Excess weight
How to reduce in a healthy way?

(Sukha Jeevana Sopanalu - 4)
Complete Health
Always wealth
Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

Table of content

  1. Our approach should change
  2. Reasons for gaining weight
  3. Why do we gain wait if we eat late at night?
  4. Harmful effects of excess weight
  5. How does food convert into fat?
  6. How are we gaining weight?
  7. What is the best food to reduce weight?
  8. Difference between rice and pulkas
  9. Food items that reduce weight in a healthy way
  10. Which exercise is better for weight reduction?
  11. Daily routine that reduces heavy weight
  12. One day fasting to reduce weight
  13. What is the right body structure?
  14. Weight according to the height
  15. Questions- Answers

Our approach should change

All the living beings in the nature are living based on the natural resources. Every living being is living by taking air, water and food from nature and using them according to the body cell requirements. The pre-historic man living like other living beings in the nature, lived by taking fresh air, unpolluted water, natural food, such as leaves, vegetables, roots and fruit. In this vast land, since man has originated, has been making struggle for existence by living together with all other living beings around the nature. He observed the natural changes that happened in the nature, all the living beings that have been living based on the nature. He has learnt new things that he was unaware of.
There are so many halts in the life’s journey. He has been going forward, overcoming many obstacles, taking new paths, creating civilized societies and moving forward in a rapid way. Once upon a time, man has lived like all other living being taking nature’s air, water, food. He started wearing cloths to protect himself from sun’s heat, rain and cold. He also learnt to build a shelter to protect himself from natural calamities and from other animals. In this process of evolution, more than water and air, he started giving importance to food, shelter and clothes. Because, air, water are available in the nature freely and abundantly. So, he stopped caring about them and ignored the health benefits that they are giving.
As gradually, man has increased his intelligence, he made great progress in many domains, technically, scitifically, health-wise. He experienced change in different ways such as physically, mentally, spiritually, socially, and economically.
Today’s modern man, in science and technology areas, gained development, went beyond this earth, and landed on the moon. He is now able to view this world in half a minute in this palm. This is all the greatness of human intelligence. All the problem lies here. He is ignoring the body dharmas and the indications the body is showing and moving forward. He wants to achieve more tasks in less time and using this intelligence more, he is earning money, name and fame. But, he lost the true path and he no longer is aware of the basic needs, such as air, water, food, discharge, rest and forgot how to get mental peace. As a result, the modern society has become a symbol of unhealthiness.
Since the time we get up from sleep, till we go to bed at night, man’s luxuries have increased. All human’s tasks are being done by machines. In the kitchen, there are grinders for the grinding job. Washing machines have reduced man’s task of washing clothes. Different types of vehicles reduced our need to walk from one place to the other. Like this, in our life, we are able to complete all our tasks without any problem and without the need of the body, using just our fingers.
In our present society, desire for money and fame has increased a lot. The world has become money-centric. In evolution, life’s standards have increased gradually. Beyond the basic needs such as food, shelter and clothes, money is getting accumulated. People are following family planning and having only one or two children. Unlike olden days, now, we are not grinding rice grains, not bringing vegetables from the crop field, grinding pickles using traditional mortars as we don’t have time. No time to pluck fruit and vegetables. No availability of trees to all. Moreover, we have enough money at hand to spend lavishly. Now, there are so many new items in the super markets to attract us, how can we control ourselves? So many new food items are being created which allure our sense organs and with their sweet smells and colors. "What is the purpose of life if we don’t enjoy the earned money" This thought has developed. That’s why, people are living in the illusion that as long as we live, we should live enjoying the tasty food.
Just as the two wheels for a vehicle, we have reduced physical exercise to the body at one side, and on the other, we are taking more food than the body requires. In this way, we are dragging our life’s vehicles towards ill health. Money makes many things and also monkey things. Today, man have become addicted to anti-nature habits and has become distorted in physical shape. Like a pot, the belly is protruding in the front. For some, the back part increases a lot. For some, the thighs have become so heavy, and with bull’s neck, man is looking like a small size giant just as he is abhorring himself.
Everyone will know that they are gaining weight. The clothes we weary and the things we carry are telling about the weight of our body. The body weight is such that, we are not able to carry it. Moreover, the knee joint pains, while mounting stairs, there is sound in the knees, extreme pain in the knees, cholesterol is getting accumulated in the blood a lot, and fat getting accumulated in the blood vessels, increase of B.P., there is excess weight on the heart when carrying blood to the organs which may cause paralysis, or kidneys, liver and pancreases getting damaged, or when there is change in hormones and when we are affected by diseases like sugar – unless one of these problems attack the body, we won’t realize the importance of health and then, we consult a doctor.
We will take the medicine that the doctor prescribes. Despite using medicine, if there is not much change in the disease, and when the diseases become hard to be cured, the doctors will advise to reduce weight, as they become helpless in curing the disease. Till then, they don’t think about their weight. They don’t realize that there is a lot of damage caused due to excess body weight. Then, they start the efforts to reduce weight – whom to consult, where to go. They will check with their acquaintances, refer magazines and papers. They choose some of the near-by obesity centres, dieticians, yoga, zym, aerobics etc. They will join in a course of 3-4 months. They get the treatment and use the electronic machines which reduce weight. They strictly follow the food principles. They stop eating oil, ghee, spicy food completely. By the time the course is complete, they will reduce the weight by 5-10 kilos. They will feel relieved once the course is complete, just as they have finished a great task. The old habits and friends remain the same. Once they enter the same environment, as they re-join their profession, business, they relax their regimen, and gradually enter the old habits. They start eating and drinking again. They stop exercises. The weight they have reduced in 3-4 months, after working hard and spending money, will start growing as usual. They will regain their lost weight in 2-3 months again. Sometimes, they will even regain more weight than they lost. Once they realize that they have gained weight again, and when the diseases don’t come under control, diet and exercise will be started again. They follow it for some time and then stop it again. Like this, they will run around obesity centres, and change different centres. At the end, they try everyone and every system. But, finally, they are not satisfied with anything, they don’t understand which one to follow, and at last leave everything. They become so adamant, ‘This life is like this. As long as we live, we will eat like this and roam like this. For the next birth, we will take car’. Some other people, try hard to lose weight and they strictly stop eating oil, spicy food, vegetarian food, which cause cholesterol. They assume that by reducing food, they can get quick results. They do exercise twice a day, for 2 hours. For their heavy body, the food they give will not be sufficient, and their nerves get weakened, lose energy yand undergo fatigue. Finally, they need to be joined in the hospitals and to be given saline bottles. The doctor will be angry with the procedure they have followed to lose weight and advises them not to repeat it. Then, they will conclude that diet is not suitable for you, your B.P. will come down and you will feel nausea. It means, without any understanding, you are doing what you like or you take the advice of inexperienced people. Both are not good for your health. Even if your methods work well and if you lose weight, that change would be only temporarily. Because, it is very difficult to assess whether the weight is reduced by reducing food, or by doing exercise, or using the machine of the obesity centre. But, if you think, ‘anyway, the weight is somehow reduced’. But, it is not quite healthy. Why to step in the mud and wash the feet! This is all like, the criminal natured-thief, committing crime every time, going to the court, and getting punished for the crime in the prison. We need to know because of what mistake, we are gaining weight, and we need to ensure that we won’t be doing that mistake again. We have to realize that until, we change our mind and life style, we need to suffer this punishment.
Chronic health problems such as B.P., sugar, heart diseases, joint pains, cancer etc. affect our health as we grow old. The weight problem is also a similar problem. But, due to the change in the civilization, the chronic diseases that are supposed to come in the old age, are affecting now, irrespective of the age. Apart from these diseases, weight problem has also started at younger age. It’s a critical problem that even kids at a very young age are getting affected by chronic diseases. Then, how can our heir for the next-generation make the words of Swami Vivekananda and Sri Abdul Kalam true? This obesity problem is not only affecting our country, but it is a problem of the world. Weight is not a disease, but is causes various diseases. Due to this over-weight, children are facing heart problem at a young age. If you observe children in convent schools, in college, a lot of obese children appear to us. For them, even walking is a trouble. Apart from that, they have a big bag of books! If they walk for a slighter distance, or they to take stairs for 2nd and 3rd floor, they will be panting for breath. If they face problem at this age, how can they lead their future life? That’s why, parents should control their weight, and guide their children in their future. This is my advice. More than earning money for them, teaching health principles to them is important. Our children observe us and our behaviour a lot. The food we eat, the exercise we do, our habits, they will learn without us teaching them. That’s why, you have to follow some methods to control your weight.
We need to understand completely, how we are increasing our weight. My opinion is that you can overcome this problem only with good understanding. Without understanding, if you do dieting, exercise, or use machines in the obesity centres, you will only get temporary relief but no long-standing effect. Without reducing food, by eating stomach-full, you can give the required nutrients, and follow a good life style which can reduce other diseases. We have to reduce weight by eating everything. We have suggested how to reduce weight without any organ in the body getting damaged. For the last 10 years, using these methods, thousands of people are reducing their weight. All the various chronic ailments which emerged along with weight gain, have also reduced gradually, on their own. People felt very happy. It’s like a second birth for them. I don’t say, this is all our greatness. They are sincerely following all the advice we are giving them and enjoying health. This is all their effort.
You might have searched for many different ways to reduce weight or might have used many different methods. You could have read many books and might have followed advice of different people. That’s very good. But, in this book, I have written so many things which are easily understood – just as I speak in my speech. I have covered especially – by what mistake (food, exercise, habits), we are gaining weight, how to rectify this mistake by not getting affected on other organs, how to control other diseases not to grow, how to reduce weight by eating well. Once you know these things explained in this book, you need not go anywhere. You can stay at home and follow healthy habits and cure your diseases along with your weight, without being affected in any way. As this body weight causes obstacles for so many things to do in life, you can overcome this problem. I hope this book will help you to achieve your goal in that direction.

Reasons for weight gain

Everyone wants to be slim forever. But, not all people can fulfil this desire. Some people will become obese from childhood. Some gain weight from puberty. Most of the people, gain weight after marriage. Some other people will become obese after they complete all their responsibilities such as marrying off their children. Some people will be like a rod, despite eating a lot. Obese people will be jealous of such people. They say, ‘you are so fortunate, you won’t gain weight if you eat a lot’. Why is it not happening the same to everyone? What are the reasons for this? So many reasons work together for gaining weight. Let us learn about some important of them.
Five primary reasons to gain weight
1. According to heredity
2. According to the number of fat cells
3. According to the deficiency of thyroid hormones
4. According to lack of exercise
5. According to food habits
Let us understand how these five reasons play an important role in increasing weight. Let us understand one by one.
1. Heredity reason
As it is said, the seed is according to the tree. Our seed is determined by our parents and grandparents. Even the huge banyan tree is hidden in a small seed. If we plant a small seed, a huge banyan tree comes out with the same properties. If we plant banyan seeds, bottle gourd or ridge gourd won’t come. Similarly, if the parents are a bit plump, their children would also be a bit obese. Though parents don’t have any health problems, some children will have resemblance to their aunt and uncle. Some others will have the structure from grand-parents. That’s why, while making marriage alliances, our ancestors used to check seven generations. Nowadays, we are not even checking for one generation. How much obese one may be, they are getting married. We are thinking about the job, if he is located in America, about the dowry, but, we are not thinking about his jeans, structure, is he healthy or not. As a consequence, the effect will be on the about-to-born babies.
If both the parents are obese, scientists have observed that the probability of their children being born obese is 30-40 %. If children get this kind of structure from birth, even if they eat less, their weight would increase drastically. Everyone knows how to produce children, but how many know to produce healthy offspring? We are giving 100-years of life to them, if we give them good structure, the body will support them as long as they live. But, if our children are obese from childhood, people would be laughing at them. If someone asks them, how come they are so obese at this age, they just say, their parents are like that. The mistake is committed by the parents, but, it is the children who suffer. Even if we don’t give them anything, they can earn themselves. But, what they cannot gain or buy is the healthy body structure. Just because the childr children have grown in age and get jobs, they are getting married, not because they are healthy enough to have a physical structure. Parents are least bothered about them. So, even after getting married, if the wife and husband wait for 2-3 years to have children, the children will be lucky.
Man is not trying to get good offspring. But, he is expecting the cattle in the backyard to be healthy and fit. During pregnancy, they won’t let the cow meet the any other bull in the village. They will search for a healthy and strong bull. If they don’t get it in their village, they will search for 3-4 villages and get a good healthy bull to mate with the cow. Because, it is the desire to have a strong and healthy bull in our backyard, we need to search for a good bull.
Though our parents haven’t had education, they could give us a good body. These days, knowingly or unknowingly, we are making so many mistakes, spoiling our seeds and weakening the country. Once the child is born, parents claim proudly that this is our child. Here, the meaning (Ku + Marudu / Ku + Marthe) means, they are the replica of us. If the parents have strength, then the child would also get the same strength. If they have obesity, the child will also get the same. If they have sugar diseases, the child would also get it in the future. So, try to get good jeans. And try to pass on good jeans.
2. The number of fat cells
Fat cells are the cholesterol-storing bags or banks. Just as we use banks to store excess money, the body uses fat cells to store excess fat. If we observe the formation of fat cells, their number if finalized in the first one and half years of their birth. Again, they are formed to some extent when the children get matured. Once the fat cells are born, they will stay lifelong like that. In the first year itself, the fat cells are counted, based on the food taken at that age, it would be determined whether the fat cells number is few or more. Whoever have more fat cells, they will have the more fat-storing capacity by birth. There are more chances for these people to grow weight. Whoever has more fat cells, the facility for fat to get stored will be less. For these people, the chances of becoming thinner are more. The formation of fat cells is determined by the food given in the first year.
We can say that those children are lucky, who take mother’s milk since birth to one or one and half a year. Mother’s milk helps them generate only a few number of fat cells. This help protects their health life-long. We can say, that all the people of our generation are lucky, because, we have taken mother’s milk till 2-3 years. The last offspring will be drinking milk for 4-5 years, clinging to their mother. To make them stop drinking mother’s milk, they used to apply soap berry or neem juice to the nipples. We can say the present generation children are unlucky in this aspect, as they are not given mother’s milk. We are not aware to give mother’s milk, unless either the doctors or the Americans tell us to do. Even if they give, they give for 1 or 2 months.
Before marriage, most of the girls are a bit obese. When they get pregnant, not to have abortion, they don’t do much work, not bending, not taking staircase, not moving, they are gaining more weight. After delivery, they make efforts to control their sagged stomach, and the body, and try to become slim and beautiful. When you do dieting, how do you produce milk? For the cow, if you give green grass in good amount, it will give milk well. If grass is not given well, the quantity of milk will reduce. It is same in our case as well. If we eat less, or if we have the feeling that feeding milk can cause reduce beauty, the quantity of milk will go down. So many mothers who don’t produce milk at all.
A pig delivers 10-15 offspring. It doesn’t need any gynaecologist. It feeds all the 10-15 offspring with milk. Pig doesn’t ask any doctor what to eat if it needs to have plenty of milk. It knows what food gives milk. It doesn’t diet and make the offspring suffer. These days, women are struggling to give milk even for one kid. See the ignorance of the intellectual human beings! We are spoiling the future of kids with our ignorance.
When there is not enough mother’s milk, we give buffalo’s milk from outside. There are a lot of fat components in that milk. It causes to increase the fat cells. The second reason is: since 3-4 months of birth, we start giving other food items from outside. As shown in the TV commercial, they display some flour and if we use it, our baby would become like the one shown in the ad – chubby and smooth. Now, all the mothers would buy and use that one. Due to a lot of fat cells in it, there is a chance that the number of fat cells will become more. We all want our kids to be chubby. We look at the outward appearance, but we don’t think about the inner thing. Even if the baby doesn’t have great facial features, if they have chubby cheeks, and round buttocks, and the body is a bit fair, everyone pampers them. Though some babies have good facial features, but, if they are not chubby, no one is greatly fascinated about them. As the nutrients are in optimum quantity in mother’s milk, the kids will be healthy, by drinking mother’s milk.
In the 6th month, the babies will be initiated with rice. Since then, we start giving them cooked food, direct fat food. We take some rice and mix in it either sambar or rasam or some vegetable pieces, and for strength, mix milk cream or ghee, squeeze all the mixture and put it in their mouth. As it is new to the child, he will spit it. To avoid this, the mother calls the grandparents. They hold the child tightly, and one keeps the food in the mouth and the other closes the mouth. As it is not possible to spit the food, the child learns to swallow forcefully. As we feed them like this for 10-15 days, they get habituated to eat like this. Due to the fat content of the cream and ghee in the food we give the babies, more fat content gets stored inside and the number of fat cells increases inside. At this age, we separate the cream on the curd, giving them undiluted curd, giving them creamy milk of 2-3 glasses, all these things cause more and more fat cells in the body. These fat cells remain there for life-long.
To avoid this problem to our children, it is good to give them mother’s milk as the primary food. Along with milk, we can give them fruit in between. To produce more milk, mothers have to eat good food. First of all, they have to keep aside the thought of reducing weight, and they need to eat food that can produce more milk. To produce milk, they need to have good protein-rich food, such as leafy vegetables, sprouts etc. Every day, if we eat some kind of leafy vegetable, and if we take along with unpolished rice, more milk is produced. In the morning, if we stop other tiffins and eat sprouts, black eyed beans, soaked groundnuts, a piece of coconut, 10-15 dates, it is good. If we take soya beans along with sprouts, there will be enough milk. We can use them either in curry or rice. If we eat brown rice in the evening, it will be good.
3. According to thyroid hormones deficiency
Thyroid gland is in the throat area. Just as pancreases gland increases insulin, thyroid gland produces thyroid hormones. These hormones control the life activities in the body. When the hormones that are to be produced by the thyroid gland are not produced enough, there will be changes in the life activities, which cause bloating of the body, suffocation, weight gain etc. Though they eat less, the weight will be increasing more. The difference is clearly seen between normal obesity which is caused due to over eating and the obesity caused due to the deficiency of thyroid hormones. Those who are overweight, due to thyroid problem, look different. The skin will become thicker. The eyes will become like stuffed eyes, the face will bulge a bit, and the lips will also bulge. The body will be bloated with water. They will always be irritable and lazy. They will have the problem of constipation. They don’t want to do any work. In women, bleeding will be less. When someone is gaining weight, and if they see these symptoms, they should consult the doctor, get the tests done and to use medicine. For them, more than the food principles, the hormone tablets will give more benefits. Taking the medicine and following the health principles we are discussing here, we can reduce weight to a good extent. In some people, though they take thyroid tablets and try to reduce weight, they won’t get any results. Such people should consult the doctor. Even if the medicinal dose is not sufficient or there maybe any changes in the thyroid, we need to change hormone dose according to the situation. It is better to get the treatment and try to reduce weight. If you think that you are following naturopathic treatment, so you want to try it stopping all medicine, then, it won’t work like that. In some situations, the medicine is a must. Naturopathic treatment is not against the medicine. That’s why, it is mandatory for those who gained weight due to thyroid problem, to take medicine while following food principles.
4. According to lack of exercise
The previous three reasons are the small reasons for gaining weight, but this reason is the most important one. Let us see an example, which shows the difference in growing weight between people who eat food while doing exercise and people who eat food without doing exercise. Though both bull and Zebu (the humped bull) are both bulls, there is a lot of difference between both. Both animals eat is the same green grass and both eat at the same quantity, the size of both the animals will be different. The difference between both of them is the exercise. The humped bull has the huge size compared to the normal bull. The normal bull pulls the cart, ploughs the land, does the physical exercise and eats food. All the food eaten gets spent in the form of exercise. So, it doesn’t get turned into cholesterol, and its shape is so convenient to run healthily. But, the humped bull, doesn’t do any work, and roams around. That’s why, it becomes heavy, and is unable to walk. People won’t beat the humped bull, even if it eats food anywhere. That’s why it gets fat and pokes everyone. If you observe, when someone is not working and only eating, our elders compare him with the humped bull. So, you might have understood the difference between eating while working and eating without having any physical exercise.
Though our parents, grandparents have eaten more food than we eat now, and still, they were thin like rods, it was their physical exercise, which melted their food and didn’t convert it into fat. In those days, people could eat well and digest well.
In these days, we are not able to eat like our ancestors and we are not able to digest and are suffering a lot. And are not able to carry it and are suffering.
If we go back to 30-40 years, people used to depend on the body for anything. All they have eaten would get digested. In every task, their limbs would move and the body would sweat. Even for the employees and business people, there would be much physical work. They used to work at home as well. Men would fetch 10-20 pots of water home from big wells, doing garden work, watering plants, milking, plucking grass, carrying weights, going to jobs and businesses or crops on foot, roaming in the sun from morning to night, preparing firewood, doing soil related tasks, all such things helped them not to store fat in their body.
In the olden days, women used to have a lot of work. Despite having ten deliveries, they still would be thin. Such was the work they used to do. If we observe the reasons for women to be thin – when they used to clean the cow-dung floor with a broom made of palm leaves, they used to sweat a lot. They used to bring water pots from the nearby water body, grinding floor in millstone, preparing cow-dung floor, decorating house, cleaning dishes, washing clothes, cooking on the firewood soil stove, serving in-laws, taking care of 10-12 children in the combined family, cooking hot dishes thrice a day, all these things used to help in stopping over weight of women. Their regular tasks used to help them to be healthy.
Humans have invented so many things and vehicles. Most people are now able to purchase them. When the machines are doing all the tasks that mean are supposed to do, the chances of food getting converted to fat has increased. As a result, male and female are becoming obese. If we see the facilities today, we don’t need to pull water from the wells; one button can do the work by bringing the water up. Now, no need to carry buckets of water – everywhere, there are taps, overhead tanks, with one switch, the mixi cum grinder will get the work done. How much energy will be consumed to press the switch with a finger? Now, on the floor, polished stones, to clean them, one and half a metre soft brooms – we don’t need to bend our backs as well. No need to move our limbs. Now, for cleaning the floor, we need not wet a small cloth. While taking bath, if we bend down, and take water with a mug, and pour water by lifting the hand, it is all physical strain. The cholesterol will melt. We don’t need to toil that much. If we turn the tap, the water will come through shower. If we come to cooking, women don’t need to sit down for cooking food or cleaning dishes. No need to prepare firewood to ignite stove – now, gas stoves, and they are also at the level of our waist so that we need not bend down. Even when we are cleaning the dishes, we need not bend our backs as the sinks are at the waist level. For easy cooking, we use pressure cookers, non-stick dishes! If we start washing machine, it will wash the clothes, dry them and send them out. Compared to men, women are growing in size because, they are utilizing all these facilities. The electricity is getting consumed, but not the fat from the body. In towns, we get maids at home, who can clean the house, wash dishes, cut vegetables etc. What all the housewife does is cook a curry, watch serials, during the advertisements, mix the curry. The serial work and the cooking work, both are getting done well. When getting all these facilities, how can women reduce their weight?
If look at men’s daily tasks: To go to office, they have vehicles Without a need to get to stairs, lifts are being used; now, there is no need to carry files as computers replaced them, centralized air conditioners and fans, not to sweat. There is no need to move the body but to use only the mind to earn thousands of rupees. To move the body, they don’t even play for physical exercise. When 11 players are playing 11000 people are watching with gaped mouths. As they are playing and working hard, they will be slim. Watching the game while eating, we are becoming obese. If at all we play any games, they are video games of computer games. When parents are like this, the children are also becoming like this.
It will be improper if we don’t use these facilities nowadays. The mistake is not eating according to the tasks. Though we are not doing physical exercise, eating food has not been changed. But, the work is getting done by the machines. That’s why, the weight is getting more and more day by day. It is better to try by doing some workouts. Eating is four times a day, but doing exercise is one time. How can we digest food? Even the people who are doing exercise, are suffering with overweight. So, the exercise we are doing is not sufficient to the body and we are gaining weight. In rich countries like America, the comforts are even more. So, there, they suffering more than in any other country. In people, who are working hard, the food gets melted away, while in people who don’t work hard, the food gets stored up.
5. According to the food habits
As gaining weight due to lack of exercise is the primary reason, the next important reason for weight gain is the food habits. If we want to eat more food, that’s fine. No one will say anything. But, we need to work hard to get it melted. If you think this physical activity cannot be done, your food habits to be changed according to our physical activity, Even people who are sitting idle for 24 hours, they have to change their food habits if they should not grow weight. Food habits have such importance! For example, the rishis will look so lean with bones and nerves visible. As they are sitting for longer durations, they should gain more weight. But, do you know the reason why they don’t gain weight? They are implementing that no one has the right to sit and eat when they are doing physical activity. "he who eats one time is a yogi " Yogis eat only once in a day. They changed their life style, as they thought one-time food is enough for them. They made the body listen to them. If rishis eat four times like us and sit, they will become more obese than us. Though they do not do physical exercise, that is how they maintain their weight. These days, all the family members are becoming a bit obese and it is because of the food habits we follow. Let us see what are these which are causing to increase our weight.
I. Eating polished food daily:- In the name of civilization, all the food items that we eat these days, are polished items. They are white rice, Bombay suji, salt suji, processed wheat flour, white wheat suji, maida, red gram, green gram, all these are polished. Some other items are also refined. The harmful effects of polishing is: in every food item, anti fat, anti-cholesterol items are there. They are fibre, lecithin, arginine. All these things help that the food doesn’t enter into the blood all of a sudden, and doesn’t get converted into fat and turned into cholesterol. Polished food items, are like energy-giving food, without having any nutrients. If we eat such items, we will get fat easily.
II. Cooking various dishes every day: Are you surprised? Maybe you might not have thought about it. In olden days, even when there are ten people, there would be only one curry for the meal. But, in the current day, even if the family is of three to four people, they are cooking four types of dishes. You can say, ‘In those days, they didn’t have money and they couldn’t eat. Now, we can cook as we have money’. To cook two to three types of dishes, you have to use separate dishes. For every curry, when tampering is done, oil is to be added. As the types of curries increase, the oil content will increase. The oil is being used as in olden days. Imagine the amount of oil that is being used for morning two dishes and evening three dishes. If we ask, ‘how much oil is used at your house, every month?’. You will say ‘5-6 kilos’. All the four people at home use 5-6 kilos, each person is taking around 50-60 grams of oil. It will all get converted into fat. Another problem is: we need to add salt according to the quantity of oil. In this way, more salt is taken. If more salt is stored in the body, more water is also stored and there is a chance for gaining weight.
III. Eating oil-based snacks (such as appadalu and vadiyalu) - In the olden days, we used to do these snacks only when some relatives come home, or when curries are not cooked, and eat them along with rice. As these are tasty, nowadays, they are eating them almost every day. In meals hotels and mess, they give these daily. Eating these, you will be taking more oil and salt and as a result, you will gain more weight.
IV. Cooking broth every day (such as charu, sambar, pulusu):- You may think that it just contains water, how do we gain more weight. In every house, at meals, there will be one of the three. In these, we use tamarind pulp, slat and chilli powder, and spice powders. In dishes made with tamarind, other tastes are also added more such as salt, chilli powder, oils, spices etc. So, while eating these dishes, we need to add more rice. Otherwise, we cannot eat. Unknowingly, we will eat more rice. In messes, ‘sambar’ will be available daily. They will serve as much as sambar as you like. Some people eat a lot of rice with sambar. As a result, they gain more weight. Friends mock at him that due to the ‘sambar rice’, he has become obese. For us to gain weight, it need not be always fatty food items. Compared to fatty food items, starchy food items will make us gain more weight. Sambar, rasam pulusu make us eat more rice and as a result, we gain more weight.
V. Taking cool drinks, ice creams, chocolates: - When wanted to eat at childhood, we used to have ‘kammara kaddi’ or ‘jeedi’. It wouldn’t be over even after licking for 1 hour. It wouldn’t cause any harm. Once in a month or once in two months, if we get 5 paise, we would be celebrating. Because, we used to buy the red ice cream with it. We would wait for the ice cream vendor. We will lick it slowly so that we can enjoy it for more time. We would lick the ice cream water, flowing along the elbow. Some children people wouldn’t have money to buy the ice cream and they used to run after the ice cream box, and would take the dripping ice cream drops and drink them. If we buy an ice cream, we can lick it, if not take the drops from the ice cream box – those were our childhood memories. If we eat them occasionally, it would be good. If we eat daily, they will eat us away. Not only children, even the elders wouldn’t know it today. These day, at home, only one or two kids are there. So, parents are pampering them. As they don’t have any problem with money, they are buying them off for their children. Now, it is not possible for kids to have cool drinks or ice creams, parents also to eat, that’s why, family pack ice cream or family cool drink bottle. Not just on Saturday or Sunday when they for a movie, but families are having them all the time at home keeping them in fridge. This is today’s fashion. In ice creams, cool drinks, chocolates, biscuits, usage of sugar is more. They don’t have nutrients but they will have starch (sugar) which is the root cause to increase weight. In them, there is no fibre. Once you eat them, the sugar enters the blood and if the body doesn’t digest it, gets converted into fat and cause weight gain. This is the primary cause for kids to be obese these days.
VI. Eating fast food:- We got habituated to these after following other country people. Fast foods can be prepared fast, can be eaten fast and similarly, to grow fast. In pitzas, burgers and noodles, there is more energy in them. There is a lot of maida in them. A lot of cheese is also used. This can be called empty calories food. This food doesn’t have any fibre (which prevents fat to store) and nutrients, but only weight improving items. In the evening, kids and elders are gathering at the fast food centres. Their usage has become more.
VII. Dabas and parties:- In towns and cities, Saturdays and Sundays, all bar and restaurants are almost busy. These days, as computers are developed, people started enjoying more. People are enjoying parties in the name of birthdays, marriage days, promotions, house warming ceremonies, retirements, going abroad, coming from abroad, children getting ranks, marriage fixing, and finally, if there is no other reason, for the reason of wife getting pregnant. In the olden days, feasts are not a frequent thing – people used to weight for at least 2 to 3 months. Unless there is a marriage in somebody’s house, there would be no feast. If you eat such meals occasionally, there is no problem. But, if you eat the same food twice a week, in the name of parties, imagine where it would store? In dhabas, they prepare the veg and non-veg food with lots of oil. Those food items without any nutrient values just cause to obesity. In the food that we eat in the name of party, the energy would be 1500 to 2000 kilo calories. People who are earning more look more obese.
VIII. Having late night dinners:- At 10 or 11 pm, if you eat stomach full and go to bed, all the energy that comes due to the food, if it gets digested by morning, we won’t put on weight. People living in towns and cities, eat more at nights. As they eat and go to bed just after that, during sleep, the food doesn’t get digested, and gets converted into fat. Compared to the day time, during nights, the energy is less spent. What we deposit is more and what we spend is less. So, due to eating late night, the weight gets increased. We will learn about this in an elaborate way in the next chapter.
IX. Not doing fasting:- In olden days, people used to do fasting on saturdays, on ekadashi, or shiva ratri, on mukkoti ekadashi, on that day, they don't eat food and stay on fast and drink only water. As a result, the stored fat would dilute a bit and the weight doesn’t grow at a time and fasting would help in this way. On the occasions of death anniversaries, monthly ceremonies, people eat one time. And, when they are not hungry, or when they have fever, or the health is damaged, they used to do fasting. It would take 4-5 lankanas. All those days, they would drink only water. for 3-4 lankanas, they would lose 2-3 kilos. In that way, the body would lose weight. In the months of Karthika and Dhanurmasa, they used to stop eating in the morning and eat some ‘kuttu pindi’ in the evening. All these things helped our elders not to become overweight. But, nowadays, the number of people following these have come down drastically. They almost are not following fasting and ‘lankanas’. Despite having fever, or having jaundice, even if the appetite is not good, people are eating three times a day. In the name of fasting, nowadays, instead of rice, they are eating more energy-giving puris, pesarattu, and they would boast that they are on fasting and they eat only once in a day. Instead of rice, if we eat any other thing, it is not considered as food. Instead of rice, if we eat anything, it is not considered as eating. We are doing such stupid things and gaining weight every year.
X. Eating less curry and more rice:- In curries, there is less energy. In rice, there is more energy. Those who work hard, even if they eat more rice with less curry, they won’t gain weight. People who do not have physical exercise – if they want to prevent overweight, they have to eat less rice and more curry. By eating less curry, to fill the stomach, we need to eat more rice. In the olden days, they wouldn’t get vegetables, or wouldn’t have money to buy or due to lot of people in the family, it was not possible to eat more curry. Now, we don’t have that problem.
Rice is the prominent reason for gaining fat. Eating a lot of rice has come from our elders. They have worked hard and as a result, they had eaten more as well. But, we are eating more rice as a habit. But, in terms of work, we are avoiding it. That’s why, we are gaining weight. So far, we have learnt about different food related reasons for gaining weight. We haven’t grown weight just because we have done one mistake. We have been doing these mistakes from so many years. We have been committing such mistakes again and again and getting obese.
For gaining weight, we have seen 5 prominent reasons: The first two reasons are hereditary and more fat cells from birth. We shouldn’t think much about them. We should focus more on the last two reasons: exercise and food so that we won’t put on weight. Let us see what exercises we need to do, either not to increase weight or to reduce the increased weight.

Why do we gain weight if we eat late at night?

Just as it is determined what to eat for every living being, the time to eat is also determined. For each type of species, certain food and the time to eat the food is determined specifically. Everywhere in the world, the discipline will be same. The morning time is 12 hours and the night time is 12 hours. Some animals can see only in the day time, others see only in the night. All the diurnal (day time) animals eat in the day and give rest to the stomach at night. All the nocturnal animals eat at night and take rest in the day. Diurnal animals are like cows, goats, parrots, cranes, elephants, camets etc. Nocturnal animals are like mosquitos, rats, bandicoots, cats, owls, bats etc.
So, to which category do we belong? Since the origin of man till the last 50-60 years, we have been diurnal being. In the recent years, due to change in the civilization, man has become both diurnal and nocturnal. For the last few years, people are eating just as there is no difference between day and night. The energy we get by eating in the day time, will be spent by tomorrow morning time and all the energy that we got through food is completely melts, and doesn’t get converted into fat. That’s why, in other living species, there are no animals which are suffering with obesity. All the birds are of same size in the flock. All the bulls, goats, deer look in the same size. That is their discipline. If you look at 100 people, they appear in different sizes and shapes. Some people are obese in the top part of the body, some look obese in the bottom, and some people look very thin. There are only a few who appear with exct shape.
As cities and towns have emerged, the employees and business people are working not only in the morning but also at night till 10 pm. As factories are increasing people are working in ‘B’ shifts and ‘C’ shifts at night. They are working till late at night, and as a result, he is eating lat at night. By 9 or 10 pm, they reach home and by the time they fresh up and have their dinner, it would be around 10 pm or 11 pm. In the Hindu culture, without giving food to the husband, the wife doesn’t eat. So, till the husband comes, the wife waits without having her dinner. In the evening, as children come from school, they are given snacks these days. Then, children lose their appetite and they also wait till mummy and daddy have their dinner. In this way, the total family is taking a late night dinner. Though everyone knows that it is unhealthy to have dinner at 10 pm or 11 pm, they have no other choice. Though some employees reach home at 6 or 7 pm, they think that if they eat at that time, they may feel hungry at 11 pm again, and pass time and have their dinner late at night. For people in cities, it is not becoming possible to have an early dinner. People from villages are also following this trend and for the last 20-25 years, they are also eating late at nights. Since television has entered into villages, their food habits have changed a lot. The farmer who work in the filed till dusk in the fields, reach home and take bath and sit in front of the television for serials from 7 pm to 9 pm, and then have their dinner after 9 pm. Like this, having late night dinner has become a contagious disease.
Ninety-five percent people are nowadays eating late at night. According to the current life style, it may not be a mistake. But, for the body, it is unforgivable mistake. Man is making another mistake along with it – eating food items in full quantity, that are not supposed to eat at that time. Let us first see the food items, that are not supposed to eat. In the olden days, on the whole day, people ate according to the time of the day – morning, afternoon and evening. In the morning like a poor man, at noon, like a king and again at evening, like a poor man. This valuable information has been distorted now. We are taking light tiffin in the morning, eating medium lunch at noon and enjoying the dinner like a king. If they eat heavily in the breakfast, they may feel dozy, that’s why, they are not eating stomach-ful. In the afternoon, they may be busy with the work or the food may become cool or due to the tension at work, or there are no family members to eat together, they don’t enjoy the meal much in the afternoon. Also, they avoid a full stomach meal, as they fear of dozing. So, the only time to have a stomach full of meal is only at night.
To satisfy the kids coming from school or the husband who comes after working hard, the wife at home prepares the food items tastefully. As night is the only opportunity to have a family get together meal. So, that’s why, they plan all types of dishes at dinner such as biryanis, pulao, fries, palak paneer, appadalu, vadiyalu, non-vegetarian food items, oil foods.
If it is not possible to prepare the dishes at home, the family bar and restaurants or family dhabas, are ready. The types of food there are numerous. All these dhabas and restaurants run only after getting dark. For employees and business people, the only time for enjoyment is late at night. That’s why, all the family, sit in the hall and arrange all the dishes in front of the tv and while talking, passing time, have the dinner. Everyone is happy for having such a good time every day. But, there is a great damage behind this happiness. That’s why, we are asking to think.
There is a close relationship between eating like this and gaining weight. During day time work, if we eat a bit more or more types of food, the energy that we get through the food, will melt in the form of work, but doesn’t get converted into fat. Nowadays, people are not eating like that, and contrary to it, before the sleeping time, more energy-giving food, they are eating more and going to bed. They are concerned that if they eat a bit less, they have the fear that they may not get good sleep and they are eating full stomach. Compared to morning and afternoon, the food that they eat at night gives more energy. Moreover, as we eat while watching television, they will eat more. Scientists have proved that in our brain, there is a centre which shows the contentment. If we eat while watching television or gossiping, it won’t be recorded in the centre of contentment and grow more weight by eating more. If we look at the energy that we gain through the food we eat at night, women eat 800-1000 caloried food, male eat 1200-1500 caloried food. When people become over-weight and unable to bear, they are changing the food, but if they are not gaining weight, and are thin, everyone is eating like this. Of all the food taken in the day, the food that is eaten at night is causing more weight gain. Let us know how it is done.
We have our breakfast at 8 or 9 am and will be working. The energy that we get through breakfast will not get converted into fat and will be melted in work by afternoon. The energy that we get from the afternoon meals, will melt away by 5 pm or 6 pm in the evening and it doesn’t get converted into fat. Though we may sleep for some time in the afternoon, but, as we do some or the other task, the fast gets melted. The food that we take around 5 or 6 pm, it is not getting converted into fat as it is melted away through work that we do by 10 pm at night. But the energy that we get from the food we eat around 9 or 10 pm, can be melted only if we work for 4-5 hours. As we would have worked since morning, we will get sleep immediately after we eat at that time. Many people eat at that time and go to bed immediately afterwards. So, all the energy that comes through the food we eat at night, should be melted at night. By the time we eat again in the morning, all this energy that we gain through the night food, should be consumed well. If it is consumed well by the time we eat in the morning, we won’t gain weight. But, if it doesn’t get spent, by tomorrow morning, it will be turned into fat and gets stored.
Though our ancestors haven’t read much, they have realized this, and have taken care about eating in the evening. Though you know all of them, you may not remember them when you eat at night. In the evening food, there should not be roots, ghee, sweets or snacks, curd etc. and if we eat stomach-full, it won’t get digested, so we should eat a bit less. They have realized well that if we eat more energy-giving food at the time during which we don’t have much work, then the food would get converted into fat. They also have taken care that after sunset, the digestion system will work slowly, so, only easy-to-digest food should be taken during nights. Roots, curd, ghee, rice, all such things give more energy, so, they are not fit for a dinner. But, they have denied, we are eating them full-stomach nowadays. They used to tell that by the time you go to bed, it should be digested. But, for us, to get digested, it is taking the other day and week. Let us see how the digested will get converted into fat.
Through night meals, women are gaining 900 calories and men are gaining 1300 calories. But, in sleep, the body spends only 60 calories of energy per hour. We sleep around 6-7 hours. It means, around 400 calories are spent in sleep. From the deposited 900 calories, 400 are spent and 500 calories are remaining. As soon as people get up – around ¾ of them – will start their day with bed coffee. The old account is not yet cleared, but the new account is started. As this 500 caloried food is left in the body, to store it, the body converts it into fat. It gets deposited into our bank. Similar with men as well. as every day, we eat and sleep like this at nights, the food eaten at nights, gets converted into fat can causes overweight. The food we eat in the morning, afternoon, and evening is getting converted for most of the people, but, only the food that we eat at night is causing for weight gain. But, if we eat early, let us see how it controls the weight gain.
Early meal in the evening means eating between 5 pm and 7 pm. If we need to have dinner around 6 pm, then the regular snacks which we eat at 5 pm will be stopped, because after eating snacks, we cannot have a meal. In the evening, assume women take 900 calories food. Though they eat at 6 pm, they don’t sleep till 10 pm. Even with the routine life style, the regular energy consumption will be around 120 calories per hour. From 6 pm to 10 pm, if we see the energy expenses spent is 120X 4 = 480. On an average, 500 calories will be spent before going to bed. So, during night sleep, the calorie expense is 400. So, the deposited 900 calories energy will be spent completely by tomorrow morning, but, it is not getting converted into fat. If we eat early like this, we can avoid the risk of gaining weight. If we need to reduce the gained weight or the stored fat to get melt away, women better eat 400-500 calories food instead of 900 calories food. Like this, the 500 calories energy that we get through food will be spent by night. The energy the body needs during night till we get up (400 calories energy) will be used from the stored fat. Similarly, for men as well. If we eat like this, we can reduce the daily fat and can reduce the body weight.
I have been following this principle of eating before sun set from Jan 1, 1997. In 1990, I did the experiment how we gain weight if we eat late at night. For 8 days, I ate at 10 pm, 6-7 pulkas with 1 kilo salt less curry. In those 8 days, I have gained more than one kilo weight. Again, 5-6 days, I started eating early, and the weight is reduced. Those who have the tendency to gain weight can remain slim by not gaining weight. Employees and business people, though they are not able to do physical work, can maintain the same weight by following this principle of eating early before sunset. It also helps to reduce the gained weight.
I once had a doubt: people of which country are slimmer than others? I asked one of our clients – who travels to other countries on business work. He told me that in China, people are generally slim without belly. Ninety percent out of 100 Chinese are slim. I was surprised and asked if people in china eat early at night? Because I had a belief that for weight reduction, this principle helps a lot.
He told me immediately that they all complete their dinner by 5 pm or 6 pm. Employees and business people go to the work place with their carriages and take a break at that time and then do their work. If people like us go to China and ask for food at 8 or 9 pm, they will say that it is closed. All the people in the country eat early at night, 90% of them are slim and healthy.
Contrary to this, in rich contraries like America, ¾ of the population are suffering with obesity. Their life style is completely different. They have more focus on the work. To avoid doziness, they don’t eat much in the morning and afternoon and use dinner to enjoy more. After 6 – 7 pm, when all tasks are done, all the family sit together and have a heavy diner. They eat around 2-3 hours, slowly eating and drinking and go to bed late. Like this, they reduce the stress of the work. If we eat when we are not supposed to eat, like Americans, we will be over-weight and suffer with all diseases. If we know when to eat, or when to reduce and eat like Chinese or like our ancestors, before sunset, we will have health and happiness, both.
But, these days, it is difficult for people to implement this good habit of eating early. People are unable to implement it and open fire on me. In this high tech era, they feel, these are stupid advice. Whatever the era be, he who eats should digest it. If we want our bodies not to be a burden to us, good habits are the only way. We may have medicine for diseases but no medicine for the weight we have gained. So, better reduce weight. To reduce weight, you need not swim against a river or plough a field. We are not asking to do the slightest work nor we asking you to do fasting. We are suggesting you to eat a bit early and then work as you do. You don’t need to spend money. No need to go out of the house, no need to work on the machine, no need to cause inconvenience to others – just to change your mind-set. That’s all. If you work hard for 4-5 days, you will be habituated. In the first week, you may not be able to sleep as the stomach is empty. In the first week, you may have dreams eating late night, all your favourite food items. Even if you have dreams like that, don’t get up and eat something. For one month, if you eat early, keeping faith on me, and once you observe the result and happiness, you won’t again eat late night. If you eat early, you kids will also have this good habit. There is a chance that our kids may become more obese than us. That’s why, we better change first and protect our children. Those employees and business people who cannot reach home early, can eat early before sun set, wherever they are. There are ways for it. People who want to reduce weight, what should they eat? What should people ) who cannot reach home early) eat? What if we miss to eat early in the evening? If you don’t get sleep due to hunger, what to do? Let us learn all these things in the chapter, ‘daily routine’. Hope you will all follow this dharma and reduce your weight.

The harmful effectsof overweight

Generally, no one cares if the weight increases 4-5 kilos. If we take care at that time, we won’t have any problems. The problems won’t start when the weight starts slightly. Like this, if the weight increases gradually and increases 20-30% more, the first problem is the body looks awkward. Even then, people don’t take measures. They don’t care about the body. Moreover, they support themselves saying, ‘despite this overweight, I am able to do all tasks fast, I don’t have any problems’. As some years pass by, the weight increases in the internal organs and each of them will be affected gradually. Though such damage happens inside, outside, we don’t know anything. When the farmer is driving the bullock cart, he is not worried about the bullocks and the load he has put for the bullocks. When the bullocks drop the weight, unbearable to pull, then, he thinks about the weight and reduces it. Just as the farmer doesn’t recognize till the cart collapses, till the internal organs get damaged, we won’t take care about our health. Some people start doing some measures, some others, find excuses that they won’t find time for weight reduction. Like this, they don’t pay attention and increase the problems endlessly.
If you observe the overweight people, around 25% of them are able to reduce weight, the remaining 75% of people, despite trying a lot, cannot get the desired results and pass time with dissatisfaction. For such people, the harmful effects increase day by day and unless they reduce the weight, their diseases won’t be cured. The body becomes like that. All the people who gained weight, reduce their food, to reduce their weight. Though they lose weight or not, they take of reducing the food. Some other people, to lose weight, are even stop eating good food. Due to the mistakes they do in terms of food, knowingly or unknowingly, there are more side effects in them. As there are side effects for the body due to overweight, there are other problems that arise due to not eating good food. Let us know the common problems that obese people will get.
1. Increased breathing
On an average, in a normal person’s body, 125 trillion cells are there. The cell cannot be seen to the eye. Our body is a huge combination of all such small cells. One trillion means 1 lakh crores. There are 125 lakh crores of cells are there in the body. When a person increases 10-20 kilos more, such trillion cells increase in the body. For every cell to live, the first thing that we need is oxygen. Though, they won’t get this oxygen, for some days or for months, they survive. If oxygen is supplied well, they can live powerful, healthy, and with longevity. Then only the life will be good. The oxygen that we need is available in the nature fully and ready. We have two lungs to get the oxygen and supply it to the cells. When our weight is according to the height, the oxygen that the lungs give to the body is fully sufficient. Unlike Unike this, if we gain weight 10-20 kilos, then how is the oxygen sufficient to all the cells that are grown in the body? Just because we have increased the weight, the size of the lungs won’t improve. If they grow like that, we won’t have any problem. But, it won’t happen like that. The same oxygen supplied by the two lungs is to be adjusted by the crores of cells. So, all the cells get adjusted with the oxygen supplied. Moreover, for obese people, the belly protrudes. The increased stomach weight affects the expansion and contraction of the diaphragm. As a result, 20-25% of the lungs will be closed at the end part. As a result, not all cells in a obese body will get oxygen. To overcome this problem, lungs work more and try to help the cells survive. It means, the lungs that respond 15 times per minute and give oxygen to the body, to make the cells survive in an obese body, will have to respond 22-30 times per minute. In obese people, on an average, 8-15 breaths happen per minute. Like this, 24 hours, the lungs will have to respond.
Do you think that what if the number of breaths increase? Then, it’s a mistake. If a low number of breaths happen, then more oxygen reaches all cells. This is good for health and life span. If more number of breaths run in the body, less oxygen reaches the lungs. So, the oxygen won’t be sufficient to all the cells. That’s why, obese people always pant like that. While taking the stairs, they open mouth to take air in. Oxyzen won’t be enough to the brain cells and that’s why, they are lazy and dozing and are sleeping all the times. Do you know when a man is happy, peaceful and with a few thoughts? Only when the number of breaths is low. When the breaths are more, the mind and senses lose control. The rishis have realized this secret and they practiced food principles and pranayama to reduce the number of breaths They used to have 4-8 breaths per minutes. We should have around 10-15, which is good for our health and mental happiness. The more the weight increases, the number of breaths increase and the cells get weakened. If the cells get weakened, the organs get damaged. As a result, the whole body will lose its control.
2. The life span will reduce
If we observe one secret in the nature, there is a great relation between life span and the number of breaths. The living beings which take the less number of breaths will live longer, and the living being which take more number of breaths will die younger. For example, the tortoise which takes 4 breaths per minutes lives around 350-400 years, and dog which runs around 28-32 breaths per minutes dies in 10-12 years. If the weight increases, the number of breaths also increases. So, their life span also reduces. In obese people, the fat is stored in the body and the foldings may not appear outside. But, all the organs inside, are unable to bear such huge body and with lack of food, they get exposed to old age. In the obese body, the organs cannot work effectively for more time. Heavy people around 100-120 kilos with a huge belly has ever lived 100-110 years? In villages, lean people with nerves and bones shown outside at the age of 90-100 live like that in the bed. The family members think that this lean fellow is still alive. In people who are lean, as the body area is less and oxygen is supplied to each cell properly, their life span is more. That’s why, the thinner we are, it is good for our life span and for our organs.
3. Snoring habit
In the world, there are around 22 types of diseases that affected the human beings. All these types of diseases affect the victim. They won’t make others suffer. But snoring is one type of problem, which affects others, because this snoring sound is audible to others only. The strange thing is, just as the musical instruments have different sounds, each man has his own snoring sound. Due to this unbearable snoring sound, couples sleep separately. For this problem, there is no medicine. This is more active in obese people and who have belly. For a slim body, the required oxygen is sufficient which enters into the nostrils. In obese people, the oxygen going through these two nostrils proves insufficient, and enters through mouth as well. That’s why, obese people when doing hard work or in sleep, take mouth to inhale oxygen. As more air enters into the mouth, when travels through the thinner openings of the throat, it makes different sounds. They make such snoring sound, disturbing other family members.
4. Numbness
When the obese people have to sit on the floor, they face a lot of problem. For every 5-10 minutes, they have to change their legs, angles and the postures. The reason for this is numbness of legs. Due to the excess flesh in the thighs, calves, the blood vessels undergo pressure all the time. Moreover, when the legs are folded, there is pressure on the blood vessels and make them closed. As a result, the blood is not supplied well to the feet and causes numbness. People who have heavy thighs, even if they sit in chairs, the blood circulation reduces to the feet, and due to the numbness, they change the legs frequently. The numbness is not a fatal thing, but it causes continuous inconvenience. If the blood circulation doesn’t happen well, the legs will become bloated, and they will swell.
5. Vericose veins
In obese people, after the upper parts are filled with fat, fat gets stored in thighs and calves area. More than in men, in women, in the legs area, in women, in the legs area, the fat is more accumulated in the blood vessels area and it affects pressure there. Veins are the blood vessels which carry bad blood to the heart. There would be pressure on these veins and the blood doesn’t go up and gets stored up in the blood vessels. As a result, the blood pressure increases in the blood vessels and the blood vessels swell. As the blood vessels contain bad blood, they appear to be blue in color. At feet, at calves area, in the thigh area, the blood vessels looks curved and look like earth worms, and swell. They are called varicose veins. Due to this problem, there is slight, sharp pain and inflammations in the legs. If we stand for longer, or sit with legs hanging, it would cause a lot of pain. If you stay with pillows below the legs for more time, this kind of problem will get relief. Even when walking, or when doing work, they pain more. If weight is not decreased, other blood vessels will also get damaged. Even if we get operated and have new blood vessels, due to the overweight, they also don’t work well. As over-weight people do standing tasks, long-time sitting tasks without moving the feet fingers, this problem is faced. The only remedy for this problem is to become thinner.
6. In the groin area and arm pit area, fungal infection
In obese people, in their groin area and arm pit area, the fat is stored. Due to friction, in those areas, heat is generated. To reduce this heat, the body sweats more. In these areas, the sweat stays there as the air doesn’t reach there. The fungus in the air gets mixed up with the stored sweat and causes infection. As a result, in the groin, in the armpit, it smells bad and it will be itchy. In those areas, the skin color will be changed and becomes black. In the summer, the situation will be very sad – the thighs will be affected by friction, which causes sores, inflammation and itching. If we scratch, it would be pleasant, but as we cannot do it in public, we feel irritation. As some months and years pass on, in the arm pits and thighs, the skin becomes dark and looks ugly.
7.Causes constipation
This problem is caused as most obese people try to reduce their weight. To reduce their weight quickly, they almost stop eating. During meals time, they drink a lot of water and eat less. When food intake is reduced, the faeces quantity will be less. The less quantity of faeces caused by less food intake, is not well digested as the pressure in the intestine won’t be sufficient. When there is less water in the water tank, just as the water pressure decreases down, in intestines also, as there are no faeces movements, it stays there for more hours and the stored faeces hardens. Moreover, as many people fear that if they drink more water, it may cause over-weight and gets converted into constipation. We all just think to reduce weight in a speedy way, but, don’t give a thought that such weight-reduction food principles, would cause such problems.
8. Knee, joint and heels pain
This problem is faced by almost all obese people. Compared to thin people, obese people have 80% of chances to have joint pains. If you get treatment for these pains, or undergo surgery, if the weight is not reduced, the pains come again. If we increase 20 kilos, it is the knees and the heels that bear the weight. Compared to all other body parts, these two parts bear the weight more and as they bear the burden for long time, they get damaged. In the heel area, pressure increases and it swells there. When the weight is more on the knee cap, the cartilage gets affected. As a result, the sticky element is not produced. The health of the joint gets deteriorated. As there is no sticky part in the joint, it makes sound like a bearing without have greeze. If it continues like this, the joint gradually erodes. As our ancestors were thin, till around 60-70 years, they didn’t have joint pains. These days, children are overweight and the weight is more on the knees and heels. As a result, by 30 or 40 years, they are facing knee pains. Everything has a limit. Similarly, there is a limit to the weight that the knees bear. Till the knees become useless, the obese people, roam around, thinking that there is no problem for them. But, will the knee caps mended again? No.
When the natural strength of the knees is gone, it cannot come again. It is better for the obese people understand this. No treatment is able to solve the joints problem that obese people are facing.
9. Irregular periods
When the weight is according to the height, the hormones that are released in the body are sufficient to all the body. If 15-20 kilos are increased, for the new tissues, the existing hormones don’t prove sufficient. As a result, the hormone imbalance happens. Due to hormone deficiency, there is irregularity of periods. Moreover, if the obese women are students, they have a feeling and tension about their overweight. Whenever, there is tension, the period cycle gets damaged. In these days, around 70-80% of students, periods are not happening regularly. For obese girls, though they get married, the chances of getting pregnant will be reduced. Even if they become pregnant, delivery cannot happen so easily. In these days, for 40 women out of 100, pregnancy is not happening naturally. Without Caesarean operations, no delivery is happening. So, for mothers, it is not enough in just engaged in educating the girl child. More than that, rearing them healthily is more important. Then only, their health will be good. Before marriage, when girls are such obese, then we can imagine how their offspring would be. Think where each unnecessary kilo of overweight would lead to!
10. Prone to sugar
Compared to thin people, obese people are 80% prone to sugar disease. The essence of the food that we eat, to enter into the cell through blood, it is the insulin hormone which carries it.
Insulin opens the doors of the cell membrane and helps the essence of our food enter the cell. We discussed that when the body has the optimum weight, it has 125 trillion cells in it. If we increase 20 kilos of weight, 25 trillion cells increase in the body additionally. If the essence of the food we eat need to enter all these cells, we need insulin. When we are thin, the pancreases gland is small. From it, every day, 40 units of insulin oozes. So, it is sufficient then. Though our weight increases 20 kilos more, the pancreases gland does not grow accordingly. It doesn’t increase the insulin production from 40 units to 70 units? Since our weight increases, for some years, the pancreases gland does extra duties (OT), produces more insulin and ensures that the essence of our food enters the cell. That’s why, we won’t have sugar disease. But, the pancreases gland cannot do OT for life long. After we gain weight, it works over time for 5-10 years and then reduces to 20-30 units of insulin. As a result, the insulin will not be sufficient. The essence of our food won’t find a way to reach from blood to the cell and remains in the blood. If sugar (the essence of our food) remains in the blood, that is sugar disease. For obese people, the reason for getting affected by sugar diseases is the reason of insufficient insulin. Obese people generally say that they don’t have any problem with overweight or they can climb the stairs of Tirupathi. Though you are mounting the stairs, but the essence of food is not entering the cells inside. The obese people may not have any problems outward. But, they don’t think about the inside organs which are in fact suffering a lot. Don’t forget that the safety of organs is our safety. The thinner we are, the insulin will be sufficient to us. The more weight we gain, the greater risk of we getting affected by sugar.
11. Causes high B.P
Scientists have discovered that, people of the age from 55 to 60, are suffering from B.P. Compared to the thin people, obese people have 70% higher risk of getting high B.P. In obese people, there are more fat items. Due to more fatty items, the blood gets thickens. Similarly, the blood vessels that the blood flows through get hardened. To send such thick blood, through blood vessels, more pressure is needed than normal pressure. As a result, the B.P. increases. Moreover, each kilo that increases in the obese body, puts pressure on the micro blood vessels, and prevents the normal blood circulation. The B.P that the obese people will have, cannot be controlled with medicine. The only way is to reduce weight.
12. Causes cholesterol, gall bladder stones
Every day, our body needs cholesterol. The liver produces that cholesterol. In the cholesterol that the liver produces, 60% is used for producing bile acids (The liver produces fluids which dilute the fatty items in the food, which are called bile acids). In obese people, as the fat is more, more cholesterol items will be there. As these cholesterol items enter into the liver, it changes them as bile acids. The excess bile acids (like this) as get mixed with other food items, form as stones in the gall bladder. Compared to the thin people, in obese people, there is more risk of forming gall stones. Similarly, in obese people, the cholesterol percentage in the blood will also be high. Similarly, when obese people do dieting to reduce weight, when the stored fat gets melted, the cholesterol enters the body. As there is more cholesterol in the blood, the blood vessels get thinner, hardened, or closed. As a result, it causes paralysis and heart attacks.
13. Threat of heart diseases
Cardiologists state that, compared to thin people, obese people have 70-80% of more risk of heart problems. When our weight is optimum, the heart pumps the blood that the body needs by responding 72 times a minutes. If we gain 20 kilos more weight, to sustain the increased 20 kilos of weight, the heart needs to work more to pump the blood. The normal pumping of the blood is not sufficient to the body. So, the heart throbs 80-90 times and pumps more blood and sustains the body. Like this, it increases its speed by throbbing 10-15 more times per minutes, and similarly per hour, and per day, beats thousands of more times and tries to fulfil our body needs. The more the heart beats, it loses rest. Between every heartbeat, the heart takes 0.4 seconds rest and works like that incessantly. As the body weight increases, the heart’s rest time will be reduced. With increased weight, whatever work you do, or whatever exercise you do, it creates a problem to the heart. For example, assume that we have built 2-storied building. The water motor which pumps water up is a small one. The motor capacity is sufficient to that building. Just because we have money, if we build 2 more floors and try to pump more water to the 2 new floors, the small motor will have more burden. Just as the floors increase, we increase the power of the motor. Similarly, as gain more weight, the power of the heart to be increased. For obese people, the heart power should be increased. Due to the heavy burden on the heart, its life gets reduced in obese people. Moreover, there is more cholesterol in them, there is more possibility for heart diseases, and a chance for closing of blood vessels. Due to heavy weight, high cholesterol and high B.P. affect the efficiency of the heart. Just as kids grow, the mother’s tasks increase. Similarly, the burden for the heart will increase. So, the lesser the weight is, it is easy to pump to the heart. As we need not carry our weight in sleep, so we are happy while sleeping. In sleep, knees, heels, bones etc. don’t have the task of carrying the body, so they take rest. But, the obese people are not allowing the heart take rest even in sleep.
14. Reduces nutrient values
When people realize that they are gaining more weight and it is unbearable, then they start reducing eating food. In the process of losing weight, as they don’t have the awareness of what to reduce what to eat, they reduce all food items, the body will face deficiency of nutrient values. Increasing the body and then reducing the food is like, four people sharing 2 people’s carriage. For one or two days, they can adjust like that. But, throughout the year, the body needs to adjust with the less quantity of food and to function. Gradually, inside the body, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, micro nutrients will be reduced in the blood, and the immunity of the body will be reduced. Reducing the weight is a good aim, but it should be reduced while having nutritious food. Otherwise, in the long run, the body suffers.
15. Thyroid problem
If someone is gaining weight all of a sudden, doctors suggest thyroid test. If thyroid hormones are not working well, there are metabolic changes in the body and people gain more weight. If we go on increasing our weight every year, the thyroid hormones are not sufficient to control the increased body. Though the thyroid gland is working well, the hormones it produces will not be sufficient to the body. After some years, the glands work excess and get tired and cannot do the required thigs and become old at a young age. So, every kilo that we gain in the body will affect all glands in the body.
16. Mental problems
As we keep on gaining weight, they body becomes awkward. We cannot even look at our own body. Obese people have feelings of tension that people outside may mock at them or pass comments on them. For those youngsters who have attained the age of marrying, will have the anxiety of match-making. In bus and train journeys, for obese people, more space is needed. People sitting beside may pass comments inside silently, and it hurts the obese people. While taking stairs, getting into rickshaw, while roaming with others, they would have negative feelings, though no one says anything bad. When there are feelings like fear, tension, negative feelings, harmful hormones get released into the blood. As a result, the blood gets thickened, the respiratory vessels contract, the heart beats fast, the equilibrium of the hormones will be lost. In majority of the obese people, we generally see the symptoms of anger, irritation, and getting emotional easily.
If we tell like this, excess weight will affect all the body organs. Some obese people – though they look fine outside, the inner organs will be suffering a lot. All the time, we look outside, but we don’t look inside. Health depends on the inner working condition – just because we are fair and plumpy outside, it doesn’t mean, the body is good inside as well.
Man is spoiling the body, by not doing enough work, eating non-nutritious food and gaining weight. Even in the process of reducing the weight, he is making mistakes and causing harm to the body. So, if we want such kind of harm not to happen to us, we should have an understanding about our health since the beginning, and taking care of our body all the time. Gaining (weight) is for losing (health). So, we all should strive hard to be thin from the beginning. It is said, ‘less luggage, more comfort’. It is true in case of the body as well.

How does the food get converted into fat?

Our body is like a vehicle. For it to work, it needs energy. The body uses the energy and does the tasks. Just as the home appliances (fans, A/cs, lights) need power, the body organs need energy every day. To produce the power that runs our appliances, we use coal or diesel. Coal and diesel are the raw material in producing the power. Similarly, for the body vehicle to work, the required energy cannot be sent from outside. The body has the facility to produce the energy by itself. We just need to supply the raw material for the energy to be produced. Just as coal and diesel are for the power project, our food is the fuel for our body vehicle. If we have food, it enters the stomach first. From there, it enters the small intestine. In both these areas, the food gets squeezed and digested as pulp, and then becomes as fluid. The essence of the fluid is the fuel for the body energy.
This fluid essence slowly enters into the blood, through the walls of the intestines. The fluid essence that enters the blood, travels though the blood vessels. It is estimated that if we make all our blood vessels into a garland, they will make around 60 thousand miles’ length. So, the fluid essence, every day, travels these 60 thousand miles’ blood vessels. So, what is the destination for this fluid essence? Where does this fuel burn? Where is the energy (also known as heat) produced? Where are the power projects and generators in the body? How many are they? Do you know all these things? You may say, ‘we don’t know all these things. We only know just to eat. It is okay if you do not know all these things. I thought knowing this information is useful as you are trying to decrease the gained weight. After all it is we, who should understand why we are gaining more weight.
We won’t get energy either when it enters the stomach or it enters the blood. Cells are the energy producing centres through food. These cells are called generators or power projects. The essence of the food ultimately reaches the destination called cells. This cell cannot be seen with eye. Such tiny cells are the source of our life.

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Such micro cells are around 125 trillion in our body. One trillion is one lakh crores. i.e., 125X 1 lakh crore cells combination. To build the body, there are such a number of cells. Are you wondering where these cells exist? All the body parts are the combination of these cells. If some crores of cells assemble and gather at one place, it is formed as one organ. If such organs are placed one beside the other, this body is formed. This whole body is the combination of cells.
The essence of the food we eat, travels through blood vessels and finally enters the cells. The cells burn the food essence (glucose or sugar) and produce heat. Another name for the heat is energy. The energy or heat that is generated in the cells travels throughout the body and is supplied for us for our body tasks. Though we sleep, the cells won’t sleep and they work 24 hours to produce heat. When we put down rice from the stove, in half an hour, it gets cool. But, our body is always heated up, due to the cells. If the cells stop producing heat, we then need to go to the graveyard.
We can say that our body is an automatic machine. According to our needs, the cells produce the energy. When we do small tasks, less energy is sufficient. So, they produce less energy. When we do heavy tasks, they produce more heat. If we are sleeping, as the requirement is very less, they produce only less heat and are in rest position. According to our needs, through power projects, the current is produced more or less. Just as our cells are producing energy continuously, power projects also work 24 hour without stopping. The produced current, we need to use, but we cannot store. So far, the scientists could not invent a technique to store current in large scale. We have to generate current instantly. If the current production is less and the usage is more, then in the name of power cut, current is supplied to some places while stopping the supply to other areas. Like this, we need to adjust. Similarly, the energy that the cells produce in the body cannot be stored. So, our cells also release energy instantly and help us do our tasks.
Though the body doesn’t have the facility to store energy, it can store the fuel (food), which is the raw material to produce energy. If we need to do a heavy task urgently, it needs a lot of energy. The cells need to produce such heavy energy and supply it to the body. More fuel needs to enter the cells and to burn. The more fuel that the body needs immediately, cannot be produced by the cells immediately. After we eat, for it to get digested and become like liquid, it takes 2-3 hours. It is like, when we are thirsty, if the water is not ready, we are about dig earth to get water. The body keeps the fuel ready in reserve for the cells, so that we don’t feel inconvenience. As the cells need it, the body releases the reserve and fulfils their needs. When we have foot, the fuel getting through the food, is reserved and stored again.
The body uses the essence of the food we eat in three ways by the cells. If a friend gives us a party, we generally eat stomach full as we got it free and there are so many variety of tastes. As a result, the fuel that is needed for the whole day is loaded in one trip. Once we wash our hand, our task is finished. But, the real task is started to the body from there. It starts in a complaining mode and starts digesting. After 2-3 hours of our meal, the intestines will also start functioning and they start digesting food and give a bit relief to the stomach. On the whole, whatever we have eaten will be digested after the body’s hard work in 5-6 hours and becomes the essence of food. If we eat for 1 hour, for the digestive system, it causes a burden from 2 to 5-6 hours. The essence of food, from the intestines, in stages, from 2 to 5-6 hours, enters the blood. The essence that is stored in the blood need not be used by the cells immediately. Because, after coming from the party, we slept for a while. So, in sleep, the cells can only give a slight energy. That would be sufficient. If we observe the essence which we get from food, we need not eat anything till the next day evening. It is loaded in such a way. Now, the body has no option but to reserve the food essence. After all the food essence enters the blood, in total, it cannot be stored there (in blood). All the food essence if gets stored in the blood, the sugar particles increase there and we will have sugar disease. Before meals, we don’t have sugar disease, but after 4-5 hours, we will have it. For a healthy human being, in blood, the sugar content should not be more than normal.
The normal sugar level in blood fasting (before eating anything) - 80 to 110 milli grams s
After 2 hours of meals, it can be from 120 to 160 milli grams.
After the food essence (sugar items or glucose) enter the blood, it should not be beyond 120 to 160 milli grams. So, this level of the essence can stay in the body and the remaining should be stored somewhere else. The food essence can be stored in three places:
The first one – in blood
The second one – in liver
The third one – in fat cells
The food essence once stored in the blood at the optimum level, will be stored next in the second storage – the liver. This storage will be useful for us for many hours for our regular physical activities. As the cells regularly use the food essence from the blood, the sugar levels in the blood will be decreased. Though the cells use the essence to any level, the sugar levels in the blood should be maintained from 120 to 160 milli grams, by filling up the sugar levels, the body has to maintain the equilibrium. In the second storage – the liver – as and when the food essence is reduced, the liver releases it. All the essence that is stored in the liver is meant to enter the blood when there is a requirement. If we start more work or heavy work, the liver releases the stored levels in large quantity. If we sit and relax all the day, it releases it slowly. If we eat more food all at once or do not eat for one time or one day, the liver protects us by keeping the sugar levels to normal and do not come down. This is the sign of healthy person.
In the party, we have eaten food that is sufficient for a day, so the food essence crosses the storage limit. As we have eaten heavily in the part, sufficient for a day, all the food essence enters into the liver, more than the storage capacity. Then, liver cannot store it any more. Then, the excess food essence reaches the third storage called fat cells. The food essence, if gets stored in the fat cells - as it as – it will be spoiled and it cannot be stored for more days. That’s why, liver converts the excess essence into non-spoiling fat and stores it in the fat cells. So, like this, whatever we eat unnecessarily, will be stored like fat inside the body. When we eat more, the body stores it. When we are not able to eat or when we do fasting, this fat storage will be melted and energy is supplied to the body. If we don’t eat for 2-3 days, the body can sustain like this. Such a great construction! Though we eat stomach full in the last night’s party, again the next day, we will have full breakfast. For our daily tasks, the energy that comes from the breakfast, gets into the blood, and will be used. all the fat stored due to the excess food we had eaten the last night would settle down as fat in the body.
Let us use an example to understand the so-far discussed food essence. By 1st of every month, assume that we get 20000 rupees salary. Do we keep all the 20000 in the pocket daily? We will keep only the required amount of money in the pocket and the remaining will be stored in the beeruvah. If we get other additional amount (say 40-50 thousands) like bonus or OT. You won’t store it in the beeruvah. You will deposit them in the bank be feel relief. If apply this example to our subject, the pocket works as the blood storage, beeruva works as the liver storage and bank deposit works as the fat cells storage.
If cells used the blood sugar, it means, using money from the pocket. As the money in the pocket is spent, the money from the beeruva comes to the pocket. Similarly, as sugar is decreased in the blood, it is quick to take from the liver, but time consuming to take from the fat cells, just as it is time-consuming to take money from the bank – as we need to go to the bank, to stand in the queue, to fill in the withdraw form, to get token and then you will receive money. Similarly, the fat content that is stored in the fat cells to get melted and to get converted into the way the cells can use, it takes time. Just as storing money in the bank takes time, it is time taking for the food to get converted into fat.
For the labour people, all their daily earning will be spent day-wise. So, they don’t have anything left to store in the bank. Similarly, whatever they eat, they spend by sweating, there won’t be any deposits in the body banks. That’s why, they are slim. Employees and business people, as they eat more and toil less, all the remaining essence gets converted into fat. That’s why they are obese. The deposit amounts we can recognize by looking at the bodies.

How are we gaining weight?

To know how much weight we are gaining, we need to know two things:
First one - How much energy food we are eating every day.
Second one - How much energy are we spending every day.
The energy we gained through food - energy spent = Benefit or loss
See! How simply it is solved. Gaining weight but not looking at the account? Big companies get their accounts audited by March 31st. The medium range business people check their profit and gain once in every three months. If it is fruit business or mirchi bajji, day-wise account is checked. Before sleeping, they think of the profit and gain and go to sleep. If he is profitable, he will continue, otherwise, he will change the business. Since our birth, have we ever checked our account? Every day, how much energy we are storing? For month, how much? And how much are we growing in a year? If we think about this, then, we will fear and we will take care not to grow or reduce weight. We are growing like this because we are not thinking about our body. If we give such understanding from childhood, they will reduce weight whenever they gain excess weight. They won’t wait till the overweight becomes unbearable.
To know how we are growing weight, we should know how much energy is needed for our body to work. From getting up to going to bed, according to the job or our work, we will know how much energy do we need. There are different types of jobs people do.
Let us see how much energy is needed for people of different profession:
1. For male who are in age
For lighter tasks doing in shade - 2,450 K. Cal
For heavy sweating tasks - 2,900 K. Cal
For very difficult tasks - - 3800 K. Cal
2. For female who are in age
For leighter tasks doing in shade - 1,950 K. Cal
For heavy sweating tasks - 2,200 K. Cal
For very difficult tasks - 2900 K. Cal
3. For growing children
From 12 years to 21 years of age - 2,400 K. Cal
4. Children
From 9 to 12 years of age - 1,920 K. Cal
From 7 to 9 years of age - 1,680 K. Cal
From 5 to 7 years of age - 1,440 K. Cal
From 3 to 5 years of age - 1,220 K. Cal
From 1 to 3 years of age - 960 K. Cal
In the above statistics, tasks are categorized in three ways - lighter tasks, heavy tasks, very difficult tasks. Many people do lighter tasks but state that they are difficult tasks. Some other people work very hard but, they feel they are not working much. If we don’t know what professions come under what category, we will write wrong accounts and do fraud. Similarly, with the same habit, we may do wrong statistics here. For such things not to happen, let us learn what profession will come under what category.
1. Lighter work that is done under shade (Sedentary work)
Teacher, tailor, barber, cobbler, postman, retired people, housewives, farmer who works standing, business executive, accountant, preacher, nurse, typist, office peon
2. People doing sweating jobs (Moderate work)
Fisherman, basket maker, porter carrying luggage, goldsmith, farmer coolie, carpenter, washerman, riksha puller, welder, fitter, labour, koolie, handloom worker, driver, maid, beedi labour.
3. People doing heavy work
Stone breaking labour, iron smith worker, coal mine worker, saw worker, firewood gatherer, construction coolie, player who practice for long time
Now, tell me, to which category your work belongs to. Most of us belong to the sedentary work. People who do moderate work and heavy work, won’t gain weight. They don’t need the advice of people like us. Obesity chooses people who are sensitive workers.
Now, we have seen, how much energy is consumed per day. Unlike that, it is good to know what task takes what energy consumption. Then, we will know if the tasks we are doing are heavy energy consuming or not. Let us now know about those details. Let us see how much energy is spent if we do for one hour.

The energy consumption if we work for one hour

Serial number Task Energy (in K calories)
1 Sleeping 58
2 Sitting idle 100
3 Watching TV 100
4 Lying down 80
5 Standing 120
6 Work at home 150
7 Driving car 120
8 Cleaning home 210
9 Walking - 4 k.m. per hour 160
10 Typing 110
11 Going shopping 204
12 Cycling - 8 k.m. per hour 210
13 Cycling - 15 k.m. per hour 360
14 Running - 6 k.m. per hour 353
15 Running - 8 k.m. per hour 522
16 Running - 10 k.m. per hour 655
17 Running - 12 k.m. per hour 750
18 Speed walking 300
19 Gardening 360
20 Table tennis 400
21 Yogasana 400
22 Dance 400
23 Badminton 400
24 Tennis 400
25 Trekking - Height 30 metres 420
26 Handball 600
27 Swimming 550
28 Skipping 650
29 Shuttle 400
30 Heavy exercise 700
31 Bowling 270
All these statistics are the energy spending statistics by the average weight man. If the man has more weight and if he is taller, in his one-hour exercise, the energy consumption will be more. If a woman with optimum weight does these tasks, we can reduce 5% to the above percentage. If we look at the whole expense, due to the different tasks we do a day.
For women - 1950 to 2000 k. cal
For men - 2450 to 2500 k. cal
Just as we measure water in litres, current in units, jiggery in kilos, we measure energy in kilo calories. According to this, women can take 2000 k. cal energy food per day, that is enough. Similarly, for men, who do lighter tasks, it is enough to give 2500 k. cal energy food. Anyone gains more weight indicates that they are taking more food than the calorie expenses. Humans on an average eat four times a day. It all depends on how much we eat each time. Unless we know how many calories food we are eating, the account cannot be known. To know this, we have know how much energy is there in the food. Let us first know the energy available in the natural food items.

Energy available in 100 grams food item

Serial Number Food item K. calories
1 Pearl millet 361
2 Barley 336
3 Italian millet 331
4 Jowar 349
5 Maize 342
6 Common millet 341
7 Finger millet 328
8 Rice 345
9 Flattened rice 346
10 Malted grain 325
11 Wheat 346
12 Wheat flour 341
13 Maida 348
14 Suji 346
15 15 Semiya 352
16 Black eyed beans 323
17 Mung bean 334
18 Peas 360
19 Fried bengal gram 369
20 Black gram 347
21 Greangram 348
22 Horsegram 321
23 Peas 315
24 Raw peas 93
25 Red gram 335
Serial Number Food item Energy k. calories
26 Soya beans 432
27 Amaranth leaves 45
28 Amaranth stems 19
29 Indian Sorrel 15
30 Cabbage 27
31 Coriander 44
32 Curry leaves 108
33 Drum stick leaves 92
34 Fenugreek leaves 49
35 Hibiscus sabdariffa 56
36 Water Amaranth 73
37 Beetroot 43
38 Carrot 48
39 Colocasia root 97
40 Topiaco 79
41 Water onion 50
42 Potato 97
43 Sweet potato 120
44 Yam 79
45 Ash gourd 10
46 Beans 158
47 Bitter gourd 25
48 Bottle gourd 12
49 Brinjal 24
50 Broad beans 48
51 Cauli flower 30
52 Cluster beans 16
Serial number Food item Energy (K. calories)
53 Cucumber 13
54 Drumstick 26
55 Capsicum 24
56 Tindoora 18
57 Lady'f finger 35
58 Raw mango 44
59 Raw Papaya 27
60 Raw banana 64
61 Pumpkin 25
62 Ridge gourd 17
63 Snake gourd 18
64 Almond 655
65 Cashew 596
66 Dry coconut 662
67 Raw Coconut 444
68 Tender coconut (bondam) 41
69 Coconut milk 430
70 Coconut water 24
71 Sesame 563
72 Groundnut 567
73 Pista 626
74 Gooseberry 58
75 Appe 59
76 Banana 116
77 Jackfruit 88
78 Bullock heart 70
79 Cashew 51
Serial Number Food item name Energy (K. Cal)
80 Date 144
81 Dry date 317
82 Fig 37
83 Grapes 71
84 Guava 51
85 Malabar plum 62
86 Lemon fruit 59
87 Mosambi 43
88 Orange 36
89 Mango fruit 74
90 Rusk melon 17
91 Water melon 16
92 Sweet orange 48
93 Palmyra palm 87
94 Papaya 32
95 Pineapple 46
96 Pomegranate 65
97 Jack fruit 44
98 Sapodilla 98
99 Custard apple 104
100 Tomato 20
101 Wood apple / Stone food 134
102 Indian plum 74
103 Mosu fish 144
104 Valuga fish 116
105 Jellalu 86
Serial number Food items Energy (k. cal)
106 Crab 169
107 Pulasa 273
108 Bochhalu 111
109 Prawn 89
110 Red snapper 94
111 Duck flesh 130
112 Duck eggs 181
113 Eggs 173
114 Chicken 109
115 Mutton 118
116 Buffalo milk 117
117 Cow milk 67
118 Goat milk 72
119 Curd 110
120 Buttermilk 15
121 Colostrum milk 292
122 Kova 421
123 Milk powder 496
124 ugar 398
125 Cheese 729
126 Ghee 900
127 Oil 900
128 Honey 319
129 Joggery 383
130 Sago 351
131 Sugarcane juice 89

Energy in cooked food

Serial number Food item name Quantity Energy (k. cal)
1 Idli-1 Big 100
2 Dosa -small Plain 130
3 Upma-plate 260 397
4 Masala dosa = big 100 grams| 210
5 Puri + kurma 100 grams|| 245
6 Masala vada 60 grams|| 100
7 Dhai vada 80 grams| 180
8 Mysore bonda 40grams| 105
9 Samosa 65 gram| 210
10 Omlet 1 120
11 Cup coffee Big 90
12 Rice Cup 138
13 Chapathi Small 80
14 Pulka Small 40
15 Bread slice One 60
16 Parota 55 grams 304
17 Buiscuts-2 20 grams 64
18 Ice cream 100grams 196
19 Potato chips 20 grams 108
20 Cake 75 grams 218
21 Boondi laddu-1 35 grams 150
22 Carrot halwa 85 grams 333
23 Spinach dal - cup 155 grams 115
24 Mysore pak-1 56 grams 345
25 Sambar-Cup 160 grams 80
26 Leafy vegetables - cup 100 grams 130
27 Potato-cup 135 grams 130
28 Dal-cup 140 160
29 Coconut chutney-2 spoons 55 125
30 Coriander chutney - 2 spoons 20 45
31 Tomato pickle - 2 spoons 50 32
32 Fish curry - cup 125 220
33 Prawns curry - cup 85 220
34 Mutton fry - cup 145 340
35 Paneer - one spoon 30 112
36 Cool drink - 1 bottle 200 80
37 Beer - 1 glass గ్లాస్ 200 100
38 Toddy - 1 peg 45 110
Now, we have seen what food items contains how much energy. Based on that, we can know, how much energy we are taking in a day. Women, for the required 2000 k cal, let us see how much they are consuming. We need to calculate from the beginning of the day.
1. Bed coffee: Coffee reminds me of one thing. Women should not mind it.
To give coffee to the relatives, women use small size cups. But, for them, they use big size cups. They do this without men knowing this. This cups story is seen in all houses and in all places. So, if coffee is for us, we will use a big cup, with thick milk. As a result, around 90 k calories will be added to the account.
2. Breakfast:- Once people become obese, they control food, but before that, they eat normally. Just because eating like that, they have gained so much weight. These days, breakfast doesn’t mean getting adjusted with one item – even in tiffins, many combinations and matchings, such as idli + vada, upma + pesarattu, bread + omlet, Puri + potatao curry. If we eat two big size idlis (as served in star hotels), we get 200 k calories. If we add one vada with it, 150 k calories energy, we get. After breakfast, either tea or coffee will be there. We feel peaceful only with that cup. Even with small size cup, we will get 60 k calories energy. So, on the whole, through breakfast, we will get around 410 k calories of energy. This is what women take as breakfast. If it is men, they will eat a bit more. So, it will be more than 600-700 k calories of energy.
3. Lunch:- After morning breakfast, let us assume that you haven’t eaten anything till lunch. Even if you eat something in between, we are not considering it. For lunch, we will have at least one glass of rice. Generally, in the afternoon, we don’t prefer chapathi or roti. With this rice, you will get around 500 k calories of energy. Along with this rice, we will have thick dal + mango pickle, one curry, broth. Women eat less curry. At the end, one cup of solid curd. With curries and curd, it will be around 200 k calories. So, with the total lunch, women get around 700 k calories. In case of men, it will be around 900-1000 k calories.
4. Snacks:- At around 5 or 6 pm, everyone feels like eating snacks. In the olden days, only children would ask snacks. But, these days, more than kids, elders are preferring snacks. At this time, men prefer bajji, samosa, cutlet, pani puri, jilebi. As money is there in the pocket and the street food is available roadside. For busy people who miss these snacks, door delivery options are also available. Women at house, will eat at this time home-made snacks such as chekilalu, jantikalu, pakodi, sweets etc. During this time, the combination of sweets and hot is good. As all these snacks are prepared by oil, even eating in less quantity can give more calories of energy. After eating them, they take a cup coffee or tea. Through snacks, women get around 400 k calories of energy. If it is men, they will get around 500 k calories of energy.
5. Dinner:- To lose office or business tension, people want to enjoy dinner more. Women do more varieties of food for men, during dinner time. Moreover, all the family can sit together to have dinner. All non-vegetarian dishes or oil-based tasty curries, are prepared for dinner. If it is not possible to eat at home, they will go to ta dhaba or a family bar & restaurant. In restaurant, we eat such kind of food. They will eat stomach full, so that half stomach doesn’t disturb their sleep. In the whole day, many types of dishes, people eat in the dinner. With dinner, women get around 900 k calories of energy and men will get 1200 k calories of energy.
If they stop eating with dinner at 9 or 10 pm, the account is closed for the day. If they go to a movie for a second show, after dinner, then, there will be another dose there. Let us assume that they stop with it. If we count what women eat for four times a day, 500 + 700 + 400 + 900 = 2500 k calories, for men 600 + 900 + 500 + 1200 = 3200 k calories energy. So far, we have seen how is the expenditure and how much is the saving. Let us see the total profit.
In case of women
Through food, the energy is 2,500 k calories
Energy spent (-) 2000
Total profit - 500 k calories
In case of men
The energy we get will be – 3200 k calories
The energy that is spent (-) 2500
Total profit - 700 k. calories
For women, in one day, around 500 k calories of energy will remain in the body. For men, 700 k calories are remaining. I am not saying, every day, you store this much of energy. I have made this calculation as a model, just to make you understand. The body stores these excess calories will convert into fat by tomorrow morning in fat cells as fixed deposit. In people who are gaining weight, it may not be 500 k calories every day. Some day may be 200 and if they eat less on a certain day, where they are not hungry, that day, it might not have been any energy stored. Even if they eat more on a day, if they do a lot of work on that day, it may be melted away. Like this, this ups and down in the energy levels would happen. On the whole by the end of the year, at least 3-4 kilos will people gain. Those people who gain weight fast, in one year, 10-15 kilos they gain and they become unrecognized. In most of the cases, in 4-5 years, people gain around 10-15 kilos of weight. Since that stage, they become alert and they will try not to gain more weight that. This is how, weight gaining happens generally. Either the earning should be according to the expenses or the expense should be according to the earning. Unlike that if the earning is more and spending is less, then we will gain more weight. Be careful.
Around 80% of people before marriage are thinner. They will tell that they have gained weight only after marriage. What about in your case? It is said that people start gaining weight from the first 2-3 years of marriage. I thought about it why it is happening. I got two reasons. You need to tell if they are true. First reason – In the initial years of marriage, both love each other. One waits for the other. They prefer to eat together. While eating, one serves the other and they eat while having chit chat. When mother serves more food to the kids, they may shout at her. But, if the new wife serves more, the husband eats silently. Though he may feel it heavy, but, he will eat it, as it is served with love. For the new wife, she doesn’t know how much to cook (the current day girls, they do not know at all). For benefit of doubt, they prepare more rice and curries. If the morning’s dishes are left, they reduce the evening meal quantity and complete the remaining dishes. If the evening meal’s dishes are left she will tell the husband, ‘if you and I eat some more of the cooked items, they will be complete. Otherwise, they will be wasted’. So, instead of throwing it into dust bin the next day, they throw it in the stomach. Like this, the new pair eat more by chitchatting. Gradually, in months, they become plumpy, with cheeks becoming fleshy. After 1 or 2 years, when some relatives see them, they may comment that they are looking better than they were when they got married. Then, they will feel happy and continue to eat like that. It continues like that till they become distorted. Once we are habituated to eat like that, it is difficult to reduce the quantity. Then, they suffer either to reduce or continue the same quantity of food.
Assume that after marriage, in 4-5 years, they put on 10 kilos of weight. The increased 10 kilos of fat doesn’t get stored in both of them alike. In women, it stored in buttocks, then in thighs. Then, it reaches to armpits, shoulders, and back. It is further more, it reaches waist and stomach. In case of men, it gets stored more in stomach. Like a pot it gets stored in the stomach. If you observe obese people, you can notice that all the fat is stored in the stomach. In men and women, it is stored at different places, because, in women, there are more fat cells in buttocks and thighs. In men, the stomach area, the fat cells number is more. If someone gain around 40-50 kilos, all the body parts will be completed and finally, the foot little fingers are also filled with fat, and the fingers look like they are standing one on the other.
To know if we are gaining weight, we want to check using the weight machine. For many, they don’t have the facility and they just ignore it and go on increasing the weight unknowingly. If we pay some attention to the body, without any need for a machine, we can know if we are gaining weight. If we gain 2-3 kilos more, we get indications that the body weight is getting increased. Have you got any? You may say that you haven’t got any. It is wrong. Everyone gets the indications. The clothes or the things that show the warnings are: for men, initially the sacred thread of the waist sends the warning. It gets tightened to the waist and warns about the increased weight. These days, who cares it? If it gets tight, people will cut it and use a new one. When it advises us, we remove it and forget the indication. Then, if we are growing like that, the belt holes or pant buttons will indicate. If all the belt holes are completed, we are getting new holes, but not trying to reduce the weight. These days, even if we increase weight, to maintain the pant, as precautionary measure, 2-3 more buttons are stitched additionally. If the belly increases, we change the button, but not taking care of the increased weight. If we come to the case of women: as women are more careful, they take care of their clothes. Initially, the jocket cautions. While wearing the jocket or taking it off, they will know it. While stitching the jocket, they will ensure that another 3-4 stitches are made with the extra cloth inside. If weight increases, they take a pin and open the stitches. If they gain more weight, they open another row of stiches. They don’t mind the body growing in a disorder way, but jocket should not be wasted. We are not even paying the attention to the body as we may pay to the jocket. The body has lost value in such a way! We haven’t purchased the body just as we did for the jocket. My advice to women is, for a jocket have only one stitch. As the jockets get waste, so you will try to become thin so that jockets don’t get wasted. At least in this way, the thin people will not increase weight. I hope women will not mind my comment.
So far, we have learnt how we are gaining weight. What’s your take on reducing your gained weight? You want to increase the exercise by not changing the food quantity you have been eating? Or do you say, exercise is not possible with us, so we will reduce food quantity? Or you will decrease calorie food and simultaneously will increase exercises and take care in two ways? To reduce the easily gained weight, we should get understanding about two things: The first thing is: what is the best exercise to reduce weight and the second thing is: what is the best food which gives more nutrients but gives less calories. If we know these two things, we can start implementing weight loss process. Let us understand these two things now.

What kind of food is good to lose weight?

For us to live, the important basic things are three: air, water and food. Air is the most important thing which we need all the time. To a lesser quantity, we need water, and further lesser, we need food. Even in nature, the ratio of these three things is also same. More space is occupied by air, then a bit lesser is water, further less, the earth. As we cannot measure air, water and earth ratio is divided as 3:1. Even in nature, this is the same ratio for all living beings. We have such close relationship with nature. Our elders have realized this fact, and said, "What is there in the whole universe, is there in the fetus.” If we change the ratio is spoiling the health and it itself is disease. That’s why, to maintain the equilibrium, they wanted to protect the relation between the nature and us, they respected the nature and adored it. They lived till they merge into the nature.
It is good and healthy that the air, water and food ratio should be 3:2:1. If the body doesn’t get the three ingredient in that ratio, it will suffer. If we don’t get air, we will die in minutes. If we don’t get water, we will live for days. If we don’t get food, we can live for some months. With this, we can know what the body is in need more, and to what the body is giving more importance. For the body to live, we need to live according to 3:2:1. Similarly, we need to fill it up in the same 3:2:1 ratio. To fulfil this, we have no other option but the nature. "Protect the nature and nature protects you "
You may get a doubt why I am telling you who have the problem of overweight. If it is over-weight, it means, the food proportion is increased. Compared to others, in obese people, it indicates that they like food more. Apart from food, those who do not do physical exercise, do gain weight. To make the food tasty, we need to add sufficient salt. In people who don’t do physical activity, salt cannot be discharged out well and it is stored in the body. Wherever salt is stored, it needs water as a companion. This is the quality of salt. The stored salt in the body gets water stored along with it. In obese people, it is water and fat in their body, accumulated. As a result, the percentages get changed in the body. If water and food proportions increase, the air percentage will reduce. If we want life cells to work well, we need to give according to the requirement, but not because something is tasty, we take more food and drink less water, then diseases will affect the body and weight will increase. This is all happening because the priorities are changing. In our body, there is a lot of importance to food. But, they are obviously second to air. Because, you have given more importance to food, your weight is increased. To reduce your weight in a healthy way, you have to maintain the ratio as 3:2:1. If people of young age realize this, they can live forever, happily, healthily and thin.
People are eating more food than the body requires, and not working according to the food taken. We all know that gaining excess weight is not good, we don’t have time to care for it. Some people have a sudden urge to do exercise, stop eating meal at night and start eating only pulkas.
When checking the results after 2 months, the results won’t be more than 1-2 kilos. For such hard work, is this the results? Then, they think, to such small result, do they need to do so much sacrifice. Like this, in a year, they will take care for one or two times, and the remaining times, they neglect and gain weight. Unless there is a severe health problem, such as sugar or heart attack, they realized and take care again. Unless you control this weight, these problems cannot be cured. Unless the doctor asks you to reduce 10 kilos of weight immediately, you are not getting it. From that day, you will follow doctor’s advice strictly to reduce the quantity of food and do exercise. Some people may reduce weight to some extent, but, for many, they won’t reduce any weight and they increase fatigue. After one or two months, they continue like this, but, finally will consult the doctor, not able to bear fatigue. Doctors suggests not to reduce food completely, and but reduce only to some extent. Then, they start eating to some extent, the fatigue is cured, but the weight increases again. You will share your grief with your friend, telling all what you have been doing to reduce weight. For such people, the friends’ advice is like, ‘by stopping everything, how long will you live? In the coming days, there will be another tsunami. As long as we live, we better live stomach full, and why these dieting and walking. Some people listen to such words, and others reduce food quantity, but keep on trying. For obese people, there is the biggest doubt – i.e., why is not the fat reducing when I am eating so little? Why is the weight not getting reduced? Why the sugar and cholesterol are not controlled? If obesity is the major problems, then, fatigue turns out to be a major problem. Some people think that, even inhaling air will increase weight. They suffer that in this life, this overweight problem will be solved. As eating more is causing weight, so they reduce the food, but other new problems are being created. Excess and deficiency – both are damaging. Let us now see how it is harmful that obese people eating less.
The damage that is caused if reducing the food
When people gain 15-20 kilos of more weight, in their bodies, thousands crores of cells are increased. To nourish them, for pumping blood, some thousand kilometres long blood vessels are newly created. Just as in cities, the government widens the roads and lays new roads when people and vehicles increase in number. To nurture the body, air, water and food requirement will be more. For the increased cells through increased blood vessels, these three ingredients need to be supplied. If the body increases 15-20 kilos more, the need for air, water and food requirements increases. For example, assume that in our backyard, there is 2 metres tree. For its growth, we use some fertilizer and water. In two years, the tree grows to the double size, and reaches 4 metre height. For its nourishment, if we give the same amount of fertilizer and water, the tree will be dried up and gets weakened. If we increase the size of the body, and reduce the needs required for its growth, won’t the body have fatigue? When the tree grows, it automatically takes double the quantity of ingredients. People think that it is good to eat less and they reduce the food quantity to half. They will eat 2 idlis instead of 4, eat 1-2 with little chutney. During lunch, small cup of rice, one cup of curry and small quantity of buttermilk. In the evening, some fruit like apple or pomegranate, in dinner, 1-2 pulkas, cup curry and little buttermilk. For such a big body, this much small quantity of food is not at all sufficient. As we don’t take balanced diet, we will have hormones problem and instead of fats getting melted, we will face hormones problems and as a result, we will face fatigue. In the food that we eat, what are the nutrients for the nourishment of the body. As there are no nutrients, and the food is less, the body cannot be nourished and it faces fatigue. For example, a dog, in one delivery, gives birth to one or two puppies. All its milk will be sufficient to the two puppies and they will become strong. The same dog, in another delivery, gives birth to 5-6 puppies. The dog produces the same quantity of milk. But, the same quantity of milk is not sufficient to these 5-6 puppies and they become starved. Some puppies die of malnutrition.
If our ideal weight is 60 kilos and if we gain 15-20 kilos more weight and end up 75/80 kilos. To reduce the increased weight, we are eating less. We are targeting the 15-20 kilos and neglecting the 60 kilos of body and 125 trillion cells. This is very pathetic. This thought of reducing the weight by troubling the body is not good. In this way, we don’t reduce weight. Our fatigue increases. The stored fat also doesn’t come under use and fat also doesn’t decrease. It is of course good to reduce food for the purpose of reducing weight. But, we should know what kind of food should be reduced ad what type of food to be increased so that the body nourishment will not take a setback. When we don’t eat nutritious food, and decrease the quantity of food, how will the body run? Fatigue takes the front seat and the body cannot be sustained. Reducing the body weight in a healthy way is: eating nutritious food which can nourish the 75-80 kilos body, and to give the fat reducing food which should target the 15-20 kilos of fat. If we take care of the body, the body will take care of us and lets us go smoothly. Give and take is the good way of a relationship. We are simply using the body for our selfish needs and torturing it with our bad habits. Whatever has happened, is over. To reduce the weight safely, let us see the must-give nutrients and supply them to the body every day. Let us now learn about such best food.
Nutrients and their secrets
There are 7 nutrients which are useful to nourish our body:
1. Starch
2. Proteins
3. Fats
4. Vitamins
5. Minerals
6. Natural engymes
7. Fibre
These seven ingredients are the daily basic needs of our life. The body is built with these seven things. If we use this body for one day, these seven ingredients will reduce. The body asks to refill them every day. Just as body asks for water in the form of thirst, it asks for good food in the form of hunger. Fulfilling the hunger means, providing the body with these seven nutrient values. Only complete and balanced diet contains these ingredients. In the nature, every living being is supposed to eat a particular kind of food and throughout its life, it searches for it and fulfils its body needs. In the name of civilization, we are voting for this tiny tongue and deceiving this big body. With the thought of quenching the desire of the tongue, we are choosing food, and with it we are addressing the body needs and spoiling the body. Are we providing what the body needs daily? Are we thinking if our food has all these nutritious values? If it continues like this, we will face the nutrient deficiency, and it will become an obstacle for the body to function. The body will demand to provide the particular deficient nutrient, in the form of a disease or body problem. But, are we giving good food at that time? To reduce the problem, we are giving the nutrient in the medicinal form. If we give these nutrients naturally to the body, it will function naturally. We will be naturally healthy. If we use the car for one day, its diesel, engine oil, air, water and grease all will be used up. If we need to use it again tomorrow, we need to fill all these. It doesn’t matter, how many people are there in the car, but these are the basic needs for the car to run. Refilling all these things is the responsibility of the driver. If more passengers are there in the car and the car is heavily loaded, the expenditure is more and tyres are easily eroded. The engine life will also come down. Similarly, if the obese person’s body is used for one day, the nutrient ingredients will be spent more compared to the thin people. So, we need to fulfil in more quantity. Let us now see what nutritious items should be used more and what should be reduced in detail.
Vitamins, minerals, natural enzymes
For health, these three are a must. How much weight you have, if these are not available in your food, you will face many problems. These three ingredients don’t increase the weight at all. But, they play an important role in running the body. They ensure that the cells are not affected by diseases. They give us immunity. They help us heal diseases quickly. They are helpful in body construction. They help the body a lot. Every day, we need them in milli grams. Let us see an example to understand how in such small dosage, they handle this much big body. The small bridle handles successfully the fast-running horse. A big cattle with hundreds of animals, a small whip or stick can manage. If these bridle or the whip is not available, the horse or the cattle are lost. If the body is 70-80 kilos weight, the body also lost its immunity due to their deficiency.
Every day, the body itself produces hundreds of enzymes on its own. Even in our food, there are some natural enzymes. They are good for health. We will get them if only we use them without cooking them or damaging them. If a food item is heated up, they will be gone. Even vitamins also, if heated up or cooked, they will be damaged. Though in all food items, vitamins and enzymes are available, after we grind and cook them, some are getting damaged. Some are decreased, some lost their shape. So, it is better to give them in the natural way. For obese people who are 20% more than the ideal weight, there is a need for these three things, compared to the thin people. To nourish the increased weight, there is a requirement for these nutrients. Though we reduce food to lose weight, we need to ensure that these ingredients are not sufficient in the body.
If we look at the food items in which these ingredients are available, fruit, vegetables, leafy vegetables. If we cook them, the ingredients will be damaged. But, without cooking, we cannot eat leafy vegetables, so keep them aside and eat fruit and raw vegetables. In vegetables, there are no ingredients which increase the body weight. If we eat raw vegetable salad or drink vegetable juice, then, we will get good nutrients, without a problem of weight gain. In case of fruit, there are two types of fruit – which increase weight and which don’t increase weight. We have to use them with discrimination. But, to lose weight, if you stop eating fruit, then, it is a loss to the body. Mosambi, pomegranate, orange, sweet organge, water melon, rusk melon, guava, Jambu fruit Jujube fruit, pine apple, all these fruit, though eaten daily, we don’t gain weight In these fruit, there is less energy. There are more nutritious values. Those who want to reduce weight, every day to use 20% fruit. Even if we drink a glass (250 ml) mosambi, orange, or sweet orange juice, there won’t be more than 100-200 calories if nutrients. In these fruit, there are less energy and nutrients. It is better to eat fruit. It is better to drink sour fruit and eat other fruit. As part of losing weight, we should not stop eating fruit.
Fibre is primarily two types – digestible and indigestible. Fibre is: when we eat sweet orange, we get juice into our mouth. We drink the juice and spit the pulp. Mixed with orange fruit, and entering into the blood, this fibre is digestible pulp. They travel along with sweet orange, and clean up the blood vessels and blood. This fibre cleans up the different fatty items which are sticking to the blood vessels such as cholesterol, triglycerides, just as sweeping the floor. This digestible fibre helps in unblocking blood vessels, un-clotting of blood, preventing heart diseases and paralysis. For the obese people, and for those, fat is more accumulated, these problems are more prone, so they should take these fibre food.
After chewing sweet orange, what is left in the mouth is indigestible fibre. If we don’t spit and swallow, it helps our digestive system. This fibre cannot enter into the blood. After the digestion is done, it cleans up the intestines well. this fibre absorbs some water in the intestines, bulges, and helps in producing faeces. If we eat more fibre food, faeces is more produced. In the intestines, if the faeces is more in quantity, the pressure will be more and it comes out quickly. Into the large intestine, all the dead micro organisms, the waste matter in the cells, protein, enter, each day. The undigested fibre, cleans up the faeces intestine (large intestine), drags out the waste matter in the form of faeces. This fibre would clean up the 7 mitre long intestines. This fibre helps avoid constipation. Especially, prevents cancer in the intestines. For diabetic patients, it prevents glucose entering in the blood all of a sudden, and releases glucose in steps. As a result, the sugar in blood doesn’t increase all of a sudden.
It also helps the obese people a lot. The food we eat takes 2 to 5-6 hours. The food essence of the intestines, due to fibre, enters into the blood slowly. The body would use the food essence for the body needs. As it enters the blood step by step, it doesn’t turn into fat. If we eat food without fibre, when it is digested, the food essence will enter into the blood all of a sudden. As the body cannot use the food essence immediately, it will convert the excess matter in the blood into fat. So, those who have to reduce weight or who doesn’t want to become obese, better eat fibre. Just because we said fibre is good, after you squeeze drumsticks, do not swallow the pulp or after eating tender palm shoots do not swallow them. Those fibre cause trouble. Fibre which is digestible is good for health.
swa For one day, we need around 40 grams of fibre. Those who want to reduce weight should eat at least this much fibre. In all natural food items, fibre is available in all food items. All fruit, vegetables, leafy vegetables, grains are good. Especially the digestible fibre is more in fruit. In grains, there are more undigested fibre. It is good to eat vegetables. It is good to eat fruit along with pulp. All animal related food are fibre-less food. In those food items, fibre is zero. For example, eggs, milk, curd, cheese, ghee, mutton, fish etc. Along with them, bread, cake, jam, cool drinks, ice cream, chocolates, biscuits, white rice, wheat flour (bought), Bombay suji, salt suji, maida, sugar, pizza, burgers, noodles etc., in all these food items, there is no fibre. It is suggestible that the people who want to reduce weight, better be away from these food items.
Protein play a significant role in the construction of the body. To build a house, just as the bricks are used, protein are useful to us. Do you know how much of protein is needed per day – for one kilo weight, one gram of protein is needed. It means, for 60 kilo weight of a man, he needs 60 grams of protein. In case of growing kids, they need double of it. To build the body anew, the primary raw material is protein. In case of children, for one kilo weight, 2 grams of protein is needed. Every day, crores of cells die. In place of the dead cells, to build the new cells, the body needs protein. Similarly, some cells get diseased. To repair them, the body needs protein. If the glands of the body are to produce hormones, their raw material is also protein. Similarly, for the body to produce many types of enzymes, protein are needed. When the harmful virus or micro-organisms enter the body in the body, the antibodies that kill then and save us and for their production also the protein are needed. The muscle power that men long for, is built by protein.
When we are supposed to be 60 kilos, and if we reach till 75-80 kilos, how much protein should be eat? It is not sufficient to eat protein sufficient to 60 kilos of weight, as you are now 80 kilos. One gram per kilo, you need to give 80 grams. But, if you think, ‘I am alredy overweight. Now, if I eat all these, I will increase more weight’, then you will be in trouble. In the process of losing weight, when you are reducing your food quantity, the obese people, should eat protein more. Do you know what happens if protein is lacking in your food? The construction of new cells will be stopped. The body will melt the muscle which is stored for the production of antibodies, hormones, enzymes, used the protein from there. If it happens like this for more time, the muscle will be melted and the fat will sag. Even the weight won’t be reduced much. Resistance power will be reduced to a great extent. Some people may look losing weight but, when the weight is checked, there won’t be any change. This is the cause for that.
Proteins also are useful as giving energy to the body. One gram of protein releases 4 gram protein.
1 gram protein = 4 k. calories energy
If starch, fats, and protein enter the body together, then the body uses starch and fats for energy and uses protein for body construction and other tasks. Starch and fats are useful only to provide energy but, they are not meant for body construction. When there are only protein in the food instead of starch and fats, the body uses some protein for body construction and uses the remaining for releasing as energy. Among obese people, 80-90% of them gain weight primarily due to eating more starch. To reduce the weight fast, they eat only protein throughout the day. Let us see why they reduce weight fast by eating like that. This method is widely used in US.
1. For protein to get digested, it takes more time. As they remain in digestive system for a longer time, we don’t feel hungry. For many hours, we don’t feel like eating.
2. When we are eating protein food, before the stomach is full, the signal comes to stop eating. As the stomach is half-filled with protein food, from the stomach, a signal goes to the satisfaction centre in the brain and we feel satisfied. Then, we want to stop eating. We will lose the habit of eating stomach full. So, protein are helping in a way that we are not eating half-stomach. For example, if you want to eat sprouts stomach full, by the tie you eat 3/4 , the feeling comes to stop eating. If ground nuts are given to you to fill the stomach, you cannot eat them till your stomach is full.
3. As protein food takes more time to get digested, the essence that comes through the food, enters into the blood slowly. It enters into the blood in between 2 hours to 5-6 hours, the glucose levels won’t increase in the blood. The body uses it as and when it enters the blood. So, it doesn’t store to get converted into fats.
4. As taking only protein food, after the food is digested, the body uses this food essence for two purposes. First, the body uses it for the constructive tasks, around 60-80 grams of protein. If you see it as from the second way, it converts the remaining protein as energy and uses for the body. As this energy is not sufficient, the stored fat melts fast.
5. In vegetarian food, pure protein food is not available. In non-vegetarian food, proteins will be purely available without starch. Examples are fish, hen, prawn etc. we need to eat twice or thrice a day. You can make curry (with salt and oil) without rice, rothi or pulka, but to eat the curry alone. In the day, you should not eat fruit or vegetables. You will feel delight to eat non vegetarian food, right! Stop eating vegetarian food is more delightful. Lakhs of Americans are following this method and reducing their weight. The person who suggested this method, mentioned that, if this method is followed for a long time, it will cause problems. So, if it is practiced for long time, one may face heart diseases, kidney diseases, cancers, and other nutritious deficiency problems.
I am not suggesting the above to eat non vegetarian food. We have learnt the reasons and harmful effect in this way of losing weight. Bad spreads fast. It ends like that as well. Though losing weight is delays a bit, it is good to lose weight without any side effects. In their food, it is not bad to eat tree related protein (grain) food. Till the weight is reduced, it is not like increasing the protein and reducing the starch quantity. If we make this change in the food we are going to eat, we can lose weight in a healthy way.
Let us now see in the food item, how much protein, fat and starch
are availalbe through this table
Food item Starch
1 Millet 67.5 11.6 5.0
2 Barley 69.6 11.5 1.3
3 Foxtail millet 60.9 12.3 4.3
4 Jowar 72.6 10.4 1.9
5 Maize 66.2 11.1 8.6
6 Finger millet 72.0 7.3 1.3
7 Brown rice 76.7 7.5 1.0
8 Mill rice 78.2 6.8 0.5
9 Flattened rice 77.3 6.6 1.2
10 Puffed rice 73.6 7.5 0.1
11 Wheat 71.2 11.8 1.5
12 Wheat flour 69.4 12.1 1.7
13 Maida 73.9 11.0 0.9
14 Wheat suji 74.8 10.4 0.8
15 Peas 60.9 17.1 5.3
16 fried bengal gram 58.1 22.5 5.2
17 Black gram 59.6 24.0 1.4
18 Black eyed beans 54.5 24.1 1.0
19 Green gram 56.7 24.0 1.3
Food item Starch
In grams
In grams
In grams
20 Green gram 59.9 24.5 1.2
21 Horse gram 57.2 22.0 0.5
22 Raw batani 15.9 7.2 0.1
23 Dry batani 56.5 19.7 1.1
24 Red gram 57.6 22.3 1.7
25 Soya beans 20.9 43.2 19.5
26 Amaranth 6.1 4.0 0.5
27 Sorrel leaves 1.5 1.6 0.3
28 Cabbage 4.6 1.8 0.1
29 Koriander 6.3 3.3 0.6
30 Curry leaves 18.7 6.1 0.1
31 drumstick leaves 12.5 6.7 1.7
32 Fenugreek leaves 6.0 4.4 0.9
33 Red sorrel leaves 9.9 1.7 1.1
34 Water amaranth 11.6 5.0 07
35 Tamarind leaves 18.2 5.8 2.1
36 Beet root 8.8 1.7 0.1
37 Carrot 10.6 0.9 0.2
38 Colacasia 21.1 3.0 1.0
39 Tapoica 18.1 1.3 0.1
40 Water onion 11.1 1.2 0.1
41 Sweet potato 28.2 1.2 0.3
Food item name Starch
In grams
In grams
In grams
42 Yam 18.4 1.2 0.1
43 Ash gourd 1.9 0.4 0.1
44 Beans 29.8 7.4 1.0
45 Bitter gourd 4.2 1.6 0.2
46 Bottle gourd 2.5 0.2 0.1
47 Brinjal 4.0 1.4 0.8
48 Broad beans 7.2 4.5 0.1
49 Cauliflower 4.0 2.8 0.4
50 Cluster beans 10.8 3.2 0.4
51 Cucumber 2.5 0.4 0.1
52 Drumstick stems 3.7 2.5 0.1
53 Capsicum 4.3 1.3 0.3
54 Tindoora 3.1 1.2 0.1
55 Lady's finger 6.4 1.9 0.2
56 Raw Mango 10.1 0.7 0.1
57 Raw Papaya 5.7 0.7 0.2
58 Raw Banana 14.0 1.4 0.2
59 Pumpkin 4.6 1.4 0.1
60 Ridgegourd 3.4 0.5 0.1
61 Snakegourd 3.3 0.5 0.3
62 Almond nuts 10.5 20.8 58.9
63 Cashew Nuts 22.3 21.2 46.9
Food item name Starch
In grams
In grams
In grams
64 Raw coconut 13.0 4.5 41.8
65 Dry coconut 18.4 6.8 62.3
66 Coconut milk 11.9 3.4 41.10
67 Coconut water 4.4 1.4 0.1
68 Sesame 25.0 18.3 43.3
69 Groundnut 26.1 25.3 40.1
70 Pista 16.2 19.8 53.5
71 Gooseberry 13.7 0.5 0.1
72 Apple 13.4 0.2 0.5
73 Banana 27.2 1.2 0.3
74 Jack fruit 19.8 1.9 0.1
75 Bullock heart 15.7 1.4 0.2
76 Cashew nut 12.3 0.2 0.1
77 Dates 33.8 1.2 0.4
78 Dry dates 75.8 2.5 0.4
79 Fig 7.6 1.3 0.2
80 Grapes 16.5 0.5 0.3
81 Guava 11.2 0.9 0.3
82 Lemon 10.9 1.5 0.1
83 Mosambi 9.3 0.8 0.3
84 Mango 16.9 0.6 0.4
85 Muskmelon 3.5 0.3 0.2
86 Sweet orange 10.9 0.7 0.2
Food item name Starch
In grams
In grams
In grams
87 Palm fruit 20.7 0.7 0.2
88 Papaya 7.2 0.6 0.1
89 Pomegranate 14.5 1.6 0.1
90 Pomelo 10.2 0.6 0.1
91 Watermelon 3.3 0.2 0.2
92 Sapota 21.4 0.7 1.1
93 Custard apple 23.5 1.6 0.4
94 Tomato 3.6 0.9 0.2
95 Wood apple 18.1 7.1 3.7
96 Plum 17.0 0.8 0.3
97 Mosu fish 6.7 19.4 4.4
98 Cat fish 7.6 15.4 2.7
99 Bararacuda (Jellalu) 0 21.4 0
100 Crab 3.3 8.9 1
101 Bochhelu 2.9 19.5 2.4
102 Prawns 0.8 19.1 1.0
103 Bulleya snakehead ..... 19.5 4.7
104 Duck meat 0.1 21.6 4.8
105 Duck egg 0.8 13.5 13.7
106 Hen egg ..... 13.3 13.4
107 Chicken .... 25.9 0.0
108 Buffello milk 5.0 21.4 3.6
Food item Starch
In grams
In grams
In grams
109 Cow milk 7.4 4.3 6.5
110 Goat milk 4.6 1.1 3.4
111 Curd 3.0 3.3 4.5
112 Buttermilk 0.5 3.1 4.0
113 Colostrum milk cake (junnu) 7.9 13.4 2.3
114 Kova 25.7 22.3 1.6
115 Milk powder 38.0 25.8 26.7
116 Cheese .... .... 100
117 Ghee .... .... 100
118 Oil ..... .... 100
119 Sugar 99.4 0.1 0
120 Honey 79.5 0.3 0
121 Jaggery 84.7 2.3 0.1
122 Sago 87.1 0.2 0.2
123 Sugarcane juice 9.1 0.1 0.2
Fat items are of two types. The first one is fat displayed. The second one is un-displayed. The displayed fats are oil, ghee, cheese etc. the un-displayed fats are ground nuts, sesame, coconut, millet. Nature has provided us only un-displayed fat items. They don’t cause harm to us. Humans, with their intelligence, separated the fat from the grains and started using the fat separately. The displayed fats contain 100% fats only. In this form, there is a danger that the body may get the fat content in more than a required form. For a day, we need 20-25 grams of fat. If we are using 5-6 kilos of oil for 4 people at home, one person is taking 50-60 grams of fat in a day. If we take more fat than the body requirements, then, we will face problems.
Let us look at the good things the fat does. It helps in cell walls construction, cells functioning, like vitamins useful to the body, to give the body required energy, we need them every day. For the purpose of these tasks, we need to give the body, 20-25 grams of natural fat. In that form of fat, other nutrients will also be mixed in it. As a result, there won’t be the danger of eating more than the required fat. Even if we eat than the required amount, at the most, we may gain weight but we don’t get other harmful effects. Because, in them, apart from fats, fibre which cleans the blood vessels, anti-cholesterol items, which protect us from harmful effects. But, if we use the displayed fats, the excess fats will be stored along the walls of the blood vessels or hardening the blood vessels or increasing the harmful cholesterol in the blood, and triglycerides, and increasing the body weight etc. In these types of oils, there are no fibre or no anti-cholesterol items. When grains are grinded, they don’t enter the oil. When we eat more fats, the reason for gaining more weight is that in them, there is more energy giving quality.
1 gram fat = 9 k calories of energy
Compared to protein and starch, fats release double the energy. Those who reduce food to lose weight, generally stop eating fats completely. This is not good for health. Many people think, ‘we are already suffering with excess fat. If we eat more fat, what will happen? Moreover, 1 gram of fat gives 1 gram 9 k calories of energy. If we eat fat, more calories enter the body. That’s why, we need to remove fats from the food’. That’s why, many people, stop eating fats. But, this is not correct. Even if you stop eating fats completely, the fat percentage doesn’t come down in your body. You can take fat and still can reduce your weight. Even if you eat fats, they won’t be converted into fats. Let us examine the facts about it now.
1. Despite stopping fats completely, why is fat not reducing in the body
Let us see why we don’t reduce weight despite we stop eating fats. People prefer eating starch as they think they give less energy (1 gram = 4 calories). As there is not oil in idli, dosa, rice, bread, they chose these items. These items are primarily full of starch. After eating, they will get digested completely in 2-3 hours. After it is completely digested, all the food essence (glucose) enters from intestines to blood. For our jobs and businesses, for one hour, it doesn’t increase more than 120/150 calories. As the excess glucose that entered into the blood is more than the body needs, the body stores some glucose in liver and the excess sugar will be stored as fat. When the starch you have eaten is getting converted into fat, how can the body reduce fat? Though you change the food and reduce the food, the fat will be stored as it is. When you eat starch items, you will be hungrier. Even if you eat four times in low quantity, the food essence – as it enters into the blood at a time, the fat is not melting away. Let us understand it through an example. When a pig is cut, under its skin, the fat is there in layers. For so much fat to be accumulated, how many oil boxes the pig would have drunk? Or how much ghee would it have used? It wouldn’t eat the fat from outside. Whatever it eats, it eats more than the requirement. Any food item, if enters into the blood more than required, the body will convert it into fat. From the waste faeces as well, fat is created in the fat. In grass, there is no fat item. In the buffalo, all the fat is converted into fat from the excess grass eaten. We have seen that even if we stopped eating fat, the fat won’t melt away.
2. The second thing is: Even if we eat fat items, they won’t get converted into fat.
While reducing food for the purpose of reducing weight, we should not reduce fat items in the food. The required 20-25 grams of fat, even if you eat it – it won’t get converted into fat. Even if it is given to the body in displayed form or un-displayed form, it doesn’t get converted into fat. For fat items to get digested, it takes 4 to 6 hours of time. The fat items do not get converted 100% in the intestines. Only starch items get digested. In the fat items that we eat, some cannot be broken further and they go out as faeces. Because of this reason, some calories will be reduced. 1 gram of fat = 9 k calories. We estimate the number of grams fat X 9 and then we are scared. But, the calculation would be right only when we calculate the only amount of fat, which is entered into the blood (not the amount of fat which is sticking to the intestine walls). The fat items after getting digested in intestines, gradually enter into the blood in stages. As they enter iin 2-3 hours, the water quantity in the blood doesn’t grow at a time. The 20-25 grams of fat that we need in a day, is not given to the body in one meal. It is given to the body in 2 or 3 times meals in the whole day. So, the body will slowly use the fat items that are entered into the blood slowly. Though we are given fats to the body, it need not get converted into fat, as the body uses it to its needs and as a result, the fat is not growing in the body. When it is drizzling, as and when it drizzles, the earth absorbs, the water doesn’t flow to the slope area. Similarly, as fat items enter the body slowly into the blood, there is a chance for the body to digest them. Just in the panic to lose weight, it is not healthy to reduce fat completely. The required amount of fat can be taken in the form of grains and seeds, there won’t be any problems. We will lose the weight as well.
This is the primary nutrient which can give immediate energy to the body. For the man to work, he needs 60-70% starch for a day. That is, he needs ot have 60-70% energy from fats, 20-25% energy from fats, and 10% of energy from proteins. The energy in starch is:
1 gram starch = 4 k calories energy
The starch-rich food items are: rice, finger millet, wheat, jowar, roots, bread, cake, sugar, suji, all types of flours, dates, banana etc. starch-rich food items are easy to eat. Even after eating, they are lighter in the stomach. Gas won’t be produced. They are easily digested. We feel like eating these items stomach full. Unless these items are in the stomach, we won’t get satisfaction signals from the mind. That’s why, we feel like eating stomach full rice. If we eat starch items stomach full and do physical exercise, we don’t gain weight. Employees and business people eat a lot of starch items without doing any physical exercise. As a result, even when we are overweight, we don’t have suspicion on starch food. For people gaining more weight and affected by sugar, these starch items is the primary reason. In obese people, all their fat is mainly created from this starch. Those who want to reduce weight have to reduce the type is this starch food.
Why should we decrease eating starch food items?
1. After the starch items get digested in the intestines easily and get converted into sugars (glucose), the whole food essence enters into the blood. The body cannot use such quantity of food essence (glucose), and converts it into fat. When there is heavy rain, the earth cannot absorb all the water, and the remaining water will flow to the slope area. Those who do not do physical exercise, if they eat starch more, like this, the fat increases in the body.
2. All the sugar that comes through starch items when enters into the blood at a time, to reduce the sugar percentage, more insulin is produced. Like this, every day, starch items increase the insulin production in the body. After some time, either insulin production falls down or though there is insulin, it may not work. Due to eating more starch items, diabetes affects the body easily.
3. Starch items are generally useful for giving energy to the body and not in any other way, whereas proteins and fats give energy and are used to fulfil other body needs. When we reduce eating starch items, for the body’s energy requirements, the stored fat will be melt. As a result, weight gets reduced and fat gets reduced. So, these are the benefits of reducing starch food items.
So far, we have learnt about the seven nutrients, and the help they do to the body. Those who want to reduce weight, should keep aside the thought of eating less. They should not reduce the quantity of food – they have to reduce the starch portion in the food we eat.
People who want to reduce weight should eat well:
1. Fruits and fruit juices which give less energy and more nutrients
2. Fresh vegetables and vegetable juices
3. Sufficient amount of sprouts
4. Pulkas without oil or jowar rotis
5. Curries without salt and oil so that we can eat in more quantity
The primary quality of the food should be: it should have less energy and to provide more nutrients. The above mentioned food items belong to that category. To reduce weight, we need not eat less, but eat stomach full and with satisfaction, and reduce weight. But, to get habituated to them, they take some time. If we control our mind and eat them, in a healthy way, we can reduce excess weight. Now, we will see how the above mentioned food items can be taken every day, in the daily routine chapter and try to implement.

8. Difference between rice and pulka

For us, the primary food is grains. We can cook them as rice and get all the energy that we need daily. In the olden days, though people didn’t get many vegetables and fruit, they ate rice three times a day and got the energy sufficient to the whole day. For our ancestors, to work for the whole day, they needed around 3000 to 4000 calories energy. All this energy (almost 95%) is accumulated by rice. In those days, they could not earn other food items, and would depend only on rice. Before they got paddy rice, they used to eat millet rice, jowar rice, finger millet ball, jowar ball, foxtail millet, bamboo rice. Gradually, as rice became a staple food, paddy rice has become available to all. In the olden days, men who would work more, used to eat 1 kilo rice for combined three times a day. It means, one kilo paddy rice energy would be around 3500 calories. They could eat that much amount of food and they were able to digest it, by working accordingly. Their food quantity would be digested on the same day. So, they didn’t gain weight.
From our ancestors, we have the habit of eating paddy rice as heredity. But, in our time, as the body limbs are not working, the hunger has reduced to a much extent. As a result, we are not able to eat even half of the quantity that they have eaten. Thought, gradually, the three times rice is reduced to two times a day, as we don’t have sufficient work, we are eating rice twice a day and eating pulkas in the evening. This is some sort of favour we did to ourselves. Along with heavy weight, as sugar also attacked us more, we are getting the advice that it is better to eat starch. The rice that we eat one time a day, we are reduced it to lesser amount. For some people, the rotis are not set and for some reason and they suffer eating rice twice a day. Some other people, either they cannot chew pulkas or wheat or not suitable for them, they depend on rice. In the process of losing excess weight, and to reduce sugar diseases, some people keep changing the grains and seeds. Compared to rice, they believe, jowar and finger millet will have less starch items. They eat them as rice or rotis. Instead of eating pulkas or jowar rotis (which for them is tough), they reduce rice quantity. Some others, just as they are born for rice, they don’t stop eating rice and continue eating them.
Like this, everyone tries in their own way, by changing the food items, and try to lose weight in different ways. The doctors would say that there is no difference between rice and pulkas. If we eat less in quantity, whatever you eat it is same, that is what they say. They say, to reduce weight, you need not eat pulkas only, you can eat rice also. If we think normally, it may sound true. But, if you think at some depth, there is a lot of difference between pulkas and rice. We can change the grains. It is not a problem. But, how they are made makes the difference. I have tested this practically. Let us see all those differences now.
1 Millet - 361 K calories
2 Barley - 336 "
3 Foxtail millet - 331 "
4 Maize - 342 "
5 Jowar - 349 "
6 Proso millet - 341 "
7 Finger millet - 346 "
8 Rice - 346 "
9 Wheat - 346 "
All the grains that we generally eat are all these types. In all these items, the energy is almost same. When eaten as rice, any grain is same energy wise. Generally, we like to eat the same grain rice we are conditioned to eat since childhood. When the rice type os changed, we are not habituated to the new type and with some dislike, we eat less and the energy reduces a bit. But, the energy is same for whatever rice we eat. Generally, before gaining weight, every time, people eat small glass of rice and for the day, 2 glasses of rice. Let us see in how many days, they will complete one kilo of rice.
For 1 kilo of rice – 7 small glasses
1 kilo = 1000 grams
This one small glass of rice = 145 grams
For one day, 2 glasses of rice = 290 grams
Like this, one average man would eat one kilo or rice in 3.5 days.
290 grams of rice in terms of energy – around 1000 k calories
When men are thin, the 1000 k calories of energy coming from rice giving for one day is okay. However, in case of reducing the gained weight, the daily energy for women is 1300-1400 k calories, and for males, it is 1700-1800 k calories energy. For a day, women need 2000 k calories of energy and men need 2500 k calories of energy. To lose the increased weight, if there are given 1000 k calories of energy through rice, how can the existing fat be melted? To eat in such a way to melt the stored fat, it is enough to eat so that the energy that is got through rice is to be reduced to half. It means, eating rice by reducing to a great extent.
For how many it is possible, after sitting at meals and not eating full stomach? Moreover, these days, every time, we are making 2-3 types of dishes. Even if eating some amount with each curry, half glass of rice will be over. Though, we eat all types of dishes, finally, we need to eat thick curd and with mango pickle, so that we will be happy. Many men would eat 3 glasses of food. Such people, though they start eating less, they won’t lose weight.
Those who want to lose weight, or cure sugar, instead of rice, if they eat pulkas two times a day, the starch will come down to a great extent. Eating pulkas is the easiest way to lose weight and cure sugar.
In one kilo wheat flour, the energy is 3410 k calories.
With one kilo wheat flour, you can make around 60-65 medium sized pulkas. If people who want to reduce weight, if they stop rice altogether and eat pulkas two times a day, they can eat 4 pulkas in the afternoon and 4 pulkas in the evening. As we can eat more curry with pulkas, there is no need or more pulkas. Many people cannot eat more pulkas than 2-3. Per day, if you eat 8 pulkas, the one kilo wheat flour last for 8 days. If we ask to eat them kilo wheat suji as rice, in 3.5 days, it will be completed.
For each pulka, the wheat flour is around 16 grams.
For each time in a day, if you eat 4 pulkas, for two times, for 8 pulkas, 8 X 16 = 128 grams. In each pulka – if baked without oil – there is 56 k calories of energy, so, energy of 8 pulkas = 8 X 56 = 448 k calories.
If you eat as rice, per day, 290 grams rice or wheat will be over. If you eat as pulkas, 128 grams of flour is sufficient. If you eat as rice, it will come as 1000 k calories. Instead, if you eat as pulkas, the energy will come as 448 k calories. It is proved that by eating as pulkas, the starch will be reduced to half. Many people cannot eat more than 2-3 pulkas. Like this, per day, the energy will come as 400 k calories. This is the easy way to reduce 600 k calories energy in one day. This is the pulka way to reduce weight.
Some more reasons why pulkas are better than rice.
1. In these days, unless the rice is polished like pearls, no one is eating them. By doing polish, the benefits of rice grains, ¾ will be gone into husk. The benefit is: the anti-fat element, fibre; anti-cholesterol elements lecithin, adenine, 12 types of B-complex, lignin anti-cancer elements, good protein, good fats, as all these are in the top layers, they will go out in two polishes. If you eat brown rice, you will get all these. Similarly, you will get all these in brown wheat flour. Eating polished wheat flour is like eating white rice. No benefits. The wheat flour that is sold in shops with good packing is like that spoiled flour. That’s why, pulkas made with that flour look attractive and bulging. We get attracted to the pulkas seen in the TV ads, and if we eat that flour, we will also bulge like that. The stomach bulges. It is better to grind the wheat to create wheat flour. If you eat this wheat flour, we will reduce the dosage of white rice. As a result, the harmful effects of white rice will also be avoided.
2. Those who want to lose weight, need to eat curries in more quantity. Compared to rice, we can eat more curry with pulkas. When we eat curry with pulkas, unknowingly we can eat more curry. Those who need to reduce weight, can eat stomach full with curry and pulkas.
3. Compared to rice, in wheat flour, there is more fibre. Either with the fibre in pulkas or by eating more curry, with pulka and curry combination, constipation problem will be solved.
4. For weight reduction, we thought it is good to eat salt and oil less curries for better health. These curries can be better eaten with pulkas than rice – we will feel tastier. In white rice, these curries will be tasteless and as we don’t feel them tasty, we cannot eat them. With pulkas, we can eat salt-less curries without any problem.
5. Compared to rice, we eat pulkas, the stomach feels lighter and empty. Not only they are lighter, they get digested easily.
The making of pulkas
We should get the wheat grinded ourselves. Without sieving it, we have to use that wheat flour. Though we use what flour for one time in a day, the other time, we can use mixed grain flour. Or you can use both the times – mixed grain flour. To prepared such flour, we need: what, 1 kilo, jowar1/4 kilo, millet – ¼ kilo, finger millet – ¼ kilo, soya beans – ¼ kilo. If we dry them up and get them grinded to get the flour. Soya beans work as anti cholesterol.
To create the pulka flour for making them, in it, instead of water, we need to mix milk, coconut milk, beetroot juice, carat juice or leafy vegetables juice or vegetable juice, so that the pulkas get different colors and tastes.
You can use one kind of juice every day, you won’t get bored with rotis. In rotis, you should not add salt. By preparing rotis like this, we won’t know the salt-lessness. Once in a while, we can mix leafy vegetables grate or coconut grate, so that it will be tasty. While pressing roti flour, you can add sesame power, groundnut powder, so that they bulge a little. These rotis, if you bake fully without oil and keep on the direct gas flame, they will become a bit puffy. If you make them without oil, then only they are called pulkas. If you use oil, they are called chapathis. Some people get mistaken that roti means non roti or dibba roti. But roti means pulkas. You need not eat wheat pulkas. If you like, you can eat millet roti or jowar roti. If it is jowar roti, they are much less costlier than wheat roti and though they are cooled, they will be soft. Those who cannot eat hard wheat pulkas, they can take jowar rotis to office.
How to make jowar rotis?
Once jowar roti is fully dried up, you can get them grinded yourself. For one part of jowar, one part of water to take, boil the water in a dish on the stove. Pour the jowar flour in the water and mix it with a spoon. To switch off the stove once you pour flour in the hot water. After the water is cooled a bit, to make as balls with hands, and prepare them in the same way as we prepare pulkas and to bake them on the pan. If we mix the jowar flour with hot water, the rotis will become more soft and they will be easily digestible.

Dishes that reduce weight in a healthy way

Those who are suffering from excess weight, as part of reducing their weight, they don’t give much importance to cooking. They eat a bit less in quantity, the same food, cooked for everyone at home. They think that sambar and rasam don’t contain fat, so they are good for them and fill the stomach with them. If they have any other health problems, as suggested by the doctor, they try to reduce salt and oils to some extent and try to eat them. Though they are eating salt and oils in lesser quantity, diseases like B.P and sugar are not being controlled unless they use medicine. Those who want to reduce excess weight, and for this, eating less quantity food, this food is not supporting them not to have any future ailments. Some people eat only raw vegetable on time in a day. Some other people eat pulkas with raw curries. Though they do like that once in a day, the other times the food they are eating is not helping them to have great health forever. There is a close relation between our cooking and our diseases. Women are not realizing this. Even doctors are not aware that, if dishes are changed, diseases will change. The food we eat should reduce the weight and also to reduce other problems along with the weight. Let us see how our cooking and dishes should be like:
1. We should be able to eat curry in more quantity
In vegetables and leafy vegetables, there is only a little quantity of starch available. The nutrients will be more. Those who want to reduce wight should first eat vegetables. The energy that comes through vegetables doesn’t get converted into fat. From intestines, gradually (as there is fibre), enters into blood. They help the body to use them as and when we take them. Those who want to reduce weight, should eat the cooked curry not less than half kilo. Generally, they stop food half stomach. But, you can eat curry stomach full. If you want to eat curry in such high quantity, it is not possible to eat it as the curry is cooked with salt and oils. Generally, we eat more rice with less curry. That is how we gained weight. If we cook curries without salt and oils, we can eat a lot of curry without the feeling of disgust or heaviness of stomach. For the last 20 years, I have been eating around 750 grams to 1 kilo of curry in meals. So, if women change their way of cooking, people who want to reduce weight can eat more.
2) Cooking should be without oils and it should be with natural fats
People are now realizing that it is not good to use oil. They have reduced the quantity to half. Doctors are saying that one spoon of oil is enough for cooking. For obese people, there might be a chance of 70-80% of heart diseases, cholesterol, triglycerides. Stop oil in food completely, instead, use ground nut (fried) powder, sesame powder, raw coconut or dried coconut or coconut milk, or milk or some curd. These natural fats do not cause any harm. Because these things, the dishes will become delicious. The obese people will not feel fatigue. If we eat only vegetable pieces boiled, then we will have the deficiency of fats. We will have fatigue as well. If you make such changes in cooking, it is like taking precausioinary steps for people who don’t have heart and blood vessels problems.
3) Without using salt, cook with natural salt
If salt is king of tastes, it is the emperor of diseases. Though people have realized that using salt is not good for health, they are eating less salt with the fear that how to leave salt completely. What I suggest is: in What I say is: instead of reducing salt, we better stop eating it completely. The quantity of salt the body needs is available in – leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruit, grains, roots, milk and curd etc. That quantity is enough for our cooking and needs. Every gram that we eat from outside, is excess to the body. We are just eating it like that, but we are not understanding the facts and not making efforts to change. People are not taking precautionary actions and are saying that they would change once they are affected with heavy diseases. It is good to live like humans anticipating future problems now.
In the obese people, there is excess water – from 3 litres to 10 litres. Salt is the primary reason for such quantity of water storage. One gram of salt can retain around 90 grams of water. The salt we have consumed gets stored inside and as a result, the water will also be there stored. Unless the water quantity is reduced, the body gets lightened up. If we stop eating salt in our food, in just one month, we can reduce 5 to 10 kilos of weight. From the next month, the fast starts melting. By stopping salt, the blood gets diluted, the blood circulation increases, B.P and sugar get cured without medication, and the excess weight will be easily reduced. I will tell you how to make dishes deliciously without using salt. What all I expect is to change yourself.
4) Cooking should be like reducing other diseases
Along with weight, we have so many other health problems. Though we can lose weight, if all these diseases are troubling us, how can we live happily. The food we are eating, should not encourage diseases, and should be co-operating to the body. Our cooking should be friendly to all body parts. So, we have to keep aside all the tastes that are troubling our body and to use harmless tastes for cooking. Tastes are seven: salt, oil, ghee, sweet, sourness, chilli and spices. These tastes are causing a lot of diseases. If we should not have any diseases, instead of these tastes, we can use other taste items for cooking so that the diseases will be cured fast.
5) Our dishes should not cause new diseases
We all know that as we grow old, we are getting affected by diseases. We are all thinking that it is better to take precautions so that those diseases should not affect us, but not able to implement. Obese people are more prone to new types of diseases compared to normal people. The big problem of obesity should not create any other big health problems. Our cooking should be like that.
Though doctors are suggesting just to reduce salt, oil, and spices, why I am asking to stop them completely, because: when we are using salt and oil for tastes, we are affected by diseases. These diseases are not getting controlled with medicine also. If we are eating less salt and oil, the diseases are coming slowly. These diseases are getting controlled by medicine. When we are using salt and oil, we are getting diseases – when we are reducing them, the diseases are getting cured. Then, why cannot we stop using them at all. The diseases should be completely cured. They should not come to people who are not already affected. With this thought, instead of using the regular seven tastes, I have discovered the way to cook with alternative tastes. For the last 12 years, I am completely using these dishes. I am eating so that I should not get affected by those diseases. I suggest you all the same so that you should not get affected. Which tastes are to be used instead of which tastes? How to cook not using oil and without changing the taste? How to get taste without using salt? How to make different types of curries?? With all these details, I have written the book, "Rogalu rani ruchulu " (Tastes that don’t cause diseases) If women refer to that book, and change the way cooking is done, anyone can reduce weight in a healthy way. Apart from books, we have created CDs as well so that you can learn easily. You see then in TV and learn. Everyone knows how to cook tastes that cause diseases. What we are offering is the method of cooking dishes which don’t cause diseases at all.
The family’s health in fact depends on the kitchen. Women should co-operate for the changes in kitchen. The husbands should help the wives. If both wife and husband have the goal of living happily and living healthily, making changes would be easy. If you want to implement, you can easily eat the salt-less curries. Control the mind and set a timeline to lose weight healthily.

10. Which exercise is good for losing weight?

Without doing physical exercise, as we have eaten more food, the food is stored in the form of fats, we have gained weight. To reduce the gained weight, apart from food changes, we need to do exercise, the weight reduces and the fat also gets reduced. As we have learnt about food changes, we will learn about exercises. If we do sweating tasks, we don’t need to do any other exercises. But, these days, there is no chance for such tasks. So, for employees and business people who reside in towns, doing exercise is the only way. Such exercises are walking, running, games, swimming, zym, aerobics, other exercises. Among these, which is the most preferred exercise in towns? Yes, it is walking. Let us see if we can reduce weight by doing walking as exercise.
If obese people walk:
In these days, walking is considered as as a good exercise. It is recognized as the best exercise. In earlier times, walking is not an exercise. For them, to do anything, they had to walk. But, in these days, walking has become a task for us. Anyway, for people who are sticking to the chairs in offices, morning walking is freshening their body. Since doctors declared that walking is the best exercise, throughout the world, the peple who have been walking is increased a lot. People who are otherwise sleeping till 7-8 pm, are getting up in the morning due to walking.
Today, walking is the most popular exercise. Throughout the world, 80% of people are walking and 15-20% of people are doing other exercises. People who are walking, what result are they expecting? 80% of people are walking either to reduce weight or not to increase weight and the remaining people are walking for some other diseases or for other benefits
Do we lose weight through walking?
As majority of people are following it, we may assume that many people are losing weight. Otherwise, why are they walking for so many years? I also thought like you and started investigating like – how many are reducing weight and how much are they losing. In the state, in all districts, I checked with thousands of people. What most of the people told me is: despite walking so much, they couldn’t reduce much weight. Not getting the desired results. I asked, ‘Then, why are you continuing walking?’ They said, ‘at least we would not gain weight’. But the primary target is not getting reached. I thought, there could be some other reason for majority people doing it. I further enquired and finally concluded that, of all the exercises, walking is the easiest. That’s why majority people are liking it. Because, we have enjoyed comfort for all these days and that’s why, we have gained weight. But, in the exercises which are targeted for weight-reduction, is we choose the easiest one, which has comfort, then, how can we reduce weight? If this walking is done systematically, there will be some result. But, most people walk for entertainment. While walking, they are walking like batches, and discussing all topics, how can we reduce weight? Those who are 15-20 kilos excess weight, if they walk to lose weight, there will be more harmful effect than benefits. Let us see the harmful effects of obese people doing walking.
The harmful effect of obese people walking
Now, I am 54 kilos. My height is 5 feet 5 inches. For my height, for the work I do, this 54 kilos of weight is perfect. If I am like this, how much I walk, run, my knee caps, or leg bones, heels don’t feel discomfortable to carry this weight. They are built to carry this weight. So, they don’t feel any trouble. For all these body parts, walking helps. The increased 20 kilos weight is adjusted in the body all over, so we don’t feel any in convenience. Don’t the knees (which bear the burden of the whole body) and heels get inconvenient? When we have to move, all the body weight is on one leg. Then, the other leg has to bear the whole body weight. If we have ideal weight, this weight is not unbearable to the legs. When we gain 20 kilos of weight, this weight is to be carried one knee, heel and the leg bone. Then, on the other side. Like this, in a day, the two legs have to bear the pain the thousands of steps that we take. In every day, people walk around 8-10 thousand times, have to carry additionally 20 kilos of weight. For carrying such huge weight, the cartilage in the joints will be affected. If it is affected, the sticky substance won’t be produced much. When the stickiness is over, the joint will wear away gradually and gives sounds. For example, a scooter is built to carry two people. if two people are travelling on it, it doesn’t affect the scooter in any way – tyres, springs or engine. But, if three people are travelling, the burden will increase. But, for some times, it doesn’t cause any problems. But, if all the time, three people travel on it, then it will be damaged very soon. Those who are obese, if they walk, such kind of damage will happen to them. For this weight, the heels swell and increase. The orthopaediacian requests the obese people not to walk. Those who have joint pains, they should also not to walk. I am not saying that the regular walker can continue. But, I am saying that the obese people if they do walking, it is damaging. Obese people, instead of walking, should try some other thought about weight reduction.
If obese people do other exercises?
How will it be to jog? When walking itself is harmful, if you jog, it will be more problematic. It doesn’t work. What if cycling? Not on the road – cycle with stand, at home. It doesn’t affect the knees of heels but, it is limited only till the thigns. Fat doesn’t melt. We won’t lose weight. This will be a lighter exercise and we won’t get result. In skipping also, the knees and heels get affected. If do for some days and then stop, the thigs will become obese. Aerobics is not possible to all. It is limited to the class people. Possible only for the youngsters. It won’t get the desired results. If you do zym, you will feel more hunger. You will feel fatigue because of the food you are taking, which is meant to reduce weight (low energy giving food). If you do vigorous exercise in zym, the muscle tone will be affected. Once you stop zym, there is a chance that you may gain more weight. For obese people, there is a good exercise, compared to all of these. That is swimming. Whatever be our weight. It doesn’t affect our knees or heels but it will be on the water. So, it is not damaging. If you swim for one hour, 500 calories will be spent. This is the best exercise of all. For villagers, this is good. For urban people, we have to think. If I say, go for swimming, they may get angry. We already have no water for drinking. Where to get water for swimming. Though there is water, for 80-90 % of people, they cannot swim. For women, it is no way. For those, who have opportunity, they don’t try. So, you know all these exercises. There is one more exercise, which many people do not know. The easiest way is doing yogasanas. For obese people, asanas is the best way. Let us learn more about it.
The benefits of asanas in reducing weight
All of other exercises are invented by normal people. But, asanas are discovered by rishis who lived in brhmacharya, who were doing tapasya and who explored the secrets of human life. Compared to all other exercises, asanas give different results. Asanas are like a boon to the obese people. Here are the reasons:
1) Unlike other exercise, in asanas, the knees and heels won’t get affected. Because, asanans are done while sitting or lying down. Then, the body weight won’t be on the knees or heels. All the other harmful effects that we get through other methods are not in doing asanas.
2) When obese people are doing any exercises, as they move their body, its effect is on other limbs of the body. Compared to the normal heartbeat (72 times per minute), when obese people do exercises, the heart beats for around 120-130 times per minute and it suffers as it cannot pump blood to the body. The lungs, which are supposed to pum air 15-18 times per minute, will respond 30-40 times and suffer to provide oxygen. But in asanas, the heart, lungs will respond naturally and take deep breathing. So, doing asanas will be peaceful to the mind and body.
3) The most important benefit is: Not all obese people are same. For some people, only the belly will grow and all the weight will be there. For some women, only the buttocks and thighs have fat stored up. In others, the fat will be stored in all parts of the body, just as arranged. Though we walk for two times, the body may be reduced but not the belly. If women walk, their seat won’t be reduced. For such people, what which exercises are useful? The greatness of asanas is: for each body part, there is one asana. If one body part is to be affected, we can do a particular asana. To melt fat of a particular body part, a specific asana can help. For example, if you want to reduce abdomen, you can do uttanapadasan, and the asana works on the particular body part to reduce the weight. To reduce the upper part of the stomach, we have to do naukasan. It either melts the upper part of the stomach or makes is hard. Similarly, one asana for seat, one asana for thighs, for shoulders, back, sides, like that, for all the body parts. If you do around ten asanas, fat in all the main body parts will be reduced.
1) To reduce abdomen fat: Uttana padasan
2) To reduce upper stomach fact - Naukasan
3) To reduce sides – Arda matsendraasan / varasan
4) To reduce back side fat - bhujangasan
5) To reduce the seat part - shalabhasan
6) To reduce fat in thighs – supta vajrasan
7) To reduce fat in shoulders - Gomukhasan
8) Leg calf area, back side of thighs - Dhanurasan
9) To reduce fat in waist – sarpasan / ustrasan
In asanas, there is a special technique. According to their requirement, They can do the particular asanasa twice or once a day and can lose the extra fat.
4) They can do in their homes, in their convenient times. Even if it is raining, you can do asanans. It cannot be an obstacle. You don’t need anybody’s help or company. With asanas, you won’t have the problems of back pains, waist problems, neck pains, disc problems etc. People who are suffering with knee and heels problems, can do the above-said asana easily. Many people stop doing asanas, afte they don’t get the desired results. If they haven’t got any results, it is not the problem of asanas. They might not have got the results due to the mistakes they have done. Let us see what can be those mistakes.
Big mistakes done during asanas
1) Generally, people do asanas, but, they don’t stay in the asana for a long time. Though we do 20-30 asanas, we don’t get the desired results. The fat doesn’t burn. If you stay in the asana sufficiently, then only you will get the desired results. Instead of doing many asanas, if you do only a few asana, but if you stay in them for a longer time, then fat burns more.
2) If the posture cannot be attained, people take away the asana. You won’t get result in that way. According to the level your body permits, you have to do and then stay in that state, the results will be good.
3) You shouldn’t compare with others; or try to imitate their timing is not good. We have to do the asanas according to our body situation. Syncing with the people around can damage the results.
4) While doing asanas, holding breath reduces melting of fat. By holding breath, we cannot stay in the asana for more time. If you stay for only 15-20 seconds and take off the asana, you won’t get good results.
If we rectify such mistakes and do asanas, we can lose weight properly and the fat gets reduced. As I learnt about these facts and when teaching asanas with these changes, there are better results. In one word, for obese people, the benefit of asanas is enormous. If you do one hour asanas and pranayama, there is no need to do any physical exercise.
I in fact wrote a book to explain these so-much useful asanas to the obese people. There are different books on asanas. But, I specially wrote a look for obese people, showing the special postures, so that they can do them at home. Those who are interested, can learn about the secrets of asanas, from the book. You can also watch the asanas and pranayama in TV through the CDs we have created. In that way, you can learn the importance of asanas. If you have any yoga classes running around, do learn from there.
Asanas help to remove the excess fat from the body in a healthy way. They perform this activity by not giving any inconvenience to other body parts. Hope you will make these asanas as part of your life.

11. The daily routine that reduces weight healthily

The daily routine here means, from getting up to till going to bed, all our disciplinary activities which involve eating and drinking. Those who want to lose weight, if they have that only goal and follow the food principles, they may face some problems in the future. It is better to have ‘losing weight’ as the second goal. The first goal should always be health. Those who are healthy, should learn good habits, and to follow weight-losing principles is good for health. Those who have other diseases, taking care of curing those diseases, and then following food principles is good for health. Though we lose weight, if the diseases remain un-cured, it won’t be happy. Because of the path we follow to reduce weight, we may have new diseases. So, our daily routine should be giving health and at the same time reducing weight. In such a way, we can continue the daily routine for a longer time.
The body is natural. If our habits are also natural, we get good health. For health, there are seven requirements. Every day, if we are giving these seven needs, then the body receives them and offers us health. Give and take is a good strategy. Why should the body give us health? What good are we doing to the body? If our daily routine is good, the body will be slim and healthy. If we are overweight or if we have other problems, it means, our daily routine is not good. Even after such problems, if we don’t change our daily routine, it is bad. For health, the requirements are seven.
1. Good air
2. Good water
3. Good food
4. Good exercise
5. Good excretion
6. Good rest
7.Good thoughts
For other animals to live healthily, their needs are the first six. As humans, we have developed brain, so we get good and bad thoughts. The effects of thoughts is on the mind. If we supply these seven needs in the right time and in the right quantity, we will be naturally healthy. Even diseases will be cured without any need for the medicine. Similarly, according our physical activity, and for the body nourishment, if we are able to supply food, we can lose weight without any damage. Those who want to lose weight should maintain to take the food in such a way – women 1300-1400 k calories and men 1600-1700 k calories of energy. Our daily routine should be like this. Let us now see the daily routine.
on empty stomach, cleaning program
Our body since the early morning, starts the cleaning process. To discharge the waste matter completely, the body needs water. If we drink water, those waste matter will go out after melting in water and then moved. As a result, the cells and tissues inside the body along with 5 litres of blood will be cleansed. Drinking water on the empty stomach is very good for health.
1. To drink the first time water at 5 am in the morning:- After getting up, clean the mouth with water and then drink 1 to 1.5 litres of water, from a bottle or tumbler, and hold it at some height and to drink continuously, without stopping, till the limit of your capacity. If you feel inconvenience, (waiting for 3,4 minutes) then to drink the remaining water. Women and elders can drink 1 to 1.25 liters of water, it is good.
The grownup men can drink 1.5 litres of water. After drinking water, instead of reading paper, watch TV, talking over phone, to focus on the stomach, intestine and walk here and there, in the intestines, the faeces moves down. With the water pressure, the faeces in the intestines moves under pressure. You need to wait till you feel the motions forcefully. Then only you need to go for bowel cleaning. It is very good for health to have free motions before eating anything. The water we drink, after entering the stomach and intestines, enters the blood in 10-15 minutes, from there, enters the cells and cleans them up. If we observe the results that we get for the first time, for the water that we drink for the first time, it will be cleansing the faeces. So, we should not forget this rule.
2. From 5.30 - 6.30 am – exercise. It is good to do any physical exercise. As for the business people and employees, there is no physical activity in the morning, and by the time they reach home, it will be late. So, they should mandatorily spend one hour of time in the morning. We have seen that of all the exercises, asanas are good for obese people. Those women, who cannot do these asanans, can do stomach-reducing asanas, and deep breathing pranayama in the evening at 4-5 pm, when the stomach is emplty With asanas, there is good exercise to the body.
3. In the morning, between 6.30-6.45 am, to drink the second time water- Try to drink another 1-1.25 litre water and then, to focus the mind on stomach and intestines and to walk around, and to try for the second time motions. Wait till you feel it urgent and go to the toilet for the second time so that it will be free motion. Like this, if you have two motions in the morning, the 1.5 metre length large intestine, will be empty and the intestines will be cleaned up. The water that we drink for the second time, reaches the blood and cells and cleans them up. If we drink water like this two times, motions happen twice and it is like cleansing the body inside. Though you don’t have this experience earlier, if you follow these instructions, in 7-10 days, you will get habituated. It will be very pleasant.
Breakfast:- After drinking water the second time, take a gap of half an hour and take breakfast. As per your habit, you may remember coffee, tea, idli and dosa. They are not good for health and weight. So, you have to completely stop them. You better replace them with some good healthy food. Instead of coffee and tea, drink vegetable juice and instead of idli and dosa, take sprouts. With this good diet, we can overcome the deficiency of hormones, and can improve our immunity power. If we daily eat the cooked food, how can our body needs be fulfilled. So, at least25%, we need to give natural food to the body through the breakfast. Though this breakfast might not be good for taste, but to the body, it will be good.
Between 7.30 - 8.30 am, vegetable juice:- Taking vegetable juice rather than eating them raw is easy. For juice, we can use different vegetable juices such as – snake gourd, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, carrat, beetroot, village tomato, cucumber. As these vegetables don’t have much fertilizers effects, they are good. Moreover, they are good for taking juice. Among the types of vegetables so far discussed, you can take any 4-5 types of vegetables cut them and grind them, and then filter the juice, you will get clean vegetable juice, leaving the pulp aside. Such juice you can drink in full big glass, and in it mix some lemon juice, 2-3 spoons of honey and drink slowly. If you drink it for a week, you will get habituated to the taste. Those you do not like juices, can start with carrot, tomato, and keera, and can slowly try the remaining vegetables. This juices can give nutrients to the grown body. If sometimes, vegetable juice is not possible, you can take fruit juices.
Between 8 – 8.15 am – Sprouts:- For sprouts, we can use greengram, blackeyed beans, finger millet, millet, jowar, Bengal gram, wheat etc. Green gram and black eyed beans are good for taste and are not much hard for chewing. So, we better eat them these two regularly and can take one type from the remaining. Take the available grains of 3-4 types in fistful size, in different bowls, fill the bowls with water, and soak them in the morning. Before going to bed, separate the soaked grains from water, and expose them to air, on newspaper of dry cloth. In the morning, tie these fully dried grains into a cloth or keep them in sprout box and keep them for 24 hours so that they can sprout well. If you eat well-sprouted grain, you won’t gain weight. Even you won’t have gas problem. If you eat these sprouts 3-4 types, each one fistful, along with 7-8 dates, it is good. It is important to chew them well. After eating sprouts, if you feel the stomach is not filled, you can have papaya, guava, pomegranate or dates. If you eat grains in low quantity to reduce weight, then you will have hormones problems. And, you will face fatigue. It is important to lose weight by eating good food. Those who want to lose weight need not eat soaked ground nuts, raw coconut, along with sprouts. If you use them while cooking curries, the required fats will be added to our dies and the dishes will have good taste. When eating sprouts, you should not fry them or to keep them salt and chilli powder. With this breakfast of sprouts, we are offering the body, the required protein, fats in the natural way.
Afternoon 11.00 - 11.30 – water program:- After 2 hours of breakfast, if you drink water, it is good for health. Drinking earlier than this can cause indigestion, gas trouble, ulcer etc. After 2 hours of having breakfast, drink 1-1.25 litres of water and drink gradually in stages 3-4 times. Till half an hour before your lunch, you can drink water. The water that you drink at this time, need not be taken all at once. Because, it may cause heaviness of the stomach. So, at this time, it is good to drink gradually in steps.
Afternoon 1-3 pm – lunch:- It is better to stop eating rice completely, during lunch. We have seen that pulkas are better than rice. If you eat 3-4 pulkas made with grinded four (not the one available in market, readymade), without oil. The curry you eat with pulkas should be without oil and salt so that along with over weight problem, you can cure sugar and B.P problems without any need to use medicine. If people who do not have those diseases eat pulkas with salt less curry, these problems won’t come in the future as well. So, if women change the way of cooking, it is very well. As explained in my book"Rogalu rani ruchulu” (The tastes that don’t cause diseses” cook one leafy vegetable curry. As the second curry, milk-mixed curry well grinded, and to be eaten with 3-4 pulkas. If you use lemon and onion, while eating this, you can eat easily. At the end, you can take either 1 cup of curd or butter milk. When you want to eat rice, eat once in 7-8 days in small quantity along with curd, after eating pulkas, then you won’t miss curd rice. If someone wants to eat pulka curry in the morning 9-10 am, they can eat after they drink juice and instead of eating sprouts, they can eat pulkas and during lunch, can eat sprouts and fruit. You can change according to your convenience. When you are out of town, instead of eating all these, if you eat curd rice, that would be fin. There won’t be any harm.
Afternoon 3.00 - 3.30 – water program:- Do not drink water along with the afternoon meal. After meals, you can sleep for half an hour. You won’t gain weight due to that. After 2 hours of having meals, take 1-1.25 litres of water and drink it gradually in 3-4 times in the athe span of one hour.
Evening 4.00 - 4.30 – snacks:- After completing drinking water, after 10-15 minutes, instead of eating some useless snacks, eat fruit or drink fruit juices. Sugar patients can eat fruit. They should not drink fruit juice. The fruit they should eat are: guava, pomegranate, mosambi, plum, jujube sweet orange etc. Those who do not have sugar, can drink fruit juice, sugar cane juice, coconut water, ragi java, or they can eat any fruit which is less in energy. Those who don’t feel hungry at this time, can drink water instead of having fruit or fruit juices and keep the stomach empty.
Evening 6.00 - 6.30 – dinner:- Before having dinner, if possible, try to go for motions once so that the stomach will be free. We have seen that if you eat early in the evening, the stored fat will melt away. So, as far as possible, try to complete your dinner between 6 -6.30 m. In the dinner, eat wheat pulkas or jowar rothi – 3 to 4 – and with it, eat the salt less and oil less curry, or oil less fry or iguru with milk, and to eat curry in heavy quantity. Then, you can drink a cup of butter milk. Eating pulkas with boiled curry is one plan and eating pulka with raw curry is another. Those who prefer to eat raw vegetables, they can try this. Without any cooking work, in the evening, you can eat fast. You will reduce weight fast as well.
The method of making raw curry – cut vegetables into small pieces – snakegourd, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, carrot, beetroot, tomato, cucumber – add onion pieces, green chilli, coriander, lemon juice, then the raw curry is ready. This raw curry can be eaten with pulkas or jowar roti. At the end, you can eat some curd with the curry. Those who reach home late, and if they want to complete their dinner before sunset, this plans works for them. In the dinner, instead of boiled food, if they eat only fruits, it is better. If they get custard apple, they can eat 3-4. If it is the mango season, 2-3 can be eaten. If sapodilla, a dozen will be fine or guava, pomegranate, jujube, you can eat as you like. If you don’t get any fruit, you can eat banana. If you eat 4-5 bananas, it is enough for the dinner. If you eat banana after meals, it is not okay, but if you eat banana as your dinner, then, there is no worry about gaining of weight. Those who reach home a bit late, can have fruit as their dinner. In this way, you are able to give your body good food. Though eating fruit as dinner is a bit inconvenience in the beginning, after 10-15 days, it will be habituated. If you don’t get sleep due to hunger before going to sleep or if you feel fatigue, drink a glass of honey water with lemon. If an early dinner is missed, instead of eating late night, you can have a glass of honey water with lemon. Those who eat pulka curry, if they feel thirsty, at around 9-10 pm, they can drink half or 1 glass of water. if you drink more water during this time, your sleep will be disturbed for urination.
You may think that if we follow this daily routine, all our time will be spent for eating, drinking, going for bowel movement, when can we do our jobs and businesses. In the beginning, you may feel like that. But, 7-10 days, once you get habituated, it all happen as a routine and doesn’t seem to be a big task. When you are trying for the first time, any tasks would be like this. Gradually, you will be habituated.
See how the discussed daily routine gives all the needs the body requires. The first need of oxygen is supplied by doing pranayama. The second need of water is supplied by drinking 5 litres of water at the appropriate time in the day. The third need of food is supplied – half of it as natural food like sprouts, fruit, raw vegetable juices and the remaining half is supplied as boiled food, but without oil and salt. The fourth requirement of exercise is given in the form of doing asanas. The fifth requirement of excretion is properly down with 2-3 times of bowel movement every day including proper urination. The sixth requirement of rest is given by having early dinner before sun set and giving complete rest to the inside parts of the body. The seventh habit of making good thoughts is done by doing meditation or through spiritual thinking or through having a good company. Like this, if we change our daily routine to sync with the body, we can improve our health and reduce over weight.
If we take like this, the 1300-1400 k calories of energy that women needs will be available. Men can eat a bit more than women. So, in the same daily routine, 1600/1700 k calories energy they will get. Along with the less-energy food, we need to take fruit, sprouts and raw vegetables juices. The body used the stored fat to get the calories needed for the body to function. Every day, in women, 600/700 k calories of energy and in men, 700/800 k calories of energy gets melted. Without spending much money and not spoiling health, at home, this is the daily routine, you can lose weight.
Though it is difficult to implement, and the mind is pulling you back, if you start with determination and going ahead, the result will encourage you to move forward. When you are able to lose weight whil curing diseases, why would you delay things? Make this daily routine as part of your life. Check every 7-10 days if you problems are being solved or not. If they are getting cured, reduce the medicine gradually and try to stop as you move ahead. In some months, all diseases and medicine will be stopped. If you have any other problems, you can meet us or call us. If this daily routine doesn’t give you any result, discuss your experience with us. We can know where you are making mistakes and what changes are needed. If you get the desired result, you can continue this daily routine till you want to live happily. You won’t get affected by any new diseases and your life will be peaceful.
For the natural body, we should give a natural life style. I wish you will follow it and become healthy.

12. One day fasting that reduces weight

Fasting is a significant thing in nature cure medication method. We can do fasting for long time or can do for 1 or 2 days and stop it. Everyone knows that through long fasting, in nature cure medication, people lose much weight. People make all attempts and then if they couldn’t succeed, they final resort to nature cure ashramas. Since joining, they will undergo fasting. Many people can do fasting for 15-20 days. In fasting, it is eady to lose weight. For 15-20 days of fasting, people lose around 7-10 kilos of weight. In any other way of reducing weight, we cannot lose weight like this. You all might be enthusiastic to start fasting. Though it is an easy way to lose weight, it depends on the way we use it and the way we eat afterwards. Fasting always helps the body. In fact, it all depends – whether it is a benefit or a drawback how we follow the diet after we complete fasting.
Advantages and disadvantages of long-time fasting
In fasting, as we don’t take any food and just take only honey and lemon water, all the fat in the body will melt quickly and weight will reduce half a kilo everyday. Apart from losing weight, the waste matter will be sent out from the body. As a result, the cells will be cleansed day by day. All the body parts will take rest. In fasting, apart from losing weight other diseases will also be cured. We feel floating in the air and get all good feelings.
While doing fasting, we won’t feel hunger, and any appetite. We won’t feel fatigue. Once the body is cleansed up, hunger will be generated. Then, the energy that is supplied through honey water is not sufficient. At that stage, we can stop fasting and slowly start vegetable juices and fruit for 1-3 days. From there, we can have boiled food (pulka + curry). After you get habituated for 4-5 days, you will leave the nature cure hospital. Whatever weight that is reduced by staying in the ashram due to the fasting, has done good. But, the real harmful effects happen once they reach home, which is true in case of 95% of people.
With the salt-less food that is served in the nature cure ashrams, the tongue becomes tasteless. As people do fasting, the stomach also has a lot of hunger. They will have strong desires to have good tastes. For many people, who stop fasting and enter the food stage, they have the dreams of eating their favourite items. In the ashram, they cannot do anything and just relish the dreams. Even after coming home, they will eat according the food principles for 15-20 days. As days pass by, they get bored with the food – they will feel, ‘how long this food!’. Since then, the cooking method will change. Moreover, the wife will say, ‘it’s a long time since you had eaten my food. Just for this time, eat all. It’s not a problem’. It starts like that and they gradually enter the normal life style. As the old memories don’t fade, the reduced weight gradually starts growing. Though they sense the growing weight, they feel that ‘I can again reduce my weight as I can do a week’s fasting to reduce the weight’. After 1-2 months, the weight reaches to 8-10 kilos of excess weight. If it stops fine. But, from there, weight grows faster.
After doing long fasting, gaining weight is more rapid. Because, long time fasting is like making the crop land dry, plough and make ready for seeding. It will be cleaned up and is vigorous. Compared to the ordinary land, the dried lands absorbs more water and fertilizer. Our cells also during fasting, are much purified and become like the dried land and will be very healthy. After fasting, the food gets digested well, and is absorbed more and what is eaten is absorbed into the body well. All the food that is eaten reaches each cell. We can eat better compared to earlier. As a result, we gain more weight and compared to earlier, in a few days, we gain more weight. Just as we reduced weight rapidly, we will gain weight in a similar way. After doing fasting, we should strictly follow food principles. If those people who think it is not possible with them, then, after doing the long-time fasting, the result will be like this. Some people do long time fasting, but later they eat more and become obese and damage the reputation of nature cure medication and fasting. The outsiders see only the bad things of the whole phenomenon. Considering these things, we are advising people not to do long time fasting. In my book, “Upavasa dharmam” (The Doctrine of Fasting), I mentioned the same thing. Some people read the book and do long-time fasting at home. But, you don’t do it. If long-time fasting is not done under the supervision of a doctor in nature-cure hospital, without a proper method, there will be damaging effects. So, stop thinking about long-time fasting. If you want to lose weight, try to lose weight slowly. Long-time fasting can be taken care of in the future. To reduce weight, along with the food principles, doing one day fasting in every week is good. This will have good effects. Let us now learn how to do one day fasting and how weight reduces.
How is weight reduced in fasting?
Fasting means without taking any food, giving rest to the body (especially, the digestive system). In fasting, you can drink water as much as you want. You may think, ‘But, if I drink only water throughout the day, don’t I feel fatigue? Or hungry?”. The next day after fasting, you will feel more fatigue. If we don’t want to have such problems, you can take energy-giving food, but which is not a burden to the digestive system. If you drink coconut water, fruit juices, sugar cane juice, the hunger will be more. Even if you drink them, the digestive system should work the same way. It is only honey, which doesn’t give the digestive system any work and yet, gives energy. That’s why, if we do fasting with honey, we don’t feel fatigue. We won’t feel hungry and we won’t feel like eating. Apart from all this, the body gets complete rest. On a fasting day, we take around 200-250 grams of honey. In the long-time fasting, in everyday fasting, it is okay if you reduce honey to some extent. You may feel that if you drink honey in such quantity, it may cause heat. On the fasting day, along with honey, we also drink water around 4-5 litres. So, there is no problem of heat to the body.
We earlier discussed that for reducing weight, women need 1300-1400 k calories of energy and men need 1700-1800 k calories. Let us see how much energy we get on a fasting day. In 250 grams of honey, there is around 800 k calories of energy. In one day’s fasting, 150 grms or 200 grams of honey is to be taken. In 100 grams of honey, the energy is 325 k calories. So, in fasting, we are giving 600-800 k calories of energy through honey. In the 100 grams of honey, the energy is 325 k calories. So, in fasting, 600-800 k calories of energy is supplied through honey. If we come to the energy needed to run the body, women need 2000 k calories and men need 2500 k calories. On a fasting day, through honey, we are giving 600 to 800 k calories, the remaining energy comes through the melted fat of the body.
On a fasting day, the process of melting fat is very active.
In honey, glucose is 34% and fructose is 39%. Both of these give us energy and avoid fatigue. Honey need not to be digested. It is already in the digested stage. As soon as we take it, from the digestive system, it enters the blood immediately and release energy. For other fruit juices to give energy, it takes 45 to 60 minutes of time, whereas honey starts giving energy in 10 minutes. The glucose in honey as soon as we drink enters into the blood and help release energy. It is called instant energy. The fructose sugar in honey doesn’t enter the blood. From intestines, this enters the blood slowly and gives the energy. Fructose sugar ensures we don’t have fatigue and not feeling hunger and gives energy gradually in steps. It is like, when the twigs are burnt, they give heat and become ash. Glucose is like that giving us more energy. But, the coal in the oven give heat constantly but without flame and don’t become ash so fast. Similarly, our fructose sugar releases small quantity energy for more time and doesn’t give us fatigue. This fructose helps that the sugar quantity in blood doesn’t increase. In honey, apart from the energy giving glucose, fructose, other nutrients, many enzymes, vitamins, minerals et car available. So, fasting with honey doesn’t harm the body.
On the fasting day, we drink honey for every 2-2.5 hours. The energy that we get by drinking honey can be used by the brain cells. In fasting, then, there won’t be headache. We will be active. For the brain cells to work active, the glucose and fructose should be supplied into the blood. Honey fulfils this requirement. This is the benefit of honey in fasting. The energy that is needed for the body to work is not sufficient with honey. So, the fat melts slowly and releases energy. In fasting, fat melting happens throughout the day gradually. That’s why, the fat reduces half a kilo every day so that you won’t feel fatigue. The fasting dharma is for the body to take complete rest and losing the weight.
Method of doing fasting
Just after getting up from sleep, to drink 1-1.5 litres of water and to try for motions. Unlike every day, it is better not to do exercise and to give complete rest. You can do meditation, pranayama or some lighter tasks. One hour after drinking water to drink water again for the second time – 1.1.5 litre and to try for motion. If bowel movement happens twice in the morning, all the waste of the previous day will be discharged out and the intestines will be healthy. If bowels are not cleaned up naturally, you need to take enema. This is the first cleaning up process to be done in the morning.
You can start drinking honey water in the morning from 8 or 9 am. Take a big glass of water, put 3-4 spoons of honey and in it add one lemon juice and to drink. There are a lot of benefits with lemon juice. Lemon juice contains a good amount of ‘C’ vitamin. It is very useful in cleaning in fasting, for repair, and to improve immunity. The sourness of lemon can remove ‘desire’. That’s why, in fasting, you don’t feel like eating. As we mix lemon juice in honey, the taste will be a mixture of sweet and sourness which gives a good tasty feeling for the tongue. After drinking honey water, wait for 1-1.5 hours and then drink water 1 or 2 glasses. After one hour of drinking water, take honey water again. After 1-1.5 hours of drinking honey water, take water again – 1 or 2 glasses. Like this, since morning 8 or 9am to till you go to bed, you need to take both honey water and normal water continuous as explained. Stop normal water around 6-7 pm, so that you won’t be disturbed during sleep. But, you can drink honey till 10 pm. In a day, if you drink honey 5-6 times, that will be fine. Those who have more hunger or fatigue, they can take honey 7-8 times. You can increase according to your need. In the evening, if you feel hungry, or feel headache, or if you face any inconvenience, you can drink 2 coconut bondas or sugar cane juice. But, we need to use them in mandatory situations. Till you get habituated to fasting, you will face such problems in the beginning. Then, with honey water, it will be happy.
Fasting on which day?
In a week, on any day, do fasting with honey like this. Considering the food habits of nowadays, it is better to do fasting on Sundays. Because, we eat all rubbinsh on that single day. If you do fasting on Sunday, it is like doing fasting for two days. As Sunday is also a holiday for work, it is good. This is just my advice. If it is not possible, you can choose any other day of the week.
Concluding fasting
If fasting is like climbing the tree, then concluding fasting is like getting down from the tree. We have to slowly get down the tree and to jump from there. The next day after you do fasting, In the morning, as usual, drink water two times and ensure that the bowels are well cleaned up. If it doesn’t happen naturally, you can clean it up with enama. As the first food of the day, it is good to take any vegetable juice or fruit juice. Atter 45 minutes of drinking this juice, eat sprouts and fruits as breakfast. After fasting is done, do not eat idli or dosa. In the afternoon and evening, it is good to take the meal in our way.
Who can do fruit fasting?
After doing fasting with honey water one day, instead of going for boiled food, you can do fruit fasting. Those who are very obese, having no other health problems, who don’t have work and can sit at home, who don’t have any fatigue problem, can do fruit fasting. After fasting, every day, they can drink fruit juice. They can mix honey in it. After 2 hours of drinking this juice, they can drink water 1-2 glasses. After 45 minutes of drinking water, they can drink fruit juice again or eat fruit. Like this, from morning to evening 6 pm, we can stay on fruit. At night they can drink honey water one or two times. In a week, it is good to do fasting one day and fruit fasting another day. You will lose weight as well and fat will melt. For two days, it is like we are away from the cooked food. Because of the good deed done for these 2 days, the body gets cleaned up and protects us from long-term diseases. In the remaining five days, as we discussed, we better follow the daily routine (explained in the chapter daily routine) and doing like this for two days, is a good habit of losing weight. Those who have heavy work, who have fatigue problem, those who are not obese, should not do this fruit fasting. Because, later, they will feel tired.
Who should not do fasting?
Diabetic people, pregnant women, just delivered mothers, those who take 10-15 tablets a day, those who don’t have enough blood, those who have fatigue problem, those who do sweating and heavy jobs, all these people should not do fasting. They can, as discussed, follow the food principles and try to reduce weight. Once they overcome these problems, they ca start fasting.
Doing long-time fasting, reducing weight and then eating again all food normally and becoming obese again – instead of this whole process, it is better to lose weight gradually and slowly. Doing fasting once in a week, and on the remaining days, following good food principles and nurturing the body, melting the fat and reducing weight in a healthy way is very important. This kind of implementation is needed.

13. Which is the right body structure?

The perfect body means – According to the height, age, work, having the appropriate weight.
The perfect structure means – with ideal weight and from bottom to top, having perfect shape as well.
Even if it is not possible to check your weight with machine, you can observe the proper shape and its features and ensure that the weight is not gaining. Those whose weight is excess, can see the following features and control their body accordingly. Here are the seven properties that should be part of the perfect structure:
1. Thickness of fat: According to the thickness of fat that is accumulated in the body, we will know whether we are obese or not. Just beside the navel, if you hold the skin with two finger, (ring finger and thumb) the skin between the two fingers should not be more than half or one inch. If it is like that, then you have fat in the optimum quantity. Stop reading and check yourself. Laughing? The skin is not getting into the two fingers? Try if it can fit in one hand. If it is not available with one hand, try with two hands till you get it. The more thickness, the more accumulated fat. For many people, as the thickness is more, when there is a need for operation (when the thickness is more for cutting the stomach), and when it is not possible, the doctor would tell them, ‘unless the stomach is reduced, operation cannot be done. Either join a nature cure hospital or take the advice of Satyanarayana Raju garu.’, and the doctors would send them to us. Once in a week, it is good to check the thickness like this and to take care.
2. The height (bulging) of stomach: From the middle of the chest, down to the navel, drop a thread of scale and hold it there. From top to bottom, it should be like a wall and scale. When constructing a wall, the mason wants to check if the wall is going straight or not. For this, they use plumb bob, hanged by a thread. Check it once. If it is in line, your body is in shape with sufficient fat. If it takes twists and turns, that belly would be protruded to front. For many people, this belly is like a speed breaker. For everyone it is inconvenience. When taking bath, after taking off the clothes, observing them, and the hanging of it, people feel irritated about the growing belly. After we wear clothes, we forget about it. People with large bellies come to nature cure ashrams. Those who have skin diseases along with obesity undergo soil treatment. For them, clothes are removed, except the drawyer, they smear soil throughout the body. The real picture of the obese people is seen there. For some people, the bellow comes forward till it sits on the thighs, covering their drawer all the bottom part of the stomach is covered. Everyone should take care that this belly to be melted.
3. Stomach, waist diameter: The chest part should be very wide. The stomach and waist should be slim. Compared to the chest, the waist should be at least 8 inches less. If the chest is wide, life span is more and energy more. Oxygen enters well. so, we will have these benefits. If the waist is slim, we can bend, turn side-ways easily. With that size, the body will be convenient for all tasks. Are you chest and waist are accordingly? These measurements will be amusing now. Our elders have told us about having broach chest part, but unfortunately, now it is broad stomach.
4. The blood vessels have to appear to the eye: We won’t find blood vessels. Even to inject saline, to take blood for blood tests, blood is taken from the front part of the hand. We need to so those blood vessels now. We need to close the fist and then in the front part of the hand, the blood vessels are to appear on the surface. If they appear clearly, it means we have enough fat and good shape. Check your blood vessels. Can you see them? Are you not able to see? Difficult to find them out? Most of the people do not find these blood vessels and look at the adjacent people – to check if they have. If they also don’t have them, then it’s relief for them. If we cannot see in us, that is fine, if they are seen in others, we get tension. This is the competitive world. We all tend to feel like that. For many people, these blood vessels cannot be seen at all. When they need to take blood, the blood vessels cannot be found easily. As the fat in the body starts storing, it covers the parts of waist, stomach and then reaches this part as well and the blood vessels get closed up. As fat is accumulating in us, these blood vessels go down.
5. Ribs to be touched to the hand.: In our body, there is a bone structure which covers the heart and lungs, which is called ribs. In it, the bones are arranged one after the other. When we take off clothes, if they appear to the eye very clearly, it means, we are too thin. This is the feature of the people who are in lower weight. It is not good to be so thin. Then, how should it be? When we inhale deeply to fill the chest completely, and then, when you touch under the chest, just above the heart part, if the ribs are touching your hand, it indicates that you have enough fat. When you hold the skin at the heart part, the thickness of the heart, should be below half inch. When you touch at the heart part, all that part, if touched is smooth without the feel of the bones, then it indicates that the fat is growing. In that part, if the skin thickness is more, it warns that we are acquiring more weight.
6. Cheeks should not become plumpy: Man’s face is generally around cone shape. Our ancestors, grand parents, all of them look in the photos, without plumpy cheeks. Humans would look like that. These days, the cheeks are round like apples. When the fat is stored in all places down, wherever there is no fat, it is covering that part. According to the level of fat accumulated, the pluminess of the cheeks is displayed. For some people, chin, jaws, cheeks all mixed up and the face looks like an ash gourd. Cheeks becoming plumpy shows the sign of gaining weight.
7. The collar bone to appear: In both the sides of the throat, two bones protrude. From the chest, if we move the hand up towards throat, it is touched to the hand and it is seen in the mirror. If it is not appearing to the eye, then it indicates that you are obese. For some people, unless they stretch the chest backward, it cannot be seen. This is not a good sign.
So far, you have understood the seven qualities for a good body shape. You have also checked if you have them. Now, you know, what all you have and what you missed. Now, tell me, who passed and who failed. You are the invigilator. If the seven qualities are as discussed, the shape and weight are perfect. In elders, almost, 90% of people fail. In kids, 50-60% will pass.
Based on these qualities, thin people, if they take care from the beginning, there is no danger of gaining weight. Those who are obese, if they follow these food principles, and try to reduce the weight till these qualities are seen. Those who do not work at all, if these qualities are there, then the body is correct. You need not check these qualities all the time, of course!

14. Ideal weight for the body height?

The weight of the body is determined by age and height. From childhood to till they reach 20 years, children grow. Food eaten at that age is all used for body growth and the remaining food, the body uses for weight growth. If some children are growing well but thin, people compared them with Amananth stems. When Amananth stem grows, it doesn’t grow fat. If it becomes fat, it doesn’t grow. In the growing age, children feel hungry. Accordingly, they eat well. Since that time, instead of sending it up, it is stored to the sides. From around 20-25 years, all the youngsters start becoming fat. When people are plumpy they look good to see. Moreover, the foldings in the body are not seen. So, they continue their food like that. From there, the plumpy body converts into obese. Once they become obese, if they eat in the same quantity or if they eat less than that, they will be growing in weight. So, ultimately, they will become obese. So, changes in the body happen in employees and business people, without any difference between male or female. Some people grow fat but still they say, they are fine. Some people, when losing weight are worried a lot about their decreasing weight. Let us see in this chart, how much weight we should have, and how much weight children should have.
More than 25 years
Men - weight according to the height
More than 25 years
Women - Weight according to the height
Feet - inches
Appropriate weight Height
Feet - inches
Appropriate weight
4'10" 42 to 44.5
5'2" 50.5 to 54.5 4'10" 42 to 44.5
5'3" 52 to 56 4'11" 42 to 44.5
5'4" 53.5 to 57 5'0" 43.5 to 47
5'5" 55 to 58.5 5'1" 45 to 48.5
5'6" 56 to 60 5'2" 46.5 to 50
5'7" 58 to 62 5'3" 47.5 to 51
5'8" 60 to 64 5'4" 49 to 52.5
5'9" 62 to 66 5'5" 50.5 to 54
5'10" 63.5 to 68 5'6" 52 to 56
5'11" 65 to 70 5'7" 53.5 to 57.5
6'0" 67 to 71.5 5'8" 55 to 59.5
6'1" 69 to 73.5 5'9" 57 to 61
6'2" 71 to 76 5'10" 58.5 to 63.5
6'3" 72.5 to 77.5 5'11" 61 to 65
6'4" 74 to 79 6'0" 63 to 67
Have you checked how much weight you should have. Wondering if you need to have such low weights. According to this chart, you may feel, you are nowhere near and you may feel you can never achieve this or these numbers are too low? We are all growing by sitting in shade and working. In those, who are not doing physical exercise, the strength will be less. If it were our ancestors, without men and women difference, everyone would have physical strength, bone strength, nerve strength. For such people, if they gain 5-6 kilos of weight, they would manage it as all their limbs are strong. For employees and business people, what body strength and muscle power do they have? If we gain 5-6 kilos, the weight will be heavy. The body struggles to carry. So, if you have appropriate weight, it is good for the sensitive people. Are you thinking that having 10 kilos more doesn’t cause much problem?
When we go the railway station, we will give the 10 kilos of suitcase to the coolie to carry. After he carries 10 kilos for 10 minutes, and hands over to you, we will feel relieved. When will we remove the 10 kilos off the body which we are carrying additionally. We need to carry it for 24 hours. Even in sleep, you cannot take out. If 10 kilos of suitcase is carried, we are giving him 10 rupees. Then, our body is carrying this extra weight, how much should we give to it? If we remove this extra luggage, the body will feel relieved. Like this, we are carrying another extra ten kilos and losing our precious happiness. While we carry it, we do not know it. When we get rid of it, then, we will know the joy.
That’s why our elders said, "Credit is not our wealth! Bulging is not strength " What we have today is not strength, luggage. Those who carry around 70-80 kilos of weight, if you observe them, they look so lean. They are around their ideal weight or a bit less and are able to do all their tasks. What we need is not weight, but strength. So, if we keep appropriate weight, it is good. If we are 20% more than our ideal weight, it is obesity. From obese try to become strong.

15. Questions - Answers

1. Question: - It is said that if we drink honey and lemon juice with warm water in the morning on empty stomach, we will lose weight. Is that true?
Answer:- It is good for health to drink honey and lemon with water. we cannot lose weight with that. Throughout the day, if we do fasting with honey and lemon juice, then, we can lose weight. As we don’t eat any other food and fast the whole day with honey and lemon juice, the fat gets melted and we lose weight. But, if we drink honey water in the morning and eat other food as usual the remaining day, there won’t be any change in the weight. It is also wrong to say that if honey is taken with warm water, we lose weight and if we take with cool water, we will gain weight.
2. Question:- Those who are obese, can use coconut and groundnut dauilt?
Answer:- For the body to live, fats are needed by all every day. Those who are obese, think that there is more fat inside and they do not take anymore. This is not good for health. People are stopping to eat coconut and groundnuts with the notion that they contain a lot of fat. We need not completely avoid these two fat items. If you change the way you eat, that would be fine. In the morning, it is good if we stop eating soaked ground nut and raw coconut along with sprouts. But, while we are cooking, we have to use these two according to the situation. We are asking to stop adding salt and oil completely in our healthy cooking. So, to give taste, if we add ground nut powder, sesame powder, coconut grate or coconut milk, we will lose weight.
If we use such fats in curries, the body needs will be fulfilled and create taste and also prevents fatigue
3. Question:- If people who need to reduce weight, eat pulkas twice a day, will it not heat up the body?
Answer::- This is s common question. If we eat pulkas made with wheat, we may feel body heat, inflammation of eyes, hot vapours from the body, blood in faeces, growth of piles etc. Once such symptoms are seen, people stop eating pulkas thinking that wheat flour increased my body heat and pulkas are not suitable to them. You may think, when for one-time of eating pulkas, there are such complications, why are we suggested to eat twice a day. This body heat symptoms are seen not due to wheat flour. Because of our body fault. We won’t understand our problem and blaming other things. For the assumption that pulkas increase body heat, there are two mistakes that we commit: drinking less water, eating less curry with pulkas. In those people who drink less water, the body heat symptoms are always seen. If we start drinking 4-5 litres of water a day, we won’t face these problem even if we eat pulkas twice a day. As pulkas are dry – when they are eaten with less curry, they don’t get digested well. Due to this, we feel in the stomach, hot and inflammation or gas trouble. We have already seen that to reduce weight, it is good to have a lot of curry. If we are able to eat pulkas with a lot of curry, we won’t face such problems even in summer. You can eat so many days, it won’t be a problem. The body heat problem can be solved in two days by drinking more water and eating more curry.
4. Question:- Those who are obese, if they eat fruit like banana and mango, don’t they get fatter?
Answer:- Many people are afraid to eat banana, mango, sapodilla, custard apple, jack fruit etc, because they fear that eating these fruit may increase weight. Though people like mangos, with the fear of gaining weight, they stay away from them. But, we won’t gain weight due to them. Are you surprised? If we change the situation and eat it, we don’t gain weight. Some people eat these fruit along with meals and some eat them as snacks and with dinner. If you eat like that and blame the fruit and not the dinner for the gained weight. These fruit generally contain more sugar. When we eat them, if sugar enters more into the blood, all the excess sugar turns into fat. Those who eat these fruit along with the regular food, they will gain weight. If those, who eat with changes in tiffin and lunch, it they eat these fruit, the body gets the required sugar and it doesn’t convert to fat. When there are no rains, you can water plants sufficiently. But, if there are heavy rains, and the additional water you pour any, can cause trouble to the palnts. Those who want to lose weight, if they want to have these fruit with satisfaction, they can have these fruit as dinner, then it is not a problem. To avoid the evening 5-6 tiffins and the night’s dinner and eat these fruit between 5 and 7 pm, it is good. The energy that come through these is sufficient to the body, so it doesn’t convert to fat. Moreover, if you eat before sunset, the stored fat also will melt at night. The way fruit are eaten and the time we take them is important. If you eat like this, you can eat stomach full. During the custard apple season, as part of dinner, you can eat 3-4 custard apples, if it is sapodilla, you can have a dozen, if it is mangoes, you can have 2-3, if it is jack fruit, you can have 15-20 pieces, if it is bananas, you can have 5-6. From the evening dinner, we need to give 400-500 calories of energy. By eating fruit like this, it is not harmful even to the obese people.
5. Question:- Those who are obese, if they drink 4-5 litres of water, don’t they become more obese?
Answer:- Wate doesn’t increase weight. In fact, it reduces. Those who have excess 15-20 kilos of weight, if they drink 5 litres of water every day, in the first month, they will reduce 3-4 kilos of weight. In obese people, 5-8 litres of excess water is stored in the body. In those, who have good water intake and urination, all the excess salt and the water along with the salt, will go out through urination and the body weight will be reduced. This fact is proved by the scientists as well. The water we drink will go out in 2-3 hours, but it doesn’t stay in the body. That’s why, even 5 litres of water doesn’t get stored in the body. In people who have heart ailments, kidney problems, liver problems, thyroid problems, there is a tendency that the water is stored in the body. Such people should drink water only on the advice of the doctor. For the remaining, 4-5 litres of water doesn’t increase weight in the body. So, drinking water is good for people who want to reduce weight.
6. Question:- It is true that we should not lose more weight at a time?
Answer:- It is in fact bad to trouble the body and then to lose weight. We should lose weight through the process of helping the body. Losing weight, in fact, is not same in all of the people. Some people reduce it fast and some people reduce gradually. Some people don’t lose weight at all.
Those who reduced weight only slightly or those who didn’t lose weight at all, would comment like this as they are jealous of those who could reduce weight so rapidly. As long as the method we are implementing is proper, it doesn’t matter whether the result is how many kilos.
7. Question:- Those who have to lose weight, should stop non vegetarian food completely or can they eat in little quantity?
Answer:- Naturally, human body structure is against to the non-vegetarian food. Nature cure is to stop eating the food and acticivites which are against to the body. In nature cure medication, good habits and good food are the medicine. So, any kind of non vegetarian food is not good. While cooking non-veg food, people use more oil and more salt. So, even if you eat in small quantity, you will gain more energy and as a result, you will gain weight easily. Naturally, flesh contains more fats. Moreover, the way we cook is very harmful to health. So, it is better to stop eating non-vegetarian food completely.
8. Question:- Those who need to reduce weight, if they have to eat rice, how to eat?
Answer:- We have discussed that those who want to reduce weight, better eat pulkas twice a day. Till they lose weight, if they want to stop rice, it is difficult. If you ask North Indians to stop eating pulkas, for them it is difficult. For telugu people, if they need to stop eating rice, it is a problem for them. If they eat 7-10 days, two times, only pulkas, they get bored and they will have dreams of eating rice. When they feel like eating rice, or when it is not possible to eat pulkas, or in travelling, if they have to eat rice, they better eat with ¾ curry and ¼ rice, mixing rice in curry. When they go out, and had to eat in hotels, if they want to avoid curries with salt and oil, they can eat curd rice or rice with butter milk. At home, if they feel like eating rice, after eating pulkas with curry, they can eat a fist-ful of rice with curd.
9. Question:- If we sleep in the morning after meals, don’t we gain weight??
Answer:- Many people think that this is the primary reason for gaining weight. We all know that it is very pleasant to sleep for some time after meals. In gaining weight, the more prominent reason is sleeping at night after eating. After lunch, even after we sleep for half an hour or one hour, then, everyone will do one task or the other. So, the energy that we get through the lunch will be melt through some work, but, doesn’t get converted into fat. There is a chance that if you sleep for 3-4 hours in the morning, you may gain weight. So, after lunch, it is okay if we sleep for some time.
10. Question: - Are there any vegetables that obese people should stop eating?
Answer:- If we take care about high carbohydrates, and low fibre vegetables, it would be fine, which are potato, sweet potato, colacasia, cassava root, yam etc. If we eat then occasionally, there is no problem – but not with high oils and fried, but in our healthy way. If we keep eating these roots frequently, they will be converted to fats and the body increases. As North Indians eat a lot of roots, they are a bit obese. But, you can eat carrot, beetroot. They don’t have this problem. In it, carbohydrate is less and nutrients are more. So, you can use them frequently. In roots, life energies are less and the root is more. Ideally, we should eat vegetables which should have more life energy and less content. If we eat food items that are rich in life energy, our mind power increases. If we eat the content-rich food, the body grows. That’s why, people say that roots make you fat. It is good to use them in a limited quantity.
11. Question:- If we do asanas for some time and then stop, then do we gain more weight?
Answer:- That problem is not with asanans. You can do them for any length of time and if not possible, you can stop it for some time. It is not a problem. The hunger will be same – before doing asanans and after doing them – it doesn’t grow all together. Due to asanans, you won’t feel excess hunger, whereas in exercise, the hunger increases a lot. In those who do a lot of workout, all the food essence is spent and to fill them up, we will feel hungry. As a result, the quantity that we eat before going to exercise and after doing them will be quite different. If we do exercise like that and eat more, it melts away but doesn’t convert into fat. Then, if we stop exercise, but continue the same food. As a result, as there is no exercise to melt the excess energy, it gets converted into fat and we will become fat. For example, those who are generally eating 3-4 idlis, due to exercise, they start eating 5-6 idlis. They get habituated to the increased quantity and even after they stop exercise, they eat the same quantity and gain weight. Some people doubt if this is the same case with doing asanans. With asanans, the body becomes stiff. We will gain good control over food. Unlike exercise, asanans are not just confined to physical benefits. They also give mental control, concentration, peace of mind. Due to this mental benefits, we will gain control over senses. While we do asanas, there will be effect. If we stop them, the result will be stopped but it doesn’t cause any damage.
12. Question:- If we stop rice completely, in the long run, is it okay?
Answer:- For our body to work, we need energy. We need to take food according to the need of the energy. We need to have food according to the work we do. If we eat like that, how much work we do, we will feel active and healthy. If work is more and food is less, we will have fatigue, legs pain, lethargy etc. If the work is less and food is more, we will become obese. For the energy that we need to work, the primary source of primary energy is grains such as wheat, millet, finger millet, jowar, rice and foxtail millet. People get used to the grains cultivated in the areas they live. For telugu people, rice grain is staple. If we eat other grains instead of rice, we will feel disappointed. In rice, carbohydrates are more, so we thought of eating rotis (pulkas). As we eat rotis in the morning to get some energy and also eat sprouts as breakfast so that they will give the required energy to the body. So, there is no problem to stop rice for any length of time. Moreover, the rice that we eat is polished 2-3 times, it has lost all benefits. It contains only carbohydrates which increase weight but it doesn’t have any nutrients. As we replaced rice with pulkas and sprouts, the carbohydrates are less in them and they contain more nutrients. So, we are getting benefits and not a problem. So, you can stop rice for any number of months and years. If we don’t eat sprouts at all and if we just eat 3-4 pulkas in the afternoon and 2-3 pulkas in the evening, we may feel fatigue. Along with pulkas and sprouts, we are also eating fruit, and more curries. So, there won’t be any problem.

Last word

MY heartfelt congratulations to all of you to have read the whole book, understood it, and knew my thoughts. For some days, for the new people, who are going to try them new, everything will look strange. Do you think, 'what strange?' The mind will be thinking, 'how many calories in it? How many calories am I eating today?
Some other people, from morning to night, will be checking the calorie count – how much they have eaten, how much is melted, how much weight is lost, and check their update daily. All these things, we have discussed to get an understanding, but not to check daily. So, you keep aside such things and focus on the discussed daily routine, and start implementing it. The result will come. I wish all of you change your daily routine at your home, and lose weight healthily. While you implement, if you have any doubts, or to give me any suggestions, you can share with me. You can call me or meet me directly.
I am very happy and thankful for getting this opportunity to share a path for you to stay at home and reduce your weight. I feel, it is my privilege to get an opportunity to help you bloom healthily. I seek that such opportunities to share my feelings with you will come a lot in the future. I will all of you, who have learnt about such a good path, will implement it and stay healthy and improve your life span.
Well wisher of your health
Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

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