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Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju


  1. We need to change
  2. What is the food we are supposed to eat in this nature?
  3. What is cooked food - What is uncooked food
  4. What happens when we cook a food?
  5. Difference between Cook food - Raw food
  6. Our ancestors nutritional food
  7. What is the ideal food?
  8. The qualities that should be present in our food
  9. Seeds form complete food
  10. Seeds that dissolve cholesterol
  11. Importance of coconut
  12. The nutritive value of sprouts
  13. When should you we consume seeds and who are suppposed to consume them?
  14. When and how should you consume fruits?
  15. What is present in dates?
  16. What are the benefits of consuming fruits as dinner
  17. How should we use vegetables?
  18. Our body needs - Foods in which they are available
  19. How should we consume 100% raw foods?
  20. uses of raw foods
  21. Doubts - Solutions
  22. How are you supposed to start?


My heart felt greetings to all health lovers
I am feeling bad that you are reading this sized books because of me even in these days.Writing a book small can be easy to read and follow but you get many doubts while practising. These doubts won't let you follow this, you won't get any kind of benefit due to this.In these days there are many doubts regarding health.We are not aware what is the truth and what is not, it would be of great benefit to people if we teach them based on our experiences. I have to write them in detail about what experiments i made, i made many people follow them and mentioned their feedback along with the scientific data.I am writing this so clearly so that you don't need me in the future and take care of your health in the future.I hope you understand.
I wrote in my previous books that it is better to eat raw food, i mentioned this in my speeches in great detail.If peopl read a little about this or they hear any of my speeches they can't follow eating natural food regularly.They are unable to stop cooking food. This natural food obtained from nature is our food. We are feeding our body with this polluted food instead of natural food all this years. This is why we are suffering from many diseases. We are trying hard to get rid of them in many ways, by using lots of money,we are trying from long time to cure them. Change of medicines,medical techniques can't give them complete health. Humans are trying in many ways but not in a right way. They are trying to find health everywhere except in their homes. He is not aware that the food he ate is polluted and it is the reason for all these diseases.Inorder to create awareness about this ,i decided to write a book "Good food for a healthy life "
I have been trying this foods since past 8-9 years and see the changes occured and the results.I tried consuming 50-60% of raw foods and remaining 40-50% of cooked food.Later i increased to 75% raw food and 25% cooked food. Few days i stopped eating raw foods completely and then i understood that we can be great consuming it,we can get back all the energy we lost, it is all based on my own experience.I made many people eat this for 8-9 years and they are feeling that as if this is their rebirth.
Our body is a miraculous device.It can change every organ into new one if given chance to do so. We feel that our house is old we need to break this down and then built a new one. But there is no need to face this trouble with our body. Whenever an old cell dies ,new cells replace except our brain cells and nerve cells. Till now all the cells and organs in our body gets sick and are damaged, inorder to change this you can feel like changing. As this polluted food damaged your body you can make your body active and healthy by consuming raw foods. If we tend to eat good food everyday old cells decrease and new cells increase. When new cells are producing and when body gets good nourishment our body removes 70-80% of diseases. In order our body turns into an entire new one it takes 15-20 months.We are aware to return aluminium bowl when they get old but we are not aware to consume raw natural foods whenever our body gets sick.This book "Good food for a healthy life" scientifically explains you about the benefits of consuming naturally available raw foods.
When and how are we supposed to consume perfect diet?What is a perfect diet? What happens if we cook this? What is the nutritive value of a perfect diet?What is the energy produced? How should employees and business people follow this at home? How much does the cost reduce? What are benefits to us?All this have been described in a way that can be easily understood by even common individuals. I described scientific details in detail. Common people can't understand these things clearly,you can read one more time to understand them or else skip those things and follow the remaining.I repeated few things so that common people can understand them and provided many examples. So people who are illiterates and who have awareness about these things, please don't mind.Books serve the purpose only when even common people can start reading them and understand them. My writings aim to provide information to even village people.With that aim i wote 10 health related books this is my 11 th one.
I thank all my readers heartfully for reading all my health related books with a good heart and for following them,providing me with feedback and encouraging me.In the same manner please read my book "Good food for a healthy life"and consume raw foods as mentioned in it and fill your life with happiness called health. These health tips helps us in staying healthy at home. Among all the food tips this raw food is great and important. By consuming this lets make our life healthy.I hope you get succeded in your journey towards health.
manthena satyanarayana raju

1.We need to change

  • We are getting sick - With exception to any age
  • We are drivers to the vehicle called human - You can be a wise man if you know the truth behind this life
  • If you provide food according to body needs- It will provide you good health
Since the day of development of civilization,human body is moving towards illnesses.Even medical techniques that cure them are also advancing,but our health isn't getting any better. In todays world people are getting sick without any age difference, people with sedentary lifestyle and people who work hard,Both men and women,Educated and the uneducated,doctors,actors every one are suffering.If we see the working condition of our body parts even small kid have vision problems,joints are getting worn out without any age difference,ovum are not produced properly in women,sperms are produced in large amounts but they lack their energy,thyroid gland is not producing secretions.Even pancreas is not producing sufficient amounts og insulin this is leading to diabetes. Hypertension is as common as summers every year.People are getting bald heads and white hair even before marriage,muscle weakness,nerve weakness and many more.W ar suffering with this troublesome bodies.For example people are consuming a pill for digestion, one for excretion,one for gas trouble,one for blood,burning sensation,pains ,insomnia we are consuming medicines just as food.Lets think how long we are supposed to take them!Should we lead such a life throughout?Are you happy leading such life or are you making anyone happy? Why should we live a life when we are not happy neither people
Everyone among us wanna live a happy life that is the reason why we greet everyone how are you? Our main intention is to find our whether the person is happy and health? All of us want that happiness and health.That is our aim,that is why we greet so that we can remember our primary goal. We answer them by saying we are fine,even though we are aware that we are not but we got habituated to that reply. Till how long we are gonna betray our own self? If our car frequently troubles us and is making us unhappy we tend to repair it or buy a new one, we can't bear when a car is troubling us then why are we not bothering about the vehicle called human body,noone is trying to fix it and stay happy. If you try won't your happiness come back? If you believe in it everything is possible. If we provide a chance our body is ready to get cured.Our body has the self healing ability since birth.It is completely automatic,if you listen to what it is saying and provide what it wants.Till now your body worked by listening to you and it got into trouble now it will work only if you listen to it. Do you know even your car listens to you only when it is in perfect condition when it gets damaged we should be listening to it. If we can understand that our body is the same and accept our mistakes and apologize to it that you will never repeat your mistake and listen to it,you can lead a happy life.
If you won't provide proper nutrition leaves of a tree fall off after getting dry and stems tend to loose life but if you plough the field remove all weeds ,give it sufficient amount of water it again grows green , its like gifting them new life.When you provide proper food even the tree that got dried comes back to normal why not our health? Why do we not get a second life? If you want it whole heartedly you will for sure achieve it. Inorder to provide your body with health you need to fulfill its needs first.Learn to live life according to your body. Learn to give and take,it is respectable, till then you have to suffer.Inorder to prevent this misery understand what are the food habits suitable for your body and follow them.

2.What is the food we are supposed to eat in this nature?

  • The natural food in the nature - Backbone for the development of organisms
  • Its true! the one who planted the seedlings will watered them - God gave us intelligence so that we know what to eat
  • One breed of animals feed on same type of food - When will humans understand this secret
  • There is no other option if you don't rectify your mistakes - Nature doesn't bother providing you good health
They say that its been many crores of years since the formation of this nature.Science says that first only rocks are formed from them developed minerals,later plants and trees developed then all these germs,insects,animals and many lack years later human being was born in this nature. By this we understood that our food is born much before we are born. Based on the type of food our body developed. Our ancestors described nature as mother. Every organism in this world is born from this nature. The mother nature developed good food within her to nourish her children. We the living beings should eat it.When ever a child is born ,the milk that nourishes the child is formed much before his birth. When the child drink this milk he gets all the required nutrition.In the same manner the mother earth is providing all the required nutrition to us. We humans born on this earth were born to be vegetarians or non vegetarians? If it is the vegetarain food then what are we supposed to eat? If it is non vegetarain then what are we supposed to eat? Who are supposed to teach us what to eat ? We are estimating that 84 lakh species are born on the earth, they all are illiterate.How do they know what to eat? Who are teaching them all these, just think! We can then understand who taught us.
When a calf is born how does it know where can it find the food? Who are teaching her all these? The intelligence of the calf is helping it. It learns that it should feed on the breast milk of its mother.This calf when becomes older understood that it no longer needs milk and then feeds on the grass.Her mother never teaches her.The tortoises at the time of ovulation comes out of water,digs a pit,lays eggs and go,when the eggs hatch they come out of the soil and all of them travel in the same direction, that is into the sea. How tells them to go into the sea? How do they knew that thy find food if they go into the sea? By this we understand that in the development of a species some inbuit knowledge is provided. With the help of these qualities they spend there lives. These qualities are our teachers,doctors.We all are aware that god will for sure provide water when he planted a seedling. When the nature has given us birth then how can it not feed us. Nature provided all the nutrition required to us in the form of food and provided us with the knowledge to find it. Many organisms are making good use of this knowledge and are consuming what they are told to. We humans are more talented and intelligent than all these organisms, so we humans should decide what we are supposed to consume and what is best for our body.There are many food types in the nature, we need to first find out where do we exactly fit in and consume it accordingly.
Different food species: -Organisms are built in different ways and they have different needs. Different kinds of foods fulfill different needs.If we look at the food species that are eaten by large animals they are of 6 types.They are:
  1. Leafy species
  2. Root species
  3. Vegetable species
  4. Fruit species
  5. Seed species
  6. Meat species
There is no such organism in this nature that is designed to eat all these 6 food types. Every organism feeds on different type of foods. Where ever be this organisms live on this planet they feed on the same type. For example where ever an elephant stays it feeds on same type of food, their body is built accordingly. Every elephant follows discipline and they live for 100 years in any country.They won't die at 50-60 due to sickness or at 80. In the same manner all othr oganisms follow discipline. We all are also aware about the food type an animal eats we can say them immediately.When someone ask what does a goat feed on we say leafy species, tiger- meat species, parrot- fruits,sparrows -seeds etc. But when we ask someone what is the food type of we humans eat there is no answer. What is the need of knowing what animals in the forest eat, we should know what we should eat first. Many people tend to think when they are asked this question.They end up saying that we consume all 6 types. Organisms belonging to one type never feeds on the other type,togers never touch vegetarian food in their life, vegetaraian beings never eat meat.Silk moth feed on mulberry leaves, if these leaves are not available it dies but it doesn't eat any other foods. It is disciplined, it consumes the same food its entire life.It doesn't change it any occassion, there are not aware about different foods on birthdays , marriage days and auspicious days. All they know is discipline. That is the reason all these organisms are protected by mother earth.Even we have the same one type of food, if we learn about it we can fulfill the needs of human body and lead a happy life. All other animals are with ignorance only human being has intelligence.It means the food we eat should be better than them. As we have the intelligence that they lack the food we eat should help in improving them. We humans should eat the best among the above 6 food types and leave remaining, they have to eat this food too in a way nature has provided us.Before the development of civilization humans learnt what is the best and consumed it raw. They have no health issues, we got illnesses when we started to modify this food and are consuming it. Even after trying hard we can't get rid of this illnesses, so there is no other way except following what has to be followed.Inorder to change we need to get proper understanding about it. It is called cooked when we cook it.You may feel like nature is also cooking them why should we not cook? What are the disadvantages of cooking? What is the best among all 6 types? How should we find out ? all these should be understood properly.After finding out what our food is if you eat it everyday your mistakes are considered.We can get back the health we want. We can get back the health we lost by unnatural habits by following natural habits.First of all lets learn how nature does the cooking.

3.What is cooked? - What is uncooked?

  • Inorder to avoid illnesses - Our science tells us to consume raw foods
  • Nature cooks the food with the help of sunlight - Consume this food provided by nature
  • There is good relation between us and nature - If you cook food with fire this is all gone
  • The food that is available in the nature - It is the biggest benefit of sun to mankind
Cooked means which is made or prepared. The food we cook using fire is called as cooked food. If we eat the food as it is available in the nature it is called as uncooked food.Uncooked means the ones that are not made using fire. But this is not true.Every food that can be consumble readily in this nature is considered cooked.This is the real cooked food. The food that can be easily absorbable by our body is the true cooked food, the food that is difficult to digest is uncooked.Lets understand the food nature makes for us ,is it cooked or uncooked.
Sun is the source of energy for all living beings,without sun there is no nature.Sunrays give rise to all the life on the planet. If this rays fall on seeds they turn into plants, they inturn convert into trees which flower and provide fruit. All this is due to sunrays.They change everyday with the help of sunrays. The heat from the sun rays cleans the food materials and fills them with energy.We humans can't take this energy directly from the sun but it prevents us from getting diseased. But the food we eat takes in these energy all the time. We are getting the energy from the sun indirectly by consuming these foods. The foods are getting cooked in the presence of sunlight, we can also say that these foods are being cooked by using sunlight. When the leaves get completely cooked undersunlight they turn into a dark green colour. When the seeds gets cooked by sun they turn hard. When the fruits gets cooked they turn ripe,vegetables develop into specific size when they get cooked by the sun.All these changes are due to heat from the sun.
Even though all the animals and other organisms feed on different food types ,they are designed to digest what they eat. The mother nature has made food ready for us to eat by cooking it in the presence of sunlight. What is the nutrient requirement, In what amounts do we need them, In which state they get absorbed better, the mother nature has conisdered all these requirements and filled them in foods and served us after cooking.When the food is not in the cooked state it is not filled with necessary nutrients. When a orange fruit is in a bud state it has no nutrition in it, nutritive value increases with increase in size.When it is in the normal size it has 80% of value,once ripen has complete nutrition. All these changes are occuring in the presence of sunlight. If we eat this natural food our body digests it easily and it gets easily absorbed into the cells. This is where nature meets human.Natural food is like mothers milk whereas cooked food is like milk supplements.
Every food item gets cooked slowly in the presence of sunlight,so they are called as suncooked. All the fruits,seeds, vegetables, leaves and tubers are suncooked. As they are self cooked nature says that you can consume them without any further cooking. All organisms are following this and are leading a healthy life. Even human being did so for many thousands of years, he stayed healthy at that time. Since the time he invented fire all the problems started. He learnt cooking these sun cooked foods again by using this fire. This facility is good for mouth and tongue but not to the rest of the body. All these diseases are due to improper relation between natural human body and unnatural cooked foods. Sun heat has the ability to fill life whereas the heat from the fire has the ability to kill. Fire kills everything it takes in.They are called as fire cooked foods, they are losing their natural state by cooking with the help of fire. The energy from the sun is lost. The natural vibe of the food is gone. The fire has taken all the benefits of the food made by th nature.As long as nature and humans are seperated by fire,we can't be healthy.
Lets now understand what is easily absorbable by our body,what makes us happy. The food cooked by using fire is not easily digestable. They make you dizzy and feel heavy. If you eat the foods cooked under sunlight,you feel light,happy and no dizzyness. All our bodies react in the same way. So by this we understood that we should consume suncooked food.
Whe should accept this suncooked food as the real cooked food. We call this natural food in the upcoming topics.Sun is treated as god in this universe.As we can't give him anything in return to the gift of life to us, our elders taught us tobath twice a day and pray him.Cooking the food which was given by him is like letting go of the protection he gave us, as they are already cooked now they get overcooked. Lets now learn what happens when we consume this overcooked food. Lets protect our body by consuming natural food.

4.What happens when we cook a food?

  • They invented cooking just for the sake of taste - This leads us to illness
  • Suns heat protects us from all the illnesses- Artificial health leads to reduced oxygen content
  • Cooked food doesn't have any energy - Our natural body needs natural food
  • If you cook this natural food - Sodium , potassium levels in the body change
  • Understand the harm caused by cooked food - Protect your body using natural food
Before the development of civilization, the only work humans do is to eat natural food. Since the development of civilization, humans are using there time in many different ways inorder to earn a living. They thought eating natural food takes time they started cooking it inorder to save time. They are just cooking it without adding any spices to it. After few days they started adding spices inorder to make food tasty, they started storing it for other uses. This has been modified since ages and now we are using it. All the health problems started due to this food.Even though we are aware that cooking causes few disadvantages, we consider it okay for a human to eat cooked food and spending our lives. We are thinking that the troubles we are facing are due to some other reasons and changing them, but we are not able to realise it is due to cooked food.We are not reliasing that cooking is the cause of all these problems. Just think what all we are losing due to consumption of cooked food.Lets try and know details about it.
We are growing certain types of seeds in our field, we dry them under the sunlight for 4-5 days so that they won't get spoilt for the entire year.If you provide the same amount of heat from the sun , by frying it in a pan and store.Will it stay unspoiled the entire year? No they get spoiled in 10-15 days.Why do the seeds that should be stored for an year get spoiled in few days? We just applied 60-70 degree of heat on the stove why did they get spoiled? It is because these grains lost their natural protective capabilities.All the oxygen is gone and it became a ware house of bacteria. That is why insects are present within the seed. If you store this fried grains in a container and seal and take care that no organism enters from outside they get spoiled.The reason for this is not the external environment, it is its internal environment. The reason why grains dried under sunlight stay unspoiled is the solar energy. If we eat the cooked food we get all the bacteria,toxins and poisons and get spoiled like the grains.The reason of our ill health is not within us it is the food that is cooked. We think that the fried rice gets spoiled after 15 days its fine till then but the damage starts once we cooked but we can't see it.If we eat cooked food our body also gets harmed in the same manner.We think we are sick once we experience it but are not into finding the reason.
These dried seeds turn into seedlings if they are cultivated, try this with fried seeds and observe how many seeds turn seedlings. At the end not even a single seed turns into seedling. Where did its quality go?Did it get spoiled by just 50-60 degrees of heat? How can we know that? Think if this little heat is damaging it what happens with food we cook.The food we cook gets exposed to a heat of 100-110 degrees.They are boiled in this heat for 1 hour to 1 and half hour. Just think how will they turn due to this heat. If you fry these food materials they get exposed to more heat.If you are frying the same food material it gets exposed to 300 degrees of heat. Then what about these foods, they instead providing benefits are causing harm to our body. In this high degree of heat instead of providing benefit they tend to harm our body. In this high heat do oxygen and energy sustain? Do the natural nutrients in the food escape from heat? If we are eating the same thing everyday, is our body reaching the necessary nutrition? If the food we eat is not nutritious how are we supposed to stay healthy.
If we eat the naturally produced food, the digested part gets easily absorbed as this is natural and it forms a good type of cells. In the same manner if we eat the food that is heated the cells are not produced properly. We lose our immunity. The vitamins , minerals that are useful to our body gets damaged to 60-70%. If we eat this lifeless food the artificiality in our body keeps on increasing, diseases keep on changing. But we aren't trying to eat natural food.Many crores of new cells are produced everyday, all these are facing problems again. If we start eating natural food from some point of tim, atleast cells that produced during that time gets normal and they tend to make us healthy. If you eat natural food for 15-30 months you can build a new body. Even though we have a chance we are unable to control consumption of cooked foods, we are not increasing the consumption of natural food. We are preventing our body from being healthy.Lets understand the damage caused by cooked food to our body.
Change in the levels of ions inside the cells: - Our body is made up of crores of cells. They are invisible to naked eye. Some million of cells form an organ, few organ together form human body. The chemical changes of our body occur inside these cells, there health is the health of the organs and it is inturn the health of human body. Inorder we stay healthy all the cells in our body should be healthy. The health of a cell depends on the sodium,potassium levels inside their fluids. The amount potassium inside the cell is 8 times more than outside the cell, this is in the ratio of 1:8. Every cell in our body should maintain this ratio. All animal cells have the same ratio, even though their food types vary. This levels are seen in animals who eat natural food, all animals feed on it that it is the reason they have same type of levels. Our body levels are changed due to 2 mistakes we make one is cooking food, other is adding salt to the food. They are damaging our health. By cooking the potassium in the food is reduced by 80%. We add salt to the food inorder to give it taste. These salt enters into our body and increases the levels of salt that are supposed to be 1%. As salt is more outside the cell and less inside the potassium. The mistakes we make is reversing the levels inside their body,as we are making our bodies polluted , our body is utilization much energy for the purpose of repair. If you eat natural food you can maintain 1:8 ratio. Natural food fits to our body just like lock and key. This helps in transportation of food,oxygen from blood to the cells and excretion of carbondioxide and other waste materials into the blood. The activities that make us alive happen all the time. For it to sucessfully happen potassium levels should be in the ratio of 1:8. Cooking is damaging this ratio, it is the biggest bad habit we humans ever have.This is damaging all the cells. So all organs are effected, so entire body should affect everyday. We can understand what happens when we cook food.
We will study in further chapters the problems caused by cooked foods.

5. Difference between natural and cooked foods

  • Cooked food causes much trouble - You can understand the meaning of happiness if you consume natural food
  • Cooked food is the one that causes harm - Natural food benefits human body
  • Natural food has oxygen - It increases longetivity of human life
  • Cooked food makes our body polluted - Natural food cleans your body
  • Cooking food consumes your money and time - Natural food is the best !
  • You get worried due to consumption of cooked food - Consuming natural food makes your body active
  • Cooked food can cause obesity - Natural food doesn't have that problem
  • Natural food makes you very happy - Atleast learn its important right now
You will learn the value of shade when you know sun's heat. You will learn the value of health only when you feel sick. You will understand the happiness of eating natural food only when you eat cooked food. So when you consume good ,natural food you will see the changes. If we eat natural food for few days we can understand the problem caused by cooked food, how unhappy we are,how much health it is damaging, how it affects human thoughts.I wrote experiences after many people followed them.
Cooked food: It is made by humans by using their knowledge for their selfishness.
Natural food:This is made by nature for the happiness and safety of humans.
Cooked food:We are giving this natural vehicle called human body, unnatural food.
Natural food:Natural food to the very natural human body.
Cooked food:Everything is cooked using using fire that takes lifes of people.
Natural food:Food is cooked with sunlight that provides life to all the living beings.
Cooked food:It is made by mixing all the tastes externally.
Natural food:Food is made naturally by mixing tastes naturally.
Cooked food:After 5-6 hours of cooking the food gets spoiled by microorganisms.
Natural food:This food is stored naturally without spoiling by using microorganisms.
Cooked food:This makes us get hiccups,difficult in swallowing,spasm of the oesophagus while eating.
Natural food:You won't have any symptoms like hiccups,spasm of oesophagus. It makes us to swallow food perfectly.
Cooked food: The food lacks enzymes. Our body has to make enzymes with lot of effort inorder to digest them. It has to produce more amounts of digestive juices.
Natural food:Food has sufficient amounts of enzymes, there is no need of energy to digest this food.
Cooked food:Cooking reduces 50-60% of vitamins and nutrients and makes us malnourished.
Natural food:Food has all types of nutrients and it has food sufficient for our needs. You won't experience malnourished.
Cooked food:The fibre in the food gets damaged due to heat,it can't completely clean intestines and blood, we get constipated.
Natural food:All types of naturally available foods clean our body everyday. It helps us to excrete 2-3 time a day.
Cooked food:It takes 4-6 hours for the food to get digested.
Natural food:It gets digested in 1-2 hours.
Cooked food:Inorder to digest this food our body should use lots of energy and effort.
Natural food:It gets digested without much effort, it gets easily digested and absorbed as the food is in natural form.
Cooked food:It uses 25-35% of oxygen to digest food everytime we eat. This is the reason why our respiratory rate increases after food.
Natural food:Food has inbuilt oxygen that is sufficient for digestion.Respiratory rate remains the same even after food consumption.
Cooked food:We feel happy while eating but after eating we feel like why did we eat,we might be happy if we didn't eat, we feel like we should have reduced the food intake.
Natural food:It remains tasty when we eat and even after we eat.We feel light even after eating too much, it gets easily digested.
Cooked food:Our body tells that a food is not yours when it makes you unhappy after you eat.It troubles our stomach, it is not our food when it spoils the stomachs health.
Natural food:Our body is happy both while eating and after eating.The food that makes our stomach happy is ours, by this we understood that this is the food our body wants.
Cooked food:It makes us feel dizzy after food ,some feels like sleeping.
Natural food:You won't feel sleepy after eating. It makes us active, makes us not want morning sleep.
Cooked food: Cooking changes meat and fatty foods original form. Our body has to convert them again.
Natural food:The meat and fat are in a form that is readily absorbed by our body. Our body absorbs them without much effort.
Cooked food:The oil that is used in food increases fat and cholesterol levels inside the body and damages their health.
Natural food:The food has the ability to get rid of all the fat and cholesterol, you will never have highcholeterol levels in blood.
Cooked food:Organs tend to wear and tear,get many problems with age.
Natural food:All the organs in the body function with full capacity as long as we live.You won't suffer from diseases as long as we live.
Cooked food:The polluted contents remain inside the body and give rise to many different types of diseases, they tend to get many diseases.
Natural food:As the polluted matter inside the body is less it gets excreted everyday. As our body is clean from inside we tend to get sick less often.
Cooked food:Our mouth,excreta,urine and sweat smell bad, our body is clean only externally.
Natural food:Even though we don't wash our body externally it won't smell bad, our body is clean even though we don't clean. There urine and faeces don't smell bad.
Cooked food:People tend to live a life scared of diseases.People save money in their in the bank to visit hospitals.
Natural food:People feel that they stay healthy throughout their life.No need of saving money.
Cooked food:People are aggressive and lethargic that usually causes many troubles.
Natural food:People have positive qualities they take good in everything,leave the bad and leads a life without problems.
Cooked food:Eating cooked food increases the viscosity of blood. They tend to excrete toxins that get expelled easily.
Natural food:Eating natural foods makes the blood clean and thin. This helps in easy excretion of waste materials in the excretory organs.
Cooked food:You should lead a dependable life on the person who cooks,women.
Natural food:People get food on their own.
Cooked food:Time and money gets wasted due to cooking food.
Natural food:Less amounts of money is used,time is saved.
Cooked food:Less time is enough to eat food.
Natural food:You should provide more amounts of time to eat.
Cooked food:We need 7-8 hours of sleep everyday, you get good sleep.
Natural food:4-5 hours of sleep is sufficient, patient gets deep sleep.
Cooked food:You will feel little heavy and distressed every morning.
Natural food:You feel light immediately after waking up.
Cooked food:This food strengthens the hereditary diseases that occur with age.
Natural food:Even though we are suffering from hereditary diseases, they are cooperating with us inorder to lead a happy life.
Cooked food: Life span is usually less.
Natural food: Increases life span.
Cooked food: They live life taking in medicines everyday.
Natural food: There is no need to take any medicine.
Cooked food: They get sick due to change in seasons.
Natural food: They can tolerate seasonal changes. They won't sick even after exposing to harsh climates. They won't have seasonal diseases.
Cooked food:Body gets tired and exhausted by the end of the evening.
Natural food: You tend to stay active even by the end of the day.
Cooked food:You can see symptoms like pale face,eyes and skin.
Natural food:You can see a healthy skin and eyes and you are filled with healthy symptoms.
Cooked food:This makes you thirsty, our body craves for cool water everyday.
Natural food:You won't feel thirsty, you won't crave for cool water anymore.
Cooked food:People get scared to put on weight and get obesity.People with obesity can't eat food happily.
Natural food:You will not put your weight even if you increase weight and get obesity. People with obesity stay active by eating this.
Cooked food:We tend to develop dementia,lack of concentration,low IQ.
Natural food:You have good memory as long as you live. You live an active life.
Cooked food:Immunity power is very less.
Natural food:Immune system is strong.
Cooked food:You get chronic diseases frequently.
Natural food: They get seasonal diseases but not chronic diseases.
Cooked food:We trouble our body everyday and make it work, if we do this our body won't listen to us.
Natural food:Our body listens to us all the life,as we provide it what it needs.
If we continue discussing there are many differences.By reading this some people say that we are happy even after eating cooked food.When you feel happy by consuming food we are not supposed to,imagine what happens when you eat the right food. We tried them both and understood the benefits by our own experience. You try and understand the facts.

6.Our ancestors nutritous food

  • People who can't afford use to consume rice water - They used to eat pulses and rice only on festivals
  • They used to eat ragi mude as breakfast - They lead a happy life even without money.
  • They took all the nutrition from the grains - They became healthy by consuming them everyday
  • Absorb all the nutrition - It is very tasty when you drink it
  • What did we get by going away from the nature - We are suffering from diseases due to consumption of polished food
Humans didn't lack food as long as they lived in forests, they never suffered from malnourishment as they ate foods available in the forests. Since the development of community and increase in human population we have food scarcity. Thy used to work for food and get happy once they earn their days food, in this manner people suffered for many years to earn their food.The money they earn is sufficient only to buy rice,they used to not have money for curries. That is why they used to eat rice with curd,butter milk or rice water and eat along with chillies or onions. Many people use to grind paddy and make rice out of eat, due to absence of mills they get all the nourishment from foods. They used to vitamin B by drinking starch water. They used to feed on this three times a day.Few people can't afford even rice,ragi and jowar are way cheaper so they used to cook ragi mude etc and eat.b They used to not have sufficient money to cook pulses, only zamindars used to consume them everyday.In those days there is famous saying " you need to borrow money inorder to eat dal rice " They used to eat only on occasions and in marriage functions.
They used to follow this diet and 95% people used to do heavy work every day. That food provided them health and energy they want.They spend their without using medicine or visiting doctors till the age of 60-70 years. They never had vision problems,joint pains,teeth fall,weakness,b.p.,diabetes etc. They never had graying of hair or baldness. Women used to have their periods regularly and had normal deliveries. How did they get sufficient nutrition by consuming just rice and starch? How did they stay healthy even though they never consumed fruits,vegetables,milk products? Where is the defect in us because we are consuming better food than them? What is the reason of nutritional deficiencies in us even though w had better resources like health facilities,food sources,income etc? We are eating the food that gives energy in a form that is tasty. This is the reason for the nutritional deficiencies. Along with it we are polishing all the food items we are eating them by storing this is making us at loss. Let us understand the good habits of our ancestors that made them healthy and active.
Their first health secret is consumption of brown rice , it helped them to 50%.The upper layers have vitamin B and E,lecithin that prevents the cholesterol formation,the essential fatty acids are present that are useful to our body, it also had the fibre that cleans our body and proteins that help in muscle building. They are consuming these grains without damaging in sufficient quantities three times a day,so they are getting 60-70% of benefit remaining 30-40% is lost due to cooking. This 60-70% of nutrition is helping them to work actively all day. As the seed family is great among all the food type ,they get great benefits. They ate the same food throughout the year and this mostly helped them.They used to not have money to eat junk food like us so they are happy and benefitted. There is second health secret is that they never got a chance to eat this junk food. We humans have an inbuilt temptation to eat something tasty when we are free even our ancestors had the same feel but due to lack of time and money they use to fulfill their cravings only few times.But we can eat these things whenever we want if we can't make these things at home we buy them from outside and eat.These junk food has the ability to give us taste but is not providing us health. Now lets see how our ancestors snacks be like.
In nature something is always available depending on the nature so human body got adapted to eat them depending on the season. In summers ice apple fruit is available in plenty they used to eat them once or twice and it used to provide them nutrition sufficient for 10-15 days. Tamarind used to be available in plenty in the beginning of the summer, you can eat as many as you want if you have the energy to pluck them. Their seeds to have lots of proteins, carbohydrates.These items are available for 2 months in summer.Even indian palm dates is available in plenty without the need to buy them. They used to provide nutrition. Indian palm dates has rich sources of iron.Once it starts raining we get good amounts of berries. If you don't have the mood to pluck everyday they used to pluck them in 2-3 days and eat.The are rich in vitamins and minerals. They used to eat tender palms when they fall due to heavy rains, there are available for 2 months.This is the food we obtain without much effort. The fibre in them cleans the intestine by removing the waste materials. The tender palm fruit has carbohydrates and proteins that get easily digested. In winters the amla and plum are abundantly available. They are rich in vitamin C and many other nutrients.Tender palm shoots are also available in winters,they use to eat them.They are rich in fats,proteins. They are just like sprouts. In places with fields people used to consume chana dal,red gram and groundnuts. They used to consume coconut, tubors available near rivers, they used to feed on the inner cortex of date palm treee.There is no need to cook or buy.They used to eat them in their free time, this helped in making them healthy. The natural food in natural form is beneficial. They used to consume tasty food only on occasions,this used to not harm their body.Even though without any knowledge they survived till the age of 60 only because of food habits.
"Washer man is far better than an educated person",i feel this saying is true because we are so advanced in many fields but we are backward when it comes to health. Inorder to be healthy the only chance we have is to stay close to nature, so avoid polished foods and stop buying them. They are available abundantly so instead of spoiling them start using them naturally. The more natural food we eat more healthy we live. Eating natural food is our part to do and making us healthy is our bodies responsibility. We should be interesting in natural things not in bakeries and wine shops.So lets start consuming natural food from on.

7.What is an ideal food?

  • Things happen when you work hard - Good food develops positive thoughts
  • They improve positive thoughts - You will get rid of aggressive and lethargic activities
  • All this 3 habits depend on food we eat - We should provide good food
  • Start consuming good food - Get rid of all the problems
  • Understand what is called as an ideal food - Take bagavadgita as a reference
  • Stop eating food that causes aggression - This will be the reason of your failure
  • Eat natural food and develop positive thoughts - Overcome the bitterness cause by aggression and lethargy
People with good qualities are praised in the society and people with bad qualities are hated by all. People with good behaviour won't spoil others happiness,even if they make them happy or not.But people with bad qualities won't be happy and won't let others be happy."People who try to make others happy are only living people , remaining all are considered dead."is told by vivekananda.Inorder to lead such life we need to have good qualities.
We all are aware that we have the qualities since birth,some say that the qualities acquired with birth won't go untill we die.It is true.But if we don't try to change these habits,then our life is a waste. There is nothing that human can't achieve if he wish to do. Not everyone is born with good qualities and habits,many changed there habits on practise. If we do our part then we can suceed.
Our ancestors classified humans as 1.Good 2.Aggressive people 3.Bad people. Based on our qualities we can understand to what class we belong to. The people who don't have greed,lust,anger,desire are considered good. People withy anger and ego are considered aggressive, if people have all the negative thoughts mentioned above then they are considered as bad people. If we belong to class of good people then our life is happy,there is no problem even if we belong to different caste and creed,lets all together convert ourselves into good people.Inorder the humans lead a happy life on earth it is important they belong to the category of good people.
In this kaliyuga and modern civilization the good people comprise 1 in 1 crore of population. Remaining people are leading the lives with bad qualities and are considering it as an ideal life. We all are aware that life will be easy in good way but people can't overcome the bad qualities. The dominant character of us decides who we are. People can estimate who we are based on the things we do. If our dominant character is either aggressive or filled with bad qualities we need to overcome this by slowly trying to follow good habits,it may takes months to develop but it works. If we get this aggressive nature by birth you can make them weak and it won't trouble you. What should we do inorder to get positivity? What are we supposed to eat?
Our science told us that our qualities depend on the food we eat.Our aggressivenss, bad qualities all are due to the bad food we eat, our children and next generations also develop these habits. This is the reason why we develop anger,irritation,hatred as our birth right. It depends on us to develop new habits.Inorder to win over these habits and senses we need to consume good food and practise good habits.First we should practise eating good food and start practising new habits.
The colour of the ink you fill in a pen reflects in your writings.If you pour blue ink how can you get your writings in red colour.In the same manner if we feed our children with aggressive food how can we be good.The macro particle in the food forms our body and the micro particle in the body forms your mind. That is why people say that our food reflects our mind.This is told by our elders.
"Do you wanna be a saint? - Eat good food"
"Do you wanna be a king? - Eat spicy food"
"Do you wanna be a patient? - Eat fatty food"
People who has positive qualities,you are a saint. People who eat spicy food are kings. People with bad qualities become patients. Whatever be the qualities we obtain from our parents,we have to eat good food that causes vomitings,health issues.We know that bitter guard is bitter but we have to eat it, we are not habituated to bitterness but it is good for health so we try to consume it. If we say bitter guard to loose its bitterness,it won't change it is because the quality of bitter guard can't change. What we have to do is to overcome this with other better taste by adding sugar and eat it. Here sugar doesn't reduce the bitterness, it just overcomes it and makes us feel it is less bitter. In the same manner if we eat good food and improve positive thoughts,the aggressive or bad qualities won't trouble us. Even though we live in any type of society,any type of people,if we wish to stay healthy and happy nothing can stop us. We are the biggest obstacle. Inorder to get rid of obstacles we ask someone to change their qualities or if you ask the society to change,it is impossible. It depends on your hands.This is the bitter guard technique. Inorder to prevent difficulties due to others qualities or our own qualities we should consume good food to compensate the bitterness by aggressive and bad food. We need the sweetness in positivity inorder to overcome it,this positivity comes from good food. People think not eating meat increases positivity, they think they are good people! but there is nothing like that! People think eating vegetarian food is positive food,its correct but the way we eat is not good.
Now lets learn what is good food according to 17th shloka of bagavadhgita.
1.Good food:-
Shylo|| Ayushthatvabalaarogya, suka preethi viverdana |
rasya,snigdha,sthira,hudrya aharassthivika priya||
Lets try to understand its meaning. By seeing every word aayu means life span,satya means truth, bhala means body's strength,aarogya means health, suka means happy, preethi means importance all this is enhanced by good food. However it is present rasya means that which has soup, that means this fluid should be suitable for nutrition of the body, it should be in a way that the digestive juices can digest these 6 tastes. Snigdha means that which is oily.It means that it has natural fats our body needs which has all the oily foods in it. Snigdha means the one that is stable. It means the oily materials should contain fatty acids that fulfill the needs of body.It means it should has good minerals and proteins for the muscle formation. Hrudhya means it means inorder to eat the food naturally it should be tasty and suitable. This is called as good food. For example fruits and grains belong to this class. Some eat spicy food and say they are eating good food. That is the reason we will learn about what is called as spicy food.
2)Spicy food:-
Shylo|| katvamla,lavanathusta,thrishnaruksha vidhaahina |
Aahara raajassyeshta dukhashokamayapradha||
Lets understand what it means in detail. Katuvu means spice,amlam means sour,lavanam means salt, Athiushnam means that produces heat, thikshana means burning sensation,cooling.Ruksha means that which dries our body, vidhahana means that makes you thirsty etc.all this comprise of spicy food. The people consuming this will spend sad life.
Examples of spicy food:- If we cook vegetables by using salt,chilly powder,sourness,oils etc, is called as spicy food. Curries with masalas,sourness,fries,pakodi,baji all come under spicy foods. The people who eat these foods look good is called spicy foods. People who consume this kind of foods appear to be good outside but we can feel the aggressive attitude in them. People are eating this spicy food expect to lead a calm and happy life. That is the reason why body and mind of this people loose track. Some think only meat comes under foods that make you lethargic and remaining are good food and spicy foods. Lets understand what is told in bhagavadgita about it.
3.Food that makes you lethargic:-
Uchishta mapi chaamedyam bojanam thamasapriyam ||
Lets understand what it means. Yaathayaamam means that which is cooked before 4 hours, eating food that is stored for longtime, gatharasam means cooking food so that it looses water by cooking and frying, Puthi means that which produce bad odour ,it means the ones that get spoiled and stored.Purushitham means that which is unclean,stored for long period.Uchistham means the food that is eaten or the ones that is left over after eating. Amedhyam means the food that can't be eaten like eggs,meat,that which is not human food etc, diseased and uncleaned foods.This is called as food which make us lethargic.
Examples:-Meat,eggs,stored pickles and food,bakery items,choclates,biscuits,cool drinks,icecreams,deep fried foods,fries, cooked curries etc cause the symptoms mentioned above. They lose control over their body, they lack self control. They get sick and gets admitted into the hospital. Noone can save them even with so many medicine and medical equipment. All the people in the society are eating this kind of food.
By reading the above mentioned shlokas we understood the details of three types of foods. We should be far from the food that cause damage to our body.All we need is good food. In order to obtain all natural qualities we should consume good food ,there is no other choice. The real good food is suncooked fruits,seeds. As sunrays drive away the darkness,this food drives away our ill health. More often we eat good food ,we develop good qualities. We should improve good qualities in us and drive away the bitter things from life by using bitter guard technique,lets live a happy life with good qualities.

8.The qualities that should be present in the food

  • Learn what is the best food - Make good use of human life
  • Even the meat has nutritive value - There is no beneficial value in it
  • Food that gets digested easily in less time - This improves the energy distribution
  • It should be easily digested with less energy - It should give our body more energy
  • You will be active when your stomach is empty - We will be active at work
  • It saves oxygen usage - Eating junk food increases oxygen usage
  • The energy we can't get by eating a sac full of leaves - We can get it by eating seeds
  • Grains are the best - It makes your body complete in all ways
  • Food should contain oxygen - The solution to this consumption of grains
  • Divinity is in the micro things - The proof to this is nature
  • Seeds won among all the food types - We can be healthy by eating them
  • You get fat by eating tubers - They lack nutritional value
  • Chlorophyll is present in leafy vegetables - This helps in blood formation
  • There are thousands of benefits of fruit consumption - They get easily digested and release energy
  • Grains have all the qualities - Humans get benefitted consuming it
Inorder to live a long life humans should eat a complete healthy diet. This food should improve our mental health and positive attitude as long as we live.It should not cause any illness to our mind and body. It should provide all the nutrition needed for the body in a day. The food we eat should have all these qualities. The needs of our body is not met by eating the food that is available. Human is the best organism in this nature,so it should consume the best food that fulfills its needs,they should consume them and leave the remaining. Inorder to know the qualities of the food we eat we should assess 5 qualities, the food that has this 5 qualities is good food.These 5 qualities are
  1. Positive mindset
  2. That gets easily digested by using less energy
  3. Less food should provide more energy.
  4. It should have more amounts of oxygen.
  5. It should be filled with nutrients.
As told previously foods are mainly of 6 types, they are 1.Leafy vegetables family 2.Vegetable family 3.Tubor family 4.Fruit family 5.Grain family 6.Meat family etc. Among all these 6 families what is the best was known by above mentioned qualities,lets understand them seperately in detail.
1.Positive quality:-Inorder to live your life to the fullest you should have a positive mindset. If people develop bad and aggressive characters people tend to lose everything. In order to retain there positive characters we should stop consuming foods that make them lose it. All the 5 families mentioned above come under positive foods , only meat comes unders aggressive foods. As meat is not a positive food you should never eat it in your life. Our body says us not to eat these kind of foods. Our nose can't accept the smell how can our stomach and body accept it. Can human eat meat without cooking? Can they breathe it before cooking? Can you see these meat with your eyes? No. So meat is never human foods, it shouldn't be. Even though this food has nutrition when our body can't accept this whats the benefit? You should never think about it. So you can eat the 5 families,but you should eat them without cooking. If you cook all the positivity is lost.So you should try to eat without coooking.
2.It should get digested easily in less time with less energy:-
If the food we eat gets digested easily with less energy it will provide our body more energy and mental peace,they have both benefits. The food that takes more time and more energy to digest the benefits are less. So lets understand in detail about both the topics.
A. The benefits when food gets digested easily:-
When human stomach is empty we tend to be happy and active. Since the time we wake up to before breakfast our stomach is empty so we tend to be very peaceful during that time. They can tend to work better during that period. If we meditate during that period our mind stays at peace all day. Our sense organs listen to what we say. This is because when our stomach is empty oxygen usage decreases,oxygen supply to brain increases. We take deep respiration and lungs tend to work a little, we tend to have more control on our body.When the breath rate is less our sense organs stay in our control.
If we eat our food then we tend to loose this happiness. After eating you can feel dizzy,lazy and can easily sleep. In school after lunch children tend to feel dizzy and sleep in the first class. Some sleep and some people have deep thoughts,more than half people can't understand clearly things,there mind gets weak. The reason for this is our body utilizes 30-35% of oxygen to digest this food, after consuming food we tend to breathe fast.It increases to 18-30 breaths per min. The increase in respiratory rate means that our brain lacks oxygen,that is the reason why we feel lazy.
The food we eat should be if easily digested,this reduces oxygen intake. If you eat six idli in the morning you might feel dizzy,it takes 3 hours for the food to get digested.If you eat 6 dosas it takes 5-6 hours for them to digest,we feel dizzy,lazy and we feel like why we ate it. The digestion takes more time and more amounts of oxygen is used when we eat dosa than idli.If you eat the fruits,sprouts and vegetables they get digested in 1-2 hours.They don't need more amounts of oxygen as they have them inbuilt. So we feel the same before and after eating natural food,we don't feel any laziness,dizziness and feel active. We are not aware about it when we eat idlis everyday,if we eat natural food one day we can understand the real reason. So we lose mental peace when we eat cooked food as it uses more amounts of oxygen.
Our elders understood these things so they put these rules included in our traditions. As eating cooked food makes us lose self control so they asked us to avoid this atleast during occasions. That is the reason why we stop eating it till the finish of the programmes like marriages,death anniversaries, poojas and homas.If the food we eat stays in our stomach for longtime our mental strength increases. Our elders instructed us based on all this.
Eating once a day, he is a saint
Eating twice a day, he is a king
Eating thrice a day, he is a patient
People who consume once a day utilizes less oxygen that is why our mind and senses are in our control. This is not possible to us in these days. If you eat 2-3 times a day but if the food is natural our mind and body doesn't experience any defects. If you eat food that is easily digested we stay happily all day.
B.The benefits of the food that gets easily digested and using less energy.:-
After eating the food inorder to digest it some amount of energy is used. In order to manually grind something we use some energy in the same manner our digestive system also needs some energy.The 25% of energy in the body is used for the functioning of heart,kidney,lungs and brain. Remaining 75% energy is used for other needs. It is utilized for other work and digestion. If it is supposed to do both works then it chooses digestion and it later sends the remaining energy for other works.
If we work in the morning when our stomach is empty we do more amounts of work very fast. The reason for this is that our stomach gets empty so our body uses all the energy into doing work.If you stop your work in between and eat then you can't work with same efficiency. Now the energy that is used to digest food gets diverted to do work. This decreases the energy so our muscles functioning decreases. If we eat the food that is easily digestable it uses little energy and time to digest, all the energy gets saved. This saved energy helps us to work actively all day.
For example tiger hunts when the stomach is empty, while hunting all the energy almost 75% of energy reaches the muscles so it runs at 70-80km per hour speed then it consumes the meat stomach full. After eating the meat the energy is gone ,the digestion process requires more amounts of energy and 10-15 hours time to digest it.Till it digests the tiger sleep soundly.No animal that consumes vegetarian food doesn't sleep that long. Their digestion process requires less energy, that is why these animals remain active all day.
In the same manner when we eat pulao, non vegetarian food or junk food we feel weak and lazy, people can't work after eating them. That is the reason why many people eat them during nights and later sleep. Even in the morning they consume foods that are boiled,containing oils and masalas,our digestive system uses 40-50% of energy of our body. That is the reason why people these days aren't active they tend to feel weak. Instead of providing energy to our body,this food utilizes more amounts of energy. Even if we work for 18 hours and for our body to stay active we should food that is easily digestable,so that our body doesn't lose more amounts of energy. All the natural foods are 40-50 % digested before even consumption. If we consume them without damaging them,the remaining can be easily digested. If we eat this kin of food our body tends to stay active and we can work with more energy.
In the second quality we talked about easily digested food in less time with less energy. Lets see which family of foods suit among these 5 families. In natural state all the 5 family of foods like vegetables,tubors,fruits,leafy vegetables etc use less energy and less time to digest.Even in the second one all the 5 families passed,that is why all these are beneficial.
3.Less amounts of food that gives more energy:-
The life of animals are different from that of humans. Animals don't have any other work except eating food but we humans do work as long as possible or practice something. If humans have to provide more amounts of energy for work they tend to give less time to eat. If you have to not focus on food and get good energy then you should eat food that gives more energy in less quantity. Inorder to make things easy humans invented cooking.All the above mentioned ones are suitable for cooking. As we ate them all these years and suffered from wide variety of diseases we should shift to natural food that gives more energy in less time so that along with health it saves time. Lets understand in detail what provides us more energy in less time.
1)To get more amounts of energy by eating leafy vegetables,it doesn't provide sufficient energy sometimes. We should eat it all the time just like animals.But if we humans keep on like goats then we can't do anyother work. Inorder to do that we should be carrying these leaves in a bag and eat it all the time.We get hungry once it gets digested.It lacks the particles that gives more energy. That is why these animals do that all the time.So leaves failed in this test.
2)The vegetables are just like leaves they provide more energy only if you eat them continuosly. If we eat raw foods we tend to feel hungry in 1-2 hours after eating.Inorder to feed on them and live we should provide more energy. So even vegetables failed in this.
3) Even fruits gets digested fast and provide energy for less time. If we eat them as breakfast we feel hungry by 10-11 in the morning,it means all the energy is used. Fruits are enough for people with sedentary lifestyle but not to those who work.So even fruits failed in this test.
4) Tubors provide more energy than vegetables and leafy vegetables but these foods have more carbhohydrates but remaining nutrient are in less amounts,so tubors also failed the test.
5)Grains give more energy even though you consume them less.They can give more amounts of energy that stays for long period of time.
Eating grains or seeds for example coconut if we consume it,they get digested in 2 hours and gives 600 k cal of energy.This energy is sufficient to work for 5-6 hours.In the same manner if you eat 2 handfulls of peanuts,red gramor any other grain etc or you can eat sprouts they tend to provide energy. Lets see what tiffin provides 600kcal of energy just like seeds. Lets compare the idli we eat usually with coconut, 6 big size or 8 small size idlis provide 600kcal of energy. It takes atleast 4-5 hours for them digest,the energy we obtained by this helps us to work lazily.Idly doesn'have any nutrition or doesn't help in protecting us. On the other hand coconut gets digested in 2hours and provides more energy,nutrients,oxygen and more strength. But if we have to eat idli it takes 5 min but for coconut it take 30-40 minutes. This is why we feel eating coconut is waste of time. If we get diseases we waste all the times we saved at once,if you spare little time every day then you can save it in the future. That is why seed family has passed.Lets recall it all once.
A) Leaves - Fail
B)Vegetables - Fail
C) Fruits- Fail
D) Tubars - Fail
E Grains - Fail
4.The food that contains more oxygen:-Every food that is prepared naturally has oxygen in them. They have particles in them. The food containing oxygen develops intelligence, good health,long life. If the food has more amounts of particles it helps in strengthening human body and helps us to work. For animals it should be increasing its size and help it roam but for humans intelligence is more needed than body building so we need food that has little fats. Sometimes it helps in both ways. Plants fill their body with oxygen in the presence of sunlight by using water and air. The food that comes from them has more amounts of oxygen. By eating them our body gets filled by nutrients needed by our body. Lets understand which among the 5 families has more amounts of oxygen.
A)Grain family:- Among all the families grains have more energy. Trees fall down,leaves fall off, vegetables spoil, fruits gets spoiled. Inorder to live for long time and maintain their species seeds are made. The seed should be stored without getting spoiled and give birth to new plant, the tree pours all its strength into the seeds fills them with oxygen. It makes seeds in a way that it is stored for longtime. If you get sufficient air and sunlight then the seed don't get spoiled. The big banayan tree is hid in a seed,but if you break a seed you can't find a tree. The seed has all the qualities of the tree. What should be the tree type,stems,fruits,how long should the banyan tree live etc used to be written in micro form. That is why people say that micro ones have more power than the macro things. In order to prevent these qualities and store them more amounts of oxygen is stored. If you dry a seed and then plant them you get a plant. The tree makes seeds stronger than anything else.So if humans understand things clearly then this micro seeds has more oxygen. So if we eat seeds then our intelligence increases. So our saints used to eat grains more than any other thing.Grains passed in this test.
Oxygen in the seeds is less in B) Vegetable family C) Leaves D) Fruits family. If you eat them more instead of intelligence they benefit more for body.As they don't have more amounts of oxygen these 3 families failed.
E)Tubors:-As they are present underground they have less oxygen than others. They have more amounts of carbhohydrates,people say that you get obese if you eat them more.Yes it is true. This is because the carbhohydrates in them helps in strengthening. As oxygen is in less amounts there is no improvement of my intelligence. If you eat tubors you feel dizzy. So we understood that it is waste compared to all 5 families. They got failed,lets recall once again what is best.
A)Vegetable family - fail
B)Leaf family - fail
C)Fruit family - fail
D) Tubors family - fail
E)Grain family - fail
5.The quality of having all nutrients:- Our body is made up of 7 types nutrients. They are carbhohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins , minerals, enzymes and fibre material etc. If we use our body everyday all these things are used up. When we use a car their oil,enzyme oil and air gets used up. We fill things that are lost and replace the same amounts but we are not doing the same with our body. We know to use this body but we are not aware about what is removed what is decreased and what to replace. Our body is affected by many diseases due to lack of nutrients. Our body shows this effect in the form of disease,pain etc and few symptoms show them. Do we ever try to provide them with nutrition even when they convey deficiency to us? no we never do. If we provide them we do so in the form of medicines. Our body is natural and their needs are natural. But we are providing it artificially. The side effects are due to battle between natural and artificial things. We instead of solving the problem are getting new ones. Other animals are aware about using their body and protecting them. But we humans are not aware about protecting our body. That is the reason why our body is getting troubled. Inorder to protect our body we should consume food that has all the nutrients.Lets see what food is seen.
A)Tubor family:-Tubors family have more amounts of carbhohydrates, but they lack remaining 6 nutrients.They don't have proteins and fats in them, remaining minerals and vitamins are in less types and in few amounts. They don't have any enzymes.Among all the food types tuber family is useless. So its better to avoid them. If you stop them completely you won't have any trouble. Eating them increases body weight,it causes more harm than benefit so they failed the test.
B)Vegetable family:- Vegetables have 5 out of 7 nutrients they lack remaining 2.They are rich in vitamins,minerals,enzymes,carbhohydrates and fibre but they lack proteins and fats. If you keep on eating vegetables all life then you get weak in few days. As vegetables lack nutrients they failed.
C)Leaf family:- Leaves are beneficial in all ways than vegetables. Leaves have more amounts of chlorophyll, it absorbs the energy directly from the sun and converts it in a form that is needed by the plant. If we can't absorb this from sun,we can get the energy by eating leaves. Chlorophyll is like blood to us. If we eat leafy vegetables it is like we provide blood to our body. Our blood and leafy vegetables has close relation. It is possible with leaves to produce new blood or to change the blood. When compared to all other families leaves are the best. The natural minerals like sodium are more in them,even calcium is more in leaves. That is the reason why calcium is more in cow and goat milk. They contain least amount of carbhohydrates. They contain more amounts of vitamins,minerals,enzymes and fibre. The proteins that are absent in vegetables are present in the leafy vegetables. All the above mentioned 6 types of nutrients are present except the 7th one. That is the fatty acids, they help in providing more energy,to work continuosly for longh durations,to work hard without getting fatigue. Along with them the brain cells develop with them, they help in increasing lifespan, prevent ageing, they also help in formation of good cholesterol. This cholesterol is absent in the leaves, that is why leaves failed. We can't eat leaves without cooking. If you can you can grow them in your garden without spraying fertilizers or else we can make juices and drink. For the above mentioned benefits there is nothing wrong in using leaves. If you eat leaves all day they can't fulfill all human needs.
D)Fruit family:-Fruits contain vitamins,minerals,enzymes mostly. They lack proteins and fats. Fibre and carbhohydrates are more when compared to leaves and vegetables. The carbhohydrates present in the fruits get digested easily and give energy easily. The fruit family has 5 families and lack 2 families. Leaves are better than fruits,but for humans fruits are the best because they help in filling stomach in short time. They are very tasty. Fruits are already in the semi digested state. If we eat them, they get easily digested and mixes in the blood. We stay active even after eating stomach full of fruits just like we are before. After seeds fruits have more amounts of oxygen, so it is good for developing intelligence and thinking. If humans are eating something good all this is because of fruits. If fruits are not available then humans used to eat 100% of boiled food. We used to have more health issues then.If you wish to eat only fruits all day you get weak in 20-30 days. As fruits lack fats and proteins humans can't do things as they doesn't help in body building and intellect. So even after so many benefits fruits failed in the test.
E)Seed family:- The thing that gives birth to a plant is called as seeds,grains etc. We are together including them all in seed family. Lets understand in detail the nutrients in them.Vitamins,minerals ,enzymes,carbhohydrates, fibres are 5 nutrients that are available in grains abundantly. Proteins are in more amounts when compared to leafy vegetables. All the proteins needed for our body are present in grains. The proteins that are required for body building are obtained from seeds. The fats that are not present in the above mentioned families are present here, all types of fats are present in seeds.These fats are present in easily digestable forms. In the lesson where we talked about positive foods we spoke about a word called as snigdha, it means the food we eat should contain natural oils. The fats in the grains helps in brain development,its needs , life span,strength,they help in working for long durations. For example coconut,groundnut,sesame seeds,badam,brown rice and bengal gram have more amounts of nutrients. All the nutrients are present in single family. Grain is greater than all. Lets understand in detail about all other families we studied previously.
A)Leafy vegetable family - fail
B)Tubor family - fail
C)Leafy vegetable - fail
D)Fruit family - fail
E)Grain family - fail
Lets understand in detail the 5 qualities that should be present in the food.Only food that has 5 qualities is grain family, remaining families have few good qualities but they don't have the rest. All the needs of the body are fulfilled by seed family alone, by this we understood that it is the ideal food that provides all the nutrition. Many people tell about somethings when asked about healthy food.They call that milk,eggs,meat,milk powder etc as complete food, we can prove it in many ways that grains are best.Lets understand it scientifically the amount of nutrition present in seeds.

9.Seeds are complete food

  • Our ancestors understood the importance of grains - That is why they included in the cultures
  • Don't consider sesame seeds as bad luck - Do you know your calcium levels
  • Seeds help in muscle and bone growth - Complete health makes you complete
  • People who donate sesame think they lost all their bad luck - People who ate them are the once who get benefitted
  • The strength of mahatma is due to grain consumption - They got to expell britishers from india
  • They think that medicines can cure nutritional deficiencies - This is because of lack of awareness to eat grains
  • Consume a ball sized sesame seeds - Fill your bones with calcium
  • It is a bridge between man and god - Grains pray an important role in healthy life
  • Science says that it is the best - It has all the energy in the world
  • Seeds have content that breaksdown fat - Nutrients increase if you consume them
In previous chapters we learnt that seeds are best based on their qualities, even though we literates aren't aware of this our ancestors know it many years before and learnt how to use them. That is the reason why they gave it prime importance in our culture so that all of us consume them. lets learn details regarding them.
1.They provided much importance to seeds as they made them as offerings in temple,even in poojas,yagas and temples people used to break coconut, they used to offer it to devotees along with green dal.But people of this generation are avoiding these offerings considering they cause gas trouble. The grains as offering lost importance and now mostly sweets and spicy foods are offered. As coconut is good for health they made it a temple offering so that everyone consume it. They even told that you should break a coconut every friday or saturday at your home.
2. Previously people used to offer sprouts in divine gatherings now they are offering the same by cooking them in oil and by adding spices.
3.When a girl had her first period they used to make balls of coconut,jaggery and sesame seeds by grinding them and made her eat and even distributed them as sweets. They distribute by saying our girl is grown up now. They used to provide them this laddu so that it not only make them physically big but also mentally. There is no other food that has this large quantity of calcium. There is no other food than coconut that has so many benefits like improving IQ. As people don't know the importance of this they restricted its usage to only one day.
4.The same sweet is fed to pregnant women in her 6-7 months of pregnancy and they used to give it as snack to others but these days there are many sweets except this laddu made out of sesame,jaggery and coconut. The pregnant women should eat this considered her health and her babies, it helps in growth of child, brain cell development etc. These days people are avoiding them considering that they are a sign of bad luck and has cholesterol in it.
5. In olden days in funerals and marriage they used to make us donate 9 types of seeds, why do brahmins take them from us? They need them so they put them in the cultures and traditions. What will these brahmins do with those 9 types of seeds? They used to make that as their main meal and eat them. Even redgram and green gram belonged to these family. Even though there are many castes in india brahmins have the highest iq. Many say the reason for this is ghee but there food which contain 9 types of seeds are responsible, many years they had an upper hand in case of intelligence. But these many people from that caste started consuming routine food that reduced its power.
6. People of kerala use more amounts of coconut in their food. Among all the states of india people of kerala are intelligent and have high IQ when compared to others. Even scientists told that the reason for this coconut consumption. We can say coconut as the main source of improvement of their brain cell.
7.Body builders and people who used to participate in wrestling used to consume seeds as the main source of food as they understood that it is the main source of food that makes your bones and muscles strong.
8.In the month of sankranthi cock fights are very common, inorder to make them strong they used to stop feeding them all foods and make them eat only grains, even till now this tradition is present. We understood that the grass a hen eat doesn't give it more energy so we shifted to grains.
9.Even though the grass eaten by cows and ox helps them in body building , inorder to make these win races they used to feed them first with grass for body building and then with seeds. They use seeds because it provides energy for long period and doesn't make fatigue easily. But the farmer who gives them grains himselves feeds on meat and eggs,how bad is this.
10. We tend to offer sesame seeds inorder to drive away our bad luck , we feel our bad luck is gone but people who take them become healthy by consuming them they make their bones strong and provide energy.Previous days people used to not consume them regularly due to lack of money so rituals like this made their use important.
11.Whenever we get our girl married we place coconut on her hands and give it to the groom to show its importance. Why do we not give a pickle jar that is mostly used after marriage why do we place only coconut,this is to show its importance in our lives.
12. They made it in a way that we consume grains everyday and get energy to our body. They used to manually grind paddy and eat them by adding butter milk this used to help them to work hard. Inorder to have good intake of ragi,jowar and millets they used to make it as meal and ate it.
13. In some traditions after marriage they used to make the bridge place 9 types of grains inside the house and kick a box of salt out of the main entrance as an indication that inorder to lead a happy life you should welcome seeds and through away salt.
14. Father of the nation,mahatma gandhi used to eat handful of peanuts that are soaked in the water as breakfast,if he used to eat idli,dosa and wada like us he used to sit at home but he is very active and fast even at the age of 70 year and the credit goes to the grains.
15.The reason for the life span of saints and sages being 150-200 years is that even though they ate single meal they used to make grains as an important part in it.
Our ancestors who are aware about the importance of seeds tried in as many ways that people feed on grains. Even though they are not educated,not aware about medicine, there are no means of communication like t.v ,radio etc they understood this with their intelligence and figured out that people live a more healthy life this way. Even though they gave birth to 10-15 kids they used to be patient,they used to not have flat belly. The food these days is making women weak for 1-2 pregnancies. This means that even though we are making grave mistakes we aren't aware of them. We are betraying ourselves due to the knowledge gained by education by not hearing our elders words. Lets see what people think about seeds these days.
Myths about seed consumption: People are considering that seeds consumption is increasing cholesterol so they avoided eating even coconut. Many think that seeds cause gas trouble. They think that seeds are for body builders,how can wedigest them at this age, milk consumption with added substance and egg consumption provides us energy etc. Not consuming meat causes protein deficiency, meat should be consumed 3-4 days a week etc. Many people belonging to caste that doesn't consume meat are also eating meat just in the sake of energy. Not drinking milk may cause calcium deficiency, not using iron tablets can cause iron deficiency are topics which believe and are becoming weak. These foods are becoming responsible for their ill health in the end. Everyone should understand these topics.
Now lets try to understand why seeds are the best,what is its nutritious value and what is present in milk,eggs etc. You will understand everything once you see the below details. I mentioned only few grains that we use regularly just to provide you knowledge.
The details that are given below are obtained from the data given by NIN - National institute of Nutrition, hyderabad.
100 grams in quantity proteins in gms fats in gms
Brown rice 7.5 1.0
wheat 11.8 1.5
Pearl millet 11.6 5.0
Sorghum 10.4 1.9
Ragi 7.3 1.3
Bengal gram 17.1 5.3
Green mung bean 24.0 1.3
Groundnuts 25.3 40.1
Sesame 18.3 43.3
Soya beans 43.2 19.5
Badam 20.8 58.9
cashew nuts 21.2 46.2
Green coconut 4.5 41.6
eggs 13.3 13.7
mutton 18.5 13.3
cow milk 3.2 4.1
Buffaloe milk 4.3 6.5
100 grams in quantities Carbohydrates in gms calcium in mg
Brown rice 76.7 10
Wheat 70.2 41
Pearl millets 67.5 42
Sorghum 72.6 25
Ragi 72.0 344
Bengal gram 68.9 202
Green mung bean 56.7 124
Ground nuts 26.1 90
Sesame 25.0 1450
Soya beans 20.9 240
Badam 10.5 230
cashew nut 22.3 50
Green coconut 13.3 10
eggs 0 60
Mutton 0 150
cow milk 4.6 120
Buffaloe milk 5.0 210
100 Grams in quantities phosphorous in mg Iron in mg
Brown rice 190 3.2
Wheat 306 5.3
Pearl millet 296 8.0
Sorghum 222 4.1
Ragi 283 3.9
Bengal gram 312 4.6
Green mung bean 326 4.4
Ground nuts 350 2.5
Sesame 570 9.3
Soya beans 690 10.4
Badam 490 5.09
cashewnuts 450 5.81
Green coconut 240 1.7
Eggs 260 2.1
Mutton 150 1.3
cow milk 90 0.2
Buffaloe milk 130 0.2
100 grams in quantities minerals in mg fibre in mg
Brown rice 0.9 0.6
Wheat 1.5 1.7
Pearl millet 2.3 1.2
Sorghum 1.6 1.6
Ragi 2.7 3.6
Bengal gram 3.0 3.9
Green mung bean 3.5 4.1
Ground nut 2.4 3.1
Sesame 5.2 2.9
Soyabeans 4.6 3.7
Badam 2.9 1.7
cashewnuts 2.4 1.3
Green coconut 1.0 3.6
Eggs 1.0 0
Mutton 6.3 0
Cow milk 0.8 0
Buffalo milk 0.8 0
100 grams in quantities energy in kcal
Brown rice 346
Wheat 356
Pearl millet 361
Sorghum 349
Ragi 328
Bengal gram 360
Green mung bean 334
Ground nuts 567
Sesame 563
Soya beans 432
Badam 655
cashewnuts 596
Green coconut 444
Eggs 172
mutton 194
cow milk 67
Buffalo milk 170
Based on the information given above lets understand the quantities in which we should eat a food so that we get energy
1. About eggs:- 100gms of ground nuts means two handfulls.It provides 567kcal of energy.Energy is measured in kcal like that of water measured in litres and oil measured in kgs.567kcal which is provided by groundnuts is necessary for complete daily activities to perform which is not provided by eggs.Egg which is 60gms in weight provides 100kcal of energy.The energy provided by the groundnuts is equal to 5times of energy provided by eggs. 60groundnuts is equal to one egg.The cost of groundnuts is low compared to 5eggs.Proteins are present in large amounts compared to eggs.Forget about consuming egg start consuming soaked groundnuts which provide health,energy and provides strength.
2. About meat:- 100gms of proteins provide 194kcal of energy. Proteins are present more in grains compared to meat.People consume meat by considering that it provides energy in more amounts and increases muscle mass.The above listed grains provides energy 2-3times much than meat by consuming.100gms of meat is much costlier than compared to 100gms of grains.100gms of meat cost about10-15rs whereas 100gms of grains costs3-5rs.100gms of fish provides 100kcal of energy.These provides small amounts of energy compared to the energy provided by grains.
3. About milk:- People become fat by drinking glass of milk everyday considering that milk provides energy and calcium.100gms of milk contains 117kcal of energy and 210mg of calcium. Where 100gms of sesame seeds contain 1450mg of calcium and 563kcal of energy.Consuming sesame seeds of big ball size(size of big lemon) provide the same amounts as that of milk with 100gms.It is not required to consume milk after a certain age because milk contains 0.2mg of iron whereas sesame seeds contain 9.3mg of iron.
There is no best food than the seeds that are made this way,they provide more energy in less quantities. Its like small packet having more energy. Its like going to super market is far better than roaming 4 shops to buy things in the same manner eating grains is enough than all other foods.These grains give more energy in less quantity so we shouldn't eat them in large quantities,but we won't be fulfilled by eating less, we feel happy when our stomach is full. Our mind has many types of foods to make us happy, even if fruits aren't that beneficial its better to eat fruits.After seeds fruits are the best. They are tasty and gives us best chance to fill our stomach. We can eat more amounts of food in less time. Vitamins, minerals are more in fruits than grains. So seeds are used for body building,energy,life span and fruits can be used to fill our stomach and fulfill our cravings. The seeds and fruits are like husband and wife both should be in perfect amounts for them to stay happy and for their children to be healthy.
The best offering to god in this world is seeds and fruits as our ancestors understood them we use them in all auspicious occasions, as they are offered as prasad every human gets habituated to eat them and stay healthy. There is no tradition that says you to offer tubers and vegetables to god. This is because there is no loss even if we stop consuming them. They described seeds and foods as complete food to humans. If you eat both these families sufficiently then there is no problem to your health. There is no need for humans to cook.
Lets know what are the seeds we are supposed to eat.Many people are facing problems as they lack this knowledge. Because there are people who swallow seeds of custard apple as we told they are important. Some people spit sapota pulp and eat only seeds, if we eat all the seeds how can new plants grow. So lets learn what are the important seeds. They are pulses,cereals,millets,groundnuts,corn,sesame seeds,coconut etc. You might be scolding me after reading this as it contains all the seeds that animals eat. I gave this so that we stay as active as animals and become useful to the society. In olden days man understood the importance and made even animals feed on them, but now we stopped eating and animals are continuing to do so. You get used to once you start now.
Who should eat seeds and how to eat them easily, who should consume which type of seeds and what are the seeds that you shouldn't eat? What is the benefit of sprouting? When should we eat these sprouts is mentioned in detail. Lets first understand why does the fats inside the seeds doesn't cause us harm. How do they tranform what is the antidote,what are the loses of using their oils seperately. If i say you all these things you can consume seeds without any doubt.Lets understand this scientifically.

10.Seeds that reduce cholesterol

  • We need fats everyday - Give it naturally in the form of seeds
  • There is no use in eating saturated fats - Unsaturated fatty acids are the best
  • There are 2 types of fats our body needs - They are the reasons for our health
  • Linoleic and alpha linolenic acids are the best - They reduce storage of cholesterol in the blood
  • Using hot oil in cooking food - It harms you by increasing cholesterol
  • Eating seeds naturally protects your body - If you use them as oils it is a punishment to your body
  • Stop using oils - start using seeds
  • If you eat seeds uncooked - They get easily digested
  • People who do heavy work - needs 30 gms of fat
  • Understand the benefits seed do to us - Consume them as instructed by us
It is a fact that large amounts of fats are present in the seeds.All types of fats are present in the seeds which are not present in all types of food materials.Doctors suggest not to use them because there is a chance of getting heart diseases,cholesterol by consuming seeds like sesame seeds,groundnuts,coconut from which oil is extracted which contains high amounts of fats.People stopped consuming seeds from the past 10-15yrs as suggested by doctors.They stopped using seeds but didn't forget using oil extracted from these seeds which doesn't made any change.It doesn't stopped heart diseases and deposition of fats.4-5kgs of oil extracted from the seeds is used per month but they are not using seed.People are in confusion what to believe and the usage of grains as food material or not.To get rid of confusion lets see why seeds containing fats doesn't harm our body.Lets learn about some statements like what is fat,uses of fat,amount of requirement,form of required fat in the below.
Fat and its story:- We get fat through vegetables and meat.One is visible and another is unvisible.Visible fat means oils,ghee,butter,dhalda etc.Unvisible fat means the fat which is present inside the grains and seeds.Our body requires 20-25gm of fat for daily activities.The nature has provied grains through which fats get into our body but the fats which we should provide to our body are present in the grains.Humans are providing oil by refining it from the oil by using their brains.Fat is present as a layer in all living cells which plays an important role.It helps in proper functioning of blood vessels,nervous system,excretory system and immune system.Fat is a reservoir of energy it helps in absorbing fat soluble vitamins like vit-a,d,e,k through it.
Fatty acids:- The fats that are taken through food is a mixture of three types of fattyacids.Those are divided into saturated,mono-unsaturated,poly-unsaturated fattyacids.The body which has visible fats and unvisible fats belongs to any one type of fatty acids. Lets learn about the type of fats which are good for health in detail from the facts given below.
Main types of fatty acids in oils,in fat materials
  1. Coconut oil
  2. Ghee
  3. Dhalda
  4. Palm kernel oil
Mono unsaturated
  1. Redpalm oil
  2. Palmolein oil
  3. Rice bran oil
  4. Sesame oil
  5. Peanut oil
Poly unsaturated
Linoleic acid
  1. Safflower oil*
  2. Sunflower oil*
  3. Cotton seed oil*
  4. Soyabean oil*
  1. Sesame
  2. Ground nuts
  3. Maize*
  4. Soya beans *
Alpha linoleic acid
  1. Soya beans*
  2. Black gram*
  3. Green mung bean*
  4. Beans*
  5. Wheat*
  6. Millet*
  7. Leafy vegetables*
  8. Cow ghee*
  9. Soya bean oil*
  10. Fish*
*Symbol represents present in large quantities.
(The above details provided is based on the imformation given by National institute of nutrition.)
1. Saturated fatty acids:- Usage of ghee, butter,dhalda increases cholesterol percentage in blood so avoid it completely. Cholesterol is not present in coconut oil.
2. Mono unsaturated fatty acids:- This oil contains unsaturated fatty acids like linolic acid and alpha linolic acids are present in small amounts which our body requires are not present as compared to third type. So it has less benefits.
3. Poly unsaturated fatty acids:- These fatty acids are required in large quantities by our body, they produce two types of fatty acids like linoleic acid and alpha linoleic acid which are required by our body and are good for health. We learnt advantages about this in story of cholesterol, these are the two fatty acids which makes our body healthy when they are in same quantities. * It will be enough if we dont use materials which are represented by this symbol.
Story of cholesterol:- Cholesterol a type of fat material present in our body is produced by the liver. Cholesterol is present in all cells which plays an important role in producing hormones, brain and nerve cells. Our body produces cholesterol on its own so there is not any requirement from outside. Cholesterol is not present vegetables, cholesterol is not present in grains and its oil.Cholesterol is present in animals meat. Lets see the list given below.
Cholesterol percentage based on animals meat.
Quantities in 100gms Fats in gms Fats that get deposited(in gms) cholesterol
Butter 80 50 250
Ghee 100 65 300
Buffaloes milk 8 4 16
cow milk 4 2 14
eggs in 100gms 11 4 400
Yolk in 100gms 30 9 1120
Chicken with skin 18 6 100
Mutton 13 7 65
Prawns 2 0.3 150
Fish 6 2.5 45
Brain meat 6 2 2000
Heart meat 5 2 150
kidney meat 2 1 370
liver meat 9 3 300
210mg of cholesterol is present if you eat it completely or just yolk.
(The above imformation is based on the imformation provided by NIN)
The food that is mentioned above increases blood cholesterol levels, no oil has inbuilt cholesterol but if we consume this in large amounts our body tries to convert all the fat into cholesterol. There are 2 types of cholesterol ldl,hdl. LDL is bad cholesterol when increased in blood this increases cholesterol in blood vessels and they tend to close. Second type is HDL, it is good cholesterol, it clears the extra cholesterol present in blood vessels and protects us. In a study on fatty acids it is shown that linoleic and linolenic acids are very helpful to us, they reduce bad cholesterol in the body. It prevents fat accumulation in blood vessels,blood clotting and edema,all this is done by alpha linolenic acids.Inorder to increase them the foods that we should eat is wheat,millets,green gram,rajma,soya and leaf vegetables etc. Among all the soya beans is the best.
Story of oils:- We learnt how important fats are to our health, we should provide unsaturated fat to our body to meet the needs of fatty acids,this is a natural way to a natural body. If we consume fat in this condition,they will be in a position that our stomach and intestines don't get much load to digest. If we eat groundnuts or sesame seeds we won't get vomitings but if we use their oil we get vomitings and motions. Our body says no these fats,as it is difficult to our body it is barely accepted.
The way we use the unsaturated fats is wrong.We use those oils by boiling them. In order for oil to change it needs 300-400 degrees of heat,then it looses its natural behaviour. Even though it is a good oil but changes in its atoms made it hard,this increases load on the intestines and is mostly converted by our body into cholesterol. Boiling oil makes them sticky to the walls of blood vessels,that is the reason even after using best types of oils we are suffering from heart attacks,paralysis etc. We are aware that sunflower oil is the best, even doctors used to think the same. But in 1999 AIIMS delhi research told that sunflower oil usage is associated with increased risk of heart diseases.They told soya oil is the best,but boiling it and using causes more harm than good. Inorder to provide the necessary 20-25 gms of fatts we are eating 80-100 gms of oil.
Grains and its story:- Inorder to digest the fats the enzyme lipase is present inbuilt in them. If we seperate oils from seeds this is completely destroyed that is the reason why fats don't get digested easily. In our body pancreas should produce lipase to digest this fats and convert the boiled oil into fatty acids but if we eat food naturally the fatty acid form is present naturally. When we eat them in seed form it is taken in fatty acid form and is easily digestable as enzyme lipase is present. The seeds we eat has the antidote to fat like vitamin b ,fibre and lecithin they act as antidote to cholesterol. This protects our body from damage. Lets see what happens to them when we seperate oil from seeds.
When seeds are sent to a mill, all the oil is seperated and remaining husk is passed out seperately,fats are in the oil and its antidotes are in the husk . We usually use this husk for feeding animals and we consume this waste oil and sick, the husk has all the contents like vitamin b,lecithin etc. When we eat seeds these 3 prevent the accumulation of fatty acids. When we eat seeds naturally we are naturally protected by the mother nature, but if we consume unnatural foods then we are punished by the nature. It depends on us to whether protect our selves or get punished. If we eat seeds we won't feel thirsty this is natural but when we consume oils we feel thirsty as they aren't getting digested in the intestines and the changes occur their makes us thirsty. If we eat 2 handfuls of groundnuts 30gms of fats reach our body,they get digested in 2 hours but when consume the same amounts of fats as oils it takes 5-6 hours to digest and we don't feel hunger all the time. If we provide the seeds naturally we won't have this lack of appetite and work load on the body, so its better to consume seeds everyday and make ourselves healthy. If we consume oils it makes us sick, so lets atleast stop using oils from now on. We all are aware that oils aren't good for health and but seeds are good for us is not known by many even doctors have bad impression on them. Many doctors are not aware of the fact that seeds don't have cholesterol that is why they suggest their patients to stop eating seeds. In books related to health all these facts are written and i described it here on their basis,so atleast from now on get rid of all wrong things about seeds and stop using these oils.
In what state seeds are supposed to be:- Seeds should be in green states so that they contain less amounts of fat in easily digested way. As it ripens its oil content increases , if seeds ripen then tree is cut, for example we see milk like substance oozing when they pluck groundnuts. If we eat these seeds that fat content is reduced to half and it gets easily digested,our body also consumes it easily just like other foods. Inorder to increase the oil content in seeds people tend to dry them, then all the milk portion in it converts into oils in the presence of sunlight. If we pour them in sunlight for 7-8 days the seeds are filled with fatty acids. If we send groundnuts to a mill they form oil, if you send the green ones to mill,milk oozes out. If you soak them in water for 10-12 hours they convert again into green ones. It means all the fats gets changed, for example 100 gms of ground nut has 40gms fat but when it is green it has 40% less fat that to in less harmful way.
Even in sedentary people, employees and old people these green seeds doesn't require energy to digest. As we humans got brain we are using seeds as we wish, it is best to eat them green when they are available.For example we can eat groundnuts,bengal gram,peas when they are available in green state. In other days they are dried,you should soak them in water inorder to make them easily digestable. We can't eat paddy,ragi,millets,jowar in dried state, so we have to change their form to eat them. We can eat coconut in normal state,dried ones has fat in it is not good for health. You can directly eat sesame seeds or can even soak them in water. Even if we dried seeds they don't cause much harm as antidote is with them, so its okay to eat them in available form. Its better to eat badam,pista and cashew in soaked form.
People with sedentary life like employees,business people should consume 20 gms of fat while people who work in the sun should take 30gms everyday. Children in growing age,pregnant women should also consume 30gms. If you think these seeds doesn't have cholesterol or it has antidote to fats and eat them you put on weight. Fats are very important source of energy. One gram of fats produce 9kcal of energy. There is no need for you to calculate. Wheat ,ragi,jowar has useful fats in large amounts so its okay to eat them in large amounts. But you should eat coconut,groundnuts and sesame seeds based on our work. I will mention in details who should consume in more and less amounts, see their and practice. These seeds have the ability to digest and remove the fat within them. So understand its importance and stop using oils,meat,eggs etc and protect our health. Lets start this from today.

11.Importance of coconut

  • It is positive food in 3 ways - It is symbol of food with 3 qualities
  • Coconut that gives us water isn't important - It doesn't have the materials needed for us
  • Don't break coconut without water - Don't consume coconut with oil
  • Coconut is the natures gift - You can cure heart diseases by using it.
  • Coconut has many health benefits - You won't get cholesterol by eating coconut
  • Everyone can eat a piece of coconut everyday - People can hypertension and diabetes eat 1/4th piece
  • People of kerala made india proud - Coconut is the reason for their intelligence
  • Coconut is better than all seeds - There is nothing best than coconut
  • Coconut doesn't have cholesterol - Start using them all the time
Before 20 years the price of coconut is 3-4 rs, even till 2000 it has the same price yet. In this 20 years all the fruits and grain rates varied a lot, only coconuts price increases a lot.The reason for this is that coconut is a fatty material,it has more amounts of cholesterol, they stopped consumption of coconut with the fear of heart diseases. We increased offering it to god but decreased its consumption. There are many myths on coconut, we should get rid of these doubts and start consuming them again.
Our ancestors thought with great knowledge about breaking coconuts infront of god, there are 2 main reasons. First is comparing coconut with 3 qualities. The black part in the outer layer is the unique layer, the red hard shell indicates the aggressive one and the inner white part indicates the positive food. They tell that if we can win over them we can become positive. As we break coconut in one go we should also overcome all the threequalities and make our life active. Second one is that in baghavadgita they mentioned that coconut has all the qualities of positive food. The food we eat should contain juices, that has suitable oils, that is made up of good cells, if we can any food naturally it is considered positive food. They made these rules with lot of thought, they asked us to offer fruit to god that has few features other than that they are not useful to worship.
Qualities that should be present in a coconut that is offered to god:
1.You should never offer coconut which has lot of water:Before offering to god brahmin places the coconut to ear, if it has lots of water they don't use it because the pulp inside has only carbhohydrates and they are not useful to us. Noone are aware about this these days. Now brahmin feel that every coconut is fine.
2.You shouldn't offer coconut without water : Before breaking they shake the coconut,if it doesn't sound then feel it is not useful. This is followed even today,many are aware about this rule. You may ask me that you told it is not good to have a lot of water,it is okay now when there is no water, then why did you ask not to offer? God doesn't accept them? They anyhow through coconut water down. The coconut without water is too ripe, it has more amount of oil, the fibre material in it i also to ripe you won't get any milk from the coconut. As this coconut is not beneficial we don't use them.
3.You should break a coconut without a tail: While peeling coconut the tail is left, this is because we can eaily hold in while breaking. If you give the coconut without tail,they will through it without using. We are aware about it even these days. The other reason for this is if the tail is gone it means the coconut is too old, due to reason 2 it is not used. After breaking a coconut inorder to offer it to god they will remove its tail,but our ancestors are wise they didn't think we are anyhow removing it what is the reason use coconut with tail.
What kind of coconut are we supposed to eat: The coconut we should break infront of god is what we have to eat, it should have 3/4th of water, it mean water should be adequate and the coconut milk should ooze from it. You should feel the milk when you swallow it. The coconut should be atleast half inch deep. If the coconut has black rough part at the end it is old. It has all the nutrients,even proteins and fats are in easily digestable forms. The wet coconut as less amounts of fats, this takes 1-2 months to get ripened, under sunlight it takes 15-20 days to digest. Dry coconut has oils, you can use dry coconut in sweets,there is no problem in using them in large quantities. You should use dry coconut ,instead use in wet state.
100gms of green coconut contains 30-40 grams of fat. 60gms of fat is present in 100gms of dry coconut.
The fats inside the coconut: We get coconut oil when we send dry coconut to mill. This oil gets freezed at less temperature. The fats that gets freezed like this is called as saturated fat. This kind of fats get accumulated in the blood vessels and they cause harm to the body. In reality coconut oil doesn't have any cholesterol. This is identified by the scientist. Many have the myth that cholesterol is present in coconut oil. Our body has the ability to produce cholesterol. Our doctors say that when you eat coconut our body produces more than required cholesterol that gets accumulated in the blood vessels and may lead to heart diseaes, that is why doctors ask us not to consume. In our state coconut is not used in cooking,many people stopping using coconut in 10-15 years. Heart diseases occur with increased cholesterol levels. Lets think that how heart diseases effect heart diseases.
Kerala is the only indian state that uses more amounts of coconut, as they are using more amounts of coconut people of that state should suffer from more heart diseases. But it is the state with least number of heartdiseases. The reasons for this is? How can there heart be soo healthy when coconut is used? The answer to this given by them as they don't have cholesterol because they eat coconut, the scientist of kerala also did a reasearch on this inorder to clear all these myths. I am writing the results here.
Coconut proteins that control cholesterol.
As scientists warned that fats increase the weight and they involve in the functioning of heart so people are confused about what to eat and what to not. Among them coconut is one,many people think that as it has oils it increases fats so they tried to stay away from coconut. The research performed by thankappan rajamohan biochemistry professor in a kerala university removed all the doubts. The coconut has more amounts of amino acids arginine,they help in nitric oxide production, this helps in health production. He mentioned that the proteins in coconut removes the stored cholesterol, in animal proteins the one that helps cholesterol,lysine is more. The arginine is present in less amounts. But coconut has more amounts of arginine and less amounts of lysine. That is why this helps in the removal of harmful fats and this proven by rat experiments.
Using coconut oil is not good for health.The fats in the coconut are in easily digestable forms so they don't cause much harm. The chance of eating coconut doesn't increase fats or cholesterol,this is because there are many substances in coconut that reduces them they are lecithin and fibre. Fibre is of two types soluble and insoluble. Insoluble fibres in coconut excretes few fats from the intestines. For example when our plates are oily if we use fibre the oily feel is lost immediately. In coconut there are these two types of fibre. Coconut doesn't cause increased cholesterol,it instea remove cholesterol from our body. I tried this by doing the same on many people and tested there blood levels they are less than normal. Even after eating for 4-5 years our cholesterol levels doesn't increase. people who had cholesterol of 500-600 your level reduced and never came back. Many people don't follow diet. They use milk products and oils. If there cholesterol increases after eating coconut chutney they blame coconut. Inorder to know the truth we should try it on our body. The fat that is not seen in coconut doesn't cause any harm to us.
Who and how should we use coconut exactly:Needs of our bodies are different. We should eat fats based on them. Our body needs 20-30 gms of fats everyday.
Who should eat an entire coconut:In olden days the coconuts are in bigger sizes today they are very small. If you eat a small coconut it has 20-30 gms of coconut and it provides 350-400 k cal of energy. If the coconut is big it is sufficient. Children in growing age, people who can eat natural food without the need of cooking, people who do heavy work, body builders,people who wish to increase there weight,sports people,people who had fatigue etc should eat coconut with small size.
People who should eat half the coconut:Pregnant women, lactating mothers and people with sedentary life,business people,thin people, people who stopped eating breakfast or using oil etc can eat it.
People who should eat half coconut:People who are supposed to eat one fourth and then eventually increase in case when they tend to reduce weight,people suffering from sugar,people with heart problems,people who use cholesterol medicines etc. People above the age of 60 years who had sedentary lifestyle and lack of appetite can eat this way. You can increase depending on there needs in the future.
Who should consume coconut in curries: Everyone can use this their daily meal everyday, as we are stopping oil consumption we can use coconut to enhance taste. It is good for health. You can use it in chutney and vegetables about it. We can eat them seperately as well in the foods. If you use them in cooking everyone in the family gets benefited. You can take coconut milk and use them in pulao and curries. If we possible you can add coconut powder before offing your stove.
Uses of coconut:
  1. The main benefit of coconut is that it improves intelligence,memory and provides nutrition required by our body. People of kerala have more memory than people of other states, this is the main reason for it. We can also get same benefits.
  2. Coconut is the only food that provides positivity.
  3. Presence of fibre in high quantities reduces constipation problem. The fibre helps in the opening of blood vessels and removal of cholesterol present in the body and reduces cholesterol growth in the body.
  4. It provides required energy for 4-5hrs in a affordable price. It provides more energy for many hours at low price. The price of coconut is equal to the price of cup coffee.
  5. Although coconut contains large amounts of fats it can be easily digested because of its nature.30gms of fat take about 5-6hrs to get digested.Coconut is the type of food which doesn't increases workload to the liver and it is easily digested.
  6. It can relieve the weakness very fast,if people who are very lean eat it for 2-3 months become fat and get muscular.
  7. Coconut is the only food that helps in maintaining hormonal balance in the body.
  8. Coconut is the number one food that is cannot be adulterated and is available in all places and seasons.
Don't stop buying coconut in the name of cost, for you i can give you a suggestion, go to nearby temple make deal with the saint there and talk a rate for the month. In just 2-3 rs per day you can get coconut required for your body. Since now lets stopping using artificial oils in our homes and use natural coconut and make good habits. So since now stop breaking eggs and start using coconut. Lets protect our indian culture. Lets make our relation strong with coconut and make ourselves strong.

12. The qualities of sprouts

  • If you polish grains - all the nutrients are lost
  • If you want to obtain complete nutrition - you should eat all types of grains
  • Its important to learn - how to make sprouts
  • The changes in sprouts - Fills your body with nutrients
  • Sprouts contain proteins and fats - they get easily digested
  • Nutrients in sprouts increase many times - You should make it a habit of consuming it daily
We learnt that seeds form a complete diet. This is even described by our ancestors. It provides more amounts of energy to our body. Our ancestors use to not polish these seeds, they used to grind them manually so they get easy to eat. The more amount of nutrition in seeds is obtained from the outer layers, in order to get benefit from the seed we used to stop polishing seeds. Our ancestors used to have more amount of energy due to this reason. Since the development of modern world human being got adapted to comfort. They started polishing seeds, cooking food etc.Polishing once or twice makes them good for long storage.
The seeds that we polish these days are the rice, we polish them and consume white and shiny. We polish wheat and use it as upma. Even the wheat flour that is available in stores is polished that is the reason that is white and fluffy. We even polish bengal gram, green gram, red gram they cause nothing but gas trouble. All the important foods that we eat are polished. We are not bothered about loss of nutrition we are only considered about easy cooking an long storage. Polihing and refining is removing 40-50% of benefits. Cooking them further causes loss of another 20-30% so we only get 20-30% of nutrition. We are repeating this from many years so our body lost its strength and health. The only solution to this is stop polishing food.
It is difficult to eat grains without eating. In order to prevent them from spoiling the husk get harder. Cooking is introduce to soften this. But cooking reduces the nutrients we should find a way to eat them naturally. Our ancestors provided the method already. Soaking this grains softens the husk, its sprouts and increases the nutritive value. The nutritive value of sprouts is more than that of seeds. In order to prevent the loss we should eat sprouts to regain energy. Lets understand what seeds we can consume as sprouts.
What seeds should we eat:- The seeds we eat should be natural intead of hybrid. Hybrids seeds contain less amount of energy.
We can use green gram, black gram, bengal gram, jowar, wheat, ragi, sorghum, millets, soya, coconut, groundnuts motly.
You need to clean them and dry them for few days. There is no need to eat all the seeds everyday you can consume 3-4 varities. The nutrients in seeds vary. So if you alter them you get benefitted. Groundnuts doesn't show sprouting. It is better to eat coconut without drying remaining seeds should be eaten in the form of sprouts.
How to make sprouts from seeds:- Every person should take handful of different types of seeds, you should choose atleast 3-4 varities. First wash them till the mud, waste is gone. You should soak them in different bowls in the morning till evening. Seeds with tuff husks like jowar, ragi should be soaked for 24hrs to show sprouting. Seeds are of two types new ones and old ones. You can't know the difference, so soak them in the morning and wait for sprouting if it occurs till evening you can continue using them. If they fail to sprout you can change water and wait for 24hrs.
There are many methods for making sprouts.
1) Method of making sprouts from cloth:- It is better to use a thick cloth an tie seeds saperately and place weight on them. Sprouts start growing after 24hrs of placing them in a tied cloth. Sprouts start growing after placing them in cloth one more time by adding water if there is no change at first. It doesn't make smell after removing soaked seeds and made them dry by placing them on paper or dry cloth. It will be better if we spray water at afternoon in winter.
2) Method of making sprouts from a box with holes present:- Steel boxes with small holes are sold in steel shops which can be used saperately for different sprouts which are produced in 24hrs.Place them for another 24hrs if required they should be about 1-2 inches in length which are good for health.This will be easy for you to make sprouts through cloth. These boxes are available as sets which contain 3 in them.
Method of making sprouts from sprout maker:- particularly a box is used to make sprouts which contain 3-4shelves which will be very beneficial. How to make sprouts is described on the maker. It costs 300-350 through which the germination of seeds can be seen. It will be easy through this to make more and can be placed separately daywise. It is important to notice about the germination of sprouts and not about the method. sprouts should be tied in a particular manner so that the sprouts doesn't make any smell.
Advantages of germinating sprouts :- It is much beneficial of using germinated sprouts compare to dry one. These sprouts undergoes many changes and if we know the advantages we never feel this method as a hectic one.
1. If we can chew and digest the hard coating on the outer surface of seeds our body gets transformed.
2.The outer layer of seeds contain fibre which contains lecithin which can digest cholesterol, anti-oxidants phyto-estrogens which protect our body from diseases,vitamin-e,lignin and doesn't allow them to go outside of our body etc which are present naturally in sprouts which are not available in polished and cooked food.
3.These get excited to form a plant from the stage of seeds. since the time we soak these seeds they absorb the nutrients in air and environment and turns them into compounds. They increase the oxygen in them,when you eat them you get more amounts of oxygen, it is much more than the contents in the seeds. These oxygen is needed for us to live with more energy and long time.
4. The nutrients in sprouts are much more than the seeds, i understood these facts from researches,especially minerals and vitamins increase rapidly.
5. During sprouting seeds absorb nitrogen from the air and convert the carbhohydrates inside it. That is why carbhohydrates are less in sprouts than seeds. As the carbhohydrates amount is reduced people with obesity lose weight. Enzymes increase while sprouting,that is why they get easily digested.The amylase in these sprouts convert the carbhohyrates into easily digestable glucose and sucrose. The proteins are broken down into amino acids and amides. Fats are converted into fatty acids in the presence of enzyme called lipase. This reduces the load on the intestines. Even though there are more amounts of proteins and fats it takes less time to digest them, no other food digests as fast as them.
6. In dried seeds gas releasing oligosaccharides are present in more amounts. You get more amounts of gas if you fry them or boil them. Soaking reduces the amount of oligosaccharides in the sprouts. So they don't release gas. Intestines producing one litre of gas is healthy,it comes even if you don't consume anything. There is no tension of gas,people who are old can't digest them properly. But sprouts can be consumed by people of all age groups and gets easily digested making a perfect diet for people of all ages.
Sprouts are converted into soo many forms inorder to provide benefit to us. We can't eat banana in unriped state. They have less amounts of nutrients. If it gets ripe the nutrients in the fruit increases many times and they get easily digested. As it ripes the sweetness increases. Seeds are in unripe state just like banana,it gets ripened and forms sprouts increasing its nutritive value. We should eat them till now but instead we are eating polished rice by cooking them and are losing its nutritive value. When should we eat fruit seeds,how many should we eat?who should eat them? Who shouldn't eat them?

13.Who should eat these seeds and what are the seeds that can be consumed?

  • If you have proper excretion in the morning - Eating sprouts causes your promotion
  • Consume sprouts all the time - You shouldn't swallow them without chewing
  • The food that is eaten by saints - Everyone should consume sprouts
  • If we eat sprouts sufficiently - It increases your strength without increasing your weight
  • If you fry food for taste - It is the end of her health
  • If you had any cravings consume breakfast so that it fills your stomach - You can shift to sprouts the next day
These days the percentage of people eating sprouts has increased. Many people have realised its importance. But they are unable to eat it in perfect time and in perfect condition and this is causing them harm. Some eat sprouts along with few breakfast and sometimes it is consumed along with lunch. Some eat in the evenings. People with few problems tend to eat them even when they are not supposed to eat. So we should know completely about sprouts.
When should we eat sprouts:- Its better to eat them as breakfast ,if not possible you can eat them in lunch,but never eat them as snacks or dinner. You should never consume foods that have proteins and fats in the evening. The energy produced here is not used and it gets deposited. You should food that gets less energy. Its better to eat carbs. After drinking water in the morning and excreting you can drink vegetable juice followed by sprouts 30-40min later. As you asked us to eat sprouts as breakfast some people ask whether they should eat it before or after breakfast. some eat breakfast after eating sprouts,this is a mistake.If you are eating sprouts you shouldn't eat any other breakfast. Then we get thought what are we supposed to do with these idli and dosa? We have eaten sufficient amounts till now and spoiled our health,we can try to think about them once we get dreams of them.
How should we consume sprouts:- Many people don't have the habit of swallowing,they tend to eat them just like idli and dosa. If you don't swallow them properly then gas is produced in more amounts. They get excreted as small pieces. You shouldn't be scared and stop eating them or you may think sprouts doesn't suit you. The seeds that doesn't get swallowed won't get digested. The seed has the feel of giving rise to the plant all the time. We should swallow it properly inorder to make it lose these characters. The fibre on the seed should be broken down completely otherwise lets see what happens. The seeds enters intestines just like that for example we tend to eat chillies,tomato and other vegetables in natural state. If you sit outsides to excrete these seeds dried up, they tend to mix with soil. They tend to form seedlings due to rains. We all see the tomato,chilly trees on roadside, this is because the seeds we eat gets undigested. So you should eat them and swallow them properly. Inorder to get complete benefit from these seeds you should spend 40-50 min for its digestion.
You might be thinking why do we have time. Just try to eat it anyway. Women tend to neglect sprouts in the name of household chores. You can eat them even when you are cooking, you can do your work and then your mouth can eat them. Men can do this thing while reading newspaper. Don't worry about office time you can eat even while you are travelling. You can eat them during your journey. If your neighbour sees you feed them some,everyone eat them considering it is god's offering. People who eat normal tiffins eat happily in trains and buses. But people who eat sprouts eat them hidingly. Many people are scared about what people think when they see us eating these grains. We are eating the good food that saints eat,you should eat them showing everyone. Do any adjustment but eat seeds, chew them finely and swallow.
Who shouldn't be consuming sprouts:-Its better some people stop consuming them for 10-20 days and start eating them again. People who have constipation,people with lack of appetite,without proper digestive system,with gas trouble etc shouldn't be eating sprouts. They should do enema for 10-15 days and clean there intestines. You can eat fruits as breakfast till you get relieved of these symptoms. Once your symptoms are reduced you can eat sprouts. People with kidney failure shouldn't be following these tips in this book. They should eat food based on doctors advise.
Who should eat which types of seeds:- The needs of everyone isn't same. Some do heavy work and some are heavy.Some people need to put some weight on and some should increase their growth. Your consumption of grains depends on all this. You have a way to increase or decrease weight.
People who should reduce their weight:- They should food that provides less energy in large amounts. They need more amounts of nutrition than thin people. So you should eat foods that won't increase your weight and gives you strength. You can eat 3-4 types of sprouts everyday,they won't increase your weight.Its better you stop eating coconut,groundnut and seeds that didn't sprout. If you wish to eat coconuts you can eat 3-4 pieces,you should completely stop eating groundnuts. You can eat sprouts as you wish. If you eat less inorder to reduce your weight you getw eak. You should eat handful of seeds.You can eat them along with dates. You can eat 7-8 dates everyday. You can also eat papaya,guava etc. People with diabetes should avoid dates and eat the rest just like mentioned above. Even though we ate seeds more sugar levels doesn't increase.
People with normal weight:- People who do jobs and business and who had sufficient weight and who wants to become strong and women at home, people above the age of 60 or people with sedentary lifestyle is described here. You should be consuming 2-3 types of sprouts everyday in sufficient quantities,along with it you can eat use soaked groundnuts and coconut along with 12-15 dates. If they want sprouts they can grow them more and eat other without growing this increase weight and strength.
People who need more energy:-Children of growing age,people who are lean, who are weak,pregnant women,lactating mothers,body builders,people who do heavy work under sunlight etc should follow the above mentioned technique. 2-3 types of sprouts should soak groundnut big handful,coconut a small sized one,dates 15-20 etc gives us strength. Our muscle increases, You can also eat sesame seeds for more energy. You should eat this with honey and dates. They provide fooder based on the animal,people who work more can eat them in large amounts.
People who can't chew sprouts can grind them and eat them,some fry these sprouts add salt to it and eat,you please don't repeat that mistake,all that we did till now gets wasted. If you don't like the taste of sprouts alone you can use an onion,chillt,coriander,curryleaves, lemon etc and eat them. Do whatever you wish but you are supposed to eatthem everyday. Women get so hurried in the morning to make breakfast and chutneys, you can reduce half the work to them. You canmake 4 bags of sprouts and every one can eat theirs. If any relative comes feed them sprouts don't make any kind of breakfast for them. Noone comes to our home at that time, even if they comes they tend to leave by then. We should never change our habits. In days they don't sprout then eat coconut,dates and fruits etc. If you any breakfast some day you should completely stop eating sprouts that day. You eat satisfyingly that day,then all the health we acquired till then is gone. Don't eat any tiffins so soon. Eat sprouts everyday and you will get a good healthy life.

14.When should we eat fruits?

  • Eating fruits gives natural taste - Consume them everyday
  • If you drink fruit juices of citrus fruits - You get plenty of vitamin C
  • Don't stop consuming fruits - You get many fruits in cheap
  • Consume only fruits in auspicious days - Provide health to our body.
Fruits digest better than food material on this earth and there is nothing as tasty as fruits are,this is our benefit. Some kind of fruits are available in all seasons. Fruits are available depending on the season, eat fruits that are available in that season. The nature provides us with fruits depending on our body needs. In winters and rainy we get frequent cough and cold,that is it gifted us citrus fruit that help in their excretion. We need more carbs in summer.there is high chance of constipation in summer so the fruits that are available like mango,sapota have more fibres in them. Even watermelons are available during that period. Many people count on money to buy fruits. They spend money on many other things rather on fruits. We should eat fruits everyday.
Many people eat fruits but1) they don't eat them perfect time 2) They eat them along with lunch or after lunch with other snacks so they aren't getting any benefit. Inorder to get complete benefit from them we shouldn't be mixing anything with them,eat them on empty stomach. We should eat 25%of food in the form of fruits. Its better if you can make it 50%. Itss better if we provide the carbs needed by fruits. When should we eat fruits? When and how should we drink fruit juices? Which fruits are beneficial etc is told in great detail in the below topics.
How can you use fruit juices:- Its better to drink fruit juice of citrus fruits,as we can't them in large quantities. Eating them makes our teeth sour and they get difficulty to swallow. Instead of this you can drink there juices . The fruits you should be using are orange,pomegranate,black grape,green grape etc. Don't place them inside fruits. You shouldn't be adding ice,sugar,milk,flavours etc. If you add them you get cough and cold. You think that this is because of the fruit you eat,its better to avoid them.
Orange is better than any other fruit you can drink its juice. You can add water if it is too our or else there is no need of water. You can also add 3-4 tbsp of honey. Instead of honey we can add dates by making them as powder. You get more energy by using less money.Its better to drink it a big glass,its better to drink them when your stomach is empty inthe evening. You can also drink fruit juices. If in the morning you can't drink vegetable juice you can always drink fruit juices. This improves immunity and you get plenty of vitamin C. People with diabetes shouldn't consume them. Remaining people can consume them. Its better you give small children immediately after they come from school.
How should we eat fruits?:-Its better to consume guava,sapota,custard apple,berry,watermelon,banana etc. Don't consume apply or dry grapes,they are costly and they spray more amounts of fertilizers in it. You shouldn't make it a jam or place fruit piece inside the fridge. Lets discusss when to eat fruits and who should consume what type of fruits.
Instead of eating boiled foods at night,let eat fruits in the evening. You can also eat dates along with fruits. Whatever be the season we can eat the fruits we want our stomach full. You can also eat 10-15 dates. If no fruit is available you can eat banana and dates. You shouldn't be eating any other thing. When mango,sapota,custard apple are available you should eat them instead of banana,there is no use of even banana then. There is no loss even if you eat them stomach full. People who can't bear the amount to buy them can eat guava, banana, papaya, muskmelon ,regi etc can be consumed in more amounts.You won't put on weight even if you consume them more. People with sugar can eat the above mentioned fruits by 4-5 without drinking juices. All they have to eat is guava, pomegranate, berries etc. If it is not possible to drink them in the evening you can eat fruits. You can also eat fruits if you feel hungry after eating sprout. They can get easily digested together. You can alter sprouts and fruits in the morning when you can't eat them in the evening.
You should consume fruits 25-50% everyday. People can eat only fruits atleast once a week. You can eat them based on our hunger, you can also add more dates inorder to prevent weakness. In auspicious occasions its better to eat only fruits. Its better if you don't make any changes and eat them naturally. Lets make good use of such fruits and stay healthy.

15.What is present within dates?

  • You eat dates in ramzan - Eat good food after fasting
  • Buy dates with less money - Get good results with it.
  • Dates have more value - Learn to use them
  • In order to reduce your weight use 7-8 everyday - Its better to stop eating if you have diabetes
  • Dates contain iron in them - Eating everyday increases hemoglobin
  • Eat foods available in nature - It is benefit of sun to us humans.
Dates belongs to fruits family. It is available in two types.The first one is eaten after plucking from the tree it is called dates. Dry dates are dried and stored to use them for a long period. This is second type. Muslims consume dates from past many years, particularly on the month of roja after completion of fasting that last from morning to evening they consume it after they visit masjid everyday. Dates are used by them as their tradition because after doing fasting from morning to evening they loss energy for their activities so they need energy instantly for which they consume dates in which all the requirements are present.
In the olden days date fruits are only available on the month of ramzan and dry dates are available almost year. date fruits are availble through the year because of demand our ancients after recognising the importance of dates made them to use in all the activities performed at temples. Date fruits are imported from other countries an are stored in a.c godewn. These are sticky in nature because of humidity present in the air which made people think that it is mixed with sugar and jowar solution. There is different in rates because of availability of different types of dates like mangoes which has many types like banginapally etc.
Dates sold in stores are of low quality. 1kg of dates costs 14-15rs. Bag of dates contain atleast 3-4kgs of dates as waste. Retailers sell them in packets saperately for profits by increasing Weights through adding jowar and sugar solutions in them. 10% of waste can be seen in dates but people don't like eating because they are sold on roads which are not covered properly so they get exposed to dust and insects. It will be better to eat dates which are packed saperately of course it costs much that the exposed one but this doesn't make any harm to you. Insects are present in these fruits which should be removed before eating as they occur naturally.
The insects are seen after 1-2months of taking them from ac godewns. Even retailers are helpless. They are also seen in them after storing them upto 20days at home. Insects should be removed from the dates if they are present and that dates can be eaten that doesn't harm our body. If you see thin insects in dates just like the ones on rice it means they are stored for longtime. Its better you throw them,as it is the good time insects increase in more numbers. Its better to live life without any difficulty. There are many people who don't eat dates in the name of insects. The loss is to us.
Hindus understood the benefits of dates many years ago,they are very important. In marriages,rituals and even in funerals dates are given,that is the best food, As it is the best food you should distribute it,Spread the good word. Dry dates doesn't have insects. So your teeth should be strong to chew them. Inorder to digest them you should soak them and made people drink this water. Without losing the benefit even older people can eat them. If our elders give importance to them lets also try and use them. As the dates are cheaper than other fruits you can eat them. Lets understand in detail how we should use fruits,dates and dry dates.
Instead of normal dates dry dates are very costly. 3-4 kgs or normal dates cost the same as 1kg of dry dates. Drying them reduces the humidity in them and it gets easily digested. That is why dry dates weigh more.Previously i used to not encourage dry fruits due to its toughness and its rate. It will be beneficial to us eating any one of them now i am suggesting people to consume dates because these are easy to eat and are cheaper. Now lets see the values present in dates below.
Nutritive value of 100gms of dates
Types Dates Dry dates
Carbohydrates 33.8 grams 75.8 grams
Energy 144 kilo calories 317 kilo calories
Iron 1 milli grams 7.3 milli grams
Calcium 22 milli grams 120 milli grams
Minerals 1.7 Grams 2.1 Grams
Seeds that are dried contain more energy compared to seeds that are wet in the same way dry dates are good compared to date fruits because the dry dates loose water which increases energy after drying them. Consuming less amounts of dry dates provide same energy compared to dates. Approximately one kg of dry dates contains same nutrients similar to 2.5kgs of date fruits. People should consume 7-8 dates daily in order to loose weight. Diabetic patients should not use any type of dates. Dates should be used by people who want to increase weight, blood, who are very weak, who need more energy in order to work. It will be easy to use dry dates during journey.
Honey will be in first place in providing energy to body within foods in short time period. It takes 10-15min to enter into blood stream and provide energy. Dates take 25-30min time in order to get digest and provide energy. Dates are easily digestive in nature. Dry dates take time to get digested because of its toughnes it takes time to convert hard one into soft and digest. Our ancestors therefore soak them in water at night and eat them in the morning which can be easy to eat and therefore there will be no loss of nutritive values. Lets start eating dates daily as this maintains haemoglobin level in the bed this dates take less time of providing energy compared to fruits which take atleast one hour. These dates have an important nutritive value so lets start eating from now onwards as a habit.
These dates can be used in the plae of sugar and jowar because these effects our body in many ways. It can be used in milk, broth, while eating groundnuts, used in sweets etc. These can be powdered and used in balls of groundnuts and sesame ones instead of jowar which are good in taste. It provide energy to our body by using it in sweets which are made with fried seeds.
People eating dates in large quantities can buy a bag of dates and share them neighbours which reduces the cost. We had a bad habit of making sweets in more quantities and storing them for long period after the completion we repeat the same. Lets start thinking about health and replace the sweet boxes with dates and start eating them daily.Place 20 dates in plates for relatives to eat when they come to visit, this also decreases the cooking burden to women in house. It will be good for childrens health which will provide energy to them by consuming daily instead of sweets. It will be goo to use for women when they are in periods and for people who are weak which provides energy to them. Dates work as medicine to many diseases which are in the form of food.

16. Benefits of having fruits at dinner

  • If you eat fruits early in the evening - Repair occurs once you sleep
  • Eat boiled food once a day - You should eat fruits in the evening
  • Consume fruits and sleep happily! - Free motion wakes you up in the morning!
  • Stop consuming evening snacks - You should eat fresh fruits in the evening
  • Understand how good is eating fruits - Consume them as we described
We call eating in the evening or night as dinner. With the work and bussiness in the morning people can't eat in the morning or in the afternoon but they consume dinner heavily. Usually our digestive system works based on the suns timing. Our digestion system slows down in the evening just like sun sets down, so we should eat food that gets easily digested in the evening. If our dinner gets easily digested then our digestive system takes rest. Repair and cleaning happens during night time and while we are taking rest. It should happen for 12 hours. If we do the process everyday it removes all the waste material,bacteria and toxic waste etc are expelled everyday. It protects the health everyday.
It is like a big doctor who protects our body from diseases. It is good for health if we see that the dinner we ate gets digested by 8-9 in the evening, for that to happen you should eat your dinner by 6-6.30 in the evening.The food should be easily digested. If we eat any non vegetarain food or oily food it takes till morning the next day. The stomach doesn't get any rest. If stomach doesn't get any rest then our body doesn't get any rest. The cleaning and repair stops for the day, if this repeats everyday then we get diseases.This is the biggest mistakes happening in todays society. This is the reason why we develop diseases. Inorder to get diseased it is important to eat food at the right time especially it is very important to change the food timings of dinner.Its best to eat fruits in the evening that to early. As we are diurnal beings our body is designed to eat in the mornings. We should stop eating in the evenings. As we are not working hard so instead of boiled food you are supposed to eat fruits. So lets understand that why we should eat fruits early in the evening.
  1. People who work or who do business reach home late in the evening,so they eat dinner late in the evening.If you are eating fruits then you can eat them any where. Fruits help in eating us early and they are available everywhere or else we can carry them. So we should never forget that fruits are readymade.
  2. If we eat fruits in the evening b 6-6.30 in theevening they get completely digested by night, it helps our stomach and intestines to finish their work and do the cleaning and repair for 12 hours.
  3. Eating early that too fruits get easily digested and our body uses stored fats for the purpose of energy for doing repair, this reduces body weight and in people with perfect weight it prevents further growth.
  4. When our stomach is empty belly fat tend to decrease, sleeping after food increases belly fat.
  5. Eating early and sleeping can cure your snoring problems
  6. Our food gets digested and waste materials are ready in the intestine. It makes it clean by excreting early in the morning.
  7. Since the time we sleep all the organs in the body gets sufficient rest and they get ready actively for the seconhd days work.
  8. After starting this habit and following for 10 days you tend to have deep sleep and wake up early in the morning. You will be active throughout the day.
  9. Your body feels active as if is flying in the sky.
  10. You will know how does hunger exactly is while doing this. In the morning you will so hungry,feeling hungry is a good sign of being healthy
  11. As our body cleans the waste everyday we have less chances of developing seasonal diseases , it also protects us from chronic illnesses.
  12. You can meditate at peace in the morning.
  13. Your body cooperates more when you are doing asanas and yogas, you feel very active.
  14. Immunity power increases during this period, our body protects itself.
  15. Of all the organs stomach and intestines get more energy that is why you won't suffer from digestive tract diseases. You can also protect them especially liver turns strong. When these organs are active and healthy it means our immune system is strong. When a countries borders are secured it is safe in the same manner our body is safe when these 3 organs are functioning perfectly.
  16. During sleep you may feel dryness of mouth,thirsty,urinating while in sleep is reduced.
  17. People with mucous and cough get trouble sleeping as cough disturbs their sleep,so it is better to eat fruits and sleep as this prevents cough.
  18. If both wife and husband follow this,there is no need to cook in the evening,you can save time that can be used for many other things.
  19. Consuming fruits increases our chance of eating natural food , eat them when and where posible seasonally.
  20. In the evening the snacks we eat are good for our mouth but they cause damage to our body. Eating fruits early and not eating anything till evening protects us from making these disasters. We can leave those bad habits in the name of these good habits,we can protect our children too
More closer we stay to nature more we get protected. If we eat late neglecting nature it trouble us. How can we trouble our own body? We may feel it new and don't get sleep in the beginning once we get habituated we can't even stop doing this. Good things take time to happen, the harder it is the beneficial it gets. So lets stop cooking in the evening and eat these fruits.

17.How to use vegetables?

  • Its beneficial to use them naturally - Cooking leads to nutritional deficiency
  • Inorder to increase blood or change them you should eat - leafy vegetables more
  • Drink vegetable juice - It is good for health
  • Don't mix cooked ones with uncooked - Don't spoil the benefits
  • Consume raw foods completely - It frees you from chronic diseases
Natural food means seeds,fruits if we can eat sufficiently we tend to be healthy. You won't get any problem even if you don't eat vegetables. Many people can't afford fruits. Vegetables are cheaper when compared to that of fruits. In a places we can find all types of vegetables. So if you use them enough it will benefit us instead of harming them. We usually cook vegetables and eat,this destroys the vitamins and other nutrients , so its better to use them naturally. We can eat raw foods when ever we wish too and with anything we eat. They get easily digested if you consume them properly. What vegetables are we supposed to eat, what are the vegetables that should be avoided, when are we supposed to eat them etc.
Which vegetables should be consumed:-These days we are cultivating vegetables by spraying fertilisers and selling them the next day. This causes harm to us. If you pluck them and sell 5-6 days after fertilizers the effect is reduced due to suns heat. Inorder to reduce the adverse effects we should be careful as people won't listen even if you say. Its better you eat foods without fertilizers or the once that has less fertilizers. Its better we eat them without cooking. These kind of foods are bitter gaurd,ripe tomatoes,carrot,beetroot,cucumber,pumpkin,ash gaurd,snake guard. If the fertilizers are sprayed more then its best to stop using them. The foods that can't be used are brinjals,lady fingers,cabbage, cauliflower, beans, peas etc .
Leafy vegetables are better than normal vegetables, they are cheaper but as they spray fertilizers on leafy vegetables you shouldn't eat them raw instead you can grow them in your garden. If moringa plant is available in vicinity then you can use its leaves. This contain more amounts of vitamin A, they don't use any medicine for this. You can also use spinach, fenugreek and other leafy vegetables etc. You can also use coriander,mint and curry leaves. Inorder to see changes in blood or get new blood leafy vegetable are the best. The juice obtained from this is called as green blood. It gets easily absorbed in blood, they have more amounts of minerals. It provides us the natural salts ,sodium needed for our body. Vitamins, enzymes,aminoacids needed for our body are present. We can't eat these leafy vegetables naturally, if you can you can eat new leaves. The best way to consume these leaves is in the form of juices. Many people suffer from vomitings due to its bad taste. You can mix them with vegetables and drink. Even though you use them in large amounts there is nothing wrong.People with all types of diseases can use them
How can we use vegetables and leafy vegetables:-Some people consume raw foods,some stop consuming as they don't like its taste,some add things to it and eat. Its better to consume juices rather than eating them, you can save the time used to swallow. Lets learn in detail how to make these juices. If the leaves are grown in your garden you can use them in small amounts.You can also use curryleaves and coriander in order to add flavour to it. We can add them to make juices. You can add 2-3 types of vegetables that we can eat, we can use the vegetables that are cheaper. We can use carrot,tomato,beetroot that are cheap as they have more amounts of sodium. You can also use bitter guard,bottle guard,snake guard with them. You should make them a thick paste and strain in it, remove the above waste and drink the juice.
Add lemon juice,honey 2-3 table spoons, if you are suffering from diabetes add 1-2 tbsp. You can also add carrot,beetroot and other tubers if we want. People with decreased vision can use carrot and leafy vegetables. You should use leafy juice without salt and pepper. You shouldn't drink it like tomato soup. You should drink this juice in the early morning. After drinking 2.5 litres water you can drink this juice after 20-25 min. Its better you drink it by 7-8 am. It gets digested in 30-40 min, you can eat breakfast 40-50min after drinking juice. People at all ages can consume them.Its better you can drink big glass of juice.
If you don't find time in the morning you can drink this in the evening, if you don't have a grinder or money to buy them you can stop using. You can also drink fruit juices in this place. If you can't afford then you can drink honey and lemon. People who have financial problems can stop using them. People who don't have energy to digest can stop eating them. Don't forget drinking juices is easier. Don't scold me when the prices are higher,stop drinking at that time. When the vegetables are cheaper you get one glass of juice at 10-15 rs. Don't forget that happens when the expenditure is less.
How should we eat raw foods :- As raw foods are good for health many countries started using them. Some add salt and eat them this is not beneficial.Some mix these salads with boiled food and eat, some eat raw curry along with rice. This is not the right method to do. These raw vegetables are in a state that it is easily digestable, if you mix them with digested food ,it damages digestive system.
People who are interested in eating raw vegetables should eat them without peeling and eat as many types as possible. You should grade vegetable,coconut and to it onions,chillies ,coriander,lemon juice etc and make a uncooked salad, We should eat it sufficiently or else our body have it enough. You can't eat them enough so you can eat chapathi with them, they get easily cooked and doesn't get exposed to more heat. It comes under food that is less boiled, the raw vegetable form 90% of meal, so we won't have any trouble digesting. We can make our own flour and eat without oil.
Who and when should we eat raw vegetables:- Its better people who are adapted can start.People with obesity,uncontrolled diabetes, joint pains,chronic skin diseases and other chronic diseases should eat them. As mentioned above you can eat these salads in the evening along with chapathi and then eat nothing in the evening. If you can eat this in the evening eventually start eating it in the morning. If you are eating your lunch and dinner these raw vegetables its better you drink fruit juices in the morning. People with sugar should avoid fruit juices. You can eat these salads in the lunch and eat fruits in dinner based on your convienence.
  1. Presence of iron,vitamin-c in large amounts helps in the formation of new blood. It maintains haemoglobin level in the body.
  2. These are available at low costs compared to other food materials.
  3. Carbohydrates are present in low quantities compared to other food materials,Fats are not present in it. People with heavy weight,sugar should connsume fresh vegetables in order to reduce it.
  4. Presence of fibre in large quantities reduces thickness of blood by lowering fats which reduces sugar,Bp.
  5. It is a good method to get rid of constipation problem.
  6. It increases immunity because of presence of anti-oxidants, vitamins which helps in complete recovery of an unhealthy person.
People who have chance can consume raw vegetable juice, the more we eat this natural food the better it gets. We tend to eat10-15% of natural food by this juice.

18.Our important needs - Food items in which they are present

  • Our body needs nutrients very badly - They are available in plenty in natural food
  • Cellulose is the fibre that is present within seeds - It is foundation to our health
  • You are giving importance to polished foods - Fibre in them is zero
  • The antibodies that are useful for our body - Proteins are needed for their production
  • Carbhohydrates convert into fats - They provide energy continuosly
  • Seeds have more amounts of fats - It is important to provide it in the form of seeds
  • Essential aminoacids are very important to us - They are available in minute amounts
  • Vitamin C deficiency - It is a punishment to our immune system
  • Grains which are not polished have thiamine - It is possible only with seeds to solve the deficiency
  • Folic acid deficiency causes enema - Eat fresh vegetables and seeds in large amounts!
  • We get minerals through food - They play an important role for life activities
  • Reduction in the mineral levels cause harm - Provide them in food with sufficient
  • DNA and RNA are responsible for genes - Phosphorous is essential for making them
  • Magnesium inside the cell - Is responsible for life saving activities
  • Provide iron through blood - Take care that you don't suffer from anemia
  • Sodium maintains water balance - This is responsible for acid base balance in the body.
  • Thyroid gland secretes thyroxine - Iodine is required for the functioning of thyroid gland
The qualities that are present in the food have all types of nutritions. The food we eat shouln't feed our stomach, it gives energy and it should be helping us in laws of human body. Our body get exposed to diseases when there is deficiency of nutrients in the food we take. It is necessary to take food containing nutrients as long as we live. Carbohydrates,fats,proteins are important among them.These are provides energy to the body and are mainly usefull in building body.Vitamins and minerals are also important for body but in less quantity which should be provided through food.These two are important for building body which should be present in food.These micro nutrients are abundant in natural food which are usefull in protecting our body.How these nutrients are important to our body,how much amounts it shoul be taken,which food materials contain this nutrients,diseases caused due to deficiency of these nutrients lets see them in detail.
1. Carbohydrates:- Carbohydrates take the first place in human food. of the energy obtained 70% is from carbohydrates.1gms of carbohydrates give 4kcal of energy.Carbohydrates are used for instant energy. They are obtained from the plants naturally. Plants store carbhydrates in the form of leaves,fruits,vegetables and seeds, they produce in the presence of sunlight. Carbohydrates are present in the form of glucose,fructose,lactose,sucrose,cellulose. They are present in fruits,vegetables,honey in the form of glucose and fructose. In tubers,cerals,pulses carbohydrate is present in the form of glycogen. The insoluble fibre that is present in fruits,seeds,vegetables is cellulose. The cellulose in the form of fibre material plays an important role in human health.The peptin in fruits also acts as fibre.
  1. It provides instant energy for the needs of the body.
  2. Carbohydrates help in providing energy to brain in the form of glucose.
  3. Carbohydrates present in the form of lactose helps in the development of good bacteria present inside the intestines.
  4. Presence of carbohydrates in the form of soluble fibre lowers the cholesterol and glucose present in the blood.
  5. The unsoluble fibre help in excretion by increasing peristalsis, this reduces the chances of cancer in intestine.
Available in food products:-
  1. Carbohydrates are present in grains like rice,ragi,wheat,millet,barley,maize etc in large quantities.
  2. These are also present in beans,peas,green mung bean,pigean pea,chick pea and many other pulses.
  3. Present in roots,stems and curries of tubers.
  4. These are present in leafy vegetables at low quantities.
  5. These are present in all types of fruits in a easily digested stage. The carbohydrate peptin is present in the form of fibre in fruits.
We should consume seeds without removing the outer cover as it has fibre material in them. The carbohydrates in the form of fibre are important. Polished foods aren't healthy.
2. Proteins:- In our body proteins plays an important role in the development of every cell and also helps in functioning of cells for a long time.Half of the proteins are present in the form of muscles and the remaining is in the form of bones and cartilage and skin. Proteins are formed from different types of amino acids.some of Them are essential amino acids which are taken through food. The other type are non-essential amino acids which our body forms for building proteins. Proteins perform different types of functions based on the age, body, and stress. Proteins are required in large quantities for growing children, pregnant women compared to others. Our pody produces 4Kcal of energy for 1gm of protein.Our body prdouces 20% of energy from proteins.
  1. In our body many dead cells and are replaced by many other new cells. This play an important role in maintaining the function of newly formed cells.
  2. proteins like serum albumin, serum globulin present in blood maintains osmotic pressure of blood.
  3. ACTH and insulin hormones are present in the form of proteins .
  4. Antibodies which protect our body are formed from proteins.
  5. The enzymes present in the digestive juice are formed from proteins.
  6. Actin and mymosins are responsible for muscle contraction and relaxation.
  7. Except bile juice all body fluids are formed from proteins.
Available food products:-
  1. Proteins are present in groundnuts,peas,green peas,soya beans and other type of pulses.
  2. Proteins are present in large amounts in sesame,badam,cashew nuts.
  3. Leafy vegetables have essential proteins in low quantities.
The quality of proteins depend on the amino acids. The above discussed food materials have essential amino acids in it.
Symptoms in our body due to deficiency of proteins:- Deficiency in proteins causes tiredness,reduction of body weight,anaemia,lowers immune system,liver doesn't works well these are the symptoms seen in our body.Deficiency in protein causes retardation of growth,vomitings,nausea,obesity in children.
We can get rid of the above explained difficulties by taking food containing proteins.
3. Fats:- In our body excess amount of energy is stored in the form of fats.Fats converts into carbohydrates and provide energy to the body when it is necessary.When carbohydrates,fats are present in excess amounts in body which are taken through food get converted into fats and stored.Fats are required for the formation of layers in living cells and nerve cells formation.Fats are generally taken into our body through ghee,butter and oil.Fats if present in large amounts increases cholesterol in blood.Grains containing natural fats is better if we provide it to the body through grains.Fats are taken through animal meat are dangerous to health.1gm of fat provide 9kcal of energy.20% of energy is provided to our body through fats present in our body.
  1. Intake of food containing fat takes more time to digest which causes lack of appetite.
  2. Fat present underneath the skin maintains body temperature.
  3. Fat protects main organisms present the body.
  4. The presence of vitamins-a,d,e,k acts as a vechicle for fats to get absorbed into the body.
  5. Fats containing essential fatty acids present in the body perform important activities.
  6. Our body doesn't undergoes protein oxidation method if we provide energy to the body in the form of fats.
  7. It helps body in the formation of good cholesterol.
Available food products:-
  1. Fats are present in high amounts all types of grains mainly sesame seeds,bengal gram,soya beans,sunflower seeds,cotton seeds,maize,coconut etc.
  2. Fats are present in grains and pulses but are in low amounts.
The problems occured to increased fat are more when compared to benefits. Animal fats are mostly responsible for obesity,diabetes,cancer etc. That is why we ask people to stop consuming animal fats.
We have learnt about the important macro nutrients which are required for our body.Now lets learn about the micro nutrients which helps in maintaining body and its protection.
4. Vitamins:- Our body requires vitamins in less amounts.These vitamins are very important for construction of skin,bones,nerves,eyes,brain,blood,mucous pores and also for performing many body activities.Vitamin is produced by our body in less amounts there are many disadvantages if we didn't get vitamins in required amounts.Vitamins are of types based on the solubility in water and fats.Vitamin-a,d,e,k are soluble in fats.Vitamin-c,thiamine,riboflavin,niacin,pyridoxine,folic acid,cyancobalamin are water soluble.Provitamins like betacarotene converts into vit-a in our body.Fat soluble Vitamins are stored in our body but water soluble vitamins are not stored in our body which are easily excreted. The vitamin-Bcomplex and vit-c are easily destroyed when they are cooked,processed and dried.
Vitamin-A (retinal):- This vitamin helps in growth,reproduction,for good vision.It also increases immune system.
Disadvantages due to defiency in vit-A:-
  1. It causes skin thickening,roughness and slime pores get dry.
  2. Immunity decreases.
  3. Vitamin-A deficiency causes blindness in children.
  4. When vitamin deficiency is more the cornea looses its shiningness and becomes dry.
  5. It causes disease nyctalopia.
  6. Eye Vision decreases.
Available in food products:- Betacarotin is present more in leafy vegetables,present in vegetables which are yellow and orange in colour.betacarotin converts into vit-A inside the body for example-moringa leaves,amaranthus,spinach,fenugreek,papaya,pumpkin etc.
Vitamin-D:- This vitamin helps in the development of bones.It helps in absorbing calcium from intestines and transports to bones. This vitamin if formed in the body through UV-rays.
Disadvantages due to deficiency in vit-d:-In children due to decreased growth of bones they tend to develop rickets. They tend to bend,improper dentition,joint pain and edema.muscle weakness,anxiousness etc appear. Older people get bone pain. Bones pain and bones get weak.
Deficiency of this vitamin doesn't occur in people working in day under sunrays.In olden days people used to apply oil to the skin of children make them stand outside for a while to get exposed to sun rays through this this vitamin deficieny can be prevented.
Vitamin-E:- This vitamin controls cell walls functions and maintains health.This contains anti-oxiants which protect our body from many diseases.This controls our body from causing infertility and doesn't cause ageing process.
Available in food products:- These are present in grains.These are also present in green and yellow colour vegetables.Generally vitamin-e deficiency occurs very rare.
Vitamin-k:- This vitamin is taken through food in small amounts and it is formed by the bacteria present in the intestines. This vitamin is very important which helps in blood clotting.
Disadvantages due to deficiency in vit-k:- The deficiency of this vitamin doesn't forms prothrombin protein in liver that helps in clotting blood. This increases time for blood clotting which becomes hectic for blood loss during operations.
Available in food products:-These are present in all types of leafyvegetables,vegetables,tomatoes,cauliflower,soya beans etc.
Vitamin-c (Ascorobic acid):- This is one of the important vitamin which our body requires.Vitamin-c is helpful in tissue construction and development.This vitamin is useful in the formation of bones,cartilage,teeth,blood vessels,connective tissues.This vitamins helps in the growth of cells and in the formation of new cells by combining with protein.It will be very useful when our body feel stress.It get easily destroyed when it is exposed to air.This vitamin gets destroyed when fruits,vegetables are cooked,dried in air.Fresh vegetables and fruits should be consumed in order to get this vitamin.Loss of this vitamin occurs when sliced fruits and vegetable pieces are kept out for a while.Dry seeds contain vit-c in very less amounts. 85%of this vitamin is present in sprouts which is good for health.
  1. Immunity increases.
  2. Helps in healing of sores and wounds.
  3. Helps in absorbing iron through intestines.
Disadvantages due to deficiency in vitamin-c:-
  1. Gum bleeding
  2. Bone weakening
  3. Thinning of blood vessels and bleeding
  4. Stunting of growth
  5. Getting infected easily
  6. Lack of hemoglobin
Available in food products:-
  1. It is present in lemons,orange like citrus fruits, amla, guava,banana, tomato,fresh leafy vegetables,fruits and vegetables.
  2. It is present in large amounts in sprouted mung beans and bengal gram.
Vitamin-B(group):- Vitamin-b plays an important role in nutrition of our body.These are usefull are carbohydrates,fats,proteins metabolism and also for consuming energy.This includes six types of important vitamins like thiamine(b1),riboflavin(b2),niacin(b3),pyridoxine(b6),folic acid,cyancobalamin(b12).All this included are called vitamin-b(complex).lets see detailed imformation from the below statements.
Thiamine (B1) :- Thiamine is the important vitamin and it is found early compared to other vitamins in vit-b(complex).This vitamin helps in utilising carbohydrates in the form of energy.This vitamin is present on the layer of all types of grains.This vitamin is abundant when we utilise unpeeled grains.The deficiency of this vitamin occurs due to usage of polished rice and wheat.It can be prevented by using unpolished food.
Symptoms due to deficiency in vit-B1:- Lack of appetite,numbness,tingling sensation,weakness,joint pains,muscle weakness etc appear. In some people edema occur,palpitations and fatigue etc appear.
Available in food products:- These are present in all types of unpeeled food grains,pulses,grains.Food materials which contain carbohydrates also contains vit-B1 in large quantities.These are present in low amounts in Fruits and vegetables.
Riboflavin (B2):- Vitamin-B2 plays an important role in protein digestion like that of Vitamin-B1 which helps in digestion of carbohydrates.This vitamin helps in the release of energy and helps in the formation of tissue.
Symptoms due to deficiency in vit-B2:- Mouth ulcers, lip cracks,teeth fall, red eyes, dry skin and impaired vision etc.
Available in food products:- It is present more in leafy vegetables.It is present in low quantities in rice.wheat,pulses,small grains contains in some amounts.
Niacin(B3):- This works as co-enzyme in carbohydrates,fats,proteins.This vitamin is available through food and also forms through typtophan protein.
Symptoms due to deficiency in vit-B3:- Pellagra is the disease caused due to deficiency of this vitamin.Symptoms of this disease are mouth coating,itchiness,marks on skin.This marks are usually found on the skin where sun rays fall on the skin.There are also symptoms like depression,lack of appetite,nerve weakness.
Available in food products: It is present more in ground nuts.It is present in many types of unpeeled grains and pulses.
Pyridoxine (B6):- It helps in the digestion of proteins,fats.Generally this vitamin deficiency doesn't occur due to its less usage by our body.
Availble in food products:- It is present in vegetables,unpeeled seeds and grains.
Folic acid:- It helps in the division of rbc. The deficiency of this vitamin causes megaloblastic anaemia.Pregnant women requires this vitamin in large amounts.This helps in the formation of haemoglobin.This is formed from the bacteria present in intestines but in small amounts.
Availability in food products:- It is present more in fresh leafy vegetables.It is also present in pulses,vegetables.
Cyanacobalmine (B12):- This vitamin is useful in maintaining all cells in our body mostly cells in bonemarrow,intestinal cells.It is also useful in the formation of rbc and its division.Deficiency of this vitamin causes megaloblastic anaemia disease.
Available products:- People say that this vitamin can only be taken through meat.Vitamin deficiency is not seen in people consuming only vegetables because this vitamin is formed through intestines but in small amounts.The deficiency of this vitamin is seen in peoples suffering from intestinal diseases. Vitamin deficiency doesn't occur in our body if intestines are in good health.
We learnt about role of vitamins in body,loss due to there deficiency and the food through which it is availble.In order to prevent loss start Consuming fresh fruits,grains,leafy vegetables in a natural way.
5. Minerals:- Our body contains 24types of minerals which are taken through food.Our body occupies 3-4% of body weight.These are usefull in building our body in many ways.
  1. Calcium,magnesium,phosphorous are used in the formation bones and teeth.
  2. Phosphorous is usefull in the formation of liver,muscles,soft cells present in our body.
  3. Sodium,potassium,chloride,phosphorous etc minerals are present in the form of fluids and as soluble minerals inside the cells.
  4. Some minerals are useful in performing some special functions.
  1. Iron,copper ions forms haemoglobin.
  2. Iodine produces thyroxine hormone.
  3. Zinc is an enzyme which is present as a part of hormone.
  4. Cobalt is present in vitamin-B12.
  5. Some other minerals are used in forming enzymes.
The vitamin levels in our body it depends on the amount of food intake and excretion.Vitamins are required for our daily functions which should provided in small quantities for our body.20-30gms of minerals are excreted through urine,excretion and through skin.The excreted waste mainly contains sodium,potassium,calcium,chloride,sulphates,phosphates.These should be provided daily to our body through food for body functions.Children requires minerals in large amounts which helps in cell development.Now lets learn about the imporatant minerals saperately.
Calcium:- Our body requires calcium in large amounts compared to other minerals.99% calcium is present in bones.1000-1200gms of calcium is present in completely grown body.Vitamin-d is required by our body to absorb calcium from intestines.Calcium is absorbed in less amounts if the basicity of intestines increases.Calcium is absorbed in large amounts when food containing large amounts of proteins is consumed.Our body require 400mg of calcium for its daily activities. Calcium level in the body depends on intake of food containing calcium and its excretion.
Important works performed by calcium inside the body:-
  1. It is required for the formation of bones and teeth.
  2. It helps for clotting of blood.
  3. Required for the contraction of heart and muscles.
  4. It controls nervous system.
Symptoms due to deficiency in calcium:-
  1. Childrens with deficiency of calcium has retarded growth.Rickets a type of disease is caused to the premature babies due to calcium deficiency.
  2. symptoms like Knee pain, bone pain and deformation of bones are seen in old people.
This symptom can be cured by giving food containing large amounts of calcium along with vitamin-d.
Available products:-
  1. Calcium is present in all types of leafy vegetables. Mostly it is present in spinach,amaranthus,fenu greek,moringa etc.
  2. Large amount of calcium is present in sesame and piper betle.
  3. Calcium is present in all types of grains like ragi,bengal gram,soya bean,beans.It is present in large amounts in pulses.
Phosphorous:- Phosphorous is one of the important mineral after calcium.It is present in the bones in the form of calcium phosphate by combining with calcium. It is very important material which is used in the formation of genetic material RNA,DNA which inherits parental charecters.Phosphorous is required to reserve calcium in the body.Calcium is reserved inside the body in the form of calcium phosphate by combining with phosphate.Phosphate is required for maintaining the transport of fluids inside and outside the cell. Phospholipids helps in transporting fats inside blood.Our body has 400-700gms of phosphorous in the form of phosphates.Daily 1gm of phosphorous should be taken through food.
Important functions of phosphorous inside the body:-
  1. Helps in the formation of bones and teeth.
  2. It forms phospolipids. These phospholipids acts as main building blocks inside the cell these also acts as helpers in digesting fats.
  3. Helps in digesting carbohydrates.These also helps in absorbing glucose from the intestines and their usage,these also helps in absorbing glucose from blood vessels from going out.
  4. It helps in releasing energy an storing energy.Generally phosphorous deficiency is not seen in our body because it is present in all types of food materials that we take in.
Available products:- These are present in more amounts in grains and pulses.Phosphorous is present in leafy vegetables,vegetables,tubers,fruits and in natural food.
Magnesium:- Magnesium plays an important role in metabolism even it is present in low amounts.It is present in bones along with calcium and plays all the functions that calcium performs. It is also present in some enzymes and helps in inducing many enzyme activities.About 300-400mg of magnesium has to be taken through food. Large amounts of magnesium is lost through urine from our body.
Deficiency in magnesium is not generally seen.Decrease of magnesium in blood causes epilepsy,numbness,cramps.
Available products: It is present in all types of pulses,grains,100gms of seeds contain40-200mg of magnesium.The amount of magnesium present in food is more compared to calcium.It is present in large amounts in leafy vegetables.
Iron:- Large amounts of iron is present in our body in the form of haemoglobin.Iron helps in the formation of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is used for the transport of oxygen.Iron gets indirectly participated in transporting oxygen. The iron which is present in the cells enters into our bonemarrow and forms new cells after the completion of life span of rbc which is 120days. The food we take had large amounts of iron but our body takes in limited amounts.Our body requires 20-30mg of iron through food for daily activities.
Symptoms due to deficiency of iron:- It causes anaemia. Anaemic people appear pale with severe fatigue, they get frequent infections, palpitations sometimes. Anaemia lowers haemoglobin in blood this is generally seen in pregnant women and children.
Available products: It is present in all types of leafy vegetables in large quantities.Iron is present more in pulses,grains,food grains,pearl millets.Foods rich in vit-c should taken to absorb iron into the body.Consuming 50gms of leafy vegetables everyday can maintain body without having iron deficiency.
Sodium:- In our body this element is present in the form of sodium chloride(salt),sodium bicarbonate,sodium lactate. It occupies space inside the cell in which plasma,tissue fluid,lymph are present and maintains water balance,fluid balance,osmotic pressure in our body.The health of cells depend on the sodium level.It provides basicicty to the stomach and intestine juices. It plays an important role in functioning of heart beat. Everyday over body requires 280mg of sodium. We transport 5-10gms of sodium through food to our body.Sodium is lost in the body through excretion of urine in lesser amounts the remaining is present in the form of fluids in the body.Sodium which enters into our body remains in lesser amounts in the blood which causes blood pressure.Increase in blood pressure causes heart problems and kidney problems.
Symptoms due to deficiency in sodium:- In children deficiency of sodium occurs due to vomitings and nausea if it occurs many times causes weakness,giddiness,unconciousness,sickness.Water mixed with salt and sugar should be taken which provides instant relief.
We get sodium through all the naturalfood we take it. There is no loss to the body if we eat raw food are cooked food without having salt.
Available products:- These are present in fruits,vegetables,grains,pulses,tubers,roots,and mainly leafy vegetables.
Potassium:- Potassium is present in living cells of our body. Sodium and potassium are very important to our body.The sodium present outside the cell and potassium present inside the cell regulate cell functions.Our body contains 250gms of potassium these functions as enzymes present in the living cells.Potassium like sodium helps in maintaining osmotic pressure, helps in heart muscle construction and helps in transporting nerve signals to muscles. Sodium combines with phosphate and forms potassium phosphate which helps in changing glucogen to glycogen.
Symptoms due to deficiency in potassium:- Generally potassium deficiency doesn't occurs because it is present in every plant in large amounts. There is a chance of occuring in the people having deficiency in proteins,carbohydrates and high alcohol intake.There will be symptoms like muscle weakness,vomitins,blood pressure,palpitations,nausea etc.
Available products:-
  1. It is present in all types of food.
  2. It is present in grains,pulses,vegetables,fruits, leafy vegetables.
  3. Tomato,bananas,carrot,orange,grapes,potatoes has large amounts in it.
Iodine:- Thyroid gland is an important gland in our body which requires iodine for its functioning. Thyroid gland produces thyroxine hormone which contains iodine. Decrease of iodine level in body stops functioning of thyroid gland.
Symptoms due to deficiency in iodine:- Thyroid gland swells when it does not get iodine in required amounts.In children it causes goitre which stops children growth. Defiency of iodine in pregnant women causes retardation mentally and physically to the foetus.
Deficiency of iodine is seen in many countries. Generally this is seen in people living in high altitudes.This is also seen in people living in places having low iodine in it.
Available products:-
  1. The plants which grow at places containing iodine has iodine in them.Our body gets required amounts of iodine from vegetables, fruits, leafy vegetables we take.
  2. Plants present near to the river, salt prepared from river and fishes from river has large amounts of iodine in them.
Many countries are providing this to people by mixing iodine with salt in the name of oxidised salt for this disease. It is not required to take salt as it is generally present in vegetables which should be taken in large quantities.
Till now we studied the important nutrition to our body and the required amounts and in what they are available,their benefits and loses. If we eat boiled food all the nutrition is lost, so we are not aware whether our body needs are fulfilled. We should see that whether we are getting all the necessary nutrition are not, inorder to be carefree we should eat natural food . We need more about of carbs,then proteins and then fats. Vitamins,minerals and enzymes are used in small amounts. There are present in the similar amounts in the foods present in the nature, as this is made for us. If you depend on them there is no need you follow all this. If you eat natural food then all the nutritional requirements get fulfilled. As we are born in the nature, we should follow nature and stay healthy.

19. How to take 100% natural food

  • You won't get proper nutrition if you don't eat - You get many problems eventually
  • If you can't chew them and eat- Drink vegetable juice in the morning
  • Eating coconut and fruits in the morning - They provide energy till evening
  • Combination of coconut and banana - Produce sufficient calories
  • Guava and papaya are cheaply available - You can eat about half kg whatever be the type
  • You can eat them two times a day - You can get energy even if you eat the third time
  • If you eat 2-3 varieties everyday - There are sufficient calories everyday
  • There is no loss if fat content increases - You won't feel weak if it is more than the measured amount
  • Eat 100% raw food - Get 100% energy
  • Eating natural food is very good habit- You will be in trouble if you aren't aware of this.
100% means consuming complete natural food without being cooked on flame. Support from the womens should be there to consume natural food. People think that consuming natural food make them saints without eating cooked food so they try to stop. Consuming 100% natural food for months makes you think as a saint which changes the perception of thinking about society which is quiet opposite to the person who is married and had family. Eating natural food makes you feel light mentally and physically. People become weak after started consuming natural food stopping cooked food completely which makes them to consume cooked food back to normal. Some people consume fruits and vegetables all the day without knowing the method this causes deficiency in nutrients and they feel weak without energy. So lets see how the natural food should be taken and how much energy does it provides, what should be taken at particular time in detail.
Juice in the morning:- Vegetable juice of 300-350ml should be taken as breakfast in the morning between 7-8 which contain the same nutritive value present in vegetables. It will be time waste to take vegetables so start consuming juice every morning. The juice can be prepared in the same quantity said above by using 500gms of vegetables. Lets see what are present and provided to the body in the below through vegetable juice.
Vegetables Carbohydrates in gms Proteins in gms
Carrot - 100 grams 11.0 1.0
Beetroot - 50 grams 9.0 1.7
Tomato - 100 grams 3.6 0.1
Cucumber - 100 grams 2.5 0.4
Leafy vegetables - 50 grams 0.6 4.0
Honey - 2-3 spoons 25.0 0.3
Total 51.7 7.5
Vegetables Fats in grams Energy in Kcal
Carrot - 100 grams 0.2 48
Beetroot - 50 grams 0.1 43
Tomato - 100 grams 0.2 20
Cucumber - 100 grams 0.1 13
Leafy vegetables - 50 grams 0.5 42
Honey - 2-3 spoons 0 60
Total 1.1 226
Note:- It will be beneficiary if any person consume vegetable juice in this ratios. Juices should be taken by adding a lemon piece make sure that beetroot,carrot,tomato should be in present juice and the other vegetables can be changed.
Vegetable juice provides 226kcal of energy to the body. Sprouts should be taken as fruits after 40-50min of drinking this juice. Lets see how the nutritive values and energy are provided to the body by sprouts in detail.
Sprouts as breakfast:- Consuming 100% natural food in the morning should avoid consuming coconut in their food. Consuming sprouts these days is very hard so people who are consuming these use any 2-3types in more quantities in breakfast and add 15-20dates in them. children in growing age, and adults, people who work hard can consume two handful of groundnut seeds as sprouts. Lets see how much energy is provided to our body through this sprouts as tiffin.
Grains Carbohydrates in grams Proteins in grams
Groundnuts-50 grams 13.0 13.0
Bengal gram-50 grams 35.0 8.5
Green mung bean-50 grams 28.0 12.0
Dates-100 grams 33.8 1.2
109.8 34.7
seeds Fats in grams Energy in Kcal
Ground nuts-50 grams 10.0 280
Bengal gram-50 grams 3.0 180
Green mung bean-50 grams 0.7 165
Dates-100 grams 0.4 144
14.1 769
Sprouts taken as tiffin provides 769kcal of energy to body. 1000kacl of energy is generated in our body by consuming sprouts and juice which is necessary for the body to work 7-8hrs without any tiredness.
Food in taken at afternoon:- It will be better to eat food before 1-2 at afternoon, energy required to our body to work till night should be provided through afternoon food which includes sliced coconut and bananas to fill our apetite. People working in offices will be easy for them to consume bananas in afternoon which provides more energy in less time. Eat 6bananas which are available at your near places if they are small in size the number can be increased in order to fill your apetite. Mangoes, sapodilla,custard apple can used in place of bananas but the food which is taken at afternoon should fill your apetite. Lets see the amount of energy that is produced from fruits that are taken in the afternoon as food.
Food (consumable portion) Carbohydrates in grams Proteins in grams
Green coconut - 100 grams 13 4.5
Bananas-6 (600 grams) 145 7.0
158 11.5
Fruit (consumable portion) Fats in grams Energy in Kcal
Green coconut - 100 grams 40.0 450
Bananas-6 (600 grams) 1.5 600
41.5 1050
Eating 500gms of mangoes pulp instead of bananas provide 370kcal of energy, 500gms of sapota(12-15) fruits provide 500kcal of energy to the body. Our body gets 900-1000kcal of energy by eating food in the afternoon. If there is no time of eating bananas at afternoon the above said fruits can be consumed in addition with 15-20 dry dates which provides required amount of energy. Upto 3-4corns can be eaten after completion of fruits when they are available at seasons. Coconut can also eaten by adding honey in it.
Evening:- Eating food before sunset is good for health. Food should be eaten before 6:30 in the evening. Only fruits should be consumed at nights which are easily digested and repairs our body. There is an availibity of eating both sweet and sour fruits. People who works in the office till night, adults can have a glass of juice at evening between 5:30-6:00pm. They can eat papaya,guava fruits after 30min of drinking juice in the evening. If there is an availibility of mangoes,custard apple, sapota etc they can be consumed. Consume these fruits who are intrested in eating bananas because these are available in all seasons. Lets see how much energy is produced by eating fruits in the evening.
Fruits Carbohydrates in grams Proteins in grams
Guava - 500 grams 55 4.5
Papaya - 500 grams 36 3.0
Sapodilla - 500 grams 105 3.5
Custard apple - 500 grams 115 8.0
Jack fruit stalk - 500 grams 100 9.0
Bananas - 500 grams 145 7.3
Mangoes - 500 grams 85 3.0
Fruits Fats in grams Energy in Kcal
Guava - 500 grams 1.0 250
Papaya - 500 grams 0.5 160
Sapodilla - 500 grams 5.0 500
Custard apple - 500 grams 2.0 520
Jack fruit stalk - 500 grams 0.5 450
Bananas - 500 grams 1.5 600
Mangoes - 500 grams 2.0 370
Any one type of fruits can be eaten from the above said which is required by our body. Some important types are given in the above so that there is some idea about the fruits. People drinking fruit juice at evening get 200kcal of energy. People who drink juice cannot eat fruits completely. Fruits provide 300kcal of energy. They get 500kcal of energy approximately. If fruits are taken without drinking fruit juice they get 400-500kcal of energy. We came to know that we get approximately 500kcal of energy through food in the evening. One type of fruit papaya and guava can be eaten along with dates which provide energy
After eating natural food three times in a day for months cn make some changes. People staying at home, less work load can follow diet as said. Sprouts as tiffin should be taken in the morning after drinking vegetable juice, thenafter fruit can be eaten to fill your apetite. Juice should be taken at afternoon 3-4 thenafter coconut with fruits or bananas can be taken. Same amount of energy is provided to the body by consuming 2times in this way instead of 3times. Experienced people should start doing in this way which should not be followed by new people.
How our body requirements are solved:- Men who are working in office and running business requires 2500kcal of energy and females requires about 2000kcal of energy everyday. This should be provided through food. our food contains carbohydrates,proteins,fats,vitamins,minerals,enzymes,fibres etc. Our body gets energy mainly through carbohydrates,fats,proteins. Our body should get 2500kcal of energy through this food. Even medical terminology explains about the percentage of this should be present in food for good health. Lets see them.
Daily requirements by our body
  1. Carbohydrates - 400-450 gms
  2. Proteins - 60 gms
  3. Fats - 20-30 gms
The above said nutrients when they are provided to the body produce energy for body requirements. Lets see how much energy is produced by the above nutrients.
  1. 1 Carbohydrates in gms - gives energy in 4kcal
  2. 1 Proteins in gms - Gives energy in 4.2kcal
  3. 1 Fats in gms - Gives energy in 9kcal
Lets calculate the total energy obtained by eating 100% natural food.
Food Carbohydrates in gms Proteins in gms
Juice in the morning 51 7.5
Sprouts in the morning 110 35.0
Lunch at afternoon 158 12.0
Fruits at evening 100 5.0
419 59.5
Food Fats in grams Energy in kcal
Juice in the morning --- 226
Sprouts in the morning 14 769
Lunch at afternoon 40 1050
Fruits at evening --- 500
54 2,545
In this all the energy required by our body requires from carbohydrates,proteins are correct. Fats that are eaten has been replaced with 54gms instead of 20-30gms. We think that fats became more people who calculate nutritive values by examing dry groundnuts,coconut and note them on book. We prepared based on the book written by them. In reality the fat content decreases in soaked bengal grams. The fibre present in these remove fat from intestines through excreta this decreases fat in body. Our body doesn't get weak if take fat more than the daily required one. Except coconut we get fat in the same as level if we eat grains. But eating coconut in naturaal food doen't make our body weak. So 10-15gm of fats can be eaten daily which doesn't harm our body but eating proteins more than the required amounts harms. Natural food contains vitamins, minerals,enzymes, fibres 100%. Our body requires atleast 280mg of sodium but our body gets 500-600mg of sodium by consuming natural food. From this we can say that we get all the nutrients from the natural way to the body which are calculated by medical experts.
Daily cost of natural food:- People have wrong perception about this most of them think in other way that middle class families cannot afford these said by dr. Lets see the costs of food materials said by dr. below.
  1. Vegetable juice in the morning -5rs
  2. Sprouts tiffin in the morning - 5rs
  3. Lunch -10rs
  4. Fruits at evening - 5-10rs
People who doesn't have many can start consuming guava, papaya, banana by stopping costly fruits. We can get two coconut pieces from the temple which will be easy. There are some people earning 1000rs and living a peaceful life by consuming natural food costs 18-20rs. Costs increases if we eat all types of vegetables but it is cheaper compared to rice that is cooked. Some people told me that the expenditure has been reduced after using grains instead of fruits.
Body requirements are fulfilled by consuming 100% natural food which contains 50% of seeds family, 35% of fruits family, 15% of vegetables family. By following natural food the money which we make expenditure doesn't get wasted. Try to eat 100% natural food when there are no women in your house, journey time, visiting holy places. People with heavy weight eating natural food should consume vegetables from 500gms-1000gms instead of eating coconut and fruits in afternoon Which helps in reducing weight. Fruits should be taken in the evening to gain energy upto 300kcal. It will be enough of consuming 1400-1500kcal of food in a day. There is a chance for women in house to follow which will be easy for the family to follow this. Houses in which women are working mostly in kitchens people have exposure to diseases. people consuming 100% natural food doesn't require to consume food by the given measurements these are given for you to understand. It is easy to get habituated for natural food if we start eating natural food 1-2times in a week. Lets start eating natural food from now the future will be in safe hands.
"Thanuvulasthiramula dharmamu nithyamu
Cheyudharamamela chadani panini
Kani vini mari teliyaganaru narapaashulu
Vishwadabi rama vinuravema"

20.Benefits of natural food

  • Good food - Is the basis for al nutrients
  • Over weight causes harm - You can get rid of it by eating natural food
  • It clears out all the pollution - Protects you from all the bad smells
  • Natural food is the good food - It gives you positivity
  • Cells gets the neccesary storage by consuming natural food - Glucose is produced normally in the cells
  • You can save money by this - Diseases in your body gets controlled
  • Natural food corrects hormonal imbalance - It prevents all the faults
  • Natural food provides more amount of oxygen - It improves the immune system
  • It is the solution to all your health problems - It eliminates all the toxins in your body
  • Start consuming natural food from tommorrow - Your life will take a u turn towards the rules
  • Eat natural food everyday - It helps you in reaching your goals
  • If you eat only natural food everyday - You get 100% health
Our body waits for natural food after getting sick just like the plants wait for water when they are getting dry. In summer earth takes in every drop of water in the same manner our body waits to take in natural food. Natural food mixes in our body just like milk in milk. When we fulfill needs of a plant it gives us fruits,flowers etc in the same manner our body gives us health when you give it what it wants.
1. All the nutritional deficiencies due to boiled food gets corrected .It has the vitamins,minerals,enzymes in abundant amounts. You won't be having any nutritional deficiencies. All the fats and proteins are in an easily digested way. There is no need of medicine as supplements.
2. Natural food is easily digestable as it is 30-40% digested already. If you eat them our stomach and intestine only have to do 60-70% of digestion so they get less load. It not only our intestines happy ,it does the same with body and mind. After eating natural food our body and mind will be happy.
3.You excrete 2-3 times a day,people these days eat food that lacks fibre so more than 95% population are suffering from constipation. The fibre in natural food cleans the 7 inch long intestines. It improves the good bacteria , they help in vitamin B12 production thus improving immune system. You excrete more amounts of faeces without any bad smell everyday. There is no chance of bacteria,ameoba,hook worms in the intestines and they stay healthy.
4.It helps to reduce weight in obese people. They develop many problems due to obesity. People tend to reduce the food intake in order to reduce weight. As the food they eat is boiled they develop nutritional deficiency,to them this natural food is like a boon. Your strength gets improved and your weight decreases. It has all types of fibres. They Enter the cells and remove the fatty food. People with obesity should eat foods that has more amounts of fibre in it. Among all the methods of weight reduction,consuming natural food is the best method and it is cheaper. It can be done at home. People who eat them before stay fit all the time.
5. All the bad smells are gone,they develop naturally in people eating boiled foods. Animals that eat natural food don't develop this problem. If we eat this for 4-5 months our cells get cleaned. This releases less pollution into our body. So the pollution produced in a day is lost. When there is no pollution in our body then our urine,faeces,saliva,bad breath are foul smelling. You can reduce the bad smells and reduce the money on soaps,pastes,phenols etc. Our health depends on the inner cleanliness. As the natural food is clean that is why our body gets cleaned.
6.We understood that eating late causes harm so we are eating before sunset. People with business and employees do home early. People who are supposed to do journeys can't reach home. This the chance where the people can follow it. We can eat the natural food at 5.30-6.30 in the evening and resume working. Fruits are available in all places. It helps following the diet without any thought of going home early. Sun is the man of rules,eating this food makes us man of rules.
7.If you get adapted to natural food your effort to cook reduces. 3/4th time of every women's is reduced. The remaining time is spent other than this. This valuable time is used for things like this. If people in a family think properly and they can eat natural food and reduce the cooking. All the money are benefitted which are used in the name of maid,time etc. Women you spent more time for cooking they tend to develop diseases. Natural food provides us this facility. When sun is cooking it already why waste time in cooking.
8.Inorder to spend human life happily we should eat natural food. The hardness and use of a pot depends on the mud. Then the qualities of life depends on the food we eat. The nature made all the positive food around so that we feed on them. But we humans made this spicy food and junk food for ourselves. The mother nature knows better about what it should feed the fellow beings. You can happily spend yourlife on this earth, all this is possible with humans positivity. All this is because of natural food.
9.Your diabetes gets cured,this is because insulin is naturally produced after you consume natural food. The fibre in these foods doesn't release all the glucose at once it does this slowly so that blood glucose levels doesn't increase. When we are served a meal that is liked by us then we finish it fast,in the same manner our body finishes the food it likes fast. Our body cells are made to eat natural food. When we provide it what it wants then it works efficiently. As the levels in the food and our body matches they fit in like lock and key and glucose easily enters . Diabetes gets cured easily. It can also be prevented,you can get rid of this in 4-5 months.
10.Natural foods have enzyme in it,some are used for digestion. Among the enzymes that are used for digestion some are obtained through food and some are produced in the body. Cooking destroys these enzymes. As there are enzymes in it already natural food decreases the load on our digestive system and body. Inorder to digest the food that lacks enzymes you should make more effort.
11.Natural food releases less waste and provides more energy. Seed family provide more energy. Its just like hero honda releasing less pollution and giving more mileage. It gives energy for the humans to work for 18 hours. Its best to provide our body uncooked animal protein,fats and also the plant ones in uncooked state inorder to get good immune system.
12. Only natural food can provide the nutrition in perfect amounts. Humans need more amount of carbs followed by fats and vitamins,minerals ,enzymes and fibre in less amounts. Natural food does them exactly. If we eat them they fulfill all our needs. There is nothing like nutritional overdose. If you provide them as medicine there is chance as overdose. Even cooking can change there ratio ,natural food fulfills this naturally.
13.Eating natural food won't make you dizzy,sleepy all day instead you work actively all the time. You get sleep naturally at 9-10 at night. We tend to get deep sleep in 5-10 min. The natural food decreases body need of sleep,5 hours of sleep is sufficient. You tend to wake up at 4-5 in the morning and you won't lack sleep. You won't get bad dreams.
14.Natural food has more amounts of oxygen, it gets easily digested. The respiratory rate doesn't increase after food. If you eat natural food then respiration will also be natural. Normally respiratory rate is 18-20,but people eating natural food has decreased respiration. The reduced rate makes our mind calm. Inorder to be active and calm all day then our rate should be 12 per min. When you eat boiled food the rate increases after food. There is relation between thoughts and our breath. Decrease in rate helps us reduce thoughts,we tend to be more calm.
15. If your entire family eats natural food you can save money,people think your expenditure increases but thats wrong. When you start eating natural food you save money on milk,eggs,ghee,oil,sugar,soaps,powder,medicine,maid,hospital fee,hotel bill,snacks,relatives etc. The expenditure reduces by 50%. This is based on peoples experience.
16.Eating natural food makes your body light and your mind in control. You won't feel fatigue,memory power increases, intelligence and thoughts improve. You gain control over your mind. Your body gets adopted to all climates. That is why our saints used to work in harsh climates.
17. You get good hair,you won't see hairfall and greying of hair. Eating natural food helps in new hair formation. Even if 100 hair strands fall everyday they get replaced. You can see many aged people having black hair, your hair grows faster than before. If your hair is thick it protects your brain and head. Your beauty increases.
18.You won't get hormonal imbalance at any age if you eat natural food. Hormones drive our body they are produced from endocrine glands. The gland produce hormone efficiently only when it gets sufficient proteins and enzymes. As the nutrients are provided to the body from long time even hormone deficiencies get cured. Thyroid hormone levels gets corrected,pancreas produce more amounts of insulin. Hormonal imbalance related to mensturation decrease, sperm count increases in males. It takes 3-4 months for them to get corrected after consuming natural food.If you eat it from the beginning you won't get any problem.
19. It maintains your immune system. Normally the immunity is present in everyone. If the food we eat is bad the immunity gets wasted inorder to protect our body. In natural food the immunity is more so it protects us from them and maintains our immunity. They get mixed easily in our body so they don't waste immunity. If the thing in our body gets saved then it protects us. Even though you change your city,air,water,dust,infection of others you won't get affected. The power within you protects us. Inorder to maintain this power life long you should be eating natural food.
20. Joints wear and tear,loss of cartilage,it is a unhealthy, doesn't happen when you eat natural food. The fats,calcium,minerals are provided to our body in right amounts so that they won't undergo wear and tear. Your bones stay natural all the time. We are unable to correct it, natural food has inbuilt salt in normal levels. As there is no extra salt added it doesn't get accumulated in joints. You won't suffer joint pains and edema. No animal suffers from this kind of thing it is because they eat natural food.
21.Natural food has micronutrients and antioxidants, there are present in outer layers of many seeds. They are vitamin C, linolenic acid, phenolenic acid, phytoestrogen, perulic acid, vitamin E etc. They help to protect our diseased cells,chronic diseases and cancer. Vitamin E is abundantly present in fruits and vegetables. Eating them naturally provides us health.
22.This increases our life span. If you provide what your body wants then your cells will be healthy and active. If the cells are active then the organs work actively. All organs work actively,body without defects work properly all the time. Our life is complete at that time. Human lifespan is 100 years but sages lived for 150-200 years that means our body can live more than 100 years if we provide natural food then it works properly till the age of 100 or even more. The reasons why animals live their entire life happily is because of natural food. If we do so then we can get back the life we want.
23.People who consume natural food has thin blood, they remove all the toxins from the body and they excrete everyday. Liver gets healthy and strong and drive away all the toxins without causing any harm. Normally more than 90% of our body has microorganisms and toxins. If you eat natural food then these microorganisms reduce in number.
24.The more you eat natural food the less will be the need to visit a hospital. The more we damage our body the more is the chance we need a doctor. We protect our body and the need for the doctors decrease by eating natural food. At present there are many vaccines available, eating natural food is also like providing vaccines to our body. Using medicine when needed is good but living a life where medicines are needed is wrong.
25. We all are aware that cooked food is causing us damage. No animal dies by struggling for 10-20 days. They die happily while they are active. They live their body just like a ripe fruit. Even sages die the same. Great people say that not onlyliving happily is good,dying happily indicates a happy life. Inorder to gift yourselves such life you should eat natural food. The cells and organ in your body live happily they cooperate to your body to die happily. This is called a happy death. We should eat good food and lead life happily.
26. If people start using this good food there thinking gets better,they have a happy family and slowly the society change and the crime in society also decreases. People mentality changes,their life leads to truth. Inorder to live a happy life then you should lead a life with good diet. If you eat this food for 1 year then you will lead a happy life. So i observed these changes in hundreds of people. People should encourage this in tv,papers but instead they advertise adds that make us fall more sick. Noone listens to us so we should follow first and set an example.
27. Inorder to prevent new diseases we should eat normal food. Even though many medical techniques are availble they are helping us only when we get diseased. There is no medicine that protects us without getting diseased. But there is food that helps us to prevent this. The late is with us. We should be the one providing guarntee to our body, we can be sure that we won't be diseased. Inorder the diseases doesn't develop or to prevent diseases we should eat natural food.
28.Every human has goals they tend to achieve their goals but illness is stoping them. We expect something and somethingelse happens. If we eat good food there is nothing we can't achieve. Inorder to make our lives happy we should eat natural food and make our body active and reach our goal. Then we can go in a direction we want. Mahatma gandhi used to follow good diet since the beginning, that is why he can be active at that age. Good food plays an important role in achieving what we want.
The above mentioned are not to satisfy any one. They are the peoples experience whom i made them practise. Everyone didn't ate complete natural food the entire day,they eat to litte amounts. Everyone should try to eat atleast 50% of this food. If you eat 50% you can only see few benefits. Remaining 40-50% of food they eat is boiled.So the benefit is limited. Some people used to eat 75% of natural food. They get 80% of energy. If you eat the remaining cooked food in a way we say you get maximum benefits. Only 2 out 100 eat natural food everyday. The people who don't eat complete food they tend to get diseased. They tend to listen the day and leave it. I wrote this book so that i can create awareness to people. The results mentioned here can be to all your family members. Try to convey your experiences with us in the form of letters. Its our responsibility to make it possible.

21. Doubts- Answers

  • Guava is available to everyone - You can consume it in the form of juice.
  • Don't stop consuming sprouts thinking you lack teeth - You can eat in a way told by me
  • You can eat natural food - Stop abnormal medicine
  • Drink leafy vegetable juice - You can eat sprouts as breakfast
  • If you eat cooked food without chewing them properly - You get them excreted without complete digestion
  • Its bad to eat food without chewing - Undigested food is dangerous
  • After drinking coconut water - You can eat coconut after 30 min
  • Eat sprouts in the morning and coconut in the afternoon - Consume fruits in the evening
  • Its better to cook and eat leafy vegetables - You can eat them in your lunch
  • It boring to eat one type of seeds - 3-4 variety of sprouts are better
  • When your children can chew - You should feed them sprouts
  • Natural environment is good for sprouts - Nutrients die if you put them in fridge
  • Adding salt - Can damage your health
  • Elders should change - You should make your children habituated to it
  • Jam is made by heating juice - Its true that the nutrition is lost
  • Lactating mothers should eat sprouts - Milk content in the breast increases
  • Storing fruit juice spoils them - Its better to drink them immediately
  • There is no need of milk to elders - Its better to eat sprouts
  • They are good externally - Hybrid seeds don't have any benefit
  • You won't have any mucous secretion - Don't make this as the reason to avoid fruits
  • You get energy even with empty stomach - You won't have any problem if you eat them patiently
  • Seedless fruits are useless - If you eat you are brainless
  • Why humans are getting all these diseases - It is due to lack of awareness
  • Stop doubting - Live happily by eating natural food
1. Doubt:- Is guava good to eat or is freshly ripen one is good to eat? Which get easily digested after eating?
Answer:- Guava gets digested fast when it is ripe but the seeds doesn't get digested after eating. People say that the unriped guava is good for health because the unripen fruits portion except seeds get easily digested. When guava gets ripe the carbohydrates increases in it that is the reason it gets sweet and the seeds become hard because it gets heat. That is the reason people say not to eat ripe because the seeds doesn't get digested and comes out through excreta. Parrots eat guava seeds spitting other portion because of presence of nutritive values in seeds so we can eat any type of guava. Old people and people without teeth can eat guava by spitting seeds which doesnt get benefit if they are swallowed. Juice can be made from the ripen guava for the people who cannot chew them properly. People who cannot chew guava can make juice by adding water and honey in it, it is very cheap compared to other fruits and also for the people who cannot afford buying other fruits.
2. Doubt:- Can we make juice from sprouts for people who cannot eat?
Answer:- These days there are many people without teeth and are many people suffering with dental problems. These type of people stop eating sprouts because they find difficult to eat them. They try to drink juice made with sprouts from the fear of that body gets exposed to disease if we didn't eat sprouts. People vomits after drinking juice made from sprouts by adding water because it become flour after grinding. They didn't get digested as that of sprouts that are eaten. This is because all the enzymes are not released at same time. If they find difficult to drink chillies, onions,coriander, lemon juice should be added. After grinding all these if should be eaten immediately. People who cannot eat have to after soaking them for 3-4 days.
3. Doubt:- People who consume nutritional supplements can stop consuming them after they start eating natural food? When should we stop?
Answer:- Many people don't provide natural food to our body. This people develop vitamin deficiency. That is why doctors suggest these tablets. If we eat food for taste and cook everything you should use them compulsorily. If we eat this natural food then body gets nutrition needed,they fulfill needs to human body. If you use these tablets along with natural food you can get adverse effects. You can stop these tablets 5-6 days after natural food consumption. If you feel weak you can take them 10-15 days,you can completely stop calcium tablets. You won't need any kind of medicine till you follow this diet.
4. Doubt:- What happens if we eat vegetables instead of juices. We can do whatever we want?
Answer:- Its better to eat than drinking because it produces more amount of saliva. Many people eat leafy vegetables in the morning. It takes 40-60 min to chew them. If we eat them as breakfast we can't wait for lunch. You should eat something as breakfast mostly sprouts. It takes 50-6 0 min to chew them. If you have to eat sprouts later it takes 1 hour for thejuice to digest. This makes it late for us to consume sprouts. This is difficult for employees and workers. It takes minimum of 2 hours to chew these vegetables properly,they can't chew and they taste very bad. In case of juice you can consume them in 5-10 min,tastes better. Drinking this juice with empty stomach makes it 40-50 min to digest. You can start eating sprouts after 30min. You have to chew them for long time so drinking vegetable juice saves your time and energy.
5. Doubt:- Why do people get diarrhoea in the beginning of this natural diet?
Answer:-Some people are habituated to eat cooked food 3 times a day,if they start eating natural food they develop these kind of problems. In some it is due to faeces stored in the intestines that grew harmful bacteria and make them spoiled. The stomach and intestines that get habituated to cooked food can't digest the natural food suddenly and then throw them out as they are rich in fibre. If you have these kind of problem in the beginning you can stop for 3-4 days and start again. In some people with less immunity if this problem arises because of water they mistake it due to sprouts and stop them. It takes 5-6 days to get used to,you should do them thinking its for your own good.
6. Doubt:- When you eat cooked food excreta looks digested,when we eat uncooked food the excreta looks undigested,does this means the food isn't properly digested?
Answer:-Somepeople chew the raw food just like cooked ones as this food passes through intestines in 2-3 hours it is lost undigested. If you chew it properly it gets digested completely. If you don't then the fibre appears as small pieces. If you eat seeds then you can see its husk if you don't chew properly. If you eat cooked food it lacks fibre and it stays for long time in intestines so it appears digested in the stools. You can see that even animal stools look undigested sometimes,this is not at all a problem. The problem is not chewing food. If we chew food properly all the defects are gone and our body takes the nutrition and waste is expelled as faeces. 70-75% gets absorbed and the rest gets excreted.
7. Doubt:-When the seeds have big roots if i eat it i get more than before,is it a problem to have more gas? When will it decrease?
Answer:- This problem is seen in the beginning in everyone,the gas increases in more amounts this is because of the bad flora in the intestines. The seeds have more amounts of proteins,while digestion they release more amounts of gas. If gas content increases it is not a problem but if it doesn't expell it is a problem. If there is no big trouble there is no need to stop eating sprouts. If you do this for 10-15 days you get used to it. If you have any problem you can stop them for a week. If you wish you can start again or else there is no need of it. You can eat sprouts with few fruits, you should have good excretion,if not you should do it first. If you get habituated if you eat for 20-30 days.
8. Doubt:- How to use ash guard?
Answer:- Ash guards will be fresh in seasons these are easily available in villages, people over there don't know the value of ash guard they use it for making snacks. When they are available in seasons add some pieces along with vegetables and make juice. Juice can be made from ash guard by mixing honey which is good for health. Ash guard can be cooked by adding some tomatoes and chillies along with coconut milk after cooking for 10mins add some curd to the dish and finally add coriander, mint. This can also be eaten by chapathi.
9. Doubt:- Can coconut eaten after drinking coconut water?
Answer:- Some people take coconut after drinking water, it takes 30-35min to digest and mixes with blood but coconut takes 60-70min to digest. It takes much time to digest as it is stored in stomach and intestines after mixing with coconut water. The main reason of drinking coconut water is to get rid of weakness and giddiness. So if you want eat coconut eat it after30min of consuming coconut water.
10. Doubt:- Is there any loss in not eating fruits in people with less money? If bought what are the fruits that are bought cheap?
Answer:- Eating fruits has its own benefits. People can't buy fruits cane eat sprouts in more amounts. Jowar, millets and ragi are available in cheap rates. You should eat them by making them sprout you can also go and get coconuts in near by temples at cheaper rates. If you can them more there is no harm. People who lack money can eat guava,banana that are available cheaply. If you eat them both there is no less if you don't eat other fruits.
11. Doubt:- What happens if you eat sprouts thrice a day?
Answer:- Some people think that it is okay to eat sprouts thrice a day as they are best. You shouldn't eat foods that has more proteins thrice,you can eat if they have more carbs and less proteins. That too in people who work very hard. People who live in shade doesn't have this need. You can eat handful of seeds and groundnuts in the morning and coconut in the afternoon. In the evening you cane eat fruits. Its better you eat fruits in people who work less and who sweat less. You can cook seeds twice a day.
12. Doubt:- People say apple a day keeps doctor away,how true is this?
Answer:-If apple causes that benefits then people with more money used to be healthy,as it is costly only people with money can eat them but they are the ones with many diseases. In reality guava which is cheap has many benefits. Apple gets easily digested there is no benefit in this. Some people pay money and made it popular. In reality eating anyfruit doesn't make you healthy, good habits make you healthy along with good diet. They use more amounts of fertilizers for apples and store them for long so all the nutrition is lost,it is waste to buy it with so much money.
13. Doubt:- Is pus produced when people with ulcer or wound eat sprouts?
Answer:-Many people think the same and gets scared to eat,but they aren't related. Usually it occurs because some bacteria gets accumulated there and cause infection. During this time its better you eat foods that get easily digested so that body can fight infection. Pulses don't digest easily so you should eat easily digestable foods ,if we say so people won't eat them so our elders told so. Cooked pulses are different from that of sprouts. They get easily digested and help in wound healing.
14. Doubt:-How can we use leafy vegetables?
Answer:- Leafy vegetables are more beneficial than vegetables and tubers. These days people spray them with pesticides so you shouldn't eat them raw. Its better you eat them in the lunch, you can cook them cheap and they are tasty. You can cook them fast, they are rich in minerals and you can cook them with less oil. Its better you use milk in foods they are tasty. You shouldn't be eating them in the evening. You shouldn't be using proteins in the evening, leafyt vegetables are rich in proteins. You can drink them as juice if you grow them in the garden. People who eat coriander,curry leaves and mint can make them as juice.
15. Doubt:- How many types of sprouts we should eat everyday?
Answer:- Many people are aware only about green gram in the name of sprouts. Even though they are rich in one nutrient then others are less. So you can't just eat them. You can use 3-4 types. If people eat idli and dosa everyday they get bored so there women cook different breakfasts, so we should change the variety of sprouts. Its better you eat 2-3 types of sprouts, you can use 3-4 varieties too. You can use seeds that sprout easily and can use cheaper ones. Everyone can use coconut and green gram everyday.
16. Doubt:-People say that eating bananas make you fat. How true is this. Can people who are fat eat them?
Answer:- Banana have more carbs, people who don't work hard can put on weight. Every banana has 100 k cal of energy. Many people eat them after lunch or some eat them as lunch. If you eat everything normally and then eat banana you become fat. If you eat only banana you will be okay. People who want to reduce their weight should eat atleast 500kcal. Its obtained if you eat 3 chapathi and half kg curry. If you eat 2 fruits along with it you lose weight. If it is not possible you can eat 3-4 bananas. It depends on us to use it, even people who wanna reduce weight can use them.
17. Doubt:-When can we start feeding our children sprouts?
Answer:- Sprouts are good for children of growing age,but they should be capable to chew,it means they should be in the age of 4-5 years. If you want you can feed coconut milk before that. You can use a small piece to make milk.
18. Doubt:- Can we put fruits in fridge?
Answer:- You shouldn't be putting them in fridge, place them outside and cover them with wet cloth, so that they get good air and the nutrition in them increases naturally and they reach the ripe state. If you place them in fridge they don't get air and light naturally and they don't become ripe and the nutrients decrease. For example apple,pomegranate can be out for 7-8 days, if in fridge they stay for 2-3 days. The quality that protect the fruits from spoiling is gone so they damage. So its better we use them naturally.
19. Doubt:- If we are bored to eat sprouts everyday what can we eat in their place?
Answer:- Eating them everyday can obviously make you bored so you can replace them with seasonal fruits like mango. You can eat them both morning and evening. You can eat cooked foods like idly,dosa without adding oil and salt. You should completely stop eating sprouts when you eat them. You can eat routine breakfast for 2-3days and then continue eating sprouts. If you are not interested you can eat milk with rice flakes or else routine lunch. You can do this 3-4times in a month.
20. Doubt:- Can we add salt and pepper to sprouts while eating?
Answer:- Many people add salt and pepper while eating sprouts, its a wrong practise. Salt is described as poison, bad luck and reason for many diseases. If you add this to beneficial foods like sprouts you will loose all the benefits. We are asking you to stop usage of salt even in cooked food, this won't work with natural food. Pepper has medicinal value you shouln't use it in combination with natural food. You can use it as medicine 1-2times but you shouldn't use regularly.
21. Doubt:- Can we use an alternative to honey? or can we drink it without honey?
Answer:- We shouldn't use sugar, jaggery as they increase the mucous secretion. People who can't use honey can ignore it. Honey is used to provide both sweetening and is good for blood production. Best alternative to honey is dates you can make them into balls and mix with water and extract the juice. You can mix this juice with anything an consume. People with diabetes shouln't be using this.
22. Doubt:- Is it compulsory even for people who follow naturopathy diet to drink 5lt of water?
Answer:- If you are not consuming cooked food, oils and salts in any form you can make necessary changes. You can consume 4-5lt of water when you are working outdoors. People working in shady places can drink 4lts of water 2lts in the morning and 2lts in evening. This is because natural foods contain in them and they produce less amount of waste material in them.
23. Doubt:- How to make it a habit to consume natural food to our children?
Answer:- First elders in the family should start trying this eventually then the children will learn seeing them. Or else it is difficult teaching them. Initially start giving them a glass of fruit juice with honey after they come home from school or feed them fruits. This habit makes them eat healthy food and avoid junk. Then start giving vegetable juices in the morning, we can feed them breakfast 40-50min after it. After few day replace this with sprouts, coconut, dates,groundnuts etc. You can feed them with routine break fast and sprouts alternatively and slowly increase this to six days a week. If they are habituated to this they can get 50% benefit feed them routinely in the afternoon and evening. If your children find it tasty to follow natural diet replace there evening food with coconut, dates, any other fruit. This increases there natural diet for 75%. Its better to feed them routine lunch in the afternoon. You can alter them based on the needs and prevent diseases. You can give them a cheat meal every 10-15days. This is a good method of child rearing.
24. Doubt:- How should people with difficulty chewing consume coconut?
Answer:- People with dental problems can grind sprouts and eat them. They can do the following with coconut, you can grind coconut and add honey to it and eat, you can also consume coconut milk, people who don't have grinding facility can grade and eat it. Even elderly people can drink coconut milk but it should be diluted. You can use coconut as mention above 3-4days a week.
25. Doubt:- Can we use jam in place of fruits when fruits are not available?
Answer:- Jam is made by heating fruit juices, adding sugar and preservatives to it. Its better if you don't eat fruits when they are not available. The preservatives and sugar juice can cause cough,cold, weight gain etc. Heating fruit juices removes all the nutrients from it. We are using natural food in order to reverse the damage caused by cooke food so stop eating them and don't make habit to your children.
26. Doubt:- Can lactating mothers eat sprouts? does it cause stomachache to children?
Answer: It doesn't cause any damage to children. You can start consuming sprouts 7-8days after giving birth. Feeding sprouts to lactate mothers increases the milk content and nutrients in them, this increases childs immunity. The longer the child can be fed with milk the greater is his immunity. So feed mother with fruits, coconut, sprouts. This won't increase mucous production in children. Feeding soya beans with rice or in curries increases milk yeild.
27. Doubt:- Can we mix cooked and uncooked foods and eat?
Answer:- You should never do that it damages your digestive system. Lets see what happens if you mix them both. Natural food is already 30-40% digested. So after 1-2hrs it gets easily digested cooked food on the other hand. It takes 3-4hrs to digest. Undigested cooked food prevents entry of uncooked food into the blood. So it has to wait till the cooked food gets digested. Its like an active and old bull in a bullock cart. During the time the digested food waits in intestine for the undigested food it releases gases damaging digestive system. So we should never mix cooked and uncooked foods next time.
28. Doubt:- How long can we store fruit juices before drinking? Why do taste change if we store for longer time?
Answer:- Its better to drink vegetable juices and fruit juices in one hour. With time the oxygen in juice mixes with air and cause oxidation reaction. Fruits which are sour doesn't get damage easily because vit-c in them helps in storage. In order to store them you should close the lid. It should not left in a vessel without lid or in a big vessel. Changes occur in juices which is stored for long time. Juices shouldn't be stored in fridge even after remaining. It will be better to drink juices within half an hour or hour after extracting juice.
29. Doubt:- Can we drink milk after eating sprouts as tiffin?
Answer:- Many people think that milk provides energy even old people drink everyday. Milk doesn't get digested to old people so its better they consume sprouts. Milk has fats and cholesterol that is not good for elderly people may even cause weight gain. Milk even increases weight due to lack of fibre in them and cause constipation and gas trouble.
30. Doubt:- Some people suffer from stomach pain when they eat sprouts what should they do?
Answer:- People with constipation, lack of apetite,gas trouble. If they eat sprouts, leafy vegetables without cleaning intestines they don't digest and cause pain. They should do enema for 7-8days and eat fruits in the morning. They can eat light meal in the afternoon and fruits in the evening, this cleans there intestines in 7-8days and they have increased apetite. You can have sprouts and leafy vegetables. If you dont have the above mention problems you can start eating sprouts by chewing them properly you get adapted eventually.
31. Doubt:- Should we eat seeds that didn't sprout or the ones that have change in colour or not?
Answer:- Everytime you eat there will be 10-20% of seeds that didnt sprout, the fault is in the seeds itself. If you eat these seeds you get gas trouble so its better to through them. You should also through seeds that turned black.
32. Doubt:- Should we strain leafy vegetables juices or not?
Answer:- You should grind leafy vegetables softly and drink them if you dont have any problem. But there will be fibre material in it and makes it difficult to drink, you wont feel hungry and wait for one hour to eat sprouts. Straining it prevents this fibre material from entering but the fibre in the juice is sufficient for our body in it and you feel hungry in 30-40min so its better to drink after straining.
33. Doubt:- What is the difference between hybrid and normal seeds and what is the best?
Answer:- Hybrid seeds are bigger in size but they are not good. Its just like obese people are weak in the same manner these seeds have no content. As we say short people are sharp, normal seeds are also good for our health. These normal seeds increase the longetivity of fruits and vegetables. Hybrid tomatoes are popular these days,we don't get anysmell even if we smell them. The difference between normalseeds and hybrid seeds is like eggs and farm eggs , wild chicken and far, chicken, they are different in nutrition and taste. So never use hybrid seeds.
34. Doubt:- Eating fruits increases mucous secretion?
Answer:-It is a mistake ,fruits never increase mucous they break and send them out. Many people store fruits in fridge so they get mucous. Some add sugar to it so it increases mucous production. Some people have mucous when they eat apple,pomegranate and grapes,this is because they are sprayed more amounts of fertilizer. This leads to infection which further leads to mucous production.
35. Doubt:-Some times sprouts smell bad can we eat them or not?
Answer:- Sometimes the seeds smell bad when they are soaked for longtime or when they are tied tightly or in winters when they don't get sufficient air. They get bad smell due to fungus,you should throw them and eat anything else. You see this mostly in winters. You shouldn't be tieing them immediately after soaking them in water, you should dry them for 8-10 hours and place them in a box later.
36. Doubt:- can i use dry fruits?
Answer:-Dryfruits are costly so i can't tell everyone to eat them. People who don't have trouble eating can do so. Cashew nuts,pista,dates,badam etc can be soaked in water and eat. People with low weight can eat them everyday and gain weight. People with more weight shouldn't eat them. People can carry sprouts while travelling and eat them.
37. Doubt:- Can we work hard after eating what you told us? Is this tiffin sufficient?
Answer:-You will get sufficient energy but you won't feel satisfied mentally and you may feel weak. People who workhard should eat little more than normal people. They can eat coconut 2 handsfull and soaked groundnuts with 15 ates and sprouts this provides 1000 kcal of energy, then how can you feel weak. You should eat them patiently inorder to get energy.
38. doubt:- Do eating these seeds and sprout in large amounts cause vitamins and minerals overdose?
Answer:- you get side effects when you provide them in the form of tablets,but you won't face any trouble now. Our body take what is needed and removes the remaining. For example our body need 10mg of iron,when the iron is in sufficient amounts our body excretes it. If the food we eat has 25mg then 10 mg is taken and remaining 15 is lost. Animals get ,many nutrients more than needed are they harmed ,no this doesn't happen anytime.
39. Doubt:- Is white grapes good or green?
Answer:-Grapes aren't good. According to me they are bad as they get sprayed a lot of fertilizers and they are costly. the fertilizers are not lost even after washing. No type is not useful. Black grapes get sprayed with more amounts of grapes. Seedless grapes are useless.
40. Doubt:- Can we store the remaining sprouts after eating in fridge?
Answer:-Some people aren't aware about how to soak them , they get in more numbers. Instead of fridge you can store them in a box with holes they sprout even more,if you put them in fridge the nutrients doesn't increase. They stay good if you put them in air,lightetc. You should spray water after they get dried.
41. Doubt:- They say egg is healthy can we feed our children with that? Can we feed them raw if you think cooking spoils it?
Answer:- When you don't know about sprouts, you thought egg are healthy,but sprouts are the best. A handful of sprouts are healthy than eggs. One coconut is more nutritious than many eggs. Eating eggs causes heart trouble, so you can stop eating eggs. All the nutrients are present in sprouts so there is no need of eggs or any other foods.
42. Doubt:- Do bacteria cause harm if you eat vegetables without cooking them?
Answer:-This is the doubt of many people does microorganisms cause harm if we eat vegetables raw.Insect eggs ,ay enter and cause harm,many even think that cooking food cleans them and helps us. Cooking not only kills the ones that cause damage it also loses all the nutrients. The loss is 3 times greater than benefit. Many animals do the same but why are they not getting any disease. We won't be getting any viral fevers,malaria,vomitings,diarrhoea etc. Now we are eating only boiled food if we don't get any infection we may think that cooking kills bacteria but it is not so. Using cooked food is damaging our liver and then nothing can protect us, The germs are natural in this nature. This is different and nature is different,food is different,there is nothing like this. they all are parts of our life. If you eat natural food,you can stay healthy and live healthy life then the germs gets killed easily. Pig eats the life that has lot of germs but it has more immunity. As the nature has made it with the habit to eat such food it even protected eat. If we stop eating the junk we have more powers.

22.How should you start?

  • Start of natural food consumption - Is the path to healthy life
  • If you eat 100% of natural food - Your life is completely healthy
  • If you understood all the things you read - Welcome the natural food
I would like to appreciate all of you for reading this book completely.We understood what is the good food and what is the food that causes harm. We are unable to eat good food even though we know what we are eating is bad,but we don't have idea about what to eat and what to not,its easy to know and then follow.Now we understood what is the best so lets start consuming it.
First of all
1.Stop drinking tea, coffee,milk 7-8 in the morning and start drinking vegetable juice. Difference in taste occurs for the 5-6days then after it feels good. Make a habit of drinking juice along with your family.
2.Stop eating tiffins as breakfast and start consuming sprouts, you won't have a problem eating sprouts along with dates.You can also eat coconut along with it if you find eating sprouts alone is difficult.You should eat them sufficiently so that they produce energy.
3. By four in the evening lets start eating fruits or drink fruit juices. Fruits have a taste normally,so lets eat them in large quantities and stop eating deep fried foods.
If you follow the above mentioned three habits you are healthy already, juices comprise 10%,sprouts comprise 25% ,fruits comprise 15% of natural food. This clears 50% of bad things from your body so that we are left with other 50% where we can eat our routine diet in the lunch and at night. You can decrease evening meal if you wish.
4. Fourth good quality is to cook food without salt and oil, and consuming them along with food that is unpolished for example rice or chapathi.This food cures diseases without medicines.
5. Slowly in 1-2months you can stop eating rice for dinner and eat fruits.This increases the natural food to 75%.You should eat this boiled food only in the afternoon.
6. You will now understand how good this is to eat 75% of natural food. Since then start eating 100% natural food once or twice a week, try this for few months. 7.You can consume 100% natural food ,if it is convienient to you,if you have sufficient energy by it and if you don't have any trouble doing so.
You are passed in tenth class if you get 35 out of 100,but here you should get 50% to pass. If you can eat more than this you have more benefits.People suffering from hypertension,diabetes,asthma,allergies,skin diseases etc can get rid of them by doing what is taught above.
Stop thinking that it is okay to get diseases.Stop living life by thinking that your diseases won't get cured. Lets do our part in being good. Lets learn to eat 100% of good food in life. Lets turn our life so that we won't have any need of kitchens and hospitals. We get new cells in the place of diseased once just like leaves replace in a tree. Our body gets new as if it changed its clothes after consuming natural food. I hope you make use of this good oppurtunity to cure your diseases at home without spending money.
Sun is the god whom we can see
Nature teaches us all the laws
He destroys the evil power
He is the reason of health of all living organisms
He is responsible for the functioning of this solar system
By dedicating my life to him
May all the people in the world live happily
manthena satyanarayana raju