.We have wide variety of medical facilities available for effective treatment of a disease,but these treatments and fasting works in different way.Medical treatments are capable of treating a disease, they play no role in prevention of a disease,it's effect doesn't change even though the patient gets cured or not.There is no need of this medical procedure in a perfectly healthy man.Doctors are to treat patients not healthy people. For example, if we consulted a doctor asking him to prescribe medicine for prevention of diabetes as your father is suffering from it,he doesn't have any medicine to prescribe you.Fasting is gift of nature that helps you solve problems of this kind.cotton clothes work in two ways they protect us from sun stroke during summers and provide warmth during winters.Fasting also acts in the same way.It is both prevention and cure that is given by nature.
Human beings got habituated to consult a doctor and take medicine prescribed by him whenever they develop symptoms.Disease may get cured by the use of medicines. But is there any gurantee that disease wont repeat again?Is anyone taking responsibility for this. If the same disease repeats they consult the same doctor again or go for new one , this cycle repeats on draining time, money and energy.In order to get human being out of this nature has gifted us with these fasting rules and limitation.You are the lucky ones if you understand things wisely.There is no need to mention specially about remaining unlucky people. Any medical treatment can either treat the patient or make him worse.But can't turn him into a doctor. Are you wondering about how a patient can turn into a doctor ? Yes,It's true. You wont be sick if you once understand,experience and practise these laws of nature.You can treat yourself on your own without even consulting any naturopathy doctor and get to live a healthy life. You can also treat your family members.There is no loss to people who are devoted to nature, all you get is a peaceful,happy life as a saint. It's purely our choice to choose a right path.It is your good fortune that is helping you in learning these health tips when your time is bad ,the medical treatment you choose is wrong it doesn't help even if you are a doctor.This is most commonly happening in today's world.
Medical professionals after many years of passion and study on human body,its physiology are getting sick ,as they dont find time to practise these tips how can they cure the patient. When the doctor is not aware of what health is how can he treat a patient to obtain complete health Even doctors don't have idea about the lifestyle that helps in people living healthy ,how can they help their patients. Doctors need to be healthy apparently ,practise healthy life style inorder to change the society. Development of a country depends on the health of the people living in it. Even doctors are born naturally, they are supposed to follow the laws of nature, respect rules and limitations of human body if they tend to ignore these ailments how can a patient who follows doctors words practise them? Real happiness in being healthy is only known to people who follow fasting rules and respect nature .If you are not aware about these two rules then there is lot more you need to know . I am not writing this tips as a doctor ,i'm writing this as your well wisher wanting you to experience the same level of health and happiness as i do. Disobeying laws of nature is a punishable offense,you need to experience the consequences.I'm not trying to teach you what no doctors knows ,i'm trying to teach things what every living being should be aware of.I feel it should be our primary duty as an indian to respect our theories followed by our ancestors.I'm writing this book inorder to share all the awareness and knolwedge i have,i feel it is my primary reponsibility to bring awareness regarding this matter and help you lead a happy and healthy life.
You get all you want in life if you approach nature for your needs. You can buy all your groceries by visiting a supermarket, In the same manner all your health problems will be solved at one place without consulting many doctors ,moving around hospitals, that one stop destination is nature's way of treating by following fasting rules.You can approach different medical method if you don't get benefitted by following these rules. We need to give a chance to nature to heal us . Following laws of nature lays a strong foundation where you can remain healthy.When foundation of a building is strong you can build as many floor as you wish,in the same way if our body is in good health any medical procedure can give maximum results. Humans are now getting barely minimum benefits of all advancements in science.If you add nature's way of treatment to any medical method it yields maximum benefit.Instead of neglecting this by thinking it doesn't come under our treatment method every doctor and patient need to follow this without fail.
Laws are the made to make you healthy not sick . You won't get better without cleaning your body.Fasting not only cleans your body in gross,it cleans every cell of your body and makes it free from harmful toxins and pollutants.It acts in the same way how bathing cleans the exterior of the body,fasting cleans the interior.There are no other procedures inorder to remove toxins and harmful diseased particles from our body except fasting. Benefit of using medications is zero when disease particle is inside your body. we have been ignorant towards such an important rule of life,we can't go back in time ,let atleast try and make our oldage happy and healthy by following them. There is detailed description about why,how and when to start following these fasting rules and what do we loose if we stop following them.It is also described in brief why it is so important to our body. I hope you understand all the details in this regard and follow them along with your family members and avoid roaming around hopitals and stay healthy.

2. Laws of the living - fasting

According to research,Life has started on earth 350 crore years ago. Human life had started lakhs of years ago. Approximately 85 crore species live on this planet. All living beings are bound to laws of nature and human body. Food , water, fear and sex have been the basics rules of all birds and animals These creatures are following these basic rules without any failure. They consume food that is natural , nutritious and depending on their requirements. They are well aware about what they should consume? when to consume? how much quantity to consume? They are leading a happy life by following those rules.Diurnal animals are consuming food in the day time and providing 12 hr rest to there body.Nocturnal organisms are consuming food at night and providing atleast 12 hr rest to their body.Due to changes in the environment, if they get sick or face any difficulty they are gifted with the solution from creator himself. They act according to laws of nature so, they follow fasting when they are sick.
Fasting is a procedure where organisms prevent consumption food they eat and provide rest to their body and digestive system.They prefer drinking water while fasting .They know how long to starve themselves.They tend to fast untill their mouth tends to taste better, untill digestive juices in the body develop and comes back to normal and they feel hungry. వాటికి They fast for 1 ,2or 4 days depending on the type of disease they suffer.As they provide sufficient rest to digestive system at night there fasting doesn't last long.They don't conume food even though they get a chance too.They follow above mentioned laws obediently conidering it as an order from th creator.They are following fasting when they get diseased just in the same manner they eat when they are hungry. Every organism is following laws of nature accurately, they eat , drink, fast and have sex according to nature in all there lives. Human life is a gift given by god to their sincerity and respect to nature in their previous lives.
We earned this most divine life by utmost dedication.In our previous animal life we are aware of food, water, fear, sex and fasting , ignorance has been inbuilt then. We need to continue following these rules except fear . We need to overcome fear and learn new things ,improve our knowledge and get rid of ignorance Human beings who can't improve there knowledge are considered to be animals. If you wish to stay happy forever you need to follow the laws of nature.They can take humans to great heights.Diet restrictions and fasting ar two rules should always follow.If you used to commit mistakes in following these two rules in previous lifes, you may get chance to get a new life after you die,but no animal commited those mitakes.If you neglect thse 2 rules in this human life might be no other chance to lead human life given to you after 100 years of waiting.You can't get this back if you waste it now.If you wanna make use of this human life to full potential then you need to first take care about your body. You can't work when your body isn't healthy.Without diet restrictions and fasting this body won't function effeciently.This is the law of nature.
Our ancestors, saints followed these rules soo they lived for as long as 100 years and few people upto 150 years.They use to follow those rules and continue their search for knowledge and spread it among others .Food habits got changed with new advancements. When man use to consume food according to nature , he used to follow laws of nature and help nature in maintaining a balance . Tiger consumes flesh whatever be the place it stays. Human beings dietary patterns changed to an extent that he himself is not aware of what he is consuming.They are consuming food according to their comfort or as they wish being ignorant to what they are supposed to eat .Since the day he started disobeying laws of nature ,benefits to man from nature got decreased. Tasty food seperated us from the mother nature.Since then this fasting culture has been decreased. Man started treating other laws like sleep, sex in the same manner He got accustomed to temporary happiness. Since the time he started consuming tasty food he not only developed diseases but also become dependant on others, diseases are making us dependant on someone . On whom does the elephant depend that it lives healthy for about 100 years.It is dependant on nature so their is no need for it to depend on something else.Weird diet and even more weir habits are making us dependant. Taste has become the reason for human being unable to practise fasting. Even though we are diseased we are consuming food instead due to the craving and greed we have regarding it.We are making our lives difficult. Human life is filled with happiness.We humans are disobeying the laws what we have worshipped for 100 of lifes in the name of cravings. See what our cravings for tasty food has done it has taken away the laws we are following from many ages, just in the same way how menaka took away 100 yrs of devotion to god from vishwamitra
Humans are living in this nature by neglecting all the laws of nature animals on the other hand live here by following all the laws. Even though animals have good friendship with humans they never learnt our habits, they never broke the law.See how honestly they are leading their lives.For example we ususally raise dogs as pet animals, we feed them the same spicy food we eat and it gets sick as we do but it doesn't go to a doctor and waste hundreds of rupees, it instead eat grass andvomit the content that caused indigestion and follows fasting untill it feels hungry.It doesn't consume anything even though it is tasty.It starts consuming food once the problem is gone, we on the other hand consume non vegetarian thinking that we consumed medicine why waste tasty food. Dog is trying to solve its problem by fasting we on the other hand are consuming medicine and suppressing our disease and turning it into a chronic ones.We are damaging ouselves by consuming medicine on the other hand our pet behaves more wise than we do.We started following british culture and habits by just 200 years of friendship,we left all the good habits behind and got habituated to eating medicine.Even though a dog lives with us for his entire lifetime , eat with us , play with us it never learnt our habits.Give a thought about who taught it do behave in such a manner.
Even dog is following fasting rule, who taught it? What evidence do it has to follow fasting? which doctor is guiding it?To which form of medicine does this fasting belong to?Fating doesn't belong to any medical science.It doesn't belong to even ayurvedic medicine.Epics and ,medical techniques are introduced long after human race was born.But fasting was followed since the first appearance of life on earth, much before the development of human race.It's not what some thing man has introduced.It's given by nature to us.It applies to all beings in this world.It's the natural way to heal our problems.The reason behind dog following fasting rule is that it is bound to nature.If we atleast learn these rules from the pets we raise and animals we meet in our paths, we would be much better.We being highly cognitive being in this world ,failed to have basic knowledge that a dog had.
our land is very divine.This is due to the customs followed by the great saints. They used to treat fasting as a law and do it with utmost repect.As time change modernisation of people has lead to downfall of such practises.In 19th century a german, named luyi kunne used fasting as a treatment modality.He used to have a pet cat, it fractured its leg as it accidently stuck in doors.He observed that the cat stopped consuming fod since the day it got injured.It didn't consume milk he gave,it only consumed water and resting throughtout the day.It used to lick his wound frequently.It started to walk after one week, cat ate food only after it recovered from fracture.Licking the wound increased blood flow and helped in early healing.Kunne's observation on his cat introduced this technique Our procedures like crape bandaging ,plastering and immbolisation of fractured site works on the same technique.It's so surprising that we are learning this because of a cat.Modern days naturopathy is given by him.But it is getting limited to people who are getting sick.It's being thought that only people who teach them will follow It's a blunder
We are one of the 84 crore species living in this world.Fasting applies for all the living beings.It's not fair that as we learned it from cat we can't name it as naturopathy or fasting treatment and stay away from it.Every living being should follow fasting rules when needed.We humans are also part of nature.Respecting laws of nature is like protecting ourselves and it's for our own benefit.Going against laws of nature is a sin,by sin i mean disease.If you neglect those laws there are no one to save you from getting sick.
God has given us a bad taste when we get sick inorder to protect us.That is time you need to fast.When there is decreased demand from the body avoiding food consumption is fasting.Bad taste is an indication from god that you should avoid food consumption.We on the other hand are not understanding his message and eating food after taking medicine.He is tryng to make us better we on the other hand are not understanding his indications.Food becomes a toxin when we get diseases and spoil our health.It's like doing something against nature.But many people are doing the same mistake.That is why diseases are taking long time to get cured, fever is taking as long as 6 days and typhoid 15 days to cure.If you start practising fasting you body gets healed very fast.Reason for development of seasonal diseases and chronic illnesses is negligence on our part to follow these rules.
Laws of nature,rules of fasting and laws of the universe stay forever ,we humans are temporary here.They remain soo for many human generations, they dont change with any advancement in science.Start respecting this forgotten procedure again and protect your body from diseases.Fating is the most natural gift of god to us.Never assume that you can't fast or why fasting when you can cure yourself by using medication or what is the necessity of fasting in this young age when you are healthy or how can fasting help us ,if you do this it will be the biggest sin you had ever commited. It is the one and only medicine for all diseases. Fasting is needed when we are ill just like we need oxygen to breathe,we eat when we are hungry,consume water to fulfill our thirst.we rest when our body gets tired, fasting also works in the same way.Oh! human who travel in the path of knowledge ,never forget to fast when you are sick,it's your duty.Leave your ignorance behind and travel in the divine path that nature has shown you.Leave the false assumptions behind and be in the right path. Leave all the sadness behind and step into world full of happiness.Leave the disease and remain healthy forever.Reach the almighty with your sincere efforts.It's your destiny.

3. What does fasting mean?

Fasting means not consuming food.Restricting diet is equal to meditation. Bheesma acharyulu wisely told there is no other worship than fasting.Fasting is considered that pure and healthy. Diseases are considered as sins, Fasting is considered to only solution so, elderly people considered fasting as divine thing They conveyed that it can make you reach the god.
Every nights sleep is providing rest to 5 senses-eyes,ears,skin,nose and tongue and functioning parts like speech,upper and lower limbs, anal opening and urethra some rest so that they function effectively next morning.Heart,Lungs,Kidneys,Brain,Blood vessels etc. are supposed to work continuosly.God has gifted these organs with that capability.Digestive tract like stomach, pancreas, liver etc are not capable of functioning normally.They can only function effectively if given proper rest.If you don't give ample amounts of rest they tend to detoriate and get prone to diseases.So,its our responsibilty to provide them rest and we are diurnal we can see during day time so, we need to give our body some rest during night.Night comprises of 12 hours so it should get atleast 12 hrs of rest. Since the modernisation we are getting accustomed to eat during nights.This is increasing work load on digestive system and reduces its efficiency.When digestive system is not efficient this leads to development of many diseases. Our diseases fight to get settled within us.Indigestion gets all the credit and its says i'm the boss you were here because of me.So, did you now understand how important it is to provide ample amounts of rest to stomach and intestines.Digestive system is like boon and a curse it is the one that gives you both health and disease.Fasting helps in well being of this system.All animals do fast when they get any disease and provide rest to their digestive system and overcome diseases.
Lets now understand how providing rest to digestive tract helps.We usually clean our homes , decorate them when we have free time.In the same manner our body also cleans itself ,repairs and eliminate toxins when it gets free time, free time to stomach is when its empty during night.When there is food inside our stomach all the energy in our body is used to digest food.There is no suffient energy for excretion.It usually needs 12 hrs to repair itself and when diseased it needs extra 12hrs to remove the problem from the system completely.Fasting provides it time to repair.This is the secret behind fasting. It takes 4 to 5hrs for our body to digest the food.It also utilises lots of energy to digest food.Eating leads to both money wastage and energy to digest it.We usually spend 12 to 15 hours in eating and digestion process ,it wastes lot of energy.Fasting on the other hand helps in dereasing energy wastage.Time and energy saved here is spent in repair and excretion.This helps in getting good health by removing all the waste and repairing while fasting.
Our body produces new cells and kills the old ones during day time when we consume food and repairs old ones during night time.While fasting body focusses on repair only.Production of new cells and death of old ones consume lots of energy.This energy is spared while fasting and we tend to remain active as usual. We become lazy when we ate stomach full.Fasting reduces energy consumption and eating food increases it. That it why it was given soo much importance by our ancestors.For example we usually dry a field in between crop seasons inorder to improve yield.This is considered as fasting for the field .Incase we grow crop continuosly yield decreases and pests attack the crop.We get the same effect if we don't provide ample amounts of rest.Land due to drying takes more amounts of water and nutrients.In the same manner after fasting body tends to digest effectively and absorb nutrients better.It also strengthens the digestive system and helps in achievement of health.
One of the 5 Elements of nature is fasting.Sky is giving chance to every new thing in this world. Sky is considered as an empty shell. If sky is like an empty sac you can store anything in the bag.If bag is empty it means there is no sky.If the space inside the body and cell remains empty it gets filled by diseased particle. That diseased particle which got accumulated need to removed and excreted and the secretions from those empty place need to circulated.Waste that got accumulated in a drainage doesn't move further, improving space means making the drainage bigger.In our body this space is increased by fasting.
Our body needs more amounts of oxygen to digest food.All the functions of our body utilise oxygen.Fasting reduces its usage in our body.This oxygen that gets spared due to fasting helps in removal of toxins,diseased particles,this is how fasting helps in treatment of diseases.Lets now understand more details regarding fasting.
Fasting means
- It provides rest to your body.
- Increases your energy.
- It cures your disease.
- It reduces your fear of disease.
- It improves your strength.
-It easens your hardships.
- It burns stored fat.
- Reduces body mass.
- It cleans your excretory system.
- It makes you free from all your desires.
- Decreases your anger.
-Increases your self control.
- Makes you feel hungry.
- Improves taste.
- It cures chronic illnesses.
- Increases your lifetime.
- It increases your concentration.
- It gives you health.
- It is pure and bound to law.
- It is accepted by your body and law.
-It keeps the doctor away.
- It keeps you close to god.
Fasting means being close to god or obtaining divinity.Fasting helps in acquiring all the qualities in human beings and achieve happiness.Inorder to reach god you need to be perfectly healthy and this is provided by fasting.Nature is god, fasting helps us in being close to nature and also to god.Man who is seperated from struggle like a child who is forbidden from his mother.Respecting fasting means respecting mother earth.

4. Why should we fast ?

Nature is made up of 5 main elements.our body is made up of and developed in these 5 elements and also die and degenerate in them. All the creatures in this world survive on the basis of these 5 elements.These 5 elements are air,water,land,sky and sun.oxygen is provided by air,body is cooled down by water, land provides all the nutrients required,space helps in free movement of food ,air,water,sun helps by providing light,knowledge and energy.These 5 elements play a major role in normal living of all the organisms in this world.Our body remains healthy if all the 5 elements are present in adequate amounts and remain unhealthy when they are inadequate.
All animals are using these 5 elements properly and living a healthy and happy life.Those living beings that follow all the laws of nature are living a happy and healthy life ,without any need to visit a doctor,use medication ,while living beings that behave against the nature are suffering from these diseases and making their miserable.The diseases developing in our body are due to defects in these 5 elements. We get diseases only if we don't get sufficient amounts of oxygen,if don't drink sufficient water to clean our body,when we don't get aequate nutrition from the food we eat,hen there is an obstruction in the blood vessels to the flow the blood and when we can't absorb the energy from the sun that helps in strengthening of our immune system.If we can correct the mistakes we made in the above regard we can prevent diseases.When we cook a dish every ingredient in it is important for it be tasty.If any ingredient misses in it ,it changes it's flavour.We can get back the flavour only when we add that missing ingredient into it.In the same ay the diseases we get due to inadequate reach of these 5 elements can be corrected only by adding them not by any other medical procedure.All the medical treatments nowa days a operating in a way that they are not targeting the main cause.This is just amaging our body and life but of no use.Treatments instead of damaging the diseases are damaging the body that is affected.If the treatment is restricted only to disease not showing any side effects in our body it may help is to lead a happy life.
When a copper vessel has a hole in it we fix it by adding copper piece to it not an iron piece,but why are we using artificial medicine to treat diseases in our natural body.How is this possible?If diseases are due to deficiency in these 5 elements that treatment done should correct it.The treatment should mix in our body just like water mixes in milk.These type of treatments don't cause any side effects.Artificial ways of treatments don't work in our body ,they remain seperate just likes stones in rice and cause side effects.We need to understand the signs given by our body and stop treating in artificial manner.
Animals are leading a peaceful life by Breathing fresh air, consuming fresh water when stomach is empty, moving out in sun ,consuming nutritious food and increasing the space by fasting at night.Diurnal animals are consuming food during day time and resting at night,on the other hand nocturnal animals are resting during day time while eating during nights and following 12 hrs of fasting. Whatever consumed in 12 hrs is flushed out by next day they do it in everyday of their lives.On the other hand we humans are not providing rest to our body and consuming food in odd times,this is resulting in improper excretion from our body.We are not consuming healthy food,not drinking adequate amounts of water not breathing fresh air,so this leads to incomplete excretion and yet we are consuming food the next day.This is reducing the space inside the body with increasing time.Waste materials gets accumulated in this space.As it gets acculumated with time it leads to development of symptoms.Since the time we developed disease we can't recieve these 5 elements.We won't feel hungry,thirsty,we tend to breathe air frequently, feels burning sensation when we go out in sun.We get diseases only when all these space is accumulated with waste material.If we can prevent this from accumulation we can remain healthy. Lets understand more about space in our body.
This entire universe is present in the space. It gives chance to growth.All these elements are present in the space.If there is no space inside our body how can these elements enter our body.So space is the most important thing.We can't live for a minute without oxygen,but inorder to breathe that air there should be an empty space inside the lungs.If mucous fills in the air spaces ,we feel difficulty to breathe.What is the use of soo much oxygen when there is no space inside? We can eat something only when some our stomach is empty.We won't be able to eat even though we have mouth watering food infront of us.In the same way the other two spaces are improper due to lack of space.We are thinking that these elements need to be corrected to prevent neccesary disease but even though we correct them it is waste if we don't correct the space issue.No treatment can help you restore this space.Even though the medicines we took reduce our symptoms we won't feel happy and active because this space is not restored.If we can't restore this we can't get health.
Improving space is the first step to health.Fasting is the only way to clean the waste in this nothing adds inside the body while fasting.Waste material that got stuck inside the body is removed on fasting day.More the wastage lost ,more will be the space for accumulation of good particles.Fasting is like getting close to god or reaching god. Fasting improving space, this is helping inhumans being happy and enjoy divinity.Saints and sages used to consume less food and improve space inside them and attain higher knowledge.We stay happy when our stomach is empty.Early in the morning after excercise all the mucous in the lungs gets evaporated,so we feel easy after excercise.This is due to increased space in lungs.If this mucous gets accumulated it leads to difficulty in breathing.In the same way whenever we have proper excretion our body feels light ,this is due to improvement of space in the intestines.Eating food gives us pleasure but we feel uneasy once the stomach is filled,early in the morning when the stomach is healthy we feel light and active. We are observing that humans are active when there is space inside them. Fasting is helping in improving these space
Among all the 5 elements og nature,space is the one that is widely spread and occupies large space.Our body functions properly when there is sufficient space inside us.When their is defect in the organs ,space decreases and this leads to damaged organs and causing diseases.When space inside the blood vessel is decreases there is obstruction to the follow of blood and this leads to numbness and tingling etc.In the same manner when people are obese it decreases the space within them and cause obstruction to the flow of blood, this can be overcome by fasting.All the people affected with diseases suffer from difficulty in breathing and improper blood circulation this can be overcome by fasting.Even in people who are healthy fasting helps in the removal of the minor ailments and makes them healthy.Bhesmaacharyulu wisely told there is no bigger prayer than fasting.Never forget we are a part of nature and the treatment to any of our problems should remain natural,artificial treatments never actually cure you.Respecting 5 elements of nature is like respecting nature.Rejecting fasting rules is like disrespecting nature.Nature is the basis of our lives.If you understand by now the fasting concept given by nature is for our benefit, there is no going back.

5. How can fasting help curing a disease ?

Shri. vaidyaraju vegiraju krishnam raju garu wisely said 'Diseases never come in search of humans, we on the other hand search for,when you stop finding them you will be cured.We won't suffer from 75% of diseases when the food we take and healthy our soul is stress free.If proper excercise also joins hands with them humans can lead a happy life.If the food we take has good quality and natural it releases less waste materials after digestion and is easy to excrete.When we consume food based on its taste only, it troubles our digestive system in digestion process, releases more amounts of waste.If the food doesn't digest properly ,there is defective new cell formation.There are 4 excretory organs to remove waste materials released from food,water and air we take in.Toxins are released when the food we ate is utilised for the formation of new cells.When these toxins are completely removed from your body there is no harm done. When these excretory organs doesn't work to their full capacity,waste material formed inside the body is more than that gets excreted.If 1 or 2 organs don't function fails to function more amounts of toxins are released.As this toxins remain in the body for long time it damages cells in nearby tissues and this may lead to cell death or disease.If these cells won't function properly they won't release energy properly.The main reason for this is improper functioning of the excretory system.Let us now understand how diseases occur when these 4 organs won't function effectively.
The main reason behind incomplete removal of toxins is improper functioning of excretory organs.These 4 organs are large intestines, kidneys, lungs and skin. Lets understand about it in breif.
1. Large intestines : Large intestines starts after 5 metre long small intestines end. Large intestine is of about 1.5 metres long.The food we eat passes through stomach, small intestines and get digested completely and convert into juicy form.This juice travels along the walls of large intestines and mixes in blood. All the waste materials produced gets mixed up with roughage and enters into largeintestine.In large intestine it undergoes 10% of digestion further. Once it gets digested completely remaining part is excreted out as faeces.Harmful bacteria don't accumulate when this excretory material is removed regularly. Excretory waste if regularly excreted in time,if food you consumed in the morning excreted by night and food you ate at night is excreted by next morning your excretory system is healthy.If youu consume food thrice a day you need to excrete thrice a day, then our body starts feeling light.If we excrete in the same manner as animals immediately after we consume there won't be any problem.I bet this doesn't happen with 99% of humans.People are excreting once in 2 or 3 days, so intestines are being responsible for our disease
Even ayurvedic science also mentions that faeces are responsible for all the diseases.All the diseases have there origin from large intestines not from other organs.They are not capable enough to communicate their problems effectively with us.This is because they have few nerve endings than any other organ in our, even though bacteria gets accumulated there and causing harm to our body, we are unaware about it.When it becomes troublesome we get stomach aches.Our health depends mostly on proper excretion of waste materials. If we consider any organ like brain, kidney, stomach etc the cleanliness of these organs depend on the largeintestine.When we store cooked food in a clean container overnight it gets spoiled and smells bad, if it is stored for few more hours we see formation of webs and fungus in it. If this is the condition of clean few what should be the condition of stored faeces, bacteria gets accumulated, that is the reason why our faeces smell bad.As large intestine can absorb these materials it is reduced to some extent.If you have toxin manufacturing plant here and wanna live healthy it is impossible.
Lets understand what is the reason behind constipation 99% of population. Inorder to excrete properly we need to have good amounts of fibres in our diet , consume more amounts of water and do excercise daily.We are consuming finely polished rice as a staple food which contains very low amounts of fibres.We eat vegetables by peeling of their covering that contains fibre and cook them in oils.The food we eat daily like pickles,sambar and soups will not help in proper excretion.Non vegetarian food doesn't contain fibres so it leads to constipation.Consuming non veg,cakes,bread, cool drinks and breakfast which doesn't contain fibre in it is leading to constipation.As we dont drink sufficient water it prevents easy flow in large intestine and consuming fruit and juices by seperating fibres from it is responsible for diseases. people who lead a sedentary life style are consuming less food to prevent weight gain , excretory waste formed here is also in less amounts and is unable to move effectively in intestine.This hardens with time and gets stored in the intestine and helps for the growth of bacteria and many other organisms.Constipation is the main reason behind increasing diseases and patients.It is laying foundation for all the diseases.
In old times every doctor used to ask patient whether they are excreting properly or not.They used to prevent growth of bacteria there and then treat for the disease.In this generation no doctor is concerned about excretion and no patient seems bothered about constipation.If we are visiting a doctor for stomachache he is giving treatment to relieve pain and not bothered about the reason. No one is bothered about the hardened stools that are causing this pain and treating it.The reason for the immune system to damage and converting minor illnesses to chronic ones is constipation,but we are treating superficially avoiding the main problem. Its our duty to keep our system clean in order to prevent diseases.Any medical procedure that cares about this waste removal is the ideal treat ment for human problems.Any treatment that doesn't bother about this is betraying human body.
In fasting procedure they prevent formation new waste and clean the stores from day 1 by enema twice a day.Since the day we started fasting growth of new bacteria decreased in our body.Our body feels light and active as this method removes faeces slowly from the body.As we are treating the main reason behind diseases ,they tend to decrease.As we are protecting our body from the toxins that are released in our body , immune system strengthens back to normal.That is the reason why diseases get cured easily in fasting without any need for medicine.The main reason for the prevention of disease is cleaning of intestines.
2. Kidneys(urinary system):We have 2 kidneys in our body.They filter the blood and remove waste materials in the form of urine.They filter of about 180 litres of water everyday.Waste is excreted in urine comprising of 1 to 2 litres and remaining water is reabsorbed back into the body.This maintains water levels inside our body.The waste products like urea,salts,uric acid are excreted in the form of urine.
Materials lost in urine
Water - 96%
Urea - 2%
Remaining others - 2%
Uric acid
when the waste materials are not excreted from the body this results in acid base imbalance. Salt is a major component excreted in urine. Excessive usage of salt in our diet is causing increased workload on kidneys. When salt is not excreted properly it gets acuumulated in the ECF and damages the cell membrane. it slowly enters into the cell and damages it.Drinking less amount of water leads to highly concentrated urine, this doesnt remove waste materials effectively. Consuming salt along with taking in 5 to 6 liters of water is not enough for the requirements for the body. The water quantity is sufficient to digest the salt in take alone. This is not helping in the removal of waste materials.This is the reason why urine smells bad and yellow in color in majority of the population.
The water we consume mixes with the blood and reaches cells and tissues of our body. It brings back waste materials, toxins produced by them and excrete in form of urine. All the chemicals occuring in the body require water. Only method to remove waste materials from the body is to drink 5 to 6 liters of water. Our blood gets intoxicated if there is low amounbts of urine excretion, this is the reason behind the deaths many individuals. Best time to consume water is on empty stomach. In people who consume less amounts of water, these waste materials does not excrete properly. People consider consuming food is important than water.Many people consume less amounts of water thinking that may lead to frequent urination.They prefer consuming cool drinks, icecreams, coconut water, soda etc.Little water they consume that to while eating is utilised in digestion.They are not sufficient for the removal of waste materials. Many people avoid consumption of water assuming that it increases body weight, some avoid thinking it increases workload on kidneys.
People who works hard tends to drink more water,this helps in cleaning the body and causes frequent urination.Usage of airconditioners,aircoolers,fans and due to cold climate people consume less amounts of water.This leads to accumulation of waste materials inside the body.More the input of water into the body, more is the excretion.Doctors usually advice patients with kidney stones to consume more water but there is no such doctor who advises the same to healthy individual.No one considers it necessary to drink suffecient amounts of water even after suffering from urinary infections,blood infection,kidney problems,systemic infections.There is no one to educate people into drinking more amounts of water,this is responsible kidney damage.Kidneys that have lifetime of about 100yrs are shedding down in middle years.
Excretory organs helps in removal of waste materials from the body.If it functions effectively chronic diseases decrease.While fasting if you consume 5 to 6 litres of water, it helps in purifying the blood.If you use honey while fasting it also improves blood purity.Since the day you started fasting all the accumulated waste gets lost in the body rather than formation of new waste materials.Toxins decrease in the body, new ones doesn't develop,so symptoms keeps on decreasing in fasting.
3. SKIN:Skin acts as a protective layer thet protects internal organs.Skin excretes waste materials in the form of sweat. water present in the deeper layer of skin evapourates and protects it from harsh climatic conditions.Sweat glands are present within the layers of skin.Blood is supplied to sweat glands through micro blood vessels Pores are present on the skin that helps in release of sweat produced by sweat glands.When the external temperature increases by0.25 degree celsius to 0.5 degree celsius, it activates sweat glands and increase its production.When external environment gets cold blood vessels undergo vaso-constriction and blood supply to skin gets compromised Decrease in blood supply leads to supply of nutrients to skin.This is the reason why skin diseases lasts long even on medication.People working in hot climates tend to sweat more, this helps in removal of waste materials from the skin easily.These people have decreased incidents of skin diseasesThe amount of waste material excreted through skin is less when compared to the waste material by digestive system.
substances that are lost in urine
Water - 99.4 percent
Waste materials - 0.4 percent
other materials - 0.2 percent
No one said that you don't have any right to eat without excreting but gandhiji wisely told you don't deserve to eat without working hard and sweating.Even though less amounts of waste is excreted from the body in the form of sweat,it has its own importance.People tend to sweat if they work hard.Working hard improves digestion and it moves easily through intestines and gets excreted.People feels thirsty when they do hard work and drink more amounts of water and this helps in removal of waste through, people who sweat more release, more amounts of waste materials through all the means of excretion.Sweat released due to lack air movements have low amounts of metabolic waste on the otherhand sweat produced due to working in hot climate has more amounts of waste in it.Our skin has many poresif you don't sweat usually this pores close and waste materials remain inside the body.This is why sweat has bad odour. Have you ever thought even though there are lot of pores, most of it almost 99.4% consists of water and only very little waste is lost in the form of sweat ,why does it small bad? Since our childhood we never did heavy work or played any games ,wastes keeps on accumulating and causes skin and chronic diseases in old age.
People think they look dull and dirty and makeup they have will be lost if they sweat.They use airconditioners, fans etc. They are more interested in remaining clean from outside rather than inside.They are not concerned about waste materials getting accumulated inside the skin.When the temperature is cool body loses little amounts of waste materials,this is reason why people develp skin diseases in winters.No medical treatment can remove this waste that is accumulated inside the skin.That is why skin diseases take long time to cure.In people who sweat less these waste materials shouls find other sources of excretion to remove waste.This increases load on other excretory organs and when they can't remove it effectively waste remains inside the body.When the gas stove holes gets accumulated we usually clear the whole manually by using a needle.On the other hand we are never bothered about pores of our skin getting closed.We are not even trying even after we develop skin diseases.We humans are most concerned about stains on the clothes we wear and are not bothered about the marks ,pimples and scabs on our skin.
Fating helps in effective removal of waste materials.Massaging your skin is important in fasting it improves blood circulation.Apply steam afterwards it removes waste materials and dust particles in the form of sweat.All the waste materials that has being accumulated is lost while fasting.They use sun bath,sun rays help in removal of this waste materials and cleans the body.Applying mud helps in cleaning the body.This methods are used in fasting treatments.As waste materials are spread, they are removed during fasting.Skin diseases tend to decrease in fasting.As we are cleaning the excretory organ,skin there is high chances the diseases gets cured.
4. Lungs: The pair of lungs in our body have the ability to take in 2.5 to 3 litres of air.The air we inhale has high amounts of oxygen and air we exhale has high amounts of carbondioxide.The fats and carbohydrates gets digested and release energy that is taken by cells and release carbondioxide and waste materials.Oxygen present in the inspired air enters blood and carries haemoglobin to the body organs and brings back the waste materials and carbondioxide to lungs for the process of expiration. People who can't inspire more amounts of oxygen can't excrete more amounts of carbondioxide as input decides the output.People who can take in more oxygen have purified blood.People who can't inhale more amounts of oxygen,cells tends to die early or get diseased or work with decreased efficiency.Major portion of energy is used in the removal of waste material.We respire for about 18 times a minute.When their is large quantity of waste material we tend to breathe rapidly.we can effectively remove waste only when our lungs have enough volume to respire.
People who won't work regularly have a weak limbs .If people are active they have high respiratory activity due to increased oxygen demand.Air has the ability to produce heat.The mucous present inside the lungs gets evaporated due to air flow.We remain active while working and while exercising due to increased oxygen demand.people who tend to work hard have low amount of belly fat .So these people can respire air to their full capacity.The air they take while working helps in removal of more amounts of waste materials.
people who dont work hard have less oxygen requirements.They tend to gain weight and become kg increase in weight leads to increase in number of blood vessels of length about 3000 km.This increases new cell formation.This increases work load on lungs in order to meet oxygen demands of new cells. For ten to twenty kgs increase in weight,there is severe oxygen deficiency.The oxygen we respire is not sufficient to purify the body and blood and leads to accumulation of waste materials. Obese people develop fatigue due to insufficient amounts of oxygen.In people with belly fat the portion of lungs in lower part gets closed and decreases lung volume.Obesity and decrease in lung capacity are the two main problems,oxygen deficiency has serious effect in both the ways. In obese people problems like chronic diseases, fatigue, decreased life expectancy, heart problms are due to oxygen deficiency.All the waste materials gets acumulated since this time.When 4 people feed on food for 2 people ,they need to remain hungry ,in the same manner oxygen requirements are not sufficient to the body of obese people.When god has given soo much of oxygen reserves if we can't take it in who is responsible for it?As there is decreased amounts of oxygen in the body, remaining parts of the body and 3 excretory organs doesn't function properly.This leads to increase in strength of organisms causing diseases.We can use medication to kill the bacteria but we can't treat the oxygen deficiency which is the main reason behind the development of disease.No octor in this world help you improve your oxygen deficiency, so people suffering from respiratory problems remain effected throughout their life.We are damaging our lungs without understanding the importance of oxygen for the well being of our mind and body.
Many people smoke ciggrates and damage their lungs and spend time consulting a doctor but never understand that they are spoiling their own health.Some on the other hand consume icecreams,cooldrinks,sweets etc are filling there lungs with mucous.Lungs keeps on trying to remove this mucous and fill this space with oxygen.Some people don't let lungs work on its own they use medication to suppress cough when lungs are trying so hard to remove them.We mostly consume fatty food and carbohydrates.This results in increased amounts of methane inside our body.As there is no sufficient amount of oxygen inside the lungs toxic waste accumulates and diseased particles are produced.So if we can't reduce the damage happening inside us ,diseases never gets cured. We need to treat a disease from its roots.Only then diseases we develop gets cured.
Since the day of fasting our stomach remains empty .In fasting lack of food results in decreased usage of oxygen by our body, this results in increased oxygen levels that cleanses our body and remove toxins and methane gas from our body.During fasting the space inside the lungs increases this leads to increased gaseous exchange.Lemon and honey we consume while fasting clears all the mucous inside the lungs.Lungs can now take in 3 litres of oxygen effectively. All the waste materials accumulated inside the lungs from longtime is cleared.All the blood in the body gets purified.Fasting reduces weight and fat content this decreases oxygen requirements of our body.Since day 2 of fasting lungs starts to clean themselves and further cleans all other organs.Fasting spares more amounts of oxygen in our body that helps in treating other diseases inside the body.If we don't clean our lungs and use medications its just a waste of time
You agree with my concept that man is searching for diseases,diseases are not in search of humans.Every field has one water canal to supply water and one to remove waste water, but we humans have one food entry point and 4 sources to excrete it inorder to fully excrete it.This implies that the food we eat has more amounts of waste materials in it.These organs gifted by god are sufficient to remove waste materials produced from our body but we are consuming salts,oils sugars etc,this implies our excretory organs can't excrete substances even though they function to their full capacity. If we consume this kind of food daily it leads to closure of organs,since then waste gets accumulated inside our body and only little amounts of waste is excreted.The accumulated waste increases the amounts of toxins and harmful wastes inside the body, they are laying foundation to disease development.
The waste materials produced due to improper functioning of excretory organs keeps on moving inside the body just like how water moves in a tornado.Water flows towards slopy areas in the same manner waste materials accumulated in the body move to areas that are empty.For example gold is the same whatever be its form in the same manner disease particle is the same whatever be its location in the body.Gold ornaments are called by different names depending on the place we wear them it is called, necklace if we wear it on neck,ear rings on ears,anklets when on feet,in the same manner diseased particle when accumulates in neck it leads to neck pain as spondilitis,stomach-gas trouble,lungs-astama or bronchitis,knee-arthritis or kneepain,headache or migrane.We believe there are different types of idols to worship,but god is one.In the same manner place where the disease develops,symptoms it shows differ but in the end it all occurs due to accumulation of disease particle.If the disease particle is one then the treatment should be only one.Yes!there is only one treatment,that is fasting.Modern medicine` divided different organs their diseases into different specialities and yet cant treat effectively this means they are not actually treating the diseased particle.This instead of curing the disease is increasing the potential of organism and causing new diseases.This diseases are staying in human body forever by transforming into chronic diseases and leading to invention of new medications. నాలుగు విసర్జకావయవాల పనితీరు సక్రమంగా లేక శరీరంలో తయారైన వ్యర్థ పదార్థాలు వాయుగుండం పడ్డప్పుడు నీరు అంతా అక్కడే గుండ్రంగా తిరుగుతున్నట్లు శరీరంలోనే గుండ్రంగా తిరుగుతూ ఉంటాయి. పొలంలో నీరు ఏ ప్రక్క పల్లంగా ఉంటే ఆ ప్రక్కన ఎక్కువగా నిలువ ఉంటుంది. అలాగే మనలో ఉన్న చెడు పదార్థాలు కూడా ఏ భాగాన కదలికలు లేకుండా ఖాళీగా ఉంటే ఆ భాగాన చేరి నిలువ ఉంటూ ఉంటాయి. ఉదాహరణకు బంగారం అంతా ఒక్కటే ముద్ద. అలాగే రోగ పదార్థం కూడా ఒకటే. బంగారం మనం చేసే దాన్ని బట్టి రకరకాల వస్తువులుగా మార్పు చెందుతుంది. అలాగే రోగ పదార్థం కూడా మనం చేసుకొనే దాన్ని బట్టి రకరకాల రోగాలుగా మార్పు చెందుతుంది. ఆ బంగారాన్ని మెడలో వేసుకొంటే గొలుసు అంటారు. అలాగే ఆరోగ పదార్థం మెడలో జేరితే మెడనొప్పి లేదా స్పాండిలైసిస్ అంటారు. అదే బంగారాన్ని పొట్టకు పెట్టుకుంటే వడ్డాణము అని కాలుకి పెట్టుకుంటే పట్టా అని, తలకు పెట్టుకుంటే పాపిడి పట్టీ అని రకరకాల పేర్లతో పిలుస్తూ ఉంటాము. అలాగే అదే రోగ పదార్థం పొట్టలో చేరితే గ్యాస్ ట్రబుల్, ఊపిరితిత్తులలో చేరితే ఆస్త్మా లేదా బ్రాంకైటిస్ అని, కీళ్ళలో చేరితే కీళ్ళనొప్పులు లేదా ఆర్ధరైటిస్ అని, తలలో చేరితే తలనొప్పి లేదా మైగ్రైన్ నొప్పి (పార్శ్వపు నొప్పి) అని రకరకాలుగా పేర్లు పెట్టి రోగాలుగా పిలుచుకోవడం జరుగుచున్నది. పేర్లు వేరైనా, రూపాలు వేరైనా ఉన్న దేవుడు ఒక్కడే అని అందరం నమ్ముతున్నాము. అలాగే రోగాలు ఎన్నైనా, లక్షణాలు వేరైనా వాటన్నింటికీ కారణమైన పదార్థం మాత్రం ఒక్కటేనని తెలియాలి. అన్ని రోగాలకు కారణమైన పదార్థం మాత్రం ఒక్కటేనని తెలియాలి. అన్ని రోగాలకు కారణమైన పదార్థం ఒక్కటే అయినప్పుడు చికిత్స కూడా ఒక్కటే అవుతుంది గదా! అవును, ఒక్కటే చికిత్స. అదే ఉపవాస చికిత్స. అలాకాకుండా ఒక్కో రోగాన్ని, ఒక్కో భాగాన్ని, ఒక్కొక్క డాక్టరు పంచుకొని చికిత్స చేసినప్పటికీ రోగాలు పూర్తిగా పోవటం లేదంటే, ఆ చికిత్సలు ఆ రోగ పదార్థాన్ని నివారించే విధంగా లేవనే చెప్పవచ్చు. అసలున్న రోగ పదార్థానికి చికిత్స చేయకుండా లేదా రోగ పదార్థం పుట్టకుండా చేయకుండా రోగ లక్షణాలకు చికిత్సలు చేస్తూ ఉంటే, లోపల రోజు రోజుకూ వడ్డీరూపంలో క్రిములు పెరిగిపోతూ ఆ కొత్త రోగాలకు దారి తీస్తాయి. నేటి సమాజంలో ఉపవాస విధానాన్ని మరిచి చేయిస్తున్న చికిత్సలు ఈ విధంగా ఉండబట్టే దేశంలో రోజూ రోజుకీ రోగాల సంఖ్య పెరుగుతూ ఉన్నది. వచ్చిన రోగంతో కాలయాపన చేయడమే జరుగుచున్నది కానీ రోగం మాత్రం శరీరం నుండి వదలడం లేదు. రోగాలను శరీరం నుండి వదిలించుకొనే చికిత్సలు నేర్చుకోవాలి గానీ రోగాలతో కాలక్షేపం జేయడం గానీ, ఆడుకోవడం గానీ చేస్తే మొక్కేమ్రాను అయినట్లు చిన్న రోగాలే పెద్ద దీర్ఘరోగాలు అవుతాయి. రోగాలను దీర్ఘరోగాలుగా మార్చుతున్నాయి మందులు.
When the sewage water in our house flows freely it doesn't smell bad, flies and germs don't grow in it .In the same manner when waste don't get accumulated in our body it doesn't smell bad.Germs and other toxins doesn't grow in it. In the same manner when this waste accumulates infront of the house , it smells bad , flies and mosquitoes increases in that place.Bleaching powder we put there helps in reducing the smell for 1 or 2 days in the same manner the antibiotics we took work for 1 or 2 days.Permanent solution to this problem is digging a pit or diverting those water to someother place ,fasting acts in the same way for our body it removes all the waste materials from our body.In this manner fasting helps in curing diseases.As there is no place for bacteria in clean body it is helping us to be free of diseases and chronic illnesses.When we are aware of a procedure that cures diseases and prevents them why wasting money and spoiling our health

6. Treatments while fasting

Fasting is one among the five treatment modalities in naturopathy.Fasting help in removal of waste material that has been accumulated in the body since long time.Even though fasting removes waste materials,but if the points of excretion are closed then how can it be removed from our body.No one has ever tried to clean them. In people who work hard, the excretory organs try and remove atleast some amount of waste materials so pores remain opened. Waste materials responsible for diseases are accumulated inside the body and we are treating superficially.That is the reason why respiratory organs won't work properly in people with sedentary lifestyle. We are using fasting treatments inorder to clean these waste materials.When drainage gets blocked waste material can't follow properly, they widen the drainage canals for every 2 to 3 years to prevent this blockage.We are not even doing this to our excretory organs Humans atleast care to clean their house septic tank for every 10 years but never care to clean their own excretory organs.No other mode of medicine is not able to do this,people who opted for naturopathy atleast get rid of this problems.Naturopathy has 4 types of treatments like jhala chikisthya,vayu chikisthya, suryakiran chikistya and mruthika chikistya as a part of fasting treatment.If we tend to repair our body by using these treatments just in the same manner we repair our drain we get benefitted.Treating our body made up of 5 elements of nature by using these methods is lawful.We sprinkle water on milk when they are boiling, these natural methods also fits in our body in the same way.Let's now understand in brief about some main treatment procedures.Before that let us now understand how our body reacts to cold and heat.
Laws of cold water : Our skin has two different types of receptors. Receptors for heat and cold.These receptors are present in different parts of our body in different numbers.On whole receptor for cold are 15% more than heat receptors.These receptors carry impulses regarding temperature from skin to brain by nerve.The impulse regarding cold weather is strong as there are more number of receptors.These signals reach hypothamalus, it has centres for temperature regulation.Lets now understand the changes in our body when treated with cold water .Our skin remains warm due to the blood flow in the skin When we pour cool water on our skin ,temperature of our blood also decreases.This cold blood and impulses due to cool water reach the thermoregulatory centre.Our nervous system tries to protect our body from the cold weather and helps to overcome it.The signals from the brain reach our skin by nerves in about 30 seconds of application of cold water.It protects our skin from damage due to cool water.
1. Our skin shrinks in response to cold and its surface area decrease to little extent.
2.The arteriovenous anatomosis in the skin gets closed.Thermoregulatory centre of our brain does this inorder to prevent flow of blood to brain.
3.The micro vessels near the area of application of cool water gets closed and blood supply to that area is stopped.This prevents cooling of blood and we stop experincing the feeling our cold.
When we bath with cold water we tend to experience cold for the first 2 to 3 mugs ,this is due to cooling down of blood.By the time we reach 4 or 5th mug we stop experiencing cold because the signal from brain reaches our skin.The reason for this is the 3 points we learnt before.
Our body releases a chemical as reaction to the action of cold water.This is leads to vasodilation of blood vessels and increased amount of blood flows into micro vessels.Here prevention of blood flow to skin is action and promoting blood flow to skin is reaction.Reaction is greater than action.Our deeds usually pay back, if we scold a bad word we get to hear two,if we slap one we get two, our body also reacts in the same manner.Blood reaches skin and try to warm it up and stays there for long period.That is why our skin gets warmed up after a cold water bath.Our elders used to ask us not to bath after food because the blood that reached the stomach for digestion comes back to skin this delays digestive process.
In fasting treatments, blood flow in the above mentioned way in the part we cooled by applying mud or cool water.Not only the part of the skin we cooled gets increased blood flow but also near by organs like heart, kidneys, lungs,throat and intestine gets the increased blood flow.We can improve blood flow to any organ by using cold water.People with sedentary lifestyle have decreased blood flow to skin and other parts of body.So these people get aged soo early, they tend to feel lazy and loose grip on there body parts.Blood carries nutrients to body parts and organs and removes metabolic waste materials.Air, water and food travel through blood.The body parts with less blood flow recieve low amounts of oxygen, water and nutrients and doesn't remove waste materials effectively.Even though we consume food for 3 times everyday and nutrients gets mixed up with blood,but it will be of no use due to poor blood supply.For people who work hard even though they consume very little food, nutrients gets absorbed easily.That is the reason why they doesn't get diseased easily.Americans ,even though they consume nutritious food gets diseased too often because of lack of excercise.There are no medicine that can improve blood flow.That is the reason why doctors advice us to do excercise and walk regularly.Organ functioning is affected due to poor blood flow.We feel weak when we don't consume sufficient of food in the same manner our organs get weak and loose there efficiency due to poor blood flow.So we need to think about how to prevent diseases We humans are just considered about eating food stomach full and consuming medicines for diseases and are not considering the reason and ways to get rid of them.There are doctors for every type of diseases but there is no proper treatment for these diseases.These are the reasons why human race didn't find any reasons for their diseases.
Our ancestors and sages had introduced few procedures as a part of our customs and traditions inorder to prevent circulatory diseases an adviced us to follow them as a prayer to god. People of this generation consider them as myths and superstitions.They talk low about people following these habits.Some practises they introduced are cooking food with wet clothes and bathing early in the morning with cool water from a well or a river,washing feet before and after food and after coming from outside, bathing by the side of the river in the months of november and january , applying turmeric in order to prevent development of wounds due to cold water exposure,Applying mehendhi sometimes etc.Women after washing hair instead of drying them by using fan or dryers used to apply a towel around it and stay for a while.This used to provide coolnes to scalp and improve blood flow to head and brain, sitting like that in temple used to help them attain mental peace and concentrate on the superior power.Our lifestyle is making us far from these practises and we are getting close to diseases, hospitals and doctors.Worst part is that we are not interested in practices that won't even cost us 5 paisa.Elderly people of this age aren't aware of this, if they learn and teach these practises to their children these good habits will pass on to generations.This will cultivate good habits in the society.One more important use of bathing with cold water is protection against overweight.Are you amused by this! Are you wondering how cold water helps in weight reduction? But this is true.When we try to heat water in our household it consumes energy in the form of kerosene or electricity,In the same manner when we bath using cool water, our body consumes energy obtained from food consumption inorder to heaten up your blood.It means we are consuming excess amounts of energy for arming our blood Our ancestors have very little chances of fat accumulation and this is the reason behind being hungry after bathing for about 30 min in a lake or river.This is also reason behind fishermen being thin and consuming more amounts of food.If you bath with warm water the warmth preserves warmth of blood and very little energy is consumed.Our ancestors used to bath with warm water only while taking a shower with shikakay.These days many people comment that warm water doesn't suit them,this is absolutely wrong. Its like getting away from nature. Naturopathy helps in acquiring health by following cool water treatment and by improving blood flow.The main motive behind these treatments is restoring health in natures way by using the power of water.When water is natural, the health we acquire by it also becomes natural.It works just as how sanjivini worked for laxman and saved his life.
Laws of hot water:Our body responds differently to both cool water and warm water.Cool water has ability to vasoconstrict and warm water undergoes vasodilation.We learnt previouly that our skin responds to cool water by vasoconstriction first and later undergoes vasodilation. Lets now understand how our skin reponds to warmth.When our skin gets into contact with heat , the blood vessels first undergo vasodilation and blood flow increases towards periphery. This is the reason why we experience reddening of skin when we come into hot water or oil and any hot substance.When we apply heat to the skin the changes are not only seen on the skin but also in the organs beneath it.The blood flow continues to increase as long the heat is applied , this is the action.Blood vessels remain in the state of vasodilation as long as the heat is applied. As blood doesn't go back into the body, it tends to sweat in areas where you apply heat.More amounts of oxygen enters into microvessels and sweat secretions increases. As blood doesn't go back from skin , warm water doesn't have any reaction.Cool water have both action and reaction. This is the reason why warm water has very little use. This is the reason why we need to treat with cool water after treating with warm water.Cold water helps to relieve vasodilation caused by hot water by causing vasoconstriction of blood vessels and muscles. Blood circulation won't be good when we use warm water as cold water.That is the reason why we feel cool after a warm water bath. Bathing with warm water makes the skin dry and makes it look pale.Even though you bath with warm water you can alternately use cool water, this won't cause much damage.But our body won't agree for this. We feel too cool after bathing warm water and then trying cool water.As we can't do so its better you avoid warm water on a whole.Lets now how to treat our body by uing 5 elements of nature.
I. Treatments using water: Either warm water or cool water are used for this purpose.
1. Soaking your feet in cold water :Pour cool water in a wide tub,sit on a chair and soak your feet in it for 12 to 15 minutes.You need to move your feet in water sometimes and after removing its better you wallk or rub your feet using a cloth.You need to do this inorder to increase blood flow.You should take care that you don't put your feet in water for longtime.This decreases blood pressure in the chest and brain.This treatment is used to improve effeciency of stomach, respiratory tract and intestines reduces fatigue and pain in legs.It also helps people who develop numbness and tingling sensation in feet.
2. Soaking your feet in warm water :Pour luke warm water in a wide tub.Apply a wet cloth on your scalp or pour cool water on it.After 3 to 4 minutes add hot water ,temperature according to your choice.You need to add water once or twice in the same manner for every 10 to 15 minutes.After removing your feet from hot water, pour cool water in a tub and soak your feet in it for about 2 minutes or wash your feet with 4 to 5 mugs of cool water.It is beneficial to people suffering from heart diseases , excessive mucous in your body and throat.It is best in relieving leg pain.It helps to have a good sleep in people who have sleep related problems.
3. Soaking your feet in both warm and cool water :Take two tubs , fill one with warm water and other with cool water. First put your feet in warm water by placing a wet cloth on your scalp for 5 minutes.Then remove your feet from warm water and place it in cool water for 1 minute and repeat this twice.This improves blood flow to your feet.Dipping your feet in warm water increases blood flow towards feet and cool water helps in flow of blood away from feet.This provides a chance to open any closed blood vessel.It gives its best use to people who experience cramps and pain in the feet. It is also good in people whose feet remain cool always, it helps by providing warmth. It also decreases the frequency of headaches due to increased blood pressure and nerve related headache It is also useful to relieve fatigue,to provide good sleep, decrease any feet swelling etc.
4. Treatments for hands:Pour cool water in a bowl and dip your left hand in it till the wrist and remove it after 10 to 15 minutes, this improves blood circulation to heart.The coronary arteries that supply blood to heart gets activated and improve circulation preventing chest pains.On the otherhand if you dip your right hand in warm water it increases temperature on your forehead and skin gets heated.
5. Applying a hot pack :Hot packs plays an important role in relieving pain and circulation in any body part.We need to first massage the body part with mustard oil before applying a hot pack for about 10 minutes.This oil protects our skin from damage due to heat application.We need pour hot water in a bowl and place a cloth in it and remove the water from it and apply it on the desired place.You can always use a hot pack if you have one.If you use water that are very hot never do it for more than 10 minutes.If you are doing it with luke warm water you can do it for 15 to 20 minutes.You need to focus on the area you are applying hot pack.You need to feel relieved. If you use hot pack for long time it relieves any muscle pain and muscles in remains in an anesthesised state. In case of stomach ache, gas trouble and folding of intestine applying hot pack on the abdomen and drinking warm water would be of great help.Applying hot pack on stomach reduces peristalsis and gastric acid production.Applying hot pack on area above liver improves blood flow to liver and improves its efficiency.It also helps in relieving knee and joint pain to some extent, application of heat should be limited to only 10 minutes.The heat we applied can't reach the joints completely.This also decreases intra articular temperature.You need apply mud or cool water immediately after applying a hot pack. This helps in improving heat production in joints.You need repeat the same whatever be the place you apply heat.You can place the wet cloth for about 10 to 15 minutes.We need to focus on the part that has the pain and observe changes occuring there and plan accordingly to improve circulation.
6.Applying a Wet cloth :People with pain should apply a wet cloth after applying a hot pack. You need to put a cotton cloth in cool water and applying it on the affected area and then place a moist cloth on wet one inorder to absorb the water and prevent air flow onto wet one.This improves blood circulation In case of fever just apply a wet cloth on stomach this leads to sweating easily and decrease shivering. In case you don't have any pain and wants to improve blood circulation you can apply a wet cloth alone. Applying wet cloth improves circulation in any area where you apply it.You can do it for about 10 to 15 minutes.
7. Bathing in a bath tub: There are about 3 to 4 types. Both hot and cool water are used in bathing in bath tub.
Pour cool water in a round bath tub and sit inside it with your legs ouside such that only your thighs and lower body till the level of umblicus dips inside it. you shouldn't put the area below thighs inside the water.More amounts of blood reaches to the area inside the bath tub. This helps in improving blood flow to large intestine, uterus and urinary bladder.You can do this bath for about 15 to 20 minutes. You should rub your lower abdomen while bathing. This improves blood flow to those areas. The type of bath we use depends upon the disease and stages of diseases.They are very useful to us, helps in prevention of many chronic diseases.This also helps in treating paralysis, complete nervous system diseases, uterine diseases, diseases related to menstruation,kidney disorders, problems related to sexual life, gas trouble, constipation, digestive system disorders, diseases that reduce mucous production. There should be a bath tub in every home, its that important.
8. Steam :People who sweat more loose waste materials in the form of sweat everyday.In people who sweat less ,steam helps in removal of waste materials. Steam helps in effective removal of waste materials and salt from the body during fasting.There is no compulsion that people who fast should take steam.You take steam once in every 7 to 15 days normally. Lets learn the procedure how to take a steam.
Massage your skin with mustard oil before taking steam.This oil help in preventing damage to the skin due to steam application.Massaging your skin with oil also improves blood flow.It also opens minute pores in the skin.This increases the chance of waste material removal.Oil massage is very important.You need to consume atleast two glasses of water before taking steam.Increased sweat secretion due to steam application may lead to weakness.Water consumption helps in rehydrating our body.Precautions before application of steam-first one is consumption of water and second one is application of wet cloth on scalp,it is very important.Applying wet cloth increases blood flow to head and the remaining blood flows to the skin.If you dont apply wet cloth on your scalp,blood flow increases to the skin,reducing blood flow to the brain and you may feel light headedness, digginess,fatigue etc...
Naturopathy centres contain a box for taking steam you can just sit inside it for taking steam.There is a procedure for application of steam at home.Place a pot on stove with water of about half the volume with lid on it while we apply oil.If the pot has wider brim with narrow opening,it helps in eay application of steam. You need to boil water untill you see bubbles.You can also use an electric rice cooker for this purpose, you need to fill water to three-forth of it volume and place the lid while water is boiling. Take a bedsheet that is thick enough,place the pot in the restroom and undress yourselves completely sit comfortably on a stool an place the pot between your legs. Consume water and apply wet cloth on your scalp and cover yourself with the bedsheet. You need to cover the pot, yourselves and stool completely with blanket. Now remove the lid for only 25% and remove little more after 5 minutes and remove completely third time or fourth time. After removing the lid completely stir the water so that you sweat more.If you feel suffocated you can cover your body below head region and put your head outside. If you are using a rice cooker you need to take steam while it is on and off the switch after 10 to 15 minutes. After completion you need to dry your body for 5 to 6 minutes. You need to do a head bath after this and bath for long time.
Steam we take in naturopathy centres helps in losing more sweat in one attempt. You may feel little weak. You can always take a light steam inorder to prevent weakness. steam application should be done for only two days if in naturopathic centres . In case of steam application at home you need to do it in alternate days There is very less chance you develop weakness by this.Note : People suffering from high blood pressure , weakness, vomiting and motion shouldn't try this. People who are severly anaemic and with heart diseases should consult a doctor before trying this.
Changes you experience while taking a steam: When body temperature is increasing due to steam, micro blood vessles open and there is increased oxygen flow.This leads to sweating.Cardiac output increases while taking a steam than usually.When our body temperature increases spleen undergoes dialation and releases more amount of bloodvessels.This increases new RBC in the blood.When applying steam the ECF around tissues,muscles,bloodvessels mix with blood.This leads to dilution of plasma.
In the above manner, after the application of steam concentration of blood increases in about 15-20minutes ,respiratory efforts increases due to increase in RBC concentration. When body temperature increases blood pressure increases. The amount of sweat release depends upon the heat and metabolic rate, salt levels and concentration of sweat glands in the skin. The amount of sweat release while taking steam at home 500ml-1000ml, on the otherhand the steam we take in naturopathic centres leads to sweat loss about 1-1.5LT.In people who have high salt levels have low sweat secrection. The salt lost while taking steam is about 10-20gms. The blood concentration that increased due to sweating come backs to the normal by the end of the process. Salt and urea that are usually excreted by kidney are also lost due to sweat by steam application.Steam helps in activation of adrenal glands that are situated above the kidneys and decrease esoniphil count in the blood.The esinophil count decreases for about three days after steam.It helps in treating patients with esinophilia.Steam helps in removing old water in the form of sweat so there is a need to hydrate our body by providng it with water. It is like river removing its old water and replacing with new water,fasting along with steam also acts in the same manner in our body.
II. Clay treatment (Mud-soil): Treatment we do using clay are called as clay treatments. All the organisms on this planet are living on nutrients provided by the soil.Soil has many natural medicinal values.Among the types of soil the soil present sedimented in canals near agricultural lands is the best. You can also use black clay and red soil by soaking it for sometime.
1. Clay bandage:Take a thin cloth and add cooled mud of about 4 to 5 inch wide, 10 to 12 inches in length and 2 to 3 inches in thickness.You need to fold the cloth on four sides and place it below the belly button.Its better to apply it 15 min before doing enema and remove it. The coolness from this causes constriction of intestines and the stored faeces moves out easily.The cooling effect due to mud leads to increased blood flow in the lower abdomen , this acts as an action and reaction to this is by producing heat.This may lead to increased blow flow to different organs in the abdomen. You can use mud bandages in order to increase peristalsis in the intestines.In case you don't have access to mud bandage you can always use a wet cloth.You can use this mud bandage twice a day.
2. Applying clay coating:Good alluvial soil is applied to people suffering from skin diseases.You can apply mud as much as it takes.After applying mud don't roam out in sun always stay inside in shade. Coolness of mud gets decreased due to the body heat in about 20 to 25 minutes. The medicinal values in the mud helps to prevent skin diseases. Mud is the only method that can provide more amounts of coolness to our body. Many skin dieases occur due to decreased blood flow to skin. Application of mud to skin increases flow of blood and increases oxygen content to our skin that help in curing skin diseases. This also decreases rashes on our skin. People with skin diseases usually experience dry, scaly and flabby skin. These problems can be overcomed by application of mud while fasting. Increased blood flow due to application of mud helps in easy repair. Chronic skin diseases like psoriasis, fungal infections,swollen body etc can be relieved by application of mud. People suffering from knee pain can apply hot pack after massaging with oil and the apply mud around the knee and rub it in circular motion and apply a bandage, this helps in curing knee pain. In case of wollen joints you need to ad salt to the mud and rub around the area this helps in clearing the swelling. Salt has the ability to absorb water. In order to treat joint pains you need to add mud bandages twice a day.
III. Sun treatment:There is no life without sun.Sun is the only one who provides and protects health. Sun is the main reason for the life in every living being. Solar energy drives all activities in our body. Sun rays have divine power to protect us from all the harm. Plants that don't get sun light doesn't grow and even flowers and fruits won't form. Crops dont grow in the absence of sun.Even clouds won't form and it doesn't rain in the absence of sun. Sun is the source of all the things happening in this world. Food grains and other materials that are damaged due to rottening and insects get better by placing them under the sun light. Farmers pour down seed grains under the sun before planting in the soil. If you heaten up these seeds by using a stove it won't grow even though the heat provided is same. The heat from the stove damages the life matter in the seeds on the otherhand sun provides them life which they on't have previously. Sun i the only truth. Difference i that we can see the rays coming from that truth. We can live a happy and prosperous life with help of these rays.
Sun rays makes us pure,he is the visible god to u.He fills our life with light and energy.If we stay away from it is like staying away from god.Before 9 am in the morning and after 4 pm in the evening the sun rays reach our earth by passing through a layer of moisture and ozone.These sun rays are good for our health. On the other hand the sunrays that reach earth at 12 in the noon pass through very thin layer of moisture and ozone and causes damage to our skin.Sun light is essential for the development of vitamin D.The shades of mirrors we use for our windows are designed in such a way that they decrease the adverse effects of sun rays and protect us from damage.Our skin tone depends on the amount of melanin.Melanin is more in dark complexed individuals.In people with fair complexion it is present in deeper layers of skin.If these people go out in sun for 3 to 4 days this melanin pigment present in deeper layers reach the surface.This is the reason why people roaming out in sun remain dark and people who stay indoors become fair.Fair complexion is not good for your health,darker you are more is the protection against harmful sun rays.That is the reason why people living in tropics remain healthy(negroes).Lets try to get some sun rays everyday and improve our immune system and energy.
Bathing using in adithya box :This box helps in reflecting sun rays by using different coloured mirrors. They fit these coloured mirrors inside a box and change the colour depending on the type of disease. This is used in naturopathy centres inorder to cure chronic diseases, skin diseases, digestive system disorders etc.
IV. Treatment using air : Air helps in improving the gases neccesary for our livelihood like oxygen. Our body remains the best depending on the amount of oxygen we recieve. We get many diseases due to improper consumption of oxygen. In order to prevent these you need to rest under trees or place where you recieve good amounts of oxygen and light while fasting. The pranayama we do after fasting also helps us to restore the oxygen stores in our body. We can save oxygen usage by doing pranayama.
Our body has taken birth and growing with the help of 5 elements of nature. We are experiencing diseases due to defect in these 5 elements. 84 crore living beings are taking care of themselves without giving a chance to create any deficit and are living a happy and healthy life. The diseases we develop due to decreased usage of 5 elements of nature -air, water, sun ,sky and earth can be treated by providing them in ample amounts. We instead of providing them are trying to treat those diseases in some other way are damaging our body rather than healing it. Even after providing these 5 elements we didn't get cured then it will be wise to try some other method of treatment , we get benefitted now and can completely get out of the problem our body experienced. Almighty has gifted our body with power to self heal if given time too. If we use that gift wecan easily get rid of diseases. Learn that this body which is natural can be healed by something that is also natural and anything artificial will never cure it. Reach out for nature to get help an adapt nature's way of living. Consume food that is natural and water that is present naturally in the nature. Make your life pure by experiencing the divine sun rays. Breathe pure air and make your self part of the nature and lead a healthy and long life. People who follow nature will never have the fear of death and need of any medicine. You feel soo calm and composed You lead a happy and lawful life and reach the divine path. Humans can become saints with the hardwork.

7. How many types of fasting are there ?

Fasting is mainly divided into 4 types they are
1. Arid fasting
2. Fasting by consuming water only
3. Fasting by consuming juices
4. Fasting by consuming fruits
Doctor decide the type of fasting based on their body type and disease.Depending on the type of fluid used in fasting it is of 4 types. These 4 types give different type of results in cleaning the body.Lets understand the uses of these 4 types seperately.
1. Arid fasting:Arid fasting is done even without water consumption. After air,water is important for human body.Water also provides oxygen to our body.Science says that human body needs atleast 2 to 3 litres of water everyday.Fasting that prevent water consumption cause damage to our body than giving us benefits. Patients with more amount of water usually swollen can be allowed to do this type of fasting.Even though we have excess of water in our body it mixes up with salt an is stored inside the cell or forms extracellular fluid.This water can't be used for daily metabolic activities like protecting us from sun, that which excretes as urine,sweat and lost through lungs.We need to drink water daily inorder to perform these activities otherwise we may develop dehydration. Dryness of mouth, burning sensation in eyes and burning micturation are signs of dehydration. In arid fasting our body reaches this stage. As water is very important for us our body keeps on waiting for water rather performing excretory functions.
During summers when we feel thirty we look for water only even though it is not available and we won't eat food even when it is readily available.In arid fasting our body does the same thing but excretory system doesn't. All the wastematerials gets dissolved and carried out of body with the help of water. Stored salt and water are lost from the body by consuming water daily.These activities doen't take place in arid fasting,so it is of no use to us.We need to learn by now that it is of no use.
That may be the reason why people do fastings without consuming water. For our safety and well being, for our state, pottisriramulu garu had sacrificied his life.He did fast for 54 days even without consuming water and sacrificied his life for the state. These kind of fastings starts damaging our body from the day 1. I hope people who understand this will stop doing this type of fasts. Saints and sages may have done this type of fasts by living in forests, while forming homas and yagas so that they shouldn't get up in between to urinate and concentrate there.There food habits and lifestyle will be completely different. I believe that they introduced these kind of fasts considering finishing good deeds without any obstacles rather due to health reasons.
Women in our houses tend to fast even without consuming water in the months of november may be for health reasons or considering it as good deed or may be to decrease weight. Our food habits before and after the day of fasting won't be good, so these kinds of fastings are not good in these times.People do this kind of stuff and later complain that fasting doesn't suit them or it leads to stomach pain and develop a bad opinion on it. Even if someone or any book consider fating being good or helpful they won't actually believe it.Learn that fastings done ithout consuming water are not good for health and not encouraged by the god.
2. Fasting by consuming water alone:This type of fasting is done by animals,birds and many other living beings.Those organisms only consume water and take sufficient amounts of rest when they develop a disease. They have knowledge about it so they practise it.These type of fastings are benefiting them without casusing any harm.Animals excrete wastematerials on time and consume food when they are hungry and provide rest to the body during night.So, they never get to fast more than a week.They are getting benefits as there fasting lasts only for 4 to 5 days without causing them any harm.Man learnt these kind of fastings by observing them.It's better if we humans learn the adverse effects of these fastings along with their uses.
Fasting is known to many people acros the globe.The type of fasting they use is this fasting with water method.In this method people tend to drink luke warm water or water from a pot for every one hour.Some people add lemon juice to it and consume and some add honey 2 to 3 times to these water.Some naturopathic centres also use jaggery water in the place of honey.Naturopathic doctors and many scientists advise that doing this type of fast is dangerous and should not be done for more than 7 days as it may cause damage to cells of our body.If you tend to fast more than a week they are called as chronic fasting and they are not good for health.
In ancient period saints and sages used to consume fruits, tubers and leafy vegetables and fast with water alone when they face any difficulty.They have very good will power and also very few wastematerials in their body.So, its enough to fast for about 4 to 5 days.They used to start eating fruits and juices later.Its good for them as it takes only few days and with good rest. Lets now understand the benefits and flaws in the above mentioned types.
I. Fasting with water consumption alone :
1. Waste materials in our body gets diluted in water during fasting and lost in excretion. Consuming more amounts of water helps in this manner.
2. As our body lacks food while fasting, there is sufficient rest to stomach and intestines and excretory system participates in excretion for 24 hours.
Problems faced:
1. First few days you experience hunger and weakness.
2.We may feel little dim during fasting but it is not similar to the one we experience due to consumption of tea and coffee. It is because the glucose produced as the result food consumed the previous day is stored in the liver and used till this afternoon ,so we experience little dim after that.
3.Even though we provide rest to our body our mind keeps on thinking for 24 hours.If you want this mind to function efficiently even in fasting it not enough to consume water alone.The glucose that is produced from body fat is not enough and fat metabolim doesn't start in the first 2 to 3 days of fasting. Only excess water decreases in these 2 to 3 days.Our body loses its energy due to lack of glucose.
4.Since day 3 or 4 consuming more amounts of water improves digestion,but as the main source of energy glucose is absent some cells slowly die.
5. On day 5 of fasting our mind tends to work slow as all the fat content gets used up due to glucose deficiency and we tend to feel weak.
6. We feel weak both mentally and physically by day 6 or 7 and we may feel like quitting.Even though all the waste material is clearing we tend to shift to fasting with fruits. Even if you continue after your body starts feeling sick it may cause great harm to your body.This is the reason why we ask people not to fast for more than a week.
7.People who are obese try hard to do it for long periods of time,but troubling our body is not good for our health .
8.Loss of wastematerials in fasting with water is more than with fruits.It correct to shift to fasting with fruits after 7 days, but many a times we tend to shift even before we feel hungry or after completion of cleaning.Fasting with water has many adverse effects along with few uses, so i advice you not to do this for more than 1 or 2 day.
9.According to the laws, for the effective functioning of our body we need 800 k cal every day. As this demands are not met in fasting with water alone, its better not to follow it.
10.The way of thinking, habits and health of our ancestors are different from us. They used to face the troubles due to arid fasting with utmost courage without feeling dizzy. The thinking, lifestyle and habits these days are very much different. So, i feel arid fasting is not suitable for present generations.
II. Fasting with lemon water:Consuming lemon juice atleast 3 times as mentioned above.They use lemon as it improves immunity and helps in easy removal of diseased particle.Previously fastings used to be in this manner in our country, some places do follow this even today.Peple used to do this for 21 days previously .We got to know that people who do these fast experience weakness,dizziness and faints frequently.It has same uses and adverse effects that drinking water while fasting has.These type of fastings are not for people of this generation.The damage outweighs benefits here.You shouldn't do chronic fasting.
III.Honey water or jaggery water fast three times:People consume water as mentioned above and consume honey water or jaggery water once in the morning,afternoon, evening. Consume by adding a lemon juice with 2 to 3 spoons of honey in it three times a day. Usage of honey may vary from 6 to 10 spoons Even though we are using in this manner it only provides 250 calories energy.So people experience weakness and dim mood while fasting.But its better than fasting with water alone and we can do it for little more time. Even though all the waste materials are not lost , people are quitting this early due to weaknes and start consuming fruit juices.Fasting for more than 10 days damages our body and cells in our brain die. We may not be aware of this but it is damaging us from within. If we use jaggery instead of honey it results in weakness and cause more damage. Honey has vitamins,minerals in it and provides energy as jaggery lacks them it is of great harm.These type of fastings are more common in ashrams of our state.People following this say chronic fasting is not good for health. As these type of fastings may cause weakness and is impossible to do them for large period they may have considered chronic fasting bad.If needed you can consume honey or jaggery water for one more time.May be they mean using it more won't be called as fasting?
IV. Fasting with 250gms honey everyday:This is how we follow fasting by providing 800 calories of energy by giving honey.So people won't feel dull physically and mentally while fasting.You need to consume this honey in 8 times from morning to evening by adding lemon, 4 spoons of honey to water. This is providing energy to our body and people are not developing weakness untill all the waste materials are cleared from the body.It doesn't harm you even if it takes few more days.There is no harm in this procedure even if you do chronic fasting. There are many people in todays world who are sick, consume unhealthy food and whose excretory system is not functioning properly and causing harm to their body.Normal fasting duration doesn't work in these cases, they need chronic fasting and our procedure doesn't cause any harm.
Any fasting method should provide us 2 types of benefits.Only then our body can excrete waste efficiently. We need protect our body and mind from deprivation of strength untill maximum waste material is lost.Secondly, it should provide sufficient amount of water inorder to remove waste material accumulated by using four excretory organs.We are intructing people to consume 5 litres of water everyday. These 5 litres of water along with 8 glasses of honey water form a complete fasting plan. This is according to current generation. Allopathic doctors also approve this type of fasting.It is designed keeping in mind the science,medicine and laws.Some doctors consider giving honey in such large amounts as not fasting, few call it dangerous to give in such large amounts. I hope you understand clearly why it is called fasting even after giving 250 gms, why it is not dangerous and its relation to fasting. వైద్యవిజ్ఞాన శాస్త్ర సమ్మతంగా రూపొందించడం జరిగింది. తేనెను ఉపవాసంలో పావు కేజీ ఇవ్వడం వలన అది ఉపవాసం కాదని (అవ్వదని) కొందరు వైద్యులు అభిప్రాయపడితే, అంత తేనె త్రాగడం ప్రమాదమని మరికొందరు అభిప్రాయపడవచ్చు. తేనెను పావుకేజీ ఇచ్చినప్పటికీ అది ఉపవాసం ఎందుకు అవుతుందో, అంత తేనె త్రాగడం వలన నష్టం ఎందుకు లేదో ఉపవాసానికి తేనెకు ఉన్న సంబంధాన్ని తెలిపే అధ్యాయంలో పూర్తిగా, విపులంగా తెలుసుకోగలరని ఆశిస్తున్నాను.
Comparision of types of fasting
More: Try fasting by consuming more amounts of honey (250 gms)
Less : Fasting by consuming low amounts of honey or jaggery water or only lemon juice
1. More: Consume honey water atleast 8 times a day + along with 5 litres of water
1. Less: Consuming honey water or jaggery water or lemon water for only 3 to 4 times per day.
2. More: We remain active during days of fasting.
2. Less: We remain active for a week and then become weak.
3. More: Brain cells don't get damaged
3. Less: Cells gets damaged if you fast for long period.
4. More: Our body recieves 800 k cal of energy everyday.
4. Less: Only little amount is reached.
5. More: You will never experience sudden onset of weakness during fasting
5. Less: You feel better for the first 5 to 6 days and then experience weakness
6. More: This method is suitable for longterm fasting ,doesn't harm our body.
6. Less: You are not supposed to follow this method in long term fasting.
7. More: You can fast till you feel hungry and as long as your body supports.
7. Less: Less chances of changing to fasting with fruit juices without development of hunger just due to weakness.
8. More: It works fine for people with hypertenion and diabetes mellitus
8. Less: There are chances you may end up in coma due to weakness
9. More: It is suitable for people of all age groups.
9. Less : It is suitable for obese people.
10. More: You may gain control over your tastes and desires if you do it for long enough
10. Less: You can't overcome your desire for taste by doing it for long time
11. More: You will never experience weakness before feeling hungry.
11. Less: Chances of developing weakness without feeling hungry completely.
12. More: This procedure is accepted by nature, medicine and by law
12. Less: It is accepted only by nature
13. More: You feel better even after doing light work.
13. Less: You can do it only with proper rest.
14. More: As duration of fasting increases, weight reduces.
14. Less: You loose little weight as you can't fast for long time.
15. More: Excretory functions are good and complete in fasting
15. Less : Excretory functions are good here but only for few days.
16. More: Excretion completes while fasting.
16. Less: Excretion doesn't finish while fasting, it happens later while by fasting with fruit consumption.
17. More: Whatever be the duration of fasting muscle layer never gets damaged.
17. Less: Damage may occur after longtime
18. More: Skin diseases won't cure unless you fast for long duration of time. It is the best method to cure skin diseases
18. Less: As you can't do for long duration they decrease slowly on time.
19. More: It works better even in the presence of chronic and systemic illnesses.
19. Less: It is not suitable in patients with heart diseases.
20. More: Energy keeps on increasing everyday.
20. Less: Strength remains for aslong as 7 to 10 days and keeps on decreasing in all individuals
21. More: There is no chance of experencing dizziness in this type of fasting.
21. Less: It may happen sometimes.
22. More: People thought that they could never do fasting soo easily.
22. Less: Only few people experience this.
23. More: It is less scary and easy to follow for people in this generation.
23. Les: Even though people in this societies get scared,they are treating them by uing naturopathic techniques without fasting .
24. More: People feel excited to do this again.
24. Less: There are high chances that people wait to end this soon.
3. Fasting with fruit juices:In this fasting method we use fruit juices in fasting.We start them after we stop fasting with water alone.Fasting with water alone removes waste materials and leads to hunger, fruit juices further increase hunger.If we start this fast without finishing fasting with water or after development of weakness due to fasting for 7 to 10 days, then the benefit of fruit juices is reduced. Excretion rate is not same in fasting with water and fruit juices. As fruit juice digestion consumes more energy and time ,the time for excretion is reduced.So, excretion take long time in this case.Even though the digestion is incomplete we tend to feel hunger increasing everyday. Energy shifts from excretory system to digestive system.
In fastings with water done by us all the waste materials are lost and fruit juice consumption improves hunger.So people who follow our fasting methods can't stay on fruits alone for long time.Since the day we start giving fruit juices some waste is being produced inside our body. After 2 to 3 days our body is mostly concerned about removal of wastematerial formed newly and can't act on the old ones. These fasts are better the longer they are.This is used to stop fasting with water but doesn't have any role in wastematerial removal.Excretion rate is very less when compared with honey water.
Fastings have experienced great changes these days.In many naturopathic centres fastings are starting with these kinds of fastings with fruit juices.As many people are scared regarding fastings in recent times and soesn't have facility to stay in an ashram, these programs are offered in their clinics.They are giving lemon juice, thin form of orange juice, pomegranate juice, coconut water, barley water and herbal tea for 3 to 5 times everyday depending on the condition of the patient.Fasting is done for about one week to a month.These kind of fastings may be started keeping in mind the adverse effects caused by fasting with water alone.Appetite keeps on increaing as long you consume food.If we keep on teasing a sheep, it come towards you, in the same manner as long as we feed our body with fruit juices hunger keeps on increasing but excretion remains the same.Complete excretion is never seen in fasting with fruit juices, the reason for this is digestion of fruit juices utilizes about half the time. It has 50 to 60% reduced efficiency when compared with fasting with honey water.This is mainly done in people who can't fast.I believe there will be no human being who can't survive with our honey water diet, so we start this after the fasting with honey water.
4. Fasting by consuming fruits:These are done by consuming fruits.We start this after people finish fasting with water and juices. People tend to do this for about 2 to 10 days. We use all kinds of fruit juices.This type of fasting purifies blood and improves your appetite. As blood purifies and also formed this clears any nutrient and vitamin deficiency and helps us to get rid of diseases. Some people conduct naturopathic sessions in clinics without fasting but only fruits, juices and vegetables and purify the blood.There is no problem in doing so,but we never get to experience what fasting is, happiness in it and reason to it.
We learnt till now types of fasting and how to do them and learnt their uses in detail. I hope you opt a suitable fasting procedure considering the benefit, your health according to this generation and without causing any damage to your body by taking advice from a doctor and clear all your doubts on fasting and make your life happy.

8. Importance of lemon in fasting

Lemon has a special place in the citrus family. It has a quality to reduce hunger while fasting. That is the reason why people who consume honey+lemon water don't feel hungry. You dont feel like consuming sweets, pan masala for atleast two hours of conumption of citrus fruits. This may be due to sour taste we have in our mouth. This sourness in your mouth dont let you eat or swallow anything. You can fast without having any craving for food after consuming lemon juice once in two hours. Consuming honey water alone leads to swelling of face,but lemon juice helps you to fast for long time without any side effects. The sourness and sweetness of this water makes it easily consumable.
Truth about lemon juice :
1.In fasting consuming lemon provides vitamin C that improves your immune system.
2. In fasting, lemon juice protects our body against all types of infections and diseases.
3. Lemon juice prevents release of excess amounts of bile juice.So, burps you get decreases.
4.Lemon water works as a miracle in removing mucous from our lungs and excreting it.It prevents nasal congestion and sinusitis in fasting and increases oxygen supply.
5.It helps in removal of gas that is formed in intestines.
6.It kills all the bad bacteria and clover worms present in our intestines.
7. It plays an important role in preventing burning sensation and ulcer in the stomach.Even though lemon water is acidic in nature it turns alkaline after mixing with honey,saliva and water. Citrus fruits have ability to heal ulcers in the stomach.
8. It provides strength to blood vessels.
9. Lemon juice has high amounts of potassium in it. It keeps the tissues of heart and other body parts healthy.
10. Never consume lemon juice that is stored. Don't put lemons in freeze. Ripe lemon Juice is good for health in fasting.
There is no need to be afraid about consuming lemon juice in heart burn, ulcers in intestine, gas trouble.Consuming lemon juice with honey in the mornings is very beneficial.Just assume what a drink with so many benefits can do to your body.Don't be lazy.God has gifted us with such healing food but we are avoiding it by saying we are allergic to it.Its law of nature , following it is our main responsibility.

9. Importance of water in fasting

Water helps in cleaning our body and makes it pure.Our body comprises of 68% of water and 32 % of particulate matter.We need to supply more amounts of water than particulate matter inorder to meet the demands of our body. We usually commit this mistake, we provide our body with more amount of food than water, we provide 3 parts of food and onne part of water.This is damaging the fluid system inside our body. All chemical reaction occur in our body with the help of air and water.Try pouring 1 part of water and 3 parts of fertilizer and see what happens. We are doing the same thing now. If we pour 4 parts of water for one part of fertilizer it dissolves effectivel and travels from roots to shoots. The same happens with our body. People are not only consuming more amount of water but also are consuming more amounts of salt with it. This one part of water we drink is sufficient to carry food from intestines to cells, but it is not sufficient to remove waste materials from the body.This is our biggest mistake.This leads to accumulation of waste materials, toxins and salt in our body.We don't have any option other than fasting by consuming 5 to 7 litres inorder to remove all these waste materials. Fasting without consuming water is like repeating the same mistake again.The honey we use in fasting helps in cleaning 10% of our blood and body. People are interested in consuming honey by purchasing but not interested in drinking water that are free. If you are not interested in consuming water that are free, you always have an option of buying it by paying 12rs.
If we take in good , bad will come out. When a good thing water is taken in , urine a waste material is excreted out.So, it is important for us to consume water. As salt input is increased by food , salt is stored in our body and also stores water along with it. This stored water is harmful as it cause obstruction to blood and oxygen circulation. Excretion starts only after all these excess water is lost. In order to remove excess salt from our body and improve circulation to all tissues and organs of our body we need to consume more amounts of water.Consuming water can remove all the wastes accumulated in our body easily
Truths about water:
1. In fasting any waste released from cells into blood during night is excreted in urine, when you consume one litre of water early in the morning.
2.If you tell a patient to consume more amounts of water while fasting, he consumes more water than usual but not complete 5 litres. So what we are suggesting is consume 1 litre of water early in the morning then followed by 2 glasses of water every 2 hours for atleast 8 times, it will 16 glasses altogether. If you don't alot time you neglect water consumption and drink as you wish, you may tend to forget while working without a reminder. During fasting if you show interest in water consumption according to time it will be of great benefit when compared with honey water. As waste materials keeps on moving its better if you consume water from early morning to night till 7'o' clock.
3. People who consume low amounts of water while fasting tend to dissolve low amounts of waste materials and excrete them
4. In people who consume low amounts of water, fasting doesn't complete early it takes more time than normal.
5. In people who consume low amounts of water, faeces don't move out easily and get stored.
6.More the consumption of water,more is the excretion of water in the form of urine. If you stop consuming water thinking that it will be inconvenient to go to washroom frequently, it will be harmful for your body.
7. Don't reduce water consumption in fasting considering seasons like rainy reason and winter reason.
8.You shouldn't consume freeze water in fasting.Cool water slows down removal of waste material from mouth and intestines. Some amount of energy is lost from our body in heating this cool water to room temperature. Heating fridge water consumes more fuel than water we get naturally. Thi cool water doesn't mix with blood untill it gets heaten up.This is why our elders suggest us to consume lukewarm water. People suffering from asthma, allergies, cough, ulcers and heart burn can drink luke warm water. Honey when mixed with warm water reduces viscosity of mucous and also reduces acidity. On the other when honey is mixed with cold water it increases acidity.
9.In people who have generalised edema due to water accumulation ,reduce water consumption assuming that it may further increase the edema, its a big mistake. More the water consumption, more is salt water excretion.
10.If you stop drinking water in fasting as you are not eating food, it can cause lightheadedness, burning eyes, body temperature increases. People give reasons like honey doesn't suit us or fasting doesn't suit us but doesn't realise that it is due to decreased water consumption.
11. People with low blood pressure ,even though salt consumption is reduced doesn't experience weakness if they consume sufficient amounts of water,they may feel weak and become prone to low b.p. if water consumption is reduced.
12.If you use 250gms of honey,for it to digest and excrete in urine you need to consume water. Consuming honey in such large amounts produces lots of heat that increases body temperature. You may think that you drank honey along with water why consume water again,this may lead to low amounts of urine excretion. Only solution to increase urine excretion is consuming more amounts of water.
Whil washing clothes, you applied soap and soaked them in water but whats the use if you don't rinse them. This process will finish fast when there are more amounts of water. In the same manner if we consume more amounts of water, process of dilution and excretion happens fast. Fasting without water is like oil without lamp.If we know the value of water, we can learn the value of life. All the benefits of fasting are due to usage of water. Priceless health is provided by fasting freely by god,use this golden oppurtunity given by god and become healthy.People who can use it by overcoming laziness are the lucky ones. Let us not think it as work and consume water and make our lives happy.

10.Importance of honey in fasting

We can call fasting with honey as fasting by consuming water but usually people consider this as fasting with fruit juice. In fasting with fruit juice consumption we usually consume one kind of juice and a light meal. As honey comes in the category of food people may assume it as fasting with fruit juice. According to us even though honey comes under food ,it gets mixed up in blood without undergoing any digestive process in stomach and intestines. So we catergorised fasting with honey as fasting with water alone.
Honey is like a saline which we take orally :Honey when taken orally mixes up with blood without undergoing any digestive process in the intestines and provides energy in the same manner how saline gives instant energy when given I V. This is the reason why honey is called oral saline and used in fasting As it doesn't undergo any digestive process and mixes up with the blood, it doesn't interfere with excretory system and excretion happens continuosly for 24 hrs It means honey is providing us energy and helping us with excretion process simultaneously. Fasting with only water cause excretion but it may lead to weakness. Fasting with fruit juice instead of providing energy consumes half of it for digestion and excretion process is slowed down. It gives us experience of 2 movies by buying one ticket , honey also provides energy and don't interfere with excretion. Honey is more beneficial for fasting.
Fasting means providing our body complete rest. It is called fasting only when it provides complete rest to our intestines. It is called fasting only when we don't consum food or water. Our body needs energy even though it works against the rules. Even though we provide rest to stomach and intestines in fasting, other organs like heart,lungs,kidneys,brain and blood vessels etc. work continously. They may need to work overtime in fasting in order to remove the waste materials from our body. For the effecient functioning of these organs our body needs 800Kcal. of energy every day,we provide the energy in the form of food. This is said by the modern scientist and doctors who researched human body. Doctors ask us to consume food even though when we experience fevers,diseases to meet the caloric demands of our body.
Most of the energy is consumed by brain tissue in our body. Even in starvation our body converts fat tissue in order to provide the 800Kcal. required by our body. But this process occurs very slowly, fat takes longer time to mix with oxygen and produce energy. Glucose on the other hand reacts quickly with the oxygen and produce energy. Even though fat produces energy while fasting,it is sufficient for body movements and for brain activities. This implies starving reduces glucose supply to brain,that is the reason we feel diggy lightheaded while starving. Our brain doesn't function efficiently while starving. We feel better after consuming food. Consuming honey while experiencing dizzines in fasting can help you recover in 10-15min.
Some people consider that stored fat can suffice energy requirements of brain. Even though a person contains 40kgs of fat and breathe fresh air and consume water it takes 40-50days for the fat to burn completely, but i don't think any human survive so long, stay healthy, active physically and mentally. If no one can follow this there are high chances for it to be wrong. Our body prefers glucose over stored fat. Our body behaves in the same manner as lion which doesn't consume stored prey and hunt every time it feels hungry. So, fasting should be done in such a way the 800kcal. requirement of energy to our body is met and there is no damage to our brain and other organs.
Trying to provide 800kcal of energy while fasting:Consumption of fruit juices can provide 800kcal of energy required for our body, but the energy is produced when it undergoes digestion. As digestive system it is not considered as fasting. We call it complete fasting only when we get energy without the involvement of digestive system. This happens when we use saline or honey orally. 100gm of honey provides 325kcal of energy. In order to meet the 800kcal energy requirement we need to consume 250gms of honey. Honey provides more energy for long duration. There is no other food material resembling honey. Dexatine present in honey is responsible for energy production.
Importance in honey:Honey contains 75% of glucose and fructose that produce energy. Glucose comprises of about 34%. It doesn't undergoes any changes in the digestive system and blood from there to liver. It then travels to all the cells and tissues and produce energy. The glucose present within honey can produce energy for about an hour. Honey contains 39% of fructose. This fructose is not absorbed into the blood,it slowly gets absorbed from the intestine into the liver. This is the reason why fructose provide energy for about 2hrs. The energy produced by the intake of honey is lost even though we use it or not. The energy produced by honey doesn't undergo any changes in the liver. You need to consume 4 table spoons of honey once in every 2 hours inorder to provide sufficient energy for brain and heart.It means you get 100k cal. of energy everytime you consume honey and you need to repeat it for about 8 times.You might get a doubt whats the need of consuming honey 8 times when we can consume 250gms all at once. Even though you consume stomach full of food in the morning, you feel hungry tonight. In the same manner if you consume 250 gms of honey once after utilisation by brain and other parts of body remaining energy is used up for our activities. This will prevent burning of fat because the glucose from honey is preferred fuel . We wont loose our wait and feel weak in fasting. So, please stop considering it as work and consume it for every 2 hours.
Our body and brain functions effectively if you consume honey in above mentioned manner. If our mind and heart are active all other organs coordinating with\ it also functions actively. If our mind and body functions efficiently in fasting we can remove the waste materials easily. What will be the use when the mind which runs our body is dim. sugar and jaggery get digested in a different manner by our body, they can't replace honey as they taste sweet. They need to under go hydrolysis inorder to release glucose content in it. All these activities occur in intestine and they increase load on intestines.
Other uses :
1.Honey is rich in proteins and useful enzymes. They have the capability to increase chemical activity happening in our body. These enzymes also improve our immunity and disease resistance power.
2. Honey not only acts as an antibiotic but also works as antimycotic and protects our body from harmful microorganisms while fasting.
3. Blood sugar levels decreases in fasting and this leads to reduced functioning of heart, blood vessels. Glucose content present in the honey helps in keeping our body active in fasting.
4.Honey regulates the secretions of gastric juices and controls acidity. Patients suffering from ulcers can do fasting with honey, this closes and helps in curing ulcers. You can also fast when you have burning sensation in the stomach by using honey.
5.People suffering with diabetes can also fast using honey, it is safe and easy to do. The reason for this is the fructose sugar present in honey. Fructose levels doesn't increase suddenly in our body, it helps in gaining energy slowly.
Only honey has the ability to produce energy and protect our body while fasting. Fasting without honey is like plant without water.Our body damages in the same way how a plant gets damaged without water. Plant can stay as long as it gets water, in the same manner human beings can do chronic fasting with honey with out causing any harm or damage to the body.You can't fast long if you don't consume honey considering it as food particle. I hope people of all ages without any gender difference suffering from different types of diseases follow this with utmost discipline and complete it successfully. I hope fasting with honey will make you free from all your fears regarding fasting just as how sunrise eliminates all the darkness.

11. Importance of enema in fasting

People consider enema as a procedure done in hospitals before performing a surgery or delivery by using soap solution, but no one understands its importance in our health. Only people who follow naturopathy are aware of the fact that every household should definitely contain enema box. Only people following the naturopathy understand the luxury behind enema in fasting. It is very useful in fasting just in the same way how food is when you are hungry. It is quite natural for you t experience heaviness in the stomach , uneasy and weak if you don't do enema in fasting, just like ho you feel weak, angry, sad when are not provided food. You shouldn't start fasting without having enema box by your side.
As long as human being consume food we excrete once a day or once in 2 days. We excrete only when we consume food, just in the same manner how new water pushes old water in a canal.Since the day of fasting as there is no production of faeces ,old ones doesn't move. Microorganisms and toxins are produced from these stored faeces and they enter blood stream through walls of intestine and circulate in our body. When water in a canal remains stagnant all the waste material gets stuck there, turns black ,smells bad and becomes the place where flies and mosquitoes breed the same happens in our body. We are fasting so that we can remove all the toxins and waste materials accumulated in the body since longtime. By this we can understand that fasting is a cleaning process. In order to get rid of loans we need to first stop getting newones then we will be able to clear new ones. In the same manner inorder to remove stored faeces, we need to do enema to get rid of new ones and fasting helps in removal of old ones.
Other disadvantage of not doing enema is all the blood and oxygen in the boy gets pooled up near the intestines and can't remove waste from all other parts of our body and repair them. We won't regain our healthy even after fasting for long duration.We won't feel hungry. This kind of fasting causes harm to our body than benefits.It not called fasting if this happens.
Doing enema is important because most of the energy in the body is lost in the form of faeces, enema helps in easy removal and decreases effort on our body. This also hastens the oxygen consumption and removes all types of waste materials from our body. Faeces is the birth place of all toxins and bacteria in our body. If we can remove the waste accumulated in intestines by enema we can easily remove waste materials through all other excretory organs. You feel hungry while fasting or weakness won't be lost a long as faeces are stored in intestines. Bad odour and mucous on the tongue is also not lost. You won't have a desire to eat. In the first week of fasting even though you do enema twice, the amount of faeces excreted is little, dark muddy coloured and with bad odour. Even after 60 days of fasting you can see clover worms in your faeces.
You may be feel objectified if i say that 99 out 100 are experiencing constipation. All people undergoing fasting should do enema once or twice a day depending on the need. It is beneficial for our intestines and doesn't cause harm. We use luke warm water, if neccesary neem leaves or lemon juice in enema. You shouldn't use any other medication , salt water , castor oil etc for constipation except enema. They all reduce the benefits of fasting. There is no other thing that is as good as enema. There is no other thing that is more beneficial to human beings than enema. Lets get rid of our lifestyle soon.

12.Advice to people who wants to fast !

Humans used to cure their health problems in natural way by fasting and by using ayurvedic methods in times where there is no hospital facility. With passing time humans stopped using these techniques and are adopting for temporary methods that provide relief and made visiting doctors and hospitals a routine by turning themselves into chronic patients, leading their life miserably. Human beings are experiencing lot of trouble in their lives due to disease load. There are hardly no one from children to oldage individuals who are leading a happy and healthy life and stay confident about them being healthy. We are arrived to such a place in life where we need to understand how our food habits are causing diseases. Coming are the days where man has to travel back from bad to good ,People are interested in their health and working on their bad habits and coming back to natural way of living and medicine. Many people are finding it difficult to get rid of these habits and cravings. There will be no human existence if human being don't opt to naturopathy. Humans got close to diseases as they fell in the trap of taste.
Since past 15 to 20 years laws of nature and fasting have been polluted due to improper usage. It is advertised among the people that only obese people needs to fast. It is responsibility of naturopathic doctors and followers to spread awareness about fasting among the people.Naturopathy should be taught to people who follow it utmost discipline, in this way we can save naturopathic medicine. Normal people learn importance of fasting and naturopathy from them. 95% of population are not aware about the benefits of fasting. The fact people are aware about is different from the actual one, it is due to serving the power in wrong hands. If you serve a ladoo to 3 different people there opinion about the ladoo, one feeling hungry says it is yummy and sweet, other one with fever say it tastes bitter and the one who just consumed it a lot says it doesn't taste good, we have different opinion from different people even though the item we serve remains the same.In the same manner people do fast and share there experiences differently. People who are hungry share the true experience of food, In the same manner people who are interested in leading a happy and healthy life mention true details of fasting. People who consume ladoo with out interested mention wrong details in the same manner people who fast without interest and dedication mention the wrong details about it based on their experience. Here the majority of people mention their bad experiences of fasting and only one person mentions the truth. Even though the truth is with minority majority always wins This betrayal is happening to naturopathic medicine and laws of fasting since ages and continues to happen even today. Its my humble request for people to follow these rules with utmost dedication and spread a word of hope and truth to mankind. For the mankind to overcome sadness we need to follow laws of nature as rules.
If you are trying to learn techniques of fasting for the first time its better if you do it under the guidance of naturopathic doctor. We need to prepare ourselves in a manner where we get rid of all our fears regarding fasting and practise it on our own in our household when needed. You should never start in a hurry by reading a book and consuming food when you feel hungry or low. My book laws of fasting can provide assistance when you are doing it the second time at home.It provides all the necessary information regarding fasting but, i never meant you can fast at home my reading my book. It is just for improving your understanding. We humans are aware of few diseases and unaware about few. Inorder to prevent troubles due to diseases you can consult a doctor and start fasting. My advice is the you should never fast without the expert guidance.
We are teaching naturopathy, fasting rules not just as medicine but also a way of living. Our effort is to cure you and teach you these methods so that you can cure yourselves when needed in future. My efforts are to make fasting your life partner just like your spouse so that it stays with you for life.My aim is to prepare you in such a manner that there should no need for you to roam around hospitals and you can save your health on your own.My advice is that people who are serious about their health try these methods because it needs lifelong commitment and discipline and helps you to lead a happy life.
Fasting is not just a treatment procedure ,it is much beyond this . It is a law that needs to be followed. Its a mistake if you think only diseased people should do it. Its a best tip that entire family can follow. It should not be like you hear about this today and start it tommorow, first you need to get clear understanding of it, then start following it without dropping and with utmost dedication.
You should not use fasting rules playfully or just to pass time. It's a law and it will be a sin if not properly done. If you don't have enough sources to do fasting better avoid it. Nature protects us in the name of fasting just as how a mother saves her children. It is your good fortune if you get a chance,you will be ruined if you don't fast. It's my belief that there is no better solution than fasting to cure diseases. Fasting rules never change, affected in life time, it's a known truth. Human life is temporary, if we don't follow the laws of nature properly and pass on incorrect guidelines to future generations, there is no bigger sin than this. We indians should take responsiblity that we don't let this happen. World will be a happy of place only when all the people living in it remain happy. Lets follow laws of nature and fasting rules perfectly so that we can leave a happy life. We have all the responsibility of passing this legacy to future generations in the name of laws will save you if you follow them. I firmly believe you get all the answers for your questions by following laws of nature.

13. How should our thinking be in fasting?

Human body is naturally happy, if you stay mentally peaceful it is easy to cure any disease. Our body works based on our thoughts. If we think positively we won't experience illness. Our thoughts and health are interlinked. The response of cells in the brain depends on our thoughts. Thoughts and chemical substance produce in brain are closely related. When our thought are positive the chemical substance that restore health are released. If we have negativity the chemical substance that cause illness are released. People who can control their thoughts can lead a healthy life. If we are devoted to a cause completely this leads to increased production of serotonin hormone which acts as promoter. On the other hand if we work uninterestedly serotonin release decreases and we may not get expected release. For example when we are interested in doing a work we don't feel tired. Our thoughts are responsible for this. When you are not interested in doing a work you won't get benefited and experience failure. If we have self-confidence we can think appropriately. As we have the capability to think use it in the right way. Thoughts can make mud as medicine and cure diseases. This doesn't work for animals which lack cognitive skills. Trust and belief give strength to our thoughts. Lets understand how our thought process should remain while fasting.
Food consumption :
1. You need to prepare yourselves aday before fasting that you are not going to consume tasty food ,smells and you should consume honey water or water from tomorrow. All your three meals comprises honey. If you get mentally prepared it will become easy for you to follow from the next day. You won't experience weakness if you follow above mention method.If you can control your cravings,production of digestive juices decreases automatically.You can experience benefits of fasting since day 2. If your mind gets distracted in fasting development of benefits may take up to 3 to 5 days. Thoughts of food produce saliva and increases gastric acid secretion, This causes more damage to our body than eating food.You should not deviate on smell and thoughts of tasty food. If you don't bother about them , they disappear on their own.We won't mourn for an unknown person, we do only when we want to do.In the same manner if you consider the tastes as your own you get effected. Even though we experience them it should be like a come and go business rather than a permanent one. If we don't practise this kind of behaviour in fasting we may stop doing it early. Our thoughts,intestines and digestive juices have a very close relation.It works so fast that it produce digestive juices even with a thought, just as we get tears immediately after we cry.
It is not called fasting when digestive juices are produced in the intestines. Once the secretion starts producing, energy production gets stopped and we start experiencing weakness. See how our thought process is reflecting our actions. So people remember there favourite dishes thinking that atleast this would make them happy but it doesn't happen soo.They think that these thoughts aren't seen by any one.Damage is more when we betray our ownself than others. Our mind can function in a way that it can even repair us and damage too.
2. On doctor : Trust on your doctor helps in easy recovery every religion describes that our diseases can be cured by belief. Some people use techniques like hypnotism and increase their belief and trust and achieve good results. The patient should have trust and believe in his doctor in order to cure his disease. We get cured eventhough the doctor we trust injects distilled water many chronic diseases can be cured by patients trust. We need to develop confidence in doctor and medical procedure before we start of treatment especially in naturopathy. If we don't trust your doctor his words won't boost you. This boosting works better than any other medicine. If you start any treatment considering that the treatment procedure and the doctor are effecient to cure you you get good results. In ancient times people used to cure scorpion bites by chanting some mantras. The belief within you boostens the immune system and our body produces antidote on its own. In naturopathic medicine doctors won't give you any kind of medicine, the retricted diet and make you fast,treatment here is based on patients belief you can't fast for long duration if you lack trust in your doctor.
3. Belief: Main reason for sickness is our thinking, so change of thought can cure your diseases. Belief is the most important weapon to change the mind and thinking of a person. These thoughts in our brain starts a chemical reaction and neurotransmitters produced by our brain are based on our thinking. These neurotransmitters mix with blood and stimulate all the cells of human body.In this manner our thoughts are responsible for the actions within our body. Thoughts reflect as chemicals.Proteins production from the cells of our body depends on our thoughts.Thoughts don't have a physical presence but they are making one.Patient with positive mindset gets cured early and patients with negativity suffer for long duration of time.
4.Focus:We can't appreciate the changes in fasting if we don't focus on it properly. The blood supply, nerve supply increases in areas where we focus. You need to focus on the honey water you consume and assume that it should reach every cell of your body to provide energy. Imagine that every cell of our body is getting those energy.You need to observe the changes that occur physically and around you daily.You need to focus your mind on large intestines after doing enema. You need to focus on the area where water is applied while fasting and observe the change in circulation. If you don't focus the nerve supply and blood supply won't improve. You need to focus on your feet when you are soaking them in water. If you keenly observe the changes occuring in your body while fasting it will be of great help when you repeat at home. You will understand the technique only when you focus. If we can't analyse the symptoms we experience in fasting and explain them clearly to the doctor we may land up in trouble. You may describe things differently if we can't analyse them properly.
5. Sex life:Its better if you can control your sexual desires while fasting. These desires hinders excretion.All the energy, blood that is involved in repair is now transported to our genitals. You can finish your work only when all the blood reaches your organs. It may takes more than 1 or 2 hours for the body, nerves ,blood to come out of it and it consumes lot of energy. You can save your energy if you can control your desires. This helps in early finishing of fasting.
6.Neighbourhood:The encouragement given by friends,family,neighbours can help you in achieving,discouragement can lead to depression. Encouraging words give you a lot of strength while fasting. Many people living in our society don't have good opinion on fasting. People who don't fast suffer from lot of difficulties than people who are fasting May be.Our colleagues and nighbours give us their advice no matter good or bad but its better to avoid it when you are fasting. Fasting and stopping it are two plans that are always in our control. The work happens based on our conscience. Main thing here is what we want. We need to move forward rather than effected by others words. The main reasons behind why people stop fasting are fear and doubt. Its a superstitious belief that its not good to cross paths with a widow, we start our work thinking in that manner so we relate everything with it. In the same manner many people suggest us to stop fasting ,few tell us its a waste of time, some request us to consume food and some try to threaten us.Please don't get into an argument with them and just listen to what they say.What you believe only happens in the end, their words are harmless.
7. Imaginations : We get our thoughts based on our imagination, if we watch a 3 hour movie all our thoughts go around the movie for next one hour. If our imagination is not good, the changes in our mind increases acid production and release them into blood.Glucose levels within our liver gets decreased. Our heart rate increase and metabolic rate increases, this further weakens us.Blood pressure also increases, this type of changes causes trouble to our excretion. If your thoughts are good, this increases dopamine secretion.Dopamine encourages us to do work and gives us happiness.This is the reason why we feel happy and active in fasting. In fasting if people loose their weight they stay happy and becomes sad if they don't observe any changes in one or two days. Over joy and sadness cause trouble to fasting. This is due to release of various chemicals into our blood streams. We need to read good books, epics and health related book in fasting. Avoid watching television and movies.
8. Anger: If we are angry on our ownself or some others it causes damage to our own body. Anger is like a seed to future disease. Anger, Irritation, fear tension,crying and depression etc. cause pollution to your body and mind. That is the reason why we blabber words like i'm not a human don't make me angry, i can't control what i do when im angry. Anger turns human being into an animal.Inorder to cultivate humanity we need to get rid of anger.Lets understand what happens when we get angry. Histamine is released into our body when we get anger or when we cry. When we are angry our brain requires more oxygen, inorder to meet these demands our heart beats at a faster rate. These are reasons why humans gets tired or experience fatigue after being angry. Our blood gets heaten up as this same blood reaches our head our scalp gets heated up. The vessels in our respiratory system gets constricted due to increased histamine levels in blood. Air can't effeciently enter into respiratory system and remove waste materials as blood vessels are constricted. The mucous gets formed in our lungs inorder to dilute histamine and push it out of our nose to prevent obstruction to air flow. We sneeze due to that reason. This is also reason behind burning sensation in eyes and running nose when we are angry. Have you ever observed tears are always hot on the other hand the happy tears are cold, this is due to destructive and useful harmonal reactions respectively happening in our body.
We remain anxious and excited for 1 to 2 hrs after getting into a fight, angry or after crying. It takes lot of time for the chemicals to move out of our body. You may get angry for just a minute but the effect persists for long period of time. This the reason why our elders say our anger is our enemy. It is even worse when people fasting gets angry, irritated and gets anxiety. All the oxygen and water present in our body tends to work in a different way if you get angry. If we won't cure the damage caused to our body due to our anger it may effect our respiratory activity, brain and heart functions. Our body completely stops excretion and starts dealing withour anger. This is the reason why we won't feel hunger while fasting. Our thoughts work according to our anger but doesn't produce digestive juices.People who are fasting do these kind of activities it causes more damage. I mentioned all these so that you don't commit these mistakes while fasting. If you keep your mind happy, at peace and satisfied, fasting works as a medicine and cures all your diseases.
It is not called fasting if you provide rest to stomach and body. If you make your soul ready for it, it is called as fasting. If we can't focus it will be of no use even if you fast in naturopathic centres. It is will more beneficial even when you stay at home and follow a doctor' advice when your prepare your body for it. Where there is a will there is a way.Medicine can cure you as well as kill you, in the same manner the way of thinking while fasting can improve your energy and make you weak. Its benefits depends on us. Our life is a mixture of happiness and sadness. If sadness dominates our immune system becomes weak and even chronic fastings won't be of any use. Let us all try to keep ourselves calm, overcome difficulties and fast according to our body types and enjoy the fruits of fasting. Your shadow reflects your presence and your soul is the only companion in fasting never forget that.

14. How to start fasting ?

You should get up early in the morning at 5 or 6 in the morning since the day you start fasting. Don't get at 7 or 8 in the morning and do things in a hurry, waking up early in the morning helps you to consume more amounts of honey water and water.Consuming them both frequently helps us to remain active and cleans our body.
Immediately after waking up brush your teeth and consume 1 litre of water in one go. People who are not habituated can gradually increase the amount to 1 litre. There are 2 advantages, first one is water we consume fills the stomach and becomes heavier it increases the pressure on large intestines which causes the movement of faeces and helps in easy excretion. After consuming water walk for a while so that it leads to easy movement of faeces and don't use washroom untill it gets urgent. If you start practising it while fasting you can make it a habit and repeat it even after you started consuming food. Excretion becomes easier even without the usage of enema. second one is when it drizzles all the water is absorbed by earth but when it rains heavily some amount of water flows to the fields, in the same manner when we consume le amounts of water all the water is absorbed by intestines and reaches blood, when you consume more amounts of water some amounts of water reach your large intestines and dissolve the hardened faeces.
You need to do enema 30 min after consuming water. You need to do enema even though you had your motion done. Don't worry if it doesn't occur after you consume water. Its not so easy in people with constipation. Don't mix soap solution. You can use 1 litre to 2litres of water for performing enema. It better to do enema by lying down on your right side. It takes 10 to 15 min for the water to excrete that we sent by enema. At the time of excretion pressing above and below your belly button helps in complete excretion. People with constipation can repeat this once more at 5 to 6 pm once again. In the same manner you need to repeat enema everyday as long as you fast.
You need to stop consuming bed coffee or tea since the day of fasting. You should start consuming honey water or lemon juice 15 min after the completion of enema. It means you need to consume slowly one big glass(300-400 ml) of water with lemon and 4 table spoons of honey in it. You should consume 2 glasses of water after 1 hr that means by 8 a.m. If you can't consume 2 glasses at once you can take a gap of 15 min. You need to consume lemon juice with honey at 9 a.m and 2 glasses of water at 10 a.m. You need to repeat drinking water and lemon juice alternately till the evening.Don't neglect consumption of water thinking that you are not hungry and got busy in work.Don't consume more amounts of water after 7 pm because it causes sleep disturbance as you wake frequently to urinate. You need to consume honey water till the time you sleep once in every 2 hours. In summer season or hot days its better we consume more amounts of water than usual.
You should prepare and consume lemon water and honey water immediately, you should never store it in a container or place it in a freeze because the free oxygen in it gets oxidised and the drink gets spoiled. It turns bitter with passing time and their is no use in consuming it. If you find it difficult to prepare honey water or lemon water you can lick honey and drink water. You should never use lemon,honey or water stored in fridge while fasting.
You need to bath early in the morning with cool water everyday. You need to bath in the evening also. You can bath with luke warm water if needed. Its better if you bath using 2 to 3 buckets of cold water slowly for 10 to 15 min starting from the skull. Our body temperature increases in fasting. Its healthy to bath with cold water. You need to stop consuming ciggarettes , pan masala,other food materials since day 1 of fasting. It is not called fasting if you consume any of this. Its important to control your cravings while fasting. Its better to sleep early while fasting. More the rest you provide to your body, more is the loss of waste materials from your body. You can get up early in the morning if you sleep early at night.
You need to consume 1 litre of water, do enema, consume honey water, water and take a head bath, gets ample amounts of rest,sleep early all the days you do fastings. Depending on the diseases and symptoms we start mud bandages, tub bath, soaking of feet,wet bandages etc start two to three days after the start of fasting. This helps in easy cleaning of our body.
There are more disadvantages than advantages when start fasting at home by reading books. If its your first attempt, its better you consult a doctor and do under his guidance. Later you can do this at home. Don't start at home and face troubles and start friendship with fasting. Its my humble request.

15. Why can we stop using medicine while fasting?

We are consuming artificial medicine because we made it a habit to consume artificial food. The tasty food we consume daily has particles that cause diseases ,these particles doesn't excrete efficiently from our body and lead to development of diseases. We are using medicines to get rid of diseases instead of avoiding food materials that cause diseases. We are spending our lives creating diseases by eating food and solving them by consuming medicines.For examole people suffering from hypertension can get rid of it by stopping salt consumption instead people are reducing salt intake and using medication to control hypertension produced by the little salt they consume. We are consuming medicines only because we can't stop salt consumption. The 7 types of tastes we eat daily are causing all these diseases, these are responsible for using medications. So we clearly understand that we can stop medications if we can control our taste buds.
In our case we are stopping consumption of those 7 tastes and starting our fast. As we stopped consumption of tasty food , diseases gets prevented. We may be mentally low for the first few days due to stoppage of medicine, but our disease doesn't increase. People with hypertension are supposed to take pills for the first two days. If needed you need reduce dose slowly,this rule applies only for hypertension. People with mild hypertension can stop using immediately. Even though we stopped consuming salt , our bp doesn't reduce as the salt previously stored is lost slowly.Our BP decreases slowly with passing time. People with diabetes can stop the medication from the day 1 of fasting or else there is a chance we land into hypoglycemia. Sugar levels may raise in the first few days but it will settle as time passes.
People with gastro intestinal diseases can stop medications completely. Doing enema can clean your intestines and makes your gastrointestinal tract easy. If the stomach and intestines are at rest for long time diseases can cure easily. The honey water and water we use in fasting be light on our GI. People with respiratory problems can also stop medications from the day 1. Lemon water and honey water can completely dilute the mucous and lost easily. New secretions formation is also reduced. As our stomach is empty in fasting we take in more amounts of air and it makes us feel at ease even without the usage of medication.
In People suffering from kidney diseases and edema fasting helps in excretion of more amounts of salt in the form of urine. Steam bath also helps in loss of water.Our kidneys remains at ease if all the water is lost from our body. Many diseases are easily being cured in fasting without the use of medication. People with heart diseases can also stop using medications since day1 of fasting. Blood supply and oxygen supply to heart increases since the day 1 of fasting. On the other hand honey prevents formation of blood clots. As all the unneccessary water is lost our heart tend to function effectively even without the need of medicine. People with muscular and joints can get rid of them by warm compressions. We loose weight in fasting naturally and feel so light that many diseases gets cured without the use of medications. People suffering from vascular and nerve disorders can stop using medications since day 1 of fasting. In fasting nerve conduction and blood flow becomes active and more effiecient. Fasting creates space, all the fat and cholesterol accumulated in blood vessels is cleared on its own without the need of medication. So,Fasting makes us to get rid of medications. You always have an option to use medication when needed. As diseases are curing on there own in fasting if we use medication there is a chance that our Bp and sugar levels fall before normal. This is the reason why we ask people to stop medication while fasting.
Fasting is better than any medication we ever used. Our diseases gets cured faster by fasting than by medication. Our body gets closer to nature with every passing day. The elements of nature work as medicine while fasting. Our diseases also gets cured as we are treating them naturally, there will be no need for the usage of medicine. Don't worry about stopping the use of medicine in fasting. Worrying about anything always have a bad impact on health. There is high chance our diseases gets cured by fasting alone. We saw many people in our experience who consume more than 30 pills a day and stay healthy after stopping their usage on day 1. We all are aware about the fact that ants attack food as long as it is present there. It is equally true that diseases get cured once we get rid of all our desires. There is no better medicine than fasting and no bigger taste than hunger. Get them and be the most lucky ones.

16. How would it be in fasting?

We always feel apprehensive about fasting - how it would be or what happens if we do fasting. Most of the people never implement it, due to the pre-concevied notions and false fears. In life, if an effort fetches us profitable results, we will put all our efforts - least bothering about the difficulties we may face. The best example is about people visiting Lord Venkateshwara, by resorting to mounting steps on foot, which is a strenuous activity. Even people who are not habituated much to walking, give their try, with a view of getting more profitable results. But, when we tell them that fasting yields greater health benefits than they ever imazine, they still hesitate to take up fasting. Seems, it is man's weakness to yearn for 'valuable' things in life, but never try for 'invaluable' treasures that cannot be bought with money.
Though, people know that medicine can cause side effects, still they are not avoiding the life style. They know that taking medicine can add another disaster to the prevailing ailment, but, still they are resorting to the same practice. They have fearful notions about fasting that it can cause problems and side effects. We will be utterly deceived if we think that fasting yields problems and side effects.They are, in fact, greater opportunities offered by God, to cleanse our body. Whatever the body undergoes in fasting, it happens for the benifit of the body. Fasting never inflicts any harmful effects on the body. It is a well-known truth that no man is ever harmed by following our dharmas. Dharmas are meant to uplift the human being - not to degrade or harm him. As we go on fasting as part of following dharma, it always does good to the body. Fasting protects us. The words of the deceiving people are always alluring to the ear. It is a norm of the world that we distrust people who seek our well-being. Having apprehensions about fasting is similar to this. We are blindly following the bitter, personal experiences of some people and not inviting fasting into our lives. It's our fate! If you understand the truth behind the science of fasting, you don't need to believe anyone blindly.
Whatever happens, just for your well-being: Just as we cannot live in a dirty house, health can't dwell in the body which is not clean inside. Fasting is nothing but an opportunity to clean the body and then inviting health. We all have the responsibility and know the ways to make the home - dirt-free. In the same way, we should have a similar responsibility to cleanse the body from inside. Just as we mop the house with a wet cloth, we rub and clean the body during our everyday bath. But, additionally, on the festive days, we resort to more thorough-cleaning methods, to make the home cleaner than ever. Similarly, we should cleanse the body from inside, on the festive days, by practicing fasting. On a festive day, it it true that the house is getting cleaned, but what about our bodies? Forget about thorough cleaning, on the festive days, the bodies are - in fact - becoming dirtier inside. Imazine cleaning a house which is locked for four months! How much effort, time and energy it takes for thorough cleaning! In the same way, if we are making the first attempt to cleanse the body, which is not cleaned inside for years, it is no surprise that the fasting takes more days and the body may also face some obstacles.
Imagine that we started cleaning the house with cleanly water. Similarly, in fasting, we start cleaning the body with honey and pure water. If we pour water on dirt initially, it starts soaking. Similarly, if we start taking honey and pure water, without having any food, the waste matter inside the body starts soaking. Just as the thick dirt takes more time to soak or move, if the waste material inside the body is accumulated more, it takes four days more to get soaked or moved. Have you ever cleaned polished stones? They are cleaned quite easily, with less sound. If the waster matter inside the body is less, we may not face difficulties such as diarrhoea, nausea and other pains, and the waste matter moves out easily. But, if you are cleaning the rough stones, it makes more noise and the dirt takes more time to get cleaned. Similarly, if the waste matter is more accumulated in the body, we may face problems in fasting and it takes more fasting days to complete thorough cleansing. Some times, for hard stains, we need to rub harder to get rid of them. Those stains need more energy and patience. Similarly, if the waste matter is sticking hard to the body and cannot be moved out easily, body sends more energy to the particular area of the body to get it cleaned. In this process, the area of the hard core waste matter is exposed to tougher repair and hence, it causes some difficulty to the body. Just as we hear squealing noises while rubbing the hard stains, our body also exerts some slight pains, ailmements and difficulties. Do we abandon the cleaning activity, just because of the shrilling sounds, which are harsher to the ears? In the same way, we should not stop the cleansing activity of the body just for small pains, stomach aches, and other symtoms of diarrhea. Just as we complete the house-cleaning activity, despite some difficulties, we should cleanse the body, despite facing small pains and difficulties.
While we clean the house, all dirt moves out. Similarly, when we are fasting, all the waste matter is moved out of the body. While cleaning the house, the dirty water goes out through the hole, meant for it. In the same way, all the waste matter that moved in the body, due to fasting, goes out through four forms (faeces, urine, sweat and air) and also through mouth (vomiting). What purpose does it serve, when the dirt we clean in the house, stay inside? Similarly, if all the waste matter of the body doesn't move out of the body through bowel movement and vomiting, the purpose of fasting is not served. If the vent hole of the house is blocked, we use a stick to poke through it till all the dirt moves out of the house. So, the same rule is applicable to our body. During the fasting process, while the waste matter moves out of the body, we get irritated, due to lack of patience. Some may want the waste matter to stop going out; while others want to stop fasting, unable to bear even those slightest difficulties. But, if we stop fasting or start eating again, the body will never be cleansed. It is a false notion, if we consider these tiny difficulties as side effects of fasting. Because of these difficulties (symtoms of diarreah, vomiting, stomach ache, hiccups, fever), we have to note that the body is getting cleansed thoroughly of all the waste matter of the body. Let us now look at the changes that happen during fasting.
1. Headache: For some people, headache starts from the evening of the first day of fasting, and for some others, it starts from the next day morning. For those people who take tea and coffee daily, stopping those beverages during fasting, certainly causes headache. The body doesn't feel inconvenient if good habits are dropped, but if bad habits (such as tea or coffee) are dropped, headache is inevitable. As tea and coffee stimulate nerves, if the nerves of the body don't get the regular stimulation on the fasting day, they become dull and inactive. That's why, people who are habituated to tea and coffee, cannot escape headache. Similarly, people who smoke cigarettes, take alcohol, chew a kind of paan also face the trouble of headache. Apart from these people, headache is also seen in those people who tend to experience headache - daily or quite often. Just as we feel humid when we come out of the AC room, the body misses the regular food flavours - all of a sudden during fasting - and hence the inconvenience. Moreover, people have to adjust to the new habits such as drinking honey water, or noraml water in large quantities, taking cold water etc. Becase of these new habits also, they face headache in the first two days. On the second day of fasting, many people face the headache more. For this, they have to take cold water bath twice a day. If they still feel the headache unbearable, they can keep mud on the head for 20 minutes (if not mud, a wet cloth) to alleviate headache. If headache still aggravates, they can take medication. It is okay to take tablets on empty stomoach, because honey works as food. So, the tablet can be taken along with honey water. By the third day, headache will be completely cured. On the whole, within three to six days, everyone will become free of headache. Once the headache is gone in fasting, it doesn't recur. Some people may feel headache when they feel nausea - but, it disappears as soon as nausea is gone. For people who generally never feel headache, will not face the headache problem during fasting. It is to be noted that, just to avoid headache, one should not take coffe or tea or eat something, or stop fasting. It is advisable to endure the pain for the initial four days so that they can be happy throughout life, without headache and medicine.
2. Fatigue: Due to the severe headache on the first two to three days of fasting, they may feel irritated. They don't feel like doing anything. If the mind which controls the body faces such problems, then the body obviously feels fatigue. The obvious reason for this fatigue is stopping tea, coffe, cigarettes, alcohol and other food items on the very first day. The first reason for fatigue is that the body doesn't get any salt (through food). Fatigues starts from the noon of the first day and they feel complete fatigue during the second day. Most of the people will be active from day three. For some people, unless headache is reduced completely, they cannot come out of fatigue. Some people face fatigue during the second day when enema is given to them. The body doesn't feel fatigue from day four to the last two days, before fasting completes. If we perform fasting well, we never feel fatigue - one may feel mental fatigue. If honey water is not taken at regular intervals or if rest is not given to the body and if one roams around during fasting, there are chances for fatigue. One may feel fatigue after they feel nausea and vomit. Some people may feel fatigue when they don't take enough water once thier bowels are cleaned. If fatigues is unbearable during the fast, honey water can be taken for 2 to 3 times more. If one still feels fatigue, they can drink one or two glasses of coconut water. But, one should not eat food just for the reason of feeling fatigue. It can cause other problems. Some people may not sleep well, due to several reasons - when the moods are changing or when there are physical changes in the body. In such cases, they may feel fatigue. It is common that during fasting, heavy work or roaming around will cause fatigue. So, to perform fasting for many days, one should take day-by-day measures to prevent fatigue.
3. Bitterness of mouth: Most of the people start to feel bitterness of mouth from the third or fourth day of fasting. As the waste matter in intestines and liver is stirred and going out, they feel such bitterness in thier mouth. In a way, the intestines and stomach are indicating that 'we are under repair - don't offer us any food'. When we feel such bitterness in mouth, we don't feel like eating. Note that, we feel such bitterness during fever. As the body is under repair, we don't feel eating anything. The body is intentionally designed by God in such a way, because, if we don't feel such bitterness, we will be ready to eat something during fasting or even when we have fever. Once the intestines and liver is thoroughly cleaned, mouth will become fresh. When bitterness prevails, even three times of brushing per day, won't help. Brushing twice a day with neem twigs can make the mouth a bit fresher. So, bitterness of mouth during fasting is a common phenomenon - one need not be worried about it.
4. stomach ache: Stomach ache is another symtom people face during fasting. Some people may face it mildly, while some other may feel it so severly. As we do enema everyday, during fasting, the stagnant faetus moves due to the enema water. Some times, the waste matter can easily be stirred out by the enema water. But, in some cases where the waste matter is dried up in the intestines and is sticky in nature, it will be getting soacked daily in the enema water. When the waste mater is too sticky to be moved out by the enema water, the body uses all its energy to move the waste from the intestines, causing contraction in the intestines. During this process, the stagnant faetus or the sticky waste matter comes out of the intestines, causing pain. This contraction in the intestine is so painful. Unless body uses all its energy to initiate intestine contraction, the waster matter inside won't come out. Hence, it causes such severe pain.This is a responsible attempt done by our energy to protect the body from stagnant waste matter stored in the intestines. During our daily bowel movement, waste matter is sent out of the body on the daily basis - whatever we have taken. But, the waste matter which is stored there, does not move out - it stays there as waste. As we don't eat anything during fasting, this stored waste is targetted to be moved out. This stored waste generally sticks to the stomach or reaches the navel inside and sticks there. So, once the pain comes, the bowel movement starts effectivley. only after defecation, the pain gets reduced. For some people, pain may last for one or two days. This pain is primarily caused as the body tries to remove the waste from intestines with more energy if the waste matter is too sticky to be moved out.
After the mild pain, once the bowels are cleaned, for most of the people, the pain gets alleviated. If the pain is mild but the bowels are not cleared, one can resort to enema. For some, even enama cannot reduce the pain. If the pain is unbearable, they can take pain killers, which can ease the pain in 20 minutes. Note that you are taking the pain killer just to reduce the pain - not to cure the disease. After one or two days, all the stored faetus is moved out of the body with enema water. For those, who don't get any relief even after taking pain killers, can take injuction. But, that is a rare case - only 1 in 400 people. When the waste matter is moving inside the intestine to come out, any pain relief measures we undertake, such as applying heat to stomach, cannot ease the pain. These methods can work only for mild pain. To the right side, just below the navel, the large intestine starts. The waste matter is stored from the beginning of the intestine, for years. That is the reason why most people feel more pain at this point. The appendix (the 24-hour intestine) is also situated here. The pain casued due to the movement of the waste in the instines is generally happen in this area. Hence, people misidentify it as appendix problem or the 24-hour disease. During fasting, there are no chances for the appendix problem. In fact, there is no need to be worried about the stomach ache - how severe it can be. During fasting, all the pain at the navel or just below the navel is connected to the stored waste matter. In such cases, if tender coconut water (it is a bit salty in taste) can work effectively in moving the waste out of the body. According to the requirement, one can use lemon water or water boiled with neem leaves as enema. Generally, such pain is common in the middle of fasting or at the end of fasting. Imagine how long the sticky waste inside the intestines gets soaked! However, this is not the case of all the people. There are four people in hundred, who really cannot bear the pain and need to take medicine. In fact, we should feel happy that the waste matter, that has been stored there for years is getting cleansed thoroughly. We should not rather worry about the pain, anticipating the pain we may not experience at all.
5.Diarrhea: Gererally, we feel fatigue after four to five times of bowel movement. We either go to the hospital and get tablets or get saline prescribed. During diarrhea, we get dehydrated and hence, we feel fatigue. But, in the diarrhea which happens during fasting, we don't lose much water from the body. That's why, even if the bowels are cleaned for ten times, we will not feel fatigue. There are people who go for 30 -35 times for bowel cleaning. But, still, they won't feel so fatigued that they need saline. The common count of the bowel movement for majority of the people is: 5 to 10 times. Those people who face vomitting along with diarrhea, may feel fatigue as no food goes inside. If the situation is worse, they can get saline. If water is taken more, the waste matter in the intestine gets soaked well. Similarly, the waste is soaked by the enema water as well. Despite the waste is discharged heaviliy in the morning, there is some still stored in the intestine and mow and then, the remaining waste moves out slowly. Some people have amebiasis or some stickiness in the intestines. When they are on fasting, all the energy of the body unites to do the repair activity and hence, the faetus moves out slowly - in small quantities. Once the sticky faetus is moved in the intestine, it does not stay there for long. This is because, the sticky matter is sliding by nature and hence reaches to the bottom of the intestines, causing bowel movement. But, for those people who suffer from severe constipation, the faetus is formed into balls and sticks to the intestines. For this reason, the waste matter, though moved at noon in fasting, will not come out of the body till the next day morning, along with the enema water. The hard faetus balls do not slide swiftly in the intestines. That is the reason why people who suffer from constipation, don't feel enough bowel movement, during fasting.
The faetus in the intestine - as it is moved - comes out with the little water available, as sticky substance. This bowel movement contains water in a small quantity. Whatever water we take during fasting comes to the intestine but no other water from the body comes to the intestines. That's why we should not be worried about the diarrhea caused during fasting. However, some people face knee joint pains and fatigue, as they need to sit and stand multiple times as they attend the nature's call multiple times. If anyone feels fatigue, they can sip a glass of buttermilk. According to the requirement, they can take more. Instead of taking two glasses of water at a time forcefully, it is advisable to take lukewarm water - slowly, sipping for ten minutes. If we drink water all at once, we may feel the bowel movement again. It is better to reduce the intake of honey and lemon water and keep one or two spoons of honey in the mouth for longer time so that we will not feel fatigue. If enema is done with cool water, diarrhea can come down a bit. It is also helpful to keep wet cloth or mud packs on the stomach. Sometimes, whatever we do, diarrhea will not be controlled. In such a case, we better take a tablet to control it. For some people, a tablet can work effectivly, but for others, it may not yield fruitful results. In such a case, they have to take an injection. To ease fatigue, we can take buttermilk along wth sweet coconut water. All these measures are meant, just to control diarrhea. Once it is controlled, fasting should be continued, as usual. If we feel the bowel movement, we better stop taking one liter water in the morning. It all indicates that the body is being cleansed, as the waste matter is moved out through frequent bowel movments.
6. Dizziness:In fact, no one feels dizzy due to the honey and lemon water fasting that we prescribe. If someone doesn't take the required amount of honey water, and the time gap is more, they may feel dizzy. Even if they are asked to take honey water at 7 am, they delay the activity till after they take steam bath. This negligence to delay taking the honey water in time can cause dizziness. People who are obese, when getting up from bed, should not try to stand all of a sudden. It may cause them feel dizzy. It is advisable to sit for a minute, before they stand up. People who are sitting for longer hours, better sit for a minute and relax before standing up and move ahead. As all the body's energy is involved in the repairing activity inside, it takes a little time (than normal) for the outward body movements. Because, this energy is delayed a bit, we may feel dizzy during the fasting. Some people may feel the dizziness after they take enema, and others may feel it when they stand up, after sitting for 15 minutes during the nature's call. Some may feel dizziness after vomiting. As we are aware of it before hand, it is better to take precautions, instead of falling down and get hurt. Because, certain people who do not take honey water at regular intervals, may feel dizzy and fall down and they project a wrong notion to others that fasting can cause dizziness. No one thinks that it is their fault. So, one should feel responsible to safeguard the motives of the prescriber by following the instructions properly. If water is not taken in sufficient quantity, one may feel dizziness. Take care and don't fall prey to dizziness. If anyone falls down due to dizziness, wake them up by sprikling water and let them lick honey.
7. Inflammation in stomach:During fasting, the digestive juices are not produced.For people who are on fasting, if they feel like eating or if they think about food or if they feel anger or tention, then there is a chance for the production of acids in the intestines. For some people, the digestive juices continue to produce, even after they start fasting. Because of this, they may feel inflammation in the stomach. This inflammation can subside temorarily when they take honey water, but, it starts again after half an hour. Likewise, when they take water as well, which gives only temporary relief. To send out the acids completly, it is better to take warm water and vomit. Taking lukewarm water with a small quantity of salt can also give better results. In case of inflammation, better stop the intake of honey and lemon luke warm water. If not, it is better to sip the liquid slowly. They can also take luke warm water. It is also advisable to try vomiting twice a day. It is also good to use mud packs on the stomach, twice a day. If inflammation still persists, they can take coconut water or buttermilk, two or three times a day. If these things are done for one or two days, inflammation in the stomach can be completely cured. But, one should not drink milk or eat something. Once the inflammation of the stomach is completely cured, we should start fasting with honey water again. In fasting, we should always be mentally driven by the health benefits that fasting brings.
8. Hiccups, nausea, vomiting: During fasting, due to normal water and honey water we take, the waste matter moves, initially from the liver. Likewise, the waste from the intestines also moves well. During fasting, if digestive juices are produced in the intestines, when they are thrown out of the body, we may feel nausea. If all the waste matter from the liver is stirred, it comes out along with the bile juice from the liver and moves to the intestines. Due to this inflow of the bile juice, which is not accompanied with food, can cause slight inflamation along with nausea. For those people who have a lot of waste matter in the liver or who have liver diseases, they feel nausea more during fasting. If such bile juices enter the intestines, we feel inconvenience in the stomach and it may get bloated. We may also feel shortness of breath. Some may feel, inclined bowel movement. All the waste matter which enters the intestines, should go out through vomiting. One will feel very pleasant after vomiting. When the stomach is empty, it is good to take 4 to 5 glasses of lukewarm water, and initiate vomiting, by putting fingers in the mouth. We will feel great relief once vomiting is done. If vomiting is not done successfully with ordinary water, it is better to try vomiting by taking lukewarm water with half spoon salt. This way, we can send out all the bile juices from stomach. When we use fingers in the mouth, while trying to vomit, there is a chance of fingers poking the tender part of the throat area and blood may be seen in the vomitted water. But, we should be not be worried, by looking at the blood in the vomited water. We need to ensure that fingers do not poke the throat area. Unless we take stomach-ful of the salt water, we cannot vomit. If salt water doesn't come out through vomit, it may immediately cause diarrhea. When we take salt water, we need to ensure that everything is coming out when we vomit. To ease the feeling of nausea, we can place hot-water cloth on the liver or we can also place mud packs. These can be done twice a day.
During nausea, we don't feel like taking honey water or water at all. Once nausea is started, headache will follow. Unless vomiting is done, we don't feel relieved. Once vomiting is done, if we don't feel like drinking honey water or normal water, we can take some coconut water. To reduce fatigue, we can lick honey. After vomiting is done, some may feel slight pain in the throat. Inflammation in the stomach is also a common symptom. In such cases, it is better to take a glass of buttermilk. It is advisable if we can vomit two to three times a day, so that we can bring out the bile juices from the intestines. We may feel relieved. In regular vomiting on a normal day, there will be fatigue. But when we vomit during fasting, we don't feel fatigue. Moreover, after vomiting is done, we feel rejuvenated. There is no need to worry, even if vomiting happens five to six times a day. If vomiting is uncontrollable, and if we feel inflammation in the stomach, we can chew some pomegranate seeds (swallow only the juice and spit the chewed seeds). This way, we can control vomiting. From the next day, fasting with honey water is to be started again. When we feel nausea, it is better to sip water, rather than drinking it in large quantities.
During fasting, when the liver is undergoing repair, if the waste matter doesn't move from there, we will have hiccups - just to move the waste matter. Normally, we can stop hiccups by taking water. But, during fasting, hiccups cannot be controlled with honey water or normal water. In fact, hiccups cause contractions in the liver, so that the waste matter there, moves well. During hiccups, when we vomit, the hiccups are stopped after one or two hours. For some people, hiccups may recur. Even if we try to alleviate the liver, hiccups cannot be controlled. They will take their own time. But, hiccups during fasting is a rare phenomenon. Some people may have them throughout the day. The only way is to vomit two or three times a day.
In fasting, you may feel like this:
1.Just after we start fasting - during the initial second to fourth day - we may feel headache, fatigue, hunger and appetite, as we are not habituated to fasting. We don't tend to drink honey water or normal water during fasting. And, on the whole, we feel like breaking the fast. If you succumb to such difficulties and thoughts and stop fasting, then it will be difficult for you to start again it later. This is because, your mind will be inclined to fear the same problems again. If we exert patience during the initial four days, we will be habituated to these teething troubles. From there, the waste matter starts moving from the body. From that day, all the afore-said problems will stop. Just as a child who doesn't feel like going to school in the initial days, he will be habituated to school from the 7th day. Similarly, once you are habituated to fasting in the first five to six days, you will enjoy it from the seventh day.
2.After the initial five to six days of fasting, we start feeling joyful day by day. We perceive that all the waste matter (or disease) is leaving the body gradually and the body is becoming free and light. We may feel like continuing the fast, and just lead life drinking honey water. We regret why we haven't known about fasting so far or why we haven't practiced it ever. We also repent why governments are not propagating about the importance of fasting. We want to recommend it to all our friends and acquaintances. But, during this joyful state, if we are attacked by diarrhea or vomiting or stomach ache, we tend to stop fasting and go for regular diet to come out of these problems. So, when you are happy during fasting, don't be elated. Similarly, if you face any difficulty, you should not feel despair. During fasting, when the mind is in a balanced state, then only, one can complete fasting sucessfully. We should neither be elated with joy nor depressed with despair. In both these meantal states, harmful harmones are released into the blood to spoil it. Such thoughts will affect for one or two days. We should be aware of this problem.
3. During normal days, when we have diarrhea, headache or inflammation in stomach, we have a tendency to eat stomach-ful, which - we think - can solve the problem immediately. Most of the time, just after some intake, the problem gets rectified automatically. But, if we eat like that, during fasting, the waste matter stops going out. Morever, we may face new problems due to the new intake. Problems that we face during fasting should be solved only through fasting. Only through this way, the body will be thoroughly cleansed. If we stop fasting, due to body pains or vomiting, we will never get the benefits of fasting again in life. We can never overcome the fear. Only when you face the difficulties and continue fasting for a longer period, you will feel confident that you can survive without food for many days. This way, you will never fear to do fasting in the future at home.
4.After drinking honey water daily for 10 to 15 days continuously, we may get bored and even feel disgusted with honey water. Some people want to stop honey water and feel like continueing fasting with fruit juices. But, the body doesn't get cleansed with fruit juices just as it is cleansed with honey water. Moreover, if you resort to fruit juices, they cause hunger and, consequently we cannot continue fasting for a longer time. The best way is to perform fasting with honey water, as many days as possbile. During fasting, we are not taking honey water for taste. Since day one, we better take the honey water as medicine, rather than enjoying the taste of it. Because, what we feel tasty in the beginning, may become distasteful gradually and we feel inconvenience in drinking honey water. Just because, we cannot take honey water, we should not stop fasting. But, at the same time, we should not drink honey water forcefully - it won't be useful to the body. Our efforts should be heart-felt, considering the health benefits.
5.For some people, even if they do fasting for many days, they will not feel hunger. They won't feel hungry at all, even after so many days of fasting, and this causes fear in them that their hunger is extinct forever. But, in reality, hunger never dies through fasting. Because, they are much to be cleansed yet, that's why, they are not feeling hungry. They have to wait for more days to feel hunger, rather than go tense over it. In some people, hunger can be renewed in one week; and in some, it may even take 50 to 60 days.
6.On a fasting day, some people may abruptly feel tongue-tiedness, blurred vision and hearing problems. They can take the honey water two or three times, and the problems will be solved. We should not fear that something damaging is happening inside the body.
7. For the small obstacles that we face during fasting, we initially try all natural remedies to resolve the problems. If the intesnsity of the disease is more, the natural health remedies may not provide relief during fasting. In such situations, we can come out of the natural remedies and use other ways of medical aid to continue fasting. Some people think that 'As we are practicing natural ways of treatment, so we cannot opt for medicines, and if we seek medicine, there is no point in practicing natural ways of treatment'. But, it is a wrong notion. Most people fear if they can use medicine during fasting or not. Despite the method of treatment you are undergoing, if the problem is severe or if the situation is fatal, we can certainly take allopathy medicine. If we don't use the medicine when there is the requirement, it will be our fault. All different methods of medical aid are meant to provide health to us. We should use medicine once in a while and not as a regular habit. Then, they won't cause any damange to the body. Consider medicine as just medicine. We can use any medicine during fasting, according to the situation it demands. In this way, we can continue fasting, with the help of medicine.
8. Some people may get fever during fasting. But, it is better not to use medicine for fever. We should reduce honey water a little and increase the intake of normal water. In one or two days, the fever will come down automatically. In fact, during fasting, if one gets fever, it can move the waster matter out of the body more rapidly.
9. If a hundred people are fasting with us, let us see the percentages of difficulties they face during fasting:
Difficulty Faced Percentage
1. Slight head pain - 25 %
2. Headache - 60 %
3. Diarrhea - 30 %
4. Vomiting - 40 %
5. Nausea - 40 %
6. INflammation in stomach - 10 %
7. Stomach ache - 25 %
8. Stomach churning - 25 %
9. Bitterness of mouth - 80 %
10. Dizziness - 5 %
11 Hiccups - 2 %
12. Fever - 8 %
13. Falling down - 1 %
14. Belches - 10 %
15. Fatigue - 5 %
16. Feeling appetite - 8 - 10 %
17. Feeling hungry - 5 %
18. Blurredness of eyes - 2 %
19. Tongue-tiedness - 10 %
20. Hearing troubles - 5 %
21. Smells - 70 % (Faetus, urine, sweat)
Percentage of people not facing any of the above-mentioned symtoms - 30 %
We realize the importance of cool shade only after we bear the scorching heat of Sun. People who face one or two prolems during fasting enjoy fasting more, compared to the people who haven't faced any problems during fasting. Don't assume that one will face all the discussed problems - as a package. The problems we face during fasting, depend on the nature of our body and the waste matter accumulated inside the intestines. In fact, 70% of people face ly two or three problems of the list, during fasting. We will not face any other problems which are not discussed here. Though we have many diseases, we will not face any other diseases in fasting, other than the mentioned problems. If we face any problems during fasting, our family members or our relatives will be ever ready to persuade us to stop fasting. So, it is our responsibility to explain them about fasting and to ensure that they won't have any misconceptions about fasting.

17.Does fasting affect sleep?

Many people get one doubt before starting fasting. They have a pre-conceived notion that they may not get enough sleep as they don't have food in fasting. The practice of eating at night before we go to bed, is the result of man's civilization. For some people, even after the dinner is completed, and if they feel hungry when the bed time is delayed, they will eat again before going to bed. And some people are more intelligent - they prolong their dinner till thier bed time, with the fear that they may not get proper sleep if they feel hungry during the sleeping time. All such things are the result of conditioning of the mind. In fact, there is no relation between our hunger and sleep. Our ancestors used to have quite an early dinner - before the sun would set - and they used to go to sleep only after it is digested. Can we assume that they didn't have enough sleep? The momenet they lay down to sleep, they would go to slumber. Only those enjoy good sleep who toil well. People who eat stomach-ful only know drowsiness.
If the stomach is empty, we may tend to eat something or other. In fasting, in the first two to three days, as we feel hungry, all our thoughts are focussed on food. We continuously think about food, but the desire is not quenched. Hence, we won't get enough sleep during the first two to three days. From the fourth day, as we don't feel hungry or appetite, we lose the desire to eat and we will get good sleep. For those categories of people - who either do not feel hunger at all or whose bodies are bloated with water or who has constipation problem - as they start doing enema, from the first day, they lose weight in the intestines, and they get good amount of sleep. As these people don't have hunger and any appetite, they get good sleep as soon as they go to bed. For those people who have long ailments or who suffer from insomnia, or who use sleeping pills due to body pains, may not get enough sleep during the first two days. As the activity of bowel movement does not take place, they face this change. As massage, steam bath are started from day three, they will start having good sleep. As the waste matter is stirred and comes out of the body, the body feels lightened day by day. Because of this, they will have good sleep during fasting. In fact, during fasting, one may tend to sleep early, and similarly, they will get up early, as well.
In the first four to five days after fasting is started, snoring will stop for people who suffer from it. As the stomach is empty in fasting and as we get more vital energy through the lungs, those people will have sleep without any disturbances. Day by day, all the body parts start losing their weight and become ligher. Before fasting, during nights, body is toiling hard to move the waste out of the body and it doesn't take complete rest. But, now, as all the waste is moving out of the body, the body feels much lighter and takes rest and gives us good sleep. That is why, many people express their feelings that during fasting, they have deeper sleep compared to the normal days, whey they take food. When we eat stomach-ful, and to digest it, more blood and more energy reaches the stomach area. That's why, we feel drowsiness just after we have a meal. When we get sleep immediately, then it is drowsiness. When the body is taking complete rest, then we will have sound sleep. During the drowsy sleep, we feel restless. In sound sleep, we don't feel such problems. In fasting, we can call it deep sleep or sound sleep. Don't ever worry that you won't get deep sleep during fasting. If you feel sleeplessness during fasting, we will give you the remedies required. Do start fasting. If you feel sleeplessness, give a hot water bath to your feet (hot water feet bath), before going to bed. In a basin, keep warm or hot water (to the temperature you can endure) and while you are sitting in the chair, keep both your feet in the basin water - for 15 minutes. While doing hot water feet bath, it is better to keep a wet cloth on the head. Once the feet bath is done, clean the feet with four mugs of cool water, and then drink honey water. In this way, you will get good sleep.
If you still face sleeplessness, place two drops of honey in the eyes. You will get sleep immediately. Are you wondering how one would get sleep by placing honey in the eyes; or thinking that we are prescribing honey remedies for everything? Honey is a thick solution. As soon as it enters the eyes, eyes will feel inflamed. And, to dilute the honey, more water accumulates in the eyes. Moreover, the honey inflames the eye for some time. During the inflammation of the eyes, all our thoughts which are so-far disturbing our sleep, will focus on this inflammation. Till the inflammation is alleviated, our thoughts won't go on any other thing. As a result, unconsciously, we will slide into good sleep. Are you scared of the inflammation of eyes! Honey doesn't damage eyes. Neigher will you have unbearable pain. You can try it. As you get sound sleep during fasting, you won't feel a need to sleep for longer hours. In drowsy sleep, we get during the normal days (when we are taking food), the body won't be able to get energy, unless it sleeps for longer hours. That's why, the sleep we get during fasting days, is considered as pure and true sleep. Such a privilege is available only to those who undergo fasting. Try fasting once and know it yourself!

18. Why don't we feel hungry during fasting?

Fasting is - not taking any kind of food. You may think that, not eating anything at all, can obviously lead to hunger. We are not trying to assure you or to make you go on fasting. But, in the normal days, it is common to get hungry once the food is digested. Considering your normal day experience, you may assume that it will be same during fasting as well, and you start worrying about what to do if you get hungry, during fasting. This fear is, like - hesitating to take a cold bath in winter, especially when you are not habituated to it. As long as you fear cool water, you will feel cold. Similarly, if you fear from the beginning, that you cannot sustain hunger, then you cannot overcome it. Once you start taking the bath, say, after the third mug of water - you no longer will feel cold. Similarly, if you initiate fasting without any fear, you may feel hunger for the first two days, but from the third day, you won't feel it. After the third mug of water, you will no longer feel cold. Similarly, in fasting, after the first three days, hunger subsides and your fear for fasting will also come down. By the time you pour the fourth mug of water, you start feeling warmness in the body, which makes you feel comfortably warm, compared to earlier. Similarly, after four days of fasting, hunger subsides, and you garner heat and energy in the body, which makes you feel rejuvenated in fasting, compared to the normal days. Do you know why coolness subsides when you pour cold water on the body? The body sends blood to the skin, with a purpose to protect it from coldness. Our body energy and the hot blood, when reach the skin, make the body become warm.
Similarly, have you observed why we feel hungry during the normal days and we don’t feel hunger on fasting? Digesting juices are formed in the intestines in the stomach, to digest food. When it is our meal time, thoughts begin in the mind that we are going to eat, and the digesting juices start oozing once the food smells emanate from the kitchen. Since the time the juices are oozing, the struggle for hunger starts. Since the time the struggle starts, the mind loses its focus on other things and focuses on the stomach. During this period, we feel minutes as hours. We often see people going crazy when they feel hungry. When the effect of the digestive juices joins with the desire of the hunger, the hunger turns into pain. Even if we are hungry, if our focus is not on the stomach, they we don’t feel hunger. If the mind is occupied with something or is focussed on other things, then we don’t feel hungry. Mind is the reason for all this. That’s why it is said, “It’s all in the mind”, which is very much true. For a housewife, in the morning, though she may feel hungry, as she is busy preparing tiffin carriages for children and husband, she may not feel hunger. Because of this focus, they don’t feel hunger or fatigue. So, if you are determined to take fasting, you won’t feel any inconvenience. They won’t face any problems, since the first day of fasting, if they make up their mind. This is similar to why some people don’t feel cold at all, even from the first mug of water.
Let us now understand why some people feel hungry during the first three days, who start fasting, determined not to eat anything. They begin fasting with enema and start drinking honey and lemon water since morning. On the first day, in enema, more faeces goes out. Because of this reason, by the breakfast time, you will feel the stomach empty compared to a normal day. Habitually, when it is your breakfast time, you will feel hungry as the digestive juices ooze when you remember the tiffins you every day have. For those who don’t notice the tiffin time, they may not feel hungry. If they drink honey water, hunger subsides. Again, at the meals time, if you get the thoughts of hunger, then the juices exude and you will feel hungry again. If you don’t have the thoughts, you won’t feel hungry. Similarly, you may feel this inconvenience during the afternoon tea time and evening dinner time. For those who have their mind in control, they don’t feel any inconvenience. As it is the first day, the food items that you had the previous day may flash on your mind. The atoms of the stomach obviously expect the regular coffee, tea and tiffins when the time strikes, though you may not have the thought in your mind. That’s the reason why the digestive juices start oozing gradually. So, it is natural that you may feel hungry on the first day. As you take honey water for every 2 hours, it won’t be a trouble, even if feel hungry a bit. But, as the tongue is habituated to chew something every day, it looks for something to chew, if available. You tongue has to instruct your mouth that, for some days, chewing and licking are limited only to honey.
On the second day, in fasting, not much faeces goes out through enema. Hence, you won’t feel much hunger in the morning. At the lunch time, the stomach expects something - a bit more, as nothing is given to it the previous day. That’s why, you will be hungrier. If you drink honey water when you feel like that, then the stomach will adjust to it. Stomach just wants any food – it doesn’t want anything specific, like meals, pickles as the mind. If you give honey water to the stomach, and divert the mind, then you can continue fasting. But, if you mix your hunger with your favourite tastes and neglect drinking honey water, then your mind persists to have those tastes. If you eat something, then that is your last day for fasting. If it happens like that, then you cannot fast again in your life time. Because, if you want to do fasting, the fear of hunger strikes you. A kind of cowardice ceases you that you will think, you are unfit for fasting. It will be a blow for your life. At the evening dinner time, you will feel hungry again and the mind starts struggling. On the second day as well, you will remember various tastes. You will enjoy fasting only when you can control those inconveniences. You will overcome the difficulty of facing the first two mugs of cold water in fasting and reach the third day, which is like the third mug of cold water.
On the third day, the fasting is a bit lighter. The stomach learns from the previous day’s experiences. As it didn’t get coffee, tea, tiffins during the tiffin time and meals time, it stops expecting the food items. If a child lies to us twice but tells the truth the third time, still, we won’t believe him. Similarly, the atoms of the stomach stop expecting food or tastes. Even the mind loses its appetite, as we don’t eat for two days. For this reason, digestive juices stop oozing in the stomach and mouth. We no long dream about food – mentally and physically. Hence, no hunger from the third day. For the first two days, habitually, higher percentage of blood reaches the stomach and intestines. But, from the third day, the blood goes elsewhere in the body, centralized there to do repair process. The benefits of fasting start from the third day. The day body is exposed to fasting, the thoughts and desires for food will change. Since that day, the digestive juices completely stop exuding. This happens for most of the people. There are only a few people who feel hungry even on day three.
From the fourth day of fasting, your body’s focus remains on bowel movement, for 24 hours. Since that day, hunger stops completely. No food item can arouse appetite in you. Since this day, the stomach, intestines and mouth all go to the rest mode and expel the waste matter from them. You will feel hunger only when you are eating or when you feel like eating, from the fourth day. Just as we take water from the well, water starts oozing more. Exuding of digesting juices as we eat, is also similar to that. If we start taking water from the well, the new water doesn’t seep afresh. Similarly, if we stop eating food, we don’t feel hunger or producing of the digestive juices stop completely.
Do you know one more thing? Just as the flame gets ablaze more when ghee is added to the homam (in the sacrificial ritual), we are also burning the fires of our stomach so brightly. In fasting, we are not eating any food like fire-inflicting ghee, hence, there is no chance of hunger. Hope, by now, you might have understood why you won’t feel hungry during fasting. If not, let me know – I will tell you four more examples so that you won’t feel hunger – not just during fasting, but even after fasting is over. I know you are all nice, and you have agreed to do fasting. So, I am leaving you here.

19. Why don't we feel like eating during fasting?

Some get joy out of eating non-spicy food; those who write get joy out of writing; those who are lazy, get joy out of sitting idle. Nature’s law is: everyone can be happy by doing the work they like and can get joy out of it. Everyone longs for the same joy. Some people consider, eating is the more joyful activity and they eat a lot. If we do an activity again and again, the mind gets habituated to it, and we get addicted to it. If we cannot help doing certain activity, it is our mental relation. For someone who enjoys eating, feel like eating is also like a mental relation. It is the mind which causes hunger or which expresses hunger. Temporarily, it is the same mind which supresses hunger. It is the mind which tells our appetite. If we keep the mind idle, your hunger will increase. If we are idle without and work, we feel like eating continuously. Considering this, if you think, sitting idle in fasting makes us feel more hungry, you are mistaken. Let us see how you will feel during fasting.
Marriage saves us from loneliness and offers us someone’s support. Similarly, fasting saves us from ill health and offers us the support of health. Though marriage and fasting bring new change in life and offer joy, we feel a bit fearful to embark them - due to our inexperience. This is a natural process. Is anybody taking a back step from marriage? There are almost no one, who are fearful of marriage and are staying away from marriage. But, there are many people, who are scared of fasting and staying away from fasting. We consider marriage as a necessity and our responsibility. But, if we ask them to consider fasting as a necessity and responsibility, they shirk from the thought.
We felt, it is necessity. Marriage is over. On a compulsive note, we somehow, started to fast. For a newly married girl, leaving her mother's house is one problem and going to mother-in-law's place is another problem. Similarly, for those who are fasting, leaving the habits of tea, coffee, tiffins and meals is one thing. And, getting habituated to fasting by drinking honey water and normal water is another problem.
Day one - she enters her mother-in-law’s house. Similarly, day one – you start fasting. She feels strange with the environment – mother-in-law’s house, husband, relatives! Similarly, in the beginning, enema, honey water, cool water head bath – all will make you strange. Habitually, you may remember your old friends, your native place. Similarly, in fasting, habitually, at tea time, you will feel like drinking tea or coffee and at breakfast time, you will feel like eating tiffin etc. Similarly, so many of your favourite food items flash on your mind and you want to eat them, on the first day. If an acquaintance or relatives talk her, she will be engaged and may not think about her mother’s house. Similarly, if you start taking honey water on time, you will lose the desire to eat, gradually. You cannot erase the friendship and upbringing 20 years, cannot make your mind free of them in one day. Likewise, you cannot leave all the old food tastes and control your mind, in a single day. That’s why, on day one, she is physically present in her mother-in-law’s house, but all her thoughts revolve around her native place, with her mother’s family. In a similar fashion, on the first day, you initiate fasting – though physically, but mentally, you are occupied with the thoughts of eating something. On the first day, you will sleep, thinking of your house. Similarly, on the first day of fasting, you will be mentally occupied with your food.
Due to the initial acquaintances that happen on the first day, she will talk to others, without any inhibitions. But, during sleep, she may see the family members in her dream, and he will feel home-sick. Similarly, in fasting, with the feeling of missing food, you may not get sleep and on the second day, by the time of breakfast, you tend to eat a lot. As it is two days, she last seen her family members, the home sickness increases by the second day. As you have missed all tastes for one day, you feel like eating heavily during the meals time on the second day. The child generally wants to we deny him. We call it, child’s nature, but even our nature is similar to that. We don’t want to have food, and the minds thinks of them more, and we want to have them. On the second day, whenever we feel like eating, we better drink honey water and normal water and try to turn your minds towards other things, you can somehow, overcome the second day hurdle.
The same mother-in-law’s house, which proved inconvenient for the first two days, will be habituated. From the third day, the thoughts of her mother’s family gradually recede. Similarly, after two days, on the third day, honey water looks very sweet. As you won’t eat on the first two days, the desire to eat will go down on the third day. So, if we start making friendship, things will gradually change. So, one has to wait for the first two days for the change to take place. When the girl is no longer occupied with the thoughts of her mother’s place, she can stay happily in her mother-in-law’s place. Likewise, when you lose the desire to have old tastes, the benefits of fasting start. The mind reduces the desire to eat and starts the task of cleaning waste from the body.
After the first three nights’ of sleep, she starts feeling mother-in-law’s house as heaven and the husband as a demigod. Similarly, after the first three days are over, on the fourth day of fasting, you lose the desire to eat completely - the mind learns restraint and you want to live, drinking honey water, for the remaining of your life. Since the third day, some people start feeling bitterness of tongue, smell, and a white coating on the tongue and stickiness of the tongue, as well. Since this day, you will completely lose the desire to eat. For some people, on the fourth day, when they see these symptoms on the tongue, they completely lose the desire to eat. Just as water extinguishes fire, the white coating on the tongue kills all your appetite. Just as the wet coal cannot be kindled even with kerosene or petrol, similarly, when the mouth becomes like this, you won’t feel like eating anything, despite what you see or smell. Just as the coal can be re-kindled only when the dampness is lost, you will feel eating only after changes on the tongue are gone.
When we have fever, and the stomach is empty, the mind doesn’t feel like eating. The mind which creates the desire to eat, is occupied in discharging the waste when the body has fever. Till the waste is discharged, we won’t feel like eating. Only after the fever comes down, we will have the appetite to eat. In fasting also, the same thing happens. When you have fever, it is quite unnatural if you feel like eating. Similarly, it is also quite unnatural if you feel like eating during fasting. Both are almost similar situations. You will admit that it is true. But, why are you not convinced when I tell you that you won’t feel hungry during fasting.
Do you know one more thing? If you run, the dog will change you, If you cannot run and stop, it will also stop. Similarly, the tastes will follow you till you stop eating. It means, as you go on eating, you will feel like eating. If we stop eating, the desire to eat will also stop. That means, we are stopping food during fasting, so, the desire to eat during fasting is prevented. Running after tastes is like running after mirages. Take care! You will take a blow! Still, you are running after them. At least, you can wake up now, and break the running by initiating fasting. Even the so called brainless animals are following fasting, by not eating anything, during certain times. Only man is still hesitating to take up the steps towards fasting. It’s hight time to realize!

20. Why won't we get fatigue during fasting?

We think, fasting is rest. Then, should rest give rest to the body or make it tired? You can decide. As you think, if fasting gives us fatigue, then, after sleeping for 7 to 8 hours at night and getting up in the morning, should make a person lethargic. But, it is not happening like that. The energy that a man loses during the day while working, he can get the energy during rest at night. That’s why, after getting up in the morning, everyone is able to do their regular tasks. In the morning, the body feels lighter. Because, during the night, we are, in fact, fasting. When giving rest to the body just for 7 to 8 hours (which is similar to fasting) during our night’s sleep, we are becoming energetic and active in the morning. In case we give rest (fasting0 to the body, then imagine the energy that can increase. That’s why, a man is more powerful – multiple times, compared to the normal day.
If you think, a man is stronger only when he eats, then, he should be strong after eating stomachful. After eating stomachful, he cannot even carry his own body due to the heaviness of the meal. How can he be energetic? After having meals, all our body’s energy, gets engaged in digesting the food. That’s why, all the energy we have is spent on digesting the food we just had. When the energy is occupied in digesting food, it no longer belongs to us. The only way to prevent the energy being spent like this, is to stop eating. It means, we need to fast. To get energy, the only way is fasting. For instance, the athletes who are attending running races, are they running with stomachful? Or succeeding in the race by fasting (i.e., by keeping the stomach lighter)? After taking food, the energy works by splitting into two types. While some amount of energy is retained for other body activities, the remaining energy is used for food digestion (as the second type). When we don’t eat anything (during fasting), the energy – instead of dividing into two types – gets united into single energy to work together. Fasting means - uniting our energies to give us energy. When the two hands are united to work on something, the resulting energy would be more. This is what happens in fasting. When two hands do their tasks individually, the energy generated would be quite less. This is what is happens when take food.
When we eat stomachful, more quantity of blood reaches stomach and as a result, the mind becomes a bit dull. That’s the reason why we feel drowsy after having meals. If the mind - that gives instructions, that arouses energy – is drowsy, then, where can be get energy from? That’s why, as long as the food is in stomach, he will be dull and lazy. Moreover, majority of the vital energy we inhale will also be utilized for digestion in stomach. That’s why, the body and other limbs feel the lack of vital energy (which is the primary source of energy) as majority of it goes to the stomach, when we take food. There are some other reasons, why we tend to be more energetic in fasting.
1. Through Excretion/b> Eating is like lifting the weight which is lying on the floor. Fasting is like getting rid of that weight gradually. When the weight is on the head, our stored energy is spent more. When the weight is on the head, even our thoughts focus on the same. As we start getting rid of the weight, we can save energy and the body becomes lighter. Similarly, we are carrying the waste material – 24X7 - which has been stored in the body for years together, which is obstructing the blood when it is being circulated to other body parts. As long as we are eating, one thing joins the other, and this weight of the waste matter will be increasing, and never decreases. During fasting, day by day, as all this weight starts going out, the inner organs will be rejuvenated, and thereby we feel energetic. In fasting, the body is engaged in excretion, all the 24 hours continuously. That’s why, this is the proof of why we will be energetic, during fasting.
2. Throught honey Honey is the only food item which can give more energy to the intestines in a short duration, without much effort. We prefer – for our car - the best engine oil, which gives less smoke, but more pickup. Similarly, honey works like good food for our body. If honey is given during fasting, more energy is supplied to the body and mind all 24 hours a day, as there is no work for stomach. When the mind is energetic in fasting, we won’t feel lethargic and we will feel more energetic.
3. Reduction of water: As long as we are eating salt, we will be having water stored in the body - 10-20% more water than the body requires. This additional water, prevents the instant generation of energy in the body, by obstructing the atoms’ blood flow, oxygen flow and the flow of food items. The energy that is generated in the atoms is our energy. If the boat is floating on the water, that is fine. But, the water should not be in the boat. The problem that people get when they have more water than required is something similar to this. This water prevents the required energy generation in the body. In fasting, as we use certain practices, such as, drinking more water; not using salt, using honey, all the extra water stored in the body gets discharged through urine, sweat (steam bath). The more water goes out of the body, the more energy we gain in fasting.
4. Through vital energy (oxygen): When we eat stomachful, the lungs feel the weight of the stomach and as a result, they cannot intake much air. Another reason is, the vital energy is primarily used in the day, to digest the food that we eat. Because of these two reasons, the vital energy is drained in us. That’s why, on the normal days – when we take food – we feel energetic for some hours and non-energetic during some other time. So, is the fear justified that in fasting, our energy gets reduced? As we don’t take food in fasting, the stomach will be empty and the lungs can inhale more air, which means air fills the lungs completely. Moreover, due to the non-availability of food in the body, the vital energy needn’t be spent on digesting food. Hence, there is ample vital energy available in the body. It is not the food which gives energy to the living beings. It is primarily the vital energy which is air; then water. When these two most significant energy-givers are fully supplied to the body during fasting, will the person get fatigue or more energy?
Those people, who eat something or the other all 365 days, they know the joy of eating and the energy they get through eating. Just as a frog confined to the well, they consider the small quantity of energy that they get as more. Only in fasting, we happen to feel the true energy – how it will be and to what extent it is. Instead of believing the words of someone who could not do fasting successfully, and imagining something on your own and getting into depressed state, it is better to try fasting and know the truth yourself. As long as you are sitting on the bank of the river, you won’t know the depth of the water. So, as long as you discuss with some pre-conceived notions about fasting, you will have the some apprehensions about fasting.

21. Why cannot we do physical exercise during fasting?

When man is eating twice a day, body gets rest for 5 to 8 hours in the evenings. During this rest (as there is no physical exercise, including digestion), the body focusses on repair activity. For those who go to bed early after having their dinner before sunset, the repair activity happens a bit more. For those who go to bed at 10 pm or 11, they will get less time for repair. But, in fasting, the repair activity happens throughout the day. These 24 hours – as you have not taken any food, if you keep taking rest more (without doing any workout or physical activity), all these hours are useful for the body in fasting. From the third day of fasting, our vital energy reaches the area where repair is required. It means the energy gets focussed on one area and works on it.
Explanation about the diagrams: In our body, there is around 5 litters of blood. In it, 10% to the brain and 15% to the kidneys flows continuously. Either we are at work or rest, they will be no changes in the blood circulation for these two organs. (1) 20% of blood is circulated to other organs of the body, 5% to the liver, and the remaining 50% blood is supplied to the muscles when we do workout. That’s the reason why our blood gets very hot during workout. As muscles move during the workout, blood is circulated to the muscles. (2) In the normal days when we eat, after the meals is digested, if we are at rest, during the day, the remaining body parts get 40% of blood circulation, muscles receive 15% and the liver gets 20%. (3) During fasting, 50% of blood reaches the diseased part in the body, circulates more blood to that area and repairs it. In blood, air, water and food particles travel together. As the blood is pumped, it carries these things to the organs, and in return, brings the harmful particles (water matter) and carbon dioxide to the secretion organs. This is function of the blood. As more food (blood) is needed where more work is done, blood is carried to muscles during workout, to stomach after meals, and when the body is at rest, it is carried to all the organs of the body. During fasting, at the repair areas, the expenses (food such as air and water), are more, hence, our energy ensures that more blood is reached to these repair areas. And 50% of blood is engaged in bringing back whatever waste is moved in the repair areas.
When we are in fasting, as there is no food and workout, the remaining 50% of idle blood will reach the repair area (for which fasting is started) and starts working on the disease. As the repair area needs more air, water and food, blood carries them to the repair area, and in the return journey, it carries back the waste generated and also the moved diseased particles at the repair area. The blood carries them to the secretion organs and ensures that the waste leaves the body. The blood circulations during fating function like this, when the body is at rest.
What happens if we do workout?: While doing workout, the muscles will be working. When the muscles are working more than normal, they need more air, water and food immediately. As it is important to provide air, water and food to these working muscles, some quantity of blood from the 50% blood, which is engaged in the body repair work, turns to these muscles. If you do very tiring workout, then all 50% of blood comes to these muscles. If you are walking or doing asanas, then around 20-40% of blood needs to come from the repair areas. As the same blood comes to these muscles, the repair work comes to a standstill. We started fasting with the purpose of providing an opportunity for the body to repair itself. In fasting, if you do workout for half an hour or one hour, it not only disturbs the body for the little time, but it also delays the fasting process by two to three hours or more time. When the tired muscles (due to workout) are taking rest, the blood remains in the muscles for some time, and then reaches to the remaining body parts for some time. After watching a movie, all our thoughts will be revolving about the movie for half an hour or one hour. The same thing happens here also. That’s why the fasting process gets disturbed by workout for 2 to three hours. You may think that, if you do workout, the waste matter can go out through sweat. In fact, you need not sweat only due to workout. In fasting, when you take the steam bath, the waste matter which reaches the skins goes out as sweat – without much effort. Because of doing workout, our blood and energy is diverted to it, instead of being useful for fasting. Because of this, fasting may take more days.
Animals don’t move much and take full rest during fasting. So, for them a short period of fasting is enough. If you do workout during fasting, all food particles will be burnt in the atoms. Similarly, the glycosine values in the liver will also be spent completely. If energy needs to be released from fats, it takes time for fat to get converted into glucose. The atoms will be waiting eagerly for food. The glucose in the body is almost spent. The mind becomes dim, as the glucose percentage that is going to the mind is insufficient. The whole body will be waiting just as food is an immediate requirement. Then, a part of the brain, starts functioning, which tells us that ‘I am hungry’. Through that mechanism, we will feel hunger in the stomach and we will also get the desires to eat food. During this time, we feel like eating. So, this way, before the waste matter moves out of the body, if we eat food, feeling hungry, then when will the stored waste move out of the body? From the moment we feel hungry and our thoughts focus onto food, then the excretion process stops. Even if we supply more honey, it cannot quench the hunger, generated by the workout. When you feel hunger and the food supplied to the body is insufficient, you will start feeling fatigue. If you do workout during fatting, you may merely feel hungry or you may feel fatigue, but you won’t receive the true benefits of fasting.
What happens if we do physical activityk?: Why do we go out for walking, jogging or other kinds of workout? Because, we think that the amount of physical exercise we do at home is not sufficient to us. For the outside workouts, the blood flow to the muscles is 50 %, whereas for the lighter home activities, the blood flow to the muscles is 10-20%. For a bit heavy tasks at home such as washing clothes, fetching water, grinding flour, it the blood can be 20-35%. That’s why, those who are doing fasting should not do such heavy tasks. Lighter tasks such as cutting vegetables, cooking, sitting tasks like office work can cause 15-20% of blood flow to the muscles and thereby reduce the fasting benefits. So, to get the fasting benefits for the loss of this 15-20%, there is no other way, but take complete rest. During fasting, some people do work, because they feel energetic; others do some work just because they get bored. And, not to mention about the people who go to offices. If we ask them to do fasting at home, taking leave from office, they simply say, it is not possible for them. Similarly, if we ask women to leave home and come to nature’s clinic for fasting, they are also saying that it is not possible, and hence they are not making themselves available for nature’s cure. For such reasons, this method is not in wide reach for many people.
We are trying to make this fasting living method available to all such people. That’s why, we are advocating the habit of ‘fasting at home’. Women are learning the fasting method while working at home, and men are learning it while working in the office. As they are doing lighter tasks, 15-20% of blood flow is turning from repair work to other tasks. If they sleep at night as well as at noon, then they can get the complete benefits of fasting. Just because they are doing these lighter tasks, they are taking 15-20% more fasting days (for body cleansing) compared to those who are taking complete rest. It means, what they can complete in 10 days, is being completed in 14 to 15 days, if they are doing lighter tasks. As you are taking more honey, you don’t feel fatigue, despite the lighter tasks you are doing. Because of honey, we are able to complete domestic tasks and are able to complete the fasting activity. For those who can afford doing fasting while taking complete rest, I recommend it for them. In that way, they can do complete justice to the fasting activity.
Value of rest: The value of fasting increases only with rest. The more rest you take, the more strength is gained in fasting. Only through rest, the body can get more energy. In fasting, it is better to check availability and take maximum rest during day and night as well. Though you may not get sleep, if you just lie down, your body will be available for repair. If you try to nail a moving wood plate, it won’t get fruitful results. You can succeed with little effort if you make the wooden plate fixed, without moving. Similarly, if the body is not moving, then it can help energy to work better. It doesn’t matter how long you can sleep during the day – it will good results in fasting. On a normal day, after food is taken, the more you work, the better it is. But in fasting, the more you take rest, the better it will be. If you take sufficient amount of rest in fasting, you won’t get fatigue, till you feel hungry. If you get fatigues even before you are hungry, then you may be forced to stop fasting. So, taking rest in fasting is the first responsibility.
If you want to finish fasting successfully, it is better to take complete rest without doing any workouts or physical activities. Then, you will definitely get the desired result in a shorter period. We have to follow the rules the game demands, right? As we are mortals, we have to make our efforts. Try your best!

22. Why do we feel bad smells during fasting?

We feel happy when taking hand loans. But repaying them is the real pain. Similarly, we enjoy the taste as well as the sweet and hot smells of the food items. The waste matter which is converted from the tasty food items, when not excreted day by day, stay in the body for a longer time, will end up as bad smells. In the body, the food items that are not secreted out, get converted into waste matter pile up and dry up in the body. The waste matter – when dry up – loses it smell. These days, for many employees and business people, 60% of the waste matter (which is converted from food items) is stored inside the body and only 40% of the waste is discharged out daily. This way, so much of waste gets piled up for so many years. Ironically, the better tastes and smells the food items have, the worse smells they emanate when they are discharged. As we are aware, compared to humans, the excrement of animals doesn’t smell bad. This is because, the items that animals eat generally have natural taste and smell.
As only a small quantity of waste is discharged out every day through urine, sweat and air, they are discharged only with slighter smells, and majority of the waste matter and smells happen to be stored inside the body. We start fasting to cleanse the body from inside. As we don’t take food in fasting, instead of waste getting stored up, the stored waste starts moving. In fasting, as we drink a good amount of water (about 6 to 7 liters) - not taken ever before - all the stored waste gets soaked and starts moving. From the third or fourth day of the fasting, the waste matter that is stored inside, starts moving from its very roots. Its bad smell increases as the dried bad substance is soaked in water in fasting. The stirred waste matter has to go out through the excretory organs. Until the waste moves out, we don’t realize its bad smell and its nature. Compared to the regular day, the smell of the sewage is more horrible on the day when the sewage tanks are cleaned up. We can know a man’s true nature by looking at his deeds. Similarly, we don’t understand how much waste matter we have stored in the body, till we find out the waste matter, coming out of the body, with those terrible smells. All these bad smells end before we complete fasting.
The people who are doing fasting will be worried a lot, as all different smells come together – smell from mouth, smell from nose (exhaled air smell), smell of the excreted sweat, smell of the urin and smell of faecus. They are worried because, they have never experienced such smells earlier. They are scared if something is happening inside. Some people want to stop fasting due to those unbearable smells. Because of these smell, they feel so shy to meet or talk to others. But, if these waste matter doesn’t go out, it can cause many long lasting diseases. Instead of suffering from long-lasting diseases, it is better to bear these smells for some days and cleanse the body in fasting. You will become so clean that you won’t need to use any soaps, deodorants and pastes. I promise you.

23. Why is the mind so peaceuful during fasting?

If the body is a family, all the organs are family members. The head of the family is the husband or father. Similarly, head of the body is mind. Wife and children move in tune with the husband. Just like that, body organs and other parts move according to the heart. The family members share joy and sadness together. Similarly, the body and mind share health and illness together. If anyone is not well at home, the head of the family loses peace of mind. Similarly, if any organ is not well, the mind loses its peace. It’s common that the head of the house gets angry if any of the family members doesn’t listen to him. He will be irritated and unrest. Similarly, if the body organs do not follow according to the mind, the mind will also feel pain, irritation and unrest. If things happen as we wish, we will feel pleasant and peaceful. Similarly, if things happen as wished, the mind will feel peaceful. For example, the mind tries to discharge the waste day by day, from the body. The day the bowel movement happens smoothly, the mind feels pleasant and peaceful. On the day the bowel movement is not smooth, the mind feels irritated. If the faeces in the intestines gets stickier and doesn’t move, the intestines will suffer and the mind shares the pain. When we can share happiness, we should be able to share sadness as well. That is what the mind is doing here.
Our mind creates day by day desires to eat different tastes. If the food items are tasty, then only the tongue accepts. The body takes in whatever we eat. In a few seconds, the mind and the tongue complete their tasks. But, the body has to bear the result – good or bad. If the items are chosen only for taste, then the body suffers since that day. If the body parts are suffering, the mind - their master, will also need to share the pain. Moreover, it is the mind which encourages to have the tastes. So, the mind has to bear the pain and suffering. In this way, every day, the mind and the body share joy and pain. It is well said that the more bonds we have, the more problems and inconvenience we face. Similarly, what desires and tastes the mind has chosen, they cause the inconvenience and pain to the mind. In this way, the mind is losing its peace. We will now know why we will feel more peaceful when we don’t pay attention to the desires the mind prefers.
1.By keeping the stomach empty: Are you surprised to know that if you keep your stomach empty, you will become peaceful? On a normal day, when the stomach becomes empty, then we feel hungry and as a result, we will feel restless. Hunger makes the mind like that. When we take food, it generates happiness and the regains the lost peace. When we eat tasty food, it gives temporary joy. But, while it is getting digested, we will feel restless again. In fact, we are eating pulav (fried masala rice) or other cooked pastry dishes which are soaked in oil, the intestines and the stomach are much affected due the changes happening in the stomach. We feel so heavy and irritated. The mind feels restless, Sharing the problems of its companions (intestines and stomach), the mind feels restless during this time. That’s why, post meal, we cannot attend any work actively and the mind becomes dull and we feel sleepy. Similarly, when the stomach is empty in the morning, we feel energetic and peaceful. Till the time we starting feeling hunger, we will be happy in the morning. Once hunger starts, we lose our peace of mind. Here, you may think that, you may feel restless as you feel hungry during fasting. But, it is not true. Let us know why.
In fasting, during the first two days, some people may feel hungry. When they feel like that, it is common to feel sad and restless. But, in fact, from the first day morning, it will be peaceful. They start losing peace from the evening. Because, hunger doesn’t start till the evening of the first day. From day three, the agitation the hunger creates almost comes down. In fasting, the lesser hungry you are, the people you will become. We will feel at rest, when the intestines and stomach are at rest. On normal days, when we take food, during the morning time, for 1 or two hours, hours, we feel peaceful because the stomach is empty and we don’t feel hunger. Compared to these few hours, in fasting, we will be in a joyful state for 24 hours – with empty stomach and without any hunger! It is unimaginable joy! Honey is elixir of life. Doing fasting, while drinking such elixir, we feel so joyful that we want to lead all the entire life with honey water. In fasting, we get immense joy, mental peace. Otherwise, how can they say that they want to live with honey water for their entire life? Despite habituated to different dishes and tastes, if the mind is feeling this way, then it is clear that there is some immense happiness the mind is getting which is beyond these dishes and tastes. When there were not many facilities, bus journey used to be so pleasant. After we are exposed to so many facilities - such as train journeys, we have almost stopped bus journeys due the increased comfortable ways of travelling. Similarly, compared to the temporary joy of the tasty items, we are getting much more peace of mind in fasting. Hence, we feel, we don’t need the tasty food any longer. That’s the reason why so many rishis who seek the joy of self-realization, follow food habits and fasting. Once the fasting is over, if you keep the joy of fasting in mind for ever and do not go back to the tastes again, then your life will be blessed. Such people, will be maintaining good food habits and are engaged in meditation as well, to experience the joy of fasting. No one practices meditation with a full stomach. After having a meal, we feel restless and hence we cannot focus on meditation. It is quite clear that we all can get concentration, focus and peace of mind only when our stomach is empty.
Maybe because of this reason, our ancestors and rishis set the rule of practicing fasting during auspicious ceremonies, marriages, yagnas and other karmas. This rule is set because, when these auspicious activities are taking place, the performed should be concentrated, focussed and should have peace of mind. If he takes food, he may lack these qualities, and hence fasting is imposed to do such activities without any disturbance. If the marriage is scheduled at night, since the morning, the bride and the groom, as well as their parents follow fasting. The ancestors believed that, unless they follow fasting for such a long time, they cannot perform the auspicious ceremony. On the marriage day, all the special dishes, pastry dishes will be well-served to the relatives who attend the function. But the bride, groom and the parents, will be served only after the marriage ceremony is completed. The fasting rule is imposed on them, because, after eating heavily, they cannot sit at the ceremony for such a long period. Similarly, when someone elderly dies at home, during the death ceremonies that happen for 13 days, food is served only one time in the day. From morning till noon, the performers of the ceremony are kept on fasting. Due to the loss of the elders, they are already in a sad mood and they may not be feeling great. Added to that, if they have meals twice a day, then they cannot perform the ceremonial activities properly. That’s why, the rule of fasting is imposed on them. Similarly, when we set on to do a great task in life, fasting is always prescribed to make the mind more powerful. When we don’t eat food, we can make clarity thoughts. In fasting, we don’t have the problem of intertwined thoughts. Scriptures prescribe fasting for us, when doing god-worship or puja, so that we can focus on him, with complete devotion. Food is not allowed only to make us feel peaceful and devotional, during the auspicious ceremonies. Nowadays, we see that many people are not practicing these fasting rules during the ceremonies. Because of this, we see that love, joyfulness and peace are gradually dwindling in the society. Finally, we need to remember that, when we want to get joy and peace, we should keep the stomach empty. Then only we can get everlasting mental happiness.
2. Through excretion: Every day, when we eat food, waste matter is produced in the body. The mind keeps on working 24 hours to eliminate waste matter from the body. When the waste matter goes out of the body – day by day – the work is done without causing much trouble to the mind. On the normal days, on one side, the food we eat kills the joy of the peaceful mind, and on the other side, it cause mental tension when the waste matter is not discharged out completely. The real peace of mind is what we get when the waste gets discharged properly. As more and more waste matter piles up in the body – day by day, our peace of mind is reduced gradually. This is the reason why people who have long-standing diseases and who have more diseases in their body suffer more. When we meet them, we tell them not to be sad and try to be happy and peaceful. All the organs of the body suffer because they are covered with waste, and as a result the mind will also be suffering. That’s why people with diseases and ailments cannot be happen, even if they try to be happy. They will get the mental peace only when the body is cleansed thoroughly. When we use medicine for the ailments, only the symptoms will be cured. The cause of the ailment will remain in the body. That’s why, we keep on visiting the hospitals endlessly. As the medicine cannot cure the disease from its roots, they may not feel the disease outwards, but they cannot get the peace of mind. The body which is using the medicine and the mind as well cannot avoid the troubles. That’s why they cannot be happy. But, if the same patient, continues doing fasting, he can cure the disease from inside. Hence, they can become pleasant and peaceful day by day. The joy they get thought fasting is unimaginable. Then, they will know what the medicine are doing to the body and fasting is doing to the body respectively. Till that day, we don’t realize the value of fasting. Let us now see how the mind becomes lighter excretion process in fasting.
In the first two days of fasting, the waste doesn’t get soaked. It doesn’t start moving. The mind will be peaceful in the first two days of fasting. From the third day of fasting, the waste starts moving from the body. As the mind desires, all the body parts start releasing the waste every day. The waste which used to get piled up in the body cause us trouble, is now moving out due to fasting. Just as we feel relaxation after a successive bowel movement, the mind also feels pleasant when the waste from the body starts moving out. During the bowel movement, the waste is going out only through one excretion organ, and we feel so pleasant. Then, imagine the pleasantness when the body waste is going out through four excretion organs. We will obviously feel more joy. When a speck falls in the eye, till it goes out, the mind won’t feel comfortable. The mind cannot bear such a tiny particle in the eye, and feels so restless. Compared to it, imagine how much joy and peace we are losing due to the 50-60% of waste being piled up in the body every day. In the normal days, we cannot know how much we are losing daily. For the body and mind, as they are habituated to the joy and peace gained only for 40% (60% waste is still in the body), they still feel the situation as perfect. During this state, if they do mediation, they can yield only 40% peace of mind. In fact, for those who never do fasting, this is the total percentage they get. From the fourth day of fasting, as the waste is going out gradually, the peace of mind will be increasing more and more day by day.
On the normal days, we don’t know how much waste is hidden in the body. But, in fasting, as it is moving out slowly (through faeces, urine and sweat, smell), we will be wondering, ‘since all these days, where was it? Since how long was it here? Why is it here? And, when the body is cleansed thoroughly due the fasting activity, those who observe the changes that happen during fasting, will realize how much joy and peace they are losing on the normal day, We do cleansing, on the outside of the body using soap and we think that body is cleaned thoroughly, and we feel so peaceful. After the bath is over, we think that everything is cleaned thoroughly, and we don’t find any dirt left. But, when we use the bath power (nalugu pindi) to clean the body, then we will see the dirt, which the soap could not remove. Only then, we will realize the performance of a soap. Just as only those who use the flour will realize the secret, only those who undergo fasting will know the joy and peacefulness the mind enjoys. They will also realize how food is spoiling the true joy. That’s why the ancestors instructed that unless you will experience something, you will not know about it. Those people who do not know food principles, fasting methods, only get 40-50% of joy, peace and pleasantness. Those who do meditation, if they don’t follow these food principles and fasting methods, they also get the same results. During all the fasting days, we will get peace of mind. Only when you are going to break fasting, since the day you feel hungry, then the mind loses its balance. Because of hunger, you will feel like this. From the next day, if the food you are taking is good, the same peacefulness prevails and it increases day by day and lasts for 24 hours. But, if you add tastes to your food again, then this joy and peacefulness will leave you. It is said aptly: To get anything, one must be fortunate enough. Whatever joy and peacefulness we are offered from God, we follow those food principles accordingly.
3. Through vital energy: It is the vital energy which energizes the mind. With more vital energy, we can keep the mind in control. We inhale and exhale 18 times a minute. If it is after meals, we need to inhale 20-25 times. There are two reasons for the increase of these breaths. The first thing is: after we have meals, the weight of the stomach increases. That weight will affect the end parts of lungs. Hence, the two lungs cannot inhale air fully. This way, we are not able to inhale 25% of air. Let us now see the second reason. To eat food, it takes more vital energy. As the food we eat is cooked, all the vital energy of the food already destroyed. To digest the food which has no vital energy, the stored vital energy as well as the new vital energy which we are getting through air – both are spent. As a result, as the vital energy (which is supposed to activate mind) is engaged in digesting the food taken, the mind becomes dull. The normal air that we inhale will not be sufficient and hence we inhale more air. Still, the mind is becoming lethargic. If you take natural vegetables and fruits stomach full, you won’t feel this inconvenience. As these food items contain more vital energy, the body need not share the inhaling vital energy for the purpose of digesting food. Moreover, as the stomach doesn’t get full, even if you take these items in large quantities, you won’t get breathlessness. So, as we are eating boiled food twice a day, since the time we have the food, for 4-5 hours in the morning and evening, the mind becomes dull and lacks peace and energy. In addition to this, we lose some more energy, as we take breakfast, snacks, drinks in the morning and evening. If you observe carefully, the mental energy that we have prior to a meal and after the meal will be completely different. The vital energy that is meant for the mind to work, is getting spent on digesting the food we eat is one reason. Additionally, even the existing energy also gets spent on digesting the food. As a result, after a meal, we cannot be happy and peaceful - both physically and mentally, I am telling you all this because, you need to understand how the food we eat can spoil our mental peace and joy.
On normal days when we take food, after getting up in the morning, our two lungs will be working 14 to 15 times. During that time, our stomach will be empty and the vital energy we inhale is not spent much. Even the body requires less during this time and we inhale 14 to 15 times. As a result, we will feel so peaceful, energetic and pleasant. During this time, we look like just as we don’t have any waste. The more vital energy we can save, the happier we can live. The more vital energy we spend, the more troubles, we will face in life. If we are spending more vital energy (air), it indicates that much waste is getting generated in the body. Even the stored vital energy is getting spent on these waste matter. We think that as the air we inhale is free, so it is okay to inhale it more frequently. The major problem with this in the long run is – the living span of life will come down. It is natural to inhale 18 times a minute. If we are taking more than 18 times, it indicates our ill health and unrest. For those people who smoke a lot, have obesity with a pot-like stomach, they suffer from fatigue and breathlessness and lack of peace. Here, the reason is – they are inhaling more than 18 times a minute. For those who are inhaling more than 25 times per minute, they suffer from breathlessness, worry, fear, fatigue, insomnia, suicidal tendencies, all the time. People who suffer from asthma, lungs diseases, suffer much more, inhaling many more times per minute. The more breaths we take, the heavier it affects good sleep. If the number of breaths increases, it also increases the unnatural qualities in us such as – anger, irritation, jealousy, hatred and lack of love, unrest. As the breaths increase, the intensity of these qualities also increases. As a result, the humanity will diminish.
If the breaths are 18 per minute, the qualities will be medium. If the breaths can be reduced to below 18, then, the mental restraint increases. We have discussed that during normal days, it will be 14-15 breathes per minute. That’s why it will be energetic, active and peaceful. If it is like this throughout the day (14-15 breathes), it will be very pleasant. As we eat cooked food, this state of joy leaves us in the morning (with the breakfast). If we want to retain it, we need to eat, 60% of raw food. By doing pranayama (deep breathing), we can increase the intake percentage of air into the lungs. We can reduce the number of breaths. That’s why, rishis and yogis used to do pranayama regularly. If the number of breaths come down to 14 per minute, the mind becomes stronger and we will become healthier. If you continue fasting and follow the menu we give you, in 5 to 6 months, your breaths can come down to 10-14 per minute. When the body weight is increasing more than ideal, then the number of breaths will increase. If our breathes come down to as low as 6 to 10 per minute, then, we are like yogis. We need not to do any other meditation. The mind will be pleasant and peaceful 24 hours. All anger and irritation subside. We will be away from hatred and come closer to the feelings of love and courage. We no longer fear death. We can have restraint over senses. We will be enjoying the happiness and pleasantness given by God. If we are eating raw food more (60%), going for bowel movement for 3 times, taking food less, making fasting a habit of your life, drinking 5 litres of water every day, doing asanas and pranayama, eventually your breaths come down to 6 to 10 in a few months. We will become a yogi in disguise. Let us now understand how our breaths will be like in our fasting.
During the first two days of fasting, for those who have breaths 18 times per mintute, they will come down to 14 to 18. For those who have more than 18, they will come down to 18. That’s why, it will be peaceful in the first two days. From the third day, as the digestive juices are no longer generated in the intestines, the energy used for digestion in the intestines will be saved. Similarly, Similarly, since day one of fasting, are no digestion activity takes place, all the vital energy (used for digestion process) will be saved. Also, the honey we are using works like elixir So, we get more vital energy. As we get energy to the body and the stomach is empty, there is a chance the body gets lungsful of air. Everyday, our vital energy is getting spent on the activity of birth and death of new body cells. From the third day of fasting, the birth and death of new cells will almost be stopped. In animals, this activity will start from the first day itself. Because we have the wandering mind, the process is delayed in us for 2 days more. As no new cells are born and die, the vital energy saved on this activity will be used for our heath and peace of mind. For those who are not overweight and if they enough optimum blood in the body, their breaths per minute will come down day by day. But, for those who are obese, who have belly, who are bloated with water, who have lung diseases, for them, the number of breaths come down gradually. As the breaths come down, the body feels like floating in the air. In a week’s fasting, for many people, the breaths come down to 10 per minute. For some, in 10 to 15 days, the breaths will come to 8 to 10 per minute. However, it is very rare to come down to 6-8 per minute. In fasting, the activity of breaths coming down, depends on our health. For all the people, all the diseases cannot be cured in the first 10 to 15 days. Hence, the breaths don’t come down. As the fasting continues, the breaths will come down gradually. To get self-restraint and peace of mind, fasting is the best way. Some people may think that, without fasting as well, we are peaceful and self-restraint. But, fasting can certainly improve the qualities to a great extent. There is no doubt about it.
Are you thinking that if you had already known about the power of breaths, you would have taken care about it from childhood? Past is past. At least from now, you can try to save your breaths (vital energy). You can live happily all your remaining life. Now, you may ask, how to know the breath count per minute. It’s simple, You won’t need a machine or need to spend money either. Doctor’s prescription is also not needed. When the stomach is empty, lied down flat. After your breathes settle down (say 5 mins), keep your palm on your stomach, and count in 60 seconds how many times stomach moves upwards. This number indicates the number of breaths your lungs are taking per minute. If the count is more, don’t get tensed. In you are tensed, you may take more breaths. That’s why it is said sea is smaller compared to peace of mind. That’s why, peace of mind is so significant for health. If you become angry, scared, irritated, or fighting or crying, or taking coffee, tea, cigarette or brandy, a certain kind of hormones are developed in the body and because of them, the breathing tubes can be closed. Then, the breath count will increase and it affect health and peace of mind. To regain the peace of mind, you cannot depend on others. There are not many people who can give you such health, peace of mind. If you want to buy them, you are not that rich to buy them. You cannot steal it from others. You cannot even snatch it forcefully from others. We will lose our existing health and peace of mind, but, we cannot achieve the purpose. It is not even possible to achieve it by reading books and gaining knowledge. Then, how to get that health and peach of mind? It is quite simple. You need not mount hills or close nose and do tapasya. You need not leave your family or take sanyasi. Cleanse your body completely through fasting, and then, maintain diet habits, as told by your guru, and by following guru’s instructions as given by God and leading your life with good people, in the course of time, the life style can firmly be established without any wavering. Those who try will certainly achieve the results.
If we go on spoiling the body with the food habits and breaking the bond between the body and the mind, we will end up in despair. Without cleaning the body and moving away from you inner God, there is no point in visiting temples and sadhus. Instead of roaming about the worlds like Kumara Swamy to worship a god, it is better to have faith, respect and to worship the god available like Lord Ganesh. Only in this way, we can achieve our life’s purpose. To get the desired mental happiness and peace of mind, we will certainly follow the diet principles, fasting rules. Man is not able to control food and hence is suffering a lot due to his appetite. We will control such things through fasting, control the desires of mind, eat healthy food and realize the joyfulness, peace of mind in true health. Let us all try to ensure that we retain these qualities in the body permanently. Just as it is quite natural for flowers to emanate fragrance, it is also natural that we can obtain health, happiness and peace of mind through fasting. Never stop trying till you achieve this.

24. What happens if we eat in fasting?

In fasting, as we stop eating food, the body can do the excretion process. In fasting, since the day the exertion process starts, the digestive juices stop oozing in the intestines and the stomach. Only when we take food, then only the juices are produced. In fasting, the body is engaged in the activity of sending the waste – 24 hours. That’s why, all kinds of diseases can be treated through fasting. The mind and the body are completely engaged in this activity. While in fasting, if you still feel like eating any food, fruit or tiffin, what would happen? Let us see.
During normal days, before eating, while eating and after eating, these digestive juices are formed. It happens because mind is conditioned to that. In fasting, the intestines lose this habit. Moreover, the intestines in fasting, keep on working on the activity of throwing the waste from the body and repairing the atoms. In fasting, if we are thinking about food, and increase the desire to eat more, the excretion activity will come down gradually. According to our thoughts, changes take place inside. In fasting, our mind is focussed on the desires and hence, according to the desires, the digestive juices are produced in the intestines and on the other side, the excretion activity will be coming down. If they eat after thinking for one or two days, then they won’t have any problems in digestion. This can happen to people who are in fasting for 7 to 10 days. If you do like this when you are doing fasting for a long period, then the digestive juices won’t be produced in time and you will have to face some problems. In other section, we have compared fasting with climbing tree and breaking fasting is like mounting down the tree. Taking food in the middle of fasting is like jumping from the tree. If you are jumping from a small tee (fasting for a fewer days), it won’t hurt your limbs. But, if you are jumping from a big tree (fasting for a longer period), there is a danger that you can hurt yourself. This is similar to eating when we are in fast. If we do this after fasting for 10 to 15 days, then the damage will be more. If we happen to be in fasting for many days, without having any thoughts of taking food, and all of a sudden, if take food (when we are tempted by a sudden desire for food), then the problems will be more. As we didn’t have desires from the beginning, due to not having any desires, the digestive juices are not produced in the intestines. If we get a sudden urge to eat something and take the food, as there are no digestive juices already produced, and no juices produced even after eating the food, then food becomes a burden to the intestines. The food doesn’t undergo any changes in the intestines and cannot move down. As pointed by our scriptures, ‘undigested food is poison’. Due to that reason, we will suffer diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach ache. For some people, the problems may not last long, but for others, there will be a need to consult the physician. In fasting, if the damage we suffer through eating food is 40%, the real 60% trouble we face is the stoppage of the excretion process.
When someone dies at home, we will attend the activity, despite having so many other important tasks. Similarly, despite the energy is engaged in various other excretion activities, it will leave all other activities and comes to attend the digestion activity, in stomach and intestines. If we eat food during fasting, the very purpose for which we have started fasting, will not be served since that day. That means, the excretion activity will be completely stopped. If we give such breaks in fasting be eating intermittently, and resume honey water again, it will take one or two days again for excretion activity to take place. If we eat food for one day, it will make fating futile for 2 to 3 days.
During fasting, if we eat something on a day, we feel like eating again on the second day. Let us see, if we start eating from the second day, without continuing fasting. As the appetite was not natural in fasting, from the next day, after you eat, you will face digestive problems, bloating of stomach, gas problems etc. As the waste matter is already soaked and moved, we might feel to excrete it, on one side and we also want to digest the food we have eaten. So, we neither can do the excretion activity, nor can we digest the food – we will be in trouble in either way. Occupied with the thoughts of the dead person, we cannot do any tasks for some days and often make mistakes. The body also suffers a similar problem, and hence, makes mistakes. If the food is not digested properly, the liver will be infested with insects and waster matter. It may gradually cause liver diseases, fevers or jaundice. We cannot face the subsequent diseases – neither can eat properly, nor can do fasting. We will become good for nothing.
See, how many problems you may need to face if you succumb to the desires that arise in fasting? The tongue will be anyway satisfied in 10 minutes. But, the body has to face the problems. But, at last, the oath is broken. When we feel like eating in fasting or when we get such thoughts, if we continue them, the senses will torture us till we have the food. To overcome the desire, take four spoons of honey or drink a glass of lime water with honey or taste a raw piece of lime. We have eaten whatever we liked, and as a result spoiled our health. When we are trying to regain the lost health, if we do commit the same mistake, then what is the point? Making such mistakes in fasting is like committing crimes in prison. No one will forgive such people, except God. The fasting activity is a sacred thing. We shouldn’t make it impure by our thoughts. We have to utilize the activity sensibly and to regain the health we lost. We have to eat tastes in a controlled way and protect our health and stay ideal for the next generations to come.

25. What happens if we do fasting for 5 to 6 days?

In the current civilized world, because of the food habits we have and the absence of physical exercise, we are accumulating waste matter for years. The same things are turned back into diseases. If 60% of waste is remaining in the body daily, only 40% is being discharged daily. Because of our habits in today’s life, this is the case of most of us. Moreover, we are not allowing the body-cleaning activating such as diarrhoea, vomiting, cold, cough, fever to happen and as a result, we are storing more waste in the body. Our medical practices are also like that. The body is becoming worse than a dust bin. Keeping this in view, when doing fasting for the first time, our thoughts should be like cleansing the body so that the body is saved from the waste matter. After starting fasting, despite facing some obstacles or due to some unexpected tasks (due to office or business), you should never stop fasting.
During fasting, for the first three to four days, it may be tough. It is like, mounting a hill, in these four days. Walking on the road is quite different from mounting the hill. Similarly, since the first day of fasting, because of the headache, fatigue, hunger, and a desire to stop fasting, we may feel inconvenient. Once we completely mount the hill, the walk will be easy. Likewise, after the first four days of fasting, it will be easy for us. During these four days, the waste will be soaked and then start moving. From the fifth day of fasting, the body will start getting the benefits. We started fasting only for these benefits. From here, the diseases will be cured fast, day by day. The body will feel like floating. People who reach 5 or 6 days, should not stop fasting, for any specific reason such as non-availability of time or due to any other problems. If they stop fasting, whatever waste is moved during these days, will remain in the body again. If you want to move the waste again, whenever you do fasting, 5 to 6 days will be wasted again. You will have to face the same problem again. Before cleaning the dishes, we pour some water on it so that they can get wet. After the dishes get wet, if you wash the dishes, the dirt can be cleaned properly. If you don’t wash the dishes, then, whatever got wet, will be dried up again. If you want to get it wet again, it will take the same time again. Even if fasting, the same thing happens. Most of the people are stopping fasting after 5 or 6 days, thinking that this is enough for the time being. They won’t get the desired they intended to achieve. Just as the waste matter comes out in fasting, with food or liquids, it won’t come out. There won’t be any damage caused to the body in fasting. Hence, you have to do fasting till the body requires – not till what your mind wants, after 5 or 6 days. In certain kind of fasting, where you take normal water or lemon water, it may not be much damaging if you stop fasting like that. In that kind of fasting, people cannot do it for more days. Hence, it is fine for that method.
Those who do fasting properly and cleanse the body well, and follow the diet habits we teach, if they face any problems or to reduce the weight, they for them these 5 to 6 days are enough. There is a chance that they can get rid of all the waste in 5 to 6 days. Those people, who do fasting to reduce weight, can do 5 to 6 days fasting, every once in two months. But, believe me! For people, who are doing fasting for the first time, even 25% of waste cannot be discharged out in the fir st 5 to 6 days. That is how it happens. As most of the people are becoming complacent with 5 to 6 days. That’s why, we need to focus on this again and again. 5 to 6 days of fasting will end up in despair, but won’t give us any happiness and joy. To get joy, we need to go ahead and try. No other way.

26. For how many days do we need to do fasting?

In the present day, because of their busy schedules in business of office work, people who join nature care centres, schedule the end date on the joining day itself. If we tell them that, they need to be in the ashram one or two months, they are not able to join the nature cure therapy because of their time constraints. Hospitals won’t run if patients don’t come to hospitals. Hence, hospitals have changed the treatment methods according to the patients and changed the fasting methods. Like one-week servicing course or 15 days cleaning course, now, fasting is also being determined as four days, week days or ten days, and accordingly, after the specific days, they are making the patients end fasting. In fact, determining the number of fasting days, prior to the beginning is not the correct way. If you tell the doctor that you will do fasting only for certain days or you are not free for all these days, or one week is enough, it is like deceiving yourself.
People with same age, same weight, same symptoms of disease, start fasting from the same time, everyone’s fasting don’t end on the same time. Though the body symptoms may be same but the mind that run them is different. Hence, the waste don’t move out in the same way to all. That’s why, fasting duration differs from person to person and we cannot determine in advance, how many days the fasting is required for a person. If you wash clothes day by day, then they won’t be so dirty. Similarly, if we clean the waste on a day by day basis from the body, then it won’t be stored in the body. If you wash the clothes day by day, then you can save the soap as well. Moreover, it won’t take much time as well. Likewise, for those who excrete waste completely from the body (faeces, urine, sweat, air) – day by day, then for them fasting won’t take more days. Moreover, their fasting will be completed very lightly. If you use the same pair of clothes for four days, they get dirtier and will take more time and soap. So, for those who could not send the waste day by day successfully, still eat food normally, there is a chance that more waste is stored in their body. For such people, fasting takes more days and the body also takes more strain to move the waste. So, we can understand that the more waste is stored inside the body, the more days fasting takes to discharge the waste. As we cannot calculate how much waste is stored inside, we don’t exactly know how many days a person need to do fasting. So, if someone determines that you need to undergo for so many days of fasting, then it is 100% false.
Patients who come to us, want to know for how many days of fasting is sufficient for them. If you can tell us how much of waste is stored in you, then we can tell you how many of fasting you need. We just need to work hard and the results are the fruits given by god. Similarly, you just need to start fasting, how many days you need to do, can neither be decided by you or the doctor. To know when to stop fasting, one need to check the day by day changes the body is undergoing, and to continue fasting, either increasing the days or reducing the days till all the waste is completely discharged out and the body is thoroughly cleaned up. So, we cannot tell for how many days one should do fasting. If we pre-determine the number of days one should take fast, then by that if we break the fast, the body might not be cleaned and it will remain uncleaned. Then, what is the use of such fasting? Out of that fasting, what benefits are we gaining?
Considering the fasting we prescribe, those who have done fasting range from 8 days of fasting to 104 days of fasting. If you observe 100 people who have undergone the fasting process, there are three categories of fasting days. 8 to 10 days of fasting is done by 10%; 10 to 15 days of fasting is done by 25%; 15 to 30 days of fasting is done by 50%; 30 to 60 days of fasting is done by 15%. In general, almost for no one, fasting will be completed before 8 days. For those who suffer constipation, who eat non vegetarian food heavily, who have used medicine profusely, and who have taken water in very low quantity, the fasting process takes considerably more time.
So, instead of we determining the days of fasting, we better do fasting for the number of days the body demands. Acording to the body, we have to adjust ourselves. The waste doesn’t go out according to our wish. It is advisable to count days of fasting, especially when you are doing fasting for the first time.

27. When should I stop fasting?

From the third or fourth day of fasting, the body focusses completely on the excretion of waste. Since that day, till the body discharges all sorts of waste, bacteria, toxins and other poisonous particles, the body will be undergoing fasting. If we co-operate to the body in fasting, all such waste will go out through the excretory organs. Once all the waste is completely discharged from the body, it cannot continue in fasting. From that moment, the body wants to stop fasting. We should know when to stop fasting, based on the signals the body gives to us. Once the body wants us to stop fasting and if we still continue it, then the body starts suffering. It is our primary responsibility to co-operate with the body; so, we should know the signals the body gives when it wants us to stop fasting.
1. The foul smells should cease: Since the beginning of fasting, faeces, urine, sweat, air, mouth, all smell foul. As we continue fasting day by day, the body gets cleaned in fasting and by the day we stop fasting, the foul smell of faeces, urine, sweat, air and mouth lose the foul smell and they cause a natural smell. Losing foul smell is the first symptom of all.
2. Stickiness and white coating of tongue to disappear - the tongue to apear red: Since the day the secretion is started in fasting, the tongue becomes sticky and a white coating is started on the tongue. That is the reason why we cannot feel like eating in fasting. Once the intestines and liver are cleaned, the stickiness and the white coating will disappear. Till all the waste of the body is discharged, the tongue won’t become red. Sometimes, the tongue becomes red, but we may not feel hungry. It means, we still have waste remained in the body. If we take the color of the tongue as the standard symptom, then we may stop fasting, without completely cleaned. The cunning tongue may deceive us just as it has been deceiving us daily. If we stop fasting based on the color of the tongue, then we may be deceived in fasting. So, beware of the tongue!
3. Faeces should be cleaned completely: In fasting, every day, some amount of faeces, or color water, normal color water (with or without smell), come along the faeces. From two or two days before fasting is stopped, the enema water along with water without and faeces will come out. For most of the people, all faeces will go out and the intestines gets cleaned. With this, the symptoms appear indicating to stop fasting. For those who don’t have constipation at all, in a few days, though the faeces intestine gets cleaned, they may not feel hungry and as a consequence, they need to do fasting for more days. Though one excretion organ – faeces intestine – gets cleaned, the other excretion organs and atoms don’t get cleaned properly, and as the body doesn’t feel hunger – fasting is continued. That’s why, the complete discharge of faeces may not be taken as a symptom to stop fasting. For those who suffer from constipation problem, faeces will be coming in some quantity, till the previous day fasting is stopped.
4. Feeling fatique: As long as the body is excreting waste in fasting, one will not only get fatigue, but also gains energy. If we feel fatigue in fasting, it means, we have done something wrong in fasting. It means, during fasting, if we get fatigue when there is no hunger, something is wrong. If honey water is not taken in time, or if the body doesn’t get enough rest, or if the thoughts are not in sync, then one will feel fatigue. One should realize that it is not the fatigue which happens before fasting is stopped, and hence should continue fasting. If fasting is stopped based on the fatigue, the body will be in trouble. If we alter the reasons we have discussed above, we can continue fasting for many days. If we feel fatigue without hunger, then we should not stop fasting based on this symptom.
5. Feeling hunger: As long as the body is excreting waste in fasting, we will not know hunger. We should not feel hunger – it is the rule. If we feel hunger, it indicates that the mind is not going in the right track. After the excretion act is completed, feeling hunger is a healthy sign. In fasting, hunger should increase gradually. It means, in the initial days, after honey water is taken, hunger should happen after 2 hours. After some days, hunger should happen after one and half an hour; then to be reduced to one hour – the time should come down for hunger, after taking honey water. If hunger happens all of a sudden, it will be because of the desires of the mind, not because the fasting is completed. This hunger is not genuine. There is another reason for this false hunger. On the day, when there are smooth bowel movement, we may feel hungry. If we trust the false hunger, we will feel like stopping fasting. If we stop fasting like that, it is like losing the benefits of fasting.
6. After taking honey, you have to feel hungry within 15 to 30 minutes: When we start fasting, he honey water we take can give us energy till 2 hours. As long as the body is in excreting mode, then our energy won’t be spent much. Moreover, since the day of fasting, as the activity of generation and destruction of atoms in the intestines is stopped. Hence, we can save more energy to the body. As excretion activity is getting completed, we start feeling hunger. As we are reaching the last day of fasting, we don’t feel the energy (getting through honey) not sufficient. The reason for this is, the body and atoms have become fully healthy. Before the fasting is about to end, the honey we are taking proves insufficient and in 15 to 30 minutes, we will feel like drinking the honey water again. This symptom indicates us to stop fasting in one or two days.
7. Feel like eating if the mind is not focussed on food, as long as the mind is engaged in excretion process, we won’t have the thought or feeling to take food. Once the energy that the body is getting through honey water proves insufficient, and the excretion activity is completely over, hunger is generated in the intestines, and the digestive juices will start oozing gradually. As a result, we will feel like eating food. During this time, all tastes, favourite dishes flash over the mind and the hunger will be intensified on the day we will be stopping fasting.
8. Exuding of saliva: Just as in a new well water is oozing out, saliva will be exuding in the mouth. The saliva generated at this state will be sweet. For the body which is going to stop fasting, food is required. So, to digest the food, saliva is generated in the mouth. So, the mouth is wailing indicating to stop fasting and to provide food to the body. As we get the desire to eat and we feel hunger, the saliva in the mouth is like giving the green signal. To stop fasting, exuding saliva in the mouth is an important symptom.
9. The combination of hunger inflamation and fatigue is correct: Fake hunger and fatigue (generated not by drinking honey water), both of these will come down by the second day since they rise. If the body completes fasting properly, on the day we are stopping fasting, the hunger after we drink honey starts with inflammation. In addition to this, we will feel more fatigue at a time. Because of this, the body feels so tired and losing the grip. If we feel both the inflammatory hunger and fatigue on the same day, we can stop fasting on the same day or the next day morning – without any doubt!
10. Insomnia: Despite our having all the discussed symptoms, if we spend the night without stopping fasting, then we will restless and sleepless. As the food is not sufficient to the body, mind and body won’t take enough rest. As we are thinking about different tasty dishes, we won’t get sleep. If we spend the previous day like this, without sleep, and the thoughts are diverted to food without having sleep, then it is time for the next day to stop fasting.
11. Body feels numb and the mind feels heavy: As the energy we get through honey is not sufficient to the body and especially to the mind, we will feel like this. If we do fasting, when we feel like this in the head, there is a chance of the cells dying in the mind. On the day when we feel the head heavy, we should stop fasting. After we identify this symptom, we need not wait for any other proof. This is the final symptom to stop fasting and give food to the body. We must stop fasting.
If all these symptoms appear one after the other in two or three days, based on them, we can stop fasting. Any stupid can do fasting. But, only the intelligent person who has restraint will stop fasting sensibly. If anyone stops fasting, without having the above mentioned symptoms, then, they will see some changes, such as: losing appetite, dwindling of the desire to eat, indigestive feeling, bitterness of tongue and dwindling of saliva in the mouth. When the excretion process is not completed properly in fasting and the mind and body are still engaged in the excretion process, they don’t want to take even the lighter food we are offering. Hence, such symptoms appear. In such case, we have to be patient to stop fruit juices and come to the honey water again and continue fasting for some more days. Since that day, some people need to day 2 or 3 days of fasting. Unless it is done, the body won’t tolerate. When there are signals given to start fasting again, if we don’t heed to the signals and stop fasting and take fruit juices, we will again face nausea and vomiting. This is the nature of the body. If we don’t follow this, then, the punishment needs to be faced in fasting.
Unless we pay attention, we don’t understand the changes happening in the body day by day in fasting. If you can inform the changes to the doctor as they are happening in the body, you can complete the fasting without any problems. If the student is not listening to the teacher with attention, he cannot answer the questions the teacher asks. Similarly, if you are not paying attention attention of your mind on the body, you will miss the symptoms the body is trying to intimate you to stop fasting. So, if we don’t focus on the task we are doing, we may face many troubles. When you are doing this life-benefiting fasting for the first time, you better discuss with the doctor about all your doubts and get answers, you will have a chance to change your life. The nature cure methods and fasting process are giving you an opportunity. Don’t miss this opportunity. Utilize it and live happily with your family.

28. How to stop fasting?

Fasting is like climbing up a tree. Stopping fasting is like climbing down the tree. We try to climb a tree to eat a sweet fruit. Similarly, to get the fruit if health, we have climbed up the tree of fasting. Just as we plucked the fruit, we have completed fasting. After we plucked the fruit, now, it is very important to get down the tree slowly. Similarly, it is also very important to stop fasting slowly. We should show the same commitment, care and focus while getting down the tree, which we have shown when we were climbing the tree. Then only, we can reach the ground safely. Similarly, the same commitment, care and focus we showed when we started fasting, are to be shown when we are stopping fasting. Then only, we can reach the goal. If we think that, we have eaten the fruit, now, we can jump off to the ground, then we can break our legs or it can hurt the back. Similarly, if you think, ‘we gained health during fasting, now the body is cleaned up, it’s a long time since we last age’ and eat food at once, there is a danger of intestines getting damaged or it can be fatal as well. Though we could climb the tree fast, while getting down, we should come down slowly, so that we don’t slip and reach the ground safely. Similarly, when we stop fasting, instead of eating food all at once, if we start eating food slowly, beginning with lighter food items in smaller quantities, then, we can overcome diarrhoea, vomit.
When people start fasting, for different reasons such as – initial enthusiasm, suffering of diseases, desire for happiness – they start it with enough enthusiasm. But, when stopping the fast, there won’t be the same enthusiasm -they might have got bored with the honey water after drinking a lot, not able to control appetite, or affected by fatigue – for most of the people, it will be difficult when stopping the fast. When fasting is stopped, the desires over tastes will be like – a dog roaming all around the village, without a purpose. If we are able to control the mind, and show restraint, and resist the desires, and stop the fast with fruit juices, then they will get the good results of fasting.
As the festival of Ugadi is approaching, the housewives start the activity of cleaning the house. They do dusting, wash everything, arrange all items, and they need to work hard for one or two days. As they do the tasks with responsibility, care and focus, they won’t find any fatigue, pains or hunger. After all the tasks are done, the next day, they will feel fatigue, tiredness, body pains severely. As the body becomes heavy, they will take rest for longer hours. Similarly, in fasting, we are working hard by doing dusting, cleaning and washing by spending 20 to 30 days. During this time, the body won’t complain about hunger, pains, fatigue etc., and faces the opponents continuously. So, it is natural for the body to feel like taking rest after working hard for so many days. So, after fasting is completed, pains, fatigue, hunger – all these things are quite natural. Once the work at home is done, women give rest to the body for one day and then energize the body again. Similarly, after we stop fasting, we can take 4 to 5 days rest and then we can gain more energy again.
This example explains the reason why those people who could do fasting while doing all other tasks, once stopping the fast, become tired. It means, for the body, compared to fasting, more rest is required once we stop fasting. Though fruit juices are given instead of honey water, unless the body is given enough rest, the energy cannot be built in the body. Those who are practicing fasting while going to office or managing domestic tasks, better take leave and take rest after stopping fasting.
Food for stopping fast: As the body is strained for so many days in fasting, if you give food all at once in large quantities, the food makes the body more tiring. It is better to give food which does not trouble much to the intestines and body.
Coconut water, buttermilk, sugarcane juice: Since 2 or 3 days, before we are going to stop fasting, if the energy of honey water is not sufficient, one can additionally take coconut water twice or three times. Despite if you feel hungry after taking honey water and coconut water, you can take sugar cane juice, if available. If they can continue for two more days, drinking honey water, coconut water, sugarcane juice, apart from the normal water as they drink in fasting, it is better. If really required, they can additionally take buttermilk. If the waste is not completely discharged out of the body in fasting, these coconut water, sugarcare juice, buttermilk will help reduce the hunger. If hunger subsides in this way, then they can continue fasting with honey water and normal water, till they feel complete hunger. If fasting is successfully completed, despite taking honey water 8 times, along with coconut water, sugarcane juice and buttermilk, hunger will be go on increasing - it won’t come down. Despite drinking like this, still the body feel lethargic and the energy tends to be insufficient. Until we go to fruit juices and continue fasting with these drinks, they we can consider it as part of fasting. With this, the story of fasting will end.
Juice fasting: Even on the day of juice fasting, you have to drink one litre normal water, similar to any other day, to do enema. For the first time, if you drink honey and lemon water at the same time, fatigue will come down. Even after you enter the stage of juice fasting, you need to drink normal water. However, instead of drinking water, one hour after you take juice, you can take water (2 glasses) just half an hour before you take juice, that will be better. Fruit juice takes an around an hour to get digested. So, you need to take water after a delay. You can take fruit juice 4 or 5 times a day. Along with the fruit juice, on the same day, you can take coconut water, sugarcane juice and buttermilk. The process is: take a juicy fruit; take away some juice; add half amount of water to the juice, and to add 4 spoons of honey, and to take the juice, sipping slowly. The saliva should mix well with the juice. If you drink the juice slowly, then there is no chance for diarrhea. After stopping fasting, irrespective of time, whenever you feel hunger, drink water and after half an hour, take any juice. That will be enough. There is no rule for the quantity of fruit juice.
Fruits to be used for juices: You can use fruit such as Mosambi, orange, sweet orange, grapes, water melon, pine apple, apple, sapota for juices. You should not use fruit such as banana, mango, guava for juices. You should not use fruit that are stored in fridge.
For some people, as soon as they start fruit juices, they suffer from diarrhea. Till the problem comes down, they should stop sour juices and chew some pomegranate seeds, swallow juice and spit the seed pulp. They can also chew watermelon pieces. They can use buttermilk in more quantity. It is also good to take tender coconut water. Those who suffer from asthma and sinus, should consult the doctor before taking fruit juices. You can take honey water, whenever you like. If you feel fatigues, you can sip some honey. Despite taking all kinds of fruit juices, coconut water and honey, if you still feel hunger, then it is an indication that the digestion activity in the body is increasing. If we are drinking all these liquids number of times, and if our appetite is increasing, the, it indicates that we have stopped fasting in the correct way. When we take juice fasting, along with hunger, you will have fatigue. You will realize in juice fasting, how energetic and active you were, when you did fasting while taking honey and lemon water. You can continue juice fasting, as many days as you can. If you take more rest and take juices well, you can continue juice fasting for a longer period. While taking juices, if you feel heavy fatigue, you can take half a dozen dates (khajur) in the morning and half a dozen in the evening – to chew well and swallow the juice. Dates can be digested faster than juices and it also gives more energy. If you eat dates, you can get glucose without the need of much digestion (pre digested form). Generally, people cannot do juice fasting for more than 3 to 4 days with us. When the energy during juice fasting is not sufficient, and hunger cannot be controlled, it is better to stop this fasting and move to the fasting of taking fruit. Since the day you start juice fasting, losing weight will be completely stopped.
Fruit fasting: Compared to juice fasting, fruit fasting is a bit better. On the day you start fruit fasting, in the morning do enema, and from this day, stop enema, completely. In the morning, in drink fruit juice with honey. Since then, whenever you feel like hungry, chew all kinds of fruit and without throwing the pulp, swallow it slowly. Those fruit which are sour, take them as juice. According to your hunger, you can have any seasonal fruit. Before eating fruit, you need to drink 2 glasses of water every time. After eating fruit, till you eat fruit again, you should not drink water again. In fruit fasting, it is better to eat dates twice a day. Dates prevent fatigue. On the first day of fruit fasting, as you eat fruit, your hunger will come down a bit. Some people feel heavy for some time after eating fruit. Some people do not feel hunger at all. As you have been on liquid diet for so many days, the intestines are not habituated to solid food and they feel they are loaded heavily. At the same time, you won’t feel much tiredness. You will feel like doing your normal day activities. From the first day of fruit fasting, at 5 or 6 pm in the evening, when the stomach is empty, it is better to drink one litter water and try for bowel movement. Similarly, the next day morning also, if you drink 1 litre water, and then think about bowel movement, then the bowels will be well cleaned. Again, after half an hour, you have to start drinking the second litre of water. Whenever you want to have free bowel movement, if you drink one litre of water at a time and start thinking about the bowels, the faeces will start moving in the intestines. In fruit fasting, ensure that you have to clean up your bowels three to four times. If bowels are cleared during this time, it will be difficult in the later (food) stage.
Even in fruit fasting, the digestion will increase gradually. In the second day of fruit fasting, compared to the first day, you will feel more hunger and slightly fatigued. For two days, everyone can eat fruit. But, from day three, in fruit fasting, some people may feel increased hunger, more fatigue, and a dislike for fruit. With us, 70% people, after doing 3 days of fruit fasting (they cannot do more than that), will move to food from the fourth day. 25% of people can do fruit fasting for 5 days and the remaining 5% people can continue in fruit fasting from 5 to 10 days. In fruit fasting, after 2 or three days, in the morning, instead of fruit juice, it is better to drink a big glass of vegetable juice. In the afternoon also, you can take vegetable juice for one more time. You can drink juices of different vegetables such as carat, beetroot, keera, tomato, potato, cabbage. You can also mix them up in two or three ways. For example, Carat + Beet root + Keera is one way; Cabbage + Tomato + Keera another; Potato + Keera juice can be taken by those who have joint pains.
This way, by eating fruit and drinking vegetable juice, you can continue in fruit fasting as many days as possible. It helps you purify your blood. For people who have long-term diseases, if they do fruit fasting for many days, their body can become healthy in a short span. In fruit fasting, we have a divine opportunity to eat what nature has given us – without spoiling it. Hence, fruit fasting can help the body to get immunity power. It is better to stay fruit fasting as many days as possible, while controlling hunger and fatigue. Once you feel inconvenience, you can move to food.
Food: By eating fruit and dates, and taking vegetable juice, taking a few pieces of raw vegetables in the morning and evening (whoever is habituated), it is better to stay as many days as possible. If you eat this way, long-term diseases such as sugar, skin diseases, joint pains, asthma will be cured in short period. By eating this way, you can reduce the lack of vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes, fibre in the body. This will be useful for your complete health. If hunger increases, after some days, you can start eating two pulkas (wheat bread) in the morning and evening, along with the raw vegetables. This way, you can eat for many days.
Similarly, those who cannot eat raw vegetables, can have fruit, dates, raw vegetable juice and boiled curry, in the morning and evening, along with buttermilk for two days. If hunger increases in this method, from the third day, along with the boiled curry, you can take 2 pulkas (morning 1 and evening 1). After 2 or 3 days, if hunger increases, you can increase the number of pulkas. Those who cannot chew pulkas, can eat wheat rice with the curry. For those who want to lose weight, must eat only pulkas and curry. They should not eat white rice. They can eat brown rice. If you eat white rice, it causes constipation. In white rice, the boiled curry will be so insipid. Like this, if you continue for 4 to 5 days, if the hunger increases more, you can start eating sprouts. If the bowels are getting cleared twice or three times a day, you can start eating sprouts. If the bowel movement is not clear, then the stomach will be bloated and gas will be developed in the stomach. In such a case, if you eat green gram, you will feel inconvenience. You need to try for free bowel movement, but you should not stop sprouts because of gas problem. If you stop sprouts, then body will face fatigue. Continue eating the same food, and if hunger increases, then you can add curd rice along with a banana. You can also start using raw coconut in all the items. While trying for complete health, after completing the fasting program and cleaning the body, if you are able to eat the food we suggest you, it makes you completely healthy.
Have you observed, how difficult it is to stop fasting, compared to staring fasting? During night, as the stomach is at rest for a short period of 5 to 6 hours, we will ensure that the breakfast we will have in the morning will be lighter (as you are aware, the breakfast or tiffin is always lesser to a meal). Then, imagine, how much lighter the food should be when the stomach has undergone a fasting of 20 to 30 days, giving complete rest to the stomach and intestines? Before igniting the oven, we use dried grass or some easily flammable material. Similarly, when stopping the fasting, to make the digestive juice to ooze (to start the digestive process), we have to use coconut water and sugar cane juice. Once the oven is started with fire, to inflame the fire gradually, we add dried twigs, some dried leaves. Similarly, to improve the digestive process, and increase hunger, we give fruit juices. When the fire is ablaze, we will be adding a bit bigger twigs and continue cooking. Similarly, once the digestive juices started acting, and the hunger is increased, we start eating fruit, dates, raw vegetables, boiled curries with pulka, for some days. Once the fire is fully flaming, while we are adding big twigs and logs, even if they are a bit wet, they will be set on fire. Similarly, when the digestive juices are produced well, and when you are fully hungry, the intestines can digest, even if you increase the quantity of food. But, in the beginning stage of igniting the fire itself, if we add big logs which are wet, we will get only smoke – not fire. After doing fasting, if we eat food at once, the digestive process won’t be started to match this and just as smoke is generated there, we will get diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, which can eventually trouble intestines. You might now have realized, only when we can eat food with such restraint, we should start fasting. Starting fasting, and then not finishing them properly, and then, after stopping fasting, eating whatever you like – one may get into trouble with all such things. And, one should not blame fasting for all such things. With this last word, I will finish this. One should stop fasting sensibly. But, it is not advisable to start fasting, and then eat whatever they like, is not advisable.

29. Fasting is not just an initiation

We all know that, in fasting, we don’t eat anything. But in starvation also, we know that we don’t eat anything. In fastng and also in starving, as we are not taking any food, people think that what harm is caused in starvation, will be done in fasting as well. In the country, more people know about starvation, but only a few people know about fasting. It is natural that those who do not know the difference may get it wrong. Since the day we started using medicine profusely, people started thinking that if we keep the stomach empty or if we don’t eat at all, then, we will be affected by more diseases. This thought is implanted in the society. Since these medicine have come, even when we are not well, we have been easting. Those people in fact do not know the value of fasting. That’s why, they think, fasting can cause unnecessary troubles or it can become fatal. Fasting is life-giving. It’s a pity of the country that this valuable practice is compared with starvation, which can be fatal. It is like tying dharma and adharma to the same thread. This is the plight of fasting in the eyes of the society. I will try to show you the difference between fasting and starvation.
Fasting and starvation are two different methods. The intentions are also different. Both are used differently, for different purposes. Fasting protects the body. Starvation destroys the body. In fasting, the body doesn’t ask for food. If we don’t give food to the body, the energy increases (energy generated due to the absence of digestion activity) in fasting, which gives benefits to our health. That is why it is called fasting. In starvation, the body asks for food. Though the body is crying for food, if food is not given, then it is called starvation. Fasting is truth like the sun – starvation is false like darkness. As long as the sun is there, darkness cannot approach. As long as fasting is going on, it is not starvation. Where the sun’s rays end, there darkness starts. In the same way, the day fasting ends, starvation starts. The last minutes of sun, are the beginning moments of darkness. Similarly, the last day of fasting is completed, then it is the first day of starvation. If darkness is there, it obviously means, the sun is not there. Similarly, if starvation is started, we can know that it is not fasting. That is the difference between fasting and starvation.
When the body asks to stop fasting - in the form of hunger (just 15 minutes after drinking honey), if we continue fasting, then starvation starts. If fasting is stopped with fruit juice, it is not starvation. It is called juice fasting. Some people want to lose weight more in a short period, and they determine - prior to fasting – how many days they need to do fasting, and despite feeling hunger, if they continue fasting till the day they calculated in the beginning, then they will suffer physically and mentally. Sometimes, it can be fatal as well. Starting the fast is very easy. It doesn’t need our intelligence. But, we need to recognize the symptoms when to stop fasting. Here we need to be very sensible – otherwise, we will be in trouble. By now, I think, you might have realized that fasting is so righteous.
Fasting is creating an opportunity for the body to clean its waste. Starvation is instead of eating the inner waste, eating health. We can understand this with the following table.
1. Fasting: To do enema - mandatory
1. Starvation: Enerma is not done
2. Fasting: Honey water and normal water
2. Starvation: Should not touch any such thing
3. Fasting: Bitterness of mouth
3. Starvation: No bitterness of mouth
4. Fasting: No hunger - but, feel like eating
4. Starvation: Lot of hunger - feel like eating
5. Fasting: Energy will increase day by day
5. Starvation: Energy will decrease day by day
6. Fasting: Will have sound sleep
6. Starvation: Sleeplessness
7. Fasting: B.P. will be normal
7. Starvation: B.P. will be down
8. Fasting: Everyday, new healhty feeling
8. Starvation: Health deteriorates day by day
9. Fasting: Body becomes brighful
9. Starvation: Folds on the skin
10. Fasting: Mind atoms won't be affected
10. Starvation: Mind atoms will die
11. Fasting: Day by day, toxins and poisonous insects will come down
11. Starvation: Day by day, toxins and poisonous insects will increase from body
12. Fasting: Rest for the body
12. Starvation: Gives unrest to the body
13. Fasting:: Day by day, fat and weight will come down
13. Starvation: No weight loss happens
14. Fasting: The mind will be active
14. Starvation: Mind will be dull and heavy
15. Fasting: Intestines will get new digestive energy
15. Starvation: Intestines will dry up
16. Fasting: By the time fasting is stopped, hunger increases
16. Starvation: Day by day, hunger dies down
17. Fasting: Education given by god to save ourselves
17. Starvation: Education we learnt to kill ourselves
18. Fasting: The last day of fasting
18. Starvation: The first day of starvation
19. Fasting: Keeps death aloof
19. Starvation: Brings closer to death
20. Fasting: Natural and righteous
20. Starvation: Unnatural and unjustifiable

30. Significance of food after fasting

Human body is a magnificent machine. If you observe its work style, it will be strange. The car which is made to run with petrol, cannot be run with diesel or kerosene. The vehicle won’t run unless we give the fuel it requires. A car is what we made, hence it works like that. But, this body is created by God, hence, its energy is beyond man’s reach. When we are supposed to give petrol like food (fruit, raw vegetables, nut grains) to the body, we are giving diesel or kerosene-like food (pickles, fried spice food like pulav, non vegetarian food). But, still the body is working for 40 to 50 years successfully. This body is meant to last for 100 years, but because of our mishandling, the life span has come down to 40 to 50 years, and since then it is facing diseases, pains etc. The body changes according to what we eat. If we eat raw food, it will adjust to them. Similarly, it can adjust to non vegetarian food, spicy food, oily food. It can also be adjusted to cigarettes, brandy and other various medicine. As the body gets adjusted to various kinds of food, it has no significant value in the eyes of man. That’s the reason we are facing more troubles. If the body cannot adjust like that, just as we use only petrol to the car, we should have given the body, only the food which is offered by God, and would have lived without any problems or diseases. The greatness of the body is: despite suffered for such diseases, if we stops the tastes, the body has the energy to still regain its lost health. The good news is: if we change our mind and take the good food in a proper way, the body will change completely. That is the greatness of the body. That is the nature of the body.
So, to get rid of the body from all such bad habits and turn the body towards good habits, and to regain the lost health, the fasting method is so useful for us. It cleanses the body by cleaning up all the stored waste, old tastes and smells and emptying the body. Unless we lose the old habits, we cannot make new good habits. It may take four days for the floor to get dry. But, it won’t take just four hours for the floor to get wet again. Similarly, it will take a lot of days to cleanse the waste from the body. But, if we eat improperly, the waste can again pile up in two days. After fasting, the body gets cleaned up completely and will be waiting to take up whatever is available. Because, we started discussing about health, it is our responsibility to give health. Fasting can clean up our waste and diseases, but cannot protect us from not getting affected by diseases again. To make the body not to get affected by any disease, we need to give the body good food with notorious values. We need to try to eat food which does not have much waste. Let us check what kind of food we need to take, post fasting.
Qualities the food should have:
1. The food we take should be easily digested. More energy to be supplied to the body in a shorter period. It should not be like spending a lot of energy to digest the food. Whatever food that we eat should be digested in just 3 hours. If it happens like that, then food won’t be fermented in the intestines. And, gas won’t be produced much. As a result, the body can save more energy. When the food is getting digested easily, more rest will be given to the intestines and stomach. If both of them can take rest, the body will have more immunity and can protect itself from toxics coming from outside.
2. If the students complete their homework day by day, when the exams approach, they won’t worry. As we have cleansed the body perfectly, our food should be such that it should be digested day by day. In the form of food, if we offer waste food to the excretory organs (air, urine, faeces, sweat), the waste matter will be stored in the body and as a result, there is a chance of getting diseases again. If we continue like this, diseases will increase day by day. If we have to protect ourselves from diseases, we need to eat food, which is convenient for excretion. Our food should be such natural, such as fruit, raw vegetables, sprouts, boiled curries.
3. After fasting is completed, if you start taking salt, oil, ghee, red chilli, tamarind, spicy items, sugar in food, then, every day 50% of waste is getting piled up in the body. We should excrete these food items (these tastes) day by day. To excrete such food items (tastes) day by day, we need two more kidneys, two more lungs, two anus holes, and double skin. That is the reason why our lungs, heart, kidneys and other organs are getting damaged and we are facing BP and sugar at the age of 40 and 50. If the excretion activity runs properly every day, the body won’t have any problems till 100 years. Those animals and people who are not eating such tastes, are living without any diseases, organ damage, are living happily.
4. Before fasting, three times a day, as you were eating boiled food, having diseases, not eating food well, due to mental disorders, air pollution, due to using unnecessary medicine, smoking, drinking brandy, for such habits, the body faced vitamin deficiency. For example, daily, we need vitamin c 30-40 milli grams. If we drink one cigarette, 25 milli grams of vitamin c will be spent (spoit). This way, you can imagine how much vitamin c will be wasted. Similarly, other vitamins also, due to different diseases, are getting wasted. In the body, minerals also play a major role in the body. Like vitamin c, they also get wasted or become deficient in the body. For the health and development of atom, and for protecting the body, vitamins and minerals are very important. If they are not available in the body, diseases connected to their deficiency will attack us. If there is iron deficiency in the blood, there is not much opportunity for atoms to carry oxygen and in return cannot carry carbon dioxide. If only we can solve these deficiencies in the body, the diseases and problems that cannot be solved during fasting, can be solved later with food. Later in future, the body will be strong without any diseases. To get vitamins, minerals completely, we need to drink raw vegetable juices, eat raw vegetables, and eat sprouts and fruit. Without eating these, if we eat only boiled food, then the deficiencies won’t be rectified. There is no point in doing fasting – unwanted fatigue, blood deficiency will occur.
5. If you eat all food items as boiled, they contain potassium deficiency and it affects the efficiency of the heart. Similarly, due to the potassium deficiency, because of potassium deficiency, the 8% potassium deficiency in the atom will be damaged and it will affect the health of the atom. If this change happens in the atoms, there is a possibility of long term diseases. If you add salt after boiling, it will be much damaging. If you keep eating raw food at least in some quantity daily, this sort of damage won’t happen. Natural fruit and vegetables which are rich in potacium should always be taken.
6. Our blood has 80% of alkaline quality and 20% of acidic quality. The food we are offered by the Nature also have this sort of percentages. In our blood, if this percentage is changed – if acid quality is increased and based quality is decreased, then, we will see diseases and ailments. Once our food is digested and changed in the atoms, some items will release acid quality items (acidic residues) and some other will release alkaline quality items (alkaline residues). Vegetables, fruit, leafy vegetables, buttermilk increase alkaline quality and nut grains, cakes, bread, eggs and meat increase acidic quality. It is healthy to eat 80% of alkalinie food and 20% of acidic food. If we don’t eat food in this percentage, diseases don’t leave us, whatever treatments we may take. In diet, we need to follow this rule strictly. In the present speed world, majority of people are eating 80% of white rice, cakes, break, eggs, meat, while taking 20% of vegetables and fruit. It indicates that we are eating in completely the opposite way. When acidic percentage increases in the body, toxins are released more and stored in the body.
Food itmes that give Acidic and Alcaline nature
Food Alcaline (Percetage)
Sugarcane juice 14.57%
Banana 4.38%
Coconut 4.09%
Dates 5.50%
Lemon 9.90%
Mosambi and orenge 9.61%
Grapes 7.15%
Pomegranate 4.15%
Tomato 13.67%
Spinach 28.01%
Sweet Potato 10.31%
Leafy vegetables 14.12%
Cucumber 13.50%
Beetroot 1.37%
Milk 1.67%
Buttermilk 1.31%
White rice 17.96%
Brown rice 3.68%
Wheat 2.66%
Barley 10.58%
Cake 12.31%
Bread 10.99%
White wheat flour 8.32%
Groundnut 16.39%
Other nut grains ఎక్కువ
Almond 2.19%
Egg yolk 51.83%
Egg white 8.27%
Meat 24.32%
Fish 19.52%
Mutton 20.30%
Ghee 17.49%
Dr. Ragnar Berg's sceintific research results:
Generally, all vegetables and fruit have this type of nutritious values. In the food that we eat for our heath, 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic food, should be present.
7. If we need to get all the food values that we have discussed above (6 points), every day, we need to eat 60% raw food. It means, we need to eat sprouts, fruit, dates, coconut, vegetable juices, and additionally some raw vegetables pieces, then, we will get perfect health. This kind of food will rectify the mineral and vitamin deficiencies in our food. The fibre that the body needs is also available in this food. To save our body from long-term diseases or to protect ourselves from any other diseases, our food should daily be 60% natural. If we take the food like this, age cannot make us disabled – by affecting our eyes, knees, energy etc. We can live without old age affecting us. By taking this food, we can take utilize all the energy that the sun god has stored in these items. Only this 60% food can give us the energy that can protect us from diseases.
8. Let us think about the 40% cooked food. Rice, wheat (pulka), cooked vegetables, milk, curd come under this 40% food. The proteins, fats and starch that the body needs come from this 40% food. Proteins are primarily needed to build the atoms in the body. Likewise, fats and starch are needed to accumulate energy that is needed for the body to function daily. We have to take these foods for them. This 40% cooked food (two times of meal) will be useful to fill the stomach. It’s a long-time habit of man – we won’t be satisfied unless we eat our stomachful. To give us the satisfaction, to give the energy the body needs, we are eating this 40% of cooked food. But, this 40% food cannot protect us from the diseases of future. It doesn’t have that energy. In this 40% food, if we add salt, oil and spices, there is a great chance of inviting diseases. There is no guarantee that we won’t have diseases. Instead of using the tastes that we discussed above (salt, oil), if you use our prescribed food, then there won’t be any harm with the 40% of food. Benefits? The 60% food only will be useful.
The way of taking food: Let us discuss, when to take the 60% raw food, 40% boiled food and water.
At sunrise: It is quite healthy to get up at 4-5 am, early in the morning. If we get up at that time, then, we will get more time for physical exercise. Immediately after getting up from sleep, rinse mouth and then drink 1 or 1.5 liter water, at a time. Do not drink fridge water. You can use water – from copper vessel or other vessel or from a pot. After drinking the water, focus just below the navel (on the stomach), imagine that the faeces is moving down through the intestine. Focus on it and walk for 10 to 15 minutes, then, you will have a free bowel movement. But, you need to wait till faeces is about to come imminently. If you wait till the time you feel it is urgent, then, then large quantity of faeces can move fast and comes out fast in one minute. If you sit in the lavatory for 10 minutes can lead to constipation.
After drinking water, you can wait for 20 minutes and then do jogging (whoever can do). Then, you must do 20 minutes of pranayama. Then, you can do asanas. After 10-15 minutes of stopping asanas, drink one more liter of water again, and then focus the thought again for bowel movement. Just going to the toilet, sitting there won’t give result. If you don’t feel the faeces moving smoothly, you should not go to the lavatory and sit there. It is better to take a cold water head bath, in the morning. Don’t use shampoos every day. If required, use lemon. After taking the bath, thank Mother Nature, Sun God for the blessing and support they are giving to us. Then, you can do worship and medication.
Those who have the opportunity, can drink the third liter of water after taking bath. After drinking the third liter of water, wait for 20 minutes, and then, take breakfast.
Morning breakfast: Drinking raw vegetables juice or juice of leafy vegetables is very good. If you want to overcome blood deficiency, better take drumstick leaves juice with honey. The vegetable juice is good for all kinds of diseases. You can use carat, beetroot, tomato, cabbage, cucumber, keera, radish, spinash, amaranthus, gray pumpkin etc. for juices. You can also take any two or three kinds of vegetables, grind them in the mixture, then sieve it and you can drink it with honey. Those who don’t need, can stop honey. If you take leafy vegetables with vegetables, then there won’t be any inconvenience. You can use water, slightly. If you use keera cucumber, you need not add much water. After the juice is sieved, you can use the pulp to make chutney. In that way, it won’t be wasted. You can mix green chili, coconut, groundnuts, and make chutney to use in meal. Initially, begin vegetable juice with a small glass. Then, gradually in ten days, you can increase it to a big glass. This juice helps clean the blood.
People who don’t have much time in the morning, after drinking juice, can wait for half an hour and then start eating. If you have opportunity, you can wait for one hour without eating anything. Now, you can eat sprouts (green gram, pea nuts, wheat, ground nuts etc). You can mix coconut and dates with sprouts. You can gradually increase the quantity of sprouts, and you can eat as many as possible. By eating these, we won’t feel fatigued. Dosa without oil and Idli without salt, are not advisable daily. When you feel like eating them, you can prepare them. But, you should not eat them as alternative for sprouts. After one hour of eating sprouts, if you feel hungry, you can eat any fruit. Otherwise, you can get ready for lunch.
Morning meal: Before 20 to 30 minutes of taking the meal, drink one more litre of water. You should complete the morning meal ideally before 12 noon. In the morning meal, you can have brown rice or wheat rice or wheat bread (pulka). Don’t use white rice. It is advisable to have meals as prescribed by us (in the book Food – Thought) – two curries, one chutney. Curry should be three times compared with rice. Whoever has the opportunity, can eat raw curries and eat it with pulkas. You can also make raw chutney. In the morning meal, you can use curd. If it is buttermilk, drink it after an hour of you meal. If with meals, use it in a small quantity. In the morning meal, you can use a banana. It is better not to use any other fruit with meal. After the meal is completed, wait for 2 hours to drink water. Take one or two glasses of water.
Afternoon: Between 3 and 4 pm, you can eat fruit. 15 minutes before eating, drink a litre water. If drinking fruit juices, sip them slowly. After half an hour of drinking fruit juice, eat fruit. Chew all kinds of fruit well. Whoever feels fatigued, you can eat dates. It is also useful to eat raw corn (maize).
Evening meal: 20 minutes before the meal, drink one more litre water and focus on the bowel movement. When faeces is discharged out smoothly, it is better to take food. It is advisable to complete the evening meal between 6 and 7 pm. You can eat cooked curry with pulkas or pulkas with raw curry. Those who have long-term ailments or people who have diseases left, can chew raw curry with pulka for fast and better recovery. Those who cannot chew pulkas or those who are thin, can eat curries in wheat rice. In the evening, it is better to drink buttermilk (small glass). Whenever you take meal, chew it well, do not talk and focus on the food. It will be tastier. If the mind is not on food, we won’t know tastes well. For satisfaction, while eating food, your focus should be only on food. When you eat early in the evening, all the waste that is produced, because of the food, will be discharged well in the morning. You can keep the body healthy and you won’t have to do fasting again. It is almost like you are doing fasting daily. If you eat like this, it is like you are doing fasting during night. It is better not to eat anything after 7 pm. If you feel very hungry, take honey – no other food. If you take 60% of raw food and 40% of boiled food, then you will have health and happiness together as long as you live.
You should continue the discussed diet till 5 months, from the day you start it after stopping fasting. Even if you attend parties and functions, you have to eat curd rice and you should not eat spicy food. It takes longer time for us to learn good habits. To become popular, you may take so many months and even years. But, to get defamed, it doesn’t take a minute. Unless you keep the body, mind and tongue out of the reach of these tastes for such a duration, then you cannot make friendship with the healthy food that we are suggesting. The atoms in the body live for four months. The atoms created with the tastes of salts and oils, will be changed in four months and all new atoms will be developed. If you smoke cigarette for 100 days, then you will be addicted to it. Similarly, if you continue this dies for 5 months, then you won’t leave it. After the five months, if you eat normal food for 2 or 3 days, you won’t and you cann’t eat with the previous desire. You feel like continuing the healthy food always. What we experience the joy of health in these five months, won’t let us come out. This way, we have to be addicted to good food – not to bad habits and tastes.
As we see some people who are addicted to tea, coffee and brandy, say that they cannot live without them. Similarly, if you want health, you should be accustomed to healthy life style and food, and say that ‘I cannot live without them’. You should make a permanent bond with them. Then, health will stay together in life just as the parrot lives in the cage happily. Just as air and water are important for happy living, those who realize that good food is also so important for our health, they can lead a happy life. Health is the treasure that no one can rob away from us.

31. What happens when you follow your routine diet after fasting?

We humans are responsible for our own habits.The culture and food habits which we are following now have been inbuilt in us from ages,we humans are in continuous process of getting attached to either good or bad.As time passes these introduction to new things turn into habits.We are in a situation that we are slowly turning into slaves of these habits.If these habits turns to be the bad one they damage our body and we need to get rid of them one or the other day. If our habits are the ones damaging our health their won't be any medicine to cure it.(Fasting helps people to get rid of this condition and protects and repairs our body) .I feel 95% of today's population are living in this situation.Their body got accustomed to digest all the oils,salts, coffee ,pickles and nonvegetarian food they eat. Their body also got habituated to store the waste materials produced .These waste materials are responsible for all the minor illnesses we get and all the chronic one's we are developing.when our body is in this condition it's quite natural that our body develop reactions when we provide it healthy food. By good food i mean consuming more amounts of water,eating honey,citrus fruits, coconut and all types of vegetables etc.Do you know what's the reason behind allergic reactions? As we are not habituated to eat good food the bad content within us fights with it,it's a war between good and bad.As we all know same species get along well,How can a human with good qualities adjust with a bad person? The same thing is happening here.Humans won't be healthy without eating good food.But in this case he can't consume good food even though he wants too because of the adverse reaction.Fasting helps in overcoming those reactions and restore health.
Fasting means protecting our body from bad company,removing all the waste materials that have been accumulated in the body since ages.Fasting removes all the memory and impact of oils,salts,ghee and madalas that have be settled in our system since ages.Chronic fasting helps us in bringing this change.As fasting removes all the bad particles only good content stays in. A good person accepts all the good content ,so the food we allergic to before fasting is also accepted without any reaction after fasting. All the qualities that were naturally gifted to us by god are restored by fasting.Our body instead of accepting all the artificial, unhealthy food it rejects them.Our immune system also improves after fasting.
Why step of shit and wash later : If you follow the diet we prescribe after fasting it suits your body and keeps you healthy.People who fasted for 7 to 10 days should consume tasteless food for 4 days and can later consume their routine diet.In fasting for short duration as all the waste materials are not lost the new one's go and be friends with old ones.But in people who do chronic fasting once they start their routine again there are high chances they develop reactions.In this the good within our body fights with the bad we ate.The changes you observe now ate vomiting,motions, cold,wheeze, cough ,fevers, stomach ache, headache etc.These symptoms remove the food we ate . These symptoms may not be same in everyone. some people experience the changes immediately, few experience it in 10 days or may be a month. People who never suffered from any disease before misunderstands the symptoms they develop after fasting and blames that fasting caused weakening of immune system.They dont understand that the improved immune system is removing the bad content. They blame naturopathy and fasting for this.Our body keep on trying to remove the waste that gets into our body after fasting and prevents development of diseases. As waste materials gets accumulated with time our body's capability to remove waste materials decrease.Since then we again start experiencing reaction.
People who reduced weight by fasting tend to gain weight after resuming their routine diet.Same happens in people with diabetes, hypertension,it either increases to previous level or more.If you consider this as a mistake of fasting or naturopathy you are mistaken.For a land to get dry it may take 4 to 5 days but for it to absorb water it doesn't need that much time.This is the law of nature.Same happens with us once we resume our diet after fasting. So,if we are experiencing these changes they are tend to be natural.But we don't get any benefit of fasting by this.The happiness we experienced by fasting is not known by people around us ,but the changes that appear after resuming diet are clearly visible.We only provide bad to the society by this.This is what we are giving to nature and fasting that made us healthy in return.
We are providing our body comfort that we can't give it for long time.You need to fast only when you can maintain it afterwards too.You need to provide healthy food for cleaned body.As fasting removed all the waste materials from our body if we provide healthy food the bonding gets strong as sand and cement.This lays a strong foundation for your 100 yr long life. People who spend their lives in this way are blessed.Every living being is bound to die,it happens only once in life but we humans are becoming slaves to tastes and dying every moment of our lives due to illness.If you want to live healthy until God's natural call of death ,you need to follow good diet after fasting. As we are left with no other option let's try our best to consume healthy from today.

32. This generations fasting

We have reached the end of this era.Kaliyuga had 3 parts of unrighteousness and one part of righteousness. As we reached the end of this righteousness is limited to less than once part. Rules and regulations have been disappeared lately.People who follow rules, experience and teach those rules are lacking.We are considering people who follow this rules as weird people.People who are following rules are facing many obstacles as if they are swimming against the flow. In the same manner laws of nature,fasting rules are forgotten day by day. Even 5 % of population is aware about these rules.People usually believe what they see.They believe it firmly. People are considering fastings done now a days as base and commenting that it is harmful to us.We don't know it real or fake until we see it ,then how can we know fasting is harmful even without trying it.Lets understand the meaning of fasting in this generation and pros and cons of this kind of fastings.
Stopping food consumption is called fasting ,limiting the amount of food or changing the type of food we eat isn't called fasting. This generation considers eating rice as a meal and remaining other foods don't come under a meal to them. They eat all types of breakfast in dinner instead of rice and proudly say I only consume once on Saturday's. Some people on the other hand consume coffee ,tea all day without eating anything and consume heavy meal during dinner. Some on the other hand don't consume anything during mornings not even water and eat pulihora and other stuffs at night on resting intestines. They consume all their favourite in the name of fasting once every week. Fasting has to provide rest to our body and make us healthy but we on the other hand are increasing load on our kidneys in the name of fasting.Few people don't consume anything whole day and break their fast by consuming breakfast next day. As you are fasting without consuming anything whole day you mayn't excrete anything. These people don't do enema while fasting,some people even though they are aware of enema don't do it because they are shy. If you don't do enema fasting is more harmful than without.
We are providing rest to our body once a week as it worked hard the entire week, on the other hand we are troubling our organs which worked throughout the week in the name of holiday or fasting. Fasting means giving rest to our body not over straining it. You can fast to show your devotion but if it's not the right method it's harmful to you in all ways. Stop fasting depending on your convenience, as you wish or when you want. Fast according to the needs of your body. You can get then get the real benefit of fasting. It's better you do atleast one or two days under the guidance of experienced doctors.

33. Why is it not called fasting if you consume one meal of a day ?

If you don't consume anything throughout the day it's called fasting. It's not called fasting when you don't eat a meal because we already ate once. We should term it as one meal eating not fasting. Many people use this term one meal fasting. It just decrease the load on our body but it is not fasting.
Fasting prevents production of new waste materials and removes the old one's. Let's try ti understand what happens if we eat food in the morning and stop eating our dinner. When you consume your food at 12 in the noon ,it takes 4 to 6 hours to digest , it means till 5 or 6 pm. Our stomach and intestines take rest since then. The glucose we obtained from food lasts for 7 to 8 hours. Excretion starts in the night. The waste material that is formed throughout the night is due to food we consumed in the morning. As this waste is present readily in the blood it can be easily excreted. The waste material produced due to food in the morning is completely cleared out of our system but the stored waste material is not lost. This stored waste is lost only when new waste is not produced for 1 to 2 days. Waste produced during that day is not completely lost by the end of the day. Eating once has only this benefit. Other benefit of eating once is it decreases load on the body and we feel hungry the next morning. Habit of Consuming lunch at 12 in the noon and eating breakfast , fruits, tea and coffee etc in the evening. Consuming fruits alone is beneficial ,consumption of boiled foods containing salts,oils just decreases the load but it not of much benefit. Our intestines and stomach dont get sufficient rest and accumulated waste is also not excreted. This is the benefit behind our one meal fasting. This is the reason why it is not called fasting when we eat once.
Some people stop eating anything in the morning inorder to reduce weight or feel light ,they usually it breakfasts during day and routine meal during night. It is of no use. Even though not consuming food in the morning burns little amount of fat , the Fat is replaced by the food we eat in the night time. Stopping food consumption in the morning when excretion doesn't happen and eating food during the time of excretion is more harmful. It is against the laws of nature. The waste materials released during that period is not excreted properly. You may feel as you are not consuming anything in the morning. You health gets completely spoiled in few days.
When you are healthy inorder to protect your health it is better if you have a meal in the morning and eat fruits during night time. In sick people consuming one meal a day or decreased quantity of food is of no use. Only proper fasting procedure can help them. It's better if your efforts are in that direction.

34. How often should we fast?

There is a saying" If you fulfill all the wishes of your taste buds- your longetivity decreases " our soul demanding things is quite natural. People with patience control their desires and provide food suitable for their body. People lacking patience provide food they crave for and satisfy their desires. Some teach ,some do and some bear the punishment. What kind of law is this! There is no big betrayal than this.Desires are by Our soul, tongue is the one who ate and punishment is beared by our body. Our body is the one who enjoyed the fruits of taste ,so it needs to bear the punishment. By punishment it means diseases and pain. The difficulty experienced by body is atleast shared by soul but tongue don't share any load of pain. As our tongue is causing so much betrayal we shouldn't pay much importance to it. This is of much benefit to our body and soul. When the food you desire is good , tongue gets satisfied by it and our body also stays protected. That is the reason why our elders suggest us to eat good food.
Taste is punishing body in the form of diseases, pain etc. More the taste we experience more will be the punishments because of it. As tastes are punishing our body so it's better if we avoid those tastes. Even if you stop consuming tasty food the diseases already started because of tastes won't be lost ,fasting is the nature's gift to protect us from these tastes.People who understands that fasting is too protect their body are well aware about the value of life.
How long should we fast? We need to protect our body for the exact time we troubled it. Since Childhood we are troubling our body so, the first time we fast it should be for long time. The punishments we get to our body and soul due to diseases so,we now understand that fasting is protecting our body and soul. We now got to know that inorder to purify our soul we need to do fasting. If we protect our soul by fasting ,the thoughts that punishes our body gets decreased and it also controls the cravings of our tongue. Fasting is of more benefit to soul than our body. If our body gets its desires back we need fast again to get rid of them, We need to bring our body on track again. Whenever our body gets out of track we need to bring it back on track by fasting. If you don't do soo the vehicle may flip outside. This is more dangerous. It's our bad luck when we know we are travelling in wrong path and can't do anything About it.
: People who consume routine food daily They should first clean their body once by complete fasting under the guidance of experienced doctor.Their body gets cleaned only when they do chronic fasting. Minor illnesses like headache, stomachache gets completely cured by fasting. People who cant fast for soo long can do fasting with honey water once a week and follow the diet given by us,this will be beneficial.They can fast for long durations once they get a chance to do fasting. Once you follow diet given by us for a week( We described the recipes in our book Food and thought) you can start once a week fasting. Fasting is always beneficia when done by giving enema. If you consume routine diet daily and fast once a week, it will just provide rest to your body but doesn't help in cleaning it. As the waste produced in one entire week is not lost in single day you shouldn't consume anything on the day of fast except honey water and water You can get a rough idea how to fast by reading a lesson in this book. Its suficient if you follow this for one day. Next day you need to consume fruit juice or fruits and also consume a light meal in the afternoon. If you eat a heavy meal next day out of hunger it is of no use. If you eat more quantity of food considering you will fast after that ,your body cant bear the burden and struggles in between.
People who follow healthy lifestyle daily: By healthy food i mean food without salt, oil, ghee , madalas, red chilli powder ,tama rond ,sugar etc. Now lets talk about people who do chronic fasting under doctors guidance and consume every meal of the day healthy and natural. There is no need to do once a week fasting as long as they follow healthy diet after resuming their chronic fasting. As they are getting protected every day there is no need of any special protection in the name of fasting. Even though you are consuming healthy diet if you consume your dinner at 9 or 10 pm at night its better you fast with honey water or with fruit juice once a week. As you eat late at night excretory process is not done completely so, you are supposed to provide rest once a week . If you consume your dinner before 7 pm it gives your body suficient rest. If you do any compromise in the diet you need to do this once a week fast. If you are following healthy diet and you experience any kind of fevers,illnesses once a week fasting is not enough ,you need to fast till the recovery of illness and once you feel hungry. You need to do enema along with fasting once a day if necessary twice a day. People who fast once a week need not to do enema. You can do enema if your motion is not free the next day and start consuming fruits. You need to eat light food in the morning. In once a week fasting you need to consume honey +lemon juice 4 to 6 times a day. You shouldn't reduce the water content. It's better if you increase the water content.
People who consume tasty food only in parties: You should consume healthy food daily at our home. We should never stop following it. We become completely healthy by following this diet. Even after acquiring complete health, you can consume tasty food whenever you get a chance to do so. We can eat tasty food once or twice whenever we get a chance too and follow our routine at home just like we wear new clothes on occasions and come back to our old wear at home. It's not necessary to fast day after you consume your healthy food. If you get to eat this for 2 to 3 days you should fast one day after eating. If you fast one day then all the waste formed due to that 2 day cheat meal will be gone and you get to remain healthy. You may suffer from constipation due to your 2 day cheat meal ,you are supposed to do enema on the day of fasting and the next morning too. If you suffer from any symptom due to your cheat meal you should do fasting till the symptoms are gone.
If you get a thought that I had cheat meal for 2 days why not make it a week and fast after that It's not possible. People with cigarette addiction if they start to smoke again this time it gets more difficult to get rid of it. Our body and mind gets habituated to it and we need to start from the beginning again. If you go out for a tour or picnic for 10 to 15 days ,you can consume your food and fast for 4 to 5 days after you come home ,it is better this way but if you follow the same at home it will be a great loss.
People who stopped consumption of healthy food for few days: You may fast for the sake of your health and start following healthy diet ,but everyone may not have a chance to continue it. You may face problems like cooking food separately, lack of time, difficulty in eating it, unable to control desires so, people continue to follow their routine. Once they resume their routine for few days they start developing their previous problems. People get frustrated with health ,this is the time you need maximum patience and interest. You need to think accurately what you can do daily to protect your health and follow it. Before even planning your own schedule you need to fast once a week with honey water and water. Remaining days you need to consume your routine once a day inorder to reduce the damage. For your second meal you can consume fruit juices or fruits in this manner you can protect your self should start first in this manner and continue eating healthy diet whenever you are convienent after a chronic fasting ,it will be easy to do. Everyone should try this procedure to gain health. Mistakes are done by everyone only wise people try to correct their mistakes. God has gifted us with this opportunity . Let's make good use of it and remain healthy.
People aged above 50 - 60 yrs: Let's now talk about people who have done their fasting and are following healthy diet everyday. As age increases body parts need more amount of rest. Even though you follow your healthy diet you need to fast once in every 15 days with enema. People who skipped their routine for a day should fast for one day with enema. Its not good for elderly people to skip their routine for long time. In case you experience any symptoms after eating routine food you need to fast as long as symptoms persists. Its better for elderly people to fast with water or fruit juice once a week.
You won't get dirty thinking you have to bath anyway, In the same manner don't consume anything thinking you will fast anyhow. You should use fasting to protect your body not to play with it. Playing with fasting is like playing with poisonous snakes. We predict contamination of food material with insects ,so we dry them in the sun beforehand ,In the same manner we need to predict the symptoms we get before hand or at the moment and start fasting. If you use fasting in this manner to protect yourself from diseases ,you will never get sick and visit a doctor for minor illnesses. Fasting is a medicine gifted by god. Using fasting correctly means respecting him and disrespecting it means disrespecting him. Be careful ! Its a matter involving god.

35. People of which age should fast ?

Fasting means providing rest to all the parts of our body. This rest helps in restoring energy as before or even more. We know it's natural that a full night's rest provides energy for next day's work. We need to understand providing rest to our body when we dont feel hungry or when dont feel like eating is also natural. This happens with people of all ages naturally, hence fasting in all age groups is also natural. When eating is obeying the rules in all age groups then fasting at all ages is also following the rule. People who don't consume food don't need to fast ,if you consume food you need to fast without any age or gender difference.
If the fasting procedure we adopt is harmless we can do regardless of age. If the fasting procedure we do is wrong then people of all age groups face problems with it. If the procedure is right age is not a problem. You may feel fasting at old age may cause weakness. This is the not called fasting when it causes weakness. Fasting provides energy to our body. It is the importance of fasting. Other types of fasting like fasting with no honey or less honey or with only jaggery water or lemon juice may not suit for people at all ages but fastings we make you do are suitable for all age groups. This method we used in a child of 1 yr age for one week. Women aged 96 yrs has successfully done this for 10 days. Elderly individuals aged 80 to 90 yrs has done this type of fasting for 20 days.
People above the age of 50 to 60 yrs We consider this as retirement age. People get tired since their marriage bearing all kinds of responsibilities on their shoulders. People usually fulfill all their duties by now any plan to live rest of their lives peacefully. They neglected their health till now and even reached retirement age without concerning about their health. Food habits from their childhood ,different types of stress and many other thoughts might have caused many diseases in their body and they feel like losing grip on their body. Humans are facing troubles at this age where tend to stay happy and enjoy their life. At this point of time people develop desires or cravings on types of foods due to lot of time. They don't exercise as their age increases. Lack of exercise and movement causes indigestion and constipation and this results in many health problems. Other medical fields just provide temporary relief but fails to provide complete health and happiness to individual. People who wish to stay healthy and happy at this point of time and who wish to spend their life peacefully in the name of good start following naturopathy and fasting rules.
Some people think what will be the benefit if we control our desires at this age and few feel like we can't follow this diet. Even if you plan to do fasting there are many people to discourage you telling that fasting at this age is harmful. Their words are the main reason why we develop fear regarding fastings. Regaining the strength by fasting at old age is not so easy. Fasting helps in reducing our desires and cleanses our body. The diet we prescribe gets easily digested and excreted. This helps in prevention of diseases and helps you to stay fit and do your own work without depending on any one. You should make good use of this idea. I mean overcome your fears and start fasting and feel the happiness in being healthy. You will understand the importance of health and happiness only when you start fasting.
Some people have a false notion regarding fasting of young children that it may affect their growth. Children grew very fast if you make them do fasting. Their learning ability also improves by fasting and their I.Q also improves. If we think they should stop facing the problems we are facing now ,this is the best choice we make. Children of childbearing age start these kind of healthy habits they cause development of healthy generation. Females won't face troubles in child delivery and pregnancy. You can make your life easy. This is the best age to follow this life style.
People suffering from any disease can start fasting. As diseases are not depending on age groups ,fasting also not depends on age. If you neglect fasting thinking it is not the right age to do you may suffer from diseases. You may see the changes without ageing. We are nowadays observing very young people developing signs of ageing. They are regardless of the age by this we can understand the negligence of we humans. Fasting helps not only gaining strength but prevents ageing you look like 60's in your 80's . Let's all pray that their should come a day where every individual may be a child or elderly person who gains benefit of fasting and naturopathy and lead a healthy life. Let us all do our own part.

36. How does fasting increases our lifetime?

When we buy a car we usually get aware about its condition,like when does it's warranty last, when to take it for servicing ,when to change its oil etc. If you follow this rules car works for long duration effectively. If you repair it when a problem arise just the way the mechanic teach you it gets better. We can't repair it as we wish. In the same manner god designed our body to function efficiently for 100 years. He is providing us naturally healthy body . God has provided us the solution to illnesses in the form of fasting. All the other living beings are using the technique giving by god to repair themselves ,so their body parts are functioning effectively.
Previously saints and sages lived more than 100 years happily by following fasting rules. This generation forgot all the fasting techniques and food limitations in the name of civilization and reducing the efficiency of the body by the middle age. We are repairing our body as we wish as if we made it. God has asked us to do something we are doing some other thing. Medical procedures we use aren't repairing the body efficiently and are reducing the efficiency of our body. God has given us an automatic healing technique we on the other hand are happy with temporary cure. We are responsible for the damage occurring to our body. If we desire to maintain our body healthy till our last breath then we need to clean it by fasting. Let's now understand how does fasting improves efficiency of organs and increases our lifetime.
1. Stopping of digestive process : In fasting the energy used for digestion is saved, this increase energy in our body. Many scientist have claimed that fasting causes many changes in our intestinal cells. Some scientist from centre for cellular and molecular biology hyderabad claimed that these changes in the cells of intestine along with the reduced usage of energy has reduced ageing. As long as you fast this energy is gained by our body. While fasting our stomach, intestines and liver take complete rest and improve our immune system. This not improves their life time but also their efficiency. It also improve food absorption. This helps in efficient absorption of food post fasting. Food gets easily digested and undergoes peristalsis this improves the health if our intestines. This improve the lifetime of stomach and intestines.
2. Excretion helps in : Whenever you start fasting all the waste materials accumulated in your excretory organs is removed. When these waste materials and toxins are not efficiently removed from our body they circulate within our body and cause damage to our internal organs ,this decreases their efficiency and they tend to die soon. If death of cells increases, new cell formation is also increased. If cell division and cell formation increases more amount if energy is utilised for this purpose. When you fast this energy is left over. This means fasting stops death of waste materials completely . That is the reason why excretory process occur efficiently and we live long life.
3. With the help of protoplasm: Protoplasm that is present in every cell of our body is being damaged by the amount of salt we consume. The content of ECF is also changing due to salt consumption. The ratio of potassium : sodium is supposed to be 8:1 but it changed into reverse 1:8 due to salt consumption. This may cause damage to cell membrane. This increased salt content may enter inside the cell and become toxic to the protoplasm. This decreases life time of cells as processes that occur inside the cell like oxygen supply, removal of waste materials, supply of nutrients slow down. This leads to cell death. In fasting all the stored salt is lost in the form of sweat and urine. The salt responsible for its damage is lost so, regains their efficiency and health. This increases their lifetime.
4. Changes in blood causes : our blood is slightly alkaline in nature. Our blood is 80% alkaline and 20% acidic in nature. The food we consume like polished rice and flour , artificial flavours, non vegetarian food, reduced usage of vegetables and fruits is causing acid base imbalance in our body. This is responsible for various types of diseases and infections. This is responsible for cell damage and reduced efficiency. Fasting helps in balance the acid base content ,the honey ,water ,lemon we use in fasting is responsible for this. This improves working efficiency of organs and it's cells.
5. Change in blood circulation causes : Fasting improves space within our body. It improves the space within blood vessels and improves blood flow to organs. Proper blood supply helps in efficient supply of food and oxygen to cells, decreased supply leads to accumulation of wastes within cells. Fasting leads to improved circulation and all the waste materials are efficiently removed from our body. Fasting also leads to removal of fats within blood vessels and their constriction and dilation improves. Improved blood circulation in fasting helps in prevention of waste accumulation within cells and they tend to function efficiently.
Our body does cell division and cell formation during day time and repair at night. This happens when we consume our food . Fasting stops the cell formation and division and our body does the repair for 24 hrs. This improves cell health and lifetime, hence reducing ageing. Our ancestors understood the importance of fasting and made it a rule to fast once a week or once in 15 days or at the time of festivals. Let's atleast start these fastings from now and live a long life and make our life valuable. Let's start living a responsible human life.

37. Fastings helps us to get rid of bad habits

The difference between good and bad is we get easily habituated to bad but it's difficult to get used to good things. Bad habits are not developed by our wish ,we get them by bad company. This kind of habits are smoking, drinking, tea, coffee, tobacco chewing etc. All these have medicinal value.They tend to cause many changes in our body, they may cause happiness, improve your strength ,some may cause sleep like state. We are providing our body unnecessary happiness and energy. By drinking a cup of coffee or tea we get 150mg of a chemical called caffeine or temin. These stimulate our cells and nerves and they start to excite and function actively. We may feel active , energetic and may function with increased efficiency,but it doesn't last long.It occurs only till the drug is present in our system. In the beginning this effect may persist for 4 hours. As time passes the duration gets reduced to maximum one hour. Our cells and nerves get tired after the removal drug from our system due to fatigue. Longer the effect of the drug,longer will be the fatigue. When we hit a ball to a wall,stronger we hit ,strong will be the force with which it comes back. Same is happening with consumption of tea and coffee. We are stimulating our nerves without any reason and causing problems for us. Our nerves gets fatigue we feel dim and weak after its removal,for us to come back to normal we need to consume tea or coffee again. We are responsible for this. This becomes addiction, chemical accumulated in our cells is causing many problems. Our body doesn't agree when we try to get rid of it. It makes us to consume it again and again. Many people can't overcome this addiction because withdrawal phase lasts for 3 to 4 days. When we feel we can't overcome this addiction, we should clean those cells so that we don't crave for it anymore. Till now we discussed about the effects of tea and coffee, even alcohol causes the same, it releases different kind of chemical into our body in different amount that stimulates our body and causes changes. Only way to protect our body from this is fasting.
People tend to stop consuming tea, coffee, cigarette since day one of fasting and start experiencing withdrawal symptoms.These symptoms lasts for 2 days. We may feel the craving for atleast 2 days in the beginning then on the 3rd day we mayn't feel this craving. The desire for this decreases day by day. We take more amounts of honey and water while fasting this dissolve this chemical and it is excreted while fasting. You may feel the desire after you stop consuming and see when some consumes it. We can overcome our desire as the chemical is excreted from the foundation. Since the end of fasting our nerves and cells reach to a state they were before fasting. If you stop these habits without fasting withdrawal signs will be more.You may not lose your desires completely. Planning to lose your addictions without fasting causes harm to your need to slowly decrease consumption and stop using completely at the end. This isnt possible for everyone. Getting rid of your addictions by fasting is the best method. You can lose your habits without serious reactions.
When our nerves and cells are stimulated or depressed this intervenes with excretion and waste material gets accumulated in our body causing wide variety of diseases. The above mentioned addictions cause damage to knee,lungs,liver, intestines etc. Let's protect our body by giving us freedom from addictions. Always be friends with good people and get rid of your bad habits with fasting,this is what wise people do.

38. What is need for change in women in fasting technique?

Women tend to struggle for a child birth.Hence women are considered as place and men as seed. When place is not fertile even though the seed it good enough it doesn't work. Children will be healthy only when mother is healthy and this leads to a healthy family. Children are back bone to a country and mother is responsible for their future. Since pregnancy the thoughts of children reflect their mother.Impact of mother is more on her children. So women if aware about health before getting pregnant it leads to healthy children hence healthy country. Even before getting pregnant if she gets aware about diet and exercise and stay positive this have a good impact on mothers and child health.
Women is considered as homemaker. She takes care of all the members of a family. There is an old saying there is no need to see the homemaker home tells it all. Even though she takes care of her family, when she gets I'll no one can take care of her. Even though she is I'll she comprises her health in front of her family needs and takes care of them. She takes care of her family members and she is responsible for the health of her in laws. When she is not in home no work goes in a proper way, she plays such important role. She needs to be healthy to do her work efficiently.She need to be focusing on her diet. She needs to more work when someone gets ill so she should focus on their diet, get aware about healthy food and make sure they get them. Let's now understand what happens when a women is not aware about healthy habits.
1. Children are usually close to their mother. They learn their habits by seeing her. Their ages tells them to learn it from her. The lifestyle of mother, her healthy habits reflect on her children. If she is aware of healthy habits she can teach her children right from their childhood. As she is responsible for their habits she should make sure give them healthy habits by practising them herself.
2. If women is aware about fasting and Nature's tips she can treat if anyone gets any illness by enema , hot pack ,taking steam etc. When someone suffer from fever, cold,cough,headache, stomachache ,indigestion , motions etc. She can teach her children fasting techniques to get rid of them this cures their diseases easily. She can prevent diseases without wasting a single penu, without visiting a doctor.
3. She should teach her children to lead a life without depending on a doctor.
4. What type of food to eat, in what quantity,when to eat , what to cook,what is good What is bad, a women should be aware of all this things as her family health depends on her.
5.The food cooked by women suits her family,if you are always cooking tasty food it may earn you praises but it doesn't help for the health of your family.women should learn to cook healthy food. She should be atleast aware what to feed When someone is I'll. Women in olden days are aware about when to cook tasty food, when to cook healthy ones. This generation women cook same type of food all the time, so every family has sick people. Inorder to overcome this situation women should learn healthy foods and know what a healthy diet means.
6. Their is a proverb saying all diseases have their origin in a kitchen. Our life becomes happy when we realise this and only women can prevent this diseases. If Women learn this fasting technique and natural way of living it prevents diseases.
7. We need to understand that food changes our body. First we need to change the food we consume then we automatically become healthy. This happens only by women.
8.If men in a house are suffering from B.P. women are feeding them low salt food but are not concerned what we suffer from it later. If you need to cook healthy food only for the men in your family it is not possible for long period. My humble request is that women should follow these natural ways of cooking.
10. If men in your family are not cooperative they can change by seeing you staying fit and happy by following natural ways. They atleast try when they face any problem. God has gifted women to change any type of men. This is the power of women.
11. When women feed this healthy diet to their husband only, it doesn't taste good they tend to stop consuming it after few days. When they start consuming it too they can make necessary changes so that everyone in their house can feed on it. When you don't eat you are not aware if the taste so it doesn't taste good. The food items we teach lack oil, salt, masala but they can be made tasty with few changes. This can happen only when women starts to eat.
12. The diet we give not only cures the sick but makes everyone of your family healthy. This is our main motive.Cooperation of women is must for this to happen. This happens only when women changes. We hope that women changes and helps in development of a healthy society.
13. For us to fulfill the dreams of gandhiji and naturopathic doctors shri vegiraju krishnam raju the women in a family should change into a way that they change the entire society. This is the day when we get real independence. Let us all try for it
14. Naturopathic medicine has 2 parts first one is fasting and second one is following a healthy diet. Fasting helps to cure diseases and healthy diet helps in prevention. They both are equally important.
Family stays healthy when women remains healthy. Her health reflect on children. When someone gets sick in a family it affects mother the most. Using salt, oil, masalas may make your food delicious, everyone can appreciate your skills but it is the one responsible for illness. You will be happy only when you understand this. Health of your family members is in your hands. Understand that you are one who makes people sick or healthy. It's the known truth that when women changes entire country changes. Women has the capability to develop their family and destroy it. As the future of family lies in her hands she should be well aware of good and bad and maintain a balance in life. I hope that naturopathy is of great use for a women to protect her family. People say women have utmost patience they can change their family members with this. I hope women cooperate and change their family members for their own good.

39. Losing weight in fasting (Bonus)!

Everyone wants to look healthy, beautiful and good body shape. But, they don’t have any understanding or implementation knowledge. In the current civilized world, the food and work balance is like 3:1. The best proof is: The number of people suffering from obesity is increasing day by day. Our ancestors said, ‘extreme is bad’. Excess in anything will lead to destruction. If you eat than what you required, the food we ate would our health and life span. The same food is becoming as the root cause of our body weight and diseases. This same food is the cause of losing our hard-earned money and peace of mind and joy as well. Food is such an important thing in our lives! But, we do not have an understanding, when to eat food, hot much to eat, what to eat. Let us now understand different things one by one - how this gross body is developed, why it causes inconvenience, how it can be checked, and how to protect our body. We will give our body, a well structure so that we all can live actively, happily, healthily, joyfully and beautifully.
Why does weight grow?
1. Jeans: As hereditary, if the parents have obesity, their jeans can be transmitted to the children and there is a chance of obesity for them as well. So, some will get this by birth itself. These jeans will last for them lifelong. If property is not given by parents, children would somehow earn money. But, if healthy jeans are not transferred to children, they will pay the price because of their parents. The focus of parents is more on marrying their children off, but they are not paying attention to the health status of their children, before marriage. If the qualities of the body and health are not of good standard, the lineage will be affected. The children born this way, would suffer throughout their life. So, before getting married, men and women should make their body and health strong by following diet habits, physical exercise. In such a healthy state, if they conceive children, they can give good citizens to the country and good heirs to the family. If children are obese by birth, and with a lot of diseases, they will be mentally affected at childhood. If parents take enough precautions before giving birth to children, then there is an opportunity that the children could be born as healthy and with good body shape.
2. Fat cells: Before the kid completes his one year of age, the number of fat cells will be determined. Our life depends on the number of fat cells that are formed in this first year of life. If the babies drink mother’s milk throughout for the first year, then these fat cells will be produced less. Mother’s milk works best for immunity and body nature. In olden days, mothers used to give mother’s milk till the child would come to 3 years of age. That’s why, in olden days, the number of obese people was less. But, these days, we don’t see milk feeding mothers. Due the artificial food they are eating and absence of physical exercise, mothers are not able to produce enough milk for their babies. Beginning from the first month, all babies are drinking either toned milk or buffalo milk. From the 6th month of the baby, rice is being introduced to the baby – in white rice, ghee and butter along with curry or sambar in small quantities. As most of the parents these days have a single child, the baby is looked after very well – always carrying him in arms, not letting him cry, not making him move around. If the baby has chubby cheeks, then we consider it to be healthy. As we are giving him such food in the first year, fat cells grow in the baby’s body. If more fat cells are in the body, there is a chance to store more fat in the body. The food we have eaten is converted into fat and it enters the fat cells and is stored there, and day by day the baby is growing weight. If the boy or girl is obese with no so good-looking body shape, and struggle for getting marriage alliances, the parents would feel bad but don’t realize that it was the fault they committed. Those who have less number of fat cells, if they want to become fat, may take ghee, sweets and rice in larger quantities, the number of their fat cells won’t increase, but the quantify of the fat cells will be increased and more fat will be stored in them and as a result, 20-30% weight will be increased. That’s why, their weight doesn’t grow much at whatever quantity they might take food. Those who have more fat cells in the body by birth, despite they undergo surgery to get some fat cells removed, the remaining fat cells will grow in size and they sore more fat. As we eat, the stomach expands to give way to eat more. Similarly, fat cells also expand more and store more fat. So, if we want children not to face such problems, pregnant women should take good food and do physical exercise, and after giving birth, should feed the baby mother’s milk till the first year (to eat well so that to give milk). This way, the children’s future will be healthier. There is no point to taking bread or tonics to improve mother’s milk. They should eat more brown rice, curries, fruit and sprouts so that milk will be produced well and can help the baby grow healthily. If the mother doesn’t eat well, fearing that she may become fat due to eating more, then it will affect the child and the mother cannot produce enough milk in her body to feed the baby. This deficiency of mother’s milk will cause the child suffer throughout their life. To ensure mothers should not make such mistakes to spoil the future of their kids, it is advisable for the unmarried boy and girl to change their diet habits, make their body strong and then only for giving birth to children. Taking preventive measures is what shrewd and wise people would do.
3. Thyroid trouble: Glands drive our body in a systematic way. Among those glands, the important one is thyroid gland, which is located below the throat. It generates a mineral called iodine in the body through the food we eat. Thyroid releases a hormone called thyroxin which helps prevent the growth of body weight. Because of the artificial food, tastes and processed food we eat, the thyroid gland is not working properly. Due to this, the body is getting bloated with water, the blood quantify is decreasing, and the body is becoming obese. By eating sprouts profusely, we can overcome these deficiencies well. Those who are growing up in the cities, are primarily getting affected by thyroid deficiency and losing the body’s strength. To prevent thyroid problems, we can do neck exercises (which can increase the blood circulation for the thyroid gland), pranayama and asanas.
4. Food: In marriage alliances, there is a proverbial meaning being widely used: ‘both the groom and bride should match well in all aspects”. In a similar way, the food we eat should match with the physic work we do. But, most of us, around 50-60% are eating foolishly - more food compared to the physical work we do. A survey says that there are 99 people who are dying with diseases caused by excess food, compared to the 1 percent of people who are dying without food. This is more surprising, right! Just because we have food, money, or someone is there to cook for us, for for pastime, or for company, like this, for so many different reasons, we are eating more food than we require and making it fatal. We are making our lives sorrowful. Finally, he is suffering himself and he is torturing his family members. The weight of the body increases primarily because of more food and less work. Swami Vivekananda said, ‘death is better than the life of a lazy and stupid glutton”. In villages and towns, we see giant bulls. Due to having not much work and eating a lot of food, they become so fat that they cannot move easily. There are other bulls which carry carts – they also eat heavy food, but as they are doing enough work, matching with the food intake, their weight is not growing. If we do similarly, there is no chance for our weight to grow. In general, for housewives, it takes 2000-2500 calories of energy, for men who do office work and business, it takes 2500-3500 calories of energy. For example, if a family’s monthly expenses are 3000 rupees, his earnings are 6000 rupees. Post expenses, his savings are 3000, which he keeps in the bank for his future needs. In this way, after 4 to 5 years, more money will be accumulated and he will get monthly interest for the amount. If the principal amount and the interest together make a good amount of money. If this continues for some more time, though 3000 rupees are not deposited in the bank, the interest amount itself would be 3000, which will be added to the principal every month. Similarly, if we have less work and more food, the energy that we get through the food, if used for the whole day, around 2500 calories are spent (like money), the remaining 500-1000 calories of energy will remain in the body. This leftover energy will be turned to fat in the body, enter the fat cells (which store fat) and get stored (like our banks). In this way, as some amount of fat keep on stored in the body, the body increases its weight day by day and the body will become obese. If this life style continues for some years – similar to the increasing bank interest rate – the body weight would be increasing, despite we reduce the food intake. The body will become like elastic band.
Many people think that despite eating very less, but still their weight is increasing more. But they never think how much quantity of oil, ghee, salt and sugar the food contains. Eating white rice, eating tiffins every day, eating bakery items, cakes, biscuits, jam, and similarly, sambar in rice, masala liquids, all such things, in fact, have a lot of calories. Even a small quantity of such items, they can cause damage to the body, by growing the body weight. Moreover, due to his increased intelligence, man reduced the quantify of food in the morning or stopping food, due to different reasons such as – fear of getting sleep, unable to work hard, to reduce weight. People living in the city are primarily doing like this. When the food in the lunch boxes becomes cold, they don’t feel like eating it or if they are busy with their work, they don’t think of taking food. In fact, the body needs more energy in the morning for different tasks it undertakes. Even if more food is taken in the morning, food will be better digested, and the released energy will be consumed in the work we do in the day time. This way, the chances are less for the fat to be converted into fat. It means, there is almost no chance that the food we eat in the day time, doesn’t turn to fat.
Employees, business people, doctors work hard in the morning and reach home quite late at night. In the morning, there is no chance of eating with the family. So, during the night’s dinner time, all the family will have a satisfactory meal with more number of food items. While engaged in conversations, they eat stomach ful. At the dinner time, while eating, they will compensate the food they could not eat in the morning, what all they missed in the morning time. The most primary reason which causes to grow weight is: eating more food during late night. They eat food in large quantities, and then spend an hour watching tv, or sleeping drowsily. The energy (calories) gained out of the food we eat during night, gets converted as fat (as not required during sleep time) and gets stored in the fat cells. During our sleep, we need 60 calories of energy. It means, as the body in sleep needs 400 calories of energy, the calories we gain through the night meal is around 800 to 1200 calories. So, by eating heavy food at night and then going to bed, around 400 to 800 calories of energy is getting converted to fat. And, again, from the morning, we will be eating something or the other, so they will be used for the work we do, but the calories that we stored at night won’t be spent at all. If we eat and sleep like this, the cells cannot discharge the waste that they accumulate through the food items, we will be gaining more and more weight. But, unlike this, we eat heavily in the morning and eat less at night – that too eating early, say before 7 pm – there won’t be a chance for the calories to turn into fat the next day morning, and those calories will be used for the work we do in the morning.
5. Physical Work: He who does the physical work deserves to eat. If the people who don’t deserve to eat, grow diseases in the body. To reduce the weight gained, one needs to toil again. We get into a rikshaw, as we cannot walk. We will be sitting in the rikshaw. The rikshaw puller will be pedaling the rikshaw. Pedaling consumes around 150 to 1200 calories of energy. In half an hour, before the rikshaw puller drops us at our destination, he would spend around 300 to 400 calories of energy. He would spend around half of the energy that he gained through the food he ate in the morning. He earns 10 rupees from us. As he is sweating, the waste matter must be burned well in the body. As he toiled well, his food will be digested and his hunger will be ignited again. Going through this process of activities - eating, then getting it digested well and then excreting and getting hungry again, the rikshaw puller got 10 rupees, apart from happiness and health. By siting in the rikshaw, the food doesn’t get digested well, and turns into fat. Because, there is no physical work, we won’t sweat. We won’t even feel hunger properly. We lost 10 rupees for the rikshaw. When the food we eat turns into fat, we gain weight. When we don’t sweat, the waste doesn’t go out and we get diseases. Due to weight increase and diseases, and by spending money for hospitals and doctors, we gain nothing but suffering. We lose money and finally it is all disaster. So, only those who do physical work deserve eating. Only those who do work, deserve to be happy. For those, who sit idle and get all tasks done by the maids and servants, they don’t deserve to be happy. They won’t get happiness at all. What all they get is obesity, patched body.
If heated, ghee will get melted. If condensed, solidifies. Similarly, the fat in our body, will melt due to the heat generated when we do physical work. When we don’t do any physical activity, and when our tasks are done by either machines or by servants, due to no generation of heat in the body, like the solidified ghee, the fat in the body also solidifies. By the work we do, if we can inhale more vital energy (air), we can melt more fat. To melt fat, we need more oxygen. Due to the tasks for which we don’t take much oxygen, we cannot melt the fat stored in the body. Due to the tiring tasks or through the tasks which cause sweating, more vital energy leaves the body. Hence, the weight gets reduced. If our tasks are done by someone else, then where does our oxygen will go? That’s the reason why it won’t be useful to us.
The body fat doesn’t get melt as we don’t do any sweat-causing or heat-generating tasks (though we roam around from morning to night) by staying in the rooms where air doesn’t flow. Such tasks include cleaning floor with the mop, cooking while standing, cutting vegetables while sitting, washing dishes while standing, mopping the polished floor, roaming in the house while giving instructions to the servants. All these tasks – as there is deficiency of oxygen flow – cannot melt the body fat. In the present civilized world, we are using so many machines such s - cookers and gas stoves for cooking, washing machine for washing clothes, grinders and mills for grinding. These machines in fact prevent us from doing physical tasks. Because of this, women are becoming obese. When it comes to men, they get into the car at home and get down at office, and work only at the mental level, but do not have any physical work. For children, there are no games – they only have video games. They don’t have any other task than eating and studying. What everyone thinks as the best exercise is walking. Youngsters, middle aged people, old-aged people, everyone is walking now. But, all these categories of people are not eating in the same way – hence walking should not be the common mode of exercise for all of them. For youngsters, what is advisable is running; for middle-aged people jogging; and for old aged people, walking, would help to reduce body weights and improve health. Compared to walking more vital energy goes out in running. That’s why, in running more weight can be reduced. Through walking, you can reduce weight, only in the first 2 or three months. Then, they won’t lose much weight. In this way, most of the people do the waking exercise for 4 to 5 months. But, as they cannot see any improvement, they stop going for walking. To melt the body fat, we should ideally do any sweat-causing exercise or tasks. But, as we are not doing any such exercises or physical activity, we either remain at the same weight or grow weight. So, we must realize that physical exercise is very important to us.
6. Sabotaging salt: We think that salt is not good for B.P. patients and kidney patients. But, strangely, if you want to reduce weight, you need to stop salt. Generally, for weight reduction, any physician suggests not to eat oil, sweets, rice etc., but no physician mentions salt. Because of all the weight-reducing efforts, you may lose energy, but you cannot reduce the body weight. As long as the obese people are eating salt, they cannot reduce weight – the weight will be growing. You must note that salt attracts water. One gram of salt can stop 80 grams of water. The quantify of salt (sodium) that the body needs is already supplied (naturally) to the body in the form of milk, buttermilk, curd, fruit and vegetables. This salt quantity in fact is more than enough for the body. No more salt is required from outside, in the form of curry, or adding any amount of salt in the buttermilk. But, in reality, we are eating around 4 to 25 grams of salt every day. We are sending the salt quantity into the body, which the body doesn’t need. At the same time, we are not doing any activities to send the salts out, such as drinking more quantity of water, doing sweating tasks. Because of these reasons, the salt we eat is all stored inside the body. This salt inside the body is stopping the water –1 gram of salt is stopping 80 grams of water. So, this large quantity of salt water, gets mixed with the 68% of water; and increases the amount of water inside and outside the cell, making the body obese. Those who work hard – even if they have 10 to 20 kgs more weight, they don’t look that fat. For them, the salt from the body will be excreted out in the form of sweat. So, the body won’t store more water. In their body, there will be only fat and not water. Those who don’t sweat a lot, who don’t drink much water, who are obese, because of the salt, they look obese and bloated. In some people, if we press their feet, the area looks bloated with water. It is not true that only such people have more water in their bodies. For obese people who have 20-25 kgs more weight, 5 to 6 litres of water will always be stored in the body. Some people lose weight if they don’t eat for two days and gain weight if eat well in two days. This is the change, caused by salt in the body. Similarly, salt prevents some waste from going out of the body through urine or sweat, and as a result, the body weight increases a bit.
What is the problem if we gain weight? It is said, ‘debt is not property and bloating of the body is not strength’. Let us understand the inner meaning. Just as the rubber band loses its strength after the air is blown out of it, man also loses his strength if he weighs more than ideal. According to the age and height, if the body has its weight, then the heart to pump blood and lungs to pump air, and the 5 litre quantity of blood are sufficient of the body. When the body starts to grow in size, then the problems start. If the number of people are more, then the butter milk becomes more watery (to suffice all). Similarly, as the body is increasing, the food items, air, water and blood prove deficient for the body. Assume that our ideal weight is 60 kgs. But, if our actual weight is 75 kgs. If our weight increases by just 1 kg, then new blood vessels are additionally created with 3000 kilometers length. To supply food, air, water and blood to the newly formed muscle, these blood vessels will be created. So, in this way, as the body has 15 kg more weight, some new blood vessels will be created with the length of 45000 kilometres. Every day, for the 15 kgs weight, some crores of cells will be created. Every day, the lungs feel the responsibility to pump air to the 15 kgs weight. The body increased its weight to 15 kgs more, but the size of the lungs won’t be increased, right? So, the body will get the same amount of air per minute, compared to what it used to get before the weight is gained. The additionally created cells (due to the 15 kgs weight) should share the same amount of air. Similarly, the heart – to keep aside the little rest it has in a day – and work hard to pump blood to this area, through the blood vessels of length 45,000 kilometres. It means, for the heart, the work is increased by 15% more. Similarly, the new 15 kgs weight should use the the same 5 litres of blood. Just because the weight is gained, the blood won’t increase its quantity. If we take food, all the cells will share the same food we eat. At the end, do you know how the body works? You might have seen this. If a dog has only two puppies, they will be strong and healthy, because they will get enough milk from their mother. But, if the same dog gives birth to 7 to 8 puppies, the same quantity of milk will be shared among all the puppies. Because of the deficiency of milk, some puppies would become lean and some will die. Similarly, when the body parts and organs increase the weight, they don’t get enough air, water, blood and nutrients day by day, and suffer like the puppies. That’s why, the doctor suggests that blood is deficient in the body, due to the increased weight. Since the day our weight is increased, we will get tired easily. We often feel breathlessness. Due to the weight gain, the heart loses rest and as it cannot work that much, blood pressure also increases. As soon as blood becomes insufficient in the body, the body will be bloated with water. The amount of food we eat will be insufficient and we will feel very fatigued and tired. From this time, we will face the deficiency of vitamins and minerals. If you take the physician’s advice, he will tell you not to eat the items which you are supposed to eat. When the body is already in trouble, not being supplied with enough food, if they stop eating food, then one can imagine the amount of damage the body undergoes.
Thought the bull gains more weight, it doesn’t reduce food. It may not move actively, but it won’t face any health problems, as the food it eats helps it. It’s body won’t have any deficiencies. But, in case of obese people, as they gain more weight, they may reduce the food intake and this may cause additional problems. The joints bear the increased weight for years and they get tired. The gain pains as they cannot bear the weight. If they eat food, fatigue can be controlled, but the weight increases more. To do workout to reduce weight, the limbs won’t co-operate or they may face joint pains. Moreover, they won’t prefer to workout, as it may prove dangerous if the heavy body gets hurt during the workout. They cannot carry weighs, they cannot do workout, they cannot eat less. This way, they live like a frog in the well, and move around in the well only. As they spend time like this, their limbs and body parts get weaker day by day and the life span of the cells will reduce and they become old at a younger age. Day by day, new diseases will be generated in the body. They are afflicted by diseases, as they face so many such deficiencies. So, without curing these problems, there is no use using medicine. To rectify the deficiencies, they have to eat well. The body weight should be reduced. Those who cannot control their weight suffer life like hell.
In the railway station, if we are holding a 10 kg bag, we will arrange a coolie to carry it for us. We cannot carry 10 kgs bag for 10 minutes. But, the obese people are carrying 10 to 20 kgs of weight, 24 hours a day. The coolie gets health for carrying 20 kgs of weight for some time. But, contrary to this, the obese people, who have 20 kgs more weight on the body, are carrying the weight every day – but they won’t get health; instead, their health will be damaged. Some obese people, who are in young age, are not paying attention to their overweight, as they are feeling that they do not have any joint pains, or breathlessness or any other problems, caused due to overweight. But, they are not bothered about the inner damage the overweight is causing to the body. As the weight is increasing, irrespective of the age, the organs will be suffering a lot. Gaining weight is like carrying a stone on the head. It is purely by eating more, which is unnecessary. If the bullocks cannot carry the weight of the cart, they simply slump down. If we don’t address the overweight problem of our body, then the body can, someday, do the same thing to us. Be aware!
Reduce weight like this: To reduce weight, there are so many methods available in the society today. Fasting method is a significant method among them. In fact, the fasting method is not meant for reducing weight. But, gradually, in time, people and naturopaths have been using the fasting method for the purpose of reducing weight. It is imprinted on the minds of the people that fasting and naturopathy are primarily meant for people who are obese. In fact, it is a blemish the fasting method has been facing. It is quite wrong to reduce the benefits of fasting only to weight reduction. The fasting method helps in balancing the highs and lows of the body and maintains the equilibrium of the body. It reduces our excess body weight in the same way. We should understand the inner truth of the fasting method, before applying it for weight reduction of the body. But, limiting the significance of fasting just for weight reduction is not fair.
Let us see why the weight is reduced in fasting. If we do fasting without honey, it can reduce the water in the body, but it cannot melt the excess fat stored in the body. When the body doesn’t get the 800 calories of energy, the mind gets blank. As a result, the fat burning process doesn’t happen swiftly. This the secret why people who are doing starving (in protest of something) do not lose much weight. Every day, through food, if we get either glucose or carbohydrates in that much quantity (800 g) in fasting, the mind can work actively. If we are able to give the 800 calories energy in fasting, the body can do its responsibility. The energy that we give to the body will support the body. Just as the stick supports the blind man to walk slowly, the honey we give in fasting (which is 800 calories of energy) can help melt the fat. Just as the blind man finds it so difficult to walk without the stick, without honey, it is very difficult to melt the fat in the body. In fasting, if the stored fat doesn’t get melt and convert to energy day by day, we will face fatigue. Let us see how much of fat will melt - each day - in fasting.
On the first day of fasting, in general, everyone loses around one kg weight. Due the excess water we take during fasting, the salt stored in the body melts away and leaves the body in the form of urine. When the salt leaves the body, the excess water stored in the body also comes out. In the first two or three days of fasting, urine flows out in large quantities, just as you are using a tablet. Moreover, due to enema on the first day, a lot of faeces goes out, hence the stomach loses its weight. Because of these two reasons, one kg of weight is reduced on the first day of fasting. In fact, till all the stored water in the body goes out, the melting of fat doesn’t start. The weight that we lose in the first five days of fasting, is generally related to the excess of stored water. That’s the reason why people lose weight in the initial days of fasting. For those, who are doing fasting, without taking honey, after 5-6 days, proteins will melt instead of fats. Because of this, blood will turn acidic and the body will enter a fatal, dangerous stage.
Every day, for women, for her day to day activities, she needs around 2000 to 2500 calories of energy. For men, the energy needed for one day is 3000 to 4000 calories. On a normal day, the energy we gain through the food we eat, is sufficient for our activities (i.e., around 2000 – 3000 calories of energy). The remaining energy will be stored in the body as fat. The day we don’t give energy through food, on that day, the required energy for the day’s activities will be supplied from the stored fat, by being melting. When the stored fat melts, the body weight gets reduced. Similarly, if the fat is accumulated, the body weight will increase. In fasting, we don’t take any food. We drink only honey water. Through honey, we get around 800 to 900 calories of energy. When women are fasting, they get only 800 calories in placed of their regular energy requirement of 2500 calories. The 800 calories of energy that we give to them is spent for their everyday activities. The remaining required energy is supplied from the stored fat of the body. Every day, as 1700 calories of energy is spent on a fasting day, we will be losing around 300 gm of weight. In case of obese women (who have 25-30 kg more), for them, the daily energy requirement will be 3000 caleries per day. If they spend 3000 – 8000 = 2200 calories of energy on a fasting day, which comes from the stored fat, then they will lose the weight by half a kilogram daily. It means, those who have more weight – when they do fasting – they can reduce more weight. Similarly, those who are of low weight, they lose less weight in fasting, or sometimes, don’t lose any weight at all. That is because, if the stones are uneven, then, the roller can make it even. But, if the same roller, goes on the even road, what is there to make it even?
In fasting, men generally lose more weight than women. This happens because, every day more fat melts, so we have more stored fat which melts. People who have 15-20 kg more weight, tend to lose around half kg weight every day. Similarly, those who have 30-40 kg more weight, lose around one kg weight every day. They lose weight this way for the first 7 to 10 days. Since then, losing weight gets delayed. Every day, while eating food, more energy gets spent in the body. Likewise, during the first week of fasting, more energy is spent habitually and more weight loses. After 7-10 days, the body gets habituated to less food (800 calories energy from honey) and gains the capability to work with less energy. Moreover, 4-5 days after fasting is started (as no food is taken), all the energy that is supposed to be spent for digestion, gets more saved. This way, the more and more energy is saved for the body, day by day, more weight is reduced in fasting. In the beginning, as this energy is more, there is a chance for more weight to get reduced. As honey is given in fasting, the fat stored in the body melts every day – to some extent – as long as fasting is continued. In fasting, along with the fat of the blood vessels, the liver fat will also come down. In fasting, as we do steam bath, all the fat that is stored under the skin melts well. When heated, fat tends to melt.
Fasting is god-given gift to get the body cleansed and also to protect ourselves from diseases. Only till the body is cleansed, we can do fasting powerfully. Though there is a lot of fat stored in the body, we cannot continue honey water fasting for as many days as we want (to reduce weight). Once all the waste is completely discharged from the body, we get hungry in fasting. When we are hungry, if we continue fasting to lose weight, instead of fat, proteins will melt. If fasting is primarily meant for reducing body weight, then we should be able to continue fasting till we can reduce all excess fat and weight. But, no one is able to do like that. When fasting is used to cleanse the body, it is common to lose some amount of weight. The cleansing of the body is happening first and then body weight is getting reduced. So, weight reduction is just a bonus. Don’t ever assume that fasting is meant for weight reduction.
Benefits of losing weight during fasting:
1. Though we are doing fasting only to lose body weight, apart from losing weight, our body organs will be cured, though we don;t intend it. No other process has this facility of reducing weight along with cleansing body.
2. You will lost more weight in less time. Most of the people lose half a kg weight every day.
3. There are no side effects, and there will be no side effects in losing weight, through fasting.
4. In fasting, there is an opportunity to reduce weight, without doing any workout. For some very obese people, work outs can give damanging effects to joints and muscles. Doing workouts with a heavy body may cause various problems. Only fasting gives the comfort to reduce weight in an easy way.
5. By eating less or not eating at all to reduce weight can cause make people more fatigued. Through fasting, one can reduce weight, without getting fatigue. Despite the amount of weight, one can do fasting in a powerful way to reduce weight.
6. Need not move from home. No need to depend on anyone. Low-budget effort (only honey expenses), nothing to do with machines. No requirement of medicine.
7. For those who have chronic diseases, cardiac problems, high BP, the body doesn't coopertate much in another method of treatment. There will be more problems. Despite having many different diseases, fasting can control weight in a safe way.
8. In other methods, we can reduce weight according to our wish. But, in fasting method, weight is reduced according to the body status, without making any damage to the body.
9. Despite reducing weight to any extent, there won't be any wrinkles on the body. The skin doesn't hang. Skin remains tight, despite the reduction of weight.
10. Apart from weight loss, additional benefits are: increased beauty of the skin, complexion of the face, good health, longevity and everlasting joy and happiness. Fasting gives the floating feeling, due to good health.
Precautions to prevent weight gain: By practising certain instructions, we can reduce weight gradually or increase weight. Everyone wants not to gain weight and to be handsome; but, because, they don't follow the precaustions and hence their weight increases. From now on, we will change ourselve, and not neglect the body and bend it according to the requirement. Then only, the body listens to the mind.
1. What is more important is drinking 6 litres of water every day. You need to drink this 6 litres of water only when the stomach is empty. You should drink water as mentioned in the book, “Upavasa Dharmam” (The Doctrine of Fasting), in the chapter, “importance of food” or in “Steps for healthy living”. If you drink water more, salt doesn’t get piled up in the body. There won’t be a chance for water to stay more in the body and you won’t accumulate more weight. Similarly, if you drink water, there is no chance for fat to be stored in the body. By drinking more water, whatever fat is already stored, will melt. As the waste melts and discharges out from the body, day by day, in the form of urine and sweat, the body doesn’t put on more weight. Without much expenses, if you drink the honey water without any negligence, the body weight will come down.
2. Daily in the morning, youngsters have to certainly do pranayama (taking deep breaths), then to do asanas or running or jogging. Elderly people (who are above 60 years) should do walking.
3. Twice cold water bath - Cold water head bath in the morning
4. If you can clean the bowels three times a day, there won't be a chance for weight gain.
5. In the morning, stop eating tiffins (even stop eating idlis), eat only sprouts, raw vegetables, and also fruit. Don't drink milk. Growing children can drink milk.
6. In morning meals, eat some wheat rice or brown rice. Eat curries without salt, along with rice. In the curry, you have to mix rice and not curry in the rice. Ensure that you fill only 3 fourths of the stomach (to keep one fourth empty).
7. You should not sleep in the morning (not more than 15 to 30 minutes).
8. At noon, it is good to eat guava and papaya. Eat seasonal fruit always. Don't spit the pulp of the fruit. This fibre will melt the fat and reduces the weight.
9. Another important thing is: If you complete the night meal between 6 to 7 pm, then the evening meal will never convert into fat. In meal, it is important to eat pulkas (wheat bread without oil), with raw curry or curry without out salt and spices. If you want to reduce more weight (and if you do not have fatigue), eat only raw vegetables and fruit, without having pulkas. That too, you have to eat this before 7 pm. After this, till you go to bed, you should not eat anything.
10. If you want to reduce weight month by month, once in a week, do fasting with four times of honey water and with more normal water. Those who have more weight, can do a week’s fasting, every 2 to 3 month.
11. On festival days, at parties, whenever you want to have tasty food, always eat during the morning time. On that day, from the evening, drink more water and take fruit juices.
12. Strictly, stop eating white rice, sugar, cakes, bread, sambar, rasalu, pulusu, stored pickles, oil, ghee etc. If you need health, this sacrifice is mandatory.
Whn going on journeys, we generally take care not to take more luggage. When we are taking that much care for a journey of 2 or 3 days, then, you can imagine, how much care you should take about your body and health, as you are taking a journey of 36,500 days. The lighter the body is, the healthier you will live. As the number of people increases, work will also be more. Similarly, if the weight of the body increases, then problems will also increase. If you don’t get rid of your weight, you cannot get a coolie to carry your body weight, however money you have. Logically, gaining the body weight is no use in life, in any way. Increasing the weight is nothing but burdening life. Don’t become a burden to the country. It’s not too late now. Change your attitude and live happily.

40. Guessings and Assumptions - Truths and superstitions

1. Myth: We have heard that you give honey even to the diabetic patients during fasting. If we eat sweet, diabetes will be increased. Honey is also sweet. How do you say that drinking honey doesn’t increase diabetes?
Truth: What you have heard is true. Honey is six times more sweet than sugar. But, it is – in no way – dangerous to the diabetic patients. If we eat sugarcane, diabetes won’t increase but if we eat sugar (which is made out of sugarcane), then diabetes will increase. Since man has learnt to turn sugarcane into sugar, the real problem is started from that sweetness. Sugarcane is natural which contains natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fibre. When it is converted into sugar, all these nutrients will die away and only sweetness is left. That’s why the glucose in sugar enters the blood all at once and increases the sugar percentage in the blood, causing trouble for us.
If we think of honey, unlike sugarcane, it also has all kinds of vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes and fibre. Because of this reason, the sugar percentage in the blood won’t increase. Honey has some sweet content called fructose. Because of this, honey enters the blood slowly, and hence doesn’t increase the sugar percentage, but gives energy to us. For honey to be converted into energy, we need the insulin hormone (produced by pancreas gland) in a little quantity. But, this hormone is required more if sugar needs to be turned into energy. That’s the reason why sugar has turned to be dangerous to our body. Because of this reason, people assume that diabetic patients should stay away from eating anything sweet. As honey is sweet, so people consider its sweetness as sugar sweetness and, hence think that it is not suitable for the diabetic patients. Though salt and camphor look alike, we realize that they are not same, when we taste them. Similarly, in honey and sugar, the sweetness is the common thing, but in terms of properties, there is a lot of difference. Everyone will say, honey is good for health. But, can anyone say that sugar is good for health? They don’t, because, they know that honey is elixir and sugar is lifeless. The difference between honey and sugar is like that of elephant and a corpse. There is no comparison between honey and sugar. On a lighter note, if honey bees know about this, they will stop making honey and will go on a strike or will commit suicide. If they do like that, what about our nature cure treatment. So, just don’t have mistrust about honey. That is enough.
2. Myth: We have diabetes. Despite taking food on time, we sometimes feel fatigue. If we stop food completely and do fasting, isn’t there a probability that we may go into coma?
Truth: Do you know one thing- that man is fatigued when he takes food and he is energetic when his stomach is empty. For instance, in the morning, during the breakfast time, when the stomach is empty, we can do our work actively. Similarly, we will feel drowsy, fatigues and lazy after we take meals. What does this suggest? When we eat lighter food (or eat less), we will be more energetic. As you said, if we stop food completely, and do fasting, then the diabetic patients may face fatigue and then it can lead to a coma stage. But, remember that we are giving honey as the good. On a normal day, as it takes time for the food to get digested and converted into energy, there is a chance for fatigue. In fasting, our food is honey. This honey food need not be digested in the intestines. It gives us energy immediately and works as saline for our body, giving energy continuously. As honey gives more energy in less time, fasting done with honey never cause fatigue in the body. On a normal day, we take food either four or five times. But, in our fasting, you will take food (honey) around 8 times. That’s why, during the fasting – compared to a normal day where you take food – you will be more energetic and active. You can roam around. Unless we feel (sad) that we are doing fasting and we are not chewing and eating anything, there cannot be a chance for fatigue in fasting.
3. Myth: Those who have more sugar percentage and taking insulin twice a day, can they do fasting? Is there a chance for sugar to come down?
Truth: Those who take insulin injections daily, can stop them without any doubt, and do fasting with honey. Honey doesn’t need the support of insulin to go to the cells from the blood and converts into energy. There is no other food like honey which can give energy to the cells, so easily. That’s why, in fasting, there won’t be such a problem like increase of sugar in the blood, even to those who have heavy sugar percentage. Sugar may not come down for all those who are taking insulin injections. In fact, it depends on the working status of the pancreases gland (which produces insulin hormone). If pancreas is already affected, then injections are the only way. If its condition is good, sugar will come down with the honey we use in fasting and also with the subsequent raw vegetables and workout. If we take food without salt, then, there is a chance for sugar coming down completely.
4. Myth: It is said that when doing fasting, if we eat some food in the middle - unable to control our appetite, then they ill die. How far is this true? Why does it happen?s
Truth: If we do fasting for more days with normal water or lemon water, and then eat food all of a sudden, there is a chance for such problems. During fasting, intestines are almost in rest and if food is taken all at once, then food enters the intestines at once, and there is a chance of indigestion problem. For example, when a car is bored, before we start using the vehicle normally, we drive the vehicle with care – for smaller distances slowly, and once we ensure that all parts are moving well, then we increase the speed of the vehicle. Similarly, if we move from fasting to eating food – slowly, there is no problem. But, if do it all at once, the food load may cause some problem to the body. From the third day of fasting, the body is engaged in the activity of discharging waste from the body. It means, in fasting, due to non-availability of food in the body, all our energy is primarily focused on discharging waste. During all the fasting days, the body will be engaged in this activity – for 24 hours. Once all the waste is thrown away from the body, then we start feeling hunger, naturally. Once this change happens, the digestive juices will be produced again in the body. When the hunger start like this, in a natural way, if we start eating food in smaller quantities, in some days, the intestines will increase the ability to digest the food. This is the safe mode of taking food. During fasting, in intestines and stomach, when the digestive juices are not produced, the food eaten that time is not digested, and it does damage to the body. In our fasting (we use 250 gm of honey + 8 lemon + 7 litres of water), if someone eats some food unexpectedly, it won’t be fatal. What all the danger that can happen is: either diarrhea or vomiting, due to indigestion. Due to the 250 gm honey you take daily in fasting, there won’t be a chance for any danger. Know that this kind of fasting, will rather help you to gain health than do damage to your body.
5. Myth: Animals and other living beings, when doing fasting, do not use enema or take honey or lemon water. Why cannot we do fasting like they are doing (drinking only normal water)? Is there a problem in doing like that?
Truth: All living beings in the nature - except man - discharge faeces and urine immediately (they don’t procrastinate like humans do). This is the primary reason for their health. In case of man, the urine and faeces, that are developed in the body on every day basis, are the reason for his ill health. All other living beings, discharge their waste according to the number of times they take food. But, in case of man: from morning to night, he may eat 5 or 6 times, but discharges out the digested food, only once in a day or once in two days. In this way, he has been storing faeces in the 1.5 metre intestine, for years of time. Though animals do fasting (by not touching food), despite food and pressure applied from above, all the waste from the intestines comes out naturally. That is the reason why they don’t need to do enema. But, in case of man, as long as he is in fasting, if enema is not done, insects and toxic elements will be developed from the faeces and they can enter the body. The primary purpose of fasting is to clean all waste and toxic particles from the body – not the ones to create new insects to the body. If enema is not done the same will be done in fasting.
As man is smart, he is not giving complete rest, when he is fasting. As more waste matter is getting stored in the body, man needs to do fasting for more days. As animals and other living beings give day by day rest to the body, they need fewer days for fasting. Due to the few days of fasting, and the rest they get in fasting, they can survive on water during fasting. Though we give rest during fasting, the mind runs around. As the mind is not fixed, during fasting, as we don’t give complete rest, the more days we need to do fasting. Hence, we need to do fasting with honey and lemon water. Doing fasting this way cannot do any harm to the mankind.
6. Myth: Most of the people say that if we do fasting for 7 to 10 days, the body will be cleaned thoroughly. We heard that it will take more days of fasting. Why does it take more days?
Truth: We don’t make someone do fasting for more days. Generally, people who are going to nature cure ashrams, they will have pre-conceived notions such as, staying there for 10-20 days is enough, all body waste will be cleaned in a week’s time. In fact, they pre-determine the number of days they want to stay in the ashram. As they want to limit the fasting days as one week in their mind, after the week days, they feel like eating or feel hunger or fatigue and as a result, they stop fasting. Before we initiate someone into fasting, we encourage them to continue fasting till all the waste is cleaned up and they feel hunger. Our concept is to support the body fully by giving rest to the body so that the body discharges all waste matter through fasting. We need to do fasting according to the body requirement, and not to reduce fasting according to our needs. People who do not think like this, assume that a week day’s fasting is sufficient. Just as it is natural for more dirt taking more soap to wash it away, it is also natural for more waste matter in the body to take more fasting days. Otherwise, we are not making anyone do more fasting than the body needs.
7. Myth: It is said that doing long-term fasting is not good for the body. With you, most of the people are doing fasting from 20 days to 40 days, and some people are doing more days of fasting than that. Is it not harmful to the body?
Truth: The fasting that we recommend to you doesn’t do any harm, despite how many days you may continue it. The reason is: In fasting, from morning to night, at every 2 hours, we give four spoons of honey and normal water, every one hour. Some people could do fasting for 104 days. We had tested for them - different urine and blood test. They didn’t get any side effects. But, if this fasting is done, without honey and only with normal water or lemon water, that too for many days, then the damage will be caused. Such kind of fasting is not good for the body. We are suggesting fasting, according to the body - as many days as it wants, but not a single day, do we suggest fasting against the body requirement.
8. Myth: If we do fasting for more days, proteins in the body melt and there is a chance for generation of key tone bodies. Isn’t melting of proteins (instead of fats) dangerous?
Truth: As you thought, in fasting, instead of fats, if proteins melt, there is a danger. Every day, for our mind to work and for our body to be healthy, we need 800 calories of energy. If we are doing fasting taking honey as food, the fat in the body, day by day, melts gradually, and saves the body from fatigue problem. But, if honey is not given in fasting, the mind will lose the energy to work or to melt fat. In such a case, instead of fats, the proteins will melt and give the energy the body requires. Such fasting (without honey) can give more damage to the body than good. Fasting without honey can cause this. With honey water fasting, you will never face this kind of a problem.
9. Myth: It is said, those who are obese, they take more fasting days. Is it true that obese people can survive many fasting days? /div>
Truth: According to the proverb, ‘the number of bread slices depends upon the amount of flour available’, your thought is correct. But, in case of fasting, this is not true – fasting is not connected with obesity. If fasting is based on the stored fat in the body, we need to continue fasting till all the fat melts. But, we are not doing fasting for so many days. For example, if a person of 150 kg wants to reduce 70 kg of his weight and starts doing fasting, ideally, he should continue fasting, till he reduces his 70 kg weight. It means, if he reduces half kg weight every day, for 70 kg weight reduction, he needs to do fasting for 140 days. But, that is not the case. So, it is wrong to say that people who have more fat in the body need to do more fasting. Fasting should not be based on the lean or obese nature of the body. Fasting depends on the amount of waste stored inside the body. Even people who are lean, can fast for 60 days. So, only obese people survive more number of fasting days, is not true.
10. Myth: The modern science physicians say that fasting is unscientific. Many people say that fasting can crease many other problems, and their question is, ‘if we torture the stomach, can we overcome diseases?’. What do you say about it?
Truth: The foundation for diseases are medicine. Fasting in fact, shakes the foundation of a disease. As long as people were fasting, they didn’t need doctors or hospitals. Those who know only feeding the stomach are living, depending on the physicians. It is 100% true that with fasting, you can reduce diseases to a great extent. Animals and other living beings, eat food for 12 hours and leave the stomach (giving rest), without eating anything for the next 12 hours. During the 12 hours rest time, the body repairs itself day by day. That’s why, they are living happily, without any need of doctors or hospitals. If we don’t give rest for such a number of hours daily, the waste and toxic matter gets stored in the body. That very matter gets converted into disease, and we fall sick. At least on the day, you have disease, if you do fasting and give rest to your body, it can heal itself. If you observe, when we have fever, we feel bitterness of the tongue. It is the nature’s natural way of preventing or reducing the diseases. When we give rest to the body parts, body can increase the immunity power. This is nature’s way. Whoever don’t realize that will obviously face diseases and long-term ailments. How do people know the importance of natural ways and fasting methods given by nature, who are habituated to take artificial medicine? If you all had learnt the value of nature’s principles by now, there wouldn’t have been so many diseased people in the country. We are habituated to take medicine, for every kind of ailment – whether it is a non-serious ailment or a serious disease. During that time, the patient is taking food (though there is no feeling to eat), just for the sake of the medicine, and not that the body needs it. If you take medicine on an empty stomach, the damages will be more. How far is it scientific to take food, which is not at all necessary at that time? People are calling it unscientific way, if man lives the nature’s way – spending time in nature, taking the five elements of nature following the nature’s ways of life, and practicing the natural way of fasting? So, we can imagine to what level, our civilization has been degraded to. For those who have taken alcohol and feeling drowsy, they feel the world is revolving around them. Similarly, those who eat stomach ful and take medicine, how can they know the value of fasting? It’s a wrong assumption that we fasting can cause other problems. To doubt what is good, is natural to the human beings. Is it scientific to visit doctors and hospitals, so frequently, for every kind of ailment? Or is it scientific to prevent or cure diseases in nature’s way – day by day – without spending any money and just by staying at home? Just think!
11. Myth: After reading your book, “Food – Thought” (Aaharam – Alochana), we are preparing and eating those dishes without using salt. After eating those curries, from the second day, we felt pain in calves and tiredness. You said that if we don’t eat salt, we can overcome all pains. But, because of not eating salt, we are facing body pains as well as fatigue. Are those curries without salt not suitable for us? Or do we have low salt levels in the body? Are we supposed to take salt again?
Truth: Salt is not just foo, it is medicine. Salt has the tendency to stimulate the body. It belongs to the category of coffee, tea, cigarette and brandy, in terms of stimulating the body. The salt’s stimulation is happiness. Wondering why I am comparing salt with them? You should not be too surprised if I say, salt damages the body more than all these items. No other taste that we use, has this kind of property. Hope you are not getting angry on me for commenting on the salt, which gives you so much taste and happiness. For example, those who drink strong tea every day, happens to take lighter tea (lighter decoction) on a day, they don’t feel like drinking it and they don’t feel any happiness. Because, what they got on that day, is less stimulating quality of coffee. Those who smoke 2 packs of cigarettes, if they consume only one pack, then they will feel restless and tired. Similarly, brandy and ganja also cause similar problems. Likewise, those who eat a good amount of salt, if happens to eat curry with less salt, they add salt to the curry. Salt makes us do it. Those who eat spice in a good quantity, can manager is the food is a bit less spicy, similar is the case with oils. We do not mix chilli powder or oil. It means, they do not have that stimulation property. If they are reduced in food, we are not having the desire to add them.
If we stop eating any items which has the stimulating tendency, since that day, as we don’t get the stimulating items, the cells and the nerves lose their energy. All the cells will be waiting when that toxic thing will be available to the body again, and work more for it. That’s why, on the day we stop, we feel headache, fatigue, tension, irritation etc. The body faces this kind of problems from 4 to 7 days. Since the second day of stopping salt, we feel leg pains, pain in calves, fatigue etc. Though we may feel so for 4-5 days, gradually, the body gets habituated to it and there won’t be any pains and the body will feel lighter and strong. Similarly, if you start fasting and don’t eat such stimulating things (salt) from the first day, you won’t feel pains or fatigue. From the first day of fasting, as the stored salt in the body, discharges out, so you won’t face any harmful effects. You didn’t face any problems, due to low level of salt in your body or you were eating curries without salt. You need not eat salt again. If you stop eating salt, everything will be alright in four days. If you cannot endure problems for four days, and eat salt again, you will suffer from pains and fatigue throughout the remaining life.
12. Myth: If we are eating raw vegetables, they don’t seem to be salt-less. But, if the same vegetables are boiled, they tend to be salt-less. By boiling vegetables, the natural salty nature disappears and we may face the deficiency of salt. Those who are eating raw vegetables, may not face this problem, but those who are eating vegetables, by boiling them, cannot they add some salt?
Truth: The raw vegetables may be tasty and if the same vegetables are boiled they may seem to be tasteless. But, this is no way related to salt. When curries are boiled, except salt, the remaining minerals and vitamins and some enzymes are dying, and because of this the curry may taste insipid. However hotter a dish is made, the natural salt of the vegetables will be in the curry itself. For example, if leafy vegetables are cooked, it is sufficient to add a little salt. In case, you are cooking red gram, we need to add more salt. Even after boiling, the salt in the leafy vegetables is not dying. Hence, we are getting the taste with a little amount of salt. If we think in another way, the salt water of the sea gets evaporated and then comes back as rains and is available to us as normal water. As the rain water doesn’t have any salt, it is tasty. As you said, when evaporated, if water goes up as water droplets, the rain water should be much salty. In fact, salt has the tendency to travel down. If we eat boiled food, we may face any other deficiency of nutrients, but certainly not the deficiency of salt. So, that is why, adding salt from outside, is never needed.
13. Myth: We have seen in a famous nature cure hospital that the patient with diabetes - taking insulin injections twice a day – did fasting, by taking fruit juice. Though the sugar levels are coming down, day by day, after 5-6 days, the person fainted one day. When tests are done, the reports said that proteins got melted and key tone bodies were developed. Immediately, fasting was stopped and food was given. But, you use honey in fasting. Have you faced any such problem? Fruit juice should give more energy to the diabetic. Why did the person slump into coma?
Truth: The diabetic patients should not do fasting with fruit juices. It is not suggestible. For the fruit juices to get digested and convert to energy, it takes around 1 to 2 hours. Even if fasting, more time is taken to digest the fruit, so the time to discharge waste, will be reduced. That’s why, it takes many fasting days, for the waster mater of the cells to go out. Only when the cells become completely healthy, and take the food (glucose) without delay, then, it is okay to take fruit juices. Then, sugar levels won’t increase due to fruit juices. And, it can save from fatigue. In fasting, before the cells improve their capacity, if they take fruit juice, the energy from it won’t be sufficient to the body and hence sugar levels come down or causes fatigue. In fasting, the energy (glucose) that we get through fruit won’t be sufficient to the body, mind gets upset, and everything goes disorder, and as a consequence, instead of fats melting down, proteins get melted. As this time, many changes take place in the blood. This is a dangerous state (forming of key tone bodies). Moreover, unless the pancreases gland generates some insulin, the fruit juices won’t convert into energy. As the body cannot generate enough insulin in the body, they take insulin injections. As injection cannot be taken during fasting, fruit juices in fasting won’t be suitable for the diabetic patients and hence, cause problems.
If the fasting is done with honey, from day one, the body will be active 24 hours, without fatigue. Honey can enter into the blood quickly (without digestion), and can give energy to the cells immediately. Hence, there won’t be any kind of problems during fasting. Like honey, fruit juices cannot give energy. So, the diabetic patients who are fasting can go into coma. However, we haven’t faced any such situation so far. With us, some diabetic patients – who take insulin injections three times a day - continued fasting for around 35 days. If fasting is done with honey, in this way, and when you feel hungry, you can stop fasting and continue with fruit juices, you won’t feel fatigue or no key tone bodies will be developed in the body. The reason for this is: in fasting, the functionality of the cells will change, the ratio of the liquids in the cells will be changed, the efficiency of pancreases gland will increase and more importantly, the cells will have the real feeling of hunger. All such changes are happening in the body, hence, we give all kinds of fruit to the diabetic patients.
14. Myth: How can you say that fasting works for all kinds of diseases? How is that possible?
Truth: For both marriage and death anniversary, the same mantra will not work. But, fasting,works as panacea for all diseases. If we keep the house clean, day by day, the house will be clean without dust. Similarly, if all the waste matter is cleaned up from the body, (produced out of food), day by day, then the body will be healthy and clean. Since the day man has become civilized, man stopped doing physical exercise, preventing/procrastinating the activity of discharging waste (faeces and urine), not sweating at all, staying in closed rooms. For all these reasons, the waste matter of the body is not getting discharged out. As a result, the waste matter inside the body, moves all over the body, develops toxins, unnecessary bacteria, and disease particles. The body becomes a haven for diseases. For all the diseases, the underlying reason is the storage of waste matter in the body. The waste matter – when stored in various parts of the body, the physicians are sharing these body parts and naming them differently, and providing treatment. If the waste is in the stomach, we call it indigestion, it is in the lungs, we call it asthma. For example, if brass is used to make vessels of different sizes and shapes, we give them different names. Though, brass is the only items in all these vessels, based on the shape, we named them accordingly. This is what is happening in the body as well. Storing the waste in the body is disease. Making the body clean up from all the waste is health. Medicines suppress the diseased particles in the body. Fasting cleans up and discharges out the waste matter. Just as we clean up the house, fasting cleanses the body. If there is any dust or dirt or insects, if weclean up the floor with water, whatever dirt is there, will go out along with the water. Similarly, despite whatever disease particles are stored up in the body, fasting can send off all the waste.
15. Myth: In your fasting method, people are doing fasting, by staying in their homes. What is your purpose in it? How far is it correct to do fasting by staying at home?
Truth: People join in the nature cure hospitals, only if they have long-term diseases, or if they are too obese or if their bodies are not compatible with medicine. Nature cure methods and fasting methods are not only meant for the diseased people, but they are also useful for normal people so that they won’t get any diseases in the future. Nature cure method is the most needed method for the present man to live happily. Keeping this in view, with a purpose to spread the values of nature cure methods to all the people in the society, we are doing like this. From morning till night, man is doing so many mistakes (either consciously or unconsciously) in terms of keeping his health. Nature cure method rectifies these mistakes and gives the people, the awareness about the good and bad. This complete science teaches about food and movement for complete health of the people. If we know the values of this method and practice them, man will be perfectly healthy, mentally and physically. In the present situation, most of the people, are not able to visit the nature cure ashrams, and spend 10-20 days in the ashram, to change their lives. They are not getting this thought or the opportunity. To spread the values of this method for a wide range of people in the society, if the normal people (those who are not diseased) have to practice it, to create nature-families, we felt it is a good idea to do nature cure treatment at home. If one family member is doing fasting, remaining people will observe and know about it. In that way, from one person to the other, the values will reach more people in a shorter span of time. If people are allowed to do fasting from home, they will come forward and use the opportunity. If we realize the importance of fasting and enema, we would never leave this method in life.
If you are able to control your mind, there is nothing wrong in doing fasting at home. Before starting the fasting, we are making the person mentally prepared for fasting. From the starting day of fasting, we look at food items, at home or outside. We see people eating the food items. They will start fasting, with the pre-determined obligation of not eating anything, despite whatever food items they see. Hence, they don’t feel like eating. In the ashram, they don’t see any food items. So, no desires will emerge. But, they see any food items all of a sudden, then it will be difficult to control the mind. If we know the timings of the power cut, we will be alert by that time. There won’t be any problem. But, if the power if off all of a sudden, we will feel tensed and inconvenient. Similarly, once food is started in fasting, they have to eat whatever is being served in the ashram. So, they will have it. Someone in the ashram cooks the food and serves us, so eating is easy. But, when they leave ashram and go home, all the family members will be eating different food items, different tastes. As they stayed away from tastes, for a long time in the ashram, due to the smells, the mind and senses pull towards the food items. Those who don’t have enough restraint, will go back to the regular food, soon. But, in case of people who do fasting at home, they are habituated to the smells, even during the fasting time, as they sit along with the family members and eat their insipid food. They won’t be dragged to the food items. So, it is observed that, compared to the ashram, people who do fasting at home, are able to control tastes in a better way.
16. Myth:If we reduce the body weight at once through fasting, the body will get damaged. Many of the physicians advise to reduce weight gradually. Losing weight during fasting will be harmful, in any way?
Truth: In fact, fasting is not meant to reduce weight, but to cleanse the body inside. During the cleaning process, due to the honey used, due to the non-availability of solids, as food is not sufficient to the body, the stored fat starts melting. This melting of fat varies from person to person. You cannot reduce weight just as you wish! We are giving rest to the body in the name of fasting. During this rest, the body adjusts the highs and lows of the body. It means, in fasting, the body melts unnecessary fats, stored waste and diseased particles. In fasting, the obese people will reduce more weight and the thinner people will reduce lesser weight. We have given an opportunity to the body. That’s all! Whatever results the body gives at its convenience, we have to take it and be satisfied. In fasting, if the body faces any inconvenience in reducing the weight, it won’t make the attempt to reduce weight. This is body’s principle. People who have less weight, will reduce 5 kg in 30 days. As you say, fasting is meant to reduce weight, then everyone should reduce weight. But, it is not happening. If we want to reduce excess weight at once, it may be done through current or machines, but it cannot be done in fasting. In fasting, we cannot reduce weight, just as we wish. There may be problems in methods where we reduce weight as we wish, but not in fasting, where we can reduce the weight of the body, only according to the consent of the body. So, what damage is there to the body? In fasting, weight loses gradually. So, there won’t be even 1% of damage to the body. There is no chance for it. So, better not to blame fasting, without knowing about them. It will pave way for our destruction. To blame fasting is like blasphemy – speaking offensive about God.
17. Myth: If the obese people lose weight at once, from around 15 to 20 kg, their skin may look sagging and gets folded. Is there any chance we can rectify it?
Truth: In fasting, the weight comes down gradually. So, the skin and muscles can become stiff according to the reduced weight. As you said, if the weight reduces all at once in fasting, the skin sags. But, in our fasting, even if 30 kg weight is lost, we do not know that we have lost 30 kg of weight. Just as our muscles and skin has the property to sag, they also have the tendency to contract. Once the pregnant lady, delivers the baby, the stomach goes back to the normal stage. Similarly, in fasting, the loosened skin becoming tighter is also natural. If anyone feels like that, they can take sprouts and do asanas, so that the skin becomes tighter than ever. In asanas, we can tighten the muscles and skin in whatever body part we like. In fasting, we will ensure that your skin won’t get folded. Hope this is fine!
18. Myth: You are saying that, in fasting, whatever waste is stored in the body, will be discharged out and as a result, the body will become healthy. Then, how about eating salt, oil, spicy things as we like and then fasting for 4 to 5 days in a month, and clean up? When fasting is giving this opportunity, why should we eat insipid food?
Truth: So, learning to do fasting can be used by people like this? The question is like: as we take bath daily, can we smear mud all over the body? Compared to normal bath, if you take bath for the mud body, it will take more water, more soap and more rubbing, more energy is required. Finally, breathlessness. If you eat normal food for 26 days and take spicy food (with salt, oil and spices) for 4 days, the body will adjust. But, if you want to eat spicy food for 26 days, then the body cannot bear. It doesn’t even agree. When students study for 10 months, they are given 2 months of holidays. It won’t be like taking 10 months of holidays for studying 2 months. In terms of food, this is what you want to do. The body gets accustomed to whatever it is conditioned to. If we sit in the A/c room for one hour and come out into the sunshine, you are suffering for 15 minutes. In the A/c room, we were more comfortable than normal. So, in the 15 minutes, you will suffer more than normal. Fasting is like sitting in the A/c room. Here the sunny day is salt and spicy curries. Going from A/c to sun shine is like going from fasting to normal tastes. After fasting, eating insipid food is like going from one A/c room to another A/c room. Those who roam in the sun, they don’t feel the sunshine. We cannot make journey by keeping legs in two boats. For our selfishness (tastes), playing with dharma (fasting) is a great sin. It will be meted with unforgivable punishment (in the form of diseases), be careful! If we want not to be punished like that, we need to eat good food for the sake of our health. We have no other option.
19. Myth: Those who have low B.P, take more salt in buttermilk, food items, so that they can overcome nausea, drowsiness and fatigue. But, if they reduce salt of stop it, it will be a problem for them. If they do fasting without taking salt and food items, don’t they feel nausea with low B.P? Don’t they feel fatigue?
Truth: People who have low B.P., if use more salt, the water they drink or the liquids they take are discharged out only in small amount and the larger amount will be stored in the body, causing water pressure. That’s why, B.P (blood pressure) increases. We discussed earlier that, salt has the property to store water. If there is water pressure more in the body, the problem of low B.P. will come down. In our fasting, we instruct the people to take honey and lemon juice along with 7 litres of water. If we take more water for every one hour, the water pressure will increase in the body and with the need of salt, the B.P will be in control. People who have low B.P., can do such fasting for any number of days. They won’t feel and nausea or fatigue. If you stop salt without drinking water, you will suffer with nausea and as a result, you will be afraid of fasting. If you drink water, every hour, in such large quantity, you won’t have any problem with low B.P. Now, don’t be afraid of fasting. Also, stop eating salt. If you drink with salt or if you take any food with salt and do fasting, then consider that it is not fasting.
20. Myth: When people do fasting, once in a while – on an auspicious day (Ekadashi, Shiva ratri), we see that they cannot bear hunger, get tired, suffer from headache, feel fatigue etc. If they suffer like that for just one day, how can they do fasting for so many days with you? Do you say that your fasting won’t cause any such problems?
Truth: Whoever do fasting – in whatever way – such problems cannot be avoided. Don’t be scared. It will be foolish not to take up fasting, fearing such problems. The moonlight is so pleasant. Moon, who gives the moonlight, also suffers from eclipse. Just as the eclipse duration for the moon, we also face 2-3 days eclipse period, before we do fasting. That is because, if we eat for 6 days in a week and don’t eat at all for one day? Doesn’t the body suffer? Because of this problem, the child will fear school and struggle hard not to go to school. Just because, he is crying for first two or three days, are you not sending the child to school? If you are doing like that, then you can also don’t take up fasting, for the fear of the initial problems that occur in the first 2 to 3 days. Those who are newly learning asanas, they will obviously have the pains and suffering. But, are we stopping asanas, afraid of the pains and avoiding the joy the asanas are giving? If we suffer in the beginning, we will enjoy the result 2 times of the suffering. We have to continue our journey to achieve that joy.
21. Myth: As we are habituated to the present food intake, it is difficult for us not to eat one time in a day. We cannot do it. Despite you tell us all these things, we are not able to oblige to do fasting without taking food. As we have this mindset, can we just take food according to your instructions without doing fasting? In that way, can we become healthy? Is there any problem to make such a diet change, without doing fasting?
నిజం: As you are habituated to eat daily, that’s why you are not able to stop food. You are scared of stopping food. Whatever the mind is conditioned to, we feel like doing that. If we roam around on a Sunday for movies and other places, we don’t feel like going to office or school on Monday. If you are conditioned to fasting for four days, then, you won’t feel like stopping it. This is called habit. If you do dusting at home, clean the house, and then decorate the house with things, then the house will look clean and attractive. Similarly, if you clean the body inside with fasting, and then eat good food, you will have cleanliness, health and better than the two – happiness. If you keep all the dust intact and decorate the house however beautifully, the decoration won’t look beautiful. Not only that, the decoration will lose its beauty. Without cleaning the body, if you eat good food, the food will enter the body and moves the waste matter. When the waste goes out, we will face some pains and problems. We will assume that the food is not suitable to the body and hence, we want to stop the good food we are eating. But, if we clean up the body well with fasting, wash the body and then take good food, as there is no waste matter or diseased particles in the body, we won’t face any problems. When the house is not cleaned up properly, the beauty of the household articles will get affected. Similarly, if the body is not healthy, e will lose faith in the food.
If you think in another way, as you eat good food, you may become completely healthy. But, in future, you may face any problem or ill health. In such a situation, the good food we know may not save us from the disease. We may need to go to the doctor and take medicine. We need to spend some money for X rays, scanning, tests and doctors. But, if you are aware of the benefits of fasting already, if you face any such problems in the future, if you do fasting then, you can control your diseases, without depending on anyone and without spending money. If you don’t know the importance of fasting, the problems will be like this. After doing fasting, if you follow the good diet, then is beneficial in both ways.
22. Myth: You are saying that doing fasting is a natural way of life style. That’s fine. If we want to do fasting, there are so many people who discourage it – forget about encouraging. As you are saying, it is a great dharma, then why are so many people discouraging it?
Truth: Those who are good, they encourage good. If no one is encouraging fasting, it is not the fault of fasting. It means, those people are scarce who want health and health-related joy. People and advertisements are encouraging smoking, alcohol, cool drinks, suggesting with new brands. More people are joining one another to do this encouragement. The parents are able to teach how to eat stomachful. But, they are not able to teach to send the waste through fasting. They are thinking that eating stomachful is health and strength. Who knows that fasting is our life style, it is our dharma? How many of us know that every individual who is taking food – when required – should cleanse the body? How many know that fasting is part of our daily life?
“Had your stomachful three times a day? Have some more? Do you want anything more?” There are people who can ask like this. But, how many wives, mothers and elderly people are advising, like, “Eat less, this is not for your health. Eat less to be more comfortable”? We conceive our thoughts according to the food we eat. So, how many people are there in the society who are eating for health? People who are eating for the sake of health, should encourage to do fasting. When they themselves don’t do fasting, what encouragement they can give us? If we are taking 90% unjust food, how can we turn our mind towards the goodness of fasting? They always prefer to support the unjust medical methods. If you are ready to do fasting intentionally, that’s your biggest strength. Don’t heed to others. Don’t pay attention to those who do not have experience (in fasting). Fasting to the body is like worshipping god.
23. Myth: Is it mandatory to do enema in fasting? For those - who feel shy to do enema, who cannot do enema at home, who fear enema – is there an alternative, like Ayurveda medicine or allopathic medicine, or castor oil, which can clean the intestine all at once, so that we don’t need to do enema.
నిజం: Just as the journey cannot be continued in darkness, without light; fasting cannot be continued successfully without enema. A lame man uses a stick to move. Fasting uses enema for the same purpose. Just as the lame man suffers without the stick, fasting will get a setback without enema. To clean up the waste, there is no other easy and harmless method like enema. Fasting itself is meant to protect the body and to repair it. Whatever process we do in fasting, it should not damage the body. If any damage happens to the body, it will be against to fasting. Once fasting is started, all our vital energy reaches the area where the repair is needed. When you take medicine or castor oil in fasting, in place of enema, then you will have diarrhea. Based on the effect of the medicine, the number depends. From half an hour of the time we take the medicine, our vital energy (that is curing the repairs) comes back to intestine, by allowing the medicine to work on the repairs. It means, from that time, the repair activity stops. Because, as the effect of medicine, the useful water (minerals water) in the body goes out, the body gets fatigue. The energy in our body is trying hard to protect us from fatigue, during fasting, but fails. Because, the useful water of the body, when gets discharges out, the water percentage comes down and fatigue is started. Though the discharge is done four to five times and then stops, all the energy of the body has to be at the intestines for more time (around half a day) to control the fatigue. Despite doing fasting, if the repair activity is stopped for 12 hours, just imagine, how many days will it take for the actual disease? Fasting itself means 24 hours of repair. It means, because of the medicine we use for discharging of waste, we feel fatigue for half a day, and the repair will be stopped. The damage happens in two ways. If you suffer with fatigue daily, you won’t have enough energy for the fasting, to clean up all the waste from the body. Hence, you may need to stop fasting in the middle.
If you are ready for fatigue and take medicine, the stored waste matter won’t go out of the body. Whatever waste is there at the bottommost of the intestine, will come out after soaked. The tablets will be engaged in sending more water to the intestines, but they cannot move the stored waste. The effect of the medicine is limited to that level. Whatever waste is moved smoothly, In the water that comes to the intestines, only that faeces will be discharged out. To discharge the stored waste, we need to do enema every day, and give 24 hours rest. We have no other way. If medicine is good to discharge the waste matter, then doctors can prescribe them to the pregnant women, before delivery? But, why are they using enema, instead of medicine? If the women use tablets, they will be fatigued and it is neither good for the delivery nor good for operation. Hence, they use enema. To move the stored waste and discharge it out in a better way, without the body getting fatigue, enema is the only way for us. Just for the matter of 5 minutes, don’t feel shy or lazy, and face problems. If you do such things in fasting, and if you face any difficulty because of the medicine you have used, it will affect the reputation of fasting and people will be scared of it. If the child does any mistake, the parents will be blamed. Similarly, here fasting will be blamed.
24. Myth: I heard that, you make patients visit again and again, for two to 3 months, before they are allowed to join for fasting. In other nature cure hospitals, if they come to the nature cure centre, they will be admitted to the ashram the next day. Why are you not doing that? Is it not useful?
Truth: If you visit again and again, it is useful for both you and us (nature cure). The moment you come for fasting, if you join, they you will suffer more. Without knowing the fasting method properly, if you start fasting and then stopping in the middle, you will be deceived more in life. Those who distance themselves from nature cure and fasting, are like children who lost their mother. The relation between nature cure and man is that of a mother and child. The people who are visiting us should realize the significance of the sacred bond. We make you visit again and again because, we fear that you may break the bond, without realizing its importance. In doing so, we can know who is genuine and who is not. Most of the people are just coming for the nature cure, just for relief, and not for seeking life without diseases. The nature cure fasting is primarily useful for fasting. So, our effort is only for those people who are in tune with the ideology.
The inventor of Homeopathy, Dr. Hahnemann has said like this: “Though we can identify the suitable medicine and give it to the patent, there will be only 20% of improvement in the patient. The remaining 80% of improvement depends on the relation between the patient and the doctor. So, we need to know, how far the people coming for nature cure treatment have faith and trust. If they don’t have trust on the doctor, their problem won’t be solved. Though the patient has trust on the treatment method, if they don’t have complete trust on the doctor, then, the treatment won’t be of much use, and the problems won’t be rectified. So, the patient who starts fasting without having any hope and commitment, ultimately blames the nature cure treatment. Finally, that is what we get. When we are buying a new pot, we will test it before buying. If we know that the pot is not worth buying, what is the point of buying it? If we realize that you cannot utilize the methods and still we will give you a chance, then, the effort will go futile.
25. Myth: In almost all nature cure hospitals, in their food they are serving, they are adding some salt and tempering. But, in the food you are offering, salt and tempering is not available. If you add slight tempering in the food, there is a chance for the patients to take the food for more days. Don’t you agree about this?
Truth: In olden days, in the nature cure hospitals, food would be given without salt and tempering. People could eat like that in those days. The patient used to have the commitment to follow the doctor’s advice, and trust upon the doctor. But, gradually, the system is changed. As patients don’t like curries without salt, the nature cure centres started using salt slightly. Like that the importance to taste is prioritized in the ashramas, and the tastes they are adding increases in size – from tea poon to table spoon. If doctors, who teach the patients to leave tastes for the sake of health, start allowing tastes in their ashrams, the patient will take it as an opportunity. Is there a measurement for ‘some’ in tastes? Man, by nature, can concert ‘smaller’ to ‘bigger’. The permission given for a smaller quantity of salt and tempering, now reached much larger sizes. Will the mind - once accustomed to steal – stop? It always looks for other possible chances.
If we either want to smoke cigarettes well or stop them, it is not possible to smoke one or two a day and try to be healthy. Similarly, those who are habituated to tea and coffee, can they control themselves, by drinking only once? You cannot stick to non-vegetarian food only once in a month. Just like them, using salt, oil and tempering, in small quantities – throughout life – that’s also not possible. We also offer to tea and coffee, only to those who have the habit of drinking them; we offer to those who don’t have the habit at all. Though we want to have these taste only in small quantities, the society doesn’t let us live like that. They will pull us to their side. They will bluff you that their curries are also insipid. After eating all the dishes – if they are tasty, you will have satisfaction of having tasty food; or if they are insipid without taste, then you can have the feeling of securing your health. If you use salt and tempering only to some extent, neither you get health nor complete health. Moreover, you may get depressed mentally, because you are not getting either of them perfectly. It will be like squeezed in between. Either we should be to that side or this side – certainly, not in between. Either you travel on the taste boat or travel on the health boat – travelling on the two boats can dump us in the river of ill-health and dissatisfaction.
It is the Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homeopathic doctors who can advise us to use salt, oil tempering in small quantities, but not the nature cure doctors. For the medicine to work, you need to do some diet, so the doctors who give medicine, will tell you that. In nature cure hospitals, the food itself is god’s medicine. If you add tastes in food, then the god in the food will move away. It means, health will move away. If we need health, we have to move away from tastes.
26. Myth: If we are doing fasting, doesn’t immunity come down? Not eating for so many days, doesn’t the body become week and become prone to diseases?
Truth: If it is true that not taking food makes the body weak, then, all these people, who are always eating something or the other, must be strong and healthy. When we are taking food, then only more energy of the body is consumed. To digest what we have eaten, to carry what is digested, and then to discharge the waste, much of the energy gets waste. It is said in the scriptures that, those who eat little, live longer. Those who eat less, energy won’t be spent much, and stored more so that diseases can be resisted. If all the earned money (energy) is spent as and when you got it, there won’t be money (energy) to save you when you face difficulties (diseases). That is the secret behind have more energy in the morning and then, it reduces gradually, after taking meals. If we fell so energetic when the stomach is empty in morning two hours, then, how much energetic the body will feel, if the stomach is empty for 24 hours. You will get extreme energy for your imagination. This is what fasting is. Fasting means, that which leaves energy (immunity / resistance) to the body. When this energy is increased in the body, diseases will be cured without any need of the medicine. When we are not well, we are not taking food. That’s why, the diseases are cured. Those who don’t do fasting, get one or the other disease. For those people who fast frequently, the protection is like: wearing the protection coat. Just as light is natural to the Sun, immunity is natural to fasting.
27. Myth: Can we do fasting while doing our tasks? Will be be useful? You said, fasting is complete rest. If we do fasting without taking any rest, will it be useful?
Truth: When we are studying, if we do work simultaneously, while doing work, how much can we learn? Doing fasting, while working is also similar to that. If we do like that, whatever we can learn (education) in less time, will take more time. Similarly, if we do fasting while working, the result will also come with a 2-days delay. If we make it a mandate that people should come to nature cure only when they can afford complete rest, then it is not possible for all. Only those who have long term-diseases, or who’s situation is severe, they can come; but, ordinary diseased people won’t come. It is okay if there is a 2-days delay in getting the results. If doing fasting with some lighter work, and taking rest enough, that will be fine. If they join in the ashram and give complete rest to the body, it will be quite better. The fasting we offer (with more honey), can be done anyone staying at home, with lighter amount of work. They can complete fasting with energy and without any fatigue. But those who have long-term diseases, people with back pains and joint pains, or obese people, should do fasting only with complete rest.
28. Myth: Generally, what all doctors say is: if the stomach is empty, acids are formed causing inflammation and ulcers. So, they are suggesting not to keep the stomach empty and to eat something frequently. But, you are saying that keeping the stomach empty will increase resiststance, and doing fasting while keeping the stomach empty, all diseases can be cured. So, which is correct? Should the stomach be always filled or should it be empty?
Truth: If we commit one mistake, to rectify it, we need to commit another mistake. Similarly, if we say one lie, it will lead to another. In case of your question, the same thing is happening. Every day, in the food that we eat, as we take oil, ghee, sugar, fat items, tea and coffee etc., acid in the intestines needs to be produced in more quantities, to digest the food items. Due to the fat items eaten, even after the digestion is completed, acids are produced in the intestines. In the empty intestines, acids start eating the intestines and the layers, hence, we feel the inflammation. The first mistake is eating the food which is against the intestines. Then, according to the doctor’s advice – to eat something or the other, by not keeping the stomach empty – the food you eat, is again the old food. Eating like this is the second mistake. Hot milk overflows, water is sprinkled, again milk overflow and then water is sprinkled again. So, this way, despite so many days, as the food habits are not changed, we do the same mistakes again and again.
In this way, if we eat food again and again, without giving rest to the stomach, the intestines and the stomach feel restless and they lose resistance power. Just as when the agriculture land is dried up for some time, it is gaining strength, similarly, we are able to give rest to the stomach and intestines, they can gain strength and health. Those who eat good food (un-boiled i.e., raw food), they can eat 12 hours in the day times, continuously, multiple times. The stomach or intestines won’t have any problems. Bulls and goats eat like this. But, If we eat boiled food, (without adding any salt, ghee, spices), then we need to give 3-4 hours of rest. Alsatian dog eats like this. When the food is boiled, adding salt, oil and spices, meat, ghee and other fat items, we need to give 7-8 hours of rest after eating. Animals which eat non-vegetarian food belong to this category. If we eat non vegetarian food, we need to give 10-15 hours of rest to the stomach. According to the food we eat, we need to give rest in the day (gap between food and food), which is good for health. It doesn’t matter what kind of food you eat in the day, during night, you must give rest to the stomach. Eating food, by giving rest to the stomach is health. Keeping the stomach always engaged, by eating without rest is not healthy – due to this reason, their life span comes down.
29. Myth: When we suffer from acidity or ulcers, isn’t there a problem using 8 lemons a day? Doesn’t it aggravate acidity? Can they drink honey water instead of taking lemon water?
Truth: During fasting, just because there is no food in the stomach, there is no chance of generating acids. When we feel hungry, the acids are formed. As we don’t feel hunger in fasting, we don’t face any such situation. If we take lemon with warm water and 4 spoons of honey, we never feel inflammation in the stomach. In fact, when the lemon water is mixed with saliva, it loses its acid nature. When we drink warm water, there is no chance of acids producing in the stomach. As we mix honey, we won’t feel any hunger pair or inflammation in the stomach. If we take normal water frequently, whatever acids present in the body, will be diluted and do not give any effect. If anybody has any trouble with lemon, they can drink water with only honey. In fact, with lemon, the problem of ulcers can be completely cured. In fasting, lemon doesn’t do any harm.
30. Myth: Those who have hypoglycaemia or low sugar, or who become lethargic by losing sugar percentage frequently in the body, keep eating something or the other or eat sweet. For them, can fasting work? Isn’t there a chance for sugar to come down in fasting?
Truth: There are many types of fasting. Fasting without honey can cause the danger of fatigue. In fasting, if they don’t get enough glucose to the body, they may enter coma. In our fasting, we provide honey once in every two hours. Hence, they don’t need any other food or sweet. Food takes more time to get digested and get converted into energy. So, even if they are taking food daily, they will feel lethargic. Unlike food, honey starts giving energy from the next 10 minutes, and it continues to give energy for the next 2 hours. If we take honey for once in two hours continuously, sugar percentage will come down and there is no chance of the patient have fatigue.
31. Myth: Since olden days, fasting is given more importance, in the process of protecting health. Similarly, for any auspicious work to be done, the elderly will suggest fasting. That is our tradition. So, fasting has such significance. Then, why are the doctors and some people don’t recommend fasting? What is the reason?
Truth: Our ancestors have given us wealth (health) and eternal happiness (spiritually) though the knowledge of fasting. It has been a part of our life since generations. In time, gradually, just as the practice of riotousness in life is dwindling, the practice of fasting, health principles, dwindled to some extent. Since the day man is habituated to rest, and sweating at all, eating food for the sake of taste (that too giving importance to artificial tastes), and changed fasting according to his benefits, the principle of fasting has taken the wrong path. All our lifestyle mistakes will be surfaced on the first or second day of fasting, such as drinking less water, taking tea and coffee in large quantities, eating breakfast items that are made with oil, eating spices heavily in food, taking medicine which suppress the disease inside the body.
Because of such habits and tastes, the body accumulates waste in the body. The diseased particles gather in the body, paving way to diseases. As long as we eat according to the time (eating without feeling hunger), the waste doesn’t move out, so, we don’t feel the problems all the days. As long as food is there in the stomach, the waste will not move from the body. Hence, as long as we eat food, the waste doesn’t come out. All the 24 hours, there is some food in the stomach, so, it is all about waste accumulating, but not moving it out. So, we don’t face any problems and as a result, we think that the food we are eating is good. In this way, we have made the body habituated to such habits and converted the body into a dust bin. Once in a week or on some auspicious day, or for some puja, you will do fasting. You will start it with either normal water or honey or without taking anything. When there is no solid food in the stomach, it gets rest and during this time, it moves the stored waste. Then, in the beginning of the fasting itself, we will face different problems such as headache, inflammation of eyes, fatigue, body pains, absentmindedness, stomach ache etc. Observing the problems that we face, some family member will advise you not to do fasting, as it may not be compatible to all bodies. And we also get support from others who say that we also had faced such problems during fasting. We feel that they are correct. And this negative propaganda will affect everyone at home – children and youngsters. But, no one realizes that those problems are the natural outcome of the body having waste matter stored inside and because it is moving. Attributing all these changes and problems to fasting has become a habit of people.
When you are doing fasting, if you face any problems other than normal, then unable to bear them, you will consult a doctor. You will tell your story of fasting to him. He knows only to prescribe medicine – he doesn’t know what happens in fasting and why it had happened like that. If he had the habit of doing fasting, he would have known about fasting. He doesn’t like fasting, as he feels it is not scientific. If he sees such cases of people going to him and telling about the problems occurred during fasting, his assumptions are fasting will find proof. So, the doctors will start scolding those who do fasting. All this story is happening without taking the advice of the nature cure doctor. This is happening because people are doing fasting either taking coffee, or eating puri or not eating anything in the day time but eating at night time, or not taking anything at all during fasting. So, as people are doing fasting the way they like and ultimately blaming fasting for all the side effects caused.
In another way also, there is a setback for nature cure and fasting method. Some people stay in the nature cure hospitals, do fasting according to the doctor’s advice, but if cannot control the mind, eat something, have problems and then blame the fasting method. Some people do fasting well, but post-fasting days, they cannot eat the insipid food (because of no taste), starve the body, suffer from fatigue, lose blood, and get new diseases, and then finally, blame the nature cure treatment. As they cannot utilize the nature cure hospital well, they spoil the reputation of the nature cure method. Otherwise, there is no chance of such things in these methods. Because, these are nature’s principles. Do remember.
32. Myth: In your fasting, per day, they are using 250 gm honey. If they use that amount to honey in one day, they get more energy than eating rice. How is it called fasting, then?
Truth: On normal days, a man gets 2000 to 3000 calories of energy from food. To get that much of energy, the body needs to work from morning to night. Though the body is doing fasting, for it to be energetic, to melt the stored fat, for the mind to work properly, a minimum of 800 calories energy is needed every day. To get this 800 calories of energy to the body, without work (intestines and body), we need to use honey, which can give the energy like that. We get energy without work., So, with honey, that is the benefit. Even for the purpose of energy (800 calories), if we eat lighter food, then it cannot be fasting. The energy that we get through honey, is spent easily as and when we get it. So, (either we work or lie down), the energy gets spent easily. It is true that if we eat honey 250 grams, it gives more energy than that of rice. Through rice, we get 2000 calories of energy, from honey, we get around half of the calories, but, everyone agrees that honey is stronger than rice. After eating rice, we start getting energy after 2-3 hours. But, after drinking honey, energy comes in 10-15 minutes. This is the reason, why we feel honey is more powerful. That’s why, you are thinking – unknowingly - that drinking honey is not fasting. Most of the people, stop drinking honey and facing fatigue problem.
33. Myth: You say that vising nature cure centres one or two times a year is a mistake. Is there a problem visiting nature cure centres multiple times?
Truth: In the nature cure ashrams, nature cure methods are preached which - in relation to health – identify the mistakes we do and suggest a good life style, and preach us completely, what is good, what is bad, what is health, what is ill-health. We get diseases for the mistakes we do – consciously or unconsciously. Unable to bear the problems, we go to the doctors who give us medicine (allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda). They don’t rectify the mistakes we have committed, but prescribe some medicine and give us temporary relief. This is one kind of doctors. Another kind of doctors may cure the disease, but they do not give medicine to recur the disease in future. So, we need to visit the hospitals again and again, whenever we are attacked by diseases. As long as do not realize why we are being affected by diseases and how to howto change the food, we will be visiting the hospitals again and again, and consequently suffer, as long as we live.
If you visit nature cure hospital and get the complete understanding of the cause and remedy of the diseases, you can destroy the disease with roots. And, if you follow the diet principles they teach you, you can ensure that you won’t face the disease again in life. Those who go the nature cure hospital, and get the understanding and change their mindset, they can come back as doctors. And, he can take care of his health, as a doctor, the next time, when needed. He can also guide all his family members, about all health issues. Our house should become a hospital and we should turn as doctors. But, after learning about nature cure methods, if we do the same mistakes again and again, then when can we mend our life style? Those who do not follow the nature cure ashram, and come back as patients to the ashram - it’s an unforgivable mistake. On a spiritual path, you seek the guidance of a guru, start following him, and then you take a U turn, and do all the mistakes, as earlier – this is also that kind of a mistake. If we do the same mistake again and again, for us to realize, how many epochs we may need? Nature cure hospitals are like courts, which preach justice and which punish wrong doings. If you visit courts again and again, we may lose our reputation. But, if we visit nature cure ashrams again and again, the nature cure hospitals are losing their reputation. Visiting the nature cure hospitals again and again is only like playing with the divine principles, but we cannot better ourselves.
34. Myth: We haven’t done fasting. After reading your book, started eating normal food and using honey. The sugar levels are increased a bit. You said that, because of honey, sugar levels wouldn’t increase. What is the reason for the increased sugar levels?
Truth: When you are eating normal food, the body cells will not take the glucose from the food in time, the glucose will be in the blood for more time. That’s the reason why the sugar percentage will be more. If the body is like this, if you use honey in larger quantity, the glucose percentage in honey (around 39%), enters the blood, and gets mixed with the glucose of your food. That’s why, the glucode which you get through honey, instead of giving energy to the cells immediately, stays in the blood for more time. Because of this reason, sugar increases. If you take the same honey on empty stomach, the sugar doesn’t increase. The honey enters the blood immediately and turns into energy. In fact, initially, when you start drinking honey, though sugar may increase, but ultimately, sugar will not increase due to honey. That’s why, in fasting, even if you drink 250 ml honey (without food), sugar levels won’t go up. While taking salt and oil, if you take honey, because of their effect, honey cannot be taken well into the body. It is not the fault of honey – but, salt and oil. We feel that the sugar levels are increased, when we drink honey. Without using salt and oils, if you cook the food we taught you, you can take any amount of honey. It won’t affect you and the sugar levels won’t increase. Just it will be like eating sweet.
35. Myth: Through ‘Shanka prakshalana’ (drinking salt water and going for defecation), the large intestine (faeces intestine) is cleaned thoroughly, and finally, only white water (as drunk) is coming out, and the intestine is getting cleaned thoroughly. You said that during in all fasting days, enema is mandatory. Instead of doing enema every day, how about doing Shanka prakshalan on the first day itself and start fasting? Will it work like this?
Truth: If you drink 1 litre of water, in 15 minutes, the water enters the stomach and intestines and mixes with water, and then from one hour, starts coming out in the form of urine. The body takes water immediately, so the stomach gets emptied immediately. If you drink 1 litre salt water, instead of going to stomach, intestine and then to enter blood, it will enter into the large intestines, going through stomach and small intestine. Now, the question is, why didn’t the salt water mix with blood in 15 minutes? Salt is something unnecessary to the body. So, the body doesn’t take what it doesn’t need. That is the nature of the body. Salt is toxin, hence, when you keep some salt in the mouth, you spit it out immediately. It is the s`ame salt which is giving us taste in our food items. But, why were you not able to take it inside? The body doesn’t take any item which harms it. When a thorn sticks in the foot, the body tries to throw it away. Similarly, here, salt is also like a thorn. That’s why, from the moment you drink salt water, the body tries to throw it out. In two ways of discharging (vomiting and defecation), the body tries to send out salt water.
Drinking salt water, and then vomiting all the salt water and cleaning the stomach is called, ‘gaja karna’. We want to vomit the salt water, that’s why we drink more and hence, we feel like vomiting immediately. When we do ‘shanka prakshalanam’, we drink salt water, by wanting to discharge it out through faeces, hence we don’t get vomiting. To protect the intestines and stomach from the salt water we take inside, the body send some water into stomach and intestines and dilutes the salt water. If we cut the snake gourd and sprinkle salt on the pieces, the water from the pieces reaches salt and dilutes the slat and save the piece from salt. So, in our body, till the salt water goes out, throughout the passage the salt water goes, body sends water to the area to save the intestines. The salt water that we drink, come out of the body in 15 to 30 minutes, along with faetes, through the large intestines. First time, the faeces which comes along with salt water – which is ready to be discharged – moves and comes out. Initially, it will be discharged in heavy quantity. Again, you will drink stomach ful of salt water. In 15 to 30 minutes again, the soaked faeces will come out along with the salt water. What comes out in the second time, will be lesser than that of the first time. This way, you drink salt water, till you discharge watery faeces in white color. You are thinking that if the white water comes out, then the intestine is cleaned up. But, it is not correct.
We see that the silencer of the scooter is closed with smoke. We use salt water to clean and open up the faeces intestine. For the scooter silencer, we pour some kerosene, soak it for some time and then throw the liquid away, that kerosene comes with black color. For the first time, the carbon that is soaked well, comes out. In the second time, we pour kerosene, shake and throw the kerosene away, the black color reduces now. If you do it for 5-6 times, then, the kerosene comes out as fresh, as you pour it. If it comes like that, then the silencer is cleaned well. Once you do this, cut the pipe and see. You will see that there is so much carbon stuck to the sides of the pipe. That’s why, if the silencer is completely closed, they will burn and cut it and then clean it. Kerosene goes only a little, it won’t go completely. Similarly, if you drink salt water half a dozen times discharge the waste successfully, and finally even if the water is discharged out in white color, the stored faeces (which has been stored for many years), would stick to the intestine walls and it cannot be removed. For the salt water this faeces doesn’t move because, the body puts all its efforts to move out the salt water so that the intestines don’t get damaged due to the salt water. Hence, the salt water cannot move out the faeces which sticks to the intestines. For example, when we are travelling on the road, if it rains all of a sudden, then, just not to get wet, we take any shelter that is nearby. We don’t see whether it is a hut or a building – we don’t choose it according to the status, the time and situation won’t work there. Moreover, when any waste needs to be discharged, the mind should be peaceful. The stomach should be empty. When watery liquid is getting discharged out, how can the mind be peaceful? Moreover, the mind tries to save the stomach and intestines, and doesn’t move the waste at all. When the mind gives the order, then only, the stored faeces will be moved. For example, when you don’t feel like defecate, how hard you may try, the faeces won’t come out. Similarly, even with salt water it is not possible, because, the presence of the mind is important.
Those who suffer from severe constipation, even if they do enema twice a day and do fasting, for 30 to 40 days, even the slightest amount of faeces won’t come out. We may try enema with neem leaves water, lemon water and soapberry, but, still, we don’t see any result. As you said, we made them drink salt water multiple times, but it did not move. Even some times, if we use salt water with enema, there won’t be any result. Only the body needs to move it out, but we cannot do anything. In fasting, the faeces comes out after soaking for so many days of enema. So, it is not possible as you said that faeces comes out in 4 hours, if we drink salt water. It’s like this example: when we are travelling on highways, on the roadside, some people sell fruit baskets. In the basket, on the top, fresh, big fruit are placed. We think they are given at low price and we buy the fruit. When we check them at home, it’s fraud! On the top, big, fresh fruit! But, in the bottom rows, all the rotten fruit. We won’t realize until we see them. Similarly, unless you check in enema (in fasting), you will know how much faeces is going out in ‘shamka prakshalanam’. So, that’s why, as long as we do fasting, enema is mandatory. We have no other way.
36. Myth: We see that people who do not have any diseases or obesity, also do fasting with you. People who cannot do fasting – if they don’t have any problems – can they protect their health, by eating the dishes you prescribed? For them, fasting is not necessary?
Truth: It would be easy to do fasting and eat what we prescribe. In fasting, the tongue loses its taste. So, the tongue will adjust to the salt-less dishes. People who are habituated to the salt and spices may find it difficult to adjust to our dishes. Don’t be scared of the salt-less dishes, when you taste them for the first time. You have to control your mind. Otherwise, the taseless dishes may make you feel disgust for them, for the whole life. As we churn curd, just as the butter is formed, despite the taste, whatever we eat wholeheartedly, after four days, the tongue will get adjusted to the taste. From the day you eat the dishes with happiness, then they will start giving you results. A long as you eat them forcefully, the food won’t support you and you will feel fatigue.
Those who cannot do fasting and those who do not have any diseases, it is enough if they are willing to eat our food. Whenever they get the opportunity (if they find time), they can do fasting. But, initially, without fasting, if you try to change food, you may feel inconvenient. If you leave the bad habits all at once, the body cannot adjust itself and suffers a bit. If you wait for four days, they get adjusted. As long as you take our food, you won’t face any diseases and problems. You will be happy and peaceful. But, don’t be complacent and stop fasting. Though you get time, if you postpone it, then you cannot do it later. Whenever you get an opportunity to do fasting and if you learn about it in depth, then, in future, you will not depend on anybody and make your life memorable. Never forget the fasting saves you like an umbrella. Just as we use umbrella to protect ourselves from sun rays, we have to use fasting only for the need.
37. Myth: Some people say that if we can do nature cure for one month, we can be healthy for the whole year. How far is it true?
Truth: If you clean the house once in a year, and if you find it clean throughout the year, then you can assume that your body will also be healthy like that. For every festival, we feel that cleaning is necessary. But, you are thinking that your body – the place where you reside – can be cleaned once in a year. Though your house is well-protected with windows and curtains from dust, still you will clean it before the festival comes. But, we roam in dust; what we inhale is not air, but smoke; what we chew and drink is not water but cool drinks and beers; what we eat is unnecessary salts, oils, spices and un-digesting meat. While making so many mistakes – and cleaning the body twice a day outside – we want to clean the body inside, once in a year. How can it be sufficient? Those who take the Ayyappa diksha (oath), follow all the rules strictly and those two months, they will be happy – mentally and physically. But the remaining 10 months, it will be normal, because they discard the principles once the diksha is over. If the nature cure method is practiced for one month, and then practice the rules daily in life, then we can guarantee that you can be healthy throughout the year.
38. Myth: As we do enema daily during fasting, after we stop fasting, i.e., once we start food again normally, will enema be habituated to us? Without it cannot we go for motions?
నిజం: As we don’t eat in fasting, there won’t be any pressure from top, and the faeces doesn’t move down. That’s why, enema is being used to move out the stored faeces. In fasting, we just let the patient to drink 1 litre of water in the morning, at a time, so that motions happen on time. After this is completed, we will give him enema. We are teaching them to drinking 1 litre water so that whatever waste is available, it should be moved out. This will be useful even after post-fasting. From the day, fasting is stopped with fruit juices, some amount of waste will be developed in the intestines. As the intestine becomes clean and empty, the faeces that enters the intestine, moves forward and reaches the bottom. Because of the fruit and raw vegetables that we eat later, much faeces is formed, and will be moved forward actively. The fibre that we get from fruit and vegetables contains that property. Because of drinking one litre of water, just as we get up in the morning, we will have motion without any need for enema. Similarly, it will happen in the evening as well. As the food we eat post-fasting is good and rich with fibre, we don’t need enema for motions. You need not doubt that enema will be habituated. Enema is like a stick which is used when we are limping and need support. After the leg is cured, we don’t use the stick, just because we are habituated. Just as we discard the stick when we are alright, we will discard enema, once the fasting is over.
30. Myth: People who are doing fasting elsewhere are taking only a few days. But, with you, the fasting days are more, it seems. We heard from other nature cure doctors that if we drink honey 2-3 times, then fasting will be complete in fewer days, and if we drink honey 8 times, then fasting will take more days. How far is it true?
Truth: For the body not to get damaged, it is mandatory to drink honey 8 times in fasting. We should not break the body principles when doing fasting. It depends on the waste matter stored in the body that how many days fasting will take. If honey creates more waste matter to the body, then – as you think – there will be more fasting days. But, honey is not such food. Honey gives only energy, without causing any effort to the intestines and without adding any new waste in the body. In the current society, because of the various taste, white rice, artificial food items, and because of the lack of physical exercise, waste matter is being developed in the body. Moreover, they are coming to fasting, only after trying different types of medicine. For such people, it takes a longer time for the body to get cleansed. In general, the body cannot continue in fasting, till all the waste is removed from it, with just the honey, taken only 2-3 times a day. Because of this, people stop fasting due to fatigue, before they see complete symptoms to stop fasting. By checking the redness of the tongue, many people stop fasting, in a few days. We suggest to stop fasting only after 10-11 symptoms are displayed. Our duty is to start fasting. Stopping it is not our wish – according to the body’s wish, as many days the body demands, fasting needs to be continued. Similarly, we should stop fasting only when the body says so. As honey is not taken, most of the people stop fasting, due to fatigue, before the body wants. In our fasting, it doesn’t happen like that. That’s why, it is not true that if we drink less honey, the fasting will be done in fewer days. With us, fasting won’t take more days for all of them. For some people, fasting will be completed in 7 days; for some more 10-15 days; and there will be some people, who take 20-30 days; and there will be some, who take more days. As you think, if drinking more honey, can make more fasting days, is true, then no one should complete fasting before 10 days, with us. But, it is not happening like that. There is no relation between honey and the more number of fasting days. Most of the people are doing our fasting, by staying at their homes, while doing lighter tasks as well as office work. For those people, who work without taking rest in fasting, fasting takes more days, compared to those who take rest during fasting. The difference will be around 4-5 says. If rest is taken, the body gets cleaned quickly. That’s the reason why the people who fast with us do fasting for more days. But, there is nothing wrong in it. If the fasting, which is supposed to take 20 days, if gets extended to 25 days – as long as there are not problems and fatigue – it is fine. They are happy to end fasting in such a safe way.
40. Myth: In your books and speeches, about the nature cure methods, the same thing is repeated in writing and speech. Is it necessary?
Truth: In the process of rectifying the understanding gaps of the people who visit me with their doubts, and myths, I need to explain the concepts from different angles. Because of this, there is a need to repeat certain things, in detail.
All the current medical methods have become as business methods and misguiding the people. Even in nature cure methods, they are hiding the truth and making the people have myths about the subject. They have also created an opportunity to blame these methods.
On the other side, people who are habituated to food and tastes, after suffering from ill health, after trying all other medical treatments, in despair, choose this method, we need to tell them the truth again and again to dispel their habits, myths, sentiments etc. Only then, they will have complete faith and take up this method with courage. Those people who have chronic diseases indicates that they are addicted to strong food habits, and are unable to come out of them. As a doctor, if I tell the truth again and again, considering their health and future life, their mind-set will be changed. That is the reason why I try to explain the nature cure method in different angles.
When we churn curd once, butter won’t be formed. Similarly, we may not change the minds of people by telling them only once. Just as we keep churning the curd, we will get butter. In the same way, the mind will get the understanding. There are instances that some good concepts and truths are repeated in the book. For wise people and those who have photographic memory, this may be cause inconvenience, but it is repeated keeping in view the common people. I request not to misunderstand the intention.

Experiences - Feelings

Dr. Pratap Kumar Experiences

Whatever organ you take, it is made of tissues. With a mixture of different tissues, different organs are formed. Thought the cells of different organs are fulfilling the responsibilities, every cell needs air, water and food. There is a good mechanism in the body, to provide these three elements to each cell. They are called capillaries. To these capillaries, are attached with two blood vessels – To one side, one blood vessel is attached which carries good blood (fresh air, pure water, blood with food), from heart; another blood vessel which carries the waste matter (polluted air, water) from the cells to the heart. This mechanism is called capillary bed. This capillary bed provide the tissues as the required things, removes out all the waste from the tissues and keeps the cells always in clean environment, and ensures that the cells perform their responsibilities well.
We are talking about this mechanism, because, the healthier the cells are, the healthier the man is. If each cell fulfils its 100% responsibility, the body with all these cells will be 100% healthy. It means, a person is said to be healthy, when each cell of the body is able to have 100% capability to work.
Man’s health problems are primary caused by two reasons. One is the open reason, the other one is the internal reason. The open reason is the health problems caused by polluted air, food, contamination water, bad environment and injuries. Though these diseases cause immediate problems, they will be cured in a short time. So, we are not discussing about them here.
If the tissues of the body, for some reason, not able to fulfil their duties 100%, then we can treat it as the internal cause. There internal reasons are causing chronic diseases to man. The nature’s law has no way for these internal reasons. The capillary bed is the shelter for these internal reasons. As long as the food is carried to the cells from the capillary bed and the waste from the cells is well discharged out from the body, i.e., everything is as the express high way, there won’t be any chronic diseases. When there are obstacles on this high way, then only, we face chronic diseases. You cannot know the solutions for these obstacles, unless you know how they are formed.
Blood vessels and the movement of fluids between the cells (capillary bed)
You can observe that, in the front side corner of the capillary bed, 32 mm hg, in the middle 25 mm, and at the next corner 12 mmhg. Coming from the front corner to the next corner, the difference is 32-12 mm. This difference under pressure, is much needed for the swift fluid movement.
Despite how well the kidneys are working, let us see what happens if we use more salt daily, than what the body needs. The salt that enters from stomach into the blood and the salt that is not completely discharged from the kidneys, must be stored somewhere in the body. This salt is stored in the space between the cells, called intercellular space. This intercellular space is located near the capillary bed. The salt stored here, reduces the 20 mm hg difference, which is pressurized between the beginning and end. The more the difference reduces, the more movement reduces, between the fluids. As a result, the movement of fresh air, water and food and the waste discharged from the cells, which are supposed to reach from the front corner of the capillary bed, reach the next corner of the capillary bed. Because of this, a great obstacle happens there. It means, cells need to live in the polluted environment, where they cannot fulfil their responsibilities 100%. Eventually, this capillary bed will be used as a shelter for all chronic diseases. All the people who understand and follow nature cure methods, know this fact very well. Once fasting is started, every person who is between 70-75 kg will reduce around 4 kg weight in the fir four days. Then, every day, is able to reduce only 100-200 gm weight. The reason for this is: every day, one litre of water along with salt is discharged out through kidneys. After 4-5 days, there won’t be any additional salt water in the capillary bed. So, they are not reducing 1 kg weight every day. The reduction of 100-200 gm weight happens because of the melting of fats. After 4-5 days fasting, the cells of the body will see clean environment. And, start working energetically. The effort to dispel chronic diseases starts from that day.
Those Indians, who are not being successful in national and international sports – if follow this nature’s rule – then, they can achieve their goal. No doubt about it. The pressure will be completely removed with the blood flow. So, the work pressure will be reduced to the heart. Heart diseases will be solved. The cells will utilize glucose completely. So, diabetes will be cured. As the cells dwell in the polluted environment daily, allergy-related diseases are caused, due to the compound, called histamine. Once we follow the nature’s rules, a healthy environment will be formed for the cells and the diseases such as asthma, skin diseases, cold are disappearing.
My father had heart disease. I used to worry if I will have heart disease and I used to think about health insurance for 2 lakh rupees. But, for those people who know the nature cure methods, this sounds funny. We see people who say, “my mother has diabetes. So, I also will be affected by it one day. It is better to be tested often”, or “all my elders in the family has B.P. So, I also will definitely be affected by it. But, it is very sad that people do not know the absolute truth that chronic diseases won’t affect the people who follow nature cure method. That’s why, it is our primary responsibility of every patriotic Indian to follow nature cure methods and propagate the uses of it.
India is losing crores of rupees through chronic diseases. With one TV advertisement, if all the Indians stop salt and implement the nature’s rules, we can settle the debt in 3 years, what India has made during the last 50 years. By forgetting, amusing and disregarding the golden words of our ancestors, that ‘fasting is the absolute medicine’, we have made a unforgivable crime. Our responsibility is to realize the social truth, “if you save dharma, dharma will save you” (dharmo rakshathi rakshitaha), and transfer the knowledge of nature cure laws to the next generation of people. This is the call Mahatma Gandhi has given to the nation. This is the tribute we can offer to the Mahatma and Mother India. We appreciate the ever-youthful and inspired being Sri Manthen Satyanarana Raju, who has studied nature’s laws deeply, implement them in his life and is striving hard to pass the knowledge to people free of cost. In our society, all the doctors who are trained in and offering medical services in various medical domains such as allopathy, homeopathy, unani, Ayurveda, Yoga, Acupressure, know clearly that they are not able to give people the complete treatment for their ailments. In fact, it is every doctor’s responsibility, to be broad minded and be open to any segment of medical field to understand and offer it to the public, without having the egoistic mind-set that their medical domain is the best of all. If we check nature’s dharmas, everyone will get their solution. This is my deep, strong faith. I am glad to be part of this gigantic movement, initiated by Shri Manthena Satyanarana Raju garu. Though, people’s laxity, bad habits, and craving for tastes, may affect the movement, I wish all the people who follow the nature’s dharma, will strive hard in healing the bruises, and continue the journey for the betterment of human welfare. With this faith in my heart, I end my speech here.
Dr. Pratap Kumar
Children Specialist
Patanjali Yoga Kendra
Balarama Nursing Home, Akividu

Experiences of Dr. Srinivasa Rao

Good Morning to all!
My name is Nyapathi Srinivasa Rao. I have been working as a homeopathic doctor, for the last 14 years. As the English writer, Mr. Norman Jollyman explained in the book, “Good Health – Naturally without drugs”, we can attain good results with the combination of the two methods homeopathy and naturopathy. Because, as everyone knows, there are no side effects in homeopathic method. They are natural systems. That’s why, this combination gives good results in my practice. The English scientist Dr. Ignatz Von Pecezely invented “Iridology” and it is developed by two other English scientists – Henry Lindlahr and Dr. Bernard Jensen. They offered ‘Iridology’ as a science to the society. Iridology means, checking the pupil of the eye to know the health of different part of the body. I am using this method in my practice as well. With this method, we can know - if there any problem in any of the organs of the body or we can know in advance, which parts of the body are prone to problems in the coming future, so that we can take food and medicine accordingly.
I had the acquaintance of Dr. Satyanarayana Raju through Mr. Vijaya Kumar, the head of “Vijay Nirman Company’. Earlier I had a different opinion about this fasting. Without doing the fasting, eight months ago, I used to take the food, as suggested by Mr. Raju, in the naturopathic method, without salt. As I was eating naturally, without salt, my body lost its unnecessary weight, and discharged the stored toxins (as cold and diarrhea) with tremendous speed. After that, the body was so healthy, light and powerful. At that time, I started doing fasting. It took 9 days for me to complete fasting. I could lose 4 kg of weight during those 9 days. More importantly, the fears about fasting and other different kinds of opinions are dispelled. I gained a feeling of courage in the heart.
As a doctor, what I felt was: if we get evaluated (doctor’s advice about the health condition) the health of our body organs before we take up fasting, it will be more useful in our fasting. For example, through iridology diagnosis, we can know which organ’s power of the patient is dwindled or is going to dwindle, so that we can remove the toxins of the organ, and then take precautions in the food we give him. That means, paying attention about the nutritious food and medicine to give to the organ.
Another important thing is: If a healthy human being cannot do honey water fasting (when the time cannot be adjusted), he can do fasting with vegetable juices or fresh fruit. Because of this, the toxins of the body will be cleaned. Moreover, it won’t create any strain to the digestive system, giving an opportunity for the body to rectify itself, and as a result, strengthens your organs. In case of diseased people doing fasting – for example, those who have chronic diseases and degenerative diseases (cancer, cirrhosis liver, severe arthritis), they need to do fasting under the observation of a naturopath. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju is well experienced in this. Also, the follow up action that he takes, gives the patient so much inspiration and courage to the patient. The different natural methods that we use in fasting, such as enema, steam bath, massage, tub bath (totti snanam), help us discharge toxins through the excretory organs such as renal (kidney), lungs, digestion, skin, lymphatic and thereby reduce the number of fasting days. I believe that fasting is the fest way to cleanse the body.
The way Dr. Satyanarayan Raju garu has learnt so many useful things at an early age and using the knowledge to the welfare of the society is so commendable. I conclude here by wishing God to always given him success in attempting his goal.
Dr. Nyapathi Srinivasa Rao
Ramakrishna Homeo Pharmacy,
Abids, Hyderabad.

Complete Health - Dr. N.P.V.S Raju

I consider the day very auspicious, three months ago, when I met Dr. M. Satyanarana Raju. My friends, Mr. Bangaru Raju and Mr. G.S. Raju have taken naturopathic treatment with him and got very good results. For the last two months my wife Surya Kumari, our daughter Dr. Padmavathi and myself have been following nature cure method and attained good results – mentally and physically.
The natural remedy Mr. Satyanarana Raju does, compared to other natural methods is quite different. He has studied pharmacy. From generations, the natural remedy methods are implemented in his family. He has read many Telugu and English books about naturopathy and implemented many experiments on himself first and then introduced to all a new naturopathic medical method, which can be practical and can last forever. In addition, his simple living style, unselfishness have added more value to this. Thousands of people, in Amalapuram, Vijag and Hyderabad are following this new nature cure method happily and getting rid of chronic ailments.
In Amalapuram, many renowned doctors have practised his nature cure medical method themselves and prescribe it to their patients and cured so many chronic diseases. As an allopathic doctor, I have correlated his knowledge with the medical science I know and decided to implement it throughout my life.
My age is 55 years. I have been taking medicine for blood pressure for the last 10 years. When taking the medicine, it would be 140/90. I am suffering from neck pain and back pain. I used to have inflammation in the stomach when chilli and sour food is eaten or when the food is taken beyond the scheduled time. I had the doubt that doing fasting with lemon juice can cause inflammation.
Under doctor’s supervision, I have fasted for 10 days, with honey and lemon. I have taken 8 lemon per day. But, I never felt the inflammation. Then, I have taken fruit juices for 2 days, raw vegetables and fruit for 3 more days. During fasting, I attended office and worked more enthusiastically. After 15 days, I stopped salt, oil, dry chilli, tamarind and used only boiled vegetables, sprouts, vegetable juices, raw vegetable pieces, fruit, dates and coconut. I completely stopped drinking coffee and tea. I reduced the medicine gradually and by 10th day, I stopped medicine completely. Now, my B.P. is around 110/90. I no longer have neck pain, back pain and stomach inflammation. I am able to work with more enthusiasm and concentration now.
Dr. Satyanarayana Raju does not want you start fasting immediately after your consultation. Those who listen to his discourses on Sundays, and participate in the discussion, get their doubts clarified; and read his books, 1. Sukha Jeevana Sopanalu (Steps for Happy Life) 2. Aharam – Alochana (Food - Thought), and do fasting from 30 to 55 days, thereby discharging all body waste, are able to get complete health and happiness. If the whole family or at least the wife and husband implement this natural treatment method, then they will get good results.
Without expecting anything, and without any selfishness, Mr. Satyanarana Raju has been working with the aim to share the experiences and happiness to more people in the society. May God bless him with long life and health so that he can serve lakhs of people for their mental and physical happiness.
Dr.N.P.V.S. Raju,
M.B.B.S., F.C.G.P., D.Ch.
Jubile Hills, Hyderabad.

Opinions of Dr. Satyavathi

Greetings to the Readers
In my 30-plus years of medical experience, I have seen various ailments of the people of Amalapuram, Konaseema and the nearest villages. I used to observe that some diseases couldn’t be controlled with allopathic medicine and some allopathic medicine cause side effects due to taking the tablets for a long-time. I used to think passionately if there would be any solutions for this situation.
In this search, with the encouragement of Mr. Pavuluri Krishna Chowdary, I am familiarized with homeopathic medical treatment, trained in it and finally got the degree in M.F (London). Homeo supported in many times when the allopathic medicine was not satisfactory in curing certain diseases. Homeo medicine don’t do any harm to the body and they are prescribed based on the physical and mental nature of the patients.
In our ever-busy medical profession, we used to have dissatisfaction in terms of so many diseases, especially the chronic ailments.
At that time, we heard about Dr. Satyanarayana Raju, who was then giving treatment for chronic patients in Amalapuram and met him. Based on his advice, we have experienced complete health after implementing the method. Since then, we have advised so many patients to take up this method and ensured that they have experienced satisfactory health benefits.
We cannot buy health, luck, happiness, development, life-span in the market.
It is said, ‘hard work pays’. We can get some of the above, primarily, we can get complete health by working a bit hard. Because of the hard work, you can have complete health.
The present day man, with his mind power, is able to move fast in different fields such as scientific and technical areas. But, in fields especially:
Moral values
moving backwards. Now, the discussion is about health. So, we will look at some main things which cause diseases to man.
The food items which primary give importance only to taste, such as non-vegetarian food, oil, ghee, spices, pulaos, spicy pickles, sweets are very harmful. Taking such food frequently, and resting habits such as sitting in car, office in front of tv, and lying in bed for many hours, can cause us ill-health. The patients need to spend much money and time, and visiting hospitals, emergency, intensive care units. Though medical science has improved a lot in allopathic medical method and saved many lives, but the patients are living with the same habits and spending his last years of life in dangerous fears. Today’s civilized being is finally losing money and life as well.
Those who follow nature cure methods, food, other rules, exercise, yogasanas – though he a chronic disease patient – can get complete health, happiness, activeness, satisfactory lie, without any medicine. This is my faith and my self-experience.
My husband Dr. Chiranjeevi Raju, our junior doctors, some of our hospital staff, some relatives, friends and myself are practicing and getting good results. We are also suggesting this natural cure method to some of the patients (among the thousands of patients that visit us), and making them follow this nature cure method and thereby getting the fruitful results and feeling satisfaction. I am citing here some of the examples. Among these, there is one person ‘Maridi’ of age 50 years who is working here as a staff member. He survived from very dangerous situation and doing his job again. You will read about his experience in another paper. I am citing only a few people who have had the relief with us.
Ex: Diabetes (diabetic girl) A eight year old girl who was suffering from diabetes – Though she was under insulin in a dangerous situation, we successfully made her stop insulin and do fasting, while giving her homeo medicine. Now, after 6 months, she is eating nature food and not taking insulin at all. It was said that she was on the verge of getting affected by blood sugar, she was feared to die. From this situation, she has travelled to the present day where she is enjoying the normal health.
21-year old woman, who is a born diabetic, followed these methods completely, and now living a normal life with having to use insulin.
A 50-years old man originally suffering with Leukemia, practiced nature cure medical methods, while taking homeo medicine. Now, for the last two years, he has been working as the telephone lineman fulfilling his professional duties, without any need for blood transfution.
1. Hypertension complications like, heart failure, renal failure, Ischaemic heart diseases.
2. Nephritis, Nephrotic syndrome, Chronic Renal failure, A cute Renal failure with all associated complications.
3. Hepatitis of all types including Hepatitis B+ Ve cases and cirrhosis liver at different stages - including cases with manifested Ascitis also.
4. Renal stones - gall stones. A cute & chronic pyogenic cholycystitis and multiple gall stones
5. Many cases of all allergies eg: skin, nasal Bronchial etc.
6. Bleeding disorders
7. Auto immune diseses
8. Rheumatic and Rheumatoid arthritis
9. chronic constipation and complications
10. Many severe pre Eclamptic Toxemias are controlled from leading into Eclampsias
All the diseases cited above will be completely cured with us using fasting and nature cure medical methods. We are glad to tell you that we were able to cure these diseases completely and got excellent results. I strongly recommend and reiterate that nature living is completely practical to follow. For example, a hyper tension patient will be treated as mentioned below:
In the emergency situation, B.P and fits will be controlled in allopathic medical method. Then, once they are cured using the nature cure method, they won’t need any medicine again. Only some people, occasionally, need homeo medicine.
In all these situations, based on the disease severity and the patient’s situation, we use enema, fasting and massages. According to the need, we make changes in the nature cure methods.
But, in emergency cases, we initially treat the patients in allopathic way, and then slowly convert them into nature cure methods and are able to give them relief. New life risk, in any medical method, in extreme cases, cannot be avoided.
In our experience, we have noticed that whatever be the medical science, the essence of it is to save life and protecting health. So, we should not think that only our medical method is accurate and great. Our request is to study about other medical sciences so that you can use them as per the need.
At least some medical sciences - say Allopathy, Ayurveda, Nature cure, Homeopathy - if get integrated, and offer medical help according the needs. Then, I trust, the human race would get complete health and pave way for golden era.
Let us dream for the golden era with such complete health, peace and happiness.
We will pray the Mother Nature so that Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju would produce so many people who can sacrifice, commit, serve, work efficiently for the advent of the golden era, and make India a healthier country.
Yours Sincerely
Dr. P. V. Satyavathi
VS Narsing Home, Amalapuram

Headache, High B.P - No longer now!

My salutations to the brothers of the Nature! It’s my duty to remember our family goddess “Renuka Devi’ with due reverence, for providing the opportunity of the acquaintance of Dr. Manthena Satyanarana Raju, with whose guidance I could fulfil my long-cherished desire to follow the nature cure methods to treat successfully my chronic ailments – high B.P., constipation, and incessant headache.
For the last 35 years, I have been suffering from hiper tension (150/90 to 180/110), tried so many medicine, and used to get temporary relief. I was restless and with no mental peace because this problem. If we look at my family medical history, my mother, father, one sister, and two brothers have died untimely due to heart high blood pressure and heart diseases. My brother, Sri Chanumolu Venkatrao had bypass surgery in last June and is taking rest now. In June, when I came to visit my brother, in Hyderabad, I could meet Dr. Manthena Satyanarayan Raju through my daughter, Mrs. Prasanna Rani and my son-in-law, Mr. Shakhamuri Suresh Babu. This paved way for fulfilment of my long-cherished desire.
On July 1st, I joined doctor’s Nature Cure Institute and started fasting. After 4-5 days – unlike never before – I felt a great relief from headache, asthma, constipation and spent happily. I could get relief from the problem constipation, by drinking ‘Naturofax’.
During fasting, as I was doing enema, it took 58 days for the waste – which was sticking along the 1.5 meter intestine – to slowly soak and move out along the enema water. Then, my body supported to go for 2-3 times for motions daily. Since then, my ailments such as high blood pressure and headache slowly cured. For blood pressure, I used to take medicine 2-3 times. In the second week of the fasting, the medicine was completely stopped. B.P was complexly cured after 12 days. Now, my B.P is 110/70. Similarly, I used to use half a dozen Amrutanja bottles every month. In fasting, in the first 10 days, the headache is completely cured. Since then, I haven’t suffered from headache again. On June 1st, my weight was 72 kg. After 60 days, it reduced to 62 kg, and the physical feeling was so precious – like flying in the air so lightly, for the first time in life. For the last 35 years, I used to have tea and coffee more than water. In addition to them, I used to have bad habits like smoking and chewing betel nuts. Because of these, I used to spend life as a chronic patient with asthma, suffering day by day.
On 1-7-1998, on the day fasting was started, my haemoglobin was 14.8 gm. After 30 days of fasting, i.e., on 30-7-1998, it increased to 15.3 gm. On the 58th day, i.e., on 28-8-1998, it was 15.7 gm.
Moreover, I didn’t find any keytone bodies in my blood, urine tests. During that time, the blood purification has happened and haemoglobin percent also has increased, which delighted me much.
During the 58-day fasting, as days rolled and as the toxins are discharged out from the body, the mind and the body had a relaxed feeling that I am healthy now, for the first time in life.
Since the last 35 years, the complete health that I could not get with any specialist, from the last 75 days (1-7-1998 from the starting day of fasting to 15-9-1998 the end date), I could feel and provided faith that I can live healthily for the remaining life. It’s because of my good karma of my previous birth that I could meet Dr. Satyanarana Raju so that I can spend my remaining life with health and good life-span. In these 75 days, my weight is reduced from 72 kg to 60 kg.
And finally, I say that even if I spend my remaining life in spreading his sacred ambition in all directions, and support him in this gigantic task and to be helpful for him, would be less for all the gains I have secured in my life because of his selfless sacred life ambition. May god bless him with good health and life span to spend hundred more years for the welfare of the humankind and be a path finder for this cause.
Chanumolu Ramarao
3-14-3, Durga Agraharam, Vijayawada - 520 002.

The problem of B.P is no more

My age is 61 years. I have been suffering from low B.P. for the last 25 years. Because of this, I used to face nausea, high level fatigue, lack of strength, not feeling to do anything and excessive sweating. I used to go to doctors. Some doctors used to prescribe some medicine. Some other, would suggest to use more salt. But, still, I couldn’t feel any relieve and would suffer a lot. Last year, in the first week of October, I went to the Shanthi Ashram, after I heard about Dr. Satyanarayana Raju and his nature cure therapy. When I told him that I would practice nature cure methods, he suggested me to come here daily, and know about the nature cure methods and also discuss with the patients about the method, before start practicing the method. I visited the ashram for 8 days, and then he allowed me to practice the nature cure method.
In 1997, from the next day of Diwali festival, I started doing fasting with enema, for the next 30 days, taking honey and lemon water. Since then, as the doctor suggested, I started doing asanas and taking food without salt and oil. Now, I don’t have low B.P. Now, I am healthy and happy. I am not feeling fatigue, despite heavy work.
What I don’t understand is: for the last 25 years, apart from the regular quantity of salt, doctors used to suggest me to use more salt due to low B.P. But, I didn’t get well, despite using salt like that. After doing fasting now, the low B.P. is completely gone. I am perfectly healthy now.
Apart from this low B.P., I have been suffering from knee pains. I wouldn’t take the stare case, even for the first floor. I used to climb the stairs, while moving in the sitting position. I wouldn’t even sit in the Maruthi car, as the legs were not bending. My legs wouldn’t support me to walk or do any work in the house. I consulted half a dozen knee joint specialists – but, of no use. They told me that it is common to have such pain at his age; there is no way but to suffer like this. I felt very sad that I have no hope in life. As doctor said that if nature cure method is practiced, the knee pains would be completely cured, the words have come true. God has given me new legs with the nature cure method. I am now able to do all the asanas the doctor has taught me. Now, I am able to remain in Padmasana for 10 minutes. I am not walking 3 km in the morning, climbing up 3 floor building for multiple times, working myself without any maid. But, despite all this, I don’t have any pain in the knees, and I am happy and healthy. It is true that the whole credit – to turn old people like us into youngsters – goes to the nature care method. May the Mother Nature and the God bless doctor - who could make this possible for me - is the with 100 years of life.
G. Kausalya Devi
50-116-20//2, Seetamma Dhara,
Vishakapatnam-530 013.

Bypass operation could be avoided

Greetings to the Readers!
My name is R. Rama Raju. My age is 60 years. Since 1991, I have heart problem. Since then, I have been taking treatment from Dr. Raja Gopala Raju (in NIIMS and in Medwin) and taking medicine. Many times I have undergone the tests such as TMT, ECO, EGG. My body is in fact running because of the medicine. In 1996, they I was asked to take the TMT test from Medinova. When I was walking on the belt, I felt heart pain and made me worried. They asked me to chew sorbitrate tablet, lay me on the bed, gave the report, and asked me to meet the doctor. Immediately, I met Dr. Raja Gopla Raju. He asked me to get the angiogram report so that I can plan bypass surgery (heart operation). He advised me not to worry and asked me to come in one month for the surgery. He said, it was not that serious to worry. I wanted to get the surgery done in Puttaparthi, as the charges will be more in Hyderabad. After 10 days, I visited Satya Sai Super Speciality Hospital. The doctor there, did EGG, ECO, TMT angiogram tests and suggested me to take medicine for the time being. He said, the surgery will be done, when it is necessary. They have fed my case in their computer. Since then, I have been taking medicine for 2 years. In 1997, February, when Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju was in Ganga Parru, in Bheemavaram, I met him and learnt about nature cure method. He assured me that my heart would become normal and sugar would come down. In February, I started fasting, and could do fasting for 19 days. During fasting, the sugar came down. Then, I started taking fruit juices, raw vegetable pieces, then boiled curry, pulkas, while doing asanas, pranayamam daily. After four months of time, i.e., on June 2, 1997, I got a letter from Puttaparthi, for the surgery. It took me two years, according to the serial, to get the chance for surgery. They did ECG, ECO, TMT tests again. They said that there was no problem at all in the heart, even angiogram is also not required and no need to take any medicine, and sent me back. Till the doctors told me about my heart status, I didn’t reveal that I had stopped taking medicine for the last 4 months and undergoing nature cure method. But, they were surprised realizing the situation. Then I went to Hyderabad again on 19-9-1997, to re-assure my heart status. Though the doctors at Puttaparthi said the surgery is not needed, I didn’t believe them completely, and met Dr. Raja Gopala Raju for confirmation. I told him about using the nature cure method and stopping medicine. He did all the tests again and assured me that there was no need to take medicine. He felt happy that everything was good. In nature cure method, my skin allergy is cured three fourths, and only one fourth is left. I am confidence that it would also be cured soon. Now, I am able to do all tasks, lifting weights etc. like all others. I am feeling good, in every way. Post February, 1997, I have been following the nature cure principles without any break. My heart-feIt gratitude to Dr. Manthena Satyanarana Raju who made me completely healthy, even without having the need for heart surgery.
Yours Sincerely.
R V Rama Raju,
Chinchinada, Narsapuram Mandal - 534268

Heart Recovered

My acquaintance with Sri Satya Narayana Raju has happened through my friend, co-student, colleague, Mr. K. Anandayya, in 1997. As I was thinking to meet him, it so happened that he came to Hyderabad, then I had the opportunity to take up the nature cure method - which he has been implementing with steadfast commitment - in April 1998.
After 11 days of fasting, as he advised, I had taken vegetables, fruit, fruit juices for 4 days and then started meals. Though I could reduce only 6 kg, my body felt very light and fresh. Then, based on this advice, I started yogasanas. Because of these, I am able to get enough exercise, and as a result, I am able to work enthusiastically, throughout the day.
Since the day I started nature cure method, I stopped the allopathic tablet, which I have been using for heart disease. This, I haven’t informed to my doctor friend, N V Rayudu. I didn’t tell him because, he might not accept to my stopping medicine and taking fasting. After doing like this for 4 months, I went for the tests again. After he told me that my heart was working fine and I lost the earlier inconvenience, then, I revealed to him about the nature cure method. Though initially, he was surprised, he felt very happy and advised to continue. My B.P. – on medicine – was 130/80. Post nature cure, it is now 120/80. In the same way, the cholesterol level in blood is also changed.
Sri Satyanarayana Raju has made nature cure methods popular and is working hard with the life’s ambition to make health available to all the people. I wish all his efforts are successful and may he provide happy life to so many people.
V. Ramachandrayya, I.P.S
Inspector General of Police
Special Protection Force, Hyderabad

Liver Cirrhosis, Survived from heart problem

Greetings to all! My name is Srinivas. I belong to Amalapuram mandal, vanne chintalapudi village. My age is 17 years. I had Jaundice when I was 13 years old. I took “Vella” medicine. Then, my stomach would be bloated. I consulted Dr. Subbaraju at Sumanasa. He said that the stomach is bloated with fluid and asked me take the report. After scanning, he said that there is fluid in my stomach and prescribed some medicine. I took the medicine but it is not cured. Then, I went to Kakinada General Hospital. I stayed there in 2 months. Based on the test reports, they said, there are problems in heart, liver, and there is water in the lungs. They used to take water out from the left lung; the fluid would be around 750 gm. Like that, they have taken fluid out 10 times. This way, I suffered for one year. Then, I took homeo medicine, but it was not cured. Then, I went to Puttaparthi Satyasai Super Speciality Hospital. The heart specialists there, tested my heart. They said that the heart is increased in size (dilated cardiomyopathy).
They prescribed some medicine, temporarily. I realized that even there, there was no treatment. My life was going on with these medicine. Then, I encountered with a dangerous disease. My parents admitted me in Dr. Pampana Nageshwarrao hospital in Amalapuram. I was in coma there for one week. The doctor said that it was Cirrhosis of liver. He also said that it has no medicine and the situation was hopeless. There was in infection to the intestines in the stomach and it caused Ascites (jalodaram disease) disease. Due to that, the stomach would be bloated like that of a pregnant woman. Then, an Ayurvedic doctor has given me a medicine, which controlled the problem to some extent. But, still, I could not walk even for a furlong distance. I used to feel asthma always, and the heart would be felt tightened. I wouldn’t feel like eating or sleeping. I suffered like hell, for 24 hours. Then, Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has come like god. In fact, Mr. Nadimpalli Bapiraju has recommended my case to Dr. Satyanarayana Raju. Dr. Raju had come to my house and checked the reports. He gave me honey and enema box freely, and started the nature cure medication. I fasted for ten days. In fasting, the Ascites diseases is cured. The liver bloating is cured in two months. Then, he asked me to eat boiled vegetables. I followed the instruction. With asanas, running and pranayama, liver Cirrhosis is completely cured. All my problems are solved and I became healthy, because of Dr. Satyanarayaa Raju. I will conclude with this last word. Now, I am able to do all domestic tasks normally. Now, I am able to run. He saved me from this dangerous disease and taught me a new life style. Without taking any money from me, he used to call me from Guntur to my village, and used to enquire about my health condition. For me he is and incarnation of god. I salute him on this occasion and take leave.
R. Srinivas,
Vanne Chintalapudi Post,
Amalapuram Mandalam.

Typhoid fever and jaundice are cured

My salutations to all! My name is Sayyaparaju Krishnam Raju. I am studying junior intermediate. Earlier, I stayed in Gudiwada hostel for 5 years, and studies till 10th standard. When I was in hostel, I used to have fever frequently. I would consult a doctor and get medicine. If the fever was not cured in 4-5 days, they used to send me to home (Amalapuram). I would consult our family doctor there, take medicine for a week, and go back to the hostel, once the fever is cured. It happened so many times. In this way, in 1996, I had Typhoid. I had taken treatment in the hostel for 4-5 days, and when not cured, went home. Since a year before, on the guidance of Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju, my parents were doing nature cure medication. Even now, they are doing it. Dr. Raju used to come to my house frequently. When doctor and my parents were discussing about the nature cure methods, I used to curse the medication. When I was in Typhoid fever, I followed nature cure medication based on the advice of my father and Dr. Raju., despite my consent. I did fasting for the first four days, took fruit juices for 2 days, and then for the next two days, had taken all types of boiled curries, leafy vegetables (without oil and salt), with one pulka. Till today, I never had any fever.
Again in 1997, when I was in the hostel, I had jaundice. I had taken medicine in Gudivada for 4 days, and when not cured, I came to Amalapuram. When the blood test was done, bilirubin was detected as 8 gm. It means, it is heavy jaundice. Our family doctor prescribed good English medicine. But, I didn’t take any. Some people suggested “Vella” pasuru medicine. But, my parents were not in favour of taking it. At that time, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju was in Vijag. Based on his advice, over phone, I followed the nature cure methods. In a week’s time, bilirubin has come down to 1 mg. My father informed this to one of his allopathic doctors. He was surprised and said that he hadn’t seen in his service (24-30 years) jaundice getting cured in a week. Even in allopathy, it takes at least a month to be cured. Since then, I started believing in nature cure medicine completely. Like this – apart from my experiences, my parents’ experiences, there are many such experiences of Allopathic doctors in Amalapuram). There wouldn’t be a day, we don’t think of Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju at our home. He is such an unselfish, service-oriented human being. For all of us, he is the incarnation of “Narayana”.
S. Krishnam Raju,
s/o Yesuraju, Jhansi

Escaped Kidney operation, Nephrosis is cured

My name is K. Parvathi. I am 40 years of age. Eight years ago, my body and legs have bloated. I consulted doctors in Hyderabad. Despite taking medicine, it was not cured. Then, I consulted the doctors of Apollo hospitals in Madras. They identified it as Nephrosis disease, which is related to kidneys; the bloating was happening due to the reduction of protein in the body; and prescribed medicine. I took the medicine for three years. I used to suffer with headache all the time. During that time, with Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju, I practiced nature cure method with fasting, and then had the diet without salt. As long as I didn’t have slat in the food (around 1 and half a year), I didn't take any medicine and I was healthy.
As I had started the normal food again, I had to use allopathic medicine again, and I visited Madras Appollo hospital. While taking the medicine, the same situation, which I faced 8 years ago, was repeated.
Serum creatinine 6.2
Uric Acid - 7.1
Blood Uria, reached 186. My blood pressure was 180/140. Observing the situation, the doctors prescribed 6 types of medicine. He suggested to take food without salt. I started medicine and started taking food without salt. After 15 days, I went to the hospital with extreme fatigue. Tests were conducted. Serum creatinine reached to 9.6. Before taking medicine, it was 6.2, after taking medicine it was 9.6. The effect of 6 types of medicine. The doctors observed that the situation is worsened. They threatened me that B.P. is 110/60. They stopped as medicine and gave me food with salt. I asked them why they were asking to start salt again, which was stopped for some time. They said that the B.P. was down, so to raise the B.P., the food was changed. In a confused state, I asked the doctor what medicine they have prescribed for my kidney disease. They said that all medicine prescribed were related to control the B.P., and not for kidney problem. I felt scared and surprised – why prescribing medicine for results, rather than for the problem? Though I was taking medicine, the situation was very inconvenient. Then, the head of the doctors told me that the kidneys are damaged, it would be better to do blood purification (dialysis) and surgery needs to be done in a month. He asked me to search for a kidney donor, as kidney transplantation is inevitable. They asked me not to move from the hospital. I started crying. Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu has flashed on my mind. I apologized him for the mistake done (taking normal food with salt), requested him and took his advice, and came out of those medicinal medication, and Appollo. I moved from Madra Apollo to Hyderabad Institute of Nature Cure. I was much in sorrow at that time.
Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju offered a cordial hospitality, and with his word of guarantee, I started fasting. After the first week of fasting:
Serum creatinine 6.2
Uric Acid 5.0
Blood Urea 82
reached. The doctors who observed the progress and I felt very happy.
In this way, in 30 days, my critical situation is bettered.
Now, after 30 days of fasting
Serum creatinine - 4.0
Uric Acid - 3.0 (Normal)
Blood Urea - 40 (Normal) are shown.
According to Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju instructions, I have been taking fruit and vegetables juices. My headache – which I have been facing for some years – is cured completely. I am recovered from swelling of the face and body and now feeling very happy. In the process of fasting, I haven’t yet come to the stage of taking food. But, I am confident that I would gain complete health by having food without oil and salt. I owe a lot to Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju, and his medical method, for bringing me out of this dangerous situation.
కK. Parvathi
Khaji palem, Guntur (District)

The story of 4 generations (Spondylitis is cured)

My greetings to all brothers who are moving ahead in the nature cure life journey!
My name is Madhuri. My age is 37 years; I am working as a senior draftsman in railways. My habits: I wouldn’t drink much water; In the morning, evening and post dinner, I used to take one glass of tea. Before going to office, I used to take tea again. Every time, we used to make tea, with ginger and cardamom. At home, in office, coming again to home – overall – I used to take tea 5-6 times. My husband and myself would take care in making each curry very tasty. Due to that reason, I would use ginger, garlic, spices, oil and salt in large quantities. If it was not tasty, I myself wouldn’t eat it. We also used to prepare and eat various stored pickles. Regarding bath, as far as I remember, I never took cold water bath – I used to bathe with hot water, always – even in summer. I also made children take the same habit. Only my husband would take cold water bath. We visit Tirupathi every year. It’s very cold on the hill. It’s a big problem taking bath there. I used to take bath only if I get hot water. Once, I couldn’t get hot water, and I had to take cold water bath, with such remorse! The cold and cough, I got affected with, couldn’t be cured before 3 months, after taking so many medicine.
The health problem I faced was: for the last 4-5 years, there is a back mark, on both sides of the mouth. I consulted a skin specialist and was taking medicine. But, it was not cured. I used to have the problem of constipation – sometimes, even for two days, I couldn’t have the bowel movement. For the last two years, spondylitis has attacked – pain in the neck and shoulders. I couldn’t cut vegetables while sitting on the floor, with the traditional vegetable cutter. I couldn’t also wash clothes, cleaning dishes. While making curry, I was not able to mix the curry with spoon. At last, the pain reached the head as well. I used to worry if there was any tumour in the head. I had to depend on the maid for everything. The doctor advised me to sleep on the floor without pillow, to wear collar neck, and to take rest. Despite taking medicine, it didn’t cure, which caused me severe suffering. My weight was also increased. Earlier, I was around 61-62 kg. But, gradually, I reached 70 kg. I used to feel heavy even while walking. Because of the over-weight, if I used to walk for some distance, the friction of the thighs would cause bruises. To relieve the pain, I used to apply power. It was such a suffering! The legs were bloated with fluid – if pressed, I could see the dent. Every time, when the season was changed, it would start with cold and then enter into cough and would last at least for 2 months. I have taken so many Ayurvedic medicine. But, the problem would still occur.
During such unhealthy situation, My neighbour-friend, had practiced fasting with doctor, and could cure her thyroid, knee pains, over-weight, and became healthy. As I could see a lot of change in her, I had a thought of following the same method. When doctor has come to see her, I went to him and told my problems. He assured that all problems would be cured, provided I must follow the food regimen, which otherwise would damage the reputation of the medical method. Then, I started reading books and started fasting under his supervision.
I did fasting for 16 days, had fruit juices and fruit for one week, and started taking food. During fasting itself, my spondylitis problem was cured. The black mark near the mouth is dwindled. Constipation is completely gone. In weight fasting, the weight is reduced by 5 kg. Then, due to doing yogasanas and pranayama, the body is strengthened and I could reduce 2 more kilos of weight. When I started doing fasting, my colleagues at office disappointed me, ‘you are taking 8 lemons every day. Just take care of your intestines – you may face inflammation in the intestines’; ‘you are taking 250 ml honey, every day. Your mother already has diabetes. You also will get it as hereditary’; ‘by the 2nd week, you will fall down and we will need to carry you to the hospital’’; ‘as long as you live, you have to eat with all tastes, rather than avoiding salt, chilli powder, tamarind, oil, ghee, spices, sugar. Without them, what would you eat? If we don’t eat them all, what is the purpose of life? Just as we becoming ascetics? What is the different between us and them?’; ‘if we don’t eat salt and chilli, would we suitable for family life?’; ‘you want to feed the same food to your child. He is the only son. He would become good for nothing fellow, eating this food’ – so many such doubts and questions flooded me. Though I could handle their questions like doctor, but whatever I have learnt from him, I would explain them in my way. For them, it looked so strange to be on fasting for 3 weeks. But, I didn’t take a single day leave and I used to attend office, while taking care of the domestic tasks. I didn’t have any fatigue. Once I started taking food, my husband also did fasting for 15 days, then one week fruit juices, fruits and after that started taking food. He was in fact inspired by doctor’s words, “though, we may be healthy now; but, we should be healthy in future also; we should not depend on someone due to your ill health; we have to eat to live – not to live for eating”. Then, we both of us started yogasanas, pranayama. Due to this, the body became so light and pleasant. My husband had the problem of bad breath some times. Now, that problem is gone. Recently, he started using spectacles as he could not read letters while reading. As we started eating sprouts, grains, vegetables, juices, dates, fruit, there is a considerable improvement in the eyesight, and he is able to read without spectacles. Now, I don’t have any of the diseases, which I faced earlier. I don’t feel like drinking tea or coffee now. Earlier, if I used to walk for a while, the friction between thighs would causes bruises. Now, I don’t feel any fatigue, despite walking ever for a long distance. After practicing this method, my husband and I mounted the Tirupathi hill on foot. I was so surprised to realize that it were me to walk such a long distance, that too, taking the stairs.
My mother is 60 years old. She has diabetes for the last 30 years. By the time, she came to know about it, she had to to use insulin injections – the dose of the tablets wouldn’t be sufficing. She does the injection herself daily on the thigh. Due to diabetes, she faced feet inflammation, changes in knee joints, blood pressure, unable to work due to fatigue – she suffered like this for 30 years. She came to know about this fasting method and under the guidance of doctor, whe started fasting, by staying in our house. Once she started fasting, she didn’t take the injection, even for a single day. She used only one sugar tablet, whenever sugar percentage is more. Earlier, she used to take 10 types of tablets, 1 injection for B.P. and sugar. Now, she is improved to 1 sugar tablet.
At the same time, i.e., on Ag 28, my son had fever. On the first day, the temperature was 103 degrees. He was 10 years old. Normally, we would go to the allopathic doctor. But, this time, we wanted to cure him with nature cure method, and I consulted doctor. He said, ‘not a problem. It will be cured, do enema and keep him on fasting’. We followed the instruction. But, by the evening of the second day, the temperature was 105 degrees. I was scared. He was crying with headache and body pains. I called doctor, and he said, ‘nothing will happen. Just use one paracetamol. The temperature will come down. Keep wet cloth on the forehead. On the stomach, from top to bottom, keep a wet cloth and cover him with rug. We followed as directed and the intensity of the fever came down. The fever wouldn’t be in the morning, it was felt by evening. This way, the fever continued till Sept 10. During this time, those who come to see my son, used to give their opinion, ‘He is the only son, what would you like to do with him? You elders can bear, whatever you do. Why are you keeping on honey water diet? First, consult an English doctor and admit him in the hospital. He has been suffering for so many days!’. Our minds would also drag us towards cowardice. But, doctor said, ’Typhoid fever would be like this. Even if you use English medicine, it will take 15 days. Because of honey and lemon, he won’t feel fatigue. We are giving rest to the intestines. If we give rest to them, they can gain the energy to fight back the fever’. Just as he said, my son was cured well and now he is on fruit juices.
My grandmother is 78 years old. She has been suffering from asthma for the last 40 years. She used to feel shortness of breath heavily. Whenever the season changes, she will be affected. If the condition worsens, she will be admitted in hospital with the aid of oxygen. We have taken her to the doctor. He advised her to start food without oil and salt. Now, she is eating and taking vegetable juices. Now, at our home, all of us eat the same food, same cooking. My daughter is 13 years old. She competes with my son saying, ‘because of fever, you have done fasting for 15 days. Without any fever, I will do fasting for more days and be healthier than you’.
This way, in all our hearts in the family, doctor has showered drops of honey. In these days of commercialism, it will be insufficient, in whatever words we describe his simplicity, unselfishness, commitment, steadfastness, his passion to keep everyone healthy. His words are fixed in my mind, “taking the food what the nature gives you naturally and following the rules I prescribe you is the fee you can give me’. I wish, may god bless him with fruitful results of the hard work he is doing, by committing his life to the service of mankind.
K. Madhuri
Sainik Puri, Securnderabad

Relieved from the backpain

My greetings to respectable Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju and the readers.
My name is Mrs. Mudunoori Laxmi. I am 45 years old. I have back pain for the last 20 years. I have consulted two bone specialist doctors. They has made so many tests and prescribed many medicine. They have done current treatment; made me wear belt. But, still, the back paid is not cured. At last, they said, ‘this pain cannot be reduced. You have to bear it’.
Last year, I came to know about the free health service program of god incarnation, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju in Vishakapatnam. He was there, staying in Sri Shanthi Ashram and treating patients, at their houses. On Sundays, I attended his discourses, and explained my back pain problem to him.
When I went to meet doctor, I had to sit on the mat along with him. During the 30 minutes he spoke, I could not sit on the floor. Doctor observed my problem immediately and asked me to leave. As I sat there for half an hour on the floor, I suffered with back pain, for many days. I was suffering as I could not work, bend or sit. Doctor observed my pain and advised me, ‘Nature cure medical method is comprehensive. It offers complete health. It just doesn’t address only back pain separately. All the diseases will be cured. You need to do fasting, follow diet habits, and to do pranayama, yogasana, then your physical health will be bettered and your back pain will be cured’.
As doctor suggested, I did fasting for 20 days. After a week of stopping fasting, doctor himself taught me yogasana and pranayama. Then, I started doing pranayama and yogasana at home, every day in the morning. Though, in the first few days, I had the back pain, but then afterwards, my back pain was completely cured. I felt very happy and surprised. Now, I am able to do the domestic tasks myself. I am able to travel by buses and trains. I am able to sit on the floor even for 4 hours.
I am following doctor’s discourses, taking natural food, doing pranayama, asanas. I am now completely helathy. For the last one year, I didn’t have back pain.
I am always obliged to Dr. Satynarayana Raju for the favour he has done in my life. He is selfless, service oriented, friend of the mankind and a god incarnation. He always believed that ‘to serve human is to serve divine'.
Mrs. Mudunoori Laxmi,
Pothina Mallayya Palem, Vishakapatnam.

Joint pains are cured

My heartfelt salutations to the nature family!
I have been following nature cure way from Aug 9, 1998 with Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju, dispelled all my ailments and I am enthusiastic and happy today to write these words.
I couldn’t participate in people related programs, due to my knee joint pains and swelling of legs for so many years and I was in a depressed state. From around 1993, I could not participate in my programs. In 1972, at my early age, at the age of 25, I was selected to the assembly. But, due to my ill health, I could not participate in the elections in 1994.
My well-wishers, my brother-in-law, Sri P.V.P. Prasad Rao and Sri Kolli Rammohan Rao, were moved to see my suffering and asked me to consult Dr. Manthena Satyanarana Raju and helped me to take to him.
I couldn’t deny my brother-in-law, and I said to him, ‘I have met and discussed with high profile doctors in America, doctors in London and Germany. I also consulted reputed hospitals in India – All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Coimbatore – and also consulted famous medical icons in the state. I have followed allopathic medicine according to their instructions. But, still, you know the result. I couldn’t derive any benefits’. Then, they told me about the nature cure method of Dr. Satyanarayana Raju. In my counter statement, I have explained them how I followed different nature cure ways, and finally how I could not get the desired results. But, they didn’t heed to me.
I have taken treatment in various medical methods such as Allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Naturopathy. I didn’t get result, but they have given my ailments – different names. Just as four blind people, describe elephant in four different ways: some said arthritis, some more said thyroid deficiency, some said rheumatism, others said excessive uric acid, some other renowned people said as gout disease. They gave many beautiful names, but they could not offer me health.
Finally, I met Dr. Satyanarayana Raju on 1-8-1998. He didn’t agree to start treatment immediately. He told me to start the nature cure way only after start eating the ‘sukha jeevana’ food he suggested – without salt, chilli, oil, tamarind. After following the diet rules, on Aug 9th, I started doing fasting. Then, doctor used to check my health status in the morning and evening daily.
After starting fast, only in the first 24 hours, I felt hungry. From the next day, I didn’t feel hungry. I used to drink honey, lemon water 8 times, 8 times normal water (5-6 litres) and would do enema daily in the morning. I didn’t feel fatigue, moreover I felt very enthusiastic. Because, in the first 20 days of my fasting, I can get down my house staircase, easily. I am able to sit on the floor without any tiredness. I am able to walk without limping. Till around 58 days of fasting, I used to meet friends. Some of them would criticize that I was destroying my body; some more were criticizing that Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has been spoiling my body against the medical science. But, I assured them that I recovered from the problems I have been facing for the last 5-6 years, only this medical method would ensure me complete health. I had complete faith in the method and continued the fasting.
During the fasting, I observed the changes in my body. Till 58 days, it went well for me. Then, nausea has started. When I used to do enema, the faeces would come with unbearable foul smell. The smell used to be unbearable! Then, the saliva in the mouth was horrible, and I couldn’t swallow it and due to it, I would vomit. While vomiting, bile juice would come out. Even the urine was very smelly. Like others, I too was scared. Family members, well-wishers, everyone suggested me to stop fasting. But I came to know from the doctor - with his experience - that due to these vomiting and the smells of urine and faeces, all the waste matter from the organs of the body – kidney, liver, lungs, and joints. So, I bore the smells and vomiting. I discharged all the waste matter. I could bring the body to its natural state. Experiencing the real joy, I could come out of the disease. But, doctor told me to continue fasting till the tongue becomes red; till the day no faeces comes even on enema, till I intensely feel hunger. Despite I was cured of the disease, I continued fasting as he suggested.
The allopathic doctors were feeling worrisome, saying that fasting was not good for such a long period. My daughter and son-in-law (who are doctors), used to worry about my body getting damaged. As I knew the status of my body, I felt that those worries were baseless. But, just for their satisfaction, on the 83rd day of fasting, i.e., on 30-10-1998, I had taken the blood test (see table). My health condition was quite bettered. But, I didn’t stop fasting, because, my tongue didn’t turn up to red. I didn’t feel acute hunger. When I was doing enema, faeces would still be coming. Again on 104th day, i.e., 20-11-1998 – on the day I stopped fasting – I had the test again, to check my health status (see table). Much to the surprise of everybody, the haemoglobin was intact just as it was on the beginning day of fasting. The condition of liver, kidneys, uric acid, cholesterol level were very satisfactory. Finally, even the years-long thyroid problem was also fantastically cured. I started to take fruit juices from the 104th day. Then, I could not bear hunger and started taking raw vegetables as food.
The food, which I stopped in 1985, as per doctors’ advice, I started taking again from 20 days. I like coconut, banana, dates, ground nuts very much. I couldn’t eat them for 13 years. Now, I am eating 1 coconut, four chakkarakeli banana, dates, almonds, pista, groundnuts, different types of fruit, and boiled curries, curd. I am very happy and healthy. I had the natural food which doctors generally suggest not to eat for fear of increasing cholesterol. I just wanted to check if cholesterol is increase in my body, because of the food I had eaten. On 125th day, i.e., 11-12-1998, I had blood test in Vishakapatnam. The report was much to my satisfaction. Before doing fasting, while doing fasting, after completing fasting, you can see the accurate lab test details in the following table.
30-10-1998 - 94
20-11-1998 - 97
11-12-1998 - 91
Uric Acid (Normal 3-6 mg/dl)
08-05-1998 - 6.2
30-10-1998 - 3
20-11-1998 - 3.2
11-12-1998 - 3.7
Serum creatinine (Normal 0.5-1.5 mg/dl)
08-05-1998 - 1
30-10-1998 - 1.1
20-11-1998 - 1.2
11-12-1998 - 1.3
Triglycerides (Normal 10-150 mg/dl)
08-05-1998 - 8.1
30-10-1998 - 109
20-11-1998 - 97
11-12-1998 - 89
08-05-1998 - 13.7
30-10-1998 - 13
20-11-1998 - 13
11-12-1998 - 12.8
H.D.L Cholesterol (Normal 35-70 mg/100ml)
08-05-1998 - 30
30-10-1998 - 45
20-11-1998 - 45
11-12-1998 - 47
L.D.L Cholesterol (Normal 130-159 mg/100ml)
08-05-1998 - 147
30-10-1998 - 131
20-11-1998 - 128
11-12-1998 - 125
Tests conducted by: Appollo Hospitals, Aditya diagnostic laboratary (Hyd) and Citi Hospitals (Vizag)
Now, I will tell you the most interesting thing – that people who used to see me earlier wouldn’t believe. This is very important. It would take 1 hour 30 minutes to walk from our house in Banjara Hills to Sri Kasu Brahmananda Reddy park. It would be sheer suffering to do the walk. Recently, after a lot of time, I went to the park again and without a break and rest, I could job for 30 minutes. People who saw this felt very happy – earlier, I used to limp while walking; and now, I am able to do jogging. What a joy and good luck! Not only that, I am able to do all asanas, including shirshasana, early in the morning every day. I am now eating the nature food (which was prohibited for all these days) and favourite fruit stomach food.
I have realized that without using salt, chilly powder, oil, tamarind, sugar, we can make alternate delicious food cooked with other items, and can live 100 years of god-give life healthily and happily.
This god-made living world, are living according to the nature, and following their duties and living healthy. As the time passed, after civilized, only man forgot the nature rules and started taking unnatural food and behaving against to the nature laws, destroying the body and becoming unhealthy. He is misusing all the given freedom and decision-making power, suffering himself and creating problems to the world as well. At least from now, let us follow nature dharmas, take nature’s food, live according to nature, worshiping Mother Nature, cure all diseases, purify the body, become completely healthy, and live the God-given 100 years peacefully and happily. Dr. Raju has been offering this good luck to all of us happily. Let us take it without delay.
Now, you may ask this: You are saying that nature cure method (this doctor’s method) can cure all diseases. But, there were many clinics in the country. Then, why didn’t the nature cure method become popular. Then, listen!
First of all, this is not medical treatment. This is life style. Doctor has been trying with all his efforts that all should follow this life style and get rid of all diseases, and to be mentally prepared to stay away from all diseases.
This is the human dharma followed since yugas and this is the life style of even Mahatma Gandhi. He kept himself healthy by following this life style, and made his followers healthy, so that they are ready for the freedom struggle all the time. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has been citing this and he himself is following this method. Through this way, we can gain complete health and can live happy life, and gain self-satisfaction all the time, and can progress in the spiritual field.
Nature cure medical method is not possible to be followed as we life, as long as we like. It should be done as Dr. Mathena Satyanaraya Raju is doing, with strong faith, and imposing strict rules to the patients, testing them prior to the practice, prepare them mentally, and then only the medication to be started. If we follow this nature cure method properly, any one, can cure any kind of diseases. I am the best example for this – recovering from my disease at the age of 53. All the aged people need not suffer considering that it is their fate. They should not spend life with despair, pessimism, pains and sorrows. If we approach Dr. Raju with commitment, strong determination, and have faith and follow the nature method – though it may be difficult in the beginning – but at the end, we can gain delightful experience and happiness.
We have no other service than to bear the torch of Nature that Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has been carrying and spreading it in all directions. Our true service is to follow this method with true heart, and pass on this to the humanity which is entering the 21st century and to make the society, disease-free. That should be our goal. It needs strong determination, and commitment for implementation. ‘Arise! Awake! Stop not till the goal is reached’!
In tune with Swami Vivekananda’s saying that “Only those who live for others are living’, Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has been living as a true karma yogi. He is following the medical field, not as a profession but as a dharma. He has been striving hard, offering a great service selflessly, all the time, for the happiness and health of all of us. Only when we follow his method and teachings, we can give good results to the society. That is the gratitude we can show to him. I conclude here before wishing Mother Nature will provide her blessings to all of us to achieve the goal.
Aum Tat Sat
Vasantha Nageshwar Rao (Ex Home Minister)
Banjara Hills,

Got rid of Insulin

My name is Maridi. I am 50 years old. For the last 25 years, I have been working in Amalapuram, as a compounder and technician in the nursing home of Dr. Satyavatamma Chiranjeevi Raju. I have been suffering from sugar, B.P., and liver infection for the last 10 years. My doctor would give me medicine for everything. I used to drag life with medicine. As the sugar level is more, I have been using insulin injection twice a day for the last 10 years, without eating properly. Though I had been using medicine carefully, one of my legs had infection and the situation was to amputate the leg. It caused a near-fatal situation due to the problems that arose at that time. Dr. Satyavati had been telling me for 3 months - before my leg had problem – to practice nature cure method. But, I did not pay attention to her advice. Though I had seen many people who recovered well after taking up nature cure methods, I hesitated that it might not be suitable for me, as I was facing problems with sugar despite taking insulin. I had a strong fear that if I had stopped insulin, the situation would be worse. With the support Dr. Satyavathi has given me, I started doing nature cure medication – though unwillingly.
I started doing fasting in the hospital of Satyavatamma. I used to blood tests quite frequently, and continued fasting, without taking insulin injection. Doctor used to give me homeopathic medicine, if needed. In fasting, she would get all the required methods done such as – massage, mud packs, steam bath. In fasting, the leg infection sore was healed day by day. I could do fasting for 25 days with honey. My sugar levels came to normal during fasting, without medicine. Then, I started taking fruit, fruit juices, bitter gourd juice every day. Gradually, I started using curries without salt and raw vegetables. Though I was eating food and fruit, sugar levels didn’t increase in my blood. I have been taking the food that Dr. Manthena Satyanarayanarju suggests. Till date, I haven’t used any tablet or insulin and my health is improved. Blood pressure is normal. My leg is completely cured and it is normal condition now. I am able continue my job with complete health. I was supposed to become lame due to sugar, but now because of nature cure medication, I am able to run around. I had spent money for insulin injections and medicine for ten years. Without spending 5 paise now, I am able to live happily. Doctor has given me the opportunity to eat all fruit and other food items.
I am sharing my health status, faith and experience to the patients who come to the hospital. I wish Dr. Satyanarayana Raju’s theory would become popular. People who practice the nature cure methods can live a happy life without any diseases. They can execute their tasks more efficiently than others. For those who suffer from excessive sugar levels and who use insulin, I believe, nature cure is a boon. When I was doing nature cure medication, Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has come to the hospital and gave me support and confidence, thus helping for my good health. To him and our doctor Satyavatamma, I am obliged.
V. S. Narshing Home, Amalapuram-533201

62 days of fasting with excess sugar

My salutations to the nature family members! Generally, I feel happy about the very mention of nature. I was enthusiastic to practice nature cure medication for a long time. After I got retired, I came to know that Dr. Raju has come here to treat people. I wanted to consult the patients that were treated by him. But, to start, I delayed. Then, I decided to practice, and started listening to his speeches and reading the two books that he has written. By the time, I wanted to start, he went to Hyderabad. But, I consulted the doctor who was available and explained my problems. He said that they would be cured. Then, I started fasting. I had diabetes, blood pressure, some hard weakness. But, they said, everything will be cured once I start fasting. By the time I started fasting::
Fasting sugar - 160 mg.
After food - 360 mg.
Sugar in urin - 4 + ;
B.P.: 200/90;
Weight: 82 Kilos.
Were like this, as mentioned above. I stopped the medicine which I was using, after two days. I didn’t consult my allopathic doctor about this.
While the fasting was on, I used to feel enthusiastic, day by day. In 15 days fasting, my B.P and sugar were cured. I didn’t feel hunger at all. I came to know that honey has so much energy and it contains all the nutrients that the human life needs. I used to be afraid of fasting earlier. I used to do enema and used to have steam bath every 2-3 days. After a month, I lost 10 kg weight. I didn’t feel any fatigue. I could do all my tasks myself. I would go by my scooter to do all outside tasks myself. My family members would insist me to stop fasting. But, I would get more persistence, they more they told me to stop. I did fasting for 62 days, till hunger started. Then, the doctor here suggested me to take food with fruit. The local doctor would come to my house every day and he used to encourage me. Because of their encouragement, I could do 62 days of fasting. After I started food, my B.P and sugar are normal. Earlier, I couldn’t walk much. But, now, I am able to walk lightly and actively. I could reduce 14 kg, and my weight is now 68 kg. I don’t feel any weakness. I am taking the nature food now and I am quite happy.
K. Vasudeva rao, Manager (Retired)
M.M.T.C., Vihakapatnam

Experince of Ingestion disease

My name is Damodar Rao. I have been a B.P and sugar patient since 1982. I have been suffering from indigestion and insomnia. Especially, I couldn’t digest anything I eat. I used to fear to eat anything, as it would cause bloating of the stomach. I used to belch a lot. I wouldn’t feel hunger at all. The appetite had died completely. I lost hope in lie. I was feeling very sad as I could not eat properly. I have done many like, siddha sahaja yoga, monoyoga sadhana. But, I couldn’t get a solution for my sorrows. One day, unexpectedly, I read the book, “sukha jeevana sopanalu” with my friend, Ramu. As I read the book, I felt very happy that I got a solution nfor my sorrows. Then, I requested my friend to take me to Sri Satyanarayana raju wherever he is. My friend agreed to it. When we enquired, we came to know that he is in Shanthi ashram in Vishakapatnam. We went to him the next day. From the next day, I started fasting. In fasting, all my problems are cured. I am very happy now. I didn’t use any medicine at all. Now, I am able to sleep well. Post fasting, I didn’t face the indigestion problem, from which I suffered for many years. I am feeling acute hunger. Everything is getting digested. Bloating of the stomach or gas – no more. A ray of hope in life! I am eating food, stomach ful. I am eating fruit as many as possible. Now, I don’t have sugar or B.P. I am very peaceful now. In a way, he gave me another birth. I conclude here
A. Damodar Rao,
Natural Departmental stores,
Seetamma Dhara, Vishakapatnam.

Freedom from Acidity

Greetings to health lovers,
My age is 64 years. I have been suffering from acidity for the last 20 years. I used to be in office camps for 20 days a month. In camps, I could not have the food facility similar to home; so, I had to eat at different hotels and at different times, I had developed the problem of acidity. For relief, for the last 20 years, at home and in camps I used to keep Gelusil MPS tablets, liquid, acid guard etc., in a small plastic box and take them according to the need. Since the days of my joining the job, I loved to take honey and lemon water in the morning. But, I heard that lemon should not be used as it will increase acidity. Due to that fear, I dared not use lemon. I love lemon very much. I cannot use it, nor can I leave it. In 1997, in September, Dr. Satyanaraya Raju has been teaching how to use nature cure method. My engineering classmate and retired superintendent, Mr. K.S.N. Raju told me that many people who had followed it are happy and healthy (he also practiced the method and is enjoying complete health). My wife and I, under the supervision of Dr. Satyanarayana Raju, have done fasting for 30 days with lemon and honey every day, and became completely healthy. During fasting of 30 days, I would use 8 lemons every day. Earlier, I was afraid of using one lemon and now even after using 8 lemons, I did not feel acidity at all. As advised by doctor, I have been having the food without salt and oil, and gained complete health. For the last 10 months, every day, I have been using honey and lemon water in the morning and taking lemon juice in food quite frequently, but I could not find any traces of acidity at all.
Apart from acidity, I also had B.P. I used to have frequent headache. After following the nature cure method, these two problems were cured. For the last 12 months, I haven’t used any tablet for acidity, B.P. and headache. I lost 14 kg of weight, and I am happy and active and enjoying my health.
As the saying goes, ‘unless we enter the water, we cannot see the depth’, I realized what health is and what happiness is only after implementing doctor’s nature cure method. I feel obliged to Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju throughout my lie, for offering me health through this nature cure method.
Gaadiraju Ramakrishnam Raju
Seetamma Dharma, Vishakapatnam-530013.

Cure of ulser, Amebiasis

Greetings to all! My name is Rama Sita. My age is 43 years. I had been suffering from amebiasis for the last 10 years. My body was not compatible to English medicine. Doctors suggested me not to use the English medicine. As I could not take medicine, I was feeling sad that this problem could not be solved lifelong. Every day, through faeces, the sticky substance used to go out. I used to suffer from stomach ache. When unable to bear the pain, if I had taken any tablets, the medicine would have reaction causing hives on the body, and consequently, black spots on the body. After 7-8 years, the spots gradually disappeared. I was scared to take any medicine. In addition to that, the back pain started. I couldn’t sit or lie flat on my back as it would be extremely painful. I couldn’t lie flat on the back at all. I didn’t use any medicine for back pain. After some time, the gas trouble problem was started. The stomach was always bloated. I couldn’t do anything but suffer. Apart from all these diseases, I recently had ulcer (duodenal). It’s inflammation always. I consulted some doctors and took some medicine. I had only temporary relief but could not be cured completely. It’s almost one new disease for every year. I have decided that these diseases would not leave me and I had been living in despair.
At this time, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju was doing nature cure medication at Jubilee Hills. I heard most people saying their diseases were cured. I consulted him for my diseases. He assured me that the nature cure method would help me. Only after I went there for three weeks, and taking food without salt, he allowed me to do fasting. Till the first 18 days, in fasting, through enema, a lot of sticky substance would be discharged. Once it is gone, I felt relieved and felt peaceful. I gained faith that I would regain my health. This way, I did fasting for 20 days. After 18 days, the sticky substance has stopped coming out. The bowel movement is smooth every day. There is no stomach ache. I am taking food as suggested by the doctor. Initially, I felt scared to use lemon. But, lemon didn’t cause any inflammation. During the fasting itself, the ulcer inflammation is cured. After ten days of fasting, the back pain is reduced and I could lie down flat on the back. My back pain is completely reduced. Especially, the 10-year old amebiasis is gone. Without any medicine, all diseases are cured including ulcer. I never expected that I would become such healthy. I might not have done some good karma in my previous birth, that’s why I am able to do nature cure medication in this birth. I feel, those who do not do nature cure medication are unfortunate people. Compared to earlier, now I am more active. I am able to do so much work. I thank Dr. Satyanarayana Raju for making me healthy.
R. Rama Sita
Flat No. 2-6, Vijaya Towers,
Nagarjuna Nagar, Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

Joints - Gastric Problems Cured

My age is 64. At the age of 42, in 1976, joint pains have started. The pains increased to such an extent that I could not even cross the door of the house. I could hear the joints sound while I was walking. I used English medicine. I used to take injections to the joints. Though the pains subside till 2-3 months, but they used to start again. They said that the injections should be used throughout life. I then, used homeopathic medicine as well. Though I had some relaxation, after some time, the problems would start again.
In 1978, a new gastric problem is added to the existing problems. I have been trying different medical ways for this. I couldn’t get complete relaxation. Till 1997, I was taking medicine and passing days.
I came to know that Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu was staying in Sri Shanthi ashram in Vishakapatnam and treating any chronic diseases with nature cure methods. I met him in Sept, 1997, and explained my problems and efforts.
He said, ‘I would certainly treat. But, you have to follow certain rules. At any cost, you shouldn’t break the rules’. He was offering the medical services freely. He made it clear that If rules had been broken, he would not treat. In fact, he didn’t start the treatment until he realized that I had the commitment to follow the rules.
1. In this method, rules to be followed with complete faith – mentally.
2.While following the fasting rules, to do fasting as many days as required.
3. Once the fasting is concluded, they have to follow the food they prescribe – without salt, oil, chilli powder, sugar – for at least 4 months, if possible to follow it life-long.
4. To drink 4-5 litres of water every day.
5. To make the habit of eating sprouts every day.
6. Along with these, to do the yogasana and pranayama every day.
I did the fasting for 36 days. I felt so happy and enthusiastic that I got cured of all the problems. I realized - during the last days of fasting - that those colourful and smelly things that were discharged along with the faeces, were the real reason for my chronic ailment. As I have been following all the rules for the last one year, the chronic diseases, joints pain, gastric problem, which I have been suffering for 23 years, haven’t come back again. I could successfully follow doctor’s rules – at our home, outside functions, death anniversaries. He gave me such inspiration.
My heart-felt thanks to Sri Manthena Satyanarayana Raju for making this nature cure medical method as a life style and offering free and good health to people like me.
T. Sambamurthy Raju,
H.No.44-34-35, Nandagiri Nagar.
Akkayya Palem, Vishakapatnam.

Constipation is gone

I was healthy till the age of 25. After two years of my marriage, my mother and my sister have passed away. Since then, I began to have fits. I have taken many medicine for fits. As long as I use medicine, the fits were in control. Once he medicine is stopped, the situation would be same again. I had been taking medicine for two years. Not one type of medicine, not one doctor. Because of using so many medicine – forget about fits – it was like inviting many other diseases. For 15 days, I wouldn’t go for motions. Stomach pain, head ache, joint pains, cough, vomiting – all of these were part of my daily life. You can imagine our family life with this situation. When I was at this situation, my husband was studying engineering final year. Apart from all these problems, I started to have fits again. Then, we went to a doctor. In Kottapet, he was our family doctor. He said that my brain was not working, and if it continued like this, I would enter into coma. Then, our lives changed drastically. My husband’s education was stopped. He had only one task – to take me to different doctors. In this situation, our children grew up. After education and marriages, we were feeling relieved of responsibilities, again my health, medicine and doctors. Along with the existing problems, a new disease also started – bloating of the feet, asthma, unable to walk for more distance, unable to carry the weight of 4 kilos. There was allergy overall the body and I lost all my beauty. I went to Hyderabad and consulted leading doctors. After doing all test, they told me that the lungs were filled with fluid, and I need to use medicine throughout my life. I started using those medicine. But, I didn’t feel any improvement. Meanwhile, I used to meet the doctor once in a month and take medicine.
My health hasn’t been recovered. Out of despair, I have decided to stop all medicine. I fortunately met Dr. Satyanarayana Rau. He assured me, “You will become normal again. Just follow nature cure way, as I will tell you.”. I started nature cure method on 6-4-1996. I did fasting for 12 days. I followed his instructions and took juices for 3 days, then raw vegetables, then after some days chapathi, after some more days, curd rice; with changes like this - without taking any medicine. I did the fasting at home, without going to hospital, Doctor used to come to check me daily. He didn’t take fee from me. He used to take only water – nothing else. He used to come from Amalapuram (20 kilometers), on his own expenses. Now, I have become healthy. I don’t have any disease. As I am taking the food he prescribed and eating fruits, I am able to go to motions 2-3 times a day. My constipation problem is completely cured. Now, I am 50 years old. But, I am as healthy as I was at 25 years. I am able to do so many tasks. If my husband were here, he would have been very happy, looking at my health and happiness. He passed away with heart attack, 2 months ago. He wanted to see me like this – for that, he sacrificed his life. That is the only sorrow I have – otherwise, I don’t have any problems. If I had met Dr. Satyanarayana raju garu, I would have saved my husband. I am obliged to him lifelong, for the life he has given me. I cannot repay what I own him. If anyone of you wants to practice nature cure method, you do it along with your spouse. You will know the joy yourself. I cannot describe it in words. Your life will be joyful. By the time, I realized it, it slipped from my hands. Now, I am able to be courageous. I can proudly say that nature cure method is the secret for this.
P. Ramavathi
Amalapuram, East Godavari District

Food Allergy(Food items allergy) is cured

My name is Atluri Padmavathi. My age is 38 years. Since my son was born, in 1984, my body started to be allergic. Every day, I used to have hives and itching all over the body. I started using homeopathic medicine. But, they wouldn’t come down. In the first 5-6 months, I didn’t know why they were caused. The homeopathic doctor told me to check if any of the food items is not compatible with the body. It took me so much time to know what food items are compatible to my body. If we talk about fruit, all types of sour fruit (Orange, mosambi, pomegranate), raw mango, mango, banana; especially, lemon could cause allergy immediately. Similarly, potato, brinjal, tomato, tamarind, green chilli, leafy vegetables, beans also could cause allergy. Other allergic items were: milk, cashew, almond, groundnut, begalgram, coconut, all flour, in addition to oil seed grains, sweets. The items – if I sit writing them – would take 2 pages. I used to have allergy for all 100% natural foods, cooked items. If I ate lightly, that would be fine; otherwise, hives on my body! Even the sea water droplets – if they would fall on me – my body would change. In the first year, if I would eat allergic food, the allergy effect would be at night. I used the homeopathic medicine for one year. But, I couldn’t see any result. I couldn’t go out. I was suffering with hives every day. Unable to bear the problems, I started the English medicine from the second year.
Allopathic doctors asked me to stop all the allergic food items and to take the prescribed medicine. After some days – when the medicine couldn’t cure it – they started prescribing steroids. Though I knew that they would damage the body, but I still had to take them as I could not bear the problems. After I started taking steroids, all food items stopped to be allergic. After a year, despite taking those medicine, I still would get allergy. I used to use 1 or 2 tablets a day. I would feel a little better. But, gradually, the medicine stopped working. If I had eaten any allergic food item in the morning, by noon, I would get hives. After 4-5 years of starting medicine (steroids), my daily medicinal intake was 8-10 tablets. If I had to go to a marriage function, I would take the tablets and attend it. To take an allergic item, I would have to take the medicine. I couldn’t find anyas compatible food to my body and hence I had to lead life with tablets. Because of those medicines, the body was damaged 22 kgs of weight was increased. Health was affected. Just after the meal, I would feel allergic. All the body, without any gap, would be full of hives. It would be like that, throughout the day. I couldn’t go out. I could eat only curd rice, ridge gourd, or one or two items, and be satisfied. I had to stop the English medicine completely, as felt them not of much use.
In 1990-91, unable to bear the problems, I started using Unani medicine and fluids. After using the medicine for one year, all the allergies were cured. Except brinjal, roots, sour fruit, I could eat the remaining food items. From there, I was happy for 6 years without having any problems. From 1997, August, all allergies have started like the beginning. Everything was allergic. Same problems! Like this I struggled till February, 1998. From February, I started food without salt, after reading Dr. Raju’s book. “Ahaaram- Alochana”. After eating like that for 50 days, I could lose some weight and I felt a bit light and the intensity of hives have come down to some extent. In 1998, March, I could meet Dr. Satyanarayana Raju in Hyderabad. According to his advice, I started fasting. As lemon was allergic, I did fasting with honey water in the beginning, for some days. After four days of fasting, he suggested to use lemon in small quantities. No allergic symtoms were shown. My fasting was concluded in 8 days. Doctor told me that as I had the good food for 50 days, fasting had completed early. In the 8 days of fasting, I didn’t feel any hives or allergy. Then, he suggested to take fruit juices with honey and water. I was scared to drink first. I was worried if hives would happen if sour fruit had been eaten. Despite using all kinds of fruit, I didn’t feel allergic to any fruit. I was very much surprised. It has been years since I last tasted sour fruit. There was no difference, even after eating many fruit. Gradually, I started eating curries and pulkas. No curry was proved allergic – I could even eat brinjal and root curries. After a week’s time, I could eat sprouts, ground nuts, badam, cashewnuts, coconut, green chilli etc. No changes have come. As doctor said earlier, “the real greatness of nature cure medicine is to set the allergic food item to make compatible to your body. Otherwise, what is its greatness’? So, to say, now there is not one thing that I am not able to eat. With nature cure medication, we have cleansed and made the body healthy. Hence, I realized that all nature cure food items, would become compatible to the body. I have realized that we have to rectify the inner problem. Just stop eating food items is not the correct way. In fact, doctor has created the faith in me that I can live without having any allergy again. He changed my health so that I can eat whatever god has given us. He almost gave me another birth – otherwise, having money, I couldn’t eat anything. I am much obliged to him. My greetings to all.
Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

Dust allergy, sinus trouble are cured

My name is S. V. Ramaraju (Rambabu). I belong to Amalapuram. I have been suffering from sinusitis for the last 20 years. I used to come out only when it would be sunny. Every day, the nasal drops were a must. Before getting dark, I used to come to home. All the time, my nose would be blocked. I could not smell properly. I would feel suffocated. I could not tolerate cool air and had dust allergy. In winter, I used to suffer with cough, asthma – I couldn’t sleep at night. I could not concentrate on anything. As this was going on, in 1992, I met doctor. He asked me to do nature cure medication and assured that the problem would certainly be solved. I had already taken medication from allopathic doctors. But, there was no change. I could not have faith in nature cure method. I assumed that, ‘it is an old medical way. When the problem is not be cured with modern medication, how can this method cure it’? and I neglected it.
My father used to suffer from psoriasis. Doctor garu has taken him to his village, accommodated him at his house and cure the disease completely. Since then, I started believing in the medication. In 1995, I consulted doctor and told him that I would like to follow nature cure medication. I requested him with a condition, ‘if you are with me at my house, I would do it, otherwise, I would die’. He said that if I was willing to do, then he would support me. Then, he started the fasting (I used to take non vegetarian food a lot). There was an improvement with fasting. Gradually, I taught me to do yogasana, pranayama, himself. Doctor garu in fact gave me another second birth. Sinusitis was completely cured. My nature was also changed. Now, I don’t have any problems. For the last 3 years, I haven’t had any problems. I am going out freely in cold, snow, and rain. All allergies and asthmas are gone. I am taking the food which doctor has prescribed me. I am enjoying health. I am very thankful to the doctor for changing my health and habits.
N.V.RamaRaju (Rambabu)
Koochimanchi Agraharam,

Mysteriious allergy is cured

It is said, ‘Vaidyo Narayano hari’. It means, ‘a doctor is equal to God’. To the patient, doctor appears as god. In my experience, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju is like a god. I was bed-ridden, and he cured me with his mesmerism. At the age of 40, I was suffering from so many diseases. My weight was 93 kg. No doctor could understand my problems – mysterious allergy, hypothyroidism, B-12 deficiency, excess cholesterol in the blood, triglycerides, asthma, fatigue, inflammation at feet and palms, nausea. Not a doctor left that I did not consult, not medicine, I didn’t consume. But, to no effect. Ten months ago, I had pains in legs and hands, and sweating in the head with inflammation. Those parts of the body used to become hot, with so much itching. If I had scratched it, it would become red with a bruise, later turning to inflammation. I consulted all the well-known doctors in Hyderabad. All tests are done. But, they couldn’t identify the problem. I didn’t find good results, even after taking medicine. Like this, it happened once in 2-3 days. According to the advice of doctors, I changed soaps, oils, cloths, pastes, food items. Then, I got tired. I left the doctors as well. They could not find even the name of the allergy. During this time, when I lost my confidence and health, my well-wisher Sri Atluri Subbaro garu asked me to meet Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju. I met Dr. Raju garu, and explained my problems. He assured me by patting on my shoulder. I started fasting from that day. I started following his instructions without fail. From the very first day, I could see change in me. On the 9th day, Raju garu tested me and he offered me coconut water and concluded fasting. The next blood report gave tremendous results. I could reduce 8 kg weight. I didn’t have the allergy again, which was not identified by any doctor. According to the advice of Dr. Raju garu, I stopped using salt in food. I started eating food without spices. In the next month, my health was completely recovered. I could reduce 3 kg weight. I felt new enthusiasm in life. All fatigue and other diseases disappeared. I have become quite normal. For medical treatments, I poured thousands of rupees. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju is boon for the society by God, as he is curing even difficult diseases without any expenses and chemical side effects. As far as I am concerned, he is god himself.
P.V.N. Rao

Dandruf, Hairfall reduced

My greetings to the Prakruti parivar!
I am, by profession, yoga teacher. I have been habituated to yoga since 1985. Before entering this path, I was suffering with extreme food habits. Because of SSY method, I have become active and it improved my swiftness of action. But, there, I take salt, oils, fries, spices, sweets, white rice etc. If we don’t have an understanding of fasting, then breaking of 3 days or 5-6 days fasting would yield us extreme results. Immediately after fasting, if we eat whatever food items we like –in large quantity, apart from the students, we teachers would also suffer from back pain, itching, weight gain, asthmas, cold etc. The underlying problem was weakness of the mind. Some people would use medicine to solve those problems.
I started fasting in an ashram when I faced problems such as itching, dandruff, hair loss. In 94, for fasting, they used to give coconut water, honey and lemon water. At first, because of the coconut water, we would feel nausea. That’s why, I used to drink a lot of limkas. Similarly, if bananas are eaten, the next day, the nose would run. But, with fasting, both these problems were solved. As a yoga teacher, I would take raw vegetables and fruit. So, I believed that my body would be quite clean. That’s why, when asked to take enema, I thought it would be unnecessary. But, started it if it would work or not. Then, from me too, faeces was coming out. I couldn’t believe it. As the inner waste was coming out, I would feel complete lightness in body and mind and a pleasant joy and peace. I experienced such a stillness, I cannot explain in words. There, concluding fasting would be done in some haste. In 2-3 days, we would start eating normal food, including salt. That too, after 15 days of fasting, once I started eating, I would eat like a glutton – stomachful. The mind and the tongue would interfere with food. Hence, the mind would not turn to the side of nature’s natural food. The mind used to run after tastes.
Under the guidance of Dr. Raju garu, I started fasting for the third time, after reading and understanding the book, “sukha jeevana sopanalu”. This time, it took 23 days to clean up my body. This fasting is different. Here, we can do it while doing all other tasks. I completed the fasting pleasantly, despite the hot April and May summer. For 1-2 days, when I didn’t take enough water, I felt fatigue, tiredness and fear. Otherwise, I didn’t have any problems. One more thing! Every day, I used to do enema, after completing fasting in ashram and came home. This time, after the fasting is completed, I didn’t take enema because I felt I was not necessary. It’s 3 months, since I did the fasting. Since then, I am not using salt in food, including my wife. Children are using very little salt. In these three months, I have eaten food with salt, only 4-5 times. They didn’t attract me. Just to revive the old memories, I had to eat, but I didn’t enjoy the taste. When I am eating food with salt, It would be like, I am tasting salt rather than eating food. If the same dish is given without salt, then the taste would be excellent. The satisfaction only needs to be experienced, and it stays. Wherever I go, I will ask them not to use salt in the food.
Now, I don’t have dandruff in the head (12 years’ problem). The hair fall is stopped. The unknown impatience is not absent now. Despite roaming around the city, I don’t have fatigue or tiredness. There are no unnecessary hype and expenses to the body. Unnecessary thoughts have reduced. I am fine. My life is simple and sweet.
In 1998, I have realized that we can cook and eat without salt. We can lead life easily like this.
My thankful salutations to the god who is leading this life stream.
"Athidi Devo Bhava' (Be one for whom the teacher is the God)"
Yoga Teacher,
H.No.431 - HIG, BHEL,
Hyderabad - 32.

Psoriasis is cured

I am 65 years old. I am a retired employee of Agrilcultural cooperative bank.
I have been suffering from the skin disease, psoriasis for the last 10 years. I used to have this problem below my two legs, below the knees, and above the groin area.
Extreme itching, when scratched, the sore would fall down. Moreover, both my feet were itchy, which turned to black.
I have been using allopathic medicine for the last 10 years, for the treatment. But, no improvement is seen. I have also used medicine prescribed by skin specialists. Even then, that was temporary cure, but not a complete solution.
I came to know that Sri Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu has come to Shanthi ashram to do nature cure medication. By that time, I heard that, he had been curing for 4 months – different chronic diseases through nature cure medication and giving a complete cure solution. On 4-8-1997, I met Dr. Sri Satyanarana Raju garu and explained my skin disease problems and properties. He told me some conditions and if I follow them, then he would treat my problem with nature cure methods. He said, it won’t be possible, otherwise.
His books on nature cure medication.
Part 1: Sukha Jeevana Sopaanamulu (Steps for Happu life)
Part 2: "Aharamu - Alochana" (Food - Thought). He gave me these two books and asked me to come back after reading the two books. I completed those two books, aggreed to his conditions - wtih heart, word and deed - and met him on 3-9-1997 to inform that I am ready for the conditions. He then agreed and told me to start fasting from the date mentioned above, with a strong mental determination.
I completed the nature cure method – 21 days with fasting and another 21 days with fruit juices.
The chronic skin disease, which was not cured for the last 10 years, despite taking many medicine, was cured after 10-days fasting; and by the time 42 days are completed, it was completely cured. All my family members, acquaintances, felt very happy.
During the nature cure method, I couldn’t forget lifelong, who has offered me service, help and support, in different aspects such as 1. Fasting 2. Enema 3. Steam bath 4. Food habit 5. Pranayama 6.yogasanas.
Moreover, his speeches would be pleasant to the heart. After yogasanas are completed, he would explain about them for 15 minutes. They cannot be forgotten in life. Every Sunday, in Shanthi ashram, he would give speeches from 8.30 to 10 am, about natural life style. Those messages are extremely valuable. I came to know so may un=heard and un-known things from him. Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju has in fact given me a new birth. Since then, I have been following his rules.
Since the last year, I didn’t have the skin disease again. Our family is grateful to Dr. Satyanarayana Raju, his venerable parents, his family members. He had told me that as the skin disease was on the legs, it would take a bit longer time. But, as doctor instructed, I had eaten raw vegetables in a larger quantity. Because of that, my psoriasis was cured quickly.
I have a request for the practitioners of nature cure method. In this nature cure method, if you follow all the instructions of doctor accurately, all your life will be pleasant and happy. Our gross body; the much subtle senses; more subtler things; subtler heart; subtler than the heart, intellect; and the divine nature; and much more subtler thing Purusha (the divine being – the soul). This soul itself is the supreme self. There is nothing more spiritual than that. That is peak. This is the jnana marga (wisdom route) taught by the sages. In this way, all the body parts of the body, come into control, one by one. It means, the path of knowing the divine self will be easier. This is the divine wisdom path.
My last request for the practitioners. For those who practice the nature cure life style instructions accurately and implement them properly, they will be blessed by god and they will live healthily, with the given life span till the last moment of life, and then depart the life. We are always grateful to Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju.
well-wisher of nature cure life style practitioners,
Kanumuri Bapiraju
M.V.P. Colony, LIG - 243/5,
Vishkapattanam - 530017

Psoriasis is cured

My name is Nadimpally Bapiraju. I belong to Amalapuram mandal. Village is vanne chintalapudi. My age is 67 years. I have been suffering from psoriasis skin disease diseases for the last 15 years. I have tried ayurvedic and English medicine in Hyderabad, Rajamundry and Kakinada. But, I couldn’t find any improvement. I couldn’t bear the pain. The skin would drop in layers, all over the bod, just as the snake sheds it skin. During winters, the body would become tight and I would suffer a lot due to skin scratches. I couldn’t wear clothes, or go out. It would be disgusting to go and meet people outside. I felt causing inconvenience to others. At times, I felt committing suicide by drinking pesticides. Someone told me that there is no cure for this. Someone said that curd rice is the only cure for this, and I had curd rice for two times a day, throughout a year. But, it was not cured at all. During this time of sorrow and despair, one of our family members, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu has told me that I wouldn’t be cured with any medicine, the only way is nature cure medication. He changed me to believe in nature cure method and to adapt it. He assured me that he would cure me completely by taking me to his home (Bapatla), and took me there forcefully. I went to the doctor’s house along with my wife.
I used to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes every day. I stopped the habit from the day I started fasting. Every night, around the cot, the dry skin would fall. I started fasting when the body had scratches, and inflamed a bit. I couldn’t even massage oil to the body. Even the barbers would be scared to do massage to me. Every day, I used to apply need juice myself and used to have mud pack to the body, twice a day. After 10 days, the itching has come down. In the next 10 days, the tightening of the skin and falling of dry skin has been cured completely. In the next 10 days, the skin started to merge and formed properly. In this fasting itself, the sores and marks on stomach and hands merged and new skin was formed. I could do 35 days of fasting. It has given me very good results. All my problems are solved. Only the legs have some marks – new skin need to come. After fasting, I had only fruit and fruit juices. I stopped using mud packs and applying neem juice. Once I started taking food, I went home and started eating insipid food. By eating this food, it took 6-7 months for the disease to be cured on the head. The legs were also cured almost completely and the skin has become like a human’s skin. While eating like this, in the middle, I slightly had the skin disease again (Just 20 paise). The problem was solved, when I started fasting again. As I had the food (without salt) with pulka and salt-less curries for one whole year, the skin had become quite smooth and all the spots had disappeared, without any problem. People wouldn’t believe that I had a skin disease earlier. In that way, the psoriasis problem was cured. For the last 3 years, I have been eating only chapathi and insipid curries (without salt, chilli powder and spices). I haven’t had rice till today. I am following these instructions wherever I go. I haven’t seen any skin disease related problem again. My health is quite good now. I have decided to eat like this, throughout my life. I cannot forget the doctor’s help and support for giving me another birth. The kindness and warmth his family members have shown is immeasurable. My heart-felt salutations to them. For all those who are suffering from psoriasis, I feel, there is no other best way than this.
Nadimpally Bapiraju

Cough, Excess urination, white spots (vitiligo)are cured

Greetings to All!
My name is Subbamma. My age is 64 years. I have been suffering from joints pains and excess urination for the last 20 years. I have consulted so many doctors and used many medicine. I felt it was cured. But, it stated again. I used to become allergic due to different types of medicine used. et Dr. Satya Cough was started. The cough continued for 2 years, till I met Dr. Satyanarayana Raju. It was fearsome to go out. I used to suffer in journeys. I became obese and asthma was started. I couldn’t bear the weight of the body and wanted to lie down always. I was dragging on in life with medicine. Then, a new problem was started. On the chest and hands, the white spots (vitiligo) have developed. They started spreading. I was scared and consulted a skin specialist. Maybe due to the ointments, the spots were widened. I was worried why I was getting affected by such a disease. I was in fact desperate for a solution.
In 1997, when I went to my granddaughter’s house in Vishakapatnam, I was surprised to see that many people were implementing nature cure medication. When my granddaughter asked me to do nature cure method, I was doubtful whether I could do it.
Dr. Satyanarayana Raju had encouraged me a lot. I started doing fasting. Earlier, I would feel like lie down all the time. Now, with fasting, I have become so active that I wouldn’t even go to the bed. I lost 5 kg weight. My fasting continued for 25 days. The cough that lasted for years, disappeared in 15 days. Excessive urination is cured. Joint pains are also cured. After the fasting was completed, I started eating insipid food, as suggested by doctor.
The white spots are stopped growing. The existing small spots also got disappeared. The spots which spread on the body are gradually fading. I felt very happy that the disease was getting cured.
May god bless Dr. Satyanarayana Raju with a long life-span. He is the reason for making me lighter and healthier.
Now, I feel, why we have eaten such food and caused problems to the body and gained problems. At this last stage of my life, if I could know the taste of nature cure method, that is god’s gift throught Dr. Satyanarayana Raju.
The medicinal field is growing to a great level, and for any small disease, scanning, X rays, blood and urine tests are becoming mandatory. People are spending thousands of rupees, visiting hospitals, and wasting so much of their time. At this time, Dr. Satyanarayana Raju’s nature cure medication is a boon to us. We must support the service he is doing selflessly.
Folowing doctor's food method is the valuable gift that we can give him. In fact, that is the best help that we can do to ourselves.
Rudraraju Subbmma,
Seetamma Dhara, Vishakapattanam.

Asthma disappeared

My name is Manthena Subbaraju. My age is 75 years. For the last 40 years, I have been suffering from asthma, dysentery, cold, phlegm. To walk, I would feel shortness of breath. All the time, I could hear the wheezing sound in the chest, just as both the lungs are filled with phlegm. When I spit, it would be phlegm and mucus coming out. There is no medication I haven’t tried, not the village I haven’t visited, not the medicine I haven’t taken. Throughout these 40 years, the problem has increased day by day but not decreased. Rarely would I get some relaxation from the problem. It has been years since I last slept pleasantly. I couldn’t even talk properly due to Asthma. Thought of suffering like this throughout this life. Three months ago, I came to know that in Akividu, Dr. Pratap Kumar (children specialist) had benefited, including his family, from the nature care method and he was spreading the benefits of the method to the neighbouring people, and helping them to acquire complete health. We know Dr. Pratap for a long time. He also knows my problem. According to his advice, I stopped all the medicine and started fasting. My wife has also been suffering from heart attack and extreme painful joint pains. She used to take 15 tablets a day. She also started fasting and after 4 days, she stopped all medicine according to the doctor’s advice.
Both of us did fasting for 25 days and 27 days respectively, by staying at home. When we were on the 20th day of fasting, on a second Saturday, Dr. Satyanarayan raju has come from Hyderabad to Akividu to give a discourse, and we could meet him. By that day, my asthma was cured 60%. He encouraged us to continue fasting, by saying that we should not fear due to old age. Since the day the fasting is completed, we are taking the food as advised by the doctor. Till date, I haven’t faced either the asthma problem or the need to take medicine. I am able to do all tasks without any tiredness. I never expected that I would be so happy like this. In an unimaginative way, Asthma was cured. The two doctors have infused a faith in me to life my remaining 25 years of life, by not depending on anybody.
Similarly, my wife’s leg pains are cured. They are bending well. She is telling that she is as active, energetic, and healthy as she was at the age of 25 years. She hasn’t used a tablet since then. A renowned doctor in Hyderabad told her that her leg pains won’t be cured. But, nature cure has proved it wrong. We bless the two doctors who have been responsible for the happier path of our lives. They are blessed people. Bye.
Manthena Subbaraju
s/o. Sri Ramaraju
Eluru Road, Kalla (Mandal) East Godavari District.

Thyroid problem is cured

Greetings to all
My name is Kamala. I have been suffering from Thyroid since I was 6 years. Since then, my daily routine would start from one tablet. Now, I am 28 years old. i.e., since 26 years I have been using the tablet. Through my friend, I came to know about doctor and met him. I listened to his discourses and realized the benefits of naturopathy. I told him about my problems. He explained my about fasting and how to do it and told me that I need not use tablet after fasting. I started fasting. Though in the first 2 days, I had headache, I took doctor’s advice to take more water and the problem was solved. From the 3rd day, I forgot that I was doing fasting. It was so habituated. During fasting, doctor used to call me and advise me and encourage me. He would come alternate day and advise me how to overcome the problems, if there were any. My family members and I were surprised with his unselfishness to come to our home and enquire about the health, without expecting anything from anyone. He is such a good-natured man. That way, I did fasting for 19 days. During this fasting, I could lose 8 kg of weight easily. After fasting, when I did Thyroid test, the report showed it as normal. I felt very happy. When I showed it to the allopathic doctor, he asked me to stop the tablet. The thyroid problem that I have been facing for the last 22 years, is solved by Dr. Satyanraya Raju’s naturopathy. Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju is a rare personality. My whole-hearted greetings to him.
Maredu Palli, Secunderabad.

Relief from Migrain headache

My greetings to the readers! My native place is 65 km from Tirupathi. I am settled in Hyderabad, working in a private company.
I can tell that my health – since I am aware – is not good. During my childhood, I used to face headache quite often. Sometimes, I used to fall unconscious. During my graduation, I had floral effusion. To get cured of it, I had injections for 30 days and medicine for 1 and half a year. Moreover, due to not eating well, my health was deteriorated. I used to have migraine quite often. Vomiting, constipation! Sometimes, there were days, I would sleep for 24 to 36 hours. I used to feel anger, laziness and irritation to do anything. It was not surprise that I did not know what to be healthy. My health in fact obstructed my progress. I have used all types of medical methods such as allopathy, homeopathy, Ayurveda. But, no great results! My desire to be healthy was not fulfilled at all. For the last two years, tea, cigarettes, and alcohol have crossed the limits, and accordingly, the health deteriorated. I used to get migraine twice a week, because of that I had to be in the bed. If the food was late for half an hour on any day, or if I wouldn’t eat for one time on a day, the migraine would have attacked. Once the migraine hits me, it would stay from 4 to 72 hours.
I called my friend two months ago. I asked him if he had eaten. He said that his food is water with honey and lemon juice. I joked with him, how many days he would do that. He said he had been doing it for 25 days. I was surprised. I wondered if anyone can stay like that. Then he told me all the details. In me, a ray of hope started. I asked him to introduce the doctor. But, he said that to do fasting, one should be mentally strong. Then, My wife and I met the doctor. My wife (Dhana Laxmi), after her second delivery, has put on weight. She has become lazy as well. Moreover, she has been suffering from sinus problem. During winter and the rainy season, her suffering is indescribable. I was surprised to see doctor. It happened against to what I have imagined. I thought it would take much time to meet him. I doubted if he would talk to me. I went inside. There were so many people sitting around him. My introduced me to him. He asked me to sit and introduced me to everyone. I told me about everyone in detail. Then, he gave me two books and asked me to read them first, then we could meet. As soon as I came from him, I read the first book (Sukha Jeevana Sopanalu) from beginning to the end. By the time I completed the book, I felt I have become almost healthy. After we asked for permission to start fasting, doctor took 15 days to get faith in us. We had taken food according to his instructions for 15 days. From July 14, we started fasting. The first three days proved to be very tough. From the next day, it was so enthusiastic the moment we got up. I felt enthusiastic even in office work. My wife would complete all tasks and send children to school. I would work for 8-10 hours. For two days, I felt feverish and after taking complete rest, I lost weight – 1 kg per day. I felt taking complete rest while doing fasting. Like this, my wife did fasting for 26 days and I did 32 days. Before we started fasting, as we didn’t take salt in the curries and stopped taking tea and coffee, we had headache for two days and then it subsided. Doctor had already told us that in the first four days, there was a chance for headache. But, throughout fasting, I never had even slightest headache on any day. For the last 75 days, since I started doing what doctor has instructed me, I didn’t face migraine at all – not even for one day. Despite my roaming and my travels, I didn’t face migraine. No vomiting either. My deep respect for the doctor for helping me get rid of this migraine problem, at last. I never expected – even in dream - that I would overcome this problem and would be happy like this. God showered his blessings on me by introducing me to doctor. I am still taking vegetable juices, fruit, raw vegetables. My wife has lost excess weight and her sinus problem is completely cured. My two children also started taking lemon, honey water, along with us drinking vegetable juices and fruit juices, and eating fruit. Since the day I started fasting, my colleagues, relatives disappointed me very much, in different ways. They said, ‘if we do fasting for many days, the enzymes that are naturally developed would kill the cells’, ‘If honey is taken excess, it would reduce blood’. Some people would even mock me. If somebody tells good things for us, we generally have contempt for them, that is our nature. Mahatma Gandhi has taught all good things – he wanted us to be united without the differences of caste and religion, and he urged us to be away from all bad habits. But, we have the culture to have killed him. So, there are many obstacles for good path. Our ancestors have long back given us the health rules and life style. We do not know how to follow them. We won’t know their greatness unless someone tells us.
Our doctor – Sri Manthena Satyanarayana Raju – has learnt about nature cure methods thoroughly, implements them himself first, then teaches others about the method. He has taken an oath to bring complete health to all people and to expel the darkness of ill health. He has gained such knowledge at young age. He always thinks about others – rather than about himself. In fact, we had felt that there would be no chance of getting recovered from these ailments. But, he infused confidence into us to live healthily again. He wants everyone to be independently healthy, without depending on others. It is so commendable that he wants to lead people towards this goal.
P. Krishnamurthy Naidu,
202, Old Prashath Apartments,
Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad - 500 073

Inconvenience of period is gone

I belong to Amalapuram. My name is Padma. I am 35 years old. I suffered for three years due to irregular menstrual cycles. They would come only with medicine. With medicine, they would come monthly. If medicine were stopped, they would come only from the second month. I thought that taking medicine would cause other problems and hence would stop medicine. The doctors told me that, that’s the situation, nothing can be done. Two years ago, doctor has come to Amalapuram to do nature cure medication. He stayed at our house. Based on his advice, I started nature cure mediation. I did fasting for 25 days. Daily in fasting, I would take tub bath (totti snanam) which is 20 minutes of cool water. Once fasting is completed, I had taken the food as suggested by him. After the food is taken for 20 days, periods have started without taking medicine. They started coming every month (which were otherwise would come around once in 5 months). So, for the last two years, without the need for medicine, I have been able to get periods every month. While staying at our house, doctor had taught us a good life style, and gave our lives a healthy path. All our family members could know the nature cure medication values. It was our privilege that doctor garu had been at our house for some time.
N. Padmavathi,
K. Agraharam, Amalapuram.

Achievied Fertility

My name is Srinivasa Rao. I am 38 years old. Since I was affected by diabetes from 1993, I had suffered from one or the other problem. I would feel pains in legs and hands; headache, and fatigue. Diabetes wouldn’t be controlled despite using medicine.
In 1997, I met Dr. Satyanarayana Raju thought friends. Through his discourses, I have understood that we get diseases as we ignore the signals our body gives in our day today life. I got married in 1989. Since then, we didn’t have children. My wife Rohini also met doctor regarding fertility problem. He told that, there are certainly chances of fertility through nature cure. He also said that only after his parent did nature cure medication, they had fertility after 8 years. Our faith is strength. We had dreams about children. But, we didn’t have children for 8 years.
According to the doctor’s advice, we did fasting with honey, lemon juice and normal water for 15 days. Then, we had boiled vegetables (without salt and oil) with pulkas. Every day morning, my wife would do tub bath (totti snanam), as told by doctor. We used to do yogasanas. My diabetes has been completely cured. I am not using medicine for one year. As two months are completed while following all these instructions, my wife has become pregnant. Our desire has been fulfilled. Our effort had fruitful results. During those 9 months, she practised all natural diet habits. A healthy daughter is born to us, in normal delivery. Fertility is achieved. After nature cure method is started, all my earlier problems are solved. I am able to sit in the office and work for hours.
Though the nature cure medication methods look tough, after implemented and enjoying the joy of good health, they appear easy.
We are so grateful to the doctor for offering us good health. We owe him a lot.
K. Srinivasa Rao
9-7-21/6, Shivaji Palem, Vishaka Pattanam.

Shivaring is cured at the age of 80

My name is Dr. B.V. Raju. I am 80 years old. I have been suffering from B.P and sugar for some years. I used to take medicines for them. Due to the ill health, I couldn’t sleep well. So, I had to take sleeping tablets. As I was getting old, the legs started losing the touch sense. At one stage, I was not able to feel footwear. The feet would feel numb. The shivering that comes with age affected my hands. Due to my responsibilities, if I am involved in work, I wouldn’t know all these problems. I used to work 10-12 hours a day. Due to the increased age, I have realized that if I hadn’t improved my health, I wouldn’t be able to work. So, I thought about it and consulted Dr. Satyanarayana Raju at Jubilee Hills.
There is no relation between nature cure medication and age. If we do fasting and follow good diet rules, we can be active at this age too. With his advice, I started fasting. I didn’t stop going to office and working for 10-12 hours. Except B.P tablets, I have stopped all other medicine. After two days, I could sleep well. From the 4th day of fasting, I could feel touch sense to the feet. By 6th day, my sugar levels have come down. On 7th and 8th day, my legs have become lighter with normal blood circulation. I could observe that there was no shivering in the hands. They stopped shaking. I was surprised. The shivering that comes with age is completely cured. On the 10th day, in fasting, the hunger started. During the 10 days of fasting, I didn’t have any problems or fatigue. I felt very active. I initially thought how I could do fasting at this age, but they were completed just as fasting is such an easy thing to do. Then, I followed doctor’s instructions when I started taking food. I am taking food without salt, and vegetable juices. Now, I am very healthy and energetic. I have faith that I can work for the next 10 years as well.
I have realized that the fasting method that hDr. Satyanarayana Raju is prescribing can be done by anybody and without related to age and can attain health. When I was doing fasting, some people would that, ‘why does he need fasting at this age’’. But, that is wrong. I got faith that to attain complete health, nature cure can support us in every way. I wish people of all ages would use this fasting method and become healthy. Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has proved that at the age of 80 years, one can do fasting while doing their work. Because of Dr. Satyanarayana Raju, my health is fine now. I am much grateful to him. May god give him more energy to help elderly people in attaining good health.
Yourse Sincerely
Dr. B.V.Raju,
Chairman, Vishnu Cements Ltd.
Punja gutta, Hyderabad.

Relief from high colestrol, high triglycerides, gout

One will know the value of health only when we fall sick. This has proved 100% true in my experience. Despite having all facilities and resources, we can’t buy health. This is my 13 years’ experience. In 1984, I just happened to do blood test. Cholesterol and triglycerides are high in the blood. Immediately, I consulted a cardiologist, and according to his advice, I started taking medicine and systematized my diet habits. But, the result was not great. Taking medicine every day, their side effects; taking other medicine and doctor – these were my daily tasks. All experts of the country have checked the problem. They have provided advice according to their capacity. But, cholesterol and triglycerides haven’t come down, and moreover, in 1987, the gout disease has started. Uric acid has stored in the bone of the foot. Extreme pain and I couldn’t walk. So many medicine and their reactions. My daily life has become worse. My problems haven’t changed. Friends from foreign countries would send new medicine whenever a new one was introduced. Those costly and rare medicine didn’t give me relief but created some complications.
Test conducted by: Aditya Diagnostic Laboratory, Panjagutta, Hyderabad.
Serum Cholesterol Normal: 150-250 mg/100 ml.
23-03-1998 - 734 mg
31-03-1998 - 400 mg
06-04-1998 - 296 mg
08-04-1998 - 285 mg
13-04-1998 - 257 mg
HDL Cholesterol Normal: 35-70 mg/100 ml
23-03-1998 - 46 mg
31-03-1998 - 45 mg
06-04-1998 - 42 mg
08-04-1998 - 40 mg
13-04-1998 - 40 mg
Ratio of Serum Cholesterol H.D.L. Cholesterol
23-03-1998 - 15.9:1
31-03-1998 - 8.9:1
06-04-1998 - 7:1
08-04-1998 - 7.1:1
13-04-1998 - 8.9:1
Serum Triglycerides Normal: 10-150 mg/100 ml
23-03-1998 - 3360 mg
31-03-1998 - 1650 mg
06-04-1998 - 1100 mg
08-04-1998 - 1200 mg
13-04-1998 - 900 mg
L.D.L Normal: 130-159 mg/100 ml
23-03-1998 - 16 mg
31-03-1998 - 25 mg
06-04-1998 - 34 mg
08-04-1998 - 5 mg
13-04-1998 - 17 mg
I don’t know whether it is accidental or the grace of god, but I happened to go to Vijag in February, 1998, on some business trip. On that day, they told about nature cure medication, and the new method Dr. Satyanarayana Raju has created. After I met him, I felt that his experimental results should be reached to all. As part of this effort, I established Institute of Nature Cure in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, and asked him to stay there and provide medical services to the people. He agreed for that and came to Hyderabad. On his advice, I started fasting in March, 1998. From the starting day, I had the blood report every fourth day. The cholesterol and triglycerides and other harmful things that have been stored in the blood for a decade, have started dwindling. My health is becoming better. On the 21st day, I got the blood test for the last time. Much to my happiness and surprise, my blood was quite normal – just as any other healthy man’s blood. I have shown those reports to many other doctors in Hyderabad. They were surprised to a great extent. They all certified me as complete healthy. I am obliged to Dr. Satyanarayana Raju throughout my life, for the treasure of health he offered me.
Atluri Subbarao,
Institute of Nature Cure,
Road No. 18, Plot NO. 406, Jubilee Hills,

Weight is lost

Greetings to all!
Mine is basically obese body. For so many years, my weight has been growing. I have tried in many ways but ultimately I ended up with fatigue; but, the weight didn’t come down or the reduced weight didn’t stay. For the last 2-3 years, my weight has been increasing day by day, despite I was taking less food. I used to feel inconvenient even to walk. When I consulted doctors, they would say, ‘eat less, do exercise’. I could not do exercise with that huge body. When food was reduced, I would feel fatigue. My weight increased day by day and reached to 157 kg. Due the increased weight, the air was not sufficient to the body and I would feel short of breath. In addition to that, I would be short of air in sleep and it was sweating all over the body. When I consulted doctors, they said, it was very dangerous. It is called apnea. The breathing can be stopped in the sleep and thereby we would enter coma. To prevent the obstacle in sleep, and to supply air more, they have ordered a ventilator machine from America. I had to use it during sleep at night. Despite it was disturbing to use the machine, I had no other option. If I had taken it out, I would feel suffocated. It was a must during nights. Like that, three months have been passed.
I couldn’t bear my problem, and I joined in another nature cure ashram to reduce weight. They didn’t prescribe me fasting, due to the heavy body. They used to do body massaging and would give me bread (rotte) and curry without salt and oil. Like this I did for one month, and I could reduce 5-6 kg. But, during nights, if I remove the machine, then I used to face the problem again. When I was working as a police officer (D.I.G.) in Hyderabad, my Director General Sri H.J.Dora told me about Dr. Satyanarayana Raju and asked me to meet him as he had been coming from Vijag to Hyderabad. I met doctor in Jubilee Hills, Hyderbad. He observed my inconvenience and asked me to start fasting the very next day. He also said that there wouldn’t be the need for the machine, from the 4th day of fasting, He clearly said that as honey is given fasting, there won’t be any problem, despite having weight. Then, I started fasting without any fear. As he told me, from the fourth day of fasting, I could sleep happily, without the machine. From that day, I never had the need for it. While normally working in my office, I could do fasting for 35 days with honey, lemon and water. During fasting, I could come down from 152 kg to 125 kg (i.e., I could reduce 27 kg of weight). By the time I concluded fasting, my body was floating in the air, and I felt my steps were lighter than earlier and I felt very happy.
My tiredness and shortness of breath are reduced. In my 35 days of fasting, I never had any inconvenience. I could conclude fasting easily. After the fasting, I am taking the food prescribed by doctor. According to his instructions, I am doing asanas and pranahyama every day. Through asanas, my body reduced another 5 kg of weight. Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju has created an innovative way of fasting so that it is useful and safe for so many people like me. Through his medical method, he has given me another birth. Now, I have actively, taken the responsibility as the Police commissioner of Vijayawada, and I know that for this, all credit goes only to him. He created my body and health to suit my professional work. I owe him a lot for this. As he wants, I will never leave this nature cure method and would try my best to obtain other benefits. To my life, nature has given me a new turn. I take leave before giving salutations to the Mother Nature.
Yours Sincrerely
K.S.N. Murthy, IPS
Commissioner of Police,

Foot corn are cured on feet

My greetings to all!
My name is S. Sardar. I am working in the Hyderabad branch of Vijay Nirman company. Due to my company chief, Sri Vijay Kumar’s encouragement and inspiration, I could learn about naturopathy, by reading books.
Since November 1996, all our family members have made the natural diet method and vegetable juices as our food system at home. I will explain in my next sentences how much improvement it has brought to the health of our family members. Earlier to this method, my weight was 94 kg. Now, it has come down to 72 kg in a span of few months. As this was going on, I had the opportunity to meet Dr. Satyanarayana Raju through our company’s chief Sri Vijaya Kumar.
After Dr. Satyanarayan Raju has told me about fasting and also after listening to the experiences of the people who have done fasting, I also did fasting for 9 days. I didn’t have any health-related problems during fasting. As per the nature of my bod, I had to travel 60 km per day by scooter. But, still, I didn’t have any inconvenience. Though I had practiced naturopathic methods for 1 and half years, it took me 9 days to have hunger. It surprised me. This indicates that, in an average person who takes normal diet, I feel pity and fear to imagine the quantity of toxins the body contain. Because, these toxins serve as the basis for all the diseases that one gets in his future life. Man has the practice of getting the vehicles all services and overhauled, which are only thousands of value. But, this body does the service throughout life. But, we never get it serviced. It’s a pity. Fasting is like a service. Apart from that, lemon and honey that we use in fasting are very powerful. Lemon juice contains vitamin c (immunity). In the book, “Foods that Heal”, written by Dr. H.K. Bakru, it is mentioned that in honey, there are 22 amino acids, 28 minerals, 11 enzymes, 14 fatty acids, 11 carbohydrates. When honey is used in fasting, how can one feel fatigue? After the fasting, if we change the diet habits, we can make our life happier. I will explain my experiences in naturopathy, in the following sentences.
I used to have the problems of pain in left leg (Jalu), skin allergy, foot corn in feet (painless), gas, indigestion. My wife used to have sinus, pimples, blood deficiency, bad breath, vomiting, constipation etc. With such health problems, we used to consult different hospitals. When our diet habits converted from normal methods to naturopathy, within a few months, our health is recovered.
The method we have implemented is: we stopped all fries, spices, salt, sugar, pastry dishes, oils, bakery items, pickles, cool drinks. We also ensured that every meal is 1:3 ratio i.e., acid foods such as rice, roti, grams (dal) as 1 time and alkaline foods such as leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruit as 3 times. And, we are drinking one vegetable juice every day. By doing this, we could come out all health related problems and now, we are healthy. During snacks time, we are eating seasonal fruit many times.
As the English scientist Hippocrates said in 431 BC, “Let food be Thy Medicine”, our food is our medicine. This is true. For all the problems in the body, the best solutions lie in the food that we eat.
Similarly, once the body takes the nutrients of the food we have eaten, some waste matter will remain in the body. If we don’t send this waste out, these toxic waste will get mixed with blood; remain as permanent shelter for bacteria; move around the body along the blood; and get settled in the organs which are weak, causing diseases to us. To send these toxic waste out, god has given us good vegetables, leafy vegetables, fruit. These are called ‘scavenger foods’.
1. Protein foods i.e., grains, milk are source for body construction, 2. Carbohydrates i.e., rice, wheat, finger millet, sorghum etc give energy for the daily activities. 3. When these two items enter the stomach and produce acids in high quantities during the digestion time. To send these acids from the body, we need scavenger foods i.e., vitamins and minerals (vegetables, leafy vegetables, and fruit). These vitamins and minerals and needed for the body to take in. 4. Fats (oils) and 5. Water. The mixture and quantity of all these things would determine a person’s health.
As clearly explained in the book, “Foods that heal”, by Dr. Bernard Jensen, if we ensure that each meal contains the above said food items in the following proportions, then most probably, we won’t have any health problems: Acid foods – 20% i.e., (proteins 10% and carbohydrates 10%); Alkaline foods – 80% i.e., leafy vegetables and fruit).
When we are converting to this method, in the beginning, we may feel a bit troublesome. Whenever we are adapting to new methods, the mind will obviously show some resistance. To attain good results throughout our life, all these initial problems are just teething troubles.
Deatils of some vegetable juices that were benefial to me, my family and my friends:
1. Pre menstrual syndrome Stopping salt - To follow alkalinity
2. Leg pain (Jalu): Carat and Spinach juice
3. Gas: Cabbage and Cucumber juice
4. Ulcer: Cabbage and cucumber juice - for 3 weeks, to have food without mixing proteins with carbohydrates.
5. Pimples: Cucumber and alkalinity
6. Joint pains: Water and potato juice (50:50)
7. Bad breath: Lemon Juice
8. Blood from gums: Lemon juice
9. Constipation: Salads, fruit, vegetables, water
Many of our friends have converted to this method and got good results. If everyone plan their food in these methods, they don’t need to visit hospitals again and again. For the question, ‘can we cook food without oil and salt’, Dr. Satyanarayan Raju’s book. “Ahaaram – Alochana” (Food – Thought) is the answer. He has made so much effort in listing down 40 different types of dishes. I wish readers read them and try different other dishes and make their lives happier with health and taste. For this reason, I am sharing my experiences with you.
Yours Sincerely
Sheik Sardar

Meditation Experiences in Fasting

I am on 38th day fast and writing my expereinces.
What I have primarily observed is: my body is getting cleaned by itself, without my intervention. The 5 litres of water that I am taking daily does its duty. Till this day, after enema, so much stored faeces is getting discharged. I am observing that all the waste matter store in me for a long time is now going out through urine and hole. I have observed that the food that I have been taking for all these years, is getting dried up on the intestines. I feel, it is a great opportunity. The cleanliness that is happening in my body every day is giving me so much freedom and I feel new rejuvenated energy. Now, I will explain what is happening in the mind.
All my life, I have searched for love, peace and support in various ways. I used to actively participate in church programs. I have also done many religious fastings (churches, temples, mosques). But, nowhere did I get the satisfaction.
Four years ago, Mrs Sabrina has shared her experiences with some people about Vipassana meditation. I was among them. It’s a great day in my life. As I could see truth in what she was telling, I did 10 days Vipassana sadhana. There we had to follow simple but important rules. We should be completely silent, and apart from being silent, we need to agree to stick to 5 moral principles: they are 1. Not to kill anyone 2. Not to tell lie 3. Not to steal anything 4. Not to take any inebriating drinks 5. Not to do adultery.
After the 10 days of practice, I could make my mind listen to me. Then, I not only cleansed my mind but also could get rid of the mind impurities such as fear, anger, hatred, stress, contempt on others, insecurity, the pride of me and mind. That was possible through vipassana medication. That was purely scientific and experiential. In it, there are no mantras, worship and offerings. There are no masters or groups. This can be followed by any one – learned or unlearned. In one word, I realized that it is a complete life-changing path.
As in the fasting, the body started cleaned up, I felt it so light and free, and I could be in complete meditation. In vipassana meditation, the mind starts focussing on inhaling and exhaling and it observes the sensations of the body. I have observed that due to fasting, my mind has become so peaceful and fixed. I could also observe my inhaling and exhaling without any obstacles.
Another important thing that I would like to tell you is: this world is full of vibrations. We are also full of vibrations and sensations. All the people and things around us are full of vibrations. These vibrations can be good and bad. Because of these sensations, our behaviour gets changed. Based on our mental state, we respond to them.
The thoughts during fasting would be filled with love and unselfish service orientation.
Another important thing is: every minute, we are in movement. One is about myself and the second is about the surroundings, to be in movement. If any person approaches me with controlled anger, to be able to observe him. Despite he longs for any undesired thing, instead of anger, I would feel love for him. How is it possible? That’s because of the peaceful body and with more peaceful mind.
Every man deserves to lead a happy life. But, it depends on the food we eat and on our mind. This, I have realized through my experiences.
Rules we need to follow whole heartedly for complete health and if we want to make this life happy.
1. cleansing the body through fasting, eating food without salt, as suggested by Dr. Satyanarayan Raju.
2. To keep all our surroundings clean. To take bath twice a day. To grow plants.
3. To keep our mind as we are instructing it, and to do vipassana meditation to keep it clean.
If you have any doubts, you can contact me at the following address:
John Hemanth Kumar
(John Hemanth Kumar)
Sri Krishna Nagar, Yusuf Guda, Hyderabad-520045

Improved spirituality - Nature cure method - Self expereince

We all know that despite however hard we nourish and protect our body, it will perish one day. But, as long as we live, it is our responsibility and dharma to keep our body healthy. Because, whatever we need to achieve in life, it is only through this body. This body is given by god as a result of good karma to attain both material and spiritual. To use such an ideal tool for corporeal pleasures or for eating and wandering without any rules and guidelines and ultimately making it unhealthy would be completely senseless. Scriptures are saying that if we cannot utilize this body in this birth, it is not certain if we can attain human birth again next time. We got this body by paying so much price. If we lose this not using for our goal-attainment, it would be sheer misfortune on our part.
It is said, “Health is Wealth’. Despite having so much wealth, if we do not have good health, then the person’s life will be so unfortunate – for him and for his near and dear. The primary reason for this is that man is giving importance to taste and not giving importance to health. As a result, he is getting affected by many diseases. Without taking the natural food as it is given by god, we are making changes to them by boiling, frying and adding salt, chilli powder, oil, tamarind, spices and killing the nutrients of the food. We ourselves are losing our health, which should otherwise be enjoyed happily. We are welcoming diseases with two hands, though unknowingly. He is living in such a condition that he doesn’t even know what food to eat when. He is not taking the care that he should take for health or completely ignoring. And, the less we talk about the people who get addicted for various addictions.
At this situation, as it is said, ‘the doctor himself is the god’, the Sreemannarayana himself has come in the form of Dr. Manthna Satyanarayana Raju to help us with good diet habits and life style.
Sri Raju garu has initially done experiments on himself and practiced himself first in a rational and scientific way and, only after that he exposed the good results to the public and he is striving hard with passion and compassion to spread the method to many people. Some people do not have any awareness of health, and others who have never experienced good health, are thinking that as they don’t have any diseases, they are healthy. To such people, he is showing what is health and he is proving himself as a living example. His life’s motive is to help others, and with this selfless goal in life, he is offering services to others. Whoever takes up this nature cure methods, he would visit them at their place, check their health status, give the support required and working as an organization and not as an individual. He loves and offers services to all.
Self Introduction, About Self Experiences
After retirement, when I was staying in Sri Shanthi ashram in Totapalli hills, I came to know about this medical method from Sri R.S, and then I was introduced to Dr. Raju garu. Now, I am leading my life in this way. After I have converted into this method, I have realized what real health is and I am experiencing it. Earlier also, I was completely a vegetarian. I didn’t have any bad habits or addictions (even betal nuts, cigarettes etc). Nothing like diseases, medicine, consulting doctors etc. In a general sense, I am completely health. But, after meeting this doctor, he said, ‘It cannot be said that yours is complete health. Follow diet and life style according to nature cure method. Then, you will know what health is. One more thing: How can we know that your health will remain like this? What guarantee is there that you won’t be affect by ill healt? Anything is possible. If you follow this method, you won’t get any new diseases. The old ones will gradually recede. You health will become better’. He is such an intelligent guy to think like that. So, like many others who have followed this method, I am also getting the benefits. It happened just as he told. I used to catch cold frequently. Now, I am not getting any cold. My health is quite better than earlier. Now, my age is 63 years. My body attained some glow. I wouldn’t like to eat fruit in the beginning. Now, I am taking sprouts, honey and milk. Compared to earlier, I feel I am much healthier. My memory is improved and my thought process is clear and fair. My mind is also healthy. In my experience, I have learnt that eating boiled vegetables, uncooked food, eating more natural food such as fruit can be more useful to the people who are in the spiritual path.
We all know that food has its effect on thoughts. If we eat sattvik food, we will have decent thoughts and good behaviour. Natural food is far better. It can give us clarity of thought, serenity, concentration, stillness, self-control and sensual restraint. We will find god in every one, and will experience a quality to love all and serve all. Our approach and behavioural style will change towards life. All these qualities I am getting experienced recently (I have been following this method since 1997 Octorber). Now, I am leading a principles-based life.
1) Sukha Jeevana Sopanalu (Steps for happy life) 2) Aharam – Alochana (Food – Thought), these are the two books doctor has brought to the availability of the public. These books help us to understand the method clearly and to grasp the greatness of the method. So, we all should read these books, and recognize the greatness of nature cure method, and natural living style to improve our health to come out of the diseases. We should live the remaining years of our life happily and to serve our family and the people in the society. That is our minimum responsibility.
Read their books; consult the doctor, implement the nature cure method and get the benefits. This is the high way for materialistic and spiritual worlds. Come! You are welcome! Don’t lose the opportunity. It may not come back.
Narasimha Rao,
Chengalrao Peta, Vishakapatnam.

Mental Stress (Metal Depression)

Greetings to Nature lovers!
Until we undergo the stress, we don’t realize how much happiness and health peace of mind gives to man. Really, the torture is indescribable. If there is a pain in the body, then we can take painkillers and roam around. But, how mental depression troubles a man, only he can know it. My name is Kantha Prasad. My age is 42 years. I am a lecturer by profession. I am working in Bapatla Engineering college. I started new house construction in 1995. The problems and inconveniences happened during that time, created fear and tension in me. Gradually, I faced insomnia, constipation and lack of hunger. In this situation, after 20 days of time, I have developed memory loss. Because of this, I could not teach lessons in the classroom, 1-hour class would be completed in half an hour, not able to remember the lessons that I teach daily, sadness that I was not able to give justice to the students. Unable to take classes, I have taken leave. I left house construction completely. From this time, I had developed a certain fear in me and I could not go to the construction site. I used to lie down at home, without talking and moving. I could not go out to bring vegetables. I became life good for nothing.
My relatives have taken me to an allopathic specialist doctor. He gave me sleeping pills. Due to those tablets, I would feel sleepy even the day time. The mind would be dim and dazed. Day by day, the situation was becoming worse, but not improving. In the fourth month, I came to Hyderabad and got the treatment of hypnotherapy. Still, there was no use. The problems and sadness were same. Days were rolling. I wouldn’t understand what the problem was and how can it be cured. I have taken 5 months leave for college. Like a patient, I would stay at home, eating and lying down. During that time, I came to know about Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju through my colleagues. I have decided to do as suggested by doctor.
I started fasting. All kinds of medicine were stopped. On the first two days, I couldn’t sleep well. But, later, due to steam bath and hot water foot bath, I could get good sleep. When more faeces used to go out in enema, it was like floating in the air. Earlier, I used to sleep till 8 am. But, from the 3rd day, I started to get up from 5 am. I felt the mind relaxed. From the fourth day, the body has become very light. On the 4th day, I felt like going to the market to bring the lemons I use for fasting. By that time, it was many days, I came out and got exposed to the sun. From that day, I had the faith that I would be cured. I felt like talking to the kids with love, discussing with the family members. From the 5th day, I felt like going to the construction site and see what was going on. After a week’s time, I felt like I could teach lessons and going to the college. When I asked doctor if I could go to college, he didn’t agree. Till the fasting is completed, he said, I better take rest. I used to keep my head (centre) part, in a cool basin for 20 minutes, twice a day, during the fasting. Due to it, I used to get mental peace. I was cool and I felt pleasant.
In fasting, day by day, I felt like flying away like a bird. My happiness knew no bounds. In that way, I could do fasting for 16 days. I have realized how I spoiled my mind and body using sleeping tablets for 5 months. Some of my friends used to make derogatory remarks, ‘how can you cure your problem by fasting?’ They were surprised to see the changes in me day by day. After 5 months, for the first time, I could laugh, talk, coming out only after fasting. After fasting, because of the food and pranayama, I could gain more energy to the body. I could stop cigarettes from the very first day of fasting. I simply lost the desire. When I moved to food stage, I used to go to college and take classes. Compared to earlier, I was able to teach well, with more patience. From fasting days, I could develop the ability to look at things and leave them, whatever it may happen. Then, I could take care of the new house construction myself without any tension. I have realized that when the disease is something different, we take unrelated medicine and cover the problem. I felt that is not the true way of treatment. For five months, I had to spend thousands of rupees for scanning, but there was no use. Dr. Raju could cure my problem completely without any expenses and without any tests. The cigarette smoke and the waste that have been stored for years in the body are gone with fasting. For the last three years, I have been happy mentally and physically, without any tension. I am obliged to the doctor throughout my life, for causing me such happiness. He gave me a new birth. Thank you.
Kantha Prasad,
Lecturer, Bapatla Engineering College,
Bapatla, Guntur District.

42. Real needs for priceless health

1. Don't sleep till sunrise - Get us before sun rise!
2. Stop drinking bed coffee - Drink water as soon as you get up!
3. Stop thinking about newspaper - Think about free motions!
4. Don't say, walking is tiring - Asanas and pranayamas are good for health!
5. Don't come to a meal without getting sweat - Eat only after you sweat!
6. Stop taking hot water bath - Cool water bath is good for health!
7. Don't use soaps and shampoos, Rub the skin with cloth!
8. Stop eating puri, dosa - Eat sprouts instead!
9. Stop calling raw coconut as fat - Say it as complete food!
10. Don't drink water while eating - Drink water before half an hour of the meal!
11. Don't eat anything that is difficult to digest - Keep them for the morning!
12 . Stop eating processed rice - Eat brown rice!
13. Don't peel the skin of the vegetables - eat as they are!
14 . Don't fry curreis - Boil them only a little!
15. Don't throw out the water from curries - Drink it!
16. Don't say raw leafy vegetables are not compatable to the body - They are good for health!
17. While having meals, don't talk - eat with focus on!
18. Don't mix curry in rice - Mix rice in the curry!
19. Don't swallow food without chewing - Chew food well before swallowing!
20. Don't drink water just after your meal - Drink only after the meal is digested!
21. Don't sleep in the monring - Have a sound sleep at night!
22. Don't prefer costly hybrid fruit - Eat natural fruit!
23. Don't say fruit causes cold - They are good for immunity!
24. Don't spit out pulp of the fruit - It is better to swallow it!
25. Don't drink juices - Chew them!
26. Don't get engaged in stupid entertainment - Thinking about god is good for the heart!
27. Don't stay in rooms - Get exposed to the sun for better immunity!
28. Don't use fans and A/cv- Sweating is good for health!
29. Motions for multiple times is not good - A good bowel movement for 3-4 times is good!
30. Stop using outside powders and scents - Better take bath twice a day!
31. Don't eat after sun set, Eat before sun set!
32. Don't eat just because you have it - Eat only according to the toil you do!
33. Don't eat at nights till the throat - Eat lightly!
34. Don't go for movies and outings at night - Spend time in good company!
35. Don't go to bed just after eating - Go to bed only afer digestion is done!
36. Stop earing artificial food - Use natural food for natural body!
37. Stop storing fruit and vegetables in fridge - Let them be exposed to air and light!
38. Stop drinking beer, cool drinks and drink 6 litres of water!
39. Don't touch the harmful salt - The salt in food is good for health!
40. Stop taking sugar and jaggery which increase phlem - Use honey instead!
41. Stop using tamarind - Use raw tamarind!
42. Stop using dry chilli - Use green chilli!
43. Stop using harmful oils and ghee - They are not good for health!
44. Don't use spices in food - Use them only in medicine!
45. Don't take medicine for every little thing - Use them only for emergency!
46. Don't eat with tastes every day - Look for tastes only in marriages and on festivals!
47. Stop eating living things - Eat sattvik meals which offers truth!
48."Don't say, 'not eating tastes is not a man" It's good to keep tastes in control!
49. Just becaue you don't have diseases, don't eat tastes - Eat food so that you don't get diseases!
50. When you are diseased, stop eating and do fasting!
51. When you don't feel hunger, don't eat - Drink water!
52. Don't consider enema with disgust - It is good for health!
53. Follow nature cure strictly - It is helpful for our health!
54. Don't use nature cure method only till the dieases is gone - Practice it life loing!
55. Don't say, you want to live till responsibilities are done - wish to live 100 years!
56. Don't be dissatisfied - satisfaction gives you health!
57. No anger, jealousy and irritation - Peace of mind is good for health!
58. Don't use others to get your tasks done - Let us do our tasks ourselves!
59. Don't hate your fellow beings - Love others because it is good for health!
60. Don't call nature cure method as medication - Call it as life style!

Umbrella of pearls

The author of Fasting doctrine
Narure cure medication - seer and philosopher - To Sri Manthena Satyanarayan Raju
Tribute - with garland of jewels of poems
The best piece of poetic writing - the doctrine of fasting
The subject itself is invaluable
Beautifully printed
The king - Had done great service to the people
The doctrine of fasting is in words
To see in Telugu
The doctrine of fasting is best written
Your life willbe fulfilled - Just read it!
A modern yogi - Satyanarayana Raju;
The emperor in medicatl methods;
The fasting doctrine is like a scripture
Created the composition to uplist the people
The best ever book in this century
Originated in Telugu;
Will revice the fasting doctrine of people
The author "Raju" is a blessed being
People laugh at the ancient concept "doctor is god"
The concept of god is changed in the world
Now a doctor is an indirect death
"Raju" is himself the Saviour
In this book - on the pagas
It looks like a bundle of new proverbs
The healthy principles that prevent diseases
For people - it is easy to follow
Did research in nature cure medication
Delved deep into the bottom of truth logically
Like the saviour of the world
He wrote the book, "doctrine of fasting', for the benefit of the people
He did a great service - in the land of Kolleru
The "king" has achieved great fame
His greatness will last till the celestial beings exist
Give a divine eternity - to this writing
Renowned Satyanarayana Raju
Longs for the welfare of the people
His glory - like the umbrella of pearls
Will sparkle on the crown of the "King"
- Nandoori RamaKrishnamaacharya
M.A., Ph.D., Poet,
Former Chairman APES (Retd.)
Official Language Commission of A.P.
President: Andhra Padya Kavita Sadas

Another Word

My greetings to you all, who have read all the book and starting to implement. Reading the book is one task. Practicing it, experiencing it and enjoying it is another. Implementing is the most crucial thing.
God has given us all, naturally. We are deliberately, moving away from the creaion of god and the boons He is offering us. The man who is moved away from nature, is struggliing like the child who is bereft of its mother.
We will follow the fasting dharma, which is offered by the nature, relieve the body from dieases and make effort to fulfil the joyful human life.
The splendid and powerful sun god is storing his energy in trees. By eating vegetarian food, we can take the sun's energy into us.
Let us eat nature's natural, uncooked vegetarian food, enriched with sun energy and live long and continue our journey in the good path.
Let us save the nature.
Nature will save us.
Anando Brahma - Health is happiness.
Manthena Satyanarayan Raju
Drink a lot of water - Go to bed ealy!
The smooth bowel movement - Relieves you from many diseases
Never skip pranayama - In the journy of you happy boat
Don't stop yoga daily - It is king of discipline
Vegetatirian food is feast - Rigt medicine for your health
Why going crazy for functions - We will end up taking medicine
A pint of salt - Can ruin your health
Fruit is invaluable - Don't step back for money
Non vegetarian food is good for taste - Bad for health
Weekly fasting - Steps for Health.