Joint Diseases - Preventive Methods

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Naturopathic Life Style
Dr. Srinivas Bairi

Table of Content

  1. Bones and thier structure
  2. Joints - Their functionality
  3. Joint Diseases - Types
  4. Joint pains - Reasons
  5. Joint pains - Preventive methods and naturopathy
  6. Joint diseases- Food
  7. Fasting for joint diseases
  8. Joint pains - Daily Routine
  9. Joint Pains - Water treatment
  10. Compass

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Dedicated to

Who has committed his life to propagate this dharma throughout the world, made naturopathy his life’s message, the sage who is spreading the lights of health throughout the Andhra region, who is so dear to the health-lovers, To Dr. డా. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju To his better half, good-hearted human being Dr. Vishala garu I am dedicating this book with gratitude.
Srinivas Bairi

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Dr. Manthena,
The wandering monk
of natural life style
and Preserver of
Health and Happiness,
among People who is a
friend, philosopher
and guide to me.
And I dedicate this book to him
and his better half Dr. Vishala.
- Dr. Srinivas Bairy

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To the lovers of health, my heart-felt greetings
In this life, every being is living with nature as its base. Humans also, till they lived together with nature, they lived healthily. All this nature and all the living beings in this nature are based on the five elements. As our body has come from nature, if it gets unhealthy, if we are able to fill the five elements in it again, we can regain our health. This is what our ancient rishis and sages have stated. I also have experienced this truth in my life. What I have learnt in 1992, I implemented in 1997. Since then, I have been following it without fail. I am also enjoying the fruits of my health. I felt surprised that living healthy is such a simple thing.
I have realized that the diseases are nourished due to our life routine. That’s why, I wanted to share what I have learnt, and started the big tasks of progating health with the title “Paripoorna Arogyaniki Prakriti Jeevana Vidhanam” (The Nature’s way of life style for perfect health). As part of this, I am giving speeches in the state, in 20 districts – travelling around 10000 kilometeres per a month. You know how I am spreading these fruits of health to thousands of people. I am very happy that you have been listening to me, understanding and enjoying them. There are various instance for proof:

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It makes me so happy that many people are either making calls or meeting us directly to share their experiences; stopping the medicine and following the nature cure life style, and taking nature food, and thousands of chronic illnesses are being cured.
In March 2005, Dr. Srinivas Bairi garu has entered our trust to take part in my nature life style propagation task, as he responded whole heatedly to the way I am travelling in the state alone for the last 12 years, and creating awareness in the public about health. Since that day, he has been very helpful to me and he made the propagation task to move forward in every way, and he helped in spreading the video cds of my speeches throughout the world. I can proudly say that doctor garu is the primary reason for all this spreading.
Dr. Srinivas Bairi garu has worked in a well-known voluntary organization, “Samskar”, in health division of Nijamabad. Under the leadership of “Samskar”, he has provided naturopathic treatment for thousands of people from 1997 to 2004, and created a 20-bed naturopathic treatment centre and provided them good advice and gained good will of the people and has become a repute naturopathic doctor.
Along with giving services in naturopathic treatment, he also had experience and taste for conducting naturopathic ashram, in writing books, and has the experience to speak about treatment and health. When we asked him to conduct speeches – in my place – in different places of the state, in June, July of 2005 and in May 2006, and he agreed to do it. In his own style, he spoke about different topics such as “joint pains – preventive measures”, “Easy ways for happy sleep”, “How to overcome mental pressures”, and won the appreciation of people. Many people from different areas requested me to bring the valuable things in book form, that doctor garu has taught them.

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Accordingly, we asked him to write the book. Immediately, he started writing the book and now you have the book in your hands, “Joint Pains – Preventive Measures”. As he has the experience of writing articles and books on naturopathy, he could explain the thing in a short manner and easily explained to others, in simple language and with great feeling. This book certainly is not an alternative to the treatment. He wrote the book to highlight that by making what mistakes these joint pains are emerging and how to rectify these mistakes easily. It can work as a torch so that you won’t be affected by any diseases related to bones and joints. Similarly, you can cure the joint diseases if they are in the beginning stage. In this book, fasting, food and other treatment methods are mentioned. I hope this will be much useful for practical practice.
Earlier, I have written 11 books. Just as you have read those books, and have been practicing and getting benefits, similarly, I wish you would get benefits from this book. This book will be useful for women, men, children and to all categories of people. We wish everyone to live healthily. That’s why, you all people should be part of this giant task of propagating health. It means you all should get the understanding about health. Our trust is going to bring to you some more books written by Dr. Srinivas garu, as part of bringing the books which are meant to provide awareness for the health of people.
In the present day, our food habits are taking awkward turns, bad habits are increasing more and more, our culture is getting destroyed, we are feeling mental tensions, the various diseases that are spreading due to such things. He has a strong commitment and desired to help people with his thoughts and opinions towards naturopathic life style, and to bring light into the lives of people. I wholeheartedly with that his efforts will benefit many people, and he should bring more and more such books for your benefit in the near future.

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Dr. Srinivas garu is a graduate in naturopathic treatment, in yoga, in herbal and in psychotherapy, and who has many years of experience in running naturopathic ashrams. We all feel fortunate that with a great heart, he has entered our trust and working with us for a greater cause. In the coming years, in many programs that the trust is going to conduct such as – naturopathic ashrams, diabetic research etc., Dr. Srinivas garu is going to play a key role. In the coming days, he will be heading many programs. Apart from your doubts related to this book, you can send your personal opinions and problems to doctor garu. I sincerely wish that this book, which is written by Dr. Srinivas, and getting published from the Trust as the first book, would get your blessings and help you all in getting out of your problems.
Well wisher of your health
Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju

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Good Diagnosis for Better Treatment!

In the current society, humans are suffering from various diseases. There are some immediate diseases such as cold, fever, headache, stomach-ache, diarrheal. There are some chronic diseases such as joint pains, B.P., sugar, cancer etc. By taking medicine, and just by changing food, the immediate diseases will be solved. But, chronic diseases are not like that. Once we are affected by it, they stay with us life-long. Despite we use medicine, we get only temporary relief but cannot be cured permanently. Joint pains belong to that category.
The number of people suffering from joint pains is increasing day by day and though people have limbs, they are suffering from lameness. In olden days, joint pains used to be caused only to old people. But, nowadays, it is affecting young generation as well. Even old people are getting sympathetic towards the younger ones who are getting affected by it. In some situations, the elders are serving their children as part of treatment. This is the gift the new civilization has given us. Though science, doctors and treatment methods have increased, in terms of health, humans are not progressing. They are more suffering with joint pains. Such a pity!
It’s pathetic that the humans who are supposed to live 100 years and getting depressed with joint pains. Does any living being other than man has this situation in the nature? Does any animal has joint pains? The heaviest elephant or any wild animals which run for kilometres, birds which run for hundreds of kilometres, load-carrying buffaloes, dogs that roam around houses – no animals is getting affected by joint pains. Then, why should humans have this problem? Because, the living beings which we consider ignorant, live closely with the nature every minute and follow the nature dharmas and are living healthily. The supposed to be intelligent humans, are away from the nature, living without any physical exercises, not using their joints at all, not doing exercises, building up their mental tensions, having unnatural diet habits, and
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living against the natural body dharmas, increasing polution in the bodies and atmosphere and doing many other stupid things and losing health.
Though, people who are suffering from joint pains are roaming around orthopaedic specialists, corporate hospitals, taking medicine, having different types of treatment, they are just losing money, but the joint pains are not getting cured. Then, is the treatment available with the medicine, doctors, corporate hospitals? Or not? If the treatment is available with them, then why the pains are not getting cured, despite wandering about so many hospitals. So, it is clear that, there is only temporary relief, not permanent cure. It means, we are making mistake somewhere. The mistake is not anywhere; it is with us. We do the mistake and we roam around the hospitals and doctors? It won’t work like that. So, that’s why, we should understand – what mistakes are we doing? Why are we being affected by joint pains? What mistakes should we rectify so that we can prevent joint pains? How to cure the joint pains using naturopathic and yoga treatment methods, without any side effects? We should realize all these things with the saying that ‘Good Diagnosis for Better Treatment!’ to follow it, I am making this book available to you.
It’s my fortune to work in the service organization of Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu. He is Nature’s child and a well-wisher of people’s health. He is offering naturopathic life style for thousands of people, and is filling their lives with dazzling lights of health. He gave me this opportunity of travelling around the state in June and July of 2005 and May 2006, to create awareness on joint diseases in people. People who got benefitted with those speeches, sought so that it will be useful for many people "Joint diseases – Preventive Measures"to publish as a book and it is accepted by Raju garu. As a result, this book is in front of you. I sincerely wish that people who have joint pains would use the naturopathic life style, implement alternative treatment methods and get complete benefits.
Dr. Srinivas Bairi

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Bone - Therir Construction

As joints are formed by bones, before learning about joints, let us know about bones, which are the basis of joints. Because, the strength of the joints depends on the strength of the bones. That’s why, we need some understanding about the bones first.
Our body is designed with bones. Just as we use sand, cement, stone, iron rods to construct a house, similarly, for the bones to be made, we need two elements - calcium and phosphorus. These bones are formed when the baby is in the womb of the mother – the bones are formed using the calcium, phosphorus and other elements from the food the mother takes. In the mother’s womb, between 3rd month to 9th month, these bones will be formed. When the baby is born, it is born with 300 bones. Gradually, as the baby grows, 206 bones will be finalized. It means, some bones are jointed. Some bones remain same. In the human body, the bone is like an iron rod – very strong, just as houses are constructed with pillers and beams, the body is built with bones. There are primarily 3 layers in bones. The primary requirement for a bone to be formed is calcium. This calcium is not only useful in creating bones, but it performs some other important tasks in the body and participates in bio-chemical reactions. If calcium is not available in the body:

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Some important chemical reactions will be stopped. As a result, human beings will be bed-ridden. Calcium primarily takes care of 4 things:
How is calcium useful to us?
1) For the bone to be formed: We have already learnt that calcium is the most important element in the making of a bone. In a bone, there are two cells. 1) Osteoblast 2) Osteoclast. The Osteoblast cells help in forming the bone by taking calcium from the blood. Then, the bone grows. Once the The Osteoblast cells are used for the growth of the bone, the Osteoclast cells are used for the decay of the bones. When the bone decays, its calcium is released into the blood. It is called free calcium. The osteoblasts use the free calcium from the blood again and help in causing new bone. Or this free calcium is useful in other bio chemical reactions. There is an internal mechanism which is built inside, which doesn’t let go the calcium waste in the body.
2) For the blood to clot: It helps the free calcium in the blood to clot. You may get the doubt that it is dangerous if the blood gets clotted. Just as in the nature, the rivers, streams are flowing continuously, similarly, the blood in the blood vessels flows continuously, without a break for a minute. Only when the human is dead, the blood stops flowing and gets clotted. It is very dangerous if the flowing blood stops or gets clotted. It causes to death. A special mechanism (anti coagulation factor) will be working to ensure that the flowing blood doesn’t get clotted or any danger not to happen. The cells in the blood are so intelligent. When there is no need, the anti coagulation factors don’t work. But, according to the requirement and situation, the clotting factors work and make the blood clot. In our body, without our awareness, in multiple places, many small blood vessels break slightly. In our digestive system, the 10 mitre tube will be covered with a thin layer from inside. This layer, either in the stomach or in intestines or somewhere,
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forms as ulcer. For some people, the gums bleed, for some people, blood comes out through piles in the anus area; In women, in the uterus, the blood vessels break slightly for every 28 days and the bleeding happens for 4-5 days. All these things happen without we being aware of them. Sometimes, in some road accidents, or for some other reasons, in other accidents, if the bones are fractured and the muscles are torn, the blood vessels are torn and the blood flows or when a surgeon is doing operation, the blood flows. Though the reason can be anything, we try to stop the bleeding. We can stop bleeding during accidents or in case of operations, by pressing. But, we cannot stop the internal bleeding of the blood vessels. In such case of internal bleeding, the 5 litres of blood, leaks out and the human being dies of hypovolemic shock, due to lack of blood. But, it is not happening like that. Whether the injury is internal or external, if the blood vessels are torn, calcium reaches those areas, uses the vitamin D as cement and makes the blood clot. What will we do when the water vessel in the house gets a hole? We get it patched, right? Just to ensure that water doesn’t leak. Similarly, wherever there is a small hole the calcium element from the blood goes there and makes the blood clot and patches the blood vessel. See, how systematically, it does it!
3) For the body to grow: The foetus which is so small in the womb, in 9 months, it becomes a baby of 2.5 kilos weight and 40-50 centimetres. After being born, from day one to the age of 18-20 years. The bone helps the baby grow with their age. We will know according to the bone, that the person is short or long. For a human being to grow, the bone has to grow. For the bone to grow, it needs the calcium it requires. If there is no calcium, there won’t be any growth. The kids will become short and lean. So, for growth, calcium is more important. Along with it, we need growth harmones, food, exercise and jeans.

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4) Growth is also dependant on such things. That’s why, to the pregnant ladies and to the growing children, doctors advice to take calcium-rich food. When the mother is pregnant, the growth of the baby is estimated according to the weight of the mother. From month 1 to 9, mother’s weight is checked evert month. We observe that the weight is increased every month. If the weight is not increased, then the doctors check for the reasons. They advise to increase the food according to the requirement. On an average, during pregnancy, the weight grows from 5-7 kilos. When the baby is born the average weight would be 2.5-3 kilos. If the mother has not taken enough calcium, the baby’s weight would be less than 2.5 kilos. The baby wouldn’t grow and it may die or there is a chance for pre-mature baby. That’s why doctors advice to take calcium-rich food. There is such importance to food. If the children don’t grow according to their age, children would get exposed to various diseases, and the immunity reduces. Babies would born with less intellect. Ultimately, they live with ill-health all the time and would be considered good-for-nothing in the society. So, calcium is much useful for physical and mental growth of children.
4) For the functioning of muscles and nerves: In the matured body, there are 206 bones. To them, 660 muscles are attached. For all muscles, there is contrasting and expanding nature. For every muscle, nerves are supplied. Many muscles are formed as a bundle of muscles. All the muscles in the bundle contrast and expand at the same time. There is a good co-ordination among them. It means, if one muscle contrasts, all the other muscles of the bundle contrast at the same time. Similarly, they expand at the same time. The connected nerves and the calcium in them play an important role for this co-ordination. As the underneath calcium works so wonderfully like this, the human body is able to work with many organs. If there is calcium deficiency:

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The muscles and nerves cannot function effectively. The calcium deficiency causes the muscle catch and muscle spasms. If the muscles in the heart work efficiently, the heart beats with contrast and expansion and beats 70-80 times per minute and pumps 5 litres of blood. In this way, the heart pumps 7,200 litres of blood (5 litres X 60 minutes X 24 hours = 7200 litres) every day. It means, it pumps almost the quantity of one water tanker in one day. The reason for this is the contrast and expansion of the muscles. It is strange to know that calcium is the reason for this. Similarly, the muscles which are used for respiration are also working continuously. Moreover, calcium plays an important role in creating vitamin ‘D’ and in other activities. This calcium is available in our daily food items. These are available as less expensive and also they are easily available. Especially, finger millet, sesame, milk, dates, honey, jiggery, sapodilla, plum, guava, drumstick leaves. It is not good to use calcium tablets for calcium. If calcium tablets are used in more dosage, there is a chance for stones in kidneys and gallbladder. Because, in the calcium tablets, calcium is always mixed with other elements, in the mixed form. But, in the food, the elements will be different. They are easily digestible and to the body. That’s why, it is better to fill the deficiency of calcium from food. When calcium is insufficient from the food, to ensure that the the bio activities should not stop, the calcium from the bones will be drawn out. It means, the body ensures that calcium is available in the blood always. If calcium is more, it is stored in the bones, kidneys, liver, or it will be discharged out through urine and faeces. By supplying enough calcium to the body daily from food, we can preserve calcium in the bones. As a result, the bones will be strong.

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Benefits of bones
In this body with five elements, the joint is a wonderful creation. Humans are able to do many activities with joints. Without joints, not only humans, no living being can work. In all living beings, joints play a major role. From morning till we go to bed, joints help in all the daily activities of humans. Without joints, humans cannot do anything. In every activity in our daily life, the joints are helpful such as – brushing, chewing food, earning livelihood, walking, running for life, cooking, eating food with hands, writing, lifting phone, operating computer, turning steering, driving car, ploughing land, cooking in dishes, playing flute, to dance to the tune, for every action, joints are helping us. To put it in a nutshell, in this modern age, humans are able to progress using technology. All the credit goes to joints. Without joints, we cannot do anything in life and cannot move forward. A joint keeps two bones together. Just as screws are used to fix the injis of doors, the muscles, ligments fix the bones tightly like screws. The muscles called tendons keeps the two bones tightly like nylon ropes. The speciality of joints is to let things loose. Let us understand with this story that if joints don’t work, how humans feel the trouble. A man called Rammayya went up after he died. As his good deeds and bad deeds ratio was same, Yama couldn’t determine what to do and gave the choice to to Ramayya himself – to choose hell or heaven first. He wants to have a look at both of them before selecting. First, he goes to the hell. There he finds the feast with a variety of food items. But, all the people there are very lean and are suffering with grief. What he understood was – long spoons are tied to their hands.

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As they were not able to bend thier hands, they couldn't eat anything despite they hall all dishes availalbe. He visits the heaven as well. There also, the sitatuion is same. But, the people there are happy and healthy. What he understood was: even in heaven, they cannot eat on thier own, due to the long spoons tied to the hands. But, here, they are feeding to the next person so that everyone is feeding the other and they are happy and healthy. The thing is: while on earth, the good people, first feed others and then they eat. But, bad people, they eat first. They don't have the habit of feeding others - moreover, they try to take others' food and eat. In the same way, they are trying to eat in the hell as well. But, as the knee joints are not working, they are not able to eat and are suffering. Though it is a story, if the joints don't work, people suffer a lot. There is no doubt about it.
This story tells us the importance of the joints. Similarly, to eat food, to talk, the jaw joint (cactilo mandibular) must work well. if the jaw doesn’t move with pain, we cannot open the mouth. If we cannot open the mouth, we cannot eat food or talk as well. It would be a pathetic life! That’s why, joint is very important in our life.
According to the requirement, the calcium from bones gets released into the blood, similarly, the excess calcium is stored in the organs, in this way, the calcium won’t be waste, and on the other side, calcium plays an important role in the cell biological actions and in the functionality of organs. Now, let us see how the bones help us.
1) The structure of the body: The body is formed of bones. Because of this skeleton, we have a structure. With walls made of brick and cement, take different shapes according to the place we build, diwan, portico, kitchen etc. Similarly, the head part in the body is called skull, the middle part is the ‘ribs’ area, and the remaining parts are hands and legs.

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What happens if we keep all our bones aside? The person will collapse. Loses the shape. All the body organs will be there such as heart, lungs, liver, intestines, mind etc. But the person cannot stand, walk, talk or eat. He can do nothing. So strange are the bones and their functionality. Not only people, for all birds, animals – bones are the reason for their structures.
2) Protection for important organs: Humans are living by constructing houses. Why? Protection from sun’s heat, rain, cold, and for the protection from other animals. Not only we, all other animals and birds are living by constructing nests and houses. They get complete protection despite heavy rain, cold, sun’s heat. The ants create ant hills. Honey bees create hives. Animals are creating burrows and nests – to protect problems they are facing in the nature. Similarly, the most important and sensitive organs (called vital organs) of the body – mind, heart, lungs, kidneys are protected by the skeleton. The skull protects the brain, the ribs protect the heart and lungs, and the backbone protects the kidneys. If these organs are not there, there is no life for man. If a man is hit at the leg, hand or other body part, or gets hurt with a knife or the bleeds, he doesn’t die. But, if any of the above-mentioned organs are hit a little, or bleeding, the person would die immediately. That’s why, they are called vital organs. The bones protect these organs so that they are not hit at all from outside.

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Joints - Their Functionality

What are joints?
In our body, there are 206 bones. All these bones are linked one to the other. The area where one bone gets attached to the other is called joint. These joints are of two types.
1) Moving joints: Ex: Legs, hands, fingers, shoulders, wrist, hip joint, knee, heeletc..
2) Unmoving joints: Ex: The bones in the skull. Mothers know this well. Whenn the baby is born, they apply oil on the head. If you keep the hand on the head, it will be soft. That means, when the baby is born, the bones in the head part will be seperate. Gradually they get connnected. In some months, they are completely jointed. If you check later, all the bones are jointed and it becomes hard. It means, the bones on the head are fixed. They don't move. That's why they are called unmoving joints.
The moving joints are of 4 types.
1. Ball and socket joint
In one bone, in the bowl shaped area, the head of another bone is arranged like a ball. In the bowl, the head of the bone revolves round. The bone in this joint can move in any direction easily. ఈ కీలులోని ఎముక అన్నివైపులకు సులభంగా తిరుగగలదు.
Ex: Hip joint and shoulder joint

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2) Pivot joint
Just as the spinning top (teetotum) revolves on its point, in a circulur motion, that is why it is called spinning top joint.
Ex: The first vertibra, upon this, the head is arranged. This first vertibra is called atlas. On this, the head revolves.
3) Hinge Joint:
The two bones are arranged just as one is put in the other, and the movement is only to one side. They cannot move to the second side. Just as hinges are used to the door. Similarly, this joint moves only to one side. Ex: knee, elbow.
4) Gliding Joint:
One bone is on the other one. The movement are only a few. When they are moved, it looks just as one slides on the other. It moves similar to cycle chain movement. Ex: Vertebrae
Significance of joints in our daily life
In this body made of five elements, joint is a wonderful creation. With this joint, humans are able to do so many things. All our movements are happening only with joints. Since morning to night, in the day time, from 12-16 hours, we do some sort of activities. In driving while moving the steering, ploughing the soil, while in cooking by moving the spoon, playing flute, and to beat the drum in tune with it, the joints should work well. the muscles, bones and the nerves in the joints should work well. If there is pain in the joints or if they are swollen, or if the parts of the joints are damaged, the joints won’t work to the fullest and humans have to walk limping. We cannot imagine the inconvenience we face when a joint is damaged or not working or is completely not used.

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If we imagine humans without joints, we can understand their significance. We cannot eat, cannot sit, lie down, and even attending the nature calls is also difficult. There is no other torture than this. If we use joints well, if we know how to use joints efficiently, we can do many tasks. It all depends on how well we use them. Now, we will learn about the construction of these joints.
Construction of the joints
In this nature, the construction of all the living beings is wonderful. Among all, the construction of human race is more wonderful. No such construction is ever made. It cannot be made in future as well. In the human body, each organ, plays wonderful role of its own. The construction of joints is a great boon God has given us. The construction of our body is also similar to other living beings in the nature. But, for all other living beings, their joints, bones, muscles work efficiently till they die. They don’t suffer with joint pains or joint swellings. An elephant weighs so many quintals, but it doesn’t suffer on any day till the end of its life. The buffaloes carry 4-5 quintals of weight. Birds travel some hundreds of miles from morning to evening. Even look at the ant! Though it runs all the time, the bone and joint does not get worn away. That’s how the creation is made. Even for humans, the joint is created not to be worn away till they live. It is such a great construction that, even if we work more than our capacity, walk carrying more weight, though work for more hours, it is constructed not to get damaged in any way. If you observe this construction, we can imagine, how God has created the construction with such a planning according to the needs. Let us now see how the construction of the joints is, which face so many troublesome situation and yet stand strong.
A joint is the area where two bones meet. When two bones move, the ends touch one another. When the bones are touched like that:

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There is arrangement with elastic rubber (like covering) for them not to get worn way. This is called cartilage rubber. This is like, the half-moon shaped horse-hoe which is fixed to the horse feet. At the end of the bone, there is something similar to that. To protect from extreme situations, there is a protective cover, which covers the cartilage at the end of the two bones. This layer is called synovial membrane. From this membrane, the sticky oily substance keeps oozing on and reaches the joint area. This oily substance is called synovial fluid.
Due to this sticky nature of the synovial fluid, when two bones are touching one another, due to the rubbing, bones not to get worn, the joints protect themselves. Damage happens when the cartilage gets damaged. Until it gets worn out, there won’t be any problem. The food items that cartilage needs are available in the sticky substance in the synovial fluid. When we apply grease in the bearings and joints of the machines and vehicles, the friction gets reduced and they won’t get worn out easily. Similarly, in our joints, this liquid will be doing the same function. But, we apply grease to the machines from outside, but how to apply to the joints? No need to apply from outside. The body creates the oil by itself. From it, the body creates synovial fluid and sends to the joints. From this liquid, the cartilage gets the required nutritious food. Similarly, the waste substances that are formed in the joints, will be pushed into the synovial fluid. From the fluid, again it moves out through the synovial membrane i.e., to the blood vessels, into the lymph system so that the joint system will always be clean. In this fluid, there is a chemical which is sliding in nature. This is called hyaluronic acid. It protects itself from bacteria, virus, other things which damage joints. It is anti-biotic in nature. In the joint, the top bone and bottom bone are tied together with the non-expanding muscles. They are called ligaments, tendons. These are very strong.

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Normally, however powerful a man is he cannot break the nerve with hands. It is harder than the strong nylon thread. Only these ligaments and tendons, keeps them in that state, while we are sitting, standing, lying down and in the idle position. It means, they are under pressure, day and night. As we do not know how to give rest to these muscles, we go under pressure. That’s why, we should know how to give rest to them. These muscles have the quality of contracting and expanding. To these muscles, the nerves are connected which are supplied from the backbone. We can understand these joints with one example. Imagine a tender coconut. We can relate our ‘joints’ construction with this tender coconut. The hard shell of a coconut is like the skin on the joints, the inside fibre is like the muscles which catch hold of the joints, the round coconut is like the bone, the small layer visible when the coconut is broken is like the synovial membrane in the joints. Like water is formed from the layer in the coconut, the synovial fluid is formed from the synovial membrane, and gets stored in the middle of the joints and works as grease so that the joints are not worn away. How wonderful the structure of the joints which are very similar to the tender coconut structure.
Cartilage is formed of soft substances such as as. collagen, glucosamine, chondrocyte, proteoglycan. For this cartilage to be soft like this, it is made of water and other proteins. The chondrocytes, glucosamine attract water and make the cartilage softer and cushion-like. Though there are many organs on the body, and each organ has its structures, everything has a purpose. That’s why, we should take care every organ from getting damaged or removing any organ through operation. We should get it repaired if gets damaged.

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It is not good to make mistake and wait till the disease gets too complicated, and ultimately losing the organs.
Do you know where did this body manufacture with all these facilities? Before we are born, in the mother’s womb, all these arrangements are made. Eyes, legs, joints etc. have built up the crores of cells for themselves. No one understands how all this is made. From humans, only humans are born. That too, with all the organs, just with the union of ovum and the sperm cell, which becomes foetus, where all these organs are divided. Moreover, they are born with the same characteristics with one of their blood relations – father, mother, maternal uncle, maternal aunt, grandfather etc. with their color or with their facial features. And, it is discovered that jeans is the reason for all this. It is all till that part, not any deeper. No one knows how these features are formed. That is the secret of creation. Before the person is born, in the mother’s womb, he accumulated all the features, acquired all the characteristics and built all the organs, naturally and wonderfully and then he is born. After we are born, with anti-nature habits, we are spoiling ourselves. To create something new, to construct something wonderful is very difficult, but it is quite easy to destroy anything. For a bridge to construct, a lot of money, time, labour, planning management, and intelligence are needed. But, to destroy a bridge, it is quite simple. Similarly, to protect the strong construction of the joints life-long is very important for us.
Joints - Their functionality
When joints are contracting and expanding, they move backwards, forward, near and far. Just because there are joints, the movements are being done. When there are no joints, there are no movements in the body. There is more importance to the muscles that are attached to the joints and the nerves that supply to the joints. For example, for the person who has paralysis, to one side, the leg and the hand don’t work. They also have the bones, muscles, nerves. But, still they are not working.

page 15
Because, the current that is emerging in the mind are not reaching the muscles of the hand or leg. When we switch it on, the bulb is lit. It will be off when the switch is turned off. This is a normal incident. But, sometime, even when you turn the switch on, the bulb is not lit. The reason can be: a rat might have torn the wires. When the wire is broken in the middle, the current is not passing from the switch to the bulb. Similarly, the signals from the mind to the muscles are not supplied. As a result, the leg cannot be moved up. That is, when nerves are not working well, the legs and joints don’t work well. So, to make the joints work well, the nerves and muscles also need to work efficiently.
Similarly, the mind sends the information through the nerves, to the muscles which are attached to the joints. Then, the muscles contract and expand. Due to the contraction and expansion in the muscles, there are movements in the joints and bones. Due to these movements, we are able to do all the activities.
For example, when we are walking, as the muscles which are attached to the backside of the leg contract, we are able to move it upwards and fold it. Immediately, when the muscles in the front part of leg work, we stretch the leg and move it forward. Like this, we move the legs and move forward.

page 16
Due to the contraction and expansion of the muscles which are attached in the front and back parts of the leg, we are able to make steps and move forward. While we are walking like this, the weight will be on the top bone and on the two bones that are at the bottom. Despite the weight, the cartilage, with the sticky oil-like substance, it moves smoothly like a wheel axle. Despite moving any number of steps, or running, they won’t get worn out. The bone sits one on the other decently, like the rail engine axle, moves front and back. Like this, the joints work efficiently.
So, the joints with such wonderful structure, which are supposed to work well, as long as we live, are getting exposed to pains and swelling in young age, and the joints are getting worn away along with the age is very pathetic. Before we learn why it is only happening to human beings and not happening to any other living beings, we will learn about different diseases of joints in short.

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Types of joint diseases

1. Osteo Arthritis

Osteo means bone; ortho means joint, It is means inflammation. Osteoarthritis means the swelling and pain which is caused in the joints formed by bones. Medical science is telling us that along with the age the joints will be worn out. It is seen in people after the age of 45. It is seen most in women. Osteoarthritis is primarily seen in the hip joints, in knees, backbone joints (neck and back pains), etc. Research has been done whether age is the only reason or are there any other reasons. But, the complete reasons have not been understood. Maybe the reasons vary, but the changes are discovered. Especially, the cartilage that is attached to the edges of the bones in the joints, wears out according to the age. To this cartilage, the blood circulation and the nerve supply won’t be there. This is so soft and tender. That’s why, it takes food from the synovial fluid. In this cartilage, there are some program cells. These cells balance the water that comes inside. As long as the special program cells repair the worn out cells and balance the water turnover, there won’t be any inconvenience. But, if the cells that are worn out and torn out cells along with the age are not repaired well, the equilibrium will be damaged.

page 18
When the cartilage cells wear out rapidly, and the cells are not repaired with the same speed, pits will be formed and the cartilage membrane becomes harsh and thick. Moreover, some chemical changes will also happen in the cartilage. As part of it, 1) the keratin ratio is damaged due to Chondroitin cells eat up cartilage 2) the density of glycosines will be reduced which is protected by cartilage. 3) the proteoglycans which eat up cartilage, circle the cartilage and eat it up. When the equilibrium is damaged of the above-said chemicals, they start wearing out.
When the cartilage, which works as a shock absorber, starts wearing out, on the smooth surface, small pits form and it becomes harsh. Like this the bones rub one another and in some years, all the cartilage wears out and the bone comes out. To fill the gap between two bones, nodules are formed at the end of the bone. When the bones are rubbed against each other like this, the nodules press the nerves inside. They create pain at the end of the nerves. As a result, we feel pain. Sometimes, when the rubbing increases, at the end of the bones, the small nodules are broken into small pieces. Because of this, the pain and swelling increase more in the bone. The body cannot keep anything which it not its. It tries to send out any foreign substance. But, as there is no chance for the broken pieces to go out, the pains and swelling increase. In Osteoarthritis, especially when age is increasing, along with the age, the joints wear away. Doctors say, this is the change which comes with age.

page 19
It is a pity that humans are not thinking about life style which can protect the body parts and the structure of the body. No expense more than the outer beauty of the body. For people of age 30, the joints are wearing out. How can we say that it is caused due to old age? According to my opinion, if humans live according to the nature’s dharma, the bones don’t wear away with age. In fact, they should not. Because, no other living being in the animal kingdom, the bones are not wearing way for any animal. Take any wild animal in the forest – lion, tiger, deer, dog, rabbit, tortoise, elephant, camel or any bird. Get the X-ray of their bones and check the density of the bones. Why are the bones not wearing out with age? So, wearing out is wrong. Then, why is it happening with humans? Because, we are living wrong. We are living away from the nature. Day by day, humans are going away from the nature. They are living beyond the human values. If we observe the human life style for some decades, the joint pains that are supposed to come at 60 years are now common for 30 years. These diseases are not same always. They are not changing with the age. The wearing out of joints in the body is happening due to mental strains. Due to mental strain, old age (premature old age) comes at the younger age. That’s why, the hair which is supposed to turn grey at 50, is turning grey at 20. The folds on the face are seen at 30 years, which are to be seen at 60 years. Humans are (over) reacting to small things, making thoughts unnecessarily, very rapidly, rapidly, and are undergoing mental tensions. With the fast moving thoughts in the mind, rapid chemical changes are happening in the body and people are crossing their age. In young age, people are experiencing old age. That’s why in young age, the bones and joints are wearing out and other problems. At least now, if we open eyes and realize, then there is fulfilment for writing this book. I don’t have joint pains and problems. Even in future, we expect, they should not come. We have realized how to live healthily.

page 20
We have understood how to protect the joints and legs, and we are following that life style. We have realized that there is truth in this life style. That’s why we are telling you to live like this. Follow the instructions that we are going to give and live a life completely free of joint diseases.
To make the cartilage work efficiently, we need to use the joints moderately. Just as the muscles get weaker if we don’t use, similarly, the joints also become weaker if not used. In the current civilization world, we don’t need to use joints, legs and hands, and we are using only fingers of the hands. Computer era, travelling by cars, mobile at hand, and we are watching the world, sitting at home. There is no work for joints and muscles. For the joints to get worn out, weight is also one reason. To have strong joints, the muscles attached to me should be strong as well. To keep the muscles strong, we need to do tiring work and exercise. But of course, extreme is not good at all. We always need to be in the moderate state. More details will be available in details in the chapter, ‘joint pains and reasons”.
How to diagnose osteoarthritis?
We are affected by osteoarthritis when the cartilage wears away. We can know it by X ray or MRI scanning – we can know how much gap is reduced in the joints. We can know if any osteophyte nodules are formed at the end of the bone, due to the wearing out of cartilage, if the nodules are there, what size are they, in which are they? That’s why, using X-ray, it can be identified whether it can be knee, hip or backbone.

2. Rheumatold Arthritis)

In this type of joints diseases, especially in more than 2 joints, there will be pain. Even in children, this disease can be seen. In women, it is prominent.

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In children, either in fingers of the hand or leg, there will be swelling and pain in one joint. But, in 3-4 weeks, it will be cured by itself. Again there will be swelling and pain in the left hand finger. Then, it will also be cured and either in right knee or left knee, there will be pain and swelling. Like this, it will affect the small joints first, and gets cured without any treatment and then attacks the big joints. In winter, the symptoms get aggravated. In summer, they subside a bit. It starts with fever. If this disease gets aggravated, the body becomes weak. If we take medicine, it gets cured otherwise, it comes again and again. In a year, every 3-4 months, it appears. During this time, swelling of the joints, pains, fever, weakness all these things appear. This disease generally appears when the person undergoes severe mental pressure or stress or physical strain. As Rheumatoid arthritis comes frequently, compared to the first time, when it comes next time, the symptoms appear in the joints. Moreover, the patients suffer severely during this time. Not only that, the swellings come like this and at last, they get deformities. If this situation comes, we need to suffer a lot. It indicates that it has become a chronic disease. Though this disease is spreading across the world, doctors estimate that this rheumatoid arthritis is widespread in in cold countries.
Reasons: No special reasons are yet identified. But, more than anything else, immunity is identified as a primary reason.

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What is immunity?
Before knowing about auto immunity, let us learn about immunity. In our body, there is immense immunity. Especially, for white blood cells (WBC), there is a capacity to detect bacteria, virus, foreign bodies, transplanted cells through surgery, and any other harmful substances. We can understand it with an example. The military force protects the national borders all the time. They ensure that no one enters the border from any other countries. If any enemies enter the border, they will be detected with radar system. The information of the enemies is updated to the chief vigilance officer. He conducts a meeting with other officers and discusses with them, how enemies are entering the border with what kind of weaponry etc. Then instructs each officer what they should do, what force to be used. The required force will be made ready and the war zone will be created and they enter the war. In the war, the enemy soldiers and our soldiers will die. This is common in any war. Till the war is completed, curfew will be announced in this area. All activities will be stopped. Curfew will be relaxed only for day-to-day needs such as milk, water, food etc. Till the war is completed, the same situation continues. Similarly, the white blood cells function like the security force at the border. They make the protective shelters alert in the body. These shelters are primarily placed in both the sides of the throat (tonsils), in the arm pits, in the chest (lymph glands). The white blood cells send information to these glands. These white blood cells determine what kind of protective security force needs to be created such as lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes or antibodies, compliments or local hormones.

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According to the type of bacteria and virus, they create the protective force and release into the blood. Immediately, the blood cells reach the war zone i.e., the area where the swelling or inflammation has happened in the body. In chemicals in our protective cells are released and kill the bacteria and virus by melting the top layer. In this struggle, the white blood cells will die in the process. Such white blood cells go out of the body in the form of pus from the injury. All this happens in a complex way. In the immunity program, so many bio-chemical reactions happen. For this reaction to happen, there is so much intelligence is needed. Our blood has that much intelligence.
What is auto immunity?
Just as our security mechanism to protect the country from enemies, protecting the body from the bacteria, which is like the enemy cells, is called immunity. But, if our vigilance officer goes crazy, treats our own country people as enemies and order the soldiers to kill our people? Our own countrymen will be killed. It will be like our previous prime minister Smt. Indira Gandhi losing her life in the hands of the body guard. It will be like the farmer, in the process of protecting the crop, makes a fence, and the crop is eaten by the fence.

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Similarly, what happens if the white blood cells eat up the cartilage and synovial layers in the knees, considering them as enemy? The swelling and pain happen between action and reaction. Due to the pain, we cannot move the knees properly. If the joints are not moved or not used properly, the muscles around the joints get weakened. After some days, it changes inside the joint and as the synovial layer is damaged, the liquid won’t come from it. As the water gets dry up in the joints, the joints gets attached and the they get deformed. After the injury is healed, its mark is left, and joints deformation of the joints will stay permanently.
Psycho neuro Immunology
The generation change is the harmful effect of civilization. There is a lot of difference since olden days to now. In this era of computer revolution, the body has no physical exercise. Moreover, the mental strength is increased. There is a great relationship between mind and the body. According to the thoughts that happen in the mind, there will be changes in the body. For example, if we think of a tamarind, raw mango or gooseberry, we salivate. We thought of it in the mind but the saliva oozes in the mouth. If some sweet smell comes from the neighbour’s house, we salivate again. In the stomach, when the acid oozes, we will feel hungry. We feel like eating it. Similarly, if we make different sad thoughts, then our anger and emotions pent up. He doesn’t know what he does in that time. He will feel irritated. During that time, the body undergoes strange chemical reactions. So many fluids which damage the body and many chemicals such as cytokines are released into the blood. Then, the central nervous system gets disturbed. As a result, the immunity of the body gets damaged. When we get angry, we don’t mind even friends and scold them. Then, we will feel bad. In this way, our heath-protective systems gets damaged. If it happens like this in the long term, what happens in auto immunity, will happen here.

page 25
Especially, women undergo so many turbulences in the daily life. They undergo so many kinds of stress in life. They may not come from outside, but they may be part of the body. For example, getting pregnant, delivery, menopause – during these times, there are unknown stresses that they undergo. As the result, they cannot have control on themselves and suffer pains.
How to recognize?
Blood test is done specially to test rheumatoid arthritis joints disease. In the blood test, RA factor is tested. If RA factor or positive, it means that you have rheumatoid arthritis. Sometimes, RA factor can be negative. This is called seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. It means, except in the blood test, all the symptoms are seen such as – frequent fever, swelling in the joints, pains, the patient becoming weak. Moreover, in people suffering from this disease for a longer time, joints don’t move, they get deformed, the body deteriorates completely.

3. Some rheumatic diseases related to stress

Ankylosing Spondylitis

This disease primarily affects men. It is seen in the young age. In fact, our backbone is in the shape of F letter, like the instrument, sitar. Just as beeds are arranged on the needle, one on the other, on our backbone, there are 33 vertebrae. Between the beeds, there is cushion like disk. Generally, on the neck part and the waist part, there are more movements. In the middle of the backbone there are only a few movements. In these backbone joints, there is swelling, pain which comes and goes and eventually the synovial layer gets damaged. For a long time, if this happens like this, the joints get attached one with the other like with fevicol. Then, in the backbone, there won’t be any more movements. One cannot bend forward or backward.

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If they try to bend, it pains a lot. If 4-5 bamboo sticks are placed on the backbone and a Band-Aid is made, what will be his situation? It will be stiff like bamboo stick. That’s why, this disease is called spine disease. The muscles around the backbone will be a bit painful. The muscles in the body will become weak. Mentally and physically, they will be depressed. The original structure of the backbone gets damaged and gets deformed. For some, the backbone bends forward, which is called kyphosis. As the backbone is bent forward, the person is bent completely forward. He cannot stand straight. In some people, the backbone bends in the opposite direction, i.e., bends to the back. This is called lordosis. Due to the disease, as the backbone is completely bent backward, the person will be bending backward, while walking. For the onlookers, it is like, he may fall down. One may think, ‘how stylishly he is walking’.

page 27
But, what can he do? That is the nature of the disease. Some people walk while bending to the right or the left side. Their spine bends to the sides. This is called scoliosis. It depends on the backbone how they are walking – to the front, back, right or left. Initially, when the walking style changes, one should take care. In the spine, between verbatim there is a disk made of soft cartilage. That’s why there is a gap between the two. The nerves coming from the spine, supply to all the organs of the body. Whatever vertebra in the backbone is worn out, or damaged, there is pressure on the nerves and it pains a lot. There is such a relation between our health and our spine. That’s why, in naturopathy, a famous person said about spine like this, “The health of an individual depends on the flexibility of the spine”.

4. Rheumatoid diseases affecting organs other than joints


This is also related to one kind of rheumatic disease. It need not affect only joints. It affects other body parts as well. This is a disease affecting the muscles. Especially for this diseased people, there are pains all over the body or the pain in one part of the body. Then, it decreases there. On the next day, the pain will be in the muscles of another part of the body. Like this, the pain changes from one area to the other in the body, decreases and increases. People suffering from this disease has extreme pain in the muscles. It will be so painful if the hand is touched. Especially, this disease affects the people who have wrong life style and people who undergo mental tension quite frequently. The psycho neuro immunology that is normal in the body gets affected and leads to muscle pains.

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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:
This is a strange disease. The diseased person gets affected easily. He will be tired always. For him, life is heavy. Whatever small work he does, he feels very tired. If he works for 1 hour, for him it is like working for 4 hours of strain. In the body, whatever part is touched, it is more painful and inconvenient. He cannot move hand from this side to that side. He looks so lazy, fatigued, and is more tired. He doesn’t want to do any work.

5. Spine related diseases

Before learning about spine related diseases, let us learn about the construction of the spine.
For us to stand straight, we certainly need the backbone. Only with the support of the spine, we can do all tasks. For us to sit, lie down, stand, walk, and run, we need spine. The facial expressions, activeness, love, tenderness all depend on the spine. All our body language depends on the functioning of the backbone.
Our backbone is made of 33 vertebrae. There are 5 types of backbone beeds.
In the neck area (Cervical Vertibra) 7 beeds
In the backbone area (Thoracic Vertibra) 12 beeds
In the Upper part of the waist (Lumbar Vertibra) 5 beeds
In the middle part (Sacral Vertibra) 5 beeds
In the lower part (Coccyx) 4 beeds
In total - 33 beeds

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Just as beeds are arranged on the needle, the backbone beeds are also arranged like that. Just as the thread appears between the beeds, between the backbone beeds, the backbone will be there. This backbone is attached from the bottom of the brain. Similarly, the brain is in the head part. Following it, the spine continues from cervical vertebrae to lumbar vertebrae. It means, it continues to 24 vertebrae. Then, the spine becomes like the hard rope, and from sacral backbone beeds to sciatic nerve, and from two sides, from hip bone to the thigh part and till the leg fingers. The nerve which entered the leg, spreads into difference branches and supplies to many muscles in the thigh. As the leg sends signals from the mind to the leg muscles, legs work efficiently. In the neck part and waist part, and in the spine, movements are free. Where there are movements, there the spine or the disk wears away or there the pain and swelling happens. Because, generally, all the physical stress happens in the head and waist part. Whenever there is pain, the movements decrease in the neck and in the waist. We are unable to move the head and the waist. Back pain is not only pain in the vertebrae, but also to the muscles that are attached to them are under stress and are tired. This stress can be physical or mental as well.
Neck pain
In the vertebrate, between each beed, there is sponge-like disk. Because of this disk, there is gap between vertebrae. From this gap, from two sides, the spinal nerves come out. The nerves which come from the cervical vertebrae in the neck part, are supplied as radial nerve, to both the sides, to the hands. But, if we use the backbone wrongly, as the disk wears away, it gets pressed to the radial nerve that comes out from this place. The nerve that is pressed like this, creates pain. That nerve is supplied to the hand. Hence, the hand gives pain. The hand feels numbness.
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The hand is pained like pricked with needles. Sometimes, only some fingers feel the numbness. However, there may or may not be pain in the neck. Some time, we feel dizzy. The heart will be throbbing. This is called Cervical Spondilosis.
Back pain
On the sciatic nerve that protrudes out in the area of lumbar backbone, if the disks wear and gets pressed, this pain is felt. Sciatic nerve is the largest nerve of all. It is strong like the suthil thread. Either due to the disk coming out or the endings of the bone (astrophiles) increase, as the sciatic nerve gets pressed. All the leg pains along with the nerve. The leg will be numb. All the leg feels twisted. There will be severe pain in the back. The leg doesn’t move. The pain is so severe that you cannot sit or walk or lie down. In the sleeping position, you should stick to only one position – you cannot turn to the other side. If the pain is in the waist part, it is called Lumbar Spondylosis, if the pain is from below the waist till the leg finger, it is called sciatica.
For the body, spine is very important. The primary reason for the spine-related pains and swelling is: it is used in a wrong way. If we stand straight, the spine stands straight. There won’t be any inconvenience. Due to the muscles that are attached around the joints, the person can stand. If the person bends sideways, the body generally has the adjusting nature.

page 31
Due to this self-adjustment, the muscles next to them work well and protect the person from falling down. That’s why, people who do yoga, gymnastics, circus feats, train the body gradually and can bend it front and back. They can keep the body without of pain for a longer time. They can live without any pain to the back bone. When it pains for the first time, if we get alert, then, we can cure the pain easily. A well-known orthopedician in London, cures different types of backbone pains without prescribing any medicine, by suggesting changes to the mode of standing, sitting, lying down, and rectifying the mistakes they do in job and at home. What we can learn from here is, since our childhood, we have been using our body in a wrong way and that’s why, we are losing a lot. The bones are wearing away at an early age, and we are getting exposed to swelling. Nowadays, as people are spending more time with computer, and mobiles, they are getting exposed to neck pain and back pain. We have to realize where we are making the mistake and rectify it. We have to rectify the postures of our sitting, standing and lying down. Do remember always – anywhere we stand, walk or lie down, the spine should be straight without bending. The movement of the spine should be flexible. Do practice yoga, pranayama etc. for the movements to be perfect. When the inhalation and exhalation are happening well, the movements of the vertebrae in the spine will be good.

6. Diseases related to the bones


We hear prominently about osteoporosis, among the bone-related diseases. Osteo means bone, and porosis means having dents. Osteoporosis means denting to the bones. The bone is strong. It is formed of calcium and phosphorous elements.

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Reasons: 1) During pregnancy, the calcium in the food that the mother takes, gets digested and enters the blood. Through the blood, it reaches the baby. The calcium that reaches the baby like that is used for the growth of the bone. If there is calcium deficiency in the food the mother takes, the calcium is pulled out and enters the blood and reaches the baby. Calcium is not only useful for the baby but it is also useful for the biochemical reactions. That’s why, when the calcium from the mother’s bone comes out, small pits are formed in the bones. As calcium is deficient in the food for a long term, dents happen in the bone. If the bone is seen through X-ray, the holes are seen in the bones, just as there are holes in the sieve.
2) For women, after 45 years, menopause comes. Especially, the oestrogen hormone decreases. This hormone is useful from the bones to outside. But, if this hormone is not available, when calcium comes out of the bone, osteoporosis affects. To such people, oestrogen hormone is given.
3) If florin is more than 2.2 ppm in the drinking water, osteoporosis is seen. There is a great relation between florin and calcium. It is called affinity in chemistry. If we drink florin water, it enters the blood, and reaches the bone through blood and brings out calcium. As a result, dents happen in the bone. Because of the dents, the bone becomes soft and brittle. That’s why the bones break down easily.
It is better to take food items that are rich in calcium. But, food items are better than calcium tablets. Because, calcium tablets are made with other elements as well.
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So, it is useful to the body only in small quantity. Most of it is discharged out of the body through urine and faeces. The calcium in food is easily digested into the body. Apart from this, we should control the mental stress.


Food is very important in the nourishment of the body. When the mother is pregnant, if there is calcium deficiency in the body, osteoporosis is affected, and there is a chance of abortion as the baby doesn’t grow inside. Even after delivery, the calcium food is needed to the baby. If there is calcium deficiency in the food of the growing children, there will be lack of calcium in the bones. That’s why, the bones will be bent. The deficiency of calcium in children is called Rickets. The legs of the children who are affected by Rickets, will be deformed. They are called ‘doddi kallu’. The children will be walking crookedly.

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The bone endings of the side ribs of the chest increase in size and cause nodules. They look like necklace beeds. The muscles also become weaker. If this disease is seen in the elders, it is called osteomalacia.

7. Other diseases

Apart from the joints, bones and muscles, the most important auto immune diseases that affect connective tissues are 1. Lupus 2. polyarthritis 3. skoroderma and similar diseases. Especially, it affects kidneys, joints, skin, muscles, eyes. These connective tissue diseases are hereditary diseases. Those who have many mental pressures in life, and those who have any hereditary chances, should take care. Because, there is a chance of getting affected easily and quickly. Especially, middle aged people get affected by it.
Prevention: One must keep the mind always joyful. We must be careful a bit, if any of the family member has this disease. It is better to change the food habits and live naturopathic life style.

page 35

Joint pains - Reasons

  • If away from nature - No life for humans
  • overusing joints is a mistake - Not using at all, is also a mistake
  • Expectinng little work and more results - That's why lives have become miserable
  • Everyone is avoiding work - Attracting diseases by eating heavily
  • Women are growing - But, are losing life values
  • Serials in the television - Symbol for psychological disorders
  • So many changes in the culture and civilization - With new diseases, new problems to humans
  • Schools are being run for marks - Even kids are not moving joints
  • Men do not have the required exercise - Danger of joint pains in the middle age
  • Even for walking, there is a club - That is the plight of humans!
  • If acid-base ratio is distorted in the blood - The disease particle is produced more
  • Don't become a living grave! - Don't eat non-vegetarian food!
  • Food items that increase acidity - Source for ill health
  • Don't create a vicious circle in the name of civilization - Don't spoil health with addictions
  • Don't increase pollusion in the name of civilization - Don't share your body parts to the physician
  • If salt is excess in the food - It damages the joints
  • Our ancestors said, 'health is wealth' - Some doctors are now saying, 'your disease is our wealth'
  • In the natural food, there is enough salt - Don't use outside salt, which is harmful to health
  • Salt eats away anything - if you don't stop eating it, it will eat away you, as well
  • Give natural food to the body - Ptotect the body from chronic diseases
  • One should have weight according to the height - Otherwise, there will be shortage of life energy
  • Don't increase pollusion in the name of civilization - Don't share your body parts
  • If you roam around hospitals, you won't be healthy - Unless we rectify our mistakes, the the illness won't go
  • Leave your mental stress - Lead a life without disease
  • Observe the opinions - Listen to your inner self
  • If the thought is good, the implementation would be good - If the heart is pure, good health is yours
  • Live in the present - Enjoy life fully

1. The current life style to live far from the nature

As swami Vivekananda said, we have enormous pool of energy in ourselves. In that energy, there is unknown joy. Whoever does anything, that is for this happiness. If the heart internalizes, takes control of the five senses, we can float in happiness all the time. It needs some practice. But, the present man’s focus is more on the worldly things and not on taking out the inner energy that is residing within. The present man is totally believing that machinery power is greater than mental energy, the power of the modern world is greater than the spiritual strength, man’s energy is greater than the supernatural powers. As part of this, he believes that machine power is more truthful than the nature’s power, and as a result, he is confronting the nature. This is all like – a ram hitting the mountain. Man is living anti-nature. He is thinking that he can live by himself and nature cannot do anything to me. Too much is always bad. Now, there is extremes in our culture. In everything, there is excess. Children, women and elders have surpassed their limitations and guidelines. Everyone wants to live independently. There is nothing wrong in it. But, it is sad to behave in an extreme way. The current youth is going beyond the social limitations and having free sexual life and is adapting foreign life style. They are planning to earn money and fame without much strain. They want to earn more money compared to their efforts.

page 36
As a result, we are inviting many diseases. Joint diseases are also a result of the current civilization. Because, humans are supposed to live closer to the nature, but, in the name of civilization, there are far from the nature. If he understands and the nature’s principles well and supply the needed things to the body such as physical work, food, and water, he can live healthily. Otherwise, he will be unhealthy. That is what is happening.

2. Use joints and muscles more often

If we use our muscles, joints and bones excessively or use very less, or don’t use at all, they will get spoiled. For example, assume that we have used the knife excessively. For example, if we use knife more, it easily wears away. But, if we don’t use much, its gets rusted. Similarly, our joints and muscles as well. Sportspersons use their limbs more. The get damage by overusing. For example, imagine a body builder. He does only three things. They get up early. They do a lot of exercises, lift weights, to improve the muscles, they do exercise with dumbbells. For legs, calves and thigh muscles, they do push ups. To improve the chest and spine muscles, they lift weights, do bench press and dips. Twice a day, they do 2 hours of exercise in the morning and evening. Like this, they work hard for 5-10 years and reach the stage where they can lift weights more than their capacity. They do practice every day and strengthen their muscles in hands, legs, chest, stomach. They participate in the competitions. They beat world records by lifting more weight than everyone. This is all fine, but the real problem starts later. In 35-45 years of age, if we ask them how they are, they will explain their problems, how much suffering they experience every day due to the joint pains. A body builder, well known to me, even before 50 years of age, suffered a lot with joint pains in the whole body.
page 37
To lift him up, to make him sit, he needed help. Moreover, he had paralysis. When he was young, he was proud of his muscles and he had two marriages. But, at the end, when he was in bed, he didn’t have anyone to help and he suffered a lot. We should be able to do our tasks and are to help others. But, we should not wait somebody’s help. That’s why, if joints, legs, muscles are overused, they will get damaged. The vitality in the muscles will be decreased, the energy in the nerves gets deteriorated, the hands and the legs will tremble. They cannot even take a glass of water on their own.
We see that for cricketers and tennis players, the wrist and elbow part get damaged; for football players, either the knee or heel part get damaged. For the coolies who lift heavy weights and rikshaw pullers, the joints get wear away. The reason is they overuse them.

3. Minimal Usage of joints and muscles

As part of the civilization, there are so many changes in the human’s life. He is striving to achieve more work, more profits and more results in less time, in less expenses. If it is not happening, he is worrying a lot. It means, more than the physical strain, there is mental strain.
We have learnt that by using the body excessively, we are losing something. But, the damage is combatively less. Because, the number of people using them like that is small. But, most of the people are either not using the body or using is in a minimal way. For every generation, there are more and more changes. All the work that the humans are doing are being done by machines. Humans have discovered ways to get done many tasks without any physical work. The current situation is so bad that only to generate children, they need a wife and a husband. If anything delivers babies, they will buy it. Such a pathetic society. Now, the situation is like living with things.
page 38
Then, where is this society heading towards? What is our position living in this society. In the olden days, there are no such facilities and opportunities. There is a need for one another. That’s why, all the people were living united and with love. That was the need at that time. As man is a social animal, since morning to night, without the help of others, the daily activities wouldn’t be fulfilled. This can be clearly seen in functions such as marriages, festivals and other celebrations. For 10-15 days, the relatives and acquaintances stay in the house. Not to sit and eat. But, to help in different tasks such as grinding items used for cooking, to bring water etc. By working together, they used to complete all the tasks and would complete the function. Now, we don’t have that need. If we pay money, all the tasks are done in minutes.
Situation of women
In the olden days, to eat stomach full, they had to work very hard. They used to grind the paddy grain and convert it into rice. The grams are exposed to the sun in the open area and then preserve then in house. According to the need, they further grind them and use in cooking. They would use vegetables grown in the backyard or in the crop for cooking. They would take care of the animals, more than humans – they would give the animals hay. And in return, they take milk and would make curd out of it. At every house, there would be animals, milk and milk, curd etc. They would work a lot to gather food like this. Women would bring water from a long distance. To light up the oven, they would prepare flakes with the cow or buffalo dung and store them in summer. As they won’t get firewood in the rainy season, they would take care beforehand in summer. They would work a lot continuously throughout the day for the living. They would use their joints and muscles very well. For their tasks, all the body parts would move totally. Just to cook curry and rice, the mother would work a lot. They gather firewood and light up the oven. She would place the dish on the oven, and if the flame is not well lit, she would add more firewood, and ensure that the oven has enough flame for cooking.
page 39
Meanwhile, if the baby cries, she would feed him milk. And if needed, to rekindle the oven flame. To bring down the oil tin from the attic to bring down the cooking ingredients and keep them on the ground, and would cut the vegetables. To make the curry, all such things should be done. In the dish, she would pour oil, do tempering, add vegetables, ensure that the flame is burning well, and mixing the curry intermittently so that it is cooked well. If a cat or dog enters the house, she would chase them away, and would sit and stand for 8-10 times near the oven for cooking. Like this, to cook a curry, she would sit and stand at least for 15-20 times. This cooking of rice and curry every day can be seen as a big daily exercise in their regular life.
In the olden days, while eating, people would sit on the foot stool. They would sit down and eat, at least for 30 minutes. During their meals as well, they would bend their joints. This way, they kept their joints healthy.
Now, look at the life of a modern day women. Everything is readymade. No need to grind the grain. No need to separate stones from the grain. Lot of comfort. Today, we are building our houses so that our joints and legs are not moving at all. Technical advancements helped us to find methods where we don’t need to move any body parts. It is like cutting the branch we are sitting. It is today’s life style. Now, look at the kitchen platform. It is in the height of our waist. Even if the mason makes a mistake by lowering or increasing the height 2 inches, we will get the alterations done and ensure that the height is upto the navel level, and we don’t compromise. Our ladies need not use light up firewood. No smoke problem. They can control the flame – can increase or decrease it. The technology is so advanced that we don’t need matchbox now, just as if we use match stick, the shoulder muscles may be used for it. There are lighters for that purpose. Even there is no need for it. Just as the gas stove is started, the spark comes out and the stove is lighted up. They keep the cooker on the stove. Without moving the body, they pour oil, and tempering and then vegetables. Keep the lid close. No need to mix it in the middle. Just to spend 5 minutes. One time business. That’s all.
page 40
The cooker vigil sound for 3 times – and we take down the cooker. The curry is cooked. Meanwhile, they can sit and watch their favourite serials. In the serials also, there are breaks in between, for advertisements. In the 30 minutes serial, there are 15 minutes of serial and 15 minutes of advertisement. Maybe that gap is for cooking. During that gap time, cooking can be made. Such an easy task of cooking.
The cooking process has become so easy that joints, legs and muscles are not needed to move. No need to sit down on the floor. No need to bend the knees. The old proverb is now changed: without bending the limbs, he is able to eat stomachful. Without any work, eating three times and sitting idly. Spending time for stupid serials. This is the change we have gained through civilization.
The culture of sitting on the floor while eating is gone a long ago. Now, we have dining tables. All the dishes will be there. People sit in the chair just by bending knees. There won’t be a need to stretch the hand to take any dish, just as protecting the shoulder muscles, without moving. The table is so designed that there is another layer where we can place the dishes. It is fixed with bearings. It will rotate in circular motion easily. While eating, if we want to take any dish, if you move it with your finger, it revolves around. We can serve whatever dish we want. We are in such culture now.
Since the olden days, we have received some cultural hereditary from our elders. During all auspicious occasions, death anniversaries, when daughter gets matured, they used to invite everyone for the function. All the invited people would site together and eat. This culture is still there, but the methods are changed. Earlier, the food is served as people are sitting in rows. They would use banana leaves or leaf plates for serving the food.
page 41
By bending the knees, they would sit and eat for half an hour. For the people who serve food, the back would be bending well. But, there is a change in the eating method. Now, people are sitting in the chairs. In place of the leaf plates, there are tables. People would bend the knees and sit in the chairs eat. For the people who are serving, there is no need to bend. They serve while walking. There are more changes in the eating method, which is buffet system. In it, for each dish, there is a person responsible. People who are eating, need to move in the line while holding the plate in hand. All the food items are served in it. It is like prisoners eating in the jail. Just as prisoners are not moved in the jail, we are also not moving the joints. Either the people who are eating or who are serving, no need to move their joints. This is the change we are facing in our present civilization.
For that matter, we are not even sitting on the floor, even for one hour. From children to elders, no one is sitting on the floor. We have stopped the culture long back. For one minute, stop reading and check yourself – how much time you are sitting on the floor. According to me, it is alost reduced. In simple words, not all categories of people are in fact bending the knee. In olden days, everyone would bend their knees and would sit down at least once – whether they like it or not. Do you know when? During bowel movement. They used to drink the water placed in the copper container, and would go out for bowel movement – to the outskirts of the village, behind the bushes or tree and would have free motions. As they would eat early in the evening, the previous night, they would have free motions. They would bend the joints and sit down and release the stomach weight. In this world, the most joyous movement for humans is – when free motions happen. In fact, the discharging of urine and faeces completely by holding again and again, the joy and experience are different. Now, look at the current day situation. In olden days, it would be a big house, in the courtyard, at one corner, the latrine used to be built. Now, just beside the kitchen, then beside it, bed room – in the bed room, attached latrine room. No walking at all. Moreover, all are like western commodes.
page 42
This has become very fashionable. They are habituated to sit in the foreign commode. In the olden days, at least once in a day, they would bend the knees and go for motions. Now, that is not there. We don’t understand where these joints are used. Nowhere these joints are being used. not even the elders, even children as well – they are getting habituated to this from their childhood. That’s why, I am worried about the future situation of the joints.
The plight of the children
This commode is being used not only by elders, but also by children from childhood. For children, plastic commodes have come to the market. Once the kids say, they want to go for motions, mother would open this plastic commode and help the child to sit on it. In a week, he would get accustomed to it. Once he feels like to go to motion, he would bring his commode box and sits on it. This way, the kid is habituated to it. If the child, who is not habituated to bend joints, can use the Indian toilet, when he is grown? Now, if we look at school, in olden days, students used to sit on the floor. Only the teacher would have a chair and table. The students would sit on the floor from morning to evening. Even today, in some gurukulas, the same method is going on. But, today, in government and private schools, there are benches and tables. Today, children are not sitting on the floor, even in schools. Children like sports. Today’s parents like marks. They want their children focus on the studies. They have study well and get the job and to settle with 5 figure salary. But parents do not know that their children’s joints and legs should function well and they need some exercise and sports for it. In each generation, the children are becoming more intelligent than the parents. Because, the mother’s hereditary is different and father’s hereditary is different. The jeans of both of them are different. Children are born with the combined jeans. It means, the children imbibe both the qualities of the mother and father. As a result, children are born with more intelligence than the parents. Children like sports.
page 43
But, there is a lot of difference according to the time. Children are now fond of games where they don’t need to move their joints, legs and muscles. I mean, computer games. If they don’t bend the knees, not play games, not use joints, don’t they have problems before 30 years?
The plight of men
In the olden days, people in all professions, would use their joints well. In iron smith work, in handloom work, carpentry, the joints would move very well. For all the labourers, farmers, porters who carry luggage, the joints, bones and muscles would move well. They would have good exercise. If you look at them, they won’t have any belly or fat in their body. Brahmins and vyshyas, who don’t need to do any physical work in their profession, used to keep their joints and muscles efficient, they used to do surya namaskaras, pranayama, and other yoga asanas. In the name of pujas and vratas, they used to sit and stand multiple times and used to bend their legs and joints. After having meals, they used to sit in vajrasan for half an hour. Like this, they used to keep their joints working. In the morning or evening, they used to sit in the puja, by bending their legs. Like this, in their professions, they would move their muscles, do physical toil, and kept their body healthy. But, if you observe the current situation, in all the professions, the physical effort is reduced. All the tasks that man’s muscles were doing, are now done by machines. That’s why, they are good. But the joints, legs, muscles which are not used, are getting rusted. For example, if the joint in the shoulder is moved, they adjust the joint in its place, and tie bandage around the hand and ensure that the hand is not moved. After 2 weeks, the bandage is removed. If you look at it after that, the hand will be bent like that. There won’t be 100% movements like before. Unless we do physio theraphy and move the joints front and back, it won’t come to the normal stage. Like this, in people, day by day, the movements are getting reduced. He starts the byke or car at home, reaches office and from there to home. The habit of walking is gone. In the olden day, if we need to bring something, we would walk for some time.
page 44
Now, everything is available at hand. People go by auto or local bus and get the required items. To go for a kilometre, they would wait for one hour for bus but, they won’t walk. Just ask your kid to get something by going 1 kilometre distance. First of all, he won’t bring. Even if he goes, he asks for auto fare. For people, walking is almost gone. That’s why, people are made a habit of walking after they get up in the morning. For every colony, there are walking clubs, walking associations. To go for walking, he would go to the ground by byke or car, and then does walking there. In fact, there are calculations how much a man walks in his life time. The estimation says that the distance that is covered if we take 3 rounds around the equator – that much distance, man would walk and in fact, he should walk. But, these are older calculations. Now, tell me, how much humans have to walk and how much they are walking? How much walking he has been losing? As there is no walking, the joint muscles are losing the grip. If you miss one day’s walk, you cannot fulfil it with another day’s. once you lose, you lose it for ever in your life.
Like this, the children, women, men, old people, they are not using their joints, muscles properly. As the muscles are not used properly, they are getting weaker. As a result, the joints are getting weaker. To get efficient joints, the attached muscles, ligaments should be strong. It means, they need moderate work to function well and to be fit.

4. Eating food that increases acidity

In the olden days, people would eat brown rice. People would eat vegetables grown at the crop, for which the pesticides are not used. At houses, there is a lot of place in the courtyard. In the courtyard, they used to grow, bottle gourd, snake gourd, bitter gourd, tomato and many other vegetables. Everyone would have some kind of trees. Every day, they would use vegetables, leafy vegetables that are grown in the backyard and milk and curd available for the cows etc. They would also eat the seasonal groundnuts, greengram, maize etc.
page 45
People would eat all the raw grams, that are grown at the crops. Like this they would eat good food. In their food, there is a lot of fibre. They would never use chemical pesticides, medicine etc. They only used organic manure such as the cow dung, the fermented waste. They would use the black soil from the ponds, in the fields, and would yield good crop with it, ate healthy food. That food used to maintain the balance of acids and bases. By eating such food, in the blood in the blood vessels, the cholesterol doesn’t increase and the acid-base ratio will be balanced. Just as in the perennial rivers, how water flows without stopping, the blood would flow. There were no traces of heart problems, kidney diseases, sugar diseases. For the body parts to be healthy, the blood should be healthy. The blood being healthy means, in it, the acid and base ratio should be balanced. This ratio in the blood is calculated with pH value. If the pH value is less than 7, the blood is more acidic, if the pH is more than 7, the blood is more base. If the pH value is between 7-8, the body is healthy, if it is between 6-7, the body is a bit acidic in nature. The blood’s pH depends on the food items we eat. In the olden days, there would be a lot of fibre in the food we used to eat. As the nutrients were available to the body in equilibrium, the blood would always be pure and the pH value would be between 7-8 i.e., it would be basic. As long as there was base quality more prominent in the body, the organs would be healthy. If the acidic nature increases in the body, the bones and joints wear way. The muscles become weaker. Stones will be developed in the kidneys and gal bladder. Like this, there are many disadvantages. If the acid is spilt on the face, it will be burnt. Similarly, if acidic nature increases in the blood, the bone will also wear away. Due to increased acidity, ulcer happens. Like this, with increased acidic nature, all the organs get affected.
If we observe today’s habits, we are eating completely acid-producing food. We have become enemies to our own body.
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Just as we give poisonous food to the enemy, we are eating acidic food so that the joints and muscles get spoiled soon, and we are facing grave danger.
Food that increases acidity: White food items increase acidity. White polished rice, white sugar, sweets made with white milk, ice creams, white maida, white salt etc. increase acidity in the body.
Stored food items: Pickles
Spices: poppy seeds, black cumin, clove, oil foods, biryanis
Non vegetarian food: As spices are mixed with non-vegetarian food, it will be tasty. In fact, the taste is not about the flesh. It is about the spices. At present, people are eating different types of birds, crabs, snails, fish, prawns etc. They are eating all kinds of living beings. Think once. Why man has degraded like this, in food habits? Is it because not having food? Not getting vegetarian food? No. His anti-natural tendencies. Why is he getting habituated to such horrible habits?
When we are ready to kill an animal such as goat, buffalo, they are so terrified. Due to the fear, in their blood circulation, in their bodies, there are lot of changes (when we see a dreadful road accident, when we are present there, our B.P. rises, and we face fast heartbeat, fatigue, tension in minutes). Due to those changes, the body releases so many toxic chemicals, which get mixed into the blood. We eat the flesh. As a result, the toxic chemicals along with the flesh enter the body. In general, in 1 kilo of flesh, 100 grams of blood flows. In that blood, there are toxics. So, if a person eats 100 grams of flesh, it is equal to taking 100 grams blood as well. as the blood contains toxics, the blood is full of acids. When we take acidic food, as per its nature, the bones, joints and muscles get damaged. Humans are leading non-natural life and is moving close to horrific habits.
page 47
Just think, how justified such food habits! After the non-vegetarian food is digested, it is divided into some types of amino acids and it releases into it, urea and uric acid. These acids enter the blood, and through the blood, enter the joints. If uric acid increases in the body, the joint disease, ‘gout’ will affect the body. That is very dangerous. If it comes once, it comes again and again. It looks like reducing, but, it comes again and again. Especially in the big joints like knees, hip joints or elbows, there will be swelling. Apart from the swelling, there will be pain. For this Gout disease to come, the primary reason is non vegetarian food. The different types of non vegetarian food that we eat spoils the joints a lot. These non vegetarian food and alcohol increase the acidity in the blood. Due to this acid, the thin synovial layer (which is like onion layer) in the joints gets damaged. We are not non-vegetarians. We should not eat it. If we are non-vegetarians, people from all areas should eat flesh. But, it is not so!
These days, children are eating a lot of acid food items. Chocolates, biscuits, ice creams, pizzas, cool drinks, noodles, bread, jam, sauce etc. all these are the food items that increase the acidity. That’s why, children’s teeth are getting spoiled early. Today, if we go to any school and do dental check, we will find dental cavities. I worked in a voluntary organization called ‘samskar plan’ in Nijamabad for 8 years. There, we used to check teeth every year. Even in such remote villages, in 60-70% of students, we could find dental cavities. So, our food culture is not only affecting the towns, but also the village areas as well. At one time, even in a district head quarters, we wouldn’t find a dentist. One dentist would be there for the whole district. But, now, there is one dental doctor for each colony. Even in villages, there are dental doctors. We are making mistakes at home and are causing dental cavities. We are eating acid food. Once there are dental cavities, we are consulting the dentists and getting the teeth removed. To remove a tooth or to repair it, we need a dentist. But, we are not getting it right that, if we don’t make mistakes at the food level, we don’t need a dentist.

page 48
Cool drinks
Cool drinks increase acid in the blood. In our body, of all the body parts, the strongest are teeth. Teeth are made with a material called dentes. It is covered with a strong layer called enamel. This layer doesn’t generally gets melt away and doesn’t get spoiled. But, with acid food items, it gets damaged. When the human body is burnt, the whole body will be burnt, except the teeth. Such strong are teech. But, if we place a tooth in a thumbs up or coca cola cool drink, it will be melt away in just 6 days.
Recently, the ‘Jana Vignana Vedika’ of Vijayawada has demonstrated that cool drinks have excess acid and if we drink cool drinks, they can eat away our teeth. They publicly displayed a tooth in the cool drink bottle and showed the day-by-day changes to the public and educated them. In cool drinks, there is lot of acid. When we mention acid, what do we remember? Women know it better. In our daily life, as we use it daily – the acid bottle that we use to clean latrines. For the next time, don’t bring an acid bottle to clean up your latrine. Use a cococola or thumb up bottle – pour the cool drink on the latrine basin. It will become clean and white. What proof do you need to know that there is lot of acid in the cool drinks. It is revealed that compared to American cool drinks, there is more acid in the Indian cool drinks – more than the prescribed standards. Moreover, it is discovered that there are toxics in the cool drinks. In Delhi, in a university, some students had a challenge to drink cool drinks. After drinking 5 bottles, the student got fainted. He was admitted in AIIMS. The doctors tested the cool drinks and concluded that they contain toxics. They have declared that if 7 cool drinks are taken continuously, is will be fatal. Then, some private voluntary organizations entered the field and confirmed that in cool drinks, there are some pesticides which are harmful to the humans. That’s why, there were some problems and for some days, the sales were stopped as well.
page 49
We don’t feel good to drink today’s water, tomorrow. Because, we feel, that is yesterday’s water and if we don’t move the water for ten days, big insects would be there in the water. But, in the cool drink, even after 6 months, there won’t be any insects. Why? Because, not to have the problem, in it, pesticides are already mixed in them. Pesticides are harmful to the body. Moreover, they are toxins as well. if the dosage is more, it is harmful to life.
Some farmers who came to know that cool drinks contain pesticides, and used these cool drink instead of pesticides. With less expense, they could solve the insects’ problem. The farmers could get better yield of the crop. This happened in Guntur in Andhra Pradesh where the farmers did a new experiment. It was a news item recently. In the area where cool drink bottling is done in kerala and Andhra Pradesh, in some hundreds of acres, due to the chemicals, the field had become unfertile. The effect of this chemicals was seen in the drinking water in the near places. As people are suffering without having drinking water and for cultivation, government is giving subsidies on power and water. The government is providing water through pipe line from a long distance.
The multi-national companies are showing a lot of love on India and are sending 10 rupee cool drink for 5 rupees. People who are not habituated are also drinking the cool drinks as they are less expensive. When thirsty, people are drinking cool drinks instead of water. When 5 rupees bottles have come, in schools and colleges, universities, offices, festivals, happy occasions, everywhere, the usage of these cool drinks has increased a lot. Finally, this habit has not left the poorest Lambadis, gonds etc. They may not have drinking water, and good food to eat, and no tablets when they are not healthy. But, these cool drinks are available.

page 50
Even the poorest people are exploited by spending money on these cool drinks. All the income is taken away by the foreign companies. They are using our resources, using our innocent people as employees, deceiving our governments and robbing the hard earned money of the people with licence. They are spreading ill health all over the country. Don’t drink these cool drinks which damage our body parts and deteriorate our body parts. Unfortunately, the idols of our youth are generally movie heroes, cricket stars. They challenge the children to drink these drinks with big size advertisements on movie screens in Eastman color and outside alongside the road on big hoardings, and attracting youth and children.
Excess salt is very harmful to the joints
The salt that we eat is called table salt. It is technically called sodium chloride. Near the sea, the salt water is stored in man-made pools. Some water sinks into the ground. Some water gets evaporated due to the sun’s heat. Finally, the salt forms as crystals. It is either as it is or through factory, processed by removing soil and powered and iodine is added to it and provided to us through packing. In it, it contains, sodium and chlorine. For the body, sodium element is very essential. In our body, in each cell, around the cell, there will be sodium. In the sodium cell, water and other food items move in and out. Moreover, it maintains the pH balance in the cell. In many of the bio-chemical reactions that happen in the cell, sodium is more useful. In the brain, heart, and in other body parts, it improves the functioning of the body parts. It controls our blood pressure. In many functions, sodium plays an important role. That’s why, we need 2-3 grams of sodium every day, because, every day, from the body, sodium gets discharged out through urine and sweat. We need to fill the sodium that goes out like that. That’s why, we need sodium every day. It is true that we need 2-3 grams of salt every day. But, we are takkng 15-20 grams of salt every day. It means, we are taking almost 7-8 times more salt than we need.

page 51
Because of that, inside and out, the balance between sodium and potassium get damaged. If the cell gets damaged, the tissue also get damaged. With the damaged tissues, the body organs get damaged and ultimately, the body gets damaged. The excess salt slowly damages all the body parts. Now, the medical science has understood that if the salt is taken excess, B.P. will increase, the kidneys will get damaged, liver gets damaged, ulcers are formed in the stomach, leading to skin diseases. That’s why, along with prescribing medicines, doctors suggest them to control eating salt. Even in corporate hospitals such as Apollo, Care, Yashoda, Medwin, Medinova, Medicity, after many tests are made and after the disease is diagnosed, after the medicine are prescribed, the regimen is given to the patient. There is a separate dietician who tells these details. He will inform the patient what to eat and what not to eat. There are also psychologists who gives understanding about the disease, how it attacks, what conditions cause it to happen, how to be mentally defensive to attack it etc. It is a great thing that at last they have understood that health is the mix of all these things. For some diseases, the dieticians strictly suggest not to take any salt. It means, after the patient is attacked by the disease, they are telling not to take salt. For post-disease methods, they are giving importance. The care people are showing on post-disease time, they are not showing before the disease attacks the body. There is a reason for this. Only after the person is affected by the disease, then only he will spend money. Without the disease, he won’t spend money. Where there is money, there the business happens. With patient and disease as the raw material, in the name of medical treatment, a horrible business is happening. In olden days, it is said as, ‘vaidyo Narayano Hari’, which means a doctor is like a God. But, now, going to the doctor means emptying the purse. At this time, Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana Raju garu proved that by changing our habits and to eating food without salt, and eating unboiled food, and by taking plenty of water, then we won’t need a doctor.

page 52
He implemented it for himself and asking people to implement it by propagating it throughout the state. He is spreading the naturopathic way of treatment, which can be done by people at their homes. If all the doctors do like this and do service to people it would be so great. We can see Mahatma Gandhi’s disease-less country. We can show to the world that there is no other paradise in the world. Diseases won’t be cured, because money is the priority. Similarly, after people are affected with disease, doctors tell them not to use salt. But, they won’t tell before they are affected with the disease. In fact, we need not use salt in the curry. In every food items, there is salt. In leafy vegetables, vegetables, fruit and fruit juices, there is excess salt. If we take food adequate for our body, the salt from those food items, is enough for our daily activity. We need not use any additional salt from the sea.
Recently, an orthopaedic surgeon has told, when they did some joints operation, we could see some stored salt in the joints. We observe at home that when salt water is boiled, after the water is cooled, there is some salt left at the bottom. If salt water is pumped through our drinking water pipes, even after some years, around the pipes, we can see salt stored – as flakes. This all happens because of salt. In our food, we are eating more salt than we require. Unlike earlier, we are not eating with one curry. At least 4 types of dishes – one fry, one curry, one sambar, one pickle. People feel it complete meals only when they have all these. Along with them, papads, which contain salt again. Like this, in three times food – breakfast, lunch and dinner, in the food we take daily, we eat around 15-20 grams of salt. It gets digested along with the food and enters the blood. The excess salt is sent out by the body through sweat, urine and faeces. But, the salt is still excess in the body enters the blood. The salt in the blood, through the blood vessels, enters the joints through the thin layer which is similar to an onion layer.
Our body tries to send out anything that foreign to the body, just as poison.
page 53
For example, people who have the habit of eating natural food, when they are eating coconut, mango or carat, the fibre gets stuck between teeth. Though we are doing any other work, automatically, our tongue reaches it and pushes it outside while dancing in the mouth. If it doesn’t come out, at last, we look here and there and get a pin or needle and pull it out. Only then, we feel satisfied. Similarly, when we are going by the byke or walking in the street, if a dust particle falls in the eye, what happens? Water comes out of the eye so that the dust particle can come out of the eye. Then only, our mind will be at peace. Like this, the body sends out anything not suitable to the body, treating as foreign particles. As salt is poison, the body tries to send out the salt that is stored in the joints. As the layer is there, it struggles not to go out. Between this action and reaction, there will be swelling and pain in the joints.
Fire has the tendency to burn. It will burn whoever touches it – children elders etc. Even magicians or witches, it burns. It is its trait. For water the trait is getting things wet, for air, the blowing tendency. Similarly, for salt, the tendency to eat away. Compared to the boats that are run in river waters, the boats run in sea water get rusted soon, because the salt has the tendency to eat away material. In the kitchen, there will be 10-12 boxes where different ingredients are stored, - but except salt. Because salt eats away the iron box. When it can eat away iron box, then, cannot it eat away paper-like thin layer? The salt that is stored in the joints eats away the thin layer and the cartilage.
Salt has the tendency to squeeze water. In the summer, the salt is dry. In the rainy season, it becomes humid. Sometimes, it becomes watery. Because, salt pulls the humid from the atmosphere. This tendency is called hygroscopic property. Similarly, the salt squeezes the fluid in the joints. As a result, the water decreases and the bones become fragile.
page 54
When water is decreased, the bones touch one another and the cartilage wears away and as a result, the swelling of joints and pain happens.
In this nature, is any animal, bird eating salt? Is there a single animal which eats food mixing slat in it? No bird or animal is eating. In natural fruits, plants, leaves, there is enough salt already. They also know this truth. That’s why, they don’t eat. To their bodies which have come from the nature, they are offering natural food. The elephant is around 1 tonne weight. But, its joints are not getting wearing away. In case of us, if we increase a bit more weight, our joints are not able to bear it. The birds fly hundreds of miles every day. Deer, tigers, lions, and other animals run some hundreds of miles speed. Still, their joints are not getting worn away. Take an ant. It doesn’t stop anywhere – walks continuously. If you throw something on its way, it changes the direction and moves ahead. Nowhere, does it stop for a single minute. This nature doesn’t stop, time and seasons, don’t stop. Nothing stops for anyone. In this nature, every being, for its needs, continues its journey. This is the dharma of time. Are these animals eating salt? Many people have this myth. If we don’t eat salt, we may become fatigue, and finally we will become unfit for married life. If we don’t take enough salt, this is true. We will have fatigue. That’s why, we should eat vegetable juice, sprouts and fruit (instead of breakfast). In our food, ensure that there are more vegetables, leafy vegetables and fruit. You won’t get fatigue. You won’t have any inconvenience. Moreover, no joint gets damaged. The muscles don’t get weakened. Surprisingly, no animal in this nature wants to have salt from outside. Humans don’t have the intelligence that animals have. Because, they live with the intelligence that is built in their body. Contrary to them, humans use their mind power. Animals give more importance to their body nourishment and body requirements. But, humans give more importance to the profession, money etc. than the body nourishment and their needs. Humans give importance to other relations and the thoughts that the mind thinks. That is their health secret. This is our unhealthy secret.

page 55

5. Excess weight is harmful to the joints

The excess body weight can be a reason – in an indirect way, for the joints to wear away quickly. If we build 4 storied building on a 2-story piller basement, would it stand? No. Similarly, engineers plan how many pillers are to be planned, the size of the iron rods to be used, the amount of sand and cement for a 2 story building and they build it according to the plan. On the pillars which are supposed to carry that much weight, if we place more weight, then it cannot bear it. It will collapse. If a person is able to carry 100 kilos, if we place 150-200 kilos of weight on his back, can he carry it. The nutritious experts and the physicians have decided that our weight should be according to our height. If the weight is according to the weight, one looks good. You won’t be good either too thin or too fat. It is also harmful to be too thin and lean just as the skin is stuck to the bones. Because, the muscles that are stuck to the bones lose their size and as a result, get weaker. The weak muscles cannot run the joints effectively. We get tired quickly. Because of the weak muscles, the joints will also become weak. The weak joints get damaged quicky. They won’t have much immunity to resist even small bacteria or virus. If the person has excess weight, he would look like a small elephant. His stomach, hip area, thighs will be heavy in size. He would become like a bag. In the current society, people who are not even 30 years, have a pot like belly. The pot walks before him and he walks behind it.
page 56
Our weight causes inconvenience, not only to us – but also to others. For our life partners, it is great pain. For our family members also. Our weight can also cause trouble to unknown people as well. We see many such incidents in our daily life. Due to friction between thighs while walking, the skin has become black and caused some fungus infection. While walking, tiredness and shortness of breath. Now, he cannot even go to latrine. He has to take the help of someone.
Wife and husband have been living together for 40 years. He got retired 10 years ago. Now, they don’t have enough money. Compared to his previous years, his expenses have become more now. Because, for the last 20 years, his weight has been growing a lot. He crossed the weight of a 100 kilo rice bag. Now, his weight is 120 kilos. Apart from weight problem, he has B.P, sugar and heart problems. He has to take somebody’s help. He has to take medicine for all diseases. Even his wife got vexed up. She gets irritated always. One day, she scolded him, ‘you have become good for nothing. I have to do now your tasks, apart from mine. How many things do I have to do? You have increased your weight like an elephant. All the diseases are in your body. How many more days will you torture us like this? Why to live such life? For people like you, god gives more life span’. He felt very bad. He has already suffered physically, financially, mentally and also in family relations. He decided to commit suicide. He didn’t know how to die. In the lift he goes to the top of the 4 storeyed building. From the top he jumped down. After 4 days, when he opened his eyes, as in a movie, he could see a nurse, band aids to the legs. He asked, ‘what happened to me? Didn’t I die? Am I still alive?
page 57
After listening to him, the nurse said, ‘stop it, sir! You are still alive. You are not dead. When you jumped from top, at the bottom, there are two people. They died but you are alive. Your legs are broken and you are in our nursing home. Listening to this, he further cried, ‘As I am facing with 10 types of diseases, now this new problem as my bones are broken’. Over weight is not only a problem for us, but, for our life partners, and family members as well. Especially on the hip section and knees the weight affects. Our legs carry the body weight like building pillers. They have to carry the body weight. If we walk with 10 kilos of weight on the head, we feel like taking off the weight. When carrying the children, once we put them down, we feel relief. But, how to put down this weight? The pot in front and the seat back side are attached to the body. We have to carry them. Like this, the weight affects the knees and hip area. While we are walking, the bones touch one another in the joints. Apart from that, the body weight will also affect the joint bones and touches with heavy weight. Like this, the joints undergo heavy pressure and continuous corrosion and as a result they wear away gradually or there will be swelling and pain. That’s why, weight causes so many problems, and also brings joint pains. It is always ideal to have optimum weight according to your height. If anyone is overweight, they can follow naturopathic life style and can take nature cure treatment and can reduce the body weight without harming to the body and can live happily and healthily.

6. Mental stress and joint pains

To understand stress and joint pains, let us first understand stress. Everyone in life, either in their work place or in family or in society with other people, getting under pressure with one thing or the other. These days, the word ‘stress’ is more talked about. From children to elders, in all fields, stress has become so common.
page 58
For everyone, stress is common to everyone. To do anything, or to achieve anything, it is not possible without stress. Stress is good, but if it crosses the limits, then, it is harmful. We can compare stress with violin. Violin has strings. If they are loose, the ‘notes’ won’t sound well. But, if we make them very tight, they get broken. If the strings are maintained as tightly as required, and play it, it can give the melodious music we want. In life, stress is also like that.
What is stress?
The way we respond to the external situations can be termed as stress. For example, if husband says the curry is not well, wife would scold him in retaliation and create a quarrel. Then, there will be a lot of stress on both of them. Instead, she can say, today, it happened like that, tomorrow, I will do it better. Then, there won’t be any stress between them. It means, as a reaction, we respond in different ways. This response is called stress. When we respond positively to something, there won’t be any stress. If we respond negatively, then, we will undergo stress.
In this there are two types: 1. Eustress 2. Distress
1. Eustress
The stress that takes us forward is called Eustress. In everyday life, we plan something. We will plan to complete it by certain time and we complete it successfully. Eustress is what propels us towards our goals despite we face many obstacles. In such kind of stress, there is pleasure. This kind of stress give us pleasure. When we undergo stress, a negative hormone ‘serotonin’ is released in the mind. This hormone relaxes the muscles, nerves and blood vessels.
2. Distress
When we have thoughts beyond our capacity, our mind responds vigorously. If we think the same thing again and again multiple time, we will get depressed mentally.
page 59
This stress is not good. When we are suffering with negative thoughts, the body releases some steroid hormones. These hormones destroy some thousands of cells in a moment. If thoughts increase, people undergo chronic stress. The strings we play are in tight pressure always, the violin gives wrong notes or the strings will break. Similarly, if pressure increases in our life, its effect will be on the muscles and joints and the pain increases. In the similar way, the chronic joint pains are also causing a lot of harmful effects. Let us try to understand the relation between joint pains and stress.
Relationship between joint pains and stress
Now, the medical science has recognized that there is inseparable relation between the body and the mind. The mind reacts to the body’s turbulences. People who have chronic joint pains suffer with great despair. Because, they are not able to do their tasks. They have to depend on others. People who have financial troubles suffer more as they don’t have money to consult a doctor. If the patient is the head of the family who is the bread-earner of the family, and if he is bed-ridden, then it is big problem. When there are many thoughts in the mind, to protect itself, the mind sends some signals to the adrenal gland which is above the kidney. According to the intensity of the thoughts, the adrenalin hormone is released into the blood. These chemicals take the body to an emotional state. The muscles respond intensely. For the response of muscles, more oxygen, blood and oxygen is needed. That’s why it hastens the heart. Increases the speed of the respiration. The work of the liver increases and glucose is released into the blood. The muscles again undergo tension. When the muscles undergo tension, the blood vessels are pressed. The blood circulation to that organ will be reduced. As a result, the intensity of the pain increases. The uncontrolled, excessive thought process undergoes the afore said chemical changes and increases the pain.
page 60
This increased pain causes more despair. That’s why this stress cycles rotates like this always.
It is very difficult to come out of this stress cycle. Because, mind goes from one thought to the other. Unknowingly, the emotions such as irritation, rage and insecurity and tension increase. The immunity comes down. The joint pains and swelling increase. Not just one, people cannot come out of the whirlpool and they revolve their as in cycle chain. Under mental pressures, when the immunity comes down, especially rheumatoid arthritis intensifies.
How to control stress?
There is inseparable relation between body and the mind. People who have been suffering from chronic joint pains, as described in this book, should get the basic body needs such as air, water, nutritious food, good exercise, good discharge of waste, good rest in the proper way and to overcome stress and gain mental peace. Try to understand your mind. Analyse what the mind needs. What is your capability and energy? How much can you do? Who can help you? You have to think about all these things and to come to a conclusion.
page 61
Final decision is yours. If you are able to identify stress properly, you can come out of 50% stress. Because, if you are able to keep the things away, which are causing stress to you, then, you are able to control them. The mind is always in a zigzag position. It is like the entangled thread. How to clear the entanglement? We need to first identify tone corner of the thread and slowly to clear the knots. Similarly, write down the complex problems in your note book. Give solutions for each thing one after the other and finally, you will remain. The problem will disappear. Ultimately, what we will know is: the problem is within us and the answer is also within us. Try it once. You will understand. To be peaceful every day, take good food, do yoga, pranayama and meditation for some time. Follow relaxation techniques. In this book, in the yoga section, some relaxation techniques are given. Try to implement them. Stress will come down and peace will improve. The severity of the pains will come down. The mind has so much power. It can create pain and it can also remove pain. You will know it with experience.
Whenever, you feel stressed, drink a glass of water or listen to your favourite music or read your favourite books or speak to someone you like. Stop digging the past. Don’t be afraid of the future. Live in the present. Put the wandering mind into the path. Move forward with self-respect, energy and hop. Ensure that this god-given life should not be wasted. Make sure that this life is not wasted and think positively and meaningfully. In this life, cultivate the flowers and fruit of good experiences and memories and enjoy them.

page 62

Preventive measures for joint pains and naturopathic treatment

  • Observe the indications the body gives – Always give support to immunity
  • War between disease-causing elements and white blood cells – Protection that body gets against diseases
  • Don’t argue and don’t get frustrated – Have your goal and don’t stop your activity
  • The body is of five elements – With five elements only the naturopathic medical treatment
  • Prevention of diseases through naturopathic treatment – The healthy environment in the cell
  • Follow the nature’s methods – Live healthily and ideally
  • To avoid the cause of the disease – The only way is naturopathic treatment
  • Follow the nature’s cure way – Live proper life
  • Don’t go for more, don’t go for less – the middle way is better
  • With exercise, the blood circulation increases – the waste matters gets discharged fast
  • Know the value of exercise – Increase the life energy storage in the body
  • Exercise makes the muscles flexible – the waste will be discharged well
  • Observe the pain in the asana state – If no pain, no use
  • To get good asana state – your body should support you
  • Any doubts about respiration? – Leave it to the body, my friend!
  • Usefulness of asanas – No work pressure on the heart
  • Why are you crazy about workouts? – There is a lot of benefits with asanas
  • Turn the direction of blood with asanas – make the limbs more flexible
  • Sufficient blood blows to the muscles – Get the pleasure with asanas
  • Before sun rise, do asananas – After sun rise, there won’t be vibrations
  • Take rest between two asanas – Get complete benefits of asanas
  • Do asanas without eating – Do asanas in the open air
  • After asanas, deep breathing happens – if taken rest, you will get mental changes
  • Give enough gap between asanas to avoid tiredness – Give rest in between the asanas
  • Observe the changes with eyes closed – If you open open, you will get thoughts
  • Everyone should do asanas – They are good instructions for health
  • In exercise, we will sweat well – The water content in the blood decreases
  • The cell respiration increases during the asanas – The needs of the cells will be fulfilled with oxygen
  • Asana means unmoving state – There should be a proper way while doing asanas
  • If you make mistakes during asanas – There won’t be any use
  • With asanas, the mind gets awakened – The body becomes healthy
  • Do Ustrasan properly – Sciatica problem will be completely solved
  • In the asanas, focus on breathing – Observe the breath with your mind
  • Yoga is a great thing – Don’t do it as exercise
  • If there is enough co-ordination between organs – The life energy will be utilized well
  • To lead life in a proper way – Spend one hour for asanas every day
  • To do shavasan very well – It is a wonderful asana to increase peace of mind
  • If you do asanas every day – It is a good source for life energy
  • Pranayama to increase life energy – The best way given by yogis like Patanjali
  • The body is cleansed with Kapalabhathi – growth of life energy
  • Cleans the body with kapalabhathi pranayama – Get full of life energy with nadi shuddhhi pranayama
  • With surya nadi, the heat increases – with Chandra nadi, the heat decreases
  • with nadi sudhi, the life energy increases – While doing, focus on your breath
  • Mother-like Om kara mantra – Like an umbrella to protect the divine energy in the body
  • If you recite Om kara every day – our ego will die away
So far, we have learnt about the reasons for joint pains in detail. Now, let us learn about how to keep them efficiently. As long as we practice nature cure method in life, we can live without any disease even in future. We can keep all our organs healthy. Our bones, joints, muscles can work well. If you are already following the nature cure way, you might have understood that you can take up your joints task in your hand. It means, when we fulfil the needs of the body, the body will take care of the remaining work. We just should not obstruct the flow, i.e., if a tree is given air, water, sunlight and soil with nutrients, the tree will grow well without any problems. That simple is taking care of our health. See, how simple is the equation. What we need to do here with awareness is to identify the needs of the body. We just need to give the body the required thigs in the balanced way. We can live 100 years with complete health.

page 63
Pain in the joints
For people who suffer from joint pains, especially, the inflammation is seen in four types: a) it is hot b) painful c) swells d) reddens
If these four symtoms are seen, it is in the acute state. This state comes because, as the body makes some efforts to rectify itself, these are the changes that happen as result. Because of these, we get benefits. We should realize that they are not at all harmful. We will now see why this process is good and how it saves us without our consciousness. Let us understand with an example.
When the enemy are about to attack, our radar system identifies it and sends us in the form of signals, similarly, the pain and swelling in the joints also alerts us. When the enemy are coming like that, our military will identify and announces red alert. They call the soldiers from other areas of the country and just as wage a war, similarly, our white blood cells will attack and fight till the end. In the quarrel that happens in this struggle, there would be some pain.
As told above, the pain and inflammation in the joints is temporary. This is called active disease. In terms of naturopathy, this state is – in a way – good. This is not something damaging. In simple words, in the form of pain and inflammation, the body itself alerts us and attracts us and tries to cure itself. If kids want something to eat, they will ask their parents to get them those things. If the desire is not fulfilled, they will cry, and do so many other things to get their desire fulfilled. That is quite natural. This is what all kids in the world do. Similarly, this can be compared to kids’ mentality.

page 64
Whenever there is any problem in the body, in the form of swelling and pain, what it wants us is to give rest or to listen to what it says or to take care of me. What all we need to do is: to listen to what the body says. If we are listening to it like that, and if there is any change in the body, if we do naturopathic treatment according to what the nature dictates, it is beneficial. Because, in acute state, in the inflammation area, the body tries to cure itself. In the emergency, it declares ‘operation red alert’ and tries to rectify itself and does all the required things continuously. For example, in the knee cap (which helps us walk), if there is oil reduced or duet to some infection or injury, the body tries to protect the limb and inflammation is the result of that. Without our awareness, there are so many strange things that happen in our body. The mind recognizes the coming danger through nerves and immediately produces some chemicals in the mind and releases into the blood and sends to the inflammation area. What types of enemy (bacteria, virus) have attacked the knee, what kinds of weapons they are using (the chemicals released by the bacteria), and then it sends information to the brain. Then, immediately, the mind releases endocrine hormones as part of emergency and starts the fight. In this fight, our white blood cells and the outside bacteria – both die in the process. In this fight, as the body requires white blood cells, more white blood cells are produced, from the bone morrow and are released into the blood. That’s why, according to the bacteria or virus or according the situation at the area, the related blood cells are released into the blood. That’s why, doctors do the blood tests and check what type of white blood cells are more in the 5 types of white blood cells and diagnose what kind of problem it can be. Moreover, they check the blood reports, X ray report and scanning and the symptoms that the patient explains – they use all this information and come to a conclusion.

page 65
As naturopathic doctors, we understand all these things. We diagnose the reason in the source and understand with experience how to remove the source of the problem. When the pests are damaging the root of the tree, there is no point using pesticides on top of the tree. Similarly, the primary reason for the damage done in the joints is the disorder life style. So, without changing the life style, if we use medicine, there is no benefit. If we want to become completely free from the joint pains, we need to understand three things in terms of naturopathic treatment.
First: The patient has to change his life style. He has to understand what is damaging his joints and to keep it aside and he has to follow the method which is useful to the body. Similarly, the diet has to be changed (detailed information about diet is provided).
Second: He should realize why he had got this problem. For that understanding, we are trying to explain to you so clearly. Only when you get an understanding about your problem, then you will try to change yourself. If only we know the mistakes, we can rectify them. If we understand that darkness comes, because there is no light. If we light a candle, we can overcome darkness. Health is also such an easy thing. What all we need to do is to inculcate healthy habits. All the ill health disappears. That’s why, everyone should understand their problem. That’s why, naturopathic doctors focus more on giving understanding about the disease more than treatment.
Third: The body has come from nature. We need to give natural treatment to it. Then, the body regains its health quickly. Nature cure methods are always convenient to the body. Especially, in the naturopathic treatment, the treatment is done through air, water, massage, other methods through which we send out body waste and through rest. In it, the treatment is primarily done considering the body, mind and the environment.
Through these treatment methods, as we remove the waste from the diseased cells, inside and outside the cell, a healthy atmosphere is created.

page 66
As a result, the source of the disease (bacteria, virus or some other things) cannot live there. Health comes automatically. Nature cure treatment is done considering this.
Overall, naturopathic treatment is done in three stages.
1. To remove the waste from cells
(Eliminative process)
2. To make the cell healthy
(Soothening process)
3. To re-vitalize the cell by giving it energy
(constructive process)
First of all, we will understand how to maintain our joints, bones, muscles effectively. Nowadays, it is a skill to keep our joints healthy life-long. But, it is not at all difficult. We should have the desire and the will to practice. That, the reasons because of which man is becoming bed-ridden Those mistakes we should not do, and if we change our life style, we won’t suffer like humans and live happily like animals. Especially, if we want our body parts to be healthy, we have to identify its needs and provide them. Especially, we need to give good ari, water, food and exercise, discharge, rest to the body and to be peaceful and practice a good mental, social and spiritual life style and live a systematic life, not only joint pains, no disease can touch us. Just as the banyan tree stands with strong with its aerial roots, despite heavy cyclone, flood, hurricane, similarly, our health will also be like that. For stronger joints which don’t change along with the age, what are the body needs? How should we provide them to the body? How should our life style be? Let us learn about them completely.

page 67

1. To live closer to the nature.

Time is changing. Seasons are changing. Yugas are changing. In the flow of time, even nature has seen so many changes. Rivers and streams are flowing. Trees are blooming flowers and getting dried up. In the nature, so many things such as day and night, seasons etc. happen in a very systematic way and the cycle of time is moving. The creation happens in such a way. Like this, the birth and death cycle also happens. Generations are changing. We see so many new things in the name of technology. Though they are new to us, the rishis and yogis have seen them with their powers. Gradually, in humans, there are many changes. In the form of civilization, humans have developed a lot. There is no doubt that day by day, humans have seen so much development. But, "To grow is only to break” Like that, humans have degraded a lot in terms of health. In terms of medication, medicine, surgery, diagnosis, they can go deep into each cell of the body, but failed to safeguard this body given by nature. That’s why, they are facing diseases. Technology is necessary but we should not do anything leaving our base. If we do like that, we will fall down at any time. Right now, that is what is happening in the world. After fulfilling our body needs, if we use technology, that is fine. One can enjoy good life. How much you may fly in the air, you will stay in the air for some time. But, you should come back to the ground again, at last. Similarly, how much distance we travel, how much development we see, we must follow what nature prescribes us. This is the naked truth.
All living beings in the nature are living with nature as its base. They are eating what the nature gives them, by maintaining the nature’s equilibrium and cooperating with nature.
page 68
Whatever problem they face, they solve the problem through nature and move forward. If you observe nature and natural living beings, we will understand this. There is no doubt about it. But, as humans are forgetting about it, there are so many unwanted things happening. Humans are thinking that due to their intelligence, they can live away from the problems that come from nature. For example, they are able to build a house to protect from sun’s heat, rain and coolness of the weather. Even during hard times, he is able to store food. He is predicting natural calamities such as earthquake, cyclone etc and going to safe places. Moreover, using his intelligence, he is able to go from this planet to other planets. He is able to view the world using cell phones, computer and tv channels. But, no one can challenge the nature. No one can stop the changes in the world. He can only change himself according to the changes in the nature. For example, who can stop the earth quakes and cyclone? We can only predict them before hand and protect ourselves. Just because of that, we cannot overcome the nature.
If we are able to understand this, we can realize that we cannot go against the nature, and can only stay with it. Despite making different efforts, humans have to come to the lap of the nature. In the name of technology, humans have found plastic. He is polluting the environment by running vehicles and factories. As a result, the environmental equilibrium is broken. That’s why, he is undergoing a lot of changes today. That’s why, today, the government has banned plastic covers to protect environment. It has given instruction to the factories to filter the pollution. Similarly, so many instructions are given to protect the environmental equilibrium.
page 69
There are many things coming into the market in the name of eco-friendly. The government is taking care in not damaging the nature and environment and trying to use solar power to heat water, to generate electricity etc. So, despite to what level we grow, we need to come back to nature for many things.
Similarly, in the agriculture field, in the olden days, people used to cultivate crops using organic manure from cow dung etc, by increasing the fertility of the soil. In the present day, people are using artificial chemical pesticides to gain good returns in less time. What happened now? The world is now suffering. Everyone is in the wrong track. Our agricultural scientists, nutritious experts are shouting at full throat that if we go this way, it is very harmful to the environment. Every day, they are trying to make awareness in the public through paper, tv and media. That’s why, now, there is much demand for naturally grown vegetables and food items. It will grow. Because, by eating the food items cultivated with the chemical pesticides, there are so many changes in the organs, in the tissues, in the cells and in the jeans. As a result, there are so many strange diseases.
Similarly, when we fall sick, we would use the ingredients available at home or the plants in the courtyard as medicine. First of all, they used to follow fasting and would take rest and could cure fever, cold, body pains easily. After doctors and medicine have entered into the market, they have gone away from the natural ways of treatment. For every small problem, they are depending on medicine. As we depend more on medicine, gradually, the power of the medicine will prove insufficient and we may need to use more powerful medicine. From the other point of view, they are causing a lot of side effects. If we use medicine for one problem, another problem will arise. For example, the tablets that we use for body pains can cause ulcers and inflammations in the stomach. Like this, for every problem, there are 5-10 additional side effects.
page 70
That’s why, today in the world, the developed countries like US are following Indian medical treatments such as Ayurveda, Naturopathy and Yoga because they don’t have side effects.
If you are going away from nature, ill health is inevitable. That’s why, if we come back to nature, obviously, people will regain their health. This is truth. Today, humans are living in unnatural life style. Since morning till night, all our food habits are going wrong. He is eating what he should not be eaten. He is eating when he is not supposed to eat. He is drinking what he is not supposed to drink. He is undergoing extreme stress, as he is not having enough physical exercise to the body and rest to the mind. That’s why, humans are afflicted by so many diseases. That’s why, think once. Living near to nature doesn’t mean that you have to leave family and go to Himalayas or forest. It means following the body’s instructions and fulfilling the body’s requirements and taking the food that nature gives, and living with others without undergoing pressure.

2. Using joints moderately

In the earlier chapter, we have understood that using joint excessively or not using them at all, it is harmful. These days, there is no physical exercise at all – from children to elders. As joints are not used properly, their functionality is reduced. Unlike earlier times, now, people don’t need to work hard with joints and muscles. Day by day, the facilities are increasing. All tasks are being done with machines. But, if you think from the second perspectives, if joints don’t have enough work, the attached muscles get weakened. The strength of the joints depends on the muscles attached. That’s why, it is important to do exercise for at least one hour.

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For people who have joint pains, more than other exercises, yogasanas help better. Because, with asanas, each and every joint will have good movements. Each muscle that is attached to the joints undergoes contraction and expansion and the flexibility of the muscles increases. Whatever asana you do, its effect is on each joint and on each muscle. Similarly, the effect is on each body part. But, specially, each asana will give more benefit in specific location. For example, if you do ‘ardha matsendrasan’, pressure will be on all body parts and muscles and joints. It means, the effect of the asana is on the whole body. However, this asana specially stimulates pancreas and helps in release insulin properly. Moreover, while the asana is being done, not only on the body, but on the mind, it shows its effect. Because, while we do the asana, our mind is also focussed on the area where there is more pressure and pain. While we do the asanas, we forget the world. The breathing is also well maintained. So, after doing the asana, the mind and the body take complete rest. During this rest time, the blood circulation happens well for the body parts. That’s why, of all the exercises, asanas are better.
Those who have joint pains, cannot walk. If they are overweight, they should not walk too. Because, the body’s weight will affect the hip area, on the knees and on the heel joints. When we do asanas, we won’t have such problem. So, all asanas are meant to strengthen the joints and not do harm. We are giving here, three types of exercises for their benefits:

3. Exercises

1. The sukshma vyayama which makes the joints more flexible 2. Exercise which strengthens the joint muscles (Shakthi vikasa sukshma exercise) 3. Yogasanas.
1. The sukshma vyayama which makes the joints more flexible: It means giving the joints in the body movements. During night, the muscles and joints are at rest. So, if we do asanas all at a time, our muscles get contracted.

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That’s why, by doing this asana initially, the respective muscles become loose. That’s why these exercises are called loosening exercises. Then, based on the severity of the pain, we can do different asanas. In this asana, what we do is: we do movements in the same posture. As a result, the joint muscles become stronger. For example, what does a body builder do to build his muscles? He takes the dumbell and moves it up and down multiple times. Then the hand muscles get improved. It means by keeping it in the same state and move it in multiple times, the muscle size increases. This is called isotonic exercise. So, for people with joint pains, to make the muscles flexible, and to increase the strength of the muscles, this exercise is much useful. It helps in cleaning the energy that is blocked in the joints.
In this exercise, we give movements to all joints. Let us see what they are and how to do them one by one.
1. Rotating the ankle round (Ankle rotation)
2. Rotating the knee (Knee rotation)
3. Half-butterfly exercise (Half butterfly)
4. Full butterfly exercise (Full butterfly)
5. Rotating the write round (Wrist joint rotation)
6. Rotating the muscles round (Shoulders rotation)
7. Neck exercise (Neck Exercise)
8. Rotating the waist round (Waist rotation)
1. Rotating the ankle round (Ankle rotation)
Initial state: Spread the legs straight and keep them to the left
Doing state: Focus the mind completely on the ankle.

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Stage - I (Each leg seperately)
i) Focus the mind completely on the right leg.
ii) Rotate the leg from right side to the left side round, 10 times.
iii) Rotate the left leg like this.
Stage - II (two legs together)
i) Stretch the legs forward keep then in some distance.
ii) Keep the legs together and rotate them from the ankle to the left side.
iii) While rotating the two legs in the opposite direction, when you rotate the two legs inside, ensure that both the toes are touching.
iv) Do it like this 10 times, in the opposite direction.
Note: While doing this practice, keep the ankle touching to the ground.
i) Don't bend your knees at any cost
ii) You can do this practice either sitting in the chair or on the cot
Breathing: When rotating the feet up, take breathing. Similarly, when rotating the legs downwards, release breathing.
2. Rotating the knee round (Knee rotation)
Initial state: Spread the legs forward and sit in dandasan.
Doint state: Lift the right leg up to 90 degrees and hold the right thigh with two hands and lift the leg upto 90 degrees.

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i) Keep the right leg parallel to the surface.
ii) Now, slowly, from below the knee, rotate the leg round, five times, from right, as far as broadly
iii) Again in the opposite direction, rotate from the left side.
iv) Once the rotation is completed, keep the leg in the original state.
v) Similarly, repeat it with the left leg.
Breathing: With normal breathing, do the sadhana.
i) While rotating the leg like this, keep the leg free from knee to the leg fingers.
ii) This practice can be done sitting in the chair or sitting on the edge of the cot.
iii) There is no chance of knee wearing away, by doing in this way.
3. Half butterfly Exercise (Half butterfly)
ఎ) Initial State:
i) Spread the legs forward, keep them at a distance and sit in a relaxed pose (dandasan)
ii) Bend the right leg and keep it on the left thigh. Pull it upward as far as possible.
iii) Hold the right leg fingers with the left hand.
Doint state:
i) Pull the right knee up and with right hand keep it as touching the ground.
ii) Like this, do it 10 times up and down..
iii) Similarly, do it with left leg.
Note: i) As long as possible, keep the leg muscles in relaxation.
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ii) When you feel excess pain, don't do it forcefully.
iii) While doing like this, keep the spine and head straight.
Breathing: Inhale when the knees come up. When the knees go down, exhale.
4. Full butterfly exercise (Full butterfly)
ఎ) Initial state:
i) Spread the leg forward and keep at distance.
ii) Bend the knees and make the two feet touch.
iii) Pull both the feet holding with hands and pull them as closer as possible to the anus area.
Doing state:
Stage - I (Hoding feet with two hands)
i) Hold the legs with two hands.
ii) Move the knees up and down. If possicle, push with the elbow towards the earth. Again, lift the knees up. While pushing it down, try it till the knees touch the ground.
iii) Life this move 30-50 times.

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i) Keeps the palms on the knees.
ii) Using the palms, move the knees fast, up and down.
iii) Do like this 20-30 times.
iv) Then, spread the legs forwards and relax.
Note: i) When you are pushing the knees with hands, from knees, the muscles pain a lot. If the pain is very much, do not push with hands.
ii) Keep the spine, neck and head straight.
iii) Ensure that the body is not movig and it still.
Breathing: Do practice taking normal breathing.
5. Rotating the wrist round (wrist rotation)
Doing state:
Stage - I (Rotating one hand wrist)
i) Stretch the right hand parallel to the shoulder.
ii) Tighten the fist with the index finger going inside.
iii) If required, hold under the right hand wrist with left hand.
iv) Now, rotate the closed fist round from right to left and left.
v) Similarly, rotate the left hand also.
Stage - II (rotating the two wrists)
i) Stretch the two hands parallel to the shoulders.
ii) Close the fists with two toes going inside.

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iii) Rotate the two fists round, from right to left, 10 times. Again, from left to right rotate 10 times.
Note: i) Ensure that the hands and elbows are unmoving and still.
ii) Rotate the fist round as far as possible in a wider way.
iii) Ensure that the palms are always looking downwards.
iv) You can do it either sitting in the chair or standing.
6. Rotating the shoulders round(Shoulders rotation)
Initial state:
Doing state:
Stage - I (with one elbow)
i) Bend the right elbow and place the right hand fingers on the right shoulder.
ii) Keep the waist straight and place the left hand on the left knee.
iii) Now, rotate the right elbow round as far as possible, in a wider way.
iv) Like this, rotate 10 times from right and then to the left.
v) Similarly, do it with left hand as well.
Stage - II (with two elbows)
i) Bend the two elbows and hold the right shoulder with right hand fingers and left shoulder with left hand fingers.
ii) Bring the two elbows in front of the chest. If possible, make sure two two elbows are touching.
iii) Now, rotate the two elbows round.

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iv) Like this, rotate 10 times from right to the left side.
Note: i) Rotate the two elbows to meet in front of the chest.
ii) Rotating the elbows round, when they come up, they should touch the ears, when the elbows come down, they should touch the side ribs. Keep the head and the spine straight.
iii) Keep the rotating rounds slow and in a wider way.
iv) You can do these practices, either sitting down, or in vajrasan or in chair or standing.
Breathing: i) When the elbows come up, take breath.
ii) When the elbows have come down, exhale.
7. Neck exercise (Neck Exercise)
Initial state: Stretch the two legs front with some distance.
Doing state:
Stage - I (Movements from to and from)
i) Bend the head slowly to the front. When you bend it like that, chin will touch the chest.
ii) Similarly, bend the head slowly backwards.
iii) While doing like this, keep the neck muscles flexible.

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iv) Like this, ten times, move the neck up and down.
v) Inhale when you bend the head up and back. Similarly, exhale when you bend the head down.
Stage - II: (just as ear touchig to the shoulder, rotating right and left)
i) Close the eyes and bend the head towards right. It means, the right ear will touch the right shoulder. Similarly, bends toward the lefr as well.
ii) Like this, bend 10 times to the sides.
Stage - III:(Rotating the head left and right with chin touching the shoulder)
i) Keep the head straight and close the eyes.
ii) Move the head slowly to the right side. Once turn like this, the chin comes on to the right shoulder. Again, bring the head to the centre.

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iii) Similarly, turn it to left side as well.
iv) Like this, do 10 rounds to the right and 10 rounds to the left
v) When the head is turned to front, inhale. When the head is turned to sides, exhale
Note: i) While turning the head, ensure that you are not under pressure.
ii) Be relaxed, without moving the shoulders.
iii) Without tension, rotate the muscles in neck and shoulders.
Who should not do?:
i) Very old people should not do it.
ii) Those who have severe neck pain, should not bend forward.
Stage - IV: Rotating round
i) Bend the head forward in a relaxed way.
ii) From the right side, slowly, rotate the head as wider as possible.
iii) Rotate like this 10 times.
iv) Finally, bring the head straight, to the original state.
Note: i) Take more time to turn the head one round completely. It means, do it slowly.
ii) When you are rotating it round, mix the breathing while rotating, with head movements.
iii) When rotating the head, keep the eyes closed. If someone feels dizzy, keep the eyes open.
iv) When you are rotating, wherever you feel pain, or you feel dizzy, or you sweat heavily, stop the practice

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v) These practices can be done either sitting on the floor or sitting in the chair.
Who should not do?:
i) Very old people
ii) Who suffer from severe neck pain
8. Rotate the waist round(Waist rotation)
Initial state:
Stand with legs apart, straight. Keep the hands on the waist.
Doing state:
i) Bend the waist as far as possible. Similarly, bend it to the right, back, left and again front, rotate it round 10 times.
ii) Rotate in the opposite direction 10 times.
Note: i) Be balanced while rotating round like this
ii) Stand on the floor, straight.
iii) Rotate the waist round as far as possible
iv) Do this practice by adding two legs.
Breathing: i) When the waist is bent forward, take the breathing. When you bend it back, release breathing.

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2. Shakthi vikasa sukshma exercise
1. Manibandha shakthi vikasa (Wrist)
State: Put the legs apart and stand relaxed.
Doing method: Stretch the hands parallel to the shoulders.
i) Keep the palms to downwards and fold the hand fingers.
ii) Now, move the fist up and down, from the wrist.
iii) Do it like this 10 times.
2. Karatala shakthi vikasa (For palms)
State: Keep the legs apart and stand in a relaxed way.
Doing state: Lift the elbows parallel to the shoulders from the sides. Keep the palms downwards in front of the chest.
i) Spread the hand fingers strongly.
ii) Now, move the palm up and down.
iii) While doing this practice, keep pressure on the palm finger muscles. This practice needs to be done with normal breathing.

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3. Anguli Shankthi vikasa (To the hand fingers)
State: Put the legs apart and stand in a relaxed way.
Doing state: Stretch the hands forward, parallel to the shoulders.
i) Bend the palm fingers in the shape of snake hood.
ii) Now, hold the muscles from shoulders to hand fingers tight and keep it like that for one minute.
Note: Keep the hand fingers tight till there is numbness in the fingers. If you cannot stay like this for one minute, do it as much as you can.
i) Now, repeat it like this for some times.
4. Kaponi shakthi vikasa (Elbows)
State: Put the legs apart and stand in a relaxed way.
Doing state: Place the palms on the thighs in the front.
i) Close the fist strongly, give a jerk and move the hands with a force, with palms touching the shoulders and bring the palms down.
ii) With jerk, do the palms like this up and down.
Note: i) As long as you are doing this practice, do not move the shoulders.

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ii) When you take the folded fist up, it should touch the shoulder. But, when you take it down, it should not touch the thighs. Repeat it.
5. Bhuja bandha shakthi vikasa (For hands)
State: Put the legs apart and stand in a relaxed way.
Doing state:
- Hold the fist and stretch them parallel to the shoulders
When you stretch like this, both the fists should face one another.
- To pull the elbows forcefully to back. When you bring it back, the elbows will be touching the side ribs, both the sides.
- Do it like this, front and back, with force and speed
- Do it like this 20 times, with normal breathing.
- When you bend the hands forward, keep the hands parallel to the ground.
- When you pull the elbows back, ensure that the body is not going back.

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6. Kati shakthi vikasa (For the spine)
State: Put the legs apart and stand in a relaxed position
Doing state:
i) Stand with one feet distance between the legs.
ii) Keep the palm fingers opposite, and hold the spine tightly.
iii) Take air deeply, slowly, and in a balanced way, bend as far back as possible. In the same state, continue to stay.
iv) Similarly, exhaling, bend forward. When you bend like that, if possible, place the head into the two legs.
v) Repeat like this 10 times.
i) Hold the waist with the hands.
ii) Do not bend the knees.
iii) Bend at your capacity. Don't bend beyond your capacity.

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7. Jangha shakthi vikasa (thighs)
State: Keep the legs apart and stand in a relaxed posture.
Doing state: Keep the palms downwards and stretch the hands.
i) Taking breath, bend the knees. Till thighs come parallel to the ground, bend the knees.
ii) Hold the breath and stay for some time.
iii) While exhaling, stand up.
iv) Like this, do 5 times.
Note: As long as you practice, keep the two knees together.
i At any cost, don't lift either the heels or the leg fingers.
ii) In case it is difficult to do while holding breath, till you get habituated, do for some days, taking normal breathing.
iii) Keep the hands completely parallel to the ground.
8. Pindali shakthi vikasa (Calves)
State: Set the legs apart and stand in a relaxed position.
Doing state: Hold the fist, keep the palms downwards stretch hans parallel to the shoulders.
i) Taking breath, try to sit on the feet, as long as possible.

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ii) Holding the breath, getting up, rotate the hands like rowing a boat, bring to the original state. Both the fists will be touching.
iii) Then, while exhaling, put the chest forward.
iv) Do it ten times.
v) While this practice is going on, keep the body balanced.
vi) Keep both the knees together.
vii) Keep the foot completely on the ground.


After doing the sukshma exercise (which is meant to loosen the joints), if we do shakthi exercise, the muscles attached to the joints will become stronger. We can say that these two types of sukshma exercises are more beneficial to the people who have joints pains. Doing yogasanas after doing them will be more beneficial.
To remember the yogasanas so that we can practice daily, they can be classified into 4 categories. People who have joint pains can do all types of yogasanas. But, based on the pain state, and based on the fact that which joint has pain, you can decide. Whatever asana you do, you need to bend only to some extent of pain. When the pain is severe, no asana is to be done. Based on our time, and to ensure that everyone can do them, asanas are given here. It is not our intention that you should not do asanasa suggested by other teachers or you should do these asanas despite bearing sever pain. To keep all these things in the mind, do practice one by one.
1. Asanas that are done standing (Ardha kati chakrasan, Ardha chakrasan, Pada hastasan);
2. Asanas that are done sitting (Vakrasan, Ardha matsendrasan, Ushtrasan);
3. Asanas that are done lying on the stomach (Bhujangasan, Shalabasan, Dhanurasan)

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4. Asanas that are done lying on the backbone (Uttana padasan, Pawana muktasan, Shavasan). Let us see them one by one.
1. Asanas that are done standing
Ardha Kati Chakrasan
Initial State
Keep the legs apart, keep the waist, chest, head straight and stand in the relaxed mode. (Tadasan).
Asana doing state:
i) Taking breath, close the eyes and life the right hand from the side.
ii) Once it reaches the height of the shoulders, turn the palm upwards.
iii) Lift the hand till it reaches the right ear. Now, stretch the hand still higher.
iv) Now, exhaling, bend the body to the left.
v) Keep the left palm touching the left thigh. At any cost, do not bend right elbow and right knee.
vi) In this state, try to stay for a longer time.

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vii) Just as we have done the asana, we have to bring back similarly.
viii) While bringing the hand back, take the breathing slowly, stretch the right hand up again. Experience that the is stretching from the waist to the hand fingers.
ix) When the right hand is taken down, keep exhaling.
x) Come back to the tadasan again.
xi) Similarly, with left hand, bend to the right side.
xii) Now, take rest in the tadasan.
Note: Do not bend the body to the front or back
Ardha chakrasan
Initial state:
Keep the legs apart, and stand in the resting state with head, chest and waist keeping strait. (Tadasan).
Asana state:
With the palms, hold the waist as support.
i) Inhaling air, bend backwards. Bend the head backwards. In the neck muscles, experience the pressure.
ii) As long as possible, try to be with normal breathing.
iii) Come to the original state and take rest in tadasan.

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Pada Hastasan
Initial state
Keep the leg apart, stand in the relaxed state with waist, chest and head keeping straight.
Asana state
i) Keep both the legs together and stand straight.
ii) Taking breath, bring the hands upward, from sides.
iii) Stretch the hands from the backbone and experience it.
iv) While exhaling, slowly, bend the hands from the waist to the front. When bent to parallel to the ground, again, exhaling, bend downwards as far as possible. While bending like that, try to touch the finger hands to the feet, to make the chin touch the knees.
v) In this state, as long as possible, try to stay without bending the knees. Taking breath, slowly, pull the hands upward, and straighten the backbone to the normal state.

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vi) Exhaling, bring the hands slowly downwards.
vii) Come to the Tadasan again and come to the rest state.
i) Do not bend knees.
ii) After bending the waist till the hip area, bend the head freely downward. Try to ensure that the chin is touching the knee.
2. Asanas that are done while sitting
Initial state
Sit on the floor, in dandasan. Spread the legs forward, place the hands back, and keep the waist, chest, neck, head straight and in a relaxed position.
Asana state
i) Bend the right leg and keep it straight beside the left knee.
ii) Taking breath, turn the waist to the right side. Now, cross the the left elbow to the right knee, and try to hold the right feet with the left hand.
iii) Keep the right palm on the back side of the backbone as support on the ground.
iv) Try to remain in this asana state as long as possible.
v) Now, again, sit in the original state i.e., in dandasan and take rest.
vi) Similarly, repeat it to the other side as well.

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Note: Neck, waist, shoulders, elbow, wrist, hand fingers, hip, knees, heels, leg fingers all are bent properly. In all the joints of the body, there will be good movements. The elasticity of the muscles attached to the joints increases and the joints will become stronger. So, people who have more pain, practice this asana slowly.
Ardha Matsendrasan
Initial state
Stretch the legs as in vakrasan and sit in dandasan.
Asana state
i) Fold the left leg bring under the right thigh. As far as possible, pull it below the right buttock.
ii) Now, place the right feet besides the left thigh.
iii) Ad in Vakrasan, cross left elbow and right knee, try to hold the right feet with left hand fingers.
iv) Now, hold the right hand which is rotated to the back of the waist. Keep the head turned to the right side as far as possible.
v) Try to stay in this asana as long as possible.
vi) Try to come to the initial state slowly. It means, turn the head to front. Bring the right hand from the back to the front. Spread the right leg towards front. Similarly, stretch the left leg to the front and sit in Dandasan.
vii) Now, for some momements, take rest.

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viii) Like this, repeat to the second side as well.
Note: In this asana, good movements will happen to all joints, muscles. It is good for all joints to get stronger. But, in the intial state, this asana will be inconvenient. That's why, if you practice it gradually, day by day, the joints will bend well. So, don't think to get the asana right in a day. According to your pain state, do your sadhana slowly.
Initial state
Spread the legs front and sit in dandasan, with chest, neck and head straight.
Asana state
i) First, bring the right feet under the right buttock.
ii) Then, bring the left feet under the left buttock. This state is called vajrasan. Sit in this vajrasan first.
iii) Then, stand on the two knees, equalent to the waist, keep the two feet apart.
iv) First, keep the right hand on the right heel. Similarly, hold the left heel with left hand.
v) Now, as far as possible, try to bend the waist to front and take the head back.

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vi) In this state, observing the pain caused in the waist area, try to be in this state as long as possible.
vii) To come again to the original state in the reverse order. It means, remove the left hand. Then, remove the right hand and stand on the knees. Again sit in the vajrasan.
viii) Like this, for some moments, strech the hands forward and try to touch the head to the ground. This is called Shashankasan
ix) Now, take rest in dandasan.
Note: For those who have severe knee pains, it is difficult to do this asana. Initially, try to do this aasana, sitting on the thin, wide pillow. Gradually, do this asana in stages. According to the severity of the pain, continue doing it. But, do not do it at a time. This asana needs to be done very carefully. This asana is more helpful even for people who has back pain.
3. Asanas that are done lying down on the stomach
Initial state:
Lying down on the stomach
Asana state
i) Keep the legs together. Make the to feet touch each other with two big toes touching eath other.
ii) keep the palms two sides of the chest, besides the bottom ribs, with palm fingers put forward.

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iii) Keep the elbows closer to the body.
iv) Taking breath, as the snakes lifts its hood, lift the head up as far as possible. But, ensure that the navel part should be touching the earth.
v) Stay in this state, taking normal breathing and try to stay in this position for a longer time.
vi) Exhaling air, come to the normal state.
vii) Finally, relax in the makarana, i.e., keep the legs apart, keep the hands parallel to the head in both the sides, bend the head to one convenient side and give rest to each cell.
Initial state:
Lie down on the stomach
Asana state
i) Keep the tow inside and make a fist. Put the fist under the thighs. Keep the back side of the hand touching to the ground.
ii) While taking breath, lift both the legs into the air. When you lift the legs up, don't bend knees.
iii) Take normal breathing and keep the legs upward as far as possible.
iv) Releasing ari, come to the normal state.
v) At the end, take rest in the makarasan.
Note: Pull the knee caps, pull the buttocks, if you lift the legs, they will be lifted well.

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State: Lying down on the stomach
Asana state:
i) Bend the legs backward and hold the heels with hands.
ii) While taking air, lift the chest and head. Pushing the legs back, bend the backbone as a bow.
Asana state: Stay on the stomach in a relaxed way
Rest: Releasing air, come back to the makarasan and take rest.
Note: While doing this asana, do not bend elbows
i) Keep looking upwards
ii) Keep both the legs together
iii) Try to stay in the asana as long as possible.
iv) In the initial state, keep the legs apart, bring the two legs closer gradually and do the practice.
4. Asanas that are done lying on the back
Pawana muktasan
Initial state
Lie down on the back, bring the two legs closer and keep the hands away from the body
Asana state
i) Lift the two legs up and bend the two knees

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ii) Pull the knees towards the stomach with two hands
iii) Lift the head up so that your face touching the knees
iv) Try to stay in this asana as long as possible
v) Again to come to the normal state in the reverse order. It means, keep the head on the ground first and leave the hands.
vi) Lift the legs straight and keep them on the ground slowly.
vii) Now, keep the legs apart a feet, and also keep the hands a feet apart to the body and stay in a relaxed way in the shavasana.
Note: While holding the knees with hands and pulling them towards the chest, if there is severe pain in the knees, don't pull forcefully. In this asana, the neck, knees, hip part get benefits. If you feel difficult to do this asana with two legs, start with one leg and and then do with both the legs.
Initial state
Lie down on the back, keep the two legs apart, keep the hands apart beside the body and lie down in a relaxed way.
Asana state
i) Take deep breathing, focussing on the leg fingers, exhalig, relax the fingers.
ii) Take deep breathing, focussing on the knees, exhaling, relax the knees.

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iii) Take deep breath, focussing on the stomach, exhaling, relax the stomach part.
iv) Take deep breath, focussing on the chest, exhaling, relax the chest part.
v) Take deep breath, focussing from fingers to the shoulders, exhaling, relax the chest part.
vi) Take deep breath, focussing on the neck, exhaling, relax the neck part.
vii) Take deep breath, focussing on the head, exhaling, relax the head part.
viii) Inhaling and exhaling through two nostrils, focus on the breath.
ix) Like this, 2 to 3 times, give rest to all the body parts.
Note: As all people think, this is not an easy asana. One must stay as a corpse without any movement. After completing all asanas, if we do shavasana, the tiredness that we get due to other asanas will come down and each part of the body gets relaxed. The pain that you get after doing these asanas will be reduced by doing shavasana. Do it with focus on it.

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In today's life style, due to many reasons, we are not taking air into full of of our lungs. Though the capacity is to take 3-5 litres of air at a time, we are taking only 500 milli litres of air. It means, we are taking only one fifth of our capacity. Reasons?
Increased fat which pushes the lungs, addictions such as smoking, air pollusion and lack of physical exercise.
That's why, it is better to do deep pranayama. Read the book, 'Pranayama', written by Dr. Manthena Styanarayana Raju. Do 15-30 minutes deergha pranayama. Especially, Bhastrika pranayama, Kapalbhathi pranayama and nadi shuddhi pranayama.
Best time: After getting up, after attending nature calls or in the evening half an hour before the meals or 4 hours after the meals, you can do the sadhana.
Doing Method: Sit on the blanket spread on the floor, sit straight either in vajrasan or sukhasan or padmasan. For some minutes, forget the world completely and focus on the breathing. Then, do deep breathing. (Either read Dr. Raju books or watch the CDs).
Note: People who cannot sit down, due to joint pains, can sit on the chair straight and do pranayama. Though one is not able to sit properly, one can lie down and bend the legs and pranayama.
My expereince : In 2004, when I was doing post graduation in yoga in Vivekananda yoga kendra, a 22 year old man was brought there. All his joints, are painful and swollen.

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He is suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. He is born in a very rich family. Gold business family. At home, four people have four cars. But, he cannot even get into a car. They consulted all known doctors and got treatment. But, no result. As a last attempt, they brought him to the yoga centre in a car. He was not able to move. How can he do yoga when he is not able to do legs or joints. I didn’t understand anything. He is very thin, like AIDS patient. That case was given to me. They said, ‘do whatever, but he has to walk’. I was fearful about his health – at any moment he may die, that was the situation. I took the case as a challenge. I decided to make him walk. I started making him do pranayama in the morning, afternoon and in the evening. But, he is not able to take breath. I made him lie down on the back, put my hand on his stomach, pushed and asked him to exhale. I took out the hand and asked him to take air in. This way, I taught him to do proper breathing. Also, gave movements to the fingers. Every day, in a systematic way, I gave him soft food and fruit juices. Similarly, I made him sit for Bhagavat Gita classes in the morning. In the evening, he is made to sit the interesting group bhajan program. Because of all these things, all the mental problem stored in him have disappeared. He started talking freely, and greeting all. Due to the soft food that he was given, there were a lot of changes in his body. Due to the regular daily life style, pranayama, the pain and swelling were reduced in the joints and there were movements in the body. After a month, he was able to sit. In 3 months, he was able to do some small asanas. In his perception, he is recovered 50%. The case was left by the arthopaedicians, but because of the pranayama, the life energy has increased. The nadis have been cleansed. The pain was reduced. In fact, in pranayama, there is so much power. It is understood by the people who practice it. Try it and be healthy.
Now, we will learn how to do three types of pranayama.

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Kapalabhati Pranayama
Kapalabhathi means, to exhale effortfully and forcefully and inhale effortlessly.
Doing method
Sit in vajrasana. Place the hands on the thighs keep the head, neck, backbone straight. In this pranayama, effortful exhalation and effortless inhalation to happen. Not to open eyes in between.
2. Close the mouth, hold the mouth and nose, pushing the stomach inside, to exhale forcefully to push all the air from the lungs. Immediately, inhale with two nostrils, leaving the stomach normally (this happens without any effort, naturally)
3. As stated above, pressing and releasing the stomach, without stopping in between, starting slowly, to do it for some time, as fast as possible. When you feel tired, decrease the speed and stop gradually.
4. In the beginning, do 20-25 times per minutes and by increasing the speed gradually, do 60 times per minute. All the carbon dioxide is completely exhaled, and pure oxygen is filled up into the lungs and enters into the blood, after kapalbhathi is completed, for some time, the breathing stops automatically, After some time, the breathing stops for itself, thought-less state happens and it will be peaceful and pleasant. With eyes closed, enjoying this pleasantness, and then observing the breath with mind, sit in the meditative state, tiredness is reduced, take rest till the normal breathing comes, and be prepared to do the pranayama next.

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1. While doing kapalabhathi, the head, neck and the backbone will be straight, and to ensure not to move either side.
2. On the very day you start pranayama, you should not do excess. In the first 3 to 4 days, to do 10 to 20 times and then give a break and then start again. As we get habituated and do the practice, we can increase the speed. No need to stop in between.
Surya nadi pranayama
Taking air through right nostril, and exhaling through right nostril, is known as surya nadi pranayama.
Doing method
1. Sit in vajrasana, keep the left hand on the left thigh, with right hand ring finger, close the left nostril completely. Keep the pointing finger and the middle finger together pressed between the two eye brows. The index finger and the little finger will be free. Either through mouth or left nostril, you should not inhale or exhale.
2. With right nostril, inhale with loud sound to completely fill the lungs. Keep the left nostril closed, exhale through right nostril. Similarly, through right nostril, multiple time, inhale and exhale.
3. Gradually, reduce the speed and then stopping, keeps the eyes closed and observe the changes happened in the body, you will clearly notice that the right side lung is much activated. Till the breathing comes natural, take rest and be ready for chandra nadi pranayama.

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Chandra nadi pranayama
Inhaling through the left nostril and exhaling through the left nostril is known as chandra nadi pranayama.
Doing method:
1. With the right hand index finger, close the right nostril completely, as in surya nadi, keep the middle finger and pointing finger together between the eye brows. Keep the right finger and the little finger free.
2. Inhale storongly through left nostril, and exhale through the left nostril again. Similarly, do just as you have done for surya nadi.
3. After stopping pranayama, close the eyes for some time, take rest for some time, then start doing pranayama. (This time, you will notice that the left side lung is fully activated).
1. In the above two pranayamas, more than inhaling, do exhaling more. If we inhale air 4 seconds forcefully, exhale 5-6 seconds with force. But, don't count the seconds. It should happen naturally.
2. Sometimes, the right nostril and left nostril get closed up. We feel inconvenient to inhale and exhale. The sound doesn't come. Inside, when the musus obstruct or for other reasons, it happens like this. In that case, boil the water the use the steam to reduce cold. The closed nostrils become free. Then, do pranayama. Do to the extent you are capable of doing. In 2 to 3 days, the nostrils will be free.

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Nadi shuddhi pranayama
In surya nadi and Chandra nadi pranayama (like fingers pressed and exhaled as in squeezing), the water matter (mucus and phlegm etc) in both the nostrils, sinus and breathing vessels move out and the nose becomes free. Oxygen enters inside, without any obstruction. The body will be more ready to take life energy. The respiration happens very well in a balanced way. In this pranayama, to inhale through two nostrils, one after the other. The difference between other pranayamas and this is in this pranayama, we don’t inhale forcefully and strongly. We inhale slowly and naturally. Similarly, we exhale. By doing like this, there will be equilibrium between ida and pingala and the body takes more life energy and stores it and uses effectively.
Doiing Method
1. Sit straight in vajrasan, keep the right hand index finger and middle finger together in between the eye brows. Keep the mouth closed. All your focus should be on the breath you intake.
2. Close the left nostril completely with ring finger, through right nostril, slowly, without noise coming out, naturally, inhale lungful of air.
3. Now, close the right nostril with index finger, take out the ring finger on the left nostril. Exhale the air, through left nostril gradually and naturally.
4. We exhaled through left nostril. With the same nostril, in the same way, inhale and then, with ring finger, close the left nostril, and exhale through right nostril. (This is one amrutha). Now, inhale with right nostril and exhale with left nostril. Inhale With the same nostril with which you have first exhaled. LIke this, do multiple times. While doing, our focus should be on breathing.

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As we do slowly, the more time we do, the better.
Omkara meditation
For people who have joint pains, Omkara meditation helps a lot. Because, the sound waves that come from Omkara, spread throughout the body, and reduce all pains. If we think scientifically, in this creation, in every things, the cells are vibrating at some level. Every vibration creates some energy. For example, light, sound, magnetism all such things are energy forms. Our body is also formed with the combination of cells. In every cell, there is energy stored. When there is change in the vibrations of the cell, there will be change in thier energy. When there is change in the energy, the cell experiences disease. In such a case, Omkara sound waves are useful in healing the disease. According to Katopanishad, Omkara is formed with (A+U+M) sounds. So, when we are reciting akaara, ukaara and makaara, in a special way, in every cell of the body, energy will be filled. Moreover, the energy in the sound waves, energizes the mind. We will forget the world we recite omkara. Our mind and body merge with the sound. That's why we call it Omkara meditation. With Omkara, the mind becomes energized and becomes peaceful. So, with any kind of joint pains, the peaceful mind gets the energy to bear the pains. That's why, people who meditate daily, the body pains will come down gradually. They will go to the extent where they are not troubled with the pains. Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna Paramahamsa are proof for this. Make the Omkara as part of your daily and get many benefits. After doing asanas, pranayama, we will very peaceful. To meditate, the mind and the body will be ready. Do meditation by sitting in vajrasan.

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Recite akaara, ukaara, makaara and om kara separately by taking enough time. By doing like this, the mind becomes more focussed and the meditation can be done well.
With eyes closed, take lungs-full of air and open mouth and recite (A+U+M) and AUM sound. Recite each sound separately 10 times. The effect will be good. While reciting these sounds, increase the voice as far as possible and at the end, decrease the sound gradually, and then to stop slowly. After it is stopped like that, take deep breath and continue like that again. At last, when you are reciting ‘A’ sound, from leg fingers to the navel, when reciting the ‘U’ sound, from navel to the throat, when reciting the ‘M’ sound, in the head part, then recite AUM (A+U+M) and then stop. We know that Omkara is the combination of A, U, M. When we are reciting Omkara, first navel, stomach, then in the middle part (lungs and neck) and when we are reciting Mmm sound, in the head, there will be resonance of vibration happens. This comes clearly into our experience. As long you you do Omkara, during that time, the vibrations get generated and create wellness in us. It creates energy. That is the proof and power of mantra.
While reciting Omkara, the main thing we need to remember is that: while uttering Omkara, we have to listen to it. While listening, we have to recite it. Listening to it is very important. Then only, we will have complete results. This is called ‘pranavopasana’. Let us do ‘pranavopasana’ daily and get infinite energy incessantly.
When we are doing Omkara, naturally, pranayama happens. So, those who do not have time, can stop pranayama and do Omkara for some more time.

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6. Joint diseases - Food

  • We will avoid bad food - Let us eat natural food
  • Grain food with a lot of nutrients such as calcium - Good for bone strength
  • In grains, strength for bones and muscle power - Completeness with good health
  • Eat every day a sesame sweet - Get calcium bone-full
  • Acid-base ratio is important in food - Then only, the body will be healthy
  • Have fruit and go to bed - You will have free motion in the morning!
  • Fibre will wash away pollution - Saves you from body smells
  • If you eat natural food, life energy will be saved - If you eat unnatural food, existing energy will be spoiled
  • Be pleasant by eating natural food - Know its importance at least now
  • Know what is in what - Don't say, anything will do
  • Don't stop eating fruit because they are expensive - Choose fruit which you get at less price
  • Drink vegetable juice in the morning - Gives nutrients to dispel fatigue
  • After free motion in the morning - Eating sprouts gives good results
  • Life energy in sprouts - Fills the body with creative energy
  • Grains have all qualities - The human race will survive with it
  • Never stop eating sprouts - Don't swallo without chewing
  • No need to take additional salt - The natural salt is enough
  • Food without salt and oils - Good for everybody's health
  • Sugar is not poisonous to the body - Honey is elixir to life
  • Stop eating tastes - Don't get addicted to them
As part of the chapter ‘Causes for joint diseases’, we have learnt clearly, by eating what food our joints are getting damaged. Especially, the food that increases acidic nature in our blood, damages all the body parts. Even, joints and bones are getting damaged in that way. In our current life style, the food that we eat is completely acidic in nature.
For example, fully polished or refined or processed grams, rice, suji, sugar, oils, pickles etc. trouble our digestive system and increasing the acidity in the body. Apart from that, distorted food timings, alcohol, smoking etc. all such things are damaging our joints. That’s why, while having meals, we have to keep some things in mind, and eat accordingly. Let us stop eating food that caused damage to the body. If as elders, we change, the children will also change automatically and get habituated. As parents, if we give our children good habits, along with us, they can live life without the need for a physicians.
Food that is compatible to joints:
So, we need to have certain kind of food every day, so that all our body parts should never get damaged as long as we live, we should eat such kind of food.
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We need to eat such food – which can make us do our tasks ourselves, not depending on other in old ag; which makes our body and mind peaceful; which makes our enzymes and hormones are oozed well; which makes us energetic, illuminated, knowledgeable and get engaged with others’ service; which makes us live happily and make others happy, that kind of food, we need to eat. There has been a great research has happened on this. It is still happening. In the previous chapters, we have learnt that acidic food makes the joints and muscles melt and weakens them. The same thing is found out in researches. Our food scientists, after doing so much research, found out that, base food is good for life. Are you thinking which food can give the base nature instead of acidity. It is the food that our ancestors have eaten. That is, the food that has come from nature – without the need for salt and boiling. If the more we eat such food, the base nature percentage increases in the blood.
The calcium food which can make our bones strong
As we are polishing our food, we are losing nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. Our vital food is grains. In the husk of the grains, there is so many nutrients. Especially the calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron which are useful for bones and joints. By polishing food items, the vitamins and minerals that are available in the top layer will be destroyed. Apart from that our cooking style i.e., boiling etc. That’s why, we are eating food which doesn’t contain any minerals such as calcium. Moreover, the polished food and non-vegetarian food cause acidity. As a result, the pH balance will be damaged in the blood. It loses the capability to absorb calcium from food. Apart from htat, as we are eating cooked food, there won’t be any life energy in the food, our body also doesn’t get any life energy, the stomach muscles cannot absorb calcium and won’t be useful to the cells, the muscles and bones are losing energy and capability at an young age.

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That's why, while taking food, we need to consider all these problems and to focus on taking more calcium-rich food.
Calcium is available abundantly in our daily food items. We are lucky because, it is more in less expensive food items. But, we assume that only costly food items are good for health and so, we spend more money to buy food items. What is the use? If you look at the grains, more than anything, in finger millet, we get more calcium. In some areas, they are called ‘chollu’. In 100 grams of finger millet, 344 milli grams of calcium is available. But, in rice, it is 10 grams. See, how much difference is there! That’s why in South India, where rice is the staple food, we see more joint pains. In Andra Pradesh, the Rayalaseema people use more finger millets. They are very less expensive. If rice is 15-25 rupees per kilo, finger millet are available between 5-10 rupees. In Rayalaseema, many people eat ‘ragi sankati’, a dish made with finger millet. Riksha pullers and labourers get this dish cooked specially. For ragi sankati, the combination is Amaranth dal or groundnut pickle. This ragi sankati is healthier for bones, due to the higher levels of calcium available. Similarly, in all leafy vegetables, amananth leaves have more calcium as 800 milli grams. Look at the secret. The poor people of Rayalaseema have been taking this food for some generations. They do not know that in this food, there is so much calcium or nutrients. They did not know it by doing research. They never calculated nutrient levels. But, as the food is helping their work and their strength of their bones, we can understand how much intelligent the ancestors are. Unfortunately, these habits are dying away. Now, ragi sankati is marked as poor people’s food. They are gradually losing the habit of eating ragi sankati. Now, you know the inner thing. At least from now onwards, let us understand the significance of finger millet.
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Eat at least 3-4 times a week. In leafy vegetables, use amananth leaves, drumstick leaves, methi leaves, coriander leaves, and curry leaves abundantly. Because, there is more calcium in these leaves. Moreover, leafy vegetables are available in towns, villages and cities everywhere, throughout the year, which are less expensive. With ragi sankati, use leafy vegetable dal as combination.
Finger millet sprouts: Soak the finger millets in water at night. In the morning, tie them in a thin cloth. Keep in a place where air flows well. By next day morning, an inch sprouts will come. Though they are a bit harder, they will be tasty. We can eat them along with green gram, black eyed peas, ground nuts, dates and sesame.
Ragi laddu: Make finger millet sprouts, dry them in shade, and fry them slightly. Then, grind them in a mixi and make powder. Similarly, prepare sesame powder. In raw dates, remove the seeds and keep them ready. Similarly, keep the honey ready.
Preparing method: Raw dates, Finger millet powder, sesame powder, are to be grinded all together and to be made as ‘laddus’ mixing honey.
Benefits: In all these three things, there is a lot of calcium. So, give these finger millet balls to growing kids, growing girls daily. They will get good amount of calcium and their bones and chest will grow. Muscles will be stronger. Blood level increases. Give these laddus the matured girls. In olden days, that was quite well done. In olden days, that was mandatory for growing girls to eat them. Though our ancestors didn’t know much science, they knew what to be given to the body at what time. Today, we know so much of science, yet we are getting habituated to sweets. If we ask, they will say, no time. Similarly, for a pregnant lady also, more calcium is needed. In fact, they need 4-5 tiems more calcium than normal days. Because, both the mother and the baby need it. If calcium is not sufficient, the calcium from mother’s bones will go to the baby.
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Finally, the mother’s bones become weaker. To ensure not to happen like this, taking calcium-rich food helps mother and the baby.
Ragi Malt: The finger millet sprouts to be dried up in shade, grinded and then slightly fried and to stored in a glash container. For school children, when they drink milk, mix 2 spoons of this powder in the milk. The milk will become thick. Taste and strength. A lot of benfit! If mothers has some patience, it will all be health. Children won’t get tired. Fatigue will be reduced. More glucose will be supplied to the body. The mind will work sharp. It can be given to 1-year babies as well, by boiling the powder in hot water and then mixing it with honey, by feeding with spoon. The elderly people can drink it as ambali mixing it with buttermilk. In summer, it gives coolness to the body. People who has heat body, finger millet and buttermilk, both will give coolness to the body.
Food that increases the base nature
We have learnt that acidic food causes damage to the joints. That’s why, we need to eat – as antidote – base food. Then, what is the food which increases base nature? No need to worry where it is available. If you eat what nature gives as it is, it increases the base nature. It is that easy. In the nature, all living beings are eating the natural food as given by nature, without changing anything. That’s why, even after 100 years, the legs of the elephants work efficiently. That’s their health secret. But, as human beings are changing the food, he is undergoing ill health.
As humans have discriminating ability, they have to understand, at least now, and should change their food. The food that is naturally available – vegetables and grains work very well for joint diseases. If people want to learn more about this, they can read the book, “Paripurna Arogyaniki Sampurna Aharam” (Complete food for perfect health”) written by Dr. Manthena Satyanarayana garu

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If we have joint pains, how do to use fresh fruit how and when?
Use the fresh fruit, especially sweet fruit, very much. The tree takes the sun’s energy, and the flower becomes a bud, the bud becomes a ripened fruit, and then it ripens. In the fully-ripened fruit, there will be many nutrients. The sun’s rays have the life energy. That’s why, tree stores sun’s energy in the fruit as life energy. Moreover, in every fruit, there are enzymes for the fruit to get digested. That’s why, any fruit can be digested easily. That’s why, our elders when we are unwell or when we have fever, they used to give us fruit as food. Because, when we are unwell, we are not able to digest food and we feel nausea and we see indigestion symptoms. A fruits gets digested easily. Moreover, the sun’s energy is hidden in it. So, if we use fruit during ill health, its life energy will take us from ill health to good health. When life energy increases in our body, all the cells in the body will do powerful repairing. So, even in chronic joint pains, for those who take fruit as food, the cells will become powerful. Similarly, in the cell, the repairing program can be done well. In people who have rheumatoid arthritis, if they eat uncooked food, we have observed a lot of changes. Because, it is scientifically proved that the enzymes of the fruit have the tendency to reduce the inflammation of the joints and pain. For example, in pine apple, there is an enzyme called bromelain. In papaya, there is an enzyme called Pepanin, which can reduce inflammation in joints. In each enzyme, there is a special enzyme. All these fruit help in reduce joint pains, or in repairing process or to help the calcium, taken from food, to be taken by the cells. For example, in lemon, there is citric acid. This citric acid can fix the damage done to the cell. Similarly, it creates something called collagen and helps in healing the wound.

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Fibre: In fruit, vegetables, leafy vegetables, sprouts, there is very much fibre. This fibre will clean the dirt which is formed in the cells. In rheumatoid arthritis, if you take fruit and raw vegetables, two times a day, the fibre in the food, as part of digestion, helps in sending out the waster matter formed in the joints. And, in people who are obese, this fibre is useful in reducing cholesterol in them. In fact, fibre is of two types – melting fibre, which enters the blood directly, and cleans up the cell inner part. Just as the unclean dishes, if washed well, how they would sparkle, similarly, this fibre, cleans up the blood vessels, by ensuring that the harmful cholesterol doesn’t stick to the walls of the blood vessels. The second type of fibre is unmalting fibre. This cleans the cell outside and gives health. People who have osteoarthritis, if they eat in the afternoon, brown rice, or eat pulkas, made with unprocessed wheat flour, eaten with salt-less curry, they will get more fibre. In the evening also, if you eat before 7 pm, pulkas with raw vegetable salad, joint pains will be cured quickly. We need to identify that of all, fibre is more important. In the top layer of the wheat grains, and in brown rice, there is an amino acid called, ‘histidine’. This primarily helps that the excess metals such as iron, copper and excess salt won’t get stored up in the joints.
If you are not able to digest fruit as it is, you can take the fruit juices, especially, the sour tasted fruit will be good for juices – orange, mosambi, sweet orange, pine apple, pomegranate fruits. Sometimes, you can also use water melon and musk melon fruit juices. You should not use ice, sugar and milk in juices. If you want, you can add 2-4 spoons of honey. It will be tasty. It won’t affect health.

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Vegetable juice in the morning for people who have joint pains
Without vegetables, there is not cooking. Without cooking, no meals. But, you may only know cooking vegetables but you may not know how to eat without cooking vegetables. If we cook, some percentage of nutrients will die away in the vegetables. Especially, the water-soluble B-complex and c vitamins will be lost. For the joints to work better, we need to eat vegetables uncooked, so that the required A, C, E vitamins, copper, selenium, zinc etc. nutrients to get. So, let us see how we can take it. Generally, people who have joint pains, their liver also will have some problem.
The body needs nutrients for the joints to work effectively. So, we will classify available vegetables into 3 groups. If ensure we take vegetables from these three groups, it would be fine.
First group:- As a protective measure, we should take liver-protective vitamin A food such as, carrot, beetroot, tomato, raddish, coriander, curry leaves, drumstick leaves etc. to be used in juice.
Second group: - Similarly, for B complex vitamins, use cucumber, bottle gourd, ridge gourd, snake gourd etc.
Third group: It is good to use calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous rich drumstick leaves, pumpkin, Ashgourd, amaranth leaves in juices. We need not think that all types should take at once. In our daily life, we can check what vegetables are less expensive and accordingly, we can choose from each group – one or two vegetables. In this way, we are able to supply nutrients to the body.
The table given below shows in what food items what nutrients are available. These values are taken from National Institute of Nutrients (NIN, Hyderabad).

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Nutrients, According to ICMR

1. Cereals - Nutrients
Nutrients Calcium
Bhajra 42 296 8.0 137
Barley 26 215 1.67 21
Maize 10 348 2.3 139
Copper 344 283 3.9 137
Brown Rice 10 190 3.2 90
Polished rice 10 160 0.7 64
Unprocessed Wheat flour 48 355 4.9 132
Processed wheat flour 23 121 2.7 54
2. Grams - Nutrients
Nutrients Calcium
Seseme 1450 570 9.3 -
Bengal gram 202 312 4.6 119
Grinded Bengal gram 56 331 5.3 130
Urad dal 154 385 3.8 130
Green gram without husk 75 405 3.9 122
Horsegram 287 311 6.77 156
Soya beans (White) 240 690 40.4 275
Red gram 73 304 2.7 90
Cow peas 77 414 8.6 210

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3. Leafy vegetables - Nutrients
Leafy vegetables Calcium Phosphorous Iron Magnesium
Kenaf 172 40 2.28 66
Sorrel 63 17 0.75 123
Malabar spinach 200 35 10 -
Thorn amaranth 800 50 22.9 -
Tamarind leaves 101 140 0.30 26
4. Meat - Nutrients
Meat Calcium Phosphorous Iron Magnecium
Goat Meat 12 193 - -
Goat Liver 17 277 - -
Sheep Meet 150 150 2.5 -
Sheep Liver 10 380 6.3 -
Pork 30 200 2.2 -
Jelly Fish 10 230 - -
5. Vegetables - Nutrients
Brinjal 18 47 0.38 26
Tindoora 40 30 0.38 36
Lady's finger 66 56 0.35 53
Ridge gourd 18 26 0.39 32
Snake gourd 26 20 1.51 28
Broadbeans 50 64 1.4 53
Cluster beans 130 57 1.08 47
Banana flower 32 42 1.6 54

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Tender plantain (banana) 10 10 1.1 -
Spring onion 50 50 7.43 104
Pumpkin 10 30 0.44 38
Ashgourd 30 20 0.8 -
Sword beans 60 40 2.0 -
Caashew 50 450 5.81 349
6. Fruit - Nutrients
Fruit name Calcium Phosphorous Iron Magnesium
Guava 10 28 0.27 24
Dates 22 38 0.96 12
Papaya 17 13 0.5 11
Pomegranate 65 70 1.79 44
Sapodilla 98 27 1.25 25
Apple 10 14 0.66 7
Pine apple 20 9 2.42 33
Lemon 90 20 0.3 -
Mosambi 26 20 0.32 9
Gooseberry 50 20 1.2 -
Blue Grapes 20 23 0.5 -
Green Grapes 20 30 0.52 82
Seedless Grapes 30 30 0.2 -
Watermelon 11 12 7.9 13
Jackfruit 20 41 0.56 24
Dry dates 120 50 7.3 3

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Method of preparing fresh vegetable juices: First, keep the tomato, carrot, beetroot from the first group separately. Take one type of vegetable – bottle gourd or cucumber or ridge gourd. From the third group, take drumstick leaves, pumpkin or amaranth leaves from our backyard. For smell, take curry leaves and coriander leaves. Cut all the above into small pieces. Keep all of them in grinder. In the mixture, don’t pour water. The water in the vegetable will be served as juice. Ensure that tomato or cucumber or bottle gourd is there which are full of water. Keep the grinded mixture in a thinner cloth and squeeze it. For taste, you can mix 4 spoons of honey. In case of diabetic patients, take 1 spoon of honey. Have lemon gives sour taste and also provides vitamin ‘c’. After drinking 2-3 litres of water in the morning, in two stages, give a gap of 1 hour and drink 300-500 ml of juice. Initially, you can start with a small amount of juice and increase the quantity gradually. Similarly, while drinking the juice, focus on it while sipping it and enjoy the taste. As we drink it when the intestines are empty, the intestines absorb it well. As this juice has base nature, the intestine layer doesn’t get damaged, and a good atmosphere is formed and give good strength to the body. In the intestines, the acidity and indigestion will be reduced. If you drink like this for more than 3 months, the acidity in the blood will be reduced, and the joints won’t wear away due to the acidity and the synovial layer in the joints won’t get damaged. Moreover, as calcium will be available in it, the joints, bones and muscles will become strong. As we are drinking only filtered juice, without the fibre, in half an hour, the stomach will be emptied. So, people who don’t have a good appetite or who don’t have good digestion, this juice will help. If we set the digestion power first, all the rest life processes will be taken care automatically. That’s why, people who are affected by joint diseases also, first strength the digestion system. There is one more benefit if you drink vegetable juice in the morning.
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The different chemicals, vitamins and diluted fibre in it have the quality of improving the intestine movements. That’s why, it helps to clean up the faeces in the intestines. That’s why, we see that for some people, by drinking juice, motions happen. That’s why, I call this juice an elixir, which has so many benefits. Elixir doesn’t have death. It increases the life energy. In life, in future, it saves you from every disease. Not only that, if you are habituated to it, the taste will also be good. That’s why, all your family members, when enjoying the sun’s tender rays on your body, drink this elixir and make your body immortal.
Best breakfast for people who have joint pains
Nowadays, when we say breakfast, we won’t feel satisfied unless we eat in combinations idli-wada, upma-pesarattu, puri-dosha. But, if we think of nutrients in this food, they don’t have B-complex or minerals. We are eating only for energy. Moreover, as explained earlier, we are eating only refined, so there is no fibre in it. As a result, we will face constipation. Those who have constipation problem, they will have double pains. With constipation, the mind gets lazy. The body feels uneasy. Appetite decreases. We will eat something, just to avoid fatigue. But, there is no appetite. That’s why, with salt, oil, chilli and spices, we are creating new artificial tastes and eating. And then, we suffer more. That’s why, unable to bear the joint pains, we go to the doctor, and take medicine – one tablet for appetite improvement, one tablet for digestion, one tablet or syrup for free motion. Every day, this is the scene. Once life loses its track, we need to walk limping. People who suffer from joint pains, should take extreme care about breakfast. The previous day, they have to close the evening meal before 7 pm, only with fruit. Then, we give 12 hours rest for stomach till 7-8 am in the morning. It means, the stomach is in fasting mode. That’s why, we call in English, ‘break-fast’.
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It means, as we have fasted the whole night, now we are breaking it. Generally, if a political leader is concluding his ‘diksha’, his fasting will be closed with honey and lemon juice. Then, they will be given very light food. Similarly, every morning, we have to close the fasting with raw vegetables and to give the body the best breakfast. People who suffer from joint pains should take care regarding their breakfast. The morning food should be in such a way that it should not cause inconvenience to the stomach. If the food has the life energy with is suitable to the stomach, then, it can digest it well. Moreover, the food should not damage the mucus layer which is attached to the stomach inner walls. In many ways, the best breakfast to be eaten is ‘sprouts’. They have all the above-said qualities. It has good fibre. As said in the Bhagavad Gita, it is totally ‘satvika food’.
Benefits: By taking these sprouts in the morning, the mind will be peaceful. It won’t cause uneasiness just as oil food. In grains, sesame, almond, ground nuts etc. will increase the synovial oil in the joints. If you eat sprouts mixed with onion, green raw chilli, and lemon, there are so many benefits. In onion, there is sulphur, which helps in repairing joints. It also works as catalyst to send calcium from the blood into bones, cartilage, and connective tissues. Those who have spiritual bent of mind, need not eat them. In grains, there are all types of vitamins and minerals. If we eat grains, the nutritious deficiency problem will be solved and joints and muscles will work efficiently.
What grains should we eat? All the grains that we will be eating are better native ones. Now, there are so many hybrid types. They do have a few benefits. We better don’t go for them.
Green gram (yellow and black ones), small Bengal gram, jowar, millet, wheat, finger millet, black eyed beans, black gram, horse gram, pilli pesara, alpha alpha, soya beans, ground nuts, coconut etc.

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If you bring these grains, clean up well and dry them for 2-3 days, they make good sprouts. You need not eat all these grains daily. Any 3-4 types of grains can be eaten daily. There will differences in the nutritious values in the grains, so you better eat them in a way that all are well covered in your diet. Ground nuts can be eaten just by soaked. Coconut can be eaten raw. The remaining grains to be made as sprouts and taken.
The method of making sprouts: Take each kind of grains handful. Take them 3-4 types – handful of them – separately. Clean the grains well to clean sand etc. At this stage, spoiled grains can be identified and thrown away. In the morning, take the grains separately like this and soak them in different dishes with a good amount of water. Let them soak from morning to night. Jowar, millet and finger millet are a bit harder. They better to be soaked for 24 hours to make good sprouts. Grains are like old and new types. You generally don’t know whether they are new or old. So, first soak them from morning to night. If all grains get sprouted well, every day, follow the same timing. If they are not sprouted well and if the grains are hard, then soak them till the next morning. They won’t smell. Accordingly, soak which ever variety is good.
There are different methods to get them sprouted.
1) Tying them up in a thin cloth:- Take pieces of thin cloth, tie them with different types of grains separately, and keep some weight on the packs. Keep them for 24 hours like that and you can find 1 inch of sprouts. If any type of grain doesn’t give sprouts well, sprinkle water on the pack and keep it like that for 24 hours more to get sprouts.
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Place the soaked grains on paper or cloth till they lose wetness so that there won’t be smell. In summer, you can sprinkle water during at noon.
2) Sprouting grains in the holes box:- Boxes with holes are sold in shops (mint boxes). In these boxes, keep the grains separately, in different boxes and keep the lid on. In 24 hours, you will get sprouts. If required, keep for one more day and the sprouts will be longer. If the sprout is 1-2 inches, it is very good. These boxes are sold as a set of three boxes in different sizes piled up one in the other. If you keep the set of three boxes, you can prepared three types of sprouts. This is an easy way than sprouting them in wet cloth.
3) Making sprouts in a sprout maker:- There is a specially-designed plastic box with 3-4 shelves. This is called sprout maker. It is a very easy method and sprouts also grow well. It is clearly mentioned on it, how to make sprouts. As it is transparent, we can see the status of sprouts. To sprout more varieties, and keep them day by day separately, this method is good. People who have this facility, they can utilize. It doesn’t matter what method we are using for sprouting. But, what is important is that the sprouting should happen well. the sprouts should not smell and there shouldn’t be any stickiness. If you get habituated in 7-10 days, it is not a problem.
How to eat?: As part of breakfast, you can have some grains, stated above. Need not eat all the types – 2 to 3 types are enough. You have to eat stomach full. Coconut, dates, sesame, finger millet, you must eat. You will get enough calcium. If you want to lose weight, reduce coconut and eat more sprouts. You should not eat in 2 minutes, just as you eat other tiffins.
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If you eat hurriedly like that, you don’t get digested and you will have gas trouble. Moreover, you will have stomach ache. Generally, people who have joint pains, have digestion problems. That’s why, take enema regularly for 4-5 days and then start breakfast with fruit and then slowly get habituated to sprouts to eat them as breakfast. Sesame, green gram, alpha alpha get digested easily. That’s why, better to start with them.
How should be the lunch for people with joint pains?
People with joint pains, eat brown rice in the noon. Those who want to reduce weight, should eat pulkas made of grinded wheat, with salt-less curries (no salt). In people who eat salt less curries daily, it is observed that rheumatoid arthritis is reduced. To eat without salt, as Raju garu told, we need to make some changes in cooking. To replace salt, you can add sesame powder, finger millet powder, ground nut powder, milk, curd, raw coconut etc. so that it will be tasty. It may not be as tasty as with salt, but still, it will be tasty enough. If something is not tasty, it is difficult to eat for anyone. In afternoon meals, ensure there is 50% leafy vegetables. We can get leafy vegetables anywhere, less expensive. As we use 50% of leafy vegetables, in a curry, they can be mixed easily with other vegetables such as ridge gourd, bottle gourd, snake gourd, brinjal etc. the salt from leafy vegetable will be useful. Even if we don’t use salt, it fulfils the requirement. In leafy vegetables, such as spinach, amananth, fenugreek leaves, drumstick leaves, mint etc., there are lot of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, reboflovin, folic acid, B complex vitamins. If people with joint pains use like this, they will get calcium so that they won’t face any liver-related problems.
Similarly, Similarly, potato, sweet potato, topaika, suran/yam, colacasia, and carat have calcium and vitamin C, so you can use such roots as well. Many people think that if we eat roots, they will cause joint pains and back pain, but it is not true.
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If you change cooking style, you won’t face this problem, because, when we cook roots, we use tamarind. For that, we need to add more salt for taste. This is the problem we face. Many people do not know that it is because of tamarind that we use more salt. Not just once, try 10 times, you will know. Just by changing the cooking style, it will help. That too, to convince the tongue, which is habituated for so many tastes, it is very difficult (Read Dr. Raju’s book, ‘Rogalu rani ruchulu’ or watch the cooking video cd which is about cooking that can reduce diseases. If you use slight salt, we won’t have taste. Also, the pains won’t reduce. We will get good results, only when we completely stop using salt – especially, in people who face more damage. Only some percentage of results will be seen. But, still, continue your journey. When you are cooking curries without salt, the 2-3 grams of salt that your body needs, you should ensure that you get it from vegetable juice or grains or from curry. Otherwise, you will have fatigue. Every day, cook one curry. Use a lot of butter milk. It is good. All these years, the body is damaged because of the salt we have used in the food items. Now, it is a good opportunity to get the damage solved. The sodium that is stored around the cells should be discarded out. The salt that has been eaten for all these years, is formed as sodium bi carbonate crystals, so that those minerals will come out. Not only that, when we eat salt-less food, we can prevent the more damage to the joints, that is going to happen. If we reduce salt, the inflammation, pain and redness that happen in rheumatoid arthritis will be reduced a lot. Even in osteoarthritis, after eating like this, we can see some change. Don’t expect results, from day 1 and don’t stop in dissatisfaction in less time. You need patience a lot. Now, you know the conditions, you can go ahead with confidence.

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The Night meals of people who have joint pains
Instead of saying night meals, it is good to say evening meals. If I say night meals, it would mean a meal which starts at 9 pm and eating till mid night. Most of the people will be eating 9-10 pm. This habit is not good. Especially people who have the joints pains. Night meals in English is called dinner. Dinner means alcohol, feast, non-vegetarian food. To enjoy all these things, night meals is chosen as the appropriate one and is called dinner. Because, after completing all tasks of the day, people reach home. No more responsibility for the day. So, peacefully, they sit along with friends and chitchatting, they eat late at night. When you eat late at night, the body gets damaged. Because, nature decided for us to take rest at night. Rest means, it is not only for us, our stomach should also take rest. The stomach would be engaged in repairing tasks for whatever damages and heals itself, after all the food in the body is digested. When we are asleep, the body cleans itself and repairs itself. These are the two programs the body does in rest at night. It needs 6-8 hours of time. But, if we eat at mid-night, it needs at least 4 hours to digest the food. So, it will digest at around 3-4 am, and then completes the two activities discussed above. Then, we get up at 7 am, and spoil that activity with bed coffee again. We are not giving even 3 hours for cleansing the body. That’s why, this habit is not good. The body is already in a sad situation. Do you know what it means inflammation in joints? In that area, the body is reacting extremely. There are hundreds of chemical reactions are happening. For example, look at the honey bees. There is one queen bee and with its instructions, the worker bees will be working. It is amazing to look at their work. They do their tasks, very fast.
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They have a method. They expand the honey comb in a systematic planning. They do it with wonderfully. They increase wax and store honey. In our body also, the blood vessels, work as honey bees and reduce inflammation. This is not a small thing. Some thousands of chemical reactions would be happening. How would it be if we disturb the honey bees, which are working well. Whoever disturbs them, they will punish him, leaving their task. Till they punish him, they won’t come back to their task. Similarly, before the repair work is completed in the body, if we drink tea and had tiffin, they postpone the repairing activity and start digesting the food we have just eaten. The energy of the body will be diverted towards that direction. Ultimately, who will suffer? The repairing activity will be stopped. The joint pains will be like that. So, if we complete our evening dinner as early as possible, the body can get engaged in the activities of reducing pain and inflammation.
People with rheumatoid arthritis should have pulka with raw vegetables salad in their evening meals. Salad can be easily prepared. Cut carat, raw coconut, bottle gourd, cucumber etc. into thin pieces. If you add green chilli, onion pieces, and lemon juice, the vegetable salad is ready. It reduces tiredness. You will get energy, and it will be tasty. Preparing it is also very easy. People who have joint pains, sugar, can eat them.
Those people who have less weight, can eat brown rice, with salt-less curry, before 7 pm.
If people want to get the joint pains cured without any inconvenience, better eat only fruit. Especially papaya, pine apple. The enzymes in these fruit reduce the inflammation. There won’t be any gas problem. People who are suffering from joints pains, those who want to reduce joint pains without any inconvenience, can eat sprouts in the evening also along with any seasonal fruit. If you follow like this, you can get good results soon.

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7. Fasting in joint pains

  • Your fasting for health - An opportunity you are giving for your body
  • Implement fasting - Discharge waster matter
  • Weekly fasting - Very much protective for health
  • Use enema to clean up faeces - Destroy the disease completely
  • Fasting is two-sided knife - It's a great opportunity for health
  • If you give an opporunity with fasting - The body cleanses itself with its inner power
  • Be ready with fasting - The life energy will fight with the disease
  • Use enema to clean up faeces - Destroy the disease completely
  • If you drink honey and lemon juice in fasting - It will help your digestion
  • Have faith in nature - Have trust in fasting dharma
  • Understand the fasting dharma - Get rid of the waste
  • Fruit have natural taste - Understand their values and take them
  • The body dharma is taking natural food - The secret of fasting is curing the disease
  • Fasting with fruit is fruitful - In every way, good for health and happiness
  • Drinking sour fruit as juices - You will get vitamin C in plenty
  • Start fasting for health - Conclude fasting very carefully
  • Have fait in fasting dharma and practice it - You will be successfully healthy
You may think, ‘we are already suffering with joints worn away and with extreme pain, and are suffering as we walk. As we are suffering with fatigue, you are giving speech’. You may also thing, ‘this fasting cannot be done by us. We may get fainted. No one to take care of us. If we are bed ridden, we will suffer a lot’. There is nothing strange in thinking like this, because only if you eat, you get energy, otherwise, you will have fatigue. That is what we have understood. But, many people do not know that joint pains, back pains, from cold to cancer, whatever is the disease, fasting helps a lot. As people do not know the secret of fasting, they fear fasting. If you know, what fasting is, how should it be done, how should we be before and after fasting, you can do fasting in a simple way. You will take out your disease easily. This may be surprising to this generation but, fasting dharma is an age old process. Our ancestors would implement ‘lankanam’ if anyone has any problems and they would suggest fasting.
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If the leg is hurt, if the joints are paining, if the back is not bending properly, if any body part troubles, even if it is cold or fever, first they would suggest fasting and then only they would give medicine. In that way, they would become healthy again. After fasting, they would get some special dish. It means, they have identified the importance of fasting long ago. They would understand how to do fasting, what food to give after fasting, and then would implement. Because they know, humans who have come from nature, should go according to nature, if needed the five elements to be used – they had this understanding long back. All these things are given in the Ayurveda books. But, now, we are habituated to medicine. For every small and big problem, we are using medicine. Ultimately, if the power is not sufficient, we increase the power and cause the body a lot of inconvenience. The reason for all this is that we don’t have enough understanding about fasting. That’s why, not the people with joint pains, people who don’t want to get affected by joint pains in the future, should resort to fasting and can live healthily. Some people do not know about fasting and they fear about it. Once they know the benefits, despite we don’t suggest them long fasting, but they would prefer to do. So, what we suggest it, if you want to stay at home and do fasting, in a month, do it from 1 to 3 days. You won’t have any problems. You can do the fasting with honey, lemon and water. Then, the next three days, fast on vegetables and fruit juices and then take only fruit (uncooked food) and can do for one more week. It means, you are almost doing 2 weeks of fasting. Anyone can do like this. Those who want to do for one day in a week, they can do fasting on honey, lemon and water. But, don’t do long fasting at home. It is better to do long fasting only in naturopathic ashrams.
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Because, in naturopathic ashrams, they check B.P and Pulse. If you face any problems in between, the doctor will help you with the staff with required treatment. Moreover, along with you, there will be other people who are doing fasting. You all can share your opinions and have good time. If you do it in a group, the effect will be different. In a naturopathic ashram, the atmosphere would be good. The trees, plants and birds cause pleasantness along with doctor’s advice and consultations. They will give good speeches about health related things. You can solve your doubts and you can solve these problems. Along with them, you can do meditation and bhajan etc. As you have so many benefits, that’s why, it is advised to do long standing fasting in naturopathic ashram.
Fasting for one day in a week
Those who don’t want to get affected with joint pains in life, or who is in the initial stage of joint pains, it is good to do fasting for one day in a week. (To get more understanding about fasting, please read the book, “Upavasa Dharmam” written by Dr. Raju garu. You can also watch CDs). We are providing here, what kind of fasting we need to do for the joint pains.

What is fasting?

Without eating any food, giving intestines and stomach. Fasting reduces the thought streams and keeps us closed to God. Bhishma himself said that. ‘there is no greater tapasya than fasting’ and we can understand the sacredness of fasting. From physical ill health such as diseases, pains, to mental problems, fasting eradicates all problems. That is why, fasting is called ‘Fasting is the supreme medicine’. All medicine are beneficial, once we fall ill. But, fasting is the only thing that prevents diseases to affect us. Moreover, it helps to reduce the mental problems, tensions and helps us overcome the indriyas and improves our concentration and peacefulness.

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The most important secret behind fasting is:
Every day, through sleep, the five sense organs (ears, eyes, skin, nose, tongue) and the five organs of action (speech, hands, feet, anus, genitals) take complete rest and again by the next day, they gain energy. The heart, lungs, kidneys, brain, blood vessels etc. work continuously. But, they take rest while working. For example, the heart beats 72 times per minute. While the heart is beating, it takes rest in between for some moments. It means, it takes rest while working. Similarly, our digestion system, intestines, liver, pancreas organs work for some time and take rest during the whole night. During rest, they regain the energy that they have lost. If rest is not given to intestines, indigestion starts. Indigestion is the basis of many diseases. That’s why, we need to make the digestive system powerful. If the foundation is strong, we can build the building of health. Fasting is needed to protect the digestive system to make it powerful again. Giving rest to the digestive system is fasting. Animals and other living being which are following nature’s law, in case of any ill health, they protect themselves by giving rest to the digestive system and protecting themselves from the diseases.
If you give rest to the digestive system and the joint pains, diseases would be cured because, only during the rest period, the waste stored up in the joints, there is a chance to clean up the joint. As we clean up the house in the leisure time, the body also conducts this activity. Inflammation of joints means, there is some damage happened in the otherwise efficient joint. It is indicating us to protect the joints from further damage. That’s why, inflammation is not a disease. It is the reaction of the body so that it doesn’t get hurt. That’s why, inflammation is not a disease. It is reaction gives to protect the body. This is in fact, a good indicator. .
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If the body doesn’t indicate like this, it is the joints that get damaged. In another way, this inflammation tells us that some important joint is getting damaged, before it gets completely damaged, do save it. Once it tells us like that, if we can give rest to the stomach and all the body’s energy can be turned to joint recovery, it will be cured fast.
When we eat food, it gets digested in 4-5 hours. A lot of energy gets spent to digest food. When we fast, 12-15 hours of energy gets saves. The procured energy will be used for body repair. That’s why, once in every week for 24 hours, we should give rest to the body.
By doing fasting for one day in a week, the energy in the body is used to clean up and healing for 24 hours. The waste matter that is accumulated in one week, the body cleans up in 24 hours. Like this, the repair activity gets easier. Working women, though they clean the house daily, on a Sunday, they take more time to clean the upper walls, beeruvas, tables, cots etc. They sweep home every day. But, still sand comes. Though the home is cleaned up every day, on a Sunday, more sand comes. Because, as Sunday is a holiday, as they get more time, they clean up more thoroughly. Similarly, we have given a holiday to the stomach on a fasting day. So, on the fasting day, the body gives more time for cleaning up and repair.
Among the five elements, fasting belongs to the element ‘space’. Space is what gives chance for everything. Space means emptiness. If there is empty space in the bag, we can put some things in it. If there is no empty space in the bag, it means, there is no space. Similarly, when the disease particles occupy the emptiness in the body and the emptiness in the cells, we face diseases.
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When we move out the diseased particles from those body parts, gets them discharged out and creating the space again, is the purpose of fasting. Fasting is moving the body from narrowness to openness.
As we eat every day, to digest the food, a lot of life energy gets spent. In our body, all the activities are conducted by the life energy. When we do fasting (as there is no food), all our life energy will be saved. The life energy that is saved, will help in discharging the diseased matter and the poisonous things from the joints. That’s why, in fasting, joint pains, back pains and other diseases are generally healed.
Significance of three-day fasting
When the body becomes diseased, though we may be suffering with pains, if we give a chance to the body, it will repair itself. Because, the naturopathic medical science has long back identified that the body internally has marvellous energy. That’s why, it suggested fasting dharma. Swami Vivekananda, who understood it well, "Friend! Strength is life, weakness is death. You do not know the internal energy that is within. There is more energy than you imagine”. It means, we need to awake the sleeping giant’. For this, the fasting process can help us a lot. Similarly, it is told in the naturopathic science. There is so much wonderful energy is stored inside. If you give it a chance, it will repair itself. The body has remarkable recuperative power when it is left alone. We just need to give a chance through fasting. This three-day fasting will help a lot in increasing the vital energy and to remove the cause of the disease from the roots. If you know how to do the 3-day fasting, their principles, and the scientific approach behind it, you will have the true disease-curing power – the sanjeevani. You can dispel any kind of disease. Then, you will become the physician of your body. You will know better, your body problems. So, you can become a guiding force to the protection of your body. You can build your health path on your own.

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In naturopathic treatment, in three states, we clean up the disease. Now, let us think how this 3-day fasting is useful in cell health.
1. Discharging out the waste from the body (Elimination stage)
In the first three days, as we do fasting with honey and lemon juice, during this time, the waste from the body will be sent out. The body will be cleaned up.
2. State of soothing the cells (Soothening stage)
The next three days, fasting only on vegetable juices and fruit juices. This can be called as juice fasting. During this time, the diseased particles will try to come to the normal stage. This stage is related to the repairing state.
3. State of rebuilding the cell health (Constructive stage)
Then, the next four days, taking sprouts and uncooked food. This is called fruit fasting. During this time, The diseased limb or organ, rejuvenates, builds the cell and becomes healthy.
Taking oath in the heart just before the previous day of fasting (Mental preparation for Fasting)
When we want to do 3-days of complete fasting, we have to take a definite decision. It means, you should have an oath in the mind. Do the strong thought that the fating that you are going to do is for your mental and physical health. When we take the strong decision to safeguard our health, the mind then co-operates. Here, improving the mental state before fasting is more important. Otherwise, if the doubt starts that what may happen if we won’t eat for three days, then all the agitation, hunger, fatigue will start. Just on the previous day, before you are going to start fasting, make up the mind. Complete the meals early, on the previous day. Before 9 pm, go to bed. Have a peaceful sleep.

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While doing fasting
Enima: In the morning, drink 1-1.5 litres of water and go to the latrine. Wait for half an hour and take enema with warm water. You can do it yourself or you can take somebody’s help. Once you complete enema, roll on the ground on your stomach. The water will enter the large intestine. Spend 5 minutes’ time in the latrine. Along with the enema water, faeces comes out. Like this, all the fasting days, do enema mandatorily. If you do enema, it will be more beneficial. The large intestine is 1.5 metres long. Whenever motions happens, only the faeces of the last 25 cm (1/4 metre) of the large intestine will be discharged out. With enema, faeces will move out from ½ metre length. The stored faeces in the large intestine, will still be there in the metre length. That’s why, all this faeces will be cleaned in the enema that you take on the 2nd day. All the remaining faeces, stored in different placed in the large intestine will come out on the 3rd day, through enema. In fasting, we stop eating food. So, there won’t be pressure from top on the intestines. There won’t be any movements either. When there are no movements, the amount of faeces will be stored in it. That’s why, enema should be taken. Then only the waste would go out. If enema is not taken, the faeces will remain in the intestines. Day by day, the faeces gets spoiled and gas is produced. That gas and other poisonous things are again absorbed into the blood through intestines. As from faeces, the water is absorbed, it becomes very hard. So, if we want to fast for more than one day, you must take enema every day. After taking enema, keep the soaked and dried turkey towel under the navel for 5 minutes. In this way, the large intestine will become cool. After enema is taken, the peristaltic movement increased in the intestines will be cooled off.
Yoga in fasting: As there won’t be movements during the night, in the morning, the joints will be painful. So, some general exercise (sukshma vyayama) and normal yoga are to be done. The tightened joints will move. Blood circulation increases and the muscles get activated.
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Finally, take some rest. When the stomach is at rest, it is good to do yoga. People say, not to do yoga in fasting. It is true. But, by doing some exercise, you will get some benefit.

How to take honey, lemon and water?

In a big steel glass, take warm water and squeeze a lemon in it. Mix 4 spoons of honey in it. Honey, lemon water is ready. In the morning, as first food, take this liquid. It will be a bit sweet, a bit sour and with warmness, if you sip slowly, it will be good. As you sip slowly, the warm liquid, with ascorbic acid of the lemon which contains medicinal values, will be absorbed by the intestine layer. There is nothing that needs to be digested in it. So, no juice will be formed in the digestive system. It means, the intestines will be taking rest. The sucrose in honey, ascorbic acid in the lemon, enter the blood, get into the liver, get converted there, and then gives glucose as required by all the cells. Similarly, the ascorbic acid joins the energy which is engaged in cleaning the body and as a result, the cleaning process gets better.
How much honey to be taken in fasting?
The honey bees bring the sweetness of flowers and give us as honey. That’s why, in honey, there are so many medicinal values. The honey bees collect the sweetness from lakhs of trees. That’s why, the medicinal values of all those flowers will be in honey. That’s why, honey is the panacea for every problem. As all kinds of nutrients are mixed in it, honey is known as the complete food. Such high quality honey should be taken at least 250 ml, when we get the required energy for the whole day. Moreover, we will get the nutrients. That’s why, in fasting, if we use honey, we don’t get fatigue. No deficiency of nutrients will happen.

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Method of drinking honey, lemon juice
Like this, if we start drinking honey, lemon, water in the morning, after one hour, drink normal water. Then, after one hour, drink honey and lemon water again. Like this drink till 9 pm, at night. It means, for every 2 hours, take honey and lemon water an then for every 2 hours, drink normal water. Those who are fasting to reduce the joint pain problems, should drink with warm water. Because, as the warm water temperature and the stomach temperature are equal, the honey water directly absorbed by the blood.
Rest in fasting
As far as possible, these three days, give rest to the body. It doesn’t mean, you need to stay in the bed completely. You can do your tasks provided the body doesn’t undergo pressure.
You can read, have pleasant conversations with people, listen to some good things from the tape recorder, do meditation. Do activities that control the mind. If we do like this, the mind becomes peaceful. In a way, both mind and body will be cleansed.
Problems in fasting
During fasting, the first day, it will be very inconvenient. At the time of your meal time, you will be hungry. But, you need to control the mind. The honey and lemon water that you drink every hour, reduces your hunger. If you need, you can add a bit more honey. The bile juice from liver to the stomach create some vomiting and nausea in the beginning. You may feel like vomiting. By 2nd and 3rd day, things will become normal. You feel nausea more, drink 2-3 litres of warm water in the morning. If you keep your fingers in the mouth with wide open, all the water will be vomited. Immediately, for 5 minutes, take rest either under the fan or in a place where you feel fresh air. Sometimes, you may feel like having fever. But, you should not be afraid. In fasting, it will be cured in 1 or 2 days. Keep a wet cloth on the stomach.
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The joint pains may look increased. Because, we stopped eating food. The energy gets reduced. We may feel fatigue. When we have fatigue, we will have pains. This problem will be changed day by day. You may also feel headache.
Like this, there may be different problems in fasting. But, don’t worry. I am not writing these things to frighten you. If you know about all these problems a bit earlier, you will take measures. Also, not all problems will be faced by all people. Some people may not have any problem at all.
Daily routine with honey and lemon water
Morning 05.00 Gettig up, drinking 1 - 1.5 litres of water and attending nature's call
06.00 Taking enema
07.00 Drinking honey water with one glass of lemon juice
08.00 One glass of water
09.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice
10.00 One glass of water
11.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice
Afternoon 12.00 One glass of water
01.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice
02.00 One glass of water
03.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice
Evening 04.00 One glass of water
05.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice
06.00 One glass of water
Night 07.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice
08.00 One glass of water
09.00 Honey water with one glass of lemon juice

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How to take vegetable juices and fruit juices?
After completing fasting for 3 days, we are entering the 2nd phase. These three days will also be like doing fasting. But, you will be taking juices. That’s why it is called juice fasting. We have seen that, in people who have joint pains, when they do fasting with honey water, as some minerals dissolve in water and come out through water, the joints will be cleaned up. The juice fasting that we are going to do, encourages the cleaning process of the joints, and at the same time, supplies the nutrients that the joints need. These nutrients will fulfil the damage that happens due to the chemical reactions in the joints. Especially, calcium, magnesium, selenium, phosphorous and vitamins A and C which we get for the juices will be co-operating in this process. Moreover, as we drink the juices, the energy will be boosting up in the body and we don’t feel fatigue. The body need not spend much energy to get these liquids digested. They are easily digested. That’s why energy won’t get wasted. Ten percent of the energy that we got is used for digestion and 90% will be used for cleaning the cells and for the repairing activity.
It is found in research that more nutrients are needed to repair the joints. For example, when we are mending the scooter, the mechanic takes out the petrol used to drive the scooter, opens the engine and cleans up every part with petrol, similarly, the cells in the body take more fuel and nutrients. Considering this, in foreign countries, the doctors get good results by treating only with vitamins and minerals. That’s why, we use nutricious vegetables and fruit for these juices. Let us now see, how to make these juices.

The method of taking juices

It is good to take vegetable juices in the morning.
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As explained in the previous chapter, prepare the juice and drink it. In this juice, we use all kinds of vegetables. Moreover, as we haven’t boiled them, we will get more nutrients in it. Give four hours of gap and then drink sour taste fruit juice such as mosambi, pomegranate, orange or pine apple. In these juices, you will get vitamins A and C in good quantity. These vitamins will be useful in cell cleaning and reducing the inflammation in the joints. Again in four hours’ gap, drink vegetable juice. Similarly, as the 3rd time, in four hours of time, drink fruit juice. It means, in a day, two times, vegetable juice and 2 times fruit juice. In between, for once in every 2 hours, drink normal water. After drinking water, in an hour’s time, drink honey, lemon water, coconut water, barley water. Like this, for 3 days, do fasting with juices.
Daily routine with juices
Morning At 5 am To drink 1 - 1.5 litres of water and then to attend nature calls
At 7 am After yoga, enema
At 8 am Glass Vegetable juice
At 9 am A glass of water
At 10 am One glass of honey lemon water
At 11 am One glass fruit juice
Afternoon At 12 pm One glass of water
At 1 pm One glass of coconut water or barley water
At 2 pm A glass of water
At 3 pm One glass of water

page 140
Evening At 4 pm GlassVegetable juice
At 5 pm Glass of water
At 6 pm One glass of coconut water / Barley water
Night At 7 pm One glass of water
At 8 pm Glass Fruice juice
At 9 pm To go to sleep after taking one glass of honey water
How to do fruit fasting?
After completing the fasting– 3 days with honey and lemon water and 3 days with vegetables and fruit juices, for the next four days, continue fasting only with fruit. It helps a lot to people who suffer joint pains. We have learnt how with water fasting and juice fasting, we get benefits. Let us now understand how to do fruit fasting and its benefits. In the first two stages, cleaning the cells and repairing the joints will happen. In the third stage, the cell repairs itself and tries to get its original state. That’s why, this stage is called cell constructive stage. More than the above two, this third stage is important. That’s why, fasting is treated as a great task. In this great task, we are in the last stage. Unless this stage is complete, our huge tasks is not fully complete. That’s why, have strong will and continue in the process. Once you enter juice fasting, from the second day, you will feel hunger. Once you reach the fruit fasting, obviously, the natural hunger will be generated.

How to take fruit as meal?

In the morning, as usual, drink 1 to 1.5 litres of water. After 1 hour of gap, drink 1 – 1.5 litres of water again. In the gap of one hour, in the morning, drink one glass of vegetable juice. Then, after one hour, drink 1 glass of water. In one hour of time, take fruit or salad.
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In the next hour, drink water, after the next hour, drink honey water or coconut water or barley water. After eating fruit in the morning, in four hours of time, at noon, and again in the evening, have fruit or salad again.
In the fruit fasting, from the second day, apart from fruit, start eating sprouts. Gradually, day by day, increase the quantity of fruit and sprouts. Estimating the level of hunger and digestion, increase the quantity. But, don’t increase all at once. Especially, with this fruit and sprouts combination, we will et enough vitamins for cell repair. From fruit, we will get the inflammation controlling enzymes from fruit. We can say, that an important process happens with this food. Because, the proteins and amino acids that are useful for cell building are available from sprouts. Moreover, grains are useful in releasing synovial fluid which helps cartilage not to wear away. Sesame, finger millet, dates, coconut, almond etc. help in producing oil in the joints. You will get benefits more than you get from any cooked food or the vitamin tablets that you take from outside. As we discussed already, the grains that can be used for sprouts, you can use them.
Like this, in the third stage, just as we build a collapsed wall with bricks, cement, in the similar way, with this foo, the damaged joints build themselves.
Daily routine with Fruit fasting
Morning At 6 am After getting up, to drink 1 to 1.5 litres of water and attend nauture calls
At 7 am For the second time, drinkig water and going for bowel movement
At 8 am GlassVegetable juice to drink.
At 9 am A glass of water
At 10 am Fruit / sprouts / raw vegetables
At 11 am Glass of water

page 142
Afternoon t 12 pm Glass of honey water / coconut water / barley water
At 1 pm Glass of water
At 2 pm Fruit / raw vegetables / sprouts
At 3 pm Glass of water
Evening At 4 pm Glass of water / Coconut water / Barley water
At 5 pm Glass of water
At 6 pm Fruit / Raw vegetables / sprouts
Night At 7 pm Glass of water
At 8 pm Glass honey water
At 9 pm Going to bed
How to conclude fasting?
In honey water fasting 3 days
In Juice fasting 3 days
In fruit fasting 4 days
Total 10 days
Once fasting is completed for 10 days like this, don’t start the dishes with slat, chilli, spices etc. With this fasting, our intestines and stomach will become so fresh and tender, like that of a baby, who is feeded on milk. Do we give spicy non vegetarian food to children? The similar damage will happen to us as well. That’s why, concluding fasting has that level of importance. Let us see how we need to conclude fasting.
In the morning, as usual, take water vegetable juice, in two steps and as breakfast, have fruit, raw vegetables and sprouts. At noon, cook brown rice and salt less curries. In the evening, have pulka or jowar rote, along with vegetable salad. Like this, we need to eat daily. If we follow like this, we can recover from rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis quickly.

page 143
Daily routine after concluding fasting
Morning At 6 am After getting up from bed, drink 1- 1.5 litres of water, attend nature's calls.
At 7 am Drinking water for the second time and going for motions.
At 8 am Glass of vegetable juice
At 9 am Sprouts / fruit / Raw vegetables
At 10 am, 11 am, and 12 pm Drinking water
At noon At 1 pm Meals
Brown rice + Salt less boiled curries + Glass butter milk,
At every one hour, drinking water
In the evening At 5 pm Taking fruit juice
At 6 am Pulka and salad
Night At 8 pm Honey water
At 9 pm Going to bed
People who have neck and back pains, can also implement like this. Like this, you can do fasting for 10 days at home. This is called ‘body servicing’. According to the intensity of the disease, for every 3 months, do fasting, and continue fasting once in a week. If you want to do long time fasting, consult in the ashram. When you are doing at home, if you face any problems, consult a nearby naturopathic doctor or discuss with us over phone. Whenever you want to conclude fasting, as we mentioned, drink juices, fruit and then only cooked food. Do not forget this.

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8. Joint pains - Daily routine

  • According to diagnosis, we need to give treatment – Nature is the health-giving diving power
  • Body is a vehicle – Food is the fuel
  • Follow principles and forget about old age – For the mind, there is no old age
  • Don’t argue – Don’t get frustrated – Don’t forget your goal – Don’t stop your practice
In the previous chapter, in detail, we have discussed what to eat in the morning, afternoon and evening, what kind of yogasanas to be done, and about the relaxation techniques to make the mind peaceful. Now, all these things are given here in short. This daily routine is given for the people who are suffering with joint pains and also for people who want avoid joint pains in the future. Especially, according to the body needs, this daily routine is given here.
Get up before sun rise, i.e. before 6 am. With peace of mind, think of your favourite god, ‘God! You have given me an opportunity to enjoy one more day. You have given me the chance to see one more sun rise. I am grateful for that’. As we keep the joints unmoved throughout the night, as we get up in the morning, we may feel extreme joint pain. IN winter and in rainy season, these pains will be more because, with cold, the muscles get contracted. So, as soon as we get up, you can keep hot water in the rubber bag and heat up the body. You will be relieved a bit.
As you get up, start drinking water from 6 am.
Drink warm water – 1 to 1.5 litre - in stages. Focus on the stomach. Walk here and there. Think of the intestine movement. Once you feel urgent, then only go for bowel movement.

page 145
From morning 6.30 am to 7.30 am, to do yoga
Once motions is done, do joints-related ‘sukshma vyayama’, asanas and pranayama. In the last 5-10 minutes, take rest or do relaxation techniques. Feel the blissful state of peacefulness. Do the sukshma vyayama and asanas, daily, without leaving any day. You can do pranayama by sitting in chair as well. dheergha pranayama, bhastrika pranayama, kapalbhati give a lot of benefits.
Between 7 am to 8 am, drink water.
As second phase, drink warm water. For the second time, uou will have free motions. It’s okay even if it doesn’t happen the second time. In the beginning, it may be a problem. In some days, you will get habituated.
At 8 am, drink vegetable juice.
As discussed earlier about juices, the vitamin and minerals- rich, carat, beetroot, tomato, bottle gourd, cucumber, ridge gourd, snake gourd, coriander, curry leaves, drumstick leaves etc. It will work as vitamin treatment.
Note: You need to drink vegetable juice within one hour so that the nutrients will not be lost.
At 9 am, have fruit and sprouts.
From 30 minutes after drinking vegetable juice, eat sprouts as breakfast. As sprouts, take greengram, finger millet, jowar, millet, Bengal gram, wheat, alpha alpha, black eyed beans etc. You don’t need to eat all varieties. Eat everyday 2-3 types of sprouts. In the steroid medicine used for rheumatoid arthritis, there is a chance for osteoporosis (calcium deficiency in bones so that there will be holes in the bones or bones becoming weak.
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Those people should eat 4 spoons of calcium-rich sesame by soaking them for 4-6 hours and can eat with dates, and finger millet sprouts. They can get more calcium. If you take sprouts for a long time, then they can reduce the side effects of medicine. The nutrients-rick sprouts benefit people with joint pains. Selenium type of antioxidants are also available in them. If you eat the layer in cucumber, free radicals can be controlled.
Between 1 pm to 2 pm, take meal.
As we suggested, with brown rice, eat salt-less curries. In the curry, mix milk or raw coconut or sesame powder or ground nut powder. As suggested by Dr. Raju garu, prepare the dishes. If only you stop eating salt and oils, then only the joint pains will reduce. The salt-less curries, with brown rice, will be tasty. Eat when it is hot. Use green chilli a bit more so that you won’t feel the absence of salt. In the curry, squeeze lemon. And eat onion piece along with it. Do not drink water while having meals. Give a gap of 1.5 hours.
At 5 pm, drink fruit juice.
Drink seasonal fruit juices especially sour fruit such as mosambi, apple, orange, pomegranate. You will not only get nutrients, it will improve your appetite for the evening meal. If not possible, you can drink coconut water or sugarcane water or honey water.
Complete the meal at 6 pm.
In this meal, eat pulkas made with unprocessed wheat flour, along with salt-less curries just as you had in the afternoon. To reduce joint pains, along with sugar and overweight, eat pulkas with vegetable salad. Add green chilli, onion, and lemon to it. We have observed that people who had eaten like this, got cured with body pains.
Or those who have severe joint pains or those who want them to be cured faster

page 147
In the evening, eat completely fruit / raw vegetables / vegetable salad / sprouts. Eat in a bit larger quantity.
At 9 pm, if you freel hungry, mix honey in one glass of warm water and go to bed. It gives energy easily and you will get good sleep.
To achieve anything, we need good discipline in life. This discipline is being followed by all living beings. In their daily routine, they get up along with the sun god and with him at night, they go to sleep. They roam around for food and getting good exercise. As determined by the nature, they are sleeping at night and taking complete rest. Similarly, if we have joint pains or back pain, we should lead a discipline life. If you do any task with discipline, you can achieve it. Starting the task will be difficult. As yogi vemana has said, ‘all tasks can be done in the world, with practice’. For that, we need to be committed and with complete focus on the goal, without being a slave to appetite, we need to do the practice with discipline. We will become completely healthy.

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Joint pains - Water treatments

To reduce joint pains, we can use water in two ways 1) By drinking water 2) Using water externally

1. Drinking water

We drink water every day. But, we need to drink in a systematic way – how much water, when to drink, how to drink, what to drink etc. Otherwise, we may face some problems. If we drink water in a systematic way, all the diseases will be reduced. Water is panacea for every problem and health-giver. Especially, in our body, there is 3 parts of water. In the body, water goes out, through faeces, urine, sweat and breath. That’s why, we need to give water to replace the water that has gone out. By giving sufficient water to the body in a systematic way, the waste matter produced in the body will be discharged out by moved with water.
Water drinking method: Dr. Raju garu has given it in an easy way. Drinking water is divided into two types – drinking water on empty stomach and drinking water in the morning.
Just after you get up, drink 1 to 1.5 litres of water, and give a gap of one hour and drink 1 to 1,5 litres of water, so that the water requirement to the body will be fulfilled. Even in Ayurveda, it is told to drink like that. They have called this as ‘usha paana’.
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By drinking like this (1) the waste from the blood will be sent out through urine and the blood will be cleansed. (2) The water we drink in the morning, creates pressure in the large intestine, cleans up the waste, and prevents constipation.
Morning drinking water for the second time: It means, drinking water from breakfast till night meals. It is better to drink at least 2-3 litres of water. The water we drink in the morning prevents the body from getting heated up. Only when the body gets heated up, the waste will become hardened. If you give water to the body, the blood will be cooled. It oozes so that the joints don’t get cooled and frozen. The synovial oil that is to be oozed will be successfully oozed. Oil works as greese and it helps the joints not to wear away. But, half an hour before the meal, stop drinking water, and after 2 hours, start drinking water. Otherwise, more acids will be produced. We have discussed that such released-acid contains the property to eat away. After 9 pm, no need to drink water.
Note: People who are suffering from joint pains, must drink more than 5 litres of water. Sooner, the joint pains will be controlled. Most people don’t drink water. Because, if you drink more water, more urine will be produced. So, more times, you need to go for toilet. Moreover, as the joints are painful, you don’t want to move and that’s why, you don’t drink more water. But, by not drinking water, there is more damage. Do remember always. You will know if the water you drink is sufficient or not by this: if your urine doesn’t smell bad, without any pain, itching, and like water in white color. Even your sweat with bad smells gives you an idea that your drinking water is not sufficient. Immediately, drink one glass of water.

2. External treatment ways with water

As stated above, taking water inside is one method. We can also do external treatment with water so that we can get relief. More than that, the joint pain problem will be solved faster. Let us see some naturopathic water treatment methods, which you can use at home. For water, the following qualities are there naturally.

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1. Water is one of the five elements God has given us as life force. Water has some special properties. Water gives us energy. When we come to home after roaming in the sun, if we drink one glass of water, fatigue will be reduced and we feel energetic.
2. Water works against constipation. It cleanses the waste in the body by moving them out.
3. Water cures mental tensions. When we are angry or agitated, if we drink one glass of water, all the anger, frustration will get evaporated.
4. Water reduces pain. In the pain area, if you apply heat through water, you will get immediate relief.
5. Water controls temperature. Water cools the heat generated due to the chemical reaction that happen in the body.
6. Water provides nerves the soothness. It controls the nervous fluctuation levels.
7. Water saves the body from poisons. When we rink poisons like alcohol, it dilutes them and saves the liver from them.
8. Water is safe. When water is used as treatment, it won’t have any side effects.
9. Water increases energy. Through water, we know, we can produce electricity. Flowing water has so much energy. Similarly, the water in the body goes to each cell, and increases energy to the cell. That’s why, if water is taken sufficiently into the body, we get unknown, happiness, enthusiasm etc.
As there are so many special properties, water is profusely used in naturopathic treatments. Let us look at some treatments which you can do yourself at home.
1. Enema
It is very important to send out the wastage day by day from the body. In our present life style, food and habits have changed. The physical toil is reduced.
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As mental stress is increased, motions is not free and people are getting addicted to different medicines and tonics. Especially, if we feel constipation, unknowingly, we will physically feel very incomfortable. The mind will be irritable. For people who have joint pains, when free motions don’t happen, the pain will be more on that day. In such a case, as medicines are poisons, they need not be used. The easiest, sensitive and natural way is ‘enema’, which give relief.
2. Applying heat (kaapadam)
People who have been suffering from long time joint pains, can massage oil and then apply heat, then it will have a good effect.
Massaging method: Take 250 grams of sesame oil and 20 grams of eucalyptus oil. Pain killing oil will be ready. Store in a bottle and ou can use it for any number of days. Take some oil and apply it to the joints. For the inflamed joints, apply lightly. If possible, get the exposed to sun for 15-30 minutes or apply heat.
Method of applying heat: Take a thin cotton cloth, soak in water and then spread it on the joints. It will be cool. The blood vessels will be contracted immediately. Now in the rubber bag, pour hot water and close the lid and apply heat from above the cloth. Don’t keep on the same area for a longer time. To apply in all the area for 2-5 minutes. Due to this heat, the blood vessels expand and blood is flowed more. With the blood flow, there will be change in the area. Good blood reaches the area. That’s why, there is a possibility that it gets cured fast.
Another method: in a dish, boil water and keep it beside. After massaging the paining joints, soak a towel in the hot water and squeeze it till all water is removed. Now, place it on the joints. This is an age-old treatment way which has been used by our grandparents.

page 152
Though we have such an easy and simple method at home, we have forgotten this treatment. People say, we don’t have time or we don’t have such patience. And the latest generation people treat it as a useless method. For every small pain, people are using a tablet. As a result, they have been suffering from side effects. They are using those medicines and are getting habituated to them. Finally, however powerful medicine we may use, the situation won’t be under control. As long as we use pain killers, we have the feeling that the pain is reduced, but in fact, it is not so. People who suffer from pains, use a lot of medicine and additionally suffer from ulcers, stomach pains, kidney problems, skin diseases, asthma problems etc. They are even affected with cancer. Why to go in wrong ways. If the pain is so severe, consult a doctor and use tablets under doctor’s supervision. But, don’t use medicine as you take food. When the medicine is not able to cure it, if you use these treatment methods, it will give temporary relief and it won’t have any harmful effects to the body.


Spinal bath
If the pain is in spine, in the vertebrae, in the upper part of the spine, it is advised to take hot water spinal bath. People who have back bone problems – either recently started or long lasting, this tub bath will be much useful to them. Similarly, it gives good results to people who suffer from Ankylosing spondylitis. Hot water has the property to reduce pain. Moreover, in back pain, along with the backbone, the attached muscles and nerves will be tensed and will undergo pain. That’s why, the hot water bath, gives muscles and nerves smoothness and reduces tension. While entering the tub and coming out of it, you must take enough care. If required, it is better to take somebody’s help.

page 153
Method of doing: For spine bath, there is one long tub. Fill it 6 inches with hot water. Take off the clothes. Keep only the underwear. With the help of others, in the water lie down dipping the back bone in the water. keep only the bearable heat for the water. In some time, the body gets adjusted. In between, move the back bone. The hot water touches the back and gives good pleasure. For 30 minutes, lie down like that. Wear rubber slippers or keep the feet on the wooden support. It is better not to touch the water. It is meant only for the spine. Because, while doing spine bath, more blood circulation should be directed to the skin on the back bone and to the muscles. The results will be more.
Note: While lying down in the tub and coming out of it, take enough care. If required, take somebody’s help.
Hot foot bath
In knee pains, sometimes, the muscles will be paining till the feet or the fingers in the feet, or in the heal or in the ankles. In such case, you can take hot foot bath. This is also good for gout and arthritis. For people who have been suffering from osteoarthritis or in ankle bends, this hot foot bath will give good results.
Doing method: Take a plastic bucket. In it, 3 parts, i.e., till one feet, pour hot water (with bearable temperature). Drink 1 o2 glasses of water before taking the treatment. Despite taking any kind of hot water treatment, don’t forget to drink water. Clean the feet with cool water first. The skin, nerves in the legs will become sensitive. Now, keep both the feet in the hot water bucket. As long as hot foot bath is being taken, as some part of the blood that enters the head part, gets diverted towards feet, the blood circulation to the head reduces and we may feel dizzy.

page 154
That’s why, keep cool cloth on the head. For the heat of the bucket water not to reduce, and for the body to get the water effect more, use a woollen blanket from under the head, covering the bucket. It is okay to do it for 15-20 minutes.
Note: For anyone, while taking these hot water treatments, if they feel nausea or vomiting sensation, dizziness, stop the treatment and do a cool head bath, you will come to the normal state.
Cold foot bath
People who have inflammation and pain in the knees, and they are not able to move, and when rheumatoid arthritis is severe, this cold feet bath can be taken or you can rub with an ice cube.
Method of doing: Fill a bucket , ¾ with cool water. These days, in almost all families, there is fridge. In deep fridge, in the plastic tray, if you keep water, then it becomes ice cubes. Put them in cool water. Ensure that they are bearably cool. Now, slowly, dip the feet in water. The body will react to the coolness of the water, for a moment. If you control your mind, your feet will be adjusted. You can keep like that for 15-20 minutes.
As you have dipped water in the cool water, the blood vessels in the foot get contracted and the blood will rise upward. Then, the swollen part will be healed. With this cool water treatment, it gets mixed with the heat which is combined with inflation and cools it. That’s why, the redness will be reduced and the pain gradually comes down.
Alternate hot and cold foot bath
When the muscles, joints, bones are painful, and the joints are painful with inflammation, heat and redness, and especially, if people are suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoartitiritis or gout problem moderately, we can take this treatment.
page 155
This is quite an easy treatment. You can do it at home. It gives good results to people suffering from joint pains.
Method of doing: Take two buckets. Fill one bucket with ¾ of water. In the second bucket, pour cool water. As said above, drink 1-2 glasses of water. Initially, for 3 minutes, put your foot in the hot water. Because, the blood vessels in the leg will expand due to the heat. That’s why, more blood will flow towards the feet. After 3 minutes, by keeping both the feet in cool water, for the coolness, the blood vessels get contracted. Immediately, the blood will ooze. Like this, keep for 2 minutes and then put in hot water. Keep them like that for 3 minutes and again, keep in cool water. Like this shift your feet form cool and hot water for 4-5 times. With this treatment, the blood flows up and down to the feet area. Of all, in this treatment, good results will be displayed. It gives good nutrition for the inside cells to get repaired. It gives strength to the white blood cells and helps in curing fast. If required, this treatment can be taken 2-3 times a day.
Steam bath
For any kind of pains, and similarly for any type of joint pains, this steam bath can be used. By taking this steam bath, the sweat glands in the skin, get activated and more sweat will be sent out. Through sweat, the waste matter from the skin, some minerals, and some poisonous things like uric acid in the joints will come out. That’s why, after taking this steam bath, the patient will feel like flying. They will feel pleasant and the body feels lighter. It also reduces the pain to a great extent. Every week, for 2-3 times, steam bath can be taken. You can also use steam locally on the paining area for the joints. Let us now see how to take steam bath at home.
Method of taking steam bath: Take a chair woven with wire. Keep a wide open dish under it, with fully boiled water with lid closed.
page 156
Drink 1-2 glasses of water. Remove clothes. With drawer, sit on the chair. Leave the head part, move the lid of the dish to side. Hot steam will be coming out. Those steams from all sides, will spread to the body. In the blanket, the body will be boiling. With the blanket, from under, due to the steam, the sweat pores will open. The sweat glands excrete skin. Once you are in this state for 5-10 minutes, take off the blanket and take a cool water bath. By doing like this, the muscles inside the skin and the sweat glands will become strong. The cool water improves the elasticity of the muscles. The skin gets a glow. The pains will be reduced and the body becomes lighter.
In a nature cure ashram: For the steam bath, there is a special box. Outside, on the gas stove, they will keep a cooker and keep water in it and cover the lid. To the top hole, they attach a rubber tube and the steam is arranged into the cabin. Once the water in the cooker get boiled, the steam flows through the rubber tube and spread into the cabin. As said above, after drinking water, if you take off clothes and sit inside, in a few minutes, you will sweat a lot. Then, you have to take a cool water shower.
Note: In case, there are inflammations in joints or feet, it will be painful due to the heat. In such case, you can cover those areas with woollen cloth and take the steam bath.
Taking steam locally (for certain areas of the body: Take the rice cooker. Pour water in it and boil it. To the top hole, attach a rubber tube of three feet length. Once the water is fully boiled, steam will come out. Ensure that the tube is not burnt and hold the tube at the end with a dry cloth. On the area where you want to apply heat, massage it with sesame oil and eucalyptus oil and then keep in safe distance and put steam. If you are not alert or if you move to the sides, the skin may get burnt. If you want to apply on the area where there is more inflammation, redness and pain, wratp it with wet cloth, and then steaming it will help by reducing the pain.

page 157
b>Local steam bottle: To take local steam, now there are tools available in the market called ‘facial steam. In the plastic bottle, pour some water and switch it on and the coil gets heated and steam comes out. We can use this method, by massaging oil in the specific area. This is the easiest way of all.
Dry heat
When there is much inflammation in the joints, you can take dry heat treatment like this. Take smooth stones. You will get them in the river area. Or take brinks and heat them up well. As the stone is heated will, it naturally will spread heat for some time. You can apply that dry heat at athe inflammation area. Especially when hand fingers are affected by rheumatoid arthritis, you can take this treatment.
Sona bath: Similarly, in a room cabin, on one side, keep many stones and heat it up with electricity. If you sit in it, and take dry steam bath, it is called sona bath. The whole body will have the effect of dry heat. This is also like steam bath. But, in that, the steam will be there and here only dry heat will be there.
Another method: On the heated brinks or on the stones, if you sprinkle some water, the water vapour comes. With such water also, you can do treatment.
Scotch Douche: This treatment can also be used for rheumatic pains and gout. Douch mean pumping water. In the water servicing centres of two wheeler, for the long pipe, there is one nozzle attached at the end. When the motor is switched on, water comes through nozzle with much force and with heavy pressure. Douche is similar to it. Those who have the facility to take a shower in the bathroom, (as there will be hot and cool water nulls) can use this method. Those who have joint pains and back pains, can arrange the nozzle to the lengthy pipe and to give connection to the water null.

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If the null is released, hot water comes with pressure. You have to use that pressure to hit the pain area. Here, hot water effect and mechanical water pressure, both of them work to relax the muscles. After 3 minutes, arrange the cool water pipe to the null. In the same way, give the cool water douche. Like this, change 2-3 times. You will have good effect. Despite severe pain, this treatment can give wonderful treatment.
Those who do not have this facility, can use hot water and cool water buckets. Pour hot water with the mug 5 times. Then, pour cool water 2 times with the mug. It will have good effect.
Do remember that take more time for hot water and take less time for cool water. Like this, change hot water and cool water. This process is called Revulsive douche. For sciatica, back pains, joint pains, nerve pains, this treatment works very well.
Sweating pack
If you have this pack, it removes all the waste mater, poisonous things that cause inflammation and pains and helps in healing fast.
Doing method: Massage oil to the painful joint. Then, take thin cotton cloth, soaked in cool water, dry it and tie it around the joint. On top of it, dry woollen cloth around. You can keep it for 5-20 minutes like this. First, due to the coolness of the cloth, the joints will cool down. The cloth takes the heat from the skin. Heat cannot go out as the woollen cloth is tied around. That’s why, the cloth gets heated up and comes to a normal state. After 5 minutes of time, the heat increases and sweating starts. From this sweat, the waste comes out and as a result, the pains gets relieved. Inflammation and pain will reduce.
Matii bath
This is widely used in naturopathic treatment. This can be done at home as well. With this method, people who have joint pains get good benefits.

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It reduces the heat in the joints. Reduces pain. The soil particles will pull the waste matter of the skin. The swollen and painful area will get immediate relief. The rigid muscles and the joints will become flexible. The joints’ movements will become better. Similarly, the soil can be used for joints locally. Or keep the soil in the cloth and use it as a soil pack.
Doing method: To collect fertile soil without stones, from wells and ponds or from ant hills. Dry it well, grind it, and after sieving it, soak it for 24 hours in water and then you can use it for treatment.
If you squeeze the well soaked soil with hands, the sand will become like cheese. Use the soil to stick all over the body at a width of half inch. Then, to stand under the sun. In hot summer, if you take this treatment, you will feel, you are in Ooty, Shimla or Darjeeling. It pulls out the heat from the body and gives coolness to the body. In 30-60 minutes, the soil pulls all the heat from the body and gets dried up. Just as in summer, the field makes furrows, similarly, the soil on the body dries up. If you do a cool shower bath, it will be very pleasant. For weak people, it will be like winter trembling. To cover their body with some blanket or they need to walk or to drink a glass hot water to get relieved from the cold. It means, it gives the body such coolness.
Treatments with light
Infrared light treatment: In the market, you will get I. R light. Once you switch it on, the red light will be on. In the back pain or joint pain area, after massaging oil, keep it in 6-12 inches distance and apply heat. The infra-red light has the capacity to remove pain. Anyone can use this easily. Some people will keep it very near to the skin as they want to fell the heat well. But, if it touches the skin, the skin will burn. That’s why, you should use it very carefully.

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Color treatments (Chromotherapy): A scientist called Babith invented color therapy. According to him, each color has one property. Especially, the blue color and green color work well for inflammations and pains. In pain area, these color glasses can be used for treatment. The sun rays would hit the blass and then they will reflect on the skin. This is how the box to be made and the treatment can be taken. Or keep the color papers on the joints and to sit in the sun. That will be enough. Or pour oil in a blue color bottle and keep it daily in the sun on wood and then at night in the house on wood. You have to do like this for 21 days, and the oil will get charged. This oil can be used for massage. This will also have good results.
Poultice: Poultice means to wrap up some things in a cloth and apply heat with it. With this treatment, pain will be reduced. Inflammation, swelling, redness will also come down.
Doing method: There are different ways. For example, Poultice with castor oil. Take castor oil in a bowl, and put on low fame and heat it. Dip a thick cotton cloth in it. If the knee can bear it, tie the cloth around the knee. On it, wrap a plastic paper and tie a thread around. To avoid oil stains to other cloths, this treatment can be done at night before going to bed. You can see a lot of change by morning.
In castor oil Resolic acid Resolic acid is a special chemical, which can reduce pain and inflammation. Moreover, some special chemicals that are available in castor oil, make the muscles and joints flexible and improve the movements.
Poultice with turmeric: Take turmeric in a bowl. Add some water, make a bit liquid, heat it up on a low flame. Dip in it a thick cloth as said aove and tie around the joints so that the heat is felt. Turmeric has the anti-septic property. The ingredient in the turmeric Curcumin medicine will reduce the swelling and pain. Moreover, it prevents infection from outside.

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This treatment can also be done for sores, in the pus area.
Tip: People who have been suffering from osteoarthiritis, can use this tip at home. From the market, get mint oil, menthal and camphor.
Method of doing: Take some mint oil, in it, mix 1/4 menthal, 1/2 camphor and apply it in the painful area slowly and smoothly. Then, apply heat or castor oil method. it will show good results.

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