Tips for a Happy Life

(part 1)
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Dr. Manthena satyanarayana raju

Dedicated to

Dr. V.V.Ramaraju garu
naturopathic doctor
Shri chode apparao naturopathic centre, kakinada-3.
My book is dedicated to my beloved teacher, kindhearted man, who showed me path to naturopathy, who shaped me into a good human being and treated me with utmost love"Dr. V.V.Ramaraju"I dedicate this book to you sir
Yours obediently
Dr.Manthena satyanarayana raju


Fore word
  1. Health is wealth
  2. Naturopathic medicine - Its importance
  3. Fastings
  4. Enema
  5. Good excretory activity makes you happy
  6. Water - Its story
  7. Trouble caused by salt intake
  8. Food is health - Food is medicine
  9. Human body is a miracle
  10. Be aware!
  11. Sprouts - Nutritional value
  12. Misconceptions- Truth
  13. Summary


It is very difficult to follow what we preach, there are only few people who stand by their word. Dr. Manthena satyanarayana raju is one among them. True Indian has 4 qualities 1.Learn all the shastras. 2. Make others learn and understand them.3.Follow what you study. 4.Preach the experiences after following them.People with all 4 qualities are considered true Indian.Our Dr. Manthena satyanarayana raju belongs to this reign, he studied naturopathy, helps other in learning, follow them everyday with out fail,he preaches his experiences to the world. It is very rare, for a person to do so he should utmost trust on what he studied and is efficient in explaining to others. There are many examples that prove our doctor's efficiency.
He provided treatment and advice to many thousands, he never differentiated people when comes to medical treatment. There are many types of human beings in this world. He is not considered about whether the person is poor or rich. He treats people who come to him with trust by utmost respect. He never gets tired when it is about naturopathy. Other best quality about him is that he never expects anything from others and does his work perfectly. It an honour to me and people of konseema to know him and understand him. Its so surprising to me that he offer his services from 3 a.m. in the morning to 11 p.m. at night without a hint of discomfort. He gifted health to many sick people , i am one among them. Me and my colleagues got treated by him and understood the importance of naturopathy. Inorder to repay him , only thing we can do is follow what he taught us. Im praying god to provide us the strength to follow them.
During his stay in amalapuram, he gave many speeches about naturopathy. Many people suggested that these speeches should be printed in the form of a book. Dr. agreed to their wish and all his speeches were written in the form of this small book. I'm thankful that he agreed to our request. I hope that Dr. Manthena satyanarayana raju extend his services to the people of the world and teach us the way to lead a happy life. With this hope i'm signing off.
Yours obediently
Dr. G. Vivekananda varma, M.B.B.S., M.S.


This is not a story book. It is a book that mentions problems faced by human beings and its solutions.It mentions the reason why human beings suffer from diseases and the method to follow inorder to cure them. In this book naturopathy is not mentioned as a treatment procedure , it is described as laws of nature. Many sensitive topics were dicussed in this book, in some places to a little extent and in breif in other areas. I'm calling it sensitive because every human want to live a comfortable and happy life but are eventually ending up getting sad,this is because they are not following rules correctly. Their mind wants to follow rules but their soul is keeping them away from doing so and human beings are trapped in this due to their cravings. They are doing mistakes even though they are aware of it. They are going for unneccessary cravings. They are aware that smoking damages their lungs, coffee leads to decreased appetite, they loose control after consuming alcohol , they are aware that human turns into a beast by consuming drugs. It is the matter of surprise that human beings are addicted even after they know the adverse effects of it. Leave aside the common and illiterate population, people who are well educated , even doctors who treat patients for diseases are also addicted to them. I am aware that i will bear the consequences after writing about these topics but i want to share my concerns with you. If i say these habits are wrong may be you get hurt, asking you to stop consumption of coffee may make you hate, you may tell me it is a superstitious belief when i ask you to stop eating non veg or start fasting. You may get offended if i say you are constipated and you need to cure it. But this is the truth, that is the reason it is bitter. Lies are always sweet , but i can't tell lies to you inorder to please you.I speak the bitter truth.The things i mentioned here are the laws of nature not something i imagined. You can ask me whether i follow what i teach but you may not be pleased to listen this. I follow 100% all the things i mentioned here and i proudly say that i experience the happiness of being healthy all the time. That is the reason why i'm sharing my experiences here. This gives me a feeling of satisfaction and happiness that i acheived something by teaching you.
All those facts mentioned in this book are based on my personal experience. Their is a saying that experiences are born first then comes the turn of science. Goals are first then comes the qualities. In the same manner our saints are the people who followed things that lead them to happiness and experienced it to a full extent. They provided us with all their experiences , this is the culture of saints. Its our responsibility to respect their culture. That is the reason why i'm not loading your brains with all the scientific data. Im trying to deliver my content in a way that people with low IQ and brilliant people can understand it. There are many books that describe about naturopathy , you may ask me what is the need of a new book now. Every body has their own taste my effort is to give you experience of my taste. This book is the result of thoughts and knowledge i acquired with time. I assume its not wrong from my side to hope that you safeguard your health. Even though you get my language harsh , i will be greatful if you understand my motive to make you strong and healthy. My efforts will become meaningful.
I thank Shri B.V.Narasimha raju for encouraging me and helping me with this book. Printing a book is like a ritual. Many sages took part in it. Suraj printers& amp played an important role in proofreading and providing it on time.I would like to thank them.
The end!
Yours sincerely
Dr. Manthena satya narayana raju

Health is wealth

Our elders say 'Health is wealth", they not only told this but they practised them and set us an example. We call properties and wealth as luck but we call health a good luck,But why do we call so? This is because it is more valuable. We can't measure how lucky a person is with good health.There is no body in this world who is more unlucky than a sick person. Even though a sick person owns wealth they will be of no use to him. There is a wealthy old man who owns a sugar factory,he as all the wealth in the world, he exports sugar around the world but he can't consume even a pinch of it as he is suffering from diabetes. Another old man has many maruthi cars and is a boss of more than 100 people but what is the use he can't move an inch without experiencing pain, he has rheumatoid arthritis. He can't even move , sit in his own car. He owns a 10 floored villa but can't move around in it. This people are called unlucky. It doesn't mean they don't have any luck it means they can't enjoy any of it. Did you see that its not important to be wealthy, its important to have the capacity to eat what you wish and digest it, you should be blessed to have such a life. People who are rich and sick are more unlucky ones according to me. People with good health and no money are very lucky. By this you can understand even though a sick person is rich he is inefficient and healthy ones are happy even though they are poor. People who are healthy tend to stay strong mentally. People who are sick tend to suffer mentally even for minor problems, they lead to development of hypertension, diabetes, stomach ulcers, cardiac problems etc. All these problems are occuring due to negligence from the human side, his inability to follow healthy habits. Not using knowledge even though he has ample of it.
People in olden days were not like us, they made healthy habits as their routine and followed them. There is much difference between them and us. Not only in health our ancestors used to think efficiently and behave. Even in marriage system they took valuable decisions. They used not crave for dowry or beauty of the women, they used to consider the culture and traditions of both families, qualities of both bride and groom.They used to follow up all the relatives of the bridge from their maternal uncle to grand father and great grandfathers and perform marriages.
In the same manner bride's family used to enquire about grooms side, they used to study atleast 2 to 3 generations and then come to an opinion. It is nothing like todays generation where people go to a market alone and come back as a couple. They are more concerned about the wealth and properties and are not at all bothered about hereditary diseases. They are more towards external beauty of a women, not considering her soul and its beauty. Even though a women is suffering from asthma they don't care all that matters is money, this is the story of today's generation. How come children to these parents stay healthy. Both sperm and ova are equally responsible for the health of a child. When good sperm meets good ovum there comes a good output. It can lead to good generations. That is the reason why they see their ghotras don't match. But people these days are not bothered about them at all. We humans take utmost care when it comes to cross breeding our cows , race horses but we are not worried about our own clan, this is leading us to destruction.
Are they atleast providing nutritious food to their offspring? No. They are not capable of providing nutritious food to their children. People used to feed their children with milk, fruits and all types of food items that can make their children live a healthy life. But nowdays mothers don't even breast feed their children thinking that it causes ageing. Fathers are also behaving in the same fashion. There are fathers who consider buying their children a costly icecream is so great. Children behave by observing their parents their behaviour. If you are addicted to something then your child also tends to behave in the same way. If we stay good our children learn their habits by seeing us. How many parents of this generation are thinking in this manner.In this generation if a family has 4 members every member has their own way , own lifestyle , habits and no one has a right to object them. This seems clumpsy as a fish market. What will be their destination? Some so called gentlemen considers teaching children about sex at a very small age, they consider that this will provide them knowledge and stops them from thinking about it. This is just like adding ghee into fire and trying to stop it.
Thi kind of education makes unerasable mark in the minds of children. Do this kind of child has any innocence left.One moment. Animals don't study any sex education and even though are breeding good breed we on the other hand are encouraging improper breed. We don't need any education on this matter.We need to educate ourselves with important matters just like how swamy vivekananda did. People who learn them will be saints they can overcome sexual desires and give rise to good generations. Our country has many people like them that is why we are called as a traditional and a country with values. But many people of this generation are into western culture and technology. The reason for this mess is that we are not living our life according to our own wish, we try to mimic someone whom we are not.
There is no need of special mention about youth of this generation. Television programmes these days show very little that teaches morals to human. We usually see seminude posters every where. People are filled up with all kind of violent emotions. That is the reason why youth these days are seeing a life usually people used to in 60"s of age. Children these days aren't studying, they are just buying it. True education has gone much far from them.Studying is different from gaining knowledge. In olden days people used to gain knowledge rather than blind studying. They used to gain knowledge in the shades of mother nature. There minds used to be as free as space. Education these days is making people literate but it is not into values. We need to talk about women here. There is an old saying that judge a home maker by seeing their home, this is the importance people give to a women. They used to believe that in a place where women is respected all the good in the world happens. A place where women is not treated well is considered as darkness. Women of that generation used to be helpful to their husband in all means, behaviour of the women used to bring them fame and happiness.This means the women used to live an ideal life. If these women are healthy then entire family is healthy. She is used to perform all the household chores starting in the morning so actively, this is the secret behind her health. As she works throughout the day she used to be healthy and active. There daily chores are filled with health tips. They used to clean their homes and garden area early in the morning, the area around the house used to be so big that it used to be a perfect excercise for them. They used have mud stoves, they need to on them by blowing air. This used to be a good excercise for them.They used to sprinkle dung water around homes , so no bacteria or other germs used to enter their homes. They used to cook food in mud pots on mud stoves. They used to cook with wet clothes on, this conservates their energy and they don't feel any stress even though they cook for long duration. This also helps in preventing fire accidents. They used to consume food by sitting down. Women used to serve food it is also a form of excercise. They used to give birth to many children this helps them to treat everyone equally and kept them at peace taking care of these children. Women used to apply kajal to their eyes, turmeric paste to their feet, this used to protect their health. Turmeric used to prevent entry of bacteria and protect skin from cracks in winter. They used to sing prayer songs while cooking, this makes food more than a dish a divine food. Drawing water from the well, growing plants, washing clothes used to make their core strong. They used to go temples in free time. They used to be mentally and physically strong by doing these things. These are perfect examples for the notion work is worship, that is the reason why they told it is not neccesary for women to study sciences. Sciences are the stuff that helps you get your mental peace, women are already at that so there is no specific need for them to study.
Men also has a similar schedule. They used to wake up early in the morning and walk to the fields , early morning sun rays would hit them, they used to breathe fresh air. They used to not suffer from eye diseases as they se very calm and pleasant fields every morning. They used get good excercise by making ropes for animals, cutting grass and bringing it to feed animals, watering fields and peeling off coconuts. They used to have a warm water bath after a full days work. This used to remove all the stress of the day. They used to feel sleepy immediately after food and wake up early in the morning by 3 a.m. Both men and women used to be occupied with work so they used to not find time to comment on others and judge them. They used to be implementing an ideal life without even their own knowing. There used to be no need to meditate in specific. They used to wear white cotton clothes, consume their dinner before it went dark. They used to eat the left over food in the morning, wear wooden chappals . All of these are helpful for them.
These kind of environment is absent these dats. Both men and women lack physical work. Our lives are limited to 4 feet rented houses, we need to roam in that place. There is no need to draw water from wells, we have over head tanks. No need to wash clothes we have washing machines, we have vaccum cleaners to do the cleaning. There are stoves in every house there is no need of mud stoves, we have dining tables so, no need to sit down and eat. We don't need grinding stones we have fully automatic grinders. We have seperate toilets in our own houses with western toilet seats , there is no need to struggle, we have showers. There is no need to mention men in particular , they wake up at 7 a.m. They are mostly focused on newspaper after they get up and finish their daily chores in a hurry. They rush to their offices come back home in the evening or may be head to a club after they are not at all bothered about food. As these were not enough, they have coolers, A.C. There children oh god! if it is a male child then its enough, they lay focus all on him. They get stressed even when he coughs or sneezes. There homes lack traditional paints and door entrance lack turmeric they have all asian paints every where. This is todays generation. In free times they spend time sitting on a sofa having coffee and watching t.v. shows. In this routine is anywhere physical excercise involved? Are they at peace? Why do they don't get asthma, knee pain etc . You should be surprised if you don't get any, adding to it are polluted air, ration and human. Did you even realise where you reached.
Peoples bodies are getting damaged by falling into a trap called modern civilization, some people became more sedentary that they can't even bear their own weight. Our elders told that loan is never your property and overweight is never your strength. How can you call overweight your strength? People are struggling so hard to reduce their weight, some even stopped consuming food to reduce their weight. You won't reduce any weight by doing so you may end up getting weak. People who don't do physical work will become obese even though they eat less. People who work hard stay strong all the time. People who eat to live never become fat on the other hand people who live to eat turn obese in no time and its makes their body more or less a dumpyard. It is very important that people understand what to eat and in what quantities. Did you notice more the human being tries to get luxury more struggle he gets to face. All these problems are because they can't understand the value of simplicity. You need to understand one more thing in this occasion that your heart, lungs, kidneys remain the same when you are thin or obese. As we increase in size work load on them increases, they need to work many more times when we become obese. Our body which is supposed to work for 100 years is getting tired by the age of 80 years. Our body is conveying this matter many times to us , we are not even listening to it. If 10 people travel on a scooty where only two people are supposed to it, what happens the same is happening to our body. All these problems are occuring because human body is lacking excercise. You aimed for luxury but ended sad, these are side effects if you earn more than needed.
Human beings failed to differentiate between needs and wishes. A human being has only 3 basic needs1. food 2. a place to stay 3. clothes to wear. Human being can't survive without these things, but is this modernisation necessary , no it is just a human desire, television, radio, costly buildings are all unneccessary stuff. People in olden days stayed happily and spread happiness even though if they don't have these things. They never crossed their moral line. Men in this generation lack values they are habituated to get things seeing others. People buy things like freeze, scooter, washing machine by taking loans because they saw there neighbours buying them, they don't care if they are needed or not. we sticked many things to our life that are unnecessary.
You need to unhook all those things you are hooked too, you need to fix things that are making you unhealthy for this to happen you need to choose best mode of treatment. It will be foolish to stick only one mode of medicine for all your needs.You need choose the mode of medicine based on your disease and its stage. We all are taking foolish choices at this point of life. If you wish to live a happy life as long as you life you need to approach ayurveda. Ayurveda helps in cleaning your blood and makes your core strong. For mental illnesses homeopathy is better, it cures you and makes you completely healthy. You need to approach allopathy when your life is at stake. Naturopathy cleans your body by fasting and enema and thereafter you can follow their diet plan to restore health and improves your immune system. These all are blessed by god. All these medical techniques form a huge tree called medical tree. You can't judge which medical procedure is best , it would be foolish to judge they are all branches of the same tree. Every procedure has its own value. They are of no use seperately, they are instable just like our human body. Eyes aren't sufficient to see you need a soul to process that nerves to carry what you saw. We humans are formed due to coordination of all these. Seperately they don't have any value. So when you are sick its better you obtain a medical procedure not according to your wish, but according to the need.
You may not get satisfied by the choice you make sometimes, you need a teacher to help you and you need to trust him inorder to get better.This cures your disease. But we lack these kind of trust and focus, meditation helps us to get better. Waking up early in the morning, doing pranayama in an open space, pray to the lord , trust your teacher, participating in meaning ful conversations, saving people in trouble, helping elders, visiting piligrimeges, bathing in holy water makes you divine. You need to follow all these things to regain all the health you lost knowingly or unknowingly. You need to have trust, focus to achieve this. We can acheive whatever we wish if we have will power. Let us all be healthy by following them.
The end

Naturopathy — Its Importance

Our nature is made up of 5 elements -Earth, Water, Air, Space and Fire. our body is also made up of these 5 elements. That is the reason activities in the world reflect on the human life. That is the reason why nature is so pure, we humans who are born here, who spend their entire lives and at the end die here here are also pure. That is the reason we are close, as our saints are aware of this, they care for this nature, mother earth and its powers.They learnt how to cooperate with nature. This generation lacks this kind of behaviour. All the 84 lack species in this world are part of mother nature. That is why they follow rules of nature and live their life to the full extent. Only we human beings skipped the beat and are behaving as we wish. What books did these animals read? they just follow the rules of nature, they don't have any doctor or medicine. They just eat when they are hungry, work hard and takes ample amount of rest and enjoy their life. Only we human beings are behaving against the law, only we are capable of consuming food without actually being hungry and we are capable of skipping our daily chores and works. Why won't we get diseases? They don't follow the rules of nature because they are intelligent. Did you ever observe that animals growing outside are not getting any diseases whereas our pets are getting diseases , by this you understood the food human being gives it is what that makes them suffer.
The food we humans are consuming is feeding doctors to an extent of 75% and our body to 25%. Our elders used to live their life without any diseases because they work very hard.They used to consume sufficient among of food to regain energy. These generation lacks them both. They work little and eat more. God has gifted us with intelligence to protect our health but noone uses it this way. They are making themselves sick by consuming everthing they don't need from a very a young age. People are thinking about their health after getting diseases. What is the need to hold leaves once you burnt your hands. Our elders used to think about health even before getting sick. We lack this behaviour so we are suffering from all these diseases.
Reaching for natural way of treatment is much better for this natural body. Naturopathy is not any seperate medical treatment. Its natures law,it helps in removal of diseases from our body and prevents its recurrence. What are we suppposed to do inorder to prevent diseases? Naturopathy describes it all. We usually clean the dirt on our motor vehicles. We replace the damaged parts with new ones. We clean our body surface everyday by bathing.
This is only cleaning our body surface , we can't do so with our internal structure. Naturopathy helps us in doing so.
We are removing pollutants from the well by adding bleaching powder, in the same manner naturopathy removes the pollutants from your body. If the toxins inside our body are not removed by excretory organs it causes diseases. Our fields have fresh water inlet and dirt water outlet our body also has the same but there is one inlet and five outlets. When there is obstruction in drainage our dirty water , they get accumulated in the field this even pollutes the normal water.All the trouble is caused by lack of drainage. Flowing water don't have algae but stagnant water becomes the store for all dirt and microorganisms. In the same manner when human is sending in stuff like salt, oils, ghee, masala, chilly powder etc by one canal that is mouth, even 5 excretory organs are not capable to remove the waste completely. What is happening in our body? By this we can understand that our excretory organs are not working upto the mark. For them to function effeciently we need to provide them with sufficient amount of water.
We are living in the latest generation, all the physical work is done by machinery, we don't have to work hard. Things we don't use gets rusted anyway. Our body also gets the same result. Our excretory organ lumen gets narrowed. If we don't clear our drains every year they get damaged in the same manner our excretory organs gets damaged. We won't sweat if we don't do physical work, the toxins that should be removed by our skin are retained. Peoplewho won't sweat don't feel thirsty, they consume low amounts of water it inturn reduces urine output hence the metabolic waste it should remove. People with no physical work don't feel hungry, they eat less and tasty food so, the waste material is not lost it is stored in intestines.This becomes the warehouse of disease causing organsims.People who don't work have reduced functioning capacity of lungs. Breathing unpolluted air , eating and sitting idol and overweight increases mucous production in lungs, this decreases the oxygen supply to our lungs and blood won't get purified. This bad blood circulates in all tissues of our body and damages it. Last but not least, Liver.
When these waste gets accumulated it increases the load on the liver and decreases its efficiency.This is the reason why we develop jaundice, if you don't provide adequate rest to your body during jaundice, it causes more damage, this disease occurs just to provide sufficient rest to our body. Liver is cleaning our body during this period, it is trying to protect us even when we are doing foolish acts. If a child feeds on his moms breast and bites her will she ever stop feeding him? She feeds him until he gets satisfied, that is a mothers love. Our body also protects us in the same way. We aren't behaving properly with it even though its benefitting us, even a dog shows gratitude when we feed it, we are worse than that.
We know had the proof that the treatment mode that can remove accumulated waste can help you in curing a disease. Naturopathy does this job. Naturopathy studies in depth about disease particle and tries to overcome it. This doesn't cause harm to your body and protects it till your life time. Eating unhealthy food and taking medicines along with it doesn't help you. This is when you need to do diet limitation. Naturopathy says why use medicine when you are restricting your diet. But latest medicine is asking you to stop consuming salt when you are suffering from hypertension, sugar for diabetes, spices and tamarind for gastric ulcers, oils and fats for obesity. All these troubles are due to your inability to control the cravings of your tongue. That is the reason why they ask you to stop them, they don't say it firmly thinking that you mayn't visit them again, so they give you medicine and advise you to stop eating those foods. Only naturopathic doctor strictly warns you from using so, that is the law of nature. True doctor should follow these rules first on himself and then suggest. If doctor can't control his cravings, he is not eligible to preach others. These we don't find any such doctor so we are not respecting doctors. You can't be a doctor just because you studied you need to implement it and set an example for mankind. These kind of doctors are valued equal to god.
Naturopathy is not a new or recently discovered one, it is natural. We are neglecting it due to our cravings. If we understand that the solution to our problem is naturopathy we will be at benefit. Our people has some misconceptions on naturopathy so they are not in a position to follow naturopathy. Some think that naturopathy is to reduce weight and some assume that people who are thin and unmarried women should not follow naturopathy. Some are in a thinking that what is the need to restrict us at a very young age. These are nothing but just a mere thought of some cowards who can't control their cravings. Are humans suffering from diseases based age and weight. Yes, that is the reason why being thick, thin is not important what is important is disease presence. Our body is unable to excrete contents due to lack of immunity. We can improve our disease resistance by consuming naturally made foods. If we do so we are respecting our nature. Our body pushes away the disease in the same way how an ocean pushes its waste.
That is the reason why fastings, food habits, consumption of water, elimination of toxins from the body have become a part of naturopathic treatment.Lets dicuss in brief about these topics in next paragraphs. Lets discuss in brief about treatments involving 5 elements of nature.

Treatments involving 5 elements of nature

1.Treatment using soil: This includes application of mud bandages, diet limitations etc. Mud bandages removes the waste materials accumulated inside the body, this improves excretory activity of your skin. It includes treating with food that eliminates diseases and prevents its recurrence.
2. Treatment with water: This treatment includes bathing with hot water, cold water, tub bath etc. You can control blood flow in a part of your body by flowing water in that area. Consumption of water also comes into this categoryof treatment. This removes all the waste accumulated inside the body. That is the reason why it plays and important role.
3. Treatment using sun:This generation human being has no need to go out in the sun, this leads to decreased sweating and decreased removal of waste from sweat. We do this treatment to make a person sweat. We make people to sit in a box with colourful mirrors and place it in the sun. People tend to sweat more due to sun rays hitting the box, this eliminates all the waste materials in the body. This is called as sun bath.
4. Treatment using air :Pranayama helps in providing all the air needed by the body. More the amount of oxygen in our body, more is the energy. Pranayama removes all the waste accumulated in the lungs.
5. Treatments to improve space: Here we are describing fastings that improves space. Naturopathic treatments starts with fastings, it removes all the waste materials stored in excretory organs.Sometimes we see traffic getting stuck due to obstacles, it gets cleared once we remove those obstructions. In the same manner we remove waste materials from tissues, blood and excretory organs and increase space, fastings help us in doing this.
Till now we discussed about naturopathy and its benefits to human life. I hope you follow this valuable method and make yourselves healthy


I need to mention a fact that our people never followed a fast perfectly. It is actually introduced for a benefit. We are supposed to fast once in 15 days, a whole day or a part of it by just consuming honey water. This increases acidity in the stomach and kills all the harmful bacteria inside the body. There is no specific need for medicine in this procedure that is the reason we ask you to fast. We human beings don't do anything without benefit so they wisely linked it with god and people started following it in the name of god. They started doing arid fasting thinking it would give them more benefit. With time they began to fast once in a week and some thrice in a week. These kind of fastings are not causing any benefit instead they are causing harm. These types of fastings lead to weakness, nerve irritation which inturn cause headaches and anxiety. Some fast throughout the day and eat foods that are difficult to digest. Inorder to overcome this you need to be aware what actually a fasting is. You shouldn't be in an attitude that fasting can erase all your sins. We are commiting mistakes by using our mind and soul and punishing our body. All our sense organs are in the control of our soul, they do whatever they are told too, they don't have an ability to function on its own. If we cause trouble to our stomach to the sins we commit, this is much faulty than our sins. You will get expected benefits when you fast considering that it is just to cure you. It is beneficial if you do them once in 15 days or a week. The fastings done by people undergoing naturopathic treatment are different. They are based on the patients body type amd their mentality. So, you need to fast under doctors guidance, only then you get an effective treatment.
Fasting is naturally inbuilt in nature. Did you ever observe a child who is constipated, he refuse to take feeds even though he take feeds. Except human all 84 lakh species do fasting regularly. See any animal it won't eat grass or drink its drink, it only stays on water. Dog on the other hand eats grass and vomits, only we human beings are nasty and eat when we are ill. Animals feed on fresh green grass so,less waste materials are formed. Human beings eat waste materials, so more amount of waste is stored in our body. We usually get symptoms 4 to 5 days prior to a disease, we hide them so that we can eat our tasty food.These are reasons for all our problems. We need to learn to provide rest to our body. When we do longdistance travel in our car, we take halts at a particular place and let our engine cool don, we are not at all providing these kind of rest to our body. We usually don't grow any crop in summer, it is like providing rest to our fields, so that crops grew better in rainy season. Fasting also does the same thing to our body.
If we don't provide our body sufficient rest and do our work by taking medicine when we are sick, our body takes revenge on us by giving us a disease like jaundice. If so we need to suffer 3 to 4 months, so lets be careful before any such thing happens. Lets start fasting atleast now that is the reason behind why people should fast. This is the main health tip.
There is no better method to remove waste material from our body than fasting. Our digestive system gets sufficient amount of rest in fasting. We normally tend to sleep for 6 hours , in those 6 hours lots of secretions are seen on our skin , our eyes get some of these, you are already aware about urine and faeces. Imagine if resting for 6 hours release this much of waste, what can resting for days does in fasting. That is why i suggest fasting.
You can fast for 1 to 2 days without consuming food, if you do more than that time this damages the cells in your body due to lack of glucose. That is the reason why you need to consume fluids. These fluids should be in such a way that they don't need digestive juices for digestion, should provide energy and should remove waste materials that are accumulated. Honey plays an important role in doing so and produces energy instantly. It produces heat in the muscles helps in easy removal of wastes. Honey also improves immune system, another important thing is that the energy produced by honey gets destroyed in 2 hours even though we use it or not. Even though a human works or not he needs 800 calories of energy for the needs of his brain.
Honey is the only substane that provides energy so quickyl. You can take it by dissolving it in water. Consuming honey alone can cause vomitings in some as it is in solid form. Adding honey to lemon juice is the best. Vitamin C plays an important role in removing waste materials from the body.It strengthens our immune system. Sourness of lemon causes decreased appetite, so, you should consume honey mixed in lemon juice along with water. We need water to remove any waste produced from our body. Waste materials produced in our body mixes in water and are released in the form of sweat or urine. As these three thingsi.e, water, lemon, honey have many good qualities it is better we drink those mixture once in every 2 hours. You can mix a glass of water, 2 tablespoons of honey, one slice of lemon and consume it. You need to consume this for atleast 7 to 8 times a day. You won't feel weak. You can do this as long as you wish by taking doctors advise. You may experience some problems on day one of fasting as our body is adapted to eat at particular time everyday for years, change in the schedule may effect you but eventually you get habituated, weakness you feel on day 1 is also cured by the next day.
Lets now understand what happens while fasting. Day before you start fasting the food you consumed is digested by secretion of digestive juices, when you have a heavy meal digestive juices production increased. Of the blood present in the body 20% is supplied to brain, another 20% is supplied to kidneys and urinary system. Remaining is supplied to body parts. When you have a heavy meal major amount of blood in the body reaches digestive system. All the energy is utilised their, so remaining organs lack energy and doesn't function effeciently. That is the reason why we feel after a heavy meal. While fasting our digestive tract get complete rest, all the energy in the body is focussed in the diseased part. It means all the energy is focussed on to the diseased part and fights with it. It cures the disease and helps in attaining health. Only fasting does this to our body.
By this we understood that we need to control the amount of food we eat, and should not dump anything unnecessarily. We should avoid eating food late at night, try to consume dinner before 7pm. This increases the resting time and helps in easy digestion of food. We feel at ease the next morning. As our ancestors are aware about this fact they use to consume food before sunset. They use to consume all different types of food material without facing any adverse effects. Why? because they do more amount of physical work. Any waste material present in the body is lost in the form of sweat. People in this generation are not habituated to physical work, moving out in sun. They are not even breathing pollution free air. That is the reason why we should be worried about our health. Fasting is like sprinkling bleaching powder in our well. It cleans our body and improves space. Be healthy and help others in achieving health. Create meaning to your lives.


People used to treat enema box as a doctor in ancient times. Some people are scared that doing enema will become a habit after doing it while fasting. It's a myth. We are doing enema because we are not consuming any food in fasting. We stop doing enema once we start fasting, because the food we eat after fasting digests properly and gets excreted easily. You can do enema in future only when you suffer constipation.So, there is no need to do enema everyday. Its better you do enema than using laxatives for constipation. Using medications kills the good microflora, enema doesn't cause that harm.
We wont consume any food materials when we get diseased, absence of food in large intestines leads to constipation. You can use enema in these situations. This procedure is completely natural. Ayurvedic doctors use castor oil and herbs for this purpose. Allopathic doctors use medicine or glycerine for this purpose. When you use medicine or herbs their is a chance of more no. of excretory activities. This leads to loss of useful components from our body and they become weak. We are supposed to reduce load but we on the other hand are putting more load on our body. That is the reason why enema is best.
By enema we inject 1 litre of water into our large intestines, the pressure build in their pushes the faeces out. People won't feel weak because the water lost is not from the body it is what we injected. Never add soup to enema water, this may cause damage to intestines.
Fasting starts with enema. Fasting means providing rest, then how will it be called resting when you don't remove faeces that is making them work? When large intestines are filled with faeces, blood tends to remove the waste , when we remove faeces the increased blood flow in intestines decreases and blood works on the part of the body that is diseased. You need to do this as long as you fast and you need to fast as long as the waste in intestines gets cleaned up. This is the reason why they compared a box of enema with a doctor. You should n't be doing this for years because our body looses its natural method of excretion, you should maintain your body in natural procedures and keep distance with all artificial techniques.

Good excretory habits gives you happiness

People say every thing has a time but this doesn't apply to your excretory process.Its not in the hands of time, its with us. If you excrete all the waste materials early in the morning your body remains at ease and you tend to feel more active and free. We all are aware about this. It is to our surprise that we human beings do nothing even when we are aware about it. There is no special need to mention that we humans are neglecting things. This is because 90% of population are suffering from constipation they do different kind of stuff like drinking tea, coffee 2 to 3 times, walking around and press their stomach hoping it can help but it doesn't happen so they take all the frustation on people around.
You know became aware about what can happen when you don't follow what you are supposed to follow. Our laziness is responsible for this and this is causing constipation. What should people do inorder to obtain peace? You should follow health tips. You should listen to your elders advice and behave wisely. Humans are behaving this manner due to increased knowledge. Noone ever consider that they need to be healthy, if they think so there will be no need of all this. You may be angry if i tell you a secret, i will tell it to you openly. People usually store valuable things safely, it is not at all incorrect to never lose them. But the waste material we are storing is the stuff we should get rid of as soon as possible. By storing i mean not concerned about excreting it. Learn from the birds and animals, they excrete waste materials as soon as they are produced. Animals that consume vegetarian food excrete as many times they eat. This is the reason why they are leading a disease free life. We humans with higher level of intelligence are neglecting it. People get up in the morning brush their teeth, have their morning coffee and start reading paper, they don't focus on the excretory activity, few tend to control it and finish reading paper, they need to rush to their work so they finish another cup of coffee and now strain their body for excretion. The excretion happens sometimes and it won't the other time. He remain with discomfort the entire day. Humans don't do things without their benefits, but you can't apply this to excretion. In olden days people used to not have toilets as we do now. They used to walk for miles, this used to help them in focussing on it. They used to do it twice a day once early in the morning and other time in the evening. Now we have toilet in our own home. So, we are neglecting it. When we buy a book we usually neglect reading it because it stays with us, but when we borrow the same book we tend to hurry so that we finish it in the given time. Same applies here. In olden days as we don't have access people use to spend time on it and neglecting now as we are having facilities.There is a myth that healthy individual excretes only once and excreting 3 to 4 times is considered unhealthy they assume that this leads to loss of minerals and useful substances from the body. But you see animals excrete more than 10 times and are still healthy, only we humans are storing faeces in our system. That is the reason human faeces smell so bad. Pigs which consume excreta also have less smelly poop.This is all due to storage. Please don't take me wrong about describing a lot about excreta. I mentioned alot because ayurveda describes constipation as a root to many other diseases. This is also proven by experience of facts. Good excretory activity give more happiness than anything in world. You may have all the wealth in the world, you may be ruling the world but constipation can be a major problem ruining your happiness. So, please try to understand that good excretory activity is the step to healthy life.
Happy motion is when you don't have to strain anymore. You should urinate after excretion, it is a symbol of good excretory activity. 90% of population urinate prior to excretion of faeces. This is the reason for increased in number of diseases and hospitals. Now lets talk about what we are supposed to do for improving our excretory system function.
Fibre helps in formation of faeces. Its content is more in fruits and vegetables and very less in nonvegetarian food, that is the reason why we won't excrete easily after consuming non vegetarian food. The nutrients are absorbed from small intestine according to the requirement of our body. Fibre materials which are not digested in our body easily absorb water from intestines, swell and absorb all kind of waste materials , dead cells present in the intestines into it and gets excreted by our body in the form of faeces. These faeces are filled in 1.5 metre long intestines. The faeces we excreted once is present in only about half a feet in intestines. Lack of water consumption that moves the faeces, not consuming proper amounts of fibre material etc is causing storage of all these faeces in our intestines. As the water present in the faeces gets absorbed by the walls of intestine it becomes hard. If we strain our selves to excrete these hardened stools, it may damage the sensitive walls of intestines and rupture blood vessels and cause bleeding. These are also responsible for hemorroids and fistula.As the pressure due to water is absent the sticky material don't unite and form faeces. When you fast throughout the day for 20 days and do enema everyday these hardened stools come out with dark colour and bad smell.How can you feel hungry when the waste materials are not released from your body. We can only consume food when our stomach is empty.Input depends on the output. That is the reason why we need to follow some tips for good excretory activity. In olden days people used to consume brown rice, leafy vegetables and vegetables abundantly, they are rich in fibre. They used to focus on their excretory process, that is why they are free of these wastes. We on the other hand eat finely polished rice, curries with more masala and in very low quantities. This is inturn reducing the input of fibre and we are becoming sick. We people with intelligence are behaving foolishly. Animals on the other hand with low intelligence are leading happy life. They are imitating the nature, so nature is also being cooperative. We are acting against the nature so, we are facing these adverse effects.
Lets now understand the problems caused by constipation. As faeces are stored in intestines all harmful microorganisms increase in number and the good bacteria that removes toxic waste materials from the food we eat are lost along with stored faeces. Is there is any big problem than this. Human with reduced immunity is the target to many harmful bacteria. The stored faeces are home to many bacteria. If you observe keenly you can notice this. If you leave idli batter for sometime, it turns sour then you can see insects coming from it. Same happens with the stored faeces. Intestines absorb water just like earth absorbs any water, this leads to absorption of toxic materials into the body. This leads to diseases, you may feel a heavy stomach. Even though you don't consume any thing the air that is naturally present in the intestines pushes the stools. As intestines are filled with stools, there is no way for all this gas to go. This leads to fatigue , you may feel pain in your chest and heart as the diaphragm is pushed by air. You may get tensed thinking that it is called heart attack. All these problem gets solved once your system gets cleared. As we are not aware about it, we are unnecessarily using medicine thinking it as new disease. mosquitoes and flies land on dirt particles. When we spray phenol on to it insects are gone only till the power of phenol is present. They come again once the power is gone. If you remove those dirt from that place all these problems are gone, this is the best thing to do. In the same way the indigestion, foul smelling mouth, pain in the stomach, hypertension, headaches are due to stored faeces. Its better to get rid of these waste materials. By the end we understood that stored faeces are responible for diseases, their excretion cures them all. So entire human race should understand this and follow health tips to stay healthy.

Water - its story

We learn the importance of water if we observe some details of our planet. It is made up of 3 parts of water and 1 part is land. In the same manner our body is made up of 65% of water and remaining comprises the particulate matter. So. consuming more amounts of water is beneficial to human being, it causes no harm. We utilize 2 litres of water everyday, we consume water during meals and the food we eat also contain water, it altogether matches the output . You may be thinking that why we should consume more amounts of water? You may also wonder you feel thirsty when our body wants water then what is the need to consume in more amounts. We need to understand onething here we are eating food not to survive but to deal with our cravings. There is no need that we depend on these tastes but we are doing so. We are consuming water during food only when we taste the spices. Is our body demanding these water? No we are sending in water they there is no need for it. This is increasing your belly size but is not providing you any kind of strength. As we are eating unhealthy food everyday more amounts of waste materials are produced in our body, there removal needs more than 2 litres of water. What does the water we drink actually do? It mixes with blood and removes all the waste materials. Inorder to remove the waste materials produced by the food we eat in the name of taste, we need to drink upto 5 litres of water. But we won't drink water in such large amounts, because its taste less. This taste less water is not grabbing the attraction of humans. Our ancestors used to place water in a copper vessel next to their bed, first thing in the morning they used to drink it and then start their daily chores. There is no such habits these days we call it OCD when some one do it. They used avoid drinking water immediately after food, this is a very good habit. When we consume food it reaches our stomach and gastric juices are released, the water we drink while eating dilutes these juices and cause ineffiecient digestion and loss of many valuable nutrients. That is the reason why human faeces are becoming food to some animals. Have you ever see an animal eating other animal faeces? they don't because, animals won't drink water while consuming food. They drink water only during resting time. We humans are not aware of the facts that animals know, even though we have higher cognitive skill, we fail to be ideal because of our ignorance. Animals don't have much knowledge they follow the rules of nature. That is the reason why nature is protecting them.
There are few more topics we need to discuss in detail. We add more amounts of salt, oil, tamarind,chillypowder so that we can consume more amounts of vegetables,but they won't digest easily in our body. They need more amount of water for digestion. That is the reason why we feel more thirsty while eating. When we eat this tasty food, their is increased release of saliva the food passes down without much digestion. This doesn't happen when you consume boiled vegetable. You need to chew food completely untill it turns into a liquid form, so that we won't feel thirsty while eating. You need to drink a minimum of 3 glasses of water after 1hr 30 min to 2 hrs after food. Digested food mixes with water and reaches blood and this water also helps in pushing waste materials out of our system. There is one more problem due to decreased water consumption. We usually suffer from cold, cough,sinusitis, allergies and asthma during winter and rainy season and we blame seasonal change for that.
People reduce water intake during winter and rainy season due to cool weather. People who follow naturopathy tend to do so in winters.Reduced water consumption increases histamine levels in our body. This histamine is responible for all allergie and sneezing. People use antihistamine medication to treat them. Problem arises again once we stop our medicine. So, it is very important that we consume 5 litres of water everyday. Almost all human diseases are interconnected with water consumption. People get weak and end up in hypotension when they consume less amounts of water. Hypotension leads to improper heart functioning and many more diseases. We should accept that water is treatment for many diseases. So, we should consume water not less than 5 litres.
There is a need for us to discuss when to consume water. We should consume 1 to 1.5 litres of water immediately after waking up. This helps in excretory activity. You need to consume 1 litre of water 45 min later. Drinking water on empty stomach is beneficial. We clean our eyes and dirt the waste on our body by bathing every morning. The 3 litres of water we are drinking are doing the same thing to the cells of our body. You should never drink water after eating food. You can drink 1 litre of water 30 min before food or 2 hours after food. You should never neglect water consumption thinking that you already drank 3 litres of water early in the morning. You should drink water depending on the need in between. You should anyhow fulfill 5 litre target given to you. You should never consume water from a refrigerator. You may get tonsils due to this. People with indigestion should prefer luke warm water.Others can just drink normal water we get.
Consuming water has many benefits, lets learn about them in detail.
  1. You excrete faeces at ease.
  2. People suffering from hypertension get cured, the salt excretion is not proper, so we get hypertension. Consuming more amounts of water removes salt from our body along with it
  3. Chronic headaches will come to a cure
  4. Blood viscosity decreases. The salt used in our diet increases viscosity of blood. Water we consume decreases viscosity of blood and load on the heart. Blood supply to brain also increases this reduces headaches.
  5. Joint pains and swellings gets reduced. Increased amounts of salt in our body can cause facial edema, swelling of legs and hands etc. The water we drink removes these excess salt and reduce these swellings.
  6. Consuming more amounts of water prevents kidney diseases. The stones formed in kidneys gets dissolved in water and are lost.
  7. Consuming more amounts of water during fever reduce body temperature. Many animals use this technique , they don't consume anything, they drink pure water.
  8. Stomach aches get cured due to removal of wastes from our body.
  9. All the defects in your gets solved, i mean all urine infections occur due to improper intake of water, urine even becomes yellow during this time. Our urine should never turn yellow. It indicates low amounts of body water.
  10. Water removes all the waste materials from the liver, it is quite essential during jaundice
If i start telling you all those benefits this book isn't sufficient, so we need to remember that drinking water is useful. You may think that conuming coconut water, buttermilk etc may be more beneficial than water.Here you need to make onething clear , the fluids mentioned above provide energy to the cells of your body, but water removes all the waste present, that is why water is the best. I'm not saying that other fluids arenot beneficial, they have their own benefits. Only a dry cloth can absorb water not wet on, in the same manner water which is saltless removes waste better than fruit juices that contain salt. That is why water is medicine for all diseases.
Note: Employees and business men may have some doubts after reading it. Employees say that they usually get up at 7 in the morning. How can we drink 3litres of water with 45 min time gap, how can we manage water consumption, breakfast etc. My advise is that you follow them with the motive to be healthy and fit them in your schedule, you can't just ignore the truth just because its inconvienient. People who don't find time can drink 1 litre of water in the morning and 1 litre in the evening.You may not have any objection this i guess. Its upon you to decide now.

Problems caused by salt intake

The food that we eat for our survival is causing diseases when we eat it in excess amounts. The water that is responsible for our life, humans are dying in it by drowning. The electricity that is helping us overcome darkness is killing people when they come into contact with it. The air that is responsible for our survival is killing us when it turns into storm. The fire that helps us in cooking food is causing damage when it misfires. This is the law of nature. What do we understand by this? Anything when excess is dangerous. All the gifts of god in this nature are beneficial when we try to use it appropriately and harmful when misused. It turns poisonous when we use it against the nature. When you consume a sweet in more amounts you loose its taste and feel uneasy, anything that is consumed in more amounts turns dangerous. When we consume things which are necessary it causes benefit to you and people around you. We call it self control. We will never behave inappropriately if we have that self control. It stays as long as we live a positive life with moral. This will turn disastrous and destrutive when it gets excess.
The same applies to salt, previously our elders called it taste may be because it adds taste to our body. We can't consume food when there is little salt less in it. We got habituated to eating it based on taste. There is no need to mention about non veg. We use more amounts of salt, chillypowder, masalas etc, so that it won't smell bad. But there is specific need to consume salt because it is present in all food items we eat like milk, green leafy vegetables etc naturally. The salt we use daily is an excess to our body. Salt has many benefits , it maintains water balance in our body. When a person is suffering from diseases like cholera , all the salt is lost and that person turns weak. Salt water helps during that period.It means salt is causing us great benefits. Salt helps in abssorption of water from intestiness, there are many such uses when used limitedly.
Some of us think that foods without salt doen't give us energy, it turns us weak. Some people think is it a life where you restrict everything everyday, its useless if you can't enjoy human life, Why try for something that we can't get and why stop ourselves from eating, we can't escape from this stuff at our old age any how, why grow these kind of worries at a very young age etc. etc. If you say these things to any one they call it true but its not. Previously our elders used to consume starch water, butter milk with more amounts of water, but this used to not cause them any harm because they used to work hard. All the salt is lost in the form of sweat. We are unable to work that hard these days, we feel fatigue by walking few meters, by studying and by goint out in sun we are getting tanned. We are living our lives in a glass house and this makes salt more harmful to our body.
We need only 200 milligrams of salt everyday, but the leafy vegetables and milk we consume provide more than 1 gm of salt. The salt we use in our food varies from 4gms to 25gms, by this we can understand that we consume lot more than we need. Drinking one glass of milk provide sufficient amount of salt for a day. Leafy vegetables and fruits also contain salt, sprouts have very less salt. You need to add less salt when cooking leafy vegetables. Pulses contain more amount of salt. By this we understood that the food naturally present the body has more amounts of salt why add excess from outside. Did you ever thought about the adverse effects caused by it? Its our responsibility to understand these adverse effects and remind us about responsibility towards health. It has many adverse reactions.
  1. First among them and the most important once is stiffening of blood vessels. Stiffening of blood vesssels reduces blood flow, inorder to maintain blood flow pressure gets increased .This leads to hypertension. If we avoid salt at this moment the vessels become normal and our blood pressure reduces. We instead of controlling salt intake are using anti hypertensives through out our lives and there is no end to this.
  2. Next bigger problem is over weight, We call it obesity. People can't do their own work, carry their own weight. Why do a person turns obese/ Due to increased salt content in the body. Inorder to remove the excess salt our body needs more amounts of water. Your belly increases due to water consumption. You may get a doubt here that i mentioned consuming 5 litres of water in previous chapter and now mentioning it is responsible for belly fat. I'm talking about consuming water while eating, this reduces digestion and cause belly fat. Salt in our body has an ability to store water, we become obese due to water retention. We get edema and we feel hot after we wake up in the morning. Sitting for sometime causes edema in the legs. So, we need to avoid salt intake at this moment.
  3. Another important disease is diabetes. It gets cured once you reduce salt intake, this is because if we reduce salt the cells can easily absorb the glucose from blood. Increased salt content is storing glucose.
  4. Increases salt content damages the digestive system, people may suffer from indigestion for long duration. People are carrying medicine for digestion along with them to parties and functions. They are aware that they are stepping on dirt, so they are carrying water along with them. This shows their addiction and craving to food, they can't overcome it even after many efforts.
  5. Sweating is reduced. Urination isn't upto the mark.Why? Due to increased salt consumption.
  6. We should never forget another disaster. That is increased mucous secretion in lungs. These people suffer from frequent colds.
  7. Other most important one is joint pains. This disease is also due to increased salt consumption. The synovial fluid in joints gets damaged due to high salt content. This is the reason for joint pains, it is wrong to assume that you get knee pain after particular age.If it is true the pure vegetaraian diet consuming animal , elephant should also suffer these joint pains. People who consume leafy vegetables, salt less food don't suffer these pains, they stay active even after the age of 80 years. We often see these doing their own work without depending on anyone.

Food is health - Food is medicine

Food plays an important in providing nutrition to our body. Food becomes the reason for health and even acts as medicine during illness. You can understand illness by the way they walk. We can understand the body condition by the food they eat , it depicts their health.
Food to a body is like fuel to a vehicle. When you use low quality fuel it causes damage to your vehicle and its lifetime is reduced. We treat the vehicle which we buy with money with utmost care, even we can repair it, replace the damaged parts or buy a new one again and we are neglecting human body which is the gift of gof, parts won't be available when you want. It so pity that humans are gving value to materiallistic things than their own health.
There is a saying that protect the law, it will eventually protect you. Every being in this nature has some kind of law including our human body. We can identify it and follow we can protect our body from diseases and infections. In olden days people learnt about them and followed them , that is their health secret. Even doctors who studied human physiology fails to follow them and are suffering from diseases. Noone in this world make time to think about laws of human body. That is the reason our world has 25% percentage of healthy and remaining 75% suffer from diseases. This is also a symptom of kaliyuga. They say kaliyuga has 3 parts of unrighteousness and 1 part of righteouness. First we are learning about healthy food.
We call it best food that helps us in maintaining our health for long time. It is made up of 7 different elements. They are 1. Water 2. Non vegetarian food 3.Fats 4. Foods made up of ata 5. Vitamins 6. Minerals and fiber. Let understand breifly about them.
1. Water: Water plays an important role in human life, a human being can't survive long without water. Every cell of our body is made up of water. The water we consume daily does 3 main works 1. Provides food to cells of our body. 2. Removes metabolic waste from the cells.3. Conducts many chemical reactions. Among the water we consume 3/4 th is lost in the form of sweat and urine, inorder to overcome the loss we feel thirsty. If you excrete more amounts of water and take in less amounts you may get sick. Inorder to stay healthy we need to consume water based on the output.
2. Proteins: Many cells die everyday, some turn into disease causing particles. Proteins helps in replacing dead tissues and provide energy to the rest. We need to provide the food that can create particulate matter. 1kg of weight needs 0.9 grams of proteins, it means a 60kg of man needs 54 gms of proteins. This is useful for growth of bones, muscles, hormones, enzymes and blood vesssels etc. Proteins in our body are of two types. 1. The ones our body produce on their own. 2. the ones provided on by food we eat . These are called the 22 types of amino acids. If we won't provide them in the form of food , many chemical reactions occur. The food that is rich in aminoacids is meat, fish, eggs, leafy vegetables, seeds etc. If you consume more amounts of meat can increase amino acids in the blood and cause heart and kidney diseases. Milk, leafy vegetables, pulses, seeds produce proteins that are helpful to our body.They release low amounts of waste materials. So vegetarian food is much better than non veg. Non vegetarian food trouble your body. Vegetarain food provides more energy with little effort.
3. fatty food:These helps in making skin cells, blood, bloodvessels and neveres healthy. They maintain serum cholestrol levels. They are better used as vehicles that transport vitamins to cells. They play an important role in making of vitamin D from sunlight, protecting body from cool climate, they also protects lungs, heart from cool temoperatures. They are responsible for our beauty and health. We have many misconceptions about them one among them is believing that it makes us healthy, some assume that they should consume more amount of ghee and oil so that our body becomes active. If you observe the nature keenly no other animal is consuming oils as we humans do. Its better we avoid these foods that causes harm to our body. Its better we consume food that is rich in proteins, vitamins and carbhohydrates and have limited amounts of fats. Its better we decrease usage of these harmful fats. Milk, coconut, sprouts and all types of fruits and vegetables are helpful. If you take more amounts of fat than neccessary it causes many side effects. It doesn't digest easily inside the body so, it is present in the digestive system for long time increasing the load on the system.This may lead to diarrhoea. We suffer from diseases like heart attack, paralysis, hypertension as fat gets built in our system. If you wish to stay healthy and fit you need to reduce usage of fats in your diet.
4.Foods made up of ata: Half of the energy our body gets is made up of is from these foods. Fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, seeds etc are beneficial.
5, 6 Vitamins and minerals: They are present in very minute amounts in our body. They are responsible for cell birth and growth. They alo play an important role in providing immunity , energy and in curing diseases. Minerals help in maintaining water and acid balance , formation of horomones and blood clotting etc. Our body prepare all these quantities in the amounts needed when we eat food. There is no need to provide supplements from outside. Cooking food is destroying all the vitamins and minerals present in it. We provide our body sufficient amount of nutrients and minerals by consuming uncooked foods, fruits, sprouts etc.
7. Fibres: The fibre present in the food we eat don't have any kind of nutritive value, but it is important for digestion and helps in excretion. It helps us in overcoming excess weight. It clears the fat inside the blood vessels, prevents diabetes, cancer of intestine etc. Fruits, vegetable, leafy vegetables have more amount of fibre in it and non vegetarian food lack these fibres.
Coconut: We have many misconceptions about coconut that it causes indigestion, it contains more amounts of fats, we get diarrhoea with indigested food as the content etc. We got habituated to excrete only once and considering that it is some problem when stools are in the same colour as the food we eat. Its human nature to question good things, he can eat oils and fats without any problem and questioning the action of coconut is more of a foolish act. As coconut is filled with milky water, it contains less fats and more amounts of vitamins and minerals, as it dries all the proteins convert into fat and we use finely dried coconut for our requirements. We use it as masala in our recipes, just for the sake of taste. We may not feel its not healthy at that point of time.
When you eat any fatty food along with fibre, it gets mixed with the fibre and fibre prevents it from entering blood and excretes it. As it is very important its neccesary we start eating it inorder to prevent heart disease. Our ancestors used coconut in large amounts as it is rich in these fibres, it removes any fat we get by eating coconut. So you understood now that eating food with low fat and more fibre is less harmful. In the initial days of coconut consumption you may suffer from stomach aches they are due to our mistakes, coconut has nothing to do with it. We suffer from stomach aches as we are constipated and coconut helps us in preventing it. As this fibre won't get digested in our body the stools are pale in colour. This is the nature of coconut it treats constipation. Adding coconut to taste less foods adds taste to it. The fibre in the foods removes the fat produced by coconut. Its better if we avoid unneccessary fats and make it a habit to use coconut in our household. We are neglecting this due to lack of awareness all these years, lets start eating this atleast now. That is the reason why our elders use coconut in all occasions.
We need to provide all these 7 types of food to our body. If their is any kind of imbalance it is troublesome.You will stay healthy if you can consume based on the proportions mentioned here. The food we consume not only provides energy but when take in modified amounts can act as a medicine.
We are causing trouble to our body in the name ofcivilization. Polishing rice and pulses, cooking food on stoves, eating foods that are stored in refrigerator, deep frying food using more oils, masalas, salt, chilly powder etc are causing us more harm. We are seeing ageing without age difference. Greying of air, bald head, decreased vision, hearing, joint pains etc are due to our mistakes. All the organisms in the world are consuming fresh food we the highly cognitive beings are feeding on the deas. So its better we behave wisely and behave accordingly.

Human body is a miracle

Human body is a miracle device. If you provide the necessary fuel,it works without any effort for hundred years. It can work continuosly and cure any disease that occurs, there is no other devise like human being. We understand the importance of life and greatness of god when we study every part of human being in detail.
Heart is about the size of our fist - It does loads of work : Heart is most important organ in our body. It is about the size of their own fist. Their muscular activity is amazing.It beats 72 times per min, and pumps 90 to 100 ml of blood every minute which comprises 10000 litres in 24 hours, it is almost the volume of a large sized water tanker. The motor we use in our house gets heated if we use it for 4 hours continuoly, it gets damaged for 2 years of use, heart muscles on the otherhand don't develop fatigue, don't get warm or wears off. It does its work if we provide it pure air and good food. It regulates its activity depending on the needs of our body. Heart does extra work when we are suffering from diseases. It gets accumulated with fat when we eat fatty food and when we won't do any kind of exercise. We need to spend lakhs to repair it. If we don't cooperate it won't function properly, we need to rush to a doctor for help so that its function gets improved. We are aware that we stop when our heart stops even though we neglect.
Lungs: Lungs are important next to our heart, they provide oxygen to our body. They work 18 times per work and bring in atleast 500ml of air everytime, it does 26000 inspirations and expirations per day. They regulate themselves depending on the needs of our body. Our life expectancy depends on the type of air we breathe. More the amount of air we breathe , more is the level of oxygen in blood. More the level of oxygen , more will be our activity. We can control ourselves by gaining control over our breathing. If the air we inspire contain dust, smoke, germs etc it causes harm to our body. The hair, mucous in our nose are present to prevent entry of these substances. God has placed glands to kill the organisms further and protect our lungs. We are cleaning the air filters of our vehicles every year, they attract dust particles, our lungs on the other hand excrete those waste materials.
Inorder to remove the mucous produced by eating unhealthy foods, god has introduced cough and sneezing to remove them from our body. We on the other hand are using suppressants to this reflexes and laying foundation to diseases. This is not allowing lungs to clean their waste and leading to diseases. Along with these obesity, belly fat are increasing load on our lungs. If we live a pollution free natural environment we won't get these troubles. Consuming foods stored in freeze is increasing mucous production. Smoking cigars, beedi and any other tobacco containing product is damaging our lungs. Doing pranayama in the morning and evening and focussing on respiratory activity is good for us, this maintains peace and keeps us healthy.
Kidneys: A pair of kidneys filter almot 180 litres of water everyday by removing waste materials. If we don't disturb its activity it does this for hundred years. After filtration of water, useful substances are taken back into the blood and waste materials and salts are excreted in the form of urine. Kidneys function resembles the candles in the water filtre, both purifies water, but candles gets damaged in one year. Our kidneys remain so as long as we damage them. Consuming alcohol, more amounts of salts, reduced water content and eating non veg and overeating are leading to kidney damage. We need to spend lakhs of money and beg for a kidney inorder to live.
Even though animals consume unclean food, dirty water they remain healthy and we human beings are suffering from kidney stones and damage even though we drink pure water, clean and cooked food. What is the reason to this? This is because of our cravings to unwanted and avoiding important once like water consumption, all thanks to our lack of control on cravings. The amount of water we drink decides the life of our kidneys. We should protect these valuable organs for our own benefit.
Liver: Liver is the biggest gland in our body. It weigh 1.5 to 2kg. It produce bile juices that gets released into duodenum and helps in digestion. It work more than any organ in the body. It is the only organ to protect our body from diseases. All the food and medicines we eat reaches liver first , it then sends to organs that need them. It stores little amount of blood and releases when it is needed.All the toxins that reach our body and all the waste material produced in the body reach the liver first and it destroys them.We can live a happy life when our liver is functioning efficiently. But we are increasing load on it by consuming fatty and junk food in the name of taste, consuming powerful medicine, alcohol ,tobacco , drugs and meat are weakening it.
If our liver is not functioning effeciently we can't get sufficient nutrient from the food we eat. We get diseases frequently like jaundice, fevers, digestive system diseases etc. Inorder to cure liver diseases, we need to fast by consuming only fluids. The only solution to reduce load on our body is to consume foods that are naturally available. If we protect our liver it will protect us from harmful toxins. Bathing cleans our body surface in the same manner liver cleans our body.
Muscles and blood vessels: They are responsible for circulating blood throughout our body. They are of two types arteries and veins. Arteries bring the purified blood to all parts of boody, veins on the other hand takes back the impure blood. They branch and spread through out our body. The posess an ability to heal on injury and posess elasticity. They can form anastomoses.
Our body contain blood vesselss and nerves that are 60000 miles long. They work 24 hours untill the end of our life efficiently, if we cooperate with them. We get pain, numbness, tingling sensation when a blood vessel gets closed. Eating more amount of fatty foods and salt, reducing intake of water and fibres are leading to stiffness in blood vessels and causing damage. Inorder to prevent all these problems eat foods that are suitable for your body.
Mucles are of 2 types 1. Voluntary muscles - They function under our conscious control, they are responsible for our movements. 2. Involuntary muscles - They function without our conscious control. For example muscles of heart, GI tract, brain work without our control, they are involuntary muscles. These muscles and vessels function on their own if we don't trouble them. They work effeciently when we provide the proper food and do physical work. They work for years without any wear and tear.
Bones:They provide shape, strength, support to our body and helps in movement. They bear the weight of our body. Skull protects brain, ribs protect heart and lungs from injury. Our vertebrae are responsible for maintaining our posture. There are many types of bones small and big that perform many functions.
More we work, more stronger becomes our bones. Grinding stones become soft as we ue, but our bones strengthen. In case of fractures they heal on there own. Bridge we built using 100 crores also collapses one day but our bones are carrying our body weight since 100 years. These bones gifted by god won't reduce in size, their strength and growth depends on the food we eat. They gets damaged due to unhealthy food habits. Rocks gets reduced due to movement of ants but our teeth gifted by god don't show any change after eating things for 100 years.
Skin: Skin covers our entire body and protects it. It does wide variety of functions like, it detects sensation, excretes waste materials in the form of sweat, changes itself during cold and hot climates and protects us. It gives us tone and makes us beautiful, it is neither stiff nor elastic, doesn't change due to change in weather. It heals automatically. If we can't protect it there is no one more foolish than us. It has pores but doesn't leak, if keeps us cool in summers and warm in winters. If we don't protect it we get diseases like allergies, fungal infection etc
Lets understand some miracles of human body that god created to protect us.
Apperance : Even though there are billions of people in the world we never saw two persons looking alike, having same voice, stature and thinking etc. That is something beyond human science that no one could ever understand.
Speech: God has gifted us with speech that makes us unique from 84 lakh species, sop that we express our sadness and feelings. We need to be grateful for this.
Grief: This is an important quality that is protecting us. If we are not aware about a problem how can we reach for help. For example when faeces gets stored in our intestines we experience gas trouble that is causing pain in the stomach and is the reason why we are consulting a doctor. Most the medications we use are to supress this pain, we are foolishly stopping an indication that is making us know a problem, we are not focussing on the disease. As long as we consider stopping pain as a solution to our disease, we won't get cured. This only increases the number of hospitals. Mahathma gandhiji said that increased number of hospitals indicates that people are foolish not civilized. We care for our health only when we feel pain, they are god. Life without pain is waste and it doen't helps us to be better.
Water pressure: Water stores in our body maintains their levels in body, they do so based on the input and by performing excretory activity. If levels are increased water is lost in the form of urine, if they are reduced we feel thirsty all this is happening without our involvement.Even though we are diseased our body does this work efficiently.
Clotting of blood: We bleed when we get injured. Water can't be hold in a broken pot, if we that happens with us we are dead, but our blood clots and protects us.
Saliva :It is produced in our mouth all the time without our involvement just like water are formed inside the earth. We can't swallow or chew without this, it helps in movements of tongue and keeps it moist so that we can speak.
Digestive juices: They are produced without our interference depending on the presence of food and its contents, they stop when the food is absent. If acid is released in an empty stomach it can form ulcers right.
Vomitings:It removes the food we are allergic to or which is not directed properly and clears the intestine. Our elders say we can't stop vomiting or marriage as they are designed by god.
Choking:When we eat food and talk sometimes food particles get stuck in the lungs , choking tries to push them out and protects our airways
Hiccups: When you eat food without chewing it can obstruct the airway and interefere with breathing , hiccups move these food and makes us drink water so that food passes into the oesophagus.
Sneezing:Its body's method removing dirt that pass our nose. It is a protective mechanism , that our body created to protect we on the other hand are using medicine to suppress it. More we sneeze, more the amount of waste is removed. We are using sedatives so stop sneezing and storing the waste inside.
Bad taste: When waste material levels increase in liver and intestine, we experience bad taste, to prevent eating because we never stop eating. This can provide rest to our intestines and they get cleaned on their own. We clean our houses twice everyday and wash it on every auspicious occasion according to the law.We humans are not bothered to clean our own body when we clean our temples everyday. Our body cleans itselves by giving us bad taste we on the other hand think it as a disease and use medicines. If we are consuming food even though it tastes bad ,our intestine does the digestion first keeping aside the cleaning, it is like troubling an already diseased organ. Even we ate food we won't get energy due to improper digestion and we won't be free from our illness. These are things we do.
Cough: Our body removes mucous present in the lungs in the form of cough and protects our lungs. Every time we cough it is either moving mucous out or expelling it. Did you ever see any animal that coughs? No. because they don't crave for tasty food like we do. Human don't feel any trouble eating, regrets coughing. Indirectly it is the mucous but what that troubles us is cough. If we use medications to suppress cough, mucous stays in the lungs for long time and is vey dangerous to us.
Nasal congestion: Our body removes the mucous produced in our head, neck and throat by our nose. We usually see mucous obstructing our sinuses and nose and is responsible for difficulty in listening, speaking, thinking and headaches and troubles us. Our body moves these mucous by sneezing and removes it from the body this is the law of nature. If all the waste is gone our sneezing gets cleared. If you stop sneezing by medication, it causes harm to your body. Your cold gets cured in a week with medicine and in 7 days without medication.
Motions:When the harmful micro organisms increase in our intestines our body protects it by this, it may cause us weakness but it cleans our body.
Fever: It's a boon to all human beings. It cleans our body, some people consider fever as disease. But fever is different from disease. Fever is a protective reflex that tries to eliminate the disease. It is the law of nature. Every organism on this earth gets fever. Fever persist as long the disease particles and toxic particles are present in the body. We get the symptoms of fever much before. But our mind is not controlling the senses effeciently so we are ignoring the laws of nature. Animals on the other hand stops consuming food when they feel feverish, they resume feed once the fever is gone and they feel hungry. That is the reason they don't need medicine and they get cured in one or two days. Only we human beings are depending on medicine. The only effort they made is to follow nature.
Our body tries to comunicate with us in the form of bad taste, bad breath, decreased secretion of saliva to prevent us from eating. It indicates us to take rest by creating bodypains, headache etc. But we human beings value work ethics more than our body. So we human beings prefer to take medicine and food and resume work as soon as possible. We eat food considering that medicine should not be taken on empty stomach. The food we eat when we are sick isn't beneficial to our body.
Our ancestors considered there health more valuable than work ethics. They believed that if we respect our body it helps us to work better and for long period. Our ancestors used to believe that being in empty stomach acts as medicine. It is much better than all the medicines we use. We need to do so for three to four days when we are experiencing fever, they used to resume feeds once their apetite is back. We feel refreshed by it just how we feel good nights sleep. This people don't develop chronic diseases and eliminate disease particle completely. All the animals are using this technique.
Our body organs are continously functioning 24hrs everyday. We humans on the otherhand are foolishly neglecting their effort and are not paying minimal attention to them that is the reason why we are suffering from different kind of diseases.
We should be thankful to god for providing us this miraculous life. We should spend our life in good company, positive thoughts and attitude to help people and make our life meaningful. But we behave egoistically thinking that we control everything in our life. We thank people for lending things but fail to do so when it comes to nature, air, water, light, food. Did you ever thank god for this wonderful life? Consider your body as a temple and soul as god and repect and lead a healthy life.

Be careful!

We have completed our discussion on food and health. Eating food when we are hungry makes it useful. Eating food in the name of taste causes troubles. We humans these days are addicted to taste and are suffering from diseases. The proverbs like' Hunger doesn't know taste' Sleep is not aware of luxury', Food we purchased is sacred etc tells us that the food we eat is sacred and helps in gaining health. Healthy people think about food only when they are hungry. Indigestion has more hunger, they always think about food. People suffering from indigestion always crave for something. They eat then suffer and comment that crops are grown in fertilizers, they are not providing energy, they speak as if it is the reason for indigestion. Crops getting polluted by pesticides, they having low nutrients and food materials these days are polluted all these things are true, but we are not stopping their consumption. We won't get a thought to grow them in their garden. They won't get the idea to preserve nutrients in this foods. We can't spend time finding faults ,instead we should spend time to correct them.

Non vegetarian food

The food we eat is of 3 types
1. Vegetarian food 2. Non vegetarain food 3. Stored food. The food taken by a human reflect their soul. If we consume vegetarian foods like milk, fruits, vegetabls, tubers, sprouts they are positive minded people. They stay at peace all the time.Other than other people who consume masalas, pickles, fries, oil, fats, non vegetarian and alcohol lack mental peace, they suffer from depression and lose moral values. They get angry and lust, that is the reason why their lives don't run smooth. People consume stored and smelly food , they loose there IQ and smell bad and behave improperly in a sense less manner. They tend to become weak by consuming them. Its better to consume vegetarian food with less masals to live a happy life.
There are very few people these days who consume soft diet, many choose to eat food with masalas. Both vegetarians and non vegetarians are interested in it. They call themselves vegetarians but they do consume tamarind, masalas, oils and fats, there craving don't end till they eat pickles and fries. There is no need to mention non vegetarians. That is the reason why people are living life with morals and aims in a very miserable manner. Even though our elder are following that we are leasst interested in it. I'm mentioning non veg food in special because i can't describe side effects they cause as they are so many in number.
As we do very little physical work , its better we eat light foods this causing easy digestion of food and releases little wastes. They provide energy to the cells that makes us active. The fruits, vegetable, sprouts and leafy vegetables belong to this way. Meat is the only food that causes work load on our body. We need to understand one more thing that, we behave in the same manner the animal we ate untill it clears out of our system.
It takes 10 to 15 hours for the non veg food to digest, it mean we behave aggresively for 10 to 15 hour. What happen if we consume it every day , we behave in that manner every day. A non veg lacks fibre and is rich in fats, it remains in the intestines for long duration and requires more amounts of digestive juices for digestion. This increases work load on intestines. Intestines also excrete food along with digestion, if we consume non veg food our body does the digestion throughout the day. When will we get time to excrete and rest. If this keeps on happening we may suffer from indigestion and lack of appetite. If we don't care about it it comes out in the form of motions and vomitings. We are responsible for this. If you eat natural foods even four times a day, it will digest easily and intestines gets to rest and excrete waste materials. If we excrete daily we will be the most healthy ones. Animals live life at peace because they excrete everyday and are living a happy life.
Vegetarian food doesn't contain all the useful aminoacids, you should consume meat to get them. More amount of energy is produced by meat. So assume that eating animal that is strong improves your strength. BUt you need to understand something here, if eating hen, cow, beef, deer, fih and prawn i gving you more energy, where did these animals get from. Did they any other animal? What did a bull and elephant , they eat only grass and leaves right. If the proteins required for gaining strength are absent in these leaves, then these animals should be weak like us, but they aren't so. You fail to see the truth infront of you and causing harm to your body eating meat. Proteins are present abundantly in vegetarian food, they are sufficient for our body.
Food that is present naturally has all types of substances whereas artificial foods lack many of them. We human consume meat only for taste purposes and cover ourselves by saying it iss nutritious. Meat smells bad before cooking , to overcome it we use spices with nice smell to cook them. People hate this meat when it is raw and consumes the same stuff happily after cooking. All these due to their cravings. They are attracted to its look, there are many people who consume these stuff everyday. You may get taste at the comfort of your own home, but health won't come to you. You need to observe the adverse effects, we use more amounts of salt, maals , oil and spices to overcome its smell and they cause damage to your intestines. As you are consuming food with more spices , more amounts of digestive juices as released, as fat content is more, they tend to release these juices even after digestion. The acids produced during that time cause damage to the gastric wall and cause ulcers. The spices we use are medicines in ayurveda. If you use them daily, they loose their medicinal value. One more thing the smell of the non veg food isn't gone even after wahing your hands with soap, even though hands doen't have ability to absorb this happens, then what happens when it is stored for 10 to 15 hour in our intestine. How long are we supposed to wash inorder to remove this odour? That is the reason our urine, sweat, faeces smell bad. Inorder to change it the solution is to follow soft diet. This improves our health and mentality. We start to take care about the food we eat. We can change our health just the same way we clean our face in front of a mirror. Killing and eating a fellow being is the symbol of our cruelty and their is a need to rethink about this.

Tea and coffee

Consuming tea , coffee is also an addiction which is difficult to get rid off. We got addicted so badly that we assigned a particular time to them and starts getting restles if we don't consume it on time. we don't have any of these addictions previouly , even though we urvived. Some people drink coffee when they visit some once home even though they drank it before. Wantedly or unwantedly this is damaging our body. If we feed our body with caffeine whenever we are hungry it causes much damage. One cup of coffee has150mg of caffiene and tea has teain. Consuming tea, coffee improves nerve stimulation and cures our headaches temporarily. It better if you drink it occassionly. But if you get addicted to it, you feel weak once its power is gone and crave for it. Even alcohol, bhang, ganjai belong to this category. But they cause more damage to our body than caffeine. It may cause reduced mucous layer in stomach which can cause ulcers. It also cause stiffening of blood vessels so, its better to get rid of these addictions.


We all are worried about pollution caused by factories and industries and don't bother about smoking. There are many researches going on in other countries that found out that it is causing genetic disorders in the newborn and children have more impact due to smoking. Smoke released from one puff has almost 1200 toxins. Our lungs have the capability to overcome the effect of one cigarette per day. What about the impact of remaining cigarettes. moking for 4 minutes is turning your lips dark, what may happen to your lungs they may resemble a smoke vent. Smoking causes increased requirement of vitamin C, so person may feel weak. It reduces immunity. We can't stop people who care more about cigarette than their life but rest of you avoid smoking.

Alcohol- Drugs

Alcohol has become a sign of modernisation , drugss have been a fashion, they try to avoid their pain and get into a state of euphoria. If you do improper usage without knowing your problem you may be at great loss. It will make you ruthless. Alcohol consumption damages your liver and cause ulcers in digestive tract. Digestion slows down, brain cells gets damaged. Blood gets polluted and immunity is decreased. Cancers and ulcers depress them. There i no use when you realise it after all the damage occurs and no doctor can help you.

Pan - Tobacco

Previously consuming pan is supposed to be a tradition post food, but now they are replaced with tobacco products They damage our mouth, teeth, salivary glands and intestines. Getting addicted without knowing is foolishness. Mastication is the habit of animals, we humans are behaving so by doing this.
We getting addicted to bad stuff very fast but it takes a lifetime to get rid of them. They said that human life is the most divine one why waste it by addictions. So you need to do your deeds with respect. You should provide what our body needs not what it craves for. You need to train your body since childhood. You should shift your thoughts from food to values. Then your body and soul become healthy. Healthy man makes his family and nation proud. Think wisely and behave well by using the gift of god, the human life.

Sprouts- Its nutritional value

Sprouts are in rich in calories. Making it a part of diet improves immunity and provides energy. Our core gets strong and clean. They get easily digested. Soaking them in water reduces fat content, improves minerals and vitamins. So its better to consume after soaking it in water overnight. This reduces weight by providing required nutrients. People who work hard and do exercise should make it a habit of consuming sprouts. It's a myth thinking that they won't get digested easily. They contain more amounts of mineral, fibres and enzyme, this reduces work load on intestines. They play an important role in growth of children and nutrition of lactating mothers. Some may assume that they cause stomach pain. It is purely an assumption, it troubles initially the people suffering from constipation but eventually gets better.
Recipe: Any type of pulses, paddy, ragi can be used. You need to soak ragi and green gram for 8hrs and tie them in a cloth for about 15hrs this causes sprouting. Sprouts formation is almost a half inch. Bengal gram and paddy need to be soaked for 8 hours and should be kept in a shady area for 8 hours and then you need to tie them in a cloth and keep it for a day. You can soak peanuts at night consume by evening there is no need to wait for the sprouting. You should never mix these seeds. You can 2 to 3 types per day or all in little quantities. These sprouts provide energy in people of all age groups.

Misconceptions- Truths

1.Misconceptions: Is naturopathy helpful in reducing weight only? Or it treats any other diseases
Truth: People following naturopathy fast, so their weight gets reduced that is the reason why people consider that it is only for reducing weight. It cure all acute and chronic illnesses in people of all age groups.
2.Misconception : Weight loss in naturopathy may be due to fasting, But how any disease gets cured without medicine?
Truth:Before fasting effecting persons weight, it reduces diseased particles. Food we eat when we get feeds the disease not us.It is proven scientifically. For example a field has both peanut and weed plants, when you spray fertilizer weed plant takes it and multiplies in number , but peanut plant doesn't have the ability to do so.Bad is more benefitted here, but when you pluck those weed plant and spray fertilizer it yields good crop. Fasting provides rest to our body so that it functions efficiently on its own, this is the secret of nature.
3.Misconception: Do our intestines gets damaged in fasting? People say that fasting causes ulcers, is it true?
Truth: If you fast for longtime without conuming any fluid your intetines may get damaged, but we usually consume abundant fluids that provides energy to our body and rest. Crops grew better when you stop cultivating for few days. Isn't it a good one?
4. Misconception: I'm very thin can i fast ? Does it cause any harm?
Truth:Yes you can. You won't loose any weight if honey water aren't sufficient you can consume fruit juices, so there is no reaon to worry. People who are thin if perfectly follow the diet given by us, puts on weight eventually.
5. Misconception: I heard that they reduce the food quantity in naturopathic centres, you may cure me but how can you cure my weakness?
Truth:What you heard i absolutely wrong. Consuming less amount of food is more dangerous than eating more amounts of food. We provide you with balanced diet based on your physical activity.
6.Misconception: Is that true that we gain weight once we resume our normal routine?
Truth: Yes! Don't be scared about it. Dry land takes in more air, inthe same manner healthy body takes in more nutrition and this causes weight gain. Is there any fault of treatment here? Why did you gain weight previously because you won't excercise, you are gaining weight now whats the matter you learnt from treatment? Eat food in low quantities.
7. Misconception : I can't control my hunger, i can't fast right? Is there anything i can do ?
Truth:Naturopathic treatments starts with fastings. You feel hungry when you eat, but thats not the case here, you won't be hungry. Are you surprised? Yes its true as our stomach and intestines are resting, digestive juices aren't produced and you won't experience hunger. As all the waste materials are lost in the form of faeces, you won't feel hungry. Only people who experience it understands this.
8. Misconception: How can you sleep when your stomach is empty? Im scared to think so.
Truth : There is no link between food and sleep. When we eat more all the blood reaches digestive tract and blood upply to head decreases. This causes sedation. But what we need is deep sleep. Once the sedation is gone problem starts. How can we call it rest when all organs of your body are working. As all the waste materials are lost , the load on the organs decreases and we get deep sleep. Doing enema and steam bath since day1 of fasting causes deep sleep. People follow our diet knew the real meaning of deep sleep.
9. Misconception: I can't bear headaches i get after stopping consumption of tea and coffee . Can i do fasts by continuing them?
Truth:No. You can get rid of your addictions easily while fasting. Using lemon juice reduces your cravings , but you may face the adverse reactions for 3 to 4 days. Fasting removes all the memories of these addictions from your system. You may not experience these cravings 3 to 4 days after these addictions. Naturopathy is the easiest way to loose your addictions.
10. Misconceptions : Can we use our routine medicines while fasting?
Truth:Since day 2 of fasting your disease reduces. Due to absence of food we feel light and there is no need of any medicine. You may use medicine only in emergency purposes. We feed on food not medicines. We consider the food as medicine.
11. Misconception: I'm suffering from gas trouble. My doctor asked me to stop eating sour foods. My motions won't stop if i eat lemon. You are asking me to use 7 to 8 lemons per day. What will happen then?
Truth:Why do we get gas trouble? From where we develop this? If we found out the reason and eliminates it , it is sufficient. Some amount of gas is naturally produced in our body to push the food downwards. This is the reason of health. This gases cause all the problems, but the main problem is the intestines filled with blood. The gas that is normally produced is causing enlargement of stomach and intestines. We are using medicines to relieve this but not taking measures to prevent its production. So, many people are facing this problem since years. This problem may be gone when you excrete 3 to 4 times per day.
We clear your system by doing enema since day 1 ,so you won't be facing any troubles since the start as all the gas gets cleared. You can consume lemons without a 2nd thought.
12.Misconception: Doing enema daily is bad right? Does this cause our intestines to stretch? Does this effect the excretory activity?
Truth:Using soap water and glycerine regularly may causes damage to intestine. You can perform enema by using luke warm water as many times as you wish. Walls of the intestine that is stretched before come back to normal position. You perform enema only while fasting. Your system clears the waste materials on its own since the start of feeds. You can stop doing enema at that time.
13.Misconception: I am suffering from gastric ulcer. I am scared that fasting may increase acidity and further cause pain. Lemon that usually aggrevates acidity, how can this be used in treatment. ?
Truth:Secretion of digestive juices depends upon the food we eat. For example when we consume foods that are rich in fats, our body releases more amounts of acids to digest it. There is no need of large amount of digestive juices when you consume a fruit. Acids secretion is not happening while fasting as you are not consuming food. Some amount of acids are produced in the first few days as a habit. We won't experience any kind of burning sensation due to fluid intake in fasting. People with ulcers wont experience any pain even though they fast for long duration. Lemon which is acidic in nature turns alkaline when mixed in water. Scientific research says that citrus fruits heal ulcers.
14. Misconception: I am a diabetic patient, does consuming honey increase my sugar levels?
Truth:No. As we stop consuming food in fasting our body consume the minimal amount of sugar provided to it. Our cells function with increased effeciency due to suffecient amount of rest in fasting. The energy produced from honey is taken quickly by cells of the body and used easily. That is the reason why your sugar levels reduce instead of increasing.
15. Misconception: I am uffering from heart disease since long duration. Does naturopathy helps me in anyway ?
Truth: Naturopathic treatment to a person suffering from heart disease will be like removing weight from their head. This disease causes some kind of fear and depression due to medicine intake. You can stop taking medicines and fast freely. More amounts of fluid we take while fasting reduces the viscosity of blood and improves circulation. This further decreases the load on the heart. Consuming honey from the day one reduces blood clotting. As our stomach is empty while fasting our lungs take in more amount of air and purifies blood. This improves oxygen supply to muscles of the heart, this reduces pain. This causes opening of closed blood vessels, so their is no need of any kind of medicines and operations. Naturopathy restores your health and helps you in gaining a healthy life.
16. Misconception: How long are we supposed to eat this boiled food and follow this naturopathic rules?
Truth:Shade follows the sun, disease follows taste. In order to decide whether we eat food today is good or bad you need to wait till tomorrow. Are we supposed to follow this for 4months?6months? Many people express this doubt frequently.The answer to this lies within you. Everyone craves for comfort and luxury. In order to stay healthy and happy you need to follow it throughout your life.
17. Misconception: Inorder to follow your diet our income isn't sufficient?
Truth: You are earning money to lead a happy life, then whats the use when you are not healthy? Health makes you divine. The money we invest on health returns to us in the form of happiness and health, the money we spend on tasty food is making u looe money on hospitals, medicine etc. It human nature that we won't spend on useful things. When we eat good food, we stay positive this positivity makes us healthy. This is what we earn for our investment.
18. Misconception: Does naturopathy cures and prevents a disease recurrence
Truth: If we fast with all our heart, diseases gets cured. You diet habits, way of thinking, rules you follow all are responsible for diseases. We are responsible for our diseases. That is the reason why we get and diseased get cured.
19.Misconception: Diseases takes long time to cure in naturopathy?
Truth: We all are depending on temporary happiness, so we are expecting cure to be fast. All medical methods undertand that food is responsible for diseases and treat their patients with changes in diet. A treatments in naturopathy starts with fastings, disease particles are removed from day1. We provide permanent treatment to your problems, instead of temporary solutions. The time taken to cure a disease depends on its severity.
20. Misconception: Honey produces lots of heat in my body. How can i use honey in such large amounts with out ending up with diarrhoea?
Truth: This term is not used in medicine, we got used to it. As honey is viscous, if consumed in that form can cause diarrhoea due to indigestion. You can put it for long time in your mouth so that more amounts of saliva is produced and honey mixes with it and enters into our body. You need to mix honey in water inorder to have normal urine excretion. You should consume 250gms of honey every day. Inorder to overcome the side effects you need to drink it by mixing in luke warm water.
21. Misconception: Do honey produce faeces? Where does all these faeces come from when we are not consuming food?
Truth:Honey don't produce faeces, it gets aborbed into blood 25 in after consumption, it doesn't reach our intestines. It is called constipation even though you excrete once. Are you not aware about the stored faeces, you are preserving from years. We don't let dirt pile up at our homes because it causes smell and all mosquitoes bread there. We are concerned about our house hold but aren't bothered about our body. Naturopathy clears all these stored faeces by performing enema, we feel light due to this. Doing enema daily disolves the hardened stools which come outside with bad smell everyday we do.
22. Misconception:I hate enema. I have never done it in life. I will fast only if i can do without using enema. Any how my bowel bladder movements are normal?
Truth: You hate to perform this procedure but you don't hate storing faeces. You are irritated about cleaning your body. We are not worried about constipation, but enema is troubling you. You won't get anything by birth, you need to learn it with passing time. Our parents are teachingus to clean our surface, don't you wash your body from inside? Did you ever get that thought? Why should we clean ourselves? because we have a sooul. You are supposed to do enema when needed. You need to develop good bowel and bladder movements. Fasting without enema is a waste of time. Be happy that you atleast understood it now.
23.Misconception: How long should i fast in order to reduce 30kgs ?
Truth: No one can predict the number of days you need to fast before hand. It depends on the body type, disease and the changes you experience after fasting. In order to reduce weight you can fast as many days as you can. You can further reduce your weight by controlling your diet and exercising, this can reduce 3-4kgs of weight every month. You should not trouble your body in the name of fasting, don't strain it to reduce 30kgs all at once.
24. Misconception: Is sudden reduction of body weight harmful while fasting ?
Truth:It is not at all harmful. We are providing energy required for the activity of brain and other cells of the body. There is increased water requirement when fats gets burned. There won't be any trouble once we provide required amounts of water. Fasting without honey can be harmful. Causing strain to your body in order to reduce weight is harmful. Fastings provide sufficient amount of rest to the body and reduces weight with the co-operation of our body, so it is 100% beneficial.
25: Misconception: I am allergic to few fruits and vegetables and got advised by doctor to avoid them. How can i consume them as mentioned by you in the naturapthic diet ?
Truth: Naturopathy doesn't advice you to stop consuming foods you are allergic to. We instead find ways to resume their consumption. More the physical exercise more is the immunity. People with less physical have weak immune system, we are trying to strengthen it by fasting. Naturopathy cures all your allergies and excretes wastematerial completely. So, there will be nothing that you are allergic to after completion of fasting.
26: Misconception: It's easy to follow your fasting procedure, but consuming same kind of food everyday is difficult, how to overcome it?
Truth: We can't make good habits nor overcome addictions this is the weakness of human beings. Why aren't you not fed up of smoking everyday, can't stop consuming tea and coffee? Because you find some kind of happiness in them. You can get the same kind of happiness this diet eventually. You can't prepare butter in seconds. In the same manner you get adjusted with this diet. First overcome the thoughts of difficulty in consuming tasteless food, don't measure the time you need to follow this. Consider this as an oppurtunity to cure you'r health and follow it with strong will. It will reduce your cravings and helps you to focuss on your health. My book food and thought has many tasty recipes that contain salt and oil in appropriate amounts based on scientific research. You can consume tasty food with health benefit by following this book.
27. Misconception: Do we not feel weak after 3-4 excretory activities?
Truth: Its actually beneficial, 50% of population are suffering from constipation. They should be healthy if storing it causes health, are they? If the question you asked is true then the animals that excrete 2-3times in a day should remain weak.
28. Misconception: I am free from any kind of diseases till now, is their any need for me follow naturopathy ?
Truth: As you are not suffering from any types of diseases currently, it's better you follow naturopathy to prevent them in future. Other medical procedures are used to treat only when a person get sick. But naturopathy helps in providing healthy lifestyle to people who are already healthy. It helps in disease prevention.
29. Misconception: I feel that people should stay in naturopathic centres in order to undergo treatment. It may not be possible for everyone. What is your opinion?
Truth: You are correct, in order to undergo naturopathic treatment you need to stay in naturopathic centres for 2-3months. It might be impossible for employes and business people. We don't worry about our jobs and business when it is severe. We need to be healthy in order to be good at work. Don't find reasons when you get a chance to improve your health, it seems dangerous. If you understand anything by spending a month, it gives us miracles when you implement it. If you spend a month in naturopathic centres understanding your health, it will be beneficial to you and your family members throughout your life. People who follow naturopathy suffer from chronic diseases rarely. They can be their own doctor once they learn tip from the centre. Our ancestors implemented naturopathy in solving everyday problems and led a happy life. Let us try to spend our live close to nature.
30. Misconception: Our ancestors used this wonderful method of treatment and it is regaining importance now. What is the reason behind its disappearance in between?
Truth: Human beings learn good and bad based on their own experience. How can they focuss on natural methods of treating when they are discovering new methods of treatment artificially. Human enthusiasm is responsible for all this disasters. Human beings are adapting to a treatment procedure based on his will rather than bodies requirement. Even moon gets into eclipse. Distance can make it all matter. This distance is to increase the understanding about naturopathy. There is no failure for truth.
31. Misconception: God has gifted us with mouth and tasty food to eat. Why should we live for 100yrs by controlling our cravings?
Truth: This is the behaviour of current generation. Human beings are using their to dig their own grave. Taste are to enjoy but not to commit sucide. God created diseases in order to keep control on our cravings. What is the difference between human beings and animal than our own motive is to eat. They use to call us animals if we are born to eat, sleep, and reproduce. We are called human beings because we have a soul. Animals are useful to us during the life and after death, but human beings aren't wanted by their dear ones after death. So there is every need to make this life count. We need coperation of our body in achieving it. Tastes are diverting human beings from their motive. We human beings are capable of enjoying taste. Its better we consume in limited amounts and take care of our health.
32.Misconception:Modern medicine is advising us to eat 3 times a day and reduce our weight simultaneously. It describes weight loss by fasting is a myth, it is just the result of dehydration and loss of mass rather than fat. We learnt it by watching t.v. and newspaper. If its true i feel its better to undergo electric treatment to remove fat rather than fasting and controlling our food habits.What is your opinion on it?
Truth: Humans can educe their weight even though he eat four time a day without the need of any treatments, it is by doing physical work even illiterates are aware about these. All our problems occur due to reduced work load.Lets understand why obesity occur? Lets for a second keep a side the type of food,amount and number of times we consume and focus on the energy we spend. People who work more eat even twice than us and even though manage to stay fit. They don't cook sweets and oily foods, they cook one curry by using only one oil packet for1 month. They get 2500 to 3500 calories from rice, they use it up the same day. There is no chance for storage in the form of fats.So, they look lean and fit everytime.We now comes to people who consumes 4 different curries, tiffin and different variety of food item everyday made in 5 to 6 litres of oil. Even though we consume only very little but fats are produced in our body. 2500 calories of energy is consumed and remaining 500 calories gets stored in the form of fats. Fat is responsible for all these problems. When you use all the energy, there is no chance for it to convert into fat. Give a thought about it.
Doctor thee days are teling people to eat a they wih and they promise to remove all the excess weight by current treatment. an do any treatment to avoid its formation in future? Their is no treatment to stop formation of fats.Its our reponsibility. You can do that treatment for 6 months or one year and burn whatever fat that is stored. Are you gonna repeat this your entire life without restricting your diet? Due to lack of treatment and excercise fat formation occur once again. Your beard grow more when you have, fat burn more when do a treatment. As it is not done naturally, it may cause harm to our body.
Lets understand what fasting does to our body.You asked me whether fat burning while fasting is real or not. Lets understand why does fat is stored? Body uses these fat stores when it is deprived of energy. It is the law of nature. As we don't eat any food in fasting, this uses the stored fat,this reduces body weight. We have more amounts of salts in our body so, fasting which reduces salt intake helps in removing the excess salt and water present in the body.Fasting also improves the water intake, this evaporates salt water in the form of sweat.As soon as the water are lost fats start to burn. That is the reason why we loose water in the first few days of fasting. But its a myth to think that fasting is breakingdown proteins. You can see the results by testing for serum cholesterol. If we fast for more days then after burning fats, muscular proteins breakdown. This causes more damage to our body. As long as the fat is present we won't feel weak. You can understand this without testing in fastings. There is no better way to reduce weight than fasting. Fasting can only reduce weight but can't prevent its formation again. You should control your diet and excercise everyday inorder to maintain your weight. There is no better option than this.
Its Everyone are aware about reducing salt content curing hypertension. We are using medicines instead of curing it. The disease that started due to salt should end up removing it inorder to cure it. Its better for us to excercise and control diet to reduce weight that occured due to increased food and lack of excercise.Its our choice to choose a perfect treatment procedure.
33. Misconception: We are 60 to 70 years old, why follow naturopathy at this age?
Truth: As you reached 60 - 70 years of age you should start following naturopathy now. You fulfilled all your responsibilities and enjoying your retirement age. People of this age are turning mentally old rather than physically old. They are depressed thinking that what is the need to leave more than 70 to 80 years. In olden days people used to respect elders, even though they are sick and do service. People these days are struggling to earn money and never cares about their health, they don't have anything to do once they get sick except for hospitals and medicines. Humans are facing problems when they should rest. This age is to spend time happily without depending on any one.All the changes occur in our body by this age.
We get addicted towards food because we are eating it since ages. Our body won't agree to compromise on taste once we get sick. We neglect doing excercises, you need to excercise as long as you eat. Your money won't let you sit idle after earning for many years.Our body also won't agree to sit idle after working from many years. There is a prayer in vedas, were a human prays to live for 100 years, with good vision, hearing, ability to do my own work and remain as active as i was at young age, without depending on anyone for anyone. We pray so, but we never choose to follow that. How does that things work when we won't do so. We just wish to be healthy till our disease gets cured. The same thing is happening with our health.
Our health serves like our mothe at this age. With increasing age our work load decreases so, the strength of bones, muscles, intestines etc. So we should consume food that gets easily digested and which releases less waste. Naturopathy teaches you all these rules inorder to maintain your health. Ageing won't occur if you follow these rules and you won't experience pain caused by old age.Regardless of age you should never face trouble due to fasting. You should fast according to your capacity without fasting you won't take your health seriously. Previous memories won't be lost without fasting. You will think why did i not know about this previously. That is the reason you are facing problems at an age where you are ment to relax and live independently. Make your life count by understanding the laws of nature.
34. Misconception: Doctor did you ever suffer from any disease? If we don't eat properly at young age can we eat at old age?Whats the use of consuming boiled food since very young age?
Truth: I'm a patient before i became a doctor. I followed naturopathy at the age of 18 and grew 4 inches. Since childhood i have increased mucous secretions when i consume sweets. I used to get frequent cold, cough and fever. My problems are relieved due to naturopathy. I used to through the tasteless curry outside the window all the 10 days of treatment and eat only chapathi. I used to suffer from indigestion and i eventually got used to it. I did so for 4 months and got completely relieved of my problems. I understood that food cured diseases that even very powerful and costly medicine failed to cure. But i'm not aware that i should follow this life long, my parents didn't object me when i ate junk food and eventually all my problems came back Then is started fastings and diet at home, even though i eat out side food sometimes, the reactions are not worse. I get sick once i start my daily routine. I understood that i should follow this for my health benefit and i also understood that it is me who invited the disease and sent it back. I understood that our cravings are making us miserable. I understood that my body doesn't have any problem, it is my food that is causing trouble. If the problems lies in my body it should even after i changed by diet. I felt that it may be difficult when i visit my friends and relatives house. I believed that if i think to make it possible i can do so whatsoever be the circumstances. If you do something with all your heart, you may find happiness, i started feeling happiness after 5 to 6 months. My mind was in control, at peace and firm from then. Illness got removed from all areas of the body. I sleep when i close my eyes, my excretory system was functioning perfectly, there is no bad breath our odour in sweat. I understood that it is more important to clean ourselves inside. When i was cleaning my body and mind i started to see good and bad with equal importance. I understood there is so much happiness by being healthy. I loose all my efforts if i follow my cravings for one day. It becomes like a drop of poison in a bowl of milk. We can control our cravings, we eventually get control on everything. If we eat tasty food considering we are healthy we get sick and consuming taste less food is impossible at that time. So you need to start doing this at a very young age. You should start when you lack any disease, this makes you eligible to eat any taste at any point of time.
Our body listens to our mind when we are free of diseases. Diseased parts take all the focus. Humans enjoy real happiness only in the absence of tastes and this teaches you a lesson.We try to provide our body the same happiness we got and this controls our cravings. We don't have any cravings at that point of time, so there is no need to compromise. People without desires remain calm they won't feel anger, this moves you away from sadness, then our soul understands the things we say. In this state we focus ourselves on the superior power and we can attain a state of complete meditation.We can travel across the path to reach knowledge that wipes out our ignorance.
Consuming this kind of foods are beneficial to our family and nation. Tasty food is causing diseases that are causing harm to us and our nation. Please give it a thought.


In this last chapter i mention all those tips necessary for the well being of an individual. This is like a summary to what we spoke previously. Your life will be happy if you can follow above mentioned tips carefully.
1. Wake up early in the mornng at 4 o clock, thiss drives your mind and heart to divinity. Our elders believe that gods travel at that time. The air flows during that period makes you feel at peace and is suitable for doing yoga. That silent environment makes your mind peaceful. I would like to mention that the life of a building depends on the foundation, in the same manner our lifes destiny depend on the meditation we do during that time. Drink 1 litre of water after waking up and take a walk, this improves your digestive system. People can do yoga , meditation after this and others can just start doing their daily chores or pray to god.
2. After excercising , you need to drink one litre of water after you dry yourselves from the sweat. This 2nd dose of water pushes the faeces that were moved by 1 st round of water and it gets cleared out of our system.
3. You need to take a shower with cool water after that. Bathing should include scalp as cool water improves blood circulation which inturn protect us from headaches and anxiety.
4.After finishing all these stuff, pray to god atleast for 30 minutes. He is the one who created us. He is the one who gave us and all beings this wonderful nature. We should never forget him, he remembers us as long as we remember him.
5. Breakfast: We sleep for about 7 hours every night, it is also some kind of fasting as we are breaking this it is called as breakfast. They didn't called a meal, it means we are supposed to eat it limitedly not in high amounts. A our intestines are resting over night a heavy meal would cause them trouble so, its better we eat something that is nutritious and light. Its better you break your fast with fruit juices rather than a breakfast. Its better if you prefer citrus fruits like orange, lemon, pomegranate etc, you can also drink juices made using tomato, leafy vegetables, keera etc. You can make the juice based on the fruit that is easily available. You should drink these juices slowly.
6. You should consume sprouts after you drink juice with honey. More you chew more easily it gets digested and absorbs. Less saliva is produced while chewing these foods. When you eat paddy the fibre in it makes it difficult to swallow so its better you consume dates with these sprouts so, that it increases salivation. If needed you can also drink a glass of milk.
7. After breakfast you consume a meal in the afternoon, make sure you drink 1 litre of water before 1 hr of the meal. People who do physical work can consume rice for the lunch. People with les physical work can eat 3 chapathi with curry and avoid drinking water while eating. You can drink water in emergency purposes but not for every gulp.This can cause increased belly size. Inorder to increase salivation you can add lemon juice into your curry but don't add it while cooking. The cooked food lacks vitamin C , ading lemon juice can cause easy absorption of iron from the food. Its better you cook one curry , it better than 2 or 3 types. You can cook food with no thadka, using little oil and masalas by reading my book Food and thought. You can use as much a curd you want and always eat leafy vegetables in the morning. You should never fill your stomach completely, it should be 25% empty. Our ancestors used to say its a good habit to feel light after eating just like we felt before eating.
8.Sleeping in the day time that too after eating food is very dangerous. You can take a nap of about 15 min but used never sleep immediately after food this leads to fatigue. This is because filled stomach causes compression of diaphragm which makes it difficult to breathe. Working after consuming food moves it into intestines easily and prevents belly fat. Work for about 2 hours afterfood and consume 1 litre of water.
9. You should eat plenty of seasonal fruits says our science. Afternoon is the best time to consume fruits.
10.You should again consume 5 litres of water in the evening and focus on excretion. Always eat your dinner before sunset, you can eat chapathi with curry at night. Use coconut the curry so that you get neccesary fibres into your body. You need to consume food before sunset because food gets digested before we sleep, its better to provide body an overnight rest .
11. You can read a book or participate in activities that involves peace and morals, because we wake up with thoughts that we have while sleeping. Its better to sleep by 9 p.m. with good thoughts, it makes it easily to wake up early in the morning. The clothes we use should be mostly white in colour, this protect us from suns heat.
If we can behave accordingly we remain healthy. Don't complaint about lack of time, you can allot time if you consider your health important. You work without knowing difference between day and night to earn money, why can't you do same for your health. You can find time to watch tv, movies,play cards why can't you spend time for your health. Start thinking about your health from now and understand that there is no bigger wealth than your health. People who do hard work can consume food as they wish, but people with sedentary lifestyle should follow this tips in order to stay healthy. You get to make the choice.
I wish all the happiness to the people in the world